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Full text of "Liber Sancte Marie de Melros. Munimenta vetustiora Monasterii Cisterciensis de Melros"

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1 HE ancient Muniments of the Abbacy of Melros have been for a long time 
preserved in the archives of the Earls of Morton. Like the title-deeds of other 
Church property, they seem to have come into the hands of the Crown at the 
general annexation of Church lands in 1560 ". 

When the Abbacy was granted to James Douglas * in 1568, it is probable 
that the title-deeds were transferred to him ; and it would appear, that on his 
complete resignation of that benefice in 1608, the more ancient investitures were 
not given up to the Crown. Whether they passed along with the lands, in virtue 
of the Commendator's first resignation in 1604, (N. 610,) in favour of his father, 
or, having remained with James Douglas, camc uitimately with his other posses- 
sions to the noble family of Morton, on the faiku-e of his descendants, cannot 
now perhaps be ascertained. 

a Among theMortouii papers is the following 
" Memorandum : — In this kyst the hale eui- 
" dence of jMelros with the Regester buyk 
" thairof put in keping with William Lynlyth- 
" qw of Drygrange euidence In Roslyne be 
" Dene Raulpne Hudsoun Priour Conuentuale 
" of jNIelros witli the consent and counsall of 
" the eldring brether thereof the xxv day of 
" Julij I" V= and saxty yeris. 

" Ita est Radulphus Hudsoun 

" raanu sua scripsit." 
XJpon each charter of the collection, and on 
each leaf of the more ancient chartulary, is the 
name 7{. Scott, the autograph subscription aji- 
parently of Robert Scott, the first of that nanie 
who held the office of Director of theChancery 

of Scotland. The usual form of that subscrip- 
tion is represented in a fac-siniile of the older 
chartidary prefixed to the present work. But 
upon every tenth leaf of the older chartnlary, 
he signs in this more elaborate fashion : 

h He was the sccond son of William Douglas 
of Lochleven, alterwards sixth Earl of Jlor- 

These important charters, although they have not escaped the notice of some of 
our more diligent antiquaries ", had fallen almost into obhvion, and only a tradi- 
tion remained, that they " were preserved, until a recent period, in the archives 
" of the Earls of Morton ''." When examined for the purpose of the present 
publication, they were found to be contained in twenty-six linen bags, and 
appeared not to have been disturbed since the middle of the last century. The 
charters are generally in fine preservation ; and numerous seals are preserved, 
many of which have, at early periods, been carefully protected by little bags of 
linen still fitting closely round each seal. 

These muniments, before the dissolution of the monastery, had already formed 
the subject of two compilations or chartularies. The more ancieiit, as it 
now exists, is very imperfect. It is preserved in the library of the Faculty of 
Advocates at Edinburgh «, and consists of 44! leaves of vellum, of a small 
(juarto size, not always in proper order. It contains charters from the restoration 
of the Abbey by King David I., down to the reign of Alexander III., written 
uniformly and at the same time, if not by one hand ; and its execution may be 
safely ascribed to the end of the latter reign, or to the period of confusion whicli 
immediately followed it. 

The other and more complete register of the title-deeds of Melros is in the 
British Museum/. It is described as " a handsome folio of 119 leaves, well 
" written on parchment, and in good preservation.'" It is of much later date, 
and records occasional cliarters, even so low down as the reign of James IV. 

Neither of these chartularies contains nearly the whole of the original charters 
liere printed, although they present some of which the originals are not now 
preserved. But it is not in omitting charters only that they are wanting in the 
interest of the originals. They scarcely ever give the witnesses, or the date.'^ 
where these occur at the end ; and, of course, they always want the interesting- 
and often important authentication of the seal. 

tnn, and nephew to the Regent Jloray. He d Morton's Monastic Annals of Teviotdale, 

appears to have been twice married, first, p. 245. 
it is said, to Jean Anstruther, and, secondly, 

to Helen Scott, in 1596. The commendator <? A. 5. 47. 
c;rtainly had a son, Archibald, alive in 1591, 

(JctaPaW. vol. ni.p.5!)6,)butnothingmoreis /MSS. Harl. 3960. This is, probably, the 

known to the Editor of his family. same book which, in Bishop Nicholson's time, 

e They appear to have been examined, and was in the hands of the Earl of Haddington. 

rouglily inventoried, by the indefatigable Mac- Scoi. Hist. Libr. 

The present work embraces the whole of these materials. The original tiiar- 
ters have always been adhered to where extant ; and where recourse was had to 
the chartularies, thc older was preferred, unless the Harleian copy afforded 
a manifestly better rcadingff. 

The arrangemcnt of these materiais was attended with some difficulty. Even 
after a positive or conjectural datc and locality had been assigned to each, it did 
not seem expedient either to adopt the order of time, and thus sacrifice all con- 
nexion of subject, nor, on the other hand, to adhere to the usual arrangement 
of title-deeds, with reference to the lands only, by which method charters might 
have stood together, differing some centuries in date. A mixed plan has been 
adopted. The charters, after being disposed under the different King^s reigns to 
which they seem to belong — and no nearer approximation can often be made to 
their dates — have afterwards been arranged in reference to the various lands 
which form their subjects. Whether this arrangement shall be considered judi- 
cious or not, it is hopcd that tlie full table of contents, exhibiting the heads of 
the classification, with an accurate index, will afFord as great facility of consulta- 
tion as can be required in a work of this nature. The topographical heads, 
which could not be made accurate or uniform over such an extent of time, during 
which new jurisdictions were continually varying and adding to the nomenclature 
of the country, have been fixed jjcrhaps too arbitrarily. This does not seem of 
much consequence, since the only object was to collect in the same series the writs 
of lands lying in the same district ^. 

It is proper here to notice certain minor details of tlie compilation. It mav 
be expected that some defence shall be given for printing these charters 
with the abbreviations which obscure the originals. If, by any mode of print- 
ing, the work could have been rendered popular, there might be more room for 
difFerence of opinion on this matter. But the subject is one necessarily requiring 
a certain measure of preparatory learning; and the trifling additional labour 
required by the general scholar to master the abbreviations, will l^ bestowed 

g; The Table of Contents indicates the charters h There is probably no authority for separat- 

pnnted from the Origrinals iii tlie Earl of Mor- ing Roxburgh as a district, from tlie valley of 

ton's coUection, by the addition o{ Orig. A Teviotdale; yet the separation was convenient, 

few other originals are referred to their various and it has been followed thrnughout. It will 

sources. The addition of Reffist. vetust. refers be observed, that Carrie, of old, included much 

to the chartulary in the Adrocate's Library: of what is now called Galloway, and that con- 

Regist. recent. to the Harleian JIS. siderable confusion arises from the great e.\tent 

of that Earldom in other directions. 

■willingly, when it is considered that their adoption saves him, in a vast multi- 
tude of instances, from the fallible conjectures of an editor, and places before 
him the very fac-simile of the original writ. 

It may be thought somewhat at variance with this strict representation of the 
original documents, that the early deeds, which are printed at length in the pre- 
vious part of the work, are not reprinted when they are recited in later charters '. 
The original deeds which still exist undefaced, whatever additional force in evi- 
dence they might receive from subsequent confirmations, could not acquire 
either fresh interest or more authentlcity from these comparatively recent 

Where, as in most cases, contemporary, or at least very ancient endorsements 
were found on the charters, these have been adopted as titles ; and where either 
chartulary was used, the title prefixed in it to each charter was adopted in 
printing it. Wherc no title was found of any ancient authority, it has been 
thought propcr to supply one ; and this liberty, wliich is but of rare occurrence, 
can be detected by the supplied titles being printed without abbreviations. 

The hst of the plates sufficiently explains their subjects. A great number 
of the seals remain still unengraved. There are very perfect impressions of most 
of the Great Seals from the time of WiUiam the Lion, none of which have 
been here engraved ; partly because Anderson has aiready pubhshed them, 
but chiefly because a complete series of our Royal seals, engraved in a style 
wortliy of modern art, is a desideratum in Scotch History, and cannot be 
supplied from one collection. For the latter reason, not without much hesitation, 
the seals of the family of Douglas have been ahogether oraitted in the plates, 
though many beautiful specimens of them are to be found in this collection. A 
tolerably complete series of the seals of that family, which could be made up 
from this and other charter chests, would not only throw mucii light on Scotch 
heraldry, but would very probably clear up some disputed points, and remove 
some mistakes, in the genealogy of that illustrious house. 

The Appendix consists partly of documents connected witli Melros, though 
not at any time contained in its arcliives, and partly of chartei's which, thougb 

Froni N. 5\o, dowiiwards 

be inserted in their proper places. A few deeds '' have been placed there, 
only because the Editor has been unable to assign dates to them with tolerable 
precision '•*■. 

In preparing and passing through the press such a mass of ancient documents, 
it is inipossible but that many errors should have been committed. In the ar- 
rangement, especially with regard to the dates of the charters, after every test 
has been applied, there is often room for difference of opinion. It is sufficient 
to say that none have been placed without much consideration. The grounds 
on which dates have been assigned to the most doubtful have been preserved, 
but it has not been thought proper to encumber this work with those lucu- 
brations of the compiler ; neither has, it been thought necessary to enumerate a 
few minute literal errors of the press. Where an error occurs, by which the sense 
is injured or rendered doubtful, it has been corrected in the iist of errata. 

Tlie materials thus brought together, forming as they do the finest col- 
lection of ancient writs preserved in Scotland, comprising more than a liundred 
royal charters from David I. down to Robert the Bruce, must be regarded 
with interest by every intelligent student of Scotcli liistory. The reader wlio 
brings to their perusal the temperate curiosity that seeks only for information re- 
garding the history, laws, and arts of our forefathers, may not sympathise with 
the entliusiasm felt by the zealous antiquary on the first excavation of such a 
treasure ; but there is much to repay the patient investigation of the severer 
student, while the more laborious trifler in the curiosities of antiquity cannot fail 
to find material of infinite speculation in these records of the administration of 
raonkish property from the days of Saint David. 

Upon tlie interesting subject of our ancient laws and forms of legal procedure, 
a coUection of authentic writs like the present, is calculated to throw more light 
than the law compilations of a later date, which, although soon adopted by 
Scotch lawyers, can only rank as transcripts or modifications of the writings of 
English jurists. 

We find from the sure authorities now publislied, tliat so early at least as 

A- N. 25, 26, 27, 28. of Aiulersfin's niaterial.e, the original has disap- 

peared. The orii^inal of N. 2 was found in tlie 

kk N. 1 of the Appendix, which is reprinted Register Hoiise at Ediiiburgh, after a copy ot 
from Anderson, is a duplicate of the first char- tlie sanie charter had been printed fiom the 
ter of this collection. Along with many others older chartulaiy, N. 2(jl. 

the reign of Malcolra IV. the Crown was held to be the origin of all real pro- 
perty. Royal confirmations occur so frequently after that period, that we 
cannot avoid the conclusion that they were considered necessary for the com- 
pleteness of titles. It would be more difficult to find a reason for the repeated 
confirmation of crown charters by successive Sovereigns, to the same individual 
or to bodies corporate. That practice however, was not pecuUar to the early 
ages illustrated by the present collection, but extended do\vn to a recent period 
in the conveyancing of Scotland. In the first reigns of the present collection, we 
find a niore complete and intricate structure of feudal tenures, with all their ac- 
companying services and other peculiarities, tlian might be expected at so early 
a period. It was not merely that the lord of a great territory portioned it out 
among his followers and retainers, though that must have been the rude coni- 
mencement of the system ; but already in the reign of WiUiam the Lion, we find 
persons holding lands of their equals, and even of their inferiors in rank, by the feu- 
dal tenure, and subject to thefeudal services of vassalage '. There are numerous 
instances too, of repeated sub-infeudations of lands, where each person held of 
his subject superior, up to the last who held immediately of the Crown ">. We 
have, in like manner, all the nice specifications and distinctions of feudal service 
that occur in the conveyancing both of England and Scotland of a later period ». 

/Thus Walter the High Steward holds of 
De Vesci, N. Ut, 296. 

m Thus Helen de Lindesay held of her father, 
who again held of PoUock, and he of Jlaule- 
verer, who grants a coufirmation to the rcal 
proprietor, and who probal)ly held immediate- 
ly of the crown, N. 140. In like manner, Mel- 
ros held a plough of land in Maxton of Thomas 
de NormanvUl, who held it under his brother 
Guy. Guy's immediate superior was his bro- 
ther Walran, who held of the eldest brother, 
.John de NormanvUl ; the reddendo being a 
pair of gilt spurs payable to the immediate su- 
perior, and a tercel, capilali domino fevdi, N. 
33S— 41. 

n The Abbey had a grant of land in Clifton 
" liberam ah omnibus au.riliis, placiiis, interro- 
" gaiis, geUlis, assisis, scuiagiis, cornagiis, et 
" ah cinni seri^itio et consueiudine ei exactione 
" seculari," N. 116. Alexander II. exempts 
the possessions of Melros in Berwick de omni- 
bus gildis, assisis, auxiliis, colieciis, placitis, 
querelis, murdris, ioloneis, passagiis, pontagiis, 
mnragiis, fassagiis, siallagiis, lasiagiis, de om- 
ni them et tala omniifue ierreno serviiio, exac- 
iione seculati et servitio servili, N. 366. Ro- 

bert de Kent grants land in Innerwic, and 
guarantees it free de forensi servitio et omiii 
terreno serviiio versus dominum Regem et om- 
nes alios dominns nostros, — expressions which 
are perhaps trarislated in the Tenendas claiise of 
the charter, — liheram ah omni servitio et de 
inware et de utware. The Reddeudo is a merk 
of sUver de recognitione, N. 59. The sanie 
services iu a later charter are stiled servitium 
extrinsecuvi et inirinsecum, N. 260. Alexander 
II. grants to the monastery the landsof Bruns- 
chet and Dergavel, under burden of performing 
" forinsecum servitium in auxiliis ianium quan- 
" tum pertinet ad quartam. yariem milifis," whiie 
it is freed " de exercitu ei omni alio forinseco 
" servitio," N. 207. WUliam Grenlaw, for cer- 
tahilands in Halsington held ofDeMuscamp, 
who held under the Earl of Dunbar, is bound 
to pay " servitium quantuvi periinet ad tricesi- 
" mam pariem servilii unius militi,i in forinseco 
" serviiio domini Jtegis cum illud ucciderit," 
and is to be free " a multura, varda casielli et 
a sequela omnium placiiorum," and from all 
other service, aid, custom, tax, and claim, N. 
233. In a later charter, the monks are bound 
to pay " vicesimam parieni serviiii unius militis 
" quando covimuTie serviiium exigitur per foium 
" regnum Scotie," N. 330. It may be conjec- 

Tlie complexity and technical art which mark the law proceedings of so earlv 
a period of our history, might be thought to speak a great degree of refine- 
ment, if we did not find that the progress of civilization tends in all countries to 
siraplify the forms of pleading. JMany of the legal proceedings recorded in the 
present work are very curious, and some will be found of important service to the 
student of the antiquities of our law ». It appears that almost from the earliest 
period of thesc records, the Roman or Civil Law was considered the common law 
of Scotland, wMle from tinie to time we find a native or imported customary 
law gaining ground, which claims a difFerent parentage P. The English form of 
proceeding by brieves of inquisition seems to have been established before the 
reign of James I. ? ; but in the two previous reigns, there occur records of pro- 
ceedings that it is difficult to ascribe to any settled form of practice '. 

tiired that the mlnque miUles of the great Stew. 
ard of ScoUaiid (N. 57, «1, &c.) and the miles 
Archilmldi de Uouirlas (X. '238,) niay have 
acquired that title ironi discbarsing the inili- 
tary ser\-ice diie frmn Iheir lord's land. Tlie 
Stewards held their lands and hereditary oflBce 
— ^'jiieiendo servilinni qninque milituni," (Ile~ 
gisi. de Pa.iselet, Aff \.) It is niore difiicult to 
account for the style of" Miles Regis," which 
so frequently occurs in old charters. 

The elusory duLies in the Reddendo desigiied 
only to inark dependencyj are frequently a 
poimd of pepper or cuniin, a quantity of was, 
a candle, a pair nf spurs, a pair of gloves, {n/ro- 
thecas alhas, N. 260) a falcon, or a nest of 

In 1208 we find a minute record, on papal 
authority, of a keenly contested law suit be- 
t«een the Earl of Dunbar and the monks of 
Jlelros, regarding the pasturage of Wedale. 
The Earl had formerly decUned the jiu-isdiction 
of the papal commissioners, his exception beiiig 
fenced with three pleas in lavv — " valluta 
" tripiici ratione, scilicet obtentu persone, quia 
" laicusj respectu rei, quia crat laicum tene- 
** mentum ; Juris communis heneJi»io, eo quod 
" nclor sequi debeat jhrum rei." He afterwards 
objected to the judges on personal grounds, 
and having three timcs carried his suit to Rome, 
it is at last settled in the court of the King, 
" ia plena euria dumini Regis," N. 101. 

p In the reign of SViiliam, it appears to have 
been still competent to bequeath heritage by 
testament. Elena de Jlorevil, the widow of 
Roland of GaUoway, gives certain property to 
Melros, in exchange for lands which her bro- 

ther William de Morevil had bequeathed to 

the nionastery in his last will, " dieisit eis in 
" ultima sua voluntate," N. 82 — 3. In the next 
reigu again, the King charges his sherifTs to 
prosecute the causes of the mouks of Melros 
like the sovereigns owu causes, " appellationes 
" et responsiones secundum geuus causce facien- 
" tes, et pug-naiorem siforte opusjuerit ex parte 
" jiostra eisdem iuvenientes", N. 175. During 
the reign of Alexander III., we find the Stew- 
ard granting tlie convent powcr to hold courts 
in their Ayrshire domains, with all the pri- 
vileges of his own court of Prestwick; to 
take a venue — visnctum capere, for trial of 
causes ; and abandoning to them all right to 
the chattels of the condemned, and of the party 
slain in duel where duel has been adjudged iii 
any causc, N. 325. 

q N. 525 and 526 are examples of the forms 
of proceeding by a great assize under a brieve 
of departition, proceediiig from the King's cha- 
pel or chancery ; aiid X. 545 gives the proceed- 
ings of an inquest under a Lord of Regality 
iipon a brieve of " purale of merchis" or per- 

r For example, on the petition of the Con- 
veiit, Archibald of Douglas, Lord of Galloway, 
sitting in judgment " in pleno itinere" at Dum- 
fries, deniands of the Barons of the country there 
standiiig by, whether they had any thing to 
allege against the privileges granted to Melros 
in a royal charter there jiroduced: — " Quorum 
" baronum pro majori parte loiius patrie audi- 
" entium vna pars dictam lihcrtatem cis conees- 
" sam approhuvil, et reliqua purs circnmstantium 
" non negavit ;" upon which the Lord of Gal- 

That a definite and fixed jurisprudence prevailed over the rest of Scotland in 
the reign of WiUiam, is in some degree established by the frequent allusion to 
tbe peculiar customary laws of one province. The province of Galloway, of 
much greater extent than tlie distriet now so called, comprehending a part 
of Dumfries-siiire and all the Earldom of Carric, which extended much farther 
northward than the modern Bailiary of that name *, had but recently been 
reduced to an imperfect subjection to the Crown of Scotland, and was still in a 
state of comparative barbarism '. A series of cbarters ascertains the genealogy 
of the great lords of Galloway from son to father up to Fergus, never however 
passing beyond that ancestor ". From these, and from the names of places and 
of witnesses occurring in charters of other persons in that province, it appears 
that the body of the people, most of the proprietors of the soil, and even the 
lords of the country, were of Gaelic race and language. The original popida- 
tion must have been more strenuous or more successful in vindicating their rights 
than the inhabitants of the otlier districts of Scotland. The Norman settlers 
seem to have obtained a more insecure footing there than elsewhere, and after 
two or three generations they disappear, while in the rude patronymic designa- 
tions of the native inhabitants may be traced the original of families that after- 
wards rose to power and distinction ^. 

Of the pecuHar laws of Galloway we have here unfortunately only a reference 
to certain arrangements for facilitating the arrest of criminals, rendered necessary 
by tlie disturbed state of the province y. Nor does any other source furnish us 
with much information on this subject. We find in our ancient statutes allusions 
to the reservation of the Galwegian customary laws ; but nearly all we can gather 

loway declares, " ex quo vos nichil habetis in n N. 29, et seq. The names are Fergus, Gil- 

" contrarium proponendum, nec ego quicquid lebrid, Duiican, Malcolm, &c. Some of the 

" dicere in contrarium aut proponere volo de witnesses aie still more incontrovertibly Celtic, 

" presenti. Volo insuperquodmei ministriquic- The following personages attest one charter, 

" quid de ceiero minusjuste in premissis Jacere Gillenem Accoueltan, Gilledoueng his brother. 

" nonpresumant." 'H. i:%&. Gillecrist Mac Makin, Murdac Mac Gillemar- 

tin, Gilieasald Mac Gilleandris, Gillememoch 

s Thus Keresban on the river Doon was in his brother, &c. N. 31. 
Galloway, N. 193-4-5, and the lands of Largs 

were in tlie Earldom of Carric, N. 351. x The family of De Scalebroc and its descen- 

dants illustrate the fornier remark ; the occur- 

t Even so late as in 1223, the monks of VaJlis rence of JFKenedy or Kenedy, Senescal of 

Dei ( Faudej/ in I^incolnshire) made over to Carric, with many others, serve to prove the 

JMelros the laiidsof Kereslian, the possession of latter. 
which was useless and even dangerous to them, 

" tum propter defeclum disciplinw, tum propter y N. 18. 
" /tarbaricce gentis insidias." N. 195. 

of their peculiar nature is drawn from a passage in the treatise of Quoniam 
attachiamenta =, from which it appears they were considered inexpedient or 
prejudicial to society, and that trial by Jury was not one of the rights of the 
inhabitants, since it was declared, that any Galwegian claiming that privi- 
lege should, in the first placc, renounce his right to the customary laws of 

A still more interesting object of enquiry is to collect from such materials as 
the present coUection affbrds, sonie knowledge of the state'of the country and 
the condition of its population, at a period of which we have so few authentic 
sources of information. The district in which the Abbey of Melros is situated, 
and in which its early possessions chiefly lay, being so near the English border, 
was, after the accession of Malcolm III., quickly occupied in great measure by 
Saxon or Norman settlers. The subdivision of property, when these documents 
first affbrd hght on the subject, was much greater than is consistent with the idea 
coramonly entertained of the overgrown power of the leading nobles and the de- 
graded situation of the other classes ; and the minute portions in which gifts to 
the Abbey were frequently bestowed, seem to shew the value, and probably the 
high cultivation, of that now fertile valley. The original inhabitants had either 
removed to districts not yet coveted by tlie Southern colonists, or were reduced 
to the condition of serfs, then appropriately styled Nativi, who were transferred 
by sale or gift along the soil which they cultivated °. Great attention was un- 
doubtedly bestowed on agriculture, with whatever skill or success, We find 
every where strict rules for the protection of growing corn and hay meadows ''. 
Wheat was cultivated, and wheaten bread used on holidays ''. Roads appear to 
have been frequent '^, and wheel carriages of different sorts in general use ". A 

= Cap. 73. The imcertain date of this trea- whom he styles " meus homo,' and " meus 

tise makes it difficult to decide whether the or- " lil)i:r homo." N. 162, 214.. 
dinance here quoted preceded the statutes at- 

tributed to Kobert I., by one of which it is or- b N. 198, 319, &c. 
dained that the men of Galloway " habeant 

" ttonam etfidelem assisam patriw, et (juod rwn c N. 302, et passim. 
" teneantur ad purgationem seu acquietanciam 

" faciendam secundum antiquas leges Galwidice." d They are constantly mentioned as " i'ia 

Statuta secunda Rob. I. cap. 36, apud Skene. " viridis," " alta via," " via Regia," " via Re- 

" galis." 

a The different condition of the Bondi or 

nativi and the libere tenentes is illustrated by e Charete, N. 101. Quadrige, N. 118. Plaus- 

N. 3t7. A shigular designation sometimes tra, carecte, N. 356. That these terms were 

occurs where a lord grants lands to a person not used indiscriminately for all agricultural 

right of way through an adjoining territory was purchased at a considerable 
price, or made the subject of formal contract or donation/. Mills driven by 
water as well as wind-mills, were used for grinding corn S, although it is well 
known that the rude and laborious process of the haud-mill kept its ground in 
some districts of Scotland undl comparatively a recent period. In tlie reign of 
Alexander II., Meh-os acquired the right of turning a stream that bounded their 
lands of Beleside in East Lothian, on account of the frequent injury done by it 
to the hay meadows and the growing corn of the Abbey *. One circumstance 
serves to mark still more tlie progress of agriculture. We find, that so early as 
the reiga of Alexander II., the attention of some of the great proprietors bad 
been directed to rearing and improving the breed of horses. Roger Avenel, the 
lord of Eskdale, had a stud ' in that valley, and Patrick Earl of Dunbar, in pre- 
paration as it would appear for his departure for the Holy Land, in 1247 sold 
to the Abbey his stud in Lauderdale for the considerable sum of a liundred 
merks Sterling *. The monks of May had a grant of land from John fitz 
Michael, (the ancestor it is said of the family of Wemyss), with pasture for a 
certain number of sheep and cows, and for twenty brood mares with their fol- 
lowers K 

From tlie nature of the country, and perhaps from the imperfect state of agri- 
culture, the revenues of the Abbey were chiefly derived from the pasturage of 
cattle and sheep. Of the latter there appears to have been a much greater num- 
ber than lias been hitherto beheved '" ; and the minute and carefid arrangements 
for their folds, their attendants, and the separation of their pastures, show how 
early the attention to this kind of stock commenced in the district which is novv 
distinguished by the perfection to which it has arrived. The high value set upon 
pasturage, whether for sheep or cattle, is shown by its frequent clashing with the 
rights of game and the forest, and by the strict prohibitions against tillage within 

carriages, is shown by a charter of Homeden, h N. 221. 

ivhich stipiJates that a penalty called parca- 

giutn should be paid for trespassing, and fixes i " Equicium." N. 198. 

the rate of a penny for each waggon, and a 

halfpenny for a two-horsed (or two-wheeled) k N. 230. 

cart— pro quolibet plaustro unum denarium et 

et pro higa unum obolum ad parchagium. N. l N. 209. 


m From the Earls of Dunbar the monks had 

J N. 239, 319, 356. a grant of pasturage for three flocks of wedders, 

" arietum" of SOO each flock, near to Hartis- 

g- N. 110, 322, 333, head in Haddington, N. 56. Elena de More- 

the bounds of forests and pasture ranges ", although this arose in a great measure 
from anxiety to preserve the solitude and quiet necessary for the encouragement 
of all game, and especially the Red Dcer. It may be gathered also from the 
high penalties for allowing cattle or sheep to trespass on neighbouring pas- 
tures ". 

A remarliable custom which recelved the Royal sanction in the reign of Alex- 
ander III., appears somewhat at variance with this jealous care of the rights of 
pasture. That monarch declared it was of use by ancient custom and the com- 
mon law throughout Scotland, that travellers passing through the country might 
quarter for one night in any estate {feudum) and there pasture their beasts, — 
saving only growing corns and hay v. 

The use of the woYAJbrest, in charter language to express a range having cer- 
tain legal privileges for the preservation of game, has contributed to the common 
belief that all Scotland was anciently thickly covered with wood. If it ever were 
so, it must have been at a time before all record ; and in a country where tradition 
has been so much based on the fables of historians, the proof of such an assertion 
must be looked for in the observations of the geologist, which have not hitherto 
tended to confirm this opinion. At the earliest period illustrated by the present 
collection there is sufficient evidcnce that the southern division of Scotland was 
not a well wooded country. On the contrary, the right of cutting wood was 
carefully reserved when pasturage or arable land was granted ; and when that right 
was conceded for some particular purpose, such as for fuel for a salt work, or for 
building, the use was limited in express terms ?. The high grounds of Ayrshire 

vil, and her son Roland of Galloway, gave to Richard de Morevil the Great Constable, and 

the Abbey pasturage for 700 ewes with their his son William, grant to the monks a site in 

followers of two years, or as many wedders ; Wedale for a cow-house or sheep-fold, — vac- 

for 49 cows with their followers of two years, caria seu bercharia, — for one house in which 

a bull, 40 oxen, 8 horses, and 4 swine, with they may light a fire for the brethfen and their 

their followers of three years ; to be fed along shepherds, and for a hay-shed, all within the 

with their own cattle of the territory of Kil- verge of the forest ; but on condition that they 

lieccokestun, (now Kilbucho), N. 8'2-3. In shall make no other lodges within it, but their 

Wedale the Abbey had pasturage for 500 sheep shepherds to have wattled cots (^claias wiscaias) 

and seven score cattle, N. 101 ; and in Prim- for shelter whUe tending their cattle, N. 106. 

side pasturage for 400 sheep, X. 146-7. See also N. 93 and 111. 

nThus, hi a very early grant byEarl Waldev, o N. 223, 333. 
of pasturage in Lammermuir, it is expressly 

provided, Qiat moveable folds and lodges for p N. 309. 
the shepherds shall accompany the tlocks of 

the Abbey, so as to avoid any permanent 9 N. 65. " Sine dure et vendere." N. 111. 

b\iilding or settlement within the forest, — " sine et passim. " Excepto sarto faciendo," N. 91. 

" manuali opere," N. 76. In like manner Aiiselm de Whittun, along with certain lands 

may be an exception, where there seems to have existed an extensive forest ; but 
elsewhere, ■wood was a scarce and valuable commodity. Peats formed the com- 
mon fuel of the country, and a right to a peatary was of great importance. 
Even at Preston, now so surrounded by coal mines, wood was used as fuel for 
the salt pans. Coal is not mentioned in this collection of the transactions of 
Melros till the reign of Robert II. "■. It was undoubtedly worked at an early 
period in Scotland, but probably only in the easiest levels and in small quanti- 
ties, from the imperfection of machinery and engineering ; and its use must have 
been confined to a narrow circle from the difficulty of carriage. 

The preservation of game, and the whole economy of the forest, were necessa- 
rily of prominent importance in an age when the. time of the free-born was 
divided between war and the chase. The lands of Melros, both on the eastern 
Border and in A^Tshire, were bounded on all sides by the territories of great 
lords, jealous of all encroachment on their rights of forest, and sometimes it 
would seem, attempting to counteract the former munificence of themselves or 
their ancestors, which had lavished on the favourite religious house rights of 
game as well as all other property. Hence originated many of the disputes 
and subsequent reconciliations recorded in this collection. At first perhaps, 
only the occasional trespassing of the cattle and sheep of the Abbey interfered 
with the pasture or the necessary quiet of the forest game ; but in process of 
time the monks, escaping from the strictness of the Cistercian rule, asserted and 
exercised in their turn rights of game and forest, which they defended against 
encroachment with all the machinery which the law then put in their power. 

When the Abbey acquired that wide territory in Eskdale which was the gift 
of King David I. to the family of Avenel, the game was carefully reserved by 
the successive granters in such express terms that even the names of the valued 
animals are specified. The lords of Avenel reserved hart and hind, boar and 
roe, the aeries of falcons and tercels, and their right to the penalties of trespasses 

and a peat moss, gives to the Abbey as much Melros atid Richard de IMorevil, while the lat- 

hrush wood from his wood of IMollope as one ter reserves the ganie of Threpwood, and is to 

horse could carry to the grange of Hunum be- have a forester for its protection, the Abbey is 

tvveenEasterandChristmas, N. 134-5. Tlieheavy allowed to have its forester for preserving the 

penalties of transgressing the forest Jaws had re- wood and pasture ; and it is carefully stipulat- 

ference chiefly to the preservation of ganie, but ed, that fbr injury done to tliem, the Abbej' 

mucli attention was also bestowed, so far as shall have daniages, — " emtndationem scilicet 

jienal statutes could secure the object, on the " trecgild," and De Jlorevil the customary for- 

preservation of wood, and the punislmient of its feit. N. 111. 
destroyers. In the solemn convention between 

)■ N. 486. 

within the forest, and the amercements of those convicted of theft. Thc monks 
were expressly excluded from hunting with hounds or nets, from setting traps, 
except only for wolves, and from taking the aeries of hawks. Even the trees in 
which the hawks usually built were to be held sacred, and those in which they 
had built one year were on no account to be felled donec in anno jiroximo per- 
pmdatur si in iUis arboribus velint aeriare vel non *. 

The early grants to Melros of their great territories in Ayrshire by the succes- 
sive Stewards, expressed the same reservation in fewer terms : " hoc solo excepto 
" quod monachi ncc conversi nec uliqui alii illorum auctoritate venabuntur nec 
" accipitres capient in eadem Jhresta : Jwc enim illorum ordini non convenit nec 
" iUis credimus expcdire ,-" ' — " salva eademjbresta mea tantum in bestiis et avi- 
" bus.'" " But notwithstanding this reservation, grounded on the rigid rule 
of the Cistercians, we find the monks soon after in fuU possession of the rights of 
game and the forest, in the territory of Machlyn, which their munificent bene- 
factors had at first withheld ; and a few generations later, the family of Graham, 
who inherited the possessions of Avenel, gave up in like manner to Meiros the whole 
privileges of hunting, fishing, and hawking in Eskdale, which had becn originallv 
so jealously guarded ". Even the cognizance of oiFences committed within the 
forest bounds was devolved on the monks ; and it was only provided that male- 
factors condemned to death in the court of the Abbey should be executed at tht- 
place of doomi', and by the bailie, of the temporal lords of the manor. 

The ancient names and boundaries of lands are chiefly interesting to those 
locally connected with the district, but many of the mefes so minutely described 
in these venerable evidences are of general curiosity, and if still to be traced in 
the names or in the features of the country, may throw light on the early 
language and other interesting antiquities, as well as on the ancient condition 
and extent of property. So early as the Reign of William the Lion, boundaries 

s N. 39, 41, 196-7.-8. Several of the terms u N. 72, 72.* 
of venerie in this interesting series of charters 

are of doubtfiil meaniiig. Forisivia: is explain- x N. 73.* 
ed in N. 198. Hunting ' cum mueti.s imdoubt- 

edly means, with a meute or cry of hounds, but y " Adfurcns de Wadstirker" N. 377. Tht- 

it is less clear that " cum cordis" slgiiifies Grahams were of the English faction, and the 

" with nets." It may indeed stand for any first recorded concession of these privileges is 

manner of snaring game. ^ireii by the King in tlieir default. To con- 

firni this may have been afterwards one of the 

t N. 73. means of luaking their peace with Uobert. 

are found marked by such objects as " the old elm =, " oaks on which crosses 
" were made °," " the white thorn *," " the green ditch V' " the ozier bed "^," 
" the crosses and trenches made by King David «." It is not to be hoped that 
many of these marks and memorials should have escaped the ravages of time and 
the plough. Some however may still remain even of this more perishable de- 
scription ; and fortunately a more enduring sort of boundary marks will 
serve in many districts to illustrate the state of property as it existed six centuries 
ago. The rivers and lakes forming the natural divisions of the country can be 
recognized without difficulty in the slight variation from their modern names. 
Fountains and springs, the summits of the hills, and the highest levels of the 
moorlands/, " sicut descoisus aquarum dividunf are in most cases not to be 
mistaken, although the present names of the hills on the Southern Border are 
mostly of unaccountably modern origin, while their older appellations in thechar- 
ters have, it is believed, disappeared S. Another class of metes occurring in these 
charters cannot escape notice. They point to monuments of antiquity far be- 
yond the records or the foundation of the Abbey, but no expression of the par- 
ties shows the slightest knowledge or interest concerning their origin. A charter 
of Elena de Moreuil in tlie reign of WilHam, gives for one of its bounding marks 
" the ancient castle *," probably one of those mountain forts of unknown history, 
antiquity, and use, which are thickly scattered over the pastoral hills of the bor- 
ders. Anselm of Molle gives land in that territory bounded at one point " per 
" quosdam magnos lapides veteris edificli quod est super umim parvum cundos '." 
The great Roman ways which intersect the district are frequent boundaries in 
the more ancient charters ; at least these seem to be tlie roads described under 
the various names of " Derestrete '^," " Herdstrete '," " Magna strata ""," " the 

z Ad occidcntalevi partem veteris tdmi, N. 34. 83, &c. ; — " Per condosum,' N. 63. — " Ex 

" iransverso condoso de Rederhume" N. 66, &c. 
a Ad quercum in qua cruxjacta est, N. 69. 

g As " 3Ions qui dicitar Untiende" N. 26i, 
/) Adfontemjuxta albam spinam, N. 115. App" 2, &c. 

Ad crucemjuxta viride fossutum, N. 145. A Fetus castellarimn, N. 82. 

d Juncaria, N. 113. i N. 137. 

e Cruces et fossas quw factce sunt in medio tc N. 88, 90. 

monie, nsque ad summitalem ejusdem montis in 
cujus summitate fecit Rex Dauid fossas Jieri, l N. 134. 


m N. S9, 108. 

/■" Per medium cundos montium," N. 39, 41, 

" way towards Lauder by the causeways callcd Malcolmsrode "," " Cakeia " or 
" Calceice,'" or the great causeway. It appears that the roads mentioned by the 
terms " viridis via^'' " via alta^^ " via magma,'''' " via regia^'' or " regalis" are 
always to be distinguished from thcni. 

The practice whicli we find to liave prevailcd in the earliest periods of this 
record, of setting up great stones, and sometimes stone crosses, to mark the boun- 
daries of adjoining territories, may account for some of those monuments which 
have long exercised the ingenuity of antiquaries l>. In other instances, such 
monuments of past ages as were conveniently situated were adopted as boundary 
niarks, instead of constructing new marks ?. These are frequently designated by 
the name which is still the popular term in Scotland for such monuments of un- 
known or conjectural use, " the standing stones." 

The occurrence of early examples of the spoken language, which must interest 
the philologist in all countries, is more than usually interesting in Scotland, whose 
original inhabitants and successive invaders have afforded such abundant matter 
of controversy. It has ah-eady been noticed, that there are in the present collec- 
tion indications of the language and people of Galloway. With the exception of 
that province, there is no reason to believe that a Celtic language was in use in 
any district with which the Abbey of Melros was connected during the period 
embraced by tliis Chartulary. It will be found that the great benefactors of the 
Abbey, with the exception of the Lords of Galloway, and the great Earls of 
Dunbar, were of Norman descent and name. Several persons occur of Saxon 
families, and others whom we may conjecture to be of Uanish or Norse origin ; 
but with the exceptions above stated, no cliarters are granted by persons whom 
there is any reason to beheve of Celtic race. Most of the Norman settlers had 
either previously fixed seignorial surnamcs "■, or soon assumed local designations 
from the territories acquired by them in Scotland *. The Saxon and Norse 

n N. 101, 102, 109. " usque ad magnum lapidem suUus gucrcum." 

N. 6t. 
o N. 108, 109. 

9 Thus, one of the hoiindaries described iii 
p Tbus, on occa.sion ofagrant of lands in the royal charter fixiiig the marches between 
Maxton by Robert de Berkeley, tlie monks set the Constable and Melros in the forest of We- 
iip a great stone as oiie of their boundaries, — dale is " de Pot usque ad standande stan." N. 
'^ magnam pciram in tcstiwoniuvi ercxeruni." 111. 
N. 90. " Per peiras qiice positcE siiiit ad divisas." 

N. 92. " Lariides g-randes quos tunc perambu- r As De Vesci, De Morevil, De Valoniis, De 

" lando posui. ' N. 87. " Per lapides qui positi Brus, &c. 
" sunt ad divisas inter nos et ipsos monachos 

s As de Wittun, de Uidale, de Molle, &c. 

colonists, being perhaps usually of inferior rank and po-wer, remained longer 
without that which soon became a badge of gentility. From them were named 
most of the places which bear the Saxon termination of town, and these, by 
a curious ahernation, in a short time afiTorded surnames to their proprietors ', 
when the fashion of territorial surnames became almost universal. 

The names of places occurring in these charters, excepting those of Gallo- 
way, are for the most part purely Saxon. It may be, tliat the great features of 
the country, its mountains, valleys, and rivers, bore Celtic names. Very few of 
these occur. The names of estates however, and their boundaries, coeval with 
the dawn of civihzation, wherever indicating any meaning, were all Saxon " ; and 
the few words of early vernacular language, thinly scattered over the older docu- 
ments of tliis coUection, all show the same origin ^, and leave no doubt that a 

t Thus, Orm gave name to Ormistun, Lev- 
ing and Dodiug to Levingstou and Diidding- 
stone; Elfiu, Edulf, and Edmund to Elphing- 
ston, Edilstou, aud Edmouston ; and most of 
these in tum were assumed as the territorial 
surnames of well known families. A person- 
age who figures iu the early charters, Maccus, 
chose to call his town by its Normau term, and 
" ]\Iaccus-vU" (which is raerely another shape 
of Maccustun or Maxton) iu time passed into 
the familiar surname of jlaxwell. The name 
of this famUy has of late inidergone the same 
combination which was applied some centuries 
ago to its founder's own name, and by this 
triple process we arrive at the name of Max- 

u Thus Hartshead, Hellesden, Jlossybum- 
rig, Browiirig, N. 56. Thus also all names 
ending in town. So Milkeside, Threpwood, 
Birebum, Cuckowburn, Brownlinoll, Elwald- 
scaleslonuig, Holemede, Ravensfen, Herehow- 
den, Fuleford, Kingstrete, and many others. 

j- The small number ofvemacular common 
words preserved in the more aucient charters 
of this collectiou, are sometimes disguised by a 
Latiu termination. Some of the Latin words 
occurring in them are peculiar to Scotland, and 
not to be found in the dictiouaries of the Latiu 
of the niiddle ages. Of both these classes, 
such words as seenied to require explanatiou 
are coUectcd below, along with examples of 
the spoken language occurriug previous to the 
middle of the foiuteenth centiiry. 

Aeriare, N. 111, to build aeries as hawks. 

Bog, N. 69. 

Brueria, N. 90, a thicket of broom. 

Burna, N. 66, 69, 130, a biun or brook. 

Calceia-w, N. 101, 108, a causeway. 

Claia wiscata, N. 106, a wattled hut. 

Cnoll,^. 111, aknoll. 

Cobella, N. 2t2, a coble, or flat fishing boat 

Corda, N. 39, -tl, an instrument of huiiting. 

Cundos, N. 39, 136; Cundosum, N. 72, 1i, 

223, the ridge of a liill. 
FalJa,T>i. 13, 110, a fold. 
Forisveiw, Forsveiw, N. 198, 199, a penalty for 

trespassing, — perhaps, for turaing ont of u 

Gilc, N. 54., 63, a Gill, still used in the north 

of Englaud for the cleft of a hill or the chan- 

nel of a brook. 
Halghes, Halkahs, Halechs, Halues, Hauhtves, 

N. 66, 118, 223, haughs or meadows. 
Hogaster, N. 353, perhaps a hog or young 

Hogus, N. 51., Hogh, Enghsh, a hill or mount. 
Inuiere, N. 59, pernaps war within the country. 
Landw, N. C6, arable lauds.' 
Lecche, N. 66, a ditch. Ful-leche, ibid. a foul 

ditch ? 
Logiw, N. 101, lodges. 
Mereburne, N. 99, 108, a bounding rividet. 
Moeta, N. 39, a meute or ci-y of hounds. 
Mussa, N. 1 1 1, a moss or peat bog. 
Nysus sororum, N. 139. French Niez, au 

aerie of youug hawks. 
Petw, Petaria, N. 101, 480, peats, a peatary or 

peat moss. 
Scalinga, N. 111, a sheaUug or summer hut 

>ised by shepherds. 
Sicus, N. 51, a syke or ditch. 
Stagnum, N. HGti, a yare or wear in a river. 

(lu this sense it had occurred to Du Cange, 

who seems unwilliiig to admit it as a genu- 

ine term.) 


Saxon dialect was tlie universal spoken language of Lothian, Merse, and Teviot- 
dale, from the time of David I. 

The Court French afterwards imported by the English Edwards, and which 
continued so long to be the law language of England, never gained much ground 
in Scotland ; and although doubtless used exclusively by the English settlers of 
that disturbed period y, it seems not to have long survived their departure, 
when Latin again became the universal language of business, as it continued 
to be down to the end of the fourteenth century. About that period, the verna- 
cular Saxon, the spoken language of the lowlands of Scotland, began to be used 
in deeds, and instances of it occur in tliis collection, of the reign of Robert II. 
One of these * is dated in 1389, and although much of its interest is destroyed 
by the closeness of its translation from a Latin style, yet it is of some value as a 
genuine specimen of early Scotch. 

The transactions serving to show the relative value of money and other com- 
modities in Scotland, and tlie interest taken for money, at an early period, are 
unfortunately very rare. 

In 1256, the Earl of Carric sells an annual rent from land of three merks, for 
the sum of 40 merks, or thirteen years purchase °. 

In the same century and reign, the Abbey purchases up a rent charge of 
thirty shillings, by a payment of 30 merks and40 pence, or a little more than 13 
years purchase *. 

We find a charter of king Alexander II., confirming the sale of a half plough 
of land in Edenham with two hurgagm (probably the portions of land necessary 
to qualify burgesses) in Berwic, at the price of =f 33. 6*. 8d. sterling <=. 

Peter de Haga of Bemersyd had covenanted to pay ten salmon yearly to the 
Abbey, as the penalty of certain transgressions committed against it. In a 
curious deed in the present coUection ^, Haig sets forth, that the convent taking 

Staincros, N. 79, cnix lapidea, ibid. 

Standande Stane, N. 111, a stone placed up- z N. 480. 

Trigild, N. 111, the penalty for destroying a N. 189. 

Turbw, Turbaria, N. 9, turfs, a place from 6N. 216. 

which turf for fuel is cut. 
Utwere, No. 59, foreign war ? c N. 260. 

Warnalium ? N. 275. 

y There are a few specimens of it in the pre- 
sent collection. N. 379, 380, 424, 451, 470, 472. 

d N. 334 

pity on liim, aiul considering such a paynient ruinous, has consented to receive in 
lieu of it a half stone of wax yearly for the chapel of Auld Melros, or thirty 
pence in case of faikire. 

In the niiddle of the 13th century, Richard Burnard, lord of Faringdun, sold 
his East Meadow of Faringdun of eight acres for thirty five merks ^ In 1342, 
Gilbert de Maxwell disponed to Meh-os his half of the Barony of Wilton with 
the patronage of the church, redeemable by him or the heirs of his body, for 40 
pounds sterhng. The Abbey was to have the first offer of the lands, if Maxwell 
or his heirs chose to sell them outright/. In consequence of a grant by Robert I. 
of i?2000, out of the casualties of Roxburghshire to Mebros for rebuilding the 
church of the Abbey, Sir Archibald McDowell in 1398, grants a bond for thc 
sum of " foure skore and ten ponde of gude mone and lele of Scotlande in silver or 
in golde, because of his releife of his place of Malkarstoun", to be paid within t wo 
years, or within three years " in cas — as God forbede — comoun were with rais- 
" inge of baneris be betwix the kyngrikis of Scotlande and InglandeS". A right 
of way through the lands of IMospennoc, now Mosfennan in Twedale, cost the 
Abbey the sum of 20 shilhngs sterhng in the reign of Alexander II *. An ox- 
gang of arable land and an acre of meadow in Ilivestun, now ElHeston, in Rox- 
buro-hshire, were in the same reign acquired for four merks sterling K 

The occurrence of individuals, either as parties or witnesses in the mass of 
charters here coUected, will, it is feared, be found to ilUistrate but few of the exist- 
ino- families of the district. The great famihes who were the earliest benefactors 
of the Abbey, the lords of Galloway, Carric and March, the De Morevils and 
the Avenels, have been long extinct, and even those who came in their room, the 
Fitz Ranulphs, the De Sulis^s, the Grahams, and the Douglases have left but a 

e N. 335. "Id covenants. The term which ori^naUy hail 

reference to the easteni country of the early 
f N. 475. Eiighsh moneyers, was afterwards applied to 

all money of a certain weight and fineness 
o- N. 505. wherever coined. This was the denarii, the 

*" " ' well known pennies of silver still so common iu 

/( N. 328. the cabinet of the coUector, and which were 

for several centuries the common currency of 
;• N. 2S0. Though here and elsewhere the the North of Europe. When a covenant there- 
term sterling is used, it must not be under- fore ejipressed a payment in good Sterlings, it 
stood in the modem sense. It occurs in Scotch adopted a standard somewhat less flnctuatmg 
writs of the highest antiquity, marca:, librw than the bare expressing of the sum, which 
solidi and denarii Sterlingoruni or Esterlin- was Hable to be affected by the arbitrary and 
gorum bonoriLm et legalium, and was the most often unjust alteration of the value of ihe cur- 
common description of money mentioned in rency by the government. 

romantic tradition of the mighty power which they wielded on the Borders. 
The proverbial instability of Scotch affairs for three centuries preceding the 
union of the Crowns, was generally unfavourable to the continued descent of 
hereditary possessions ; but on the Borders, wars, feuds and forfeitures foliowed 
cach other so fast, that no families proved sufficiently vigorous to take root and 
grow to grandeur. 

The alliances, descents and transactions of many of those extinct families, and 
still more those of the ilkistrious house of Stewart are however essential to the 
history of a country where they played so important a part ; and some of the 
existing families of Scotland can still boast a connexion with even the most an- 
cient of those illustrious and historical names ^- 

The numerous seals preserved in tliis collection are not only interesting to the 
herald, but often furnish important information of the owner's real style and title, 
when the charter happens to set forth only Iiis familiar or patronymic appella- 
tion ', and enable us todistinguish between several persons of the same patronymic 
name ". It is scarcely necessary to notice that they at the same time serve to 
mark the state of the arts of the country, and are in Scotland almost our only 
guides in tracing the arms and dress of a remote period. 

Tlie use of seals is almost coeval in this country wit.h the use of writing. 
Only two or three genuine ancient writs are known, wliicli exhibit a different 
mode of authentication ", and we have little reason to believe, that there werc 

fcThus Home, Dundas, and Corbet, with the but fixed sumame ofFalconar; and a third, 

old Earls of Dunbar, M^Dowal, with the Lords iiamed m the charter Nicholaus fitz Koland, 

of Galloway, &c. is more formally styled iii the legend of his 

The followinginstances, takenalmost at ran- seal Nicolaus de Merns. N. 61, nnd p/ate II. 

dom, may serve to show the information to be In other instances, the more formal designation 

derived by the genealogist from tliese stores. appears in the charter, as in N. 63, where the 

N. 4-8 gives a second marriage of Patrick, granter, there styled Robertus de Staintun, is 

(called the 5th) Earl of Dunbar. N. 109 re- found from his seal to have been the son of 

cords Christiana, the wife of the Constable Foubert, {pl. II. seal 4.) and one of the family 

William de ilorevil. In N.233, are some con- ofPerthec. 
ditions that throw light on the interesting pedi- 

gree of the Earls paiatine of Stratheme. But m The charters N. 131, 135, 137, give a dif- 

the most curious instanee occurs in a deed of ferent designation to the granter in each, but 

Eustacia de Colville, the widow of Sir Regi- the identity of the seals proves them to be 

nald le Chen (N. +00,) where, in defence of her deeds of oneperson. On theother hand.N. 130, 

gift of the church of Ochiltre to Welros, she 131, and 152, all bear to be granted by Wil- 

attests, step by step, her pedigree aud heredi- liam fitz John ; but the difffreuce of the seals 

tary right. serves to distinguish them as three several in- 


/ In the charter gran'ed by the five milites 

of the Steward, two of tfiefe styled William and n Among the Coldingham charters at Dur- 

Richard de Mawkerstoi, are proved by their ham. 
seals to have already adopted the analogous 

any writings connected with land in Scotland, of an earlier date than some of 
those which are still extant. 

Before the universal adoption of arras, a star, a flower, a wheel, or such other 
common device, rudely graved on the middle of the seal, served to give room 
round the edge for the owner''^ name. In some instances, seals bear what seems 
to have been a badge or cognizance of an individual, a family, or a district. 
Family and personal badges were not unfrequently assumed in allusion to the 
names of those who bore them ", but whether adopted on this or other grounds, 
they either became part of the heraldic blazon, or continued to ornament the 
arms after the introduction of a more systematic heraldry ; and in many cases 
suggested the crest and supporters, when these long afterwards came into fashion. 
The introduction of heraldry was in all countries quickly followed by the adop- 
tion of shields of arms, as the appropriate distinction of seals. This cannot be 
said to liave coramenced in Scotland earlier than the reign of William the Lion. 
Even during that reign the practice was by no means general, and some persons 
of great distinction, both Saxon and Norman, though evidently following the 
kiiightly customs of the age, had not yet adopted fixed family arms „. The 
plates of the present work enable us to trace, with tolerable accuracy, the intro- 
duction and perfecting of that simple and pure heraldry which has hitherto dis- 
tinguished Scotland. It will occur, even on a slight examination of these, that 
several of the most ancient seals are of a design and workmanship which cannot 
be ascribed to a rude age. These are undoubtedly antique intaglios on gems, 
whicli were adopted as an ornament for the centre of the seal before heraldic 
bearings were introduced ; and after the introduction of a shield with a charge 
as the mark of the principal seal, were frequently used as a signet and coun- 
terseal 7. 

o Oiie of the narae of Harang or Herring had Royal arms of Scotland is on the seal of 

three fislies. Several of the Corbets bore a Alexander II. 
raven or corheau. The Biirnards had a hurnet 

leaf. The IVIuscamps, a^eMcovered vfithjties. q Several of these are engraved in the plates. 

The De Vescis, vesce, vetches, &c. ^ Perhaps the most beautiful are, — the sigiiet of 

Richard Bishop of St Andrews, {ph XII.) and 

p Thus the first Walter fitz Alan Steward of the coiniterseal of the iirst Walter fitz Alan the 

Scotland, PhiMp de Valoines, Great Chaniber- Steward (/)/. VII). The impression of the lat- 

lain, the Constables De Jlorevil, and many ter is unfortunately miich obliterated, but there 

other.s, while they displayed on their seals the still reniains enough of the graceof the antique 

figure of a mounted and armed knight, gave to foim a ciirious contrast with the rude repre- 

110 charge on the shield, nor coat armour on sentation ofchivalry on the other side. Kone 

the housing. The first appearance of the of the stamps for such seals are known to be 


This coUection of its muninients does not afford the materials for a conficcteci 
history of the Abbey of Meh'os, nor even for a list of its Abbots. These liave 

preserved iii Scotland. There are two such iii 
the iiiteresting collection of the Very Heverend 
the Dean of St. Patrick's at DuWiii. Tliey are 
small seals of silver with a solid back aiid an 
edgecontaining the lege?ul. In tlie ceiitre of each 
is firmly set a small cornelian or oiiyx, the one 
haviiiff engraved on it a nondescript animal, 
the otner a soIdier's head. 

Several of the seals which have not been en- 
graved in the plates may be iiiteresting. The 
following list will be acceptable to the Scotch 
antiquary. It does not notice the Royal seals, 
nor those of the faniily of Douglas, both of 
which are iiumerous. The seals of Ueligious 
Houses, of which a considerable lumiber are 
presen'ed in the collection, are also here oniit- 
ted. Among these are seals of tlie Abbeys of 
Dryburgh, Jedburgh, Kelso, Newbottle, and 
Rievalle, of the date 1208, (N. 145); a seal of 
Patrick Abbot of Dunfermlin, towards the end 
of William's reigii, (N. 133), and those of the 
Abbots of Hievalle, Fountains, and Vaudev, of 
the year 1223, ( 1 95 ). Prefixed to the notice of 
each seal in the following list is the number of 
the charter to which it is appended, together 
^vith tbe designation of the owner as giveii in 
the deed. 

N. 28. " Magister Adam de Eccles." A sacra- 

mental cup with a hand above, in the act of 

benediction ; the legend — " signuni ade .... 

" . otis 

59. " Patricius de Withichun," — a mounted 

knight like N. 4. of Plate VII. without the 

drapery — " sigiH patricii filii ade." 

69. " Ricardus de Walais," — a mounted knight 

— " sigillum ricardi walensis." 

113. " Robertus Corbet," — a raven — " sigil- 
" lum roberti corbet." 

114. " Walterus Corbet," — a raven — " sigil- 
" Iiim walteri corbef 

" Patricius Corbet," — an arabesque, two birds 

at tlie top of the seal, — " sigitt patricii de 

" corbhet" 

337. " Nicholaus corbet miles," — a mounted 

knight with sword in hand, and shield slung 

round liis neck ; the horse galloping, housing 

all over the horse. 

127. " Johannes filius Orm," — a knight mount- 

ed, in his hand a drawn sword, a pointed pro- 

jection in the centre of his sliield, the horse 

trotting ; — " sigillum : ihanis : filii : Orm :" the 

workmanship very rude. 

136. " Ricardus de Lincolnia." No shield of 

arms, a large fleur de lis — " sigillum ricardi 

" de nicole" 

134, 135, 137. " Auselmus de Wittiine" or 

" de llolla," a two-legged dragon reguardant, 

with tail twisted iipwards. — " sigiium aiiselmi 

" witen" 

141. " Simon de Lindessei." No arms nor 

shield, an indistinct ornament. — " sigitt simonis 

" de linde"" 

156, 158._"Gaufridus fUius Wallevi de Lil- 

" lesclive" — no arms, a flower ornament. — 

" sigit iefrai le fi wald" 

163. " Ysabel uxor Willelmi de Ridale" — no 

arms, atabesque omament. — " sigitt isabel" 

14, 15, of Appendix. " Thomas de Nesebit." 

A knight mounted with sword iii hand, and 

shield hung round his neck, a helmet square at 

the top, the horse galloping. — " sig me 

" filii gilleberti" 

178. " Robertus de Bernam," — a small head 

like an antique gem. — "s roberti . . niani" 

199, 200. " AfFrica filia Edgari" no shield of 

arms ; a rude fleur de lis ornanient.— " sigil- 

" lum afTrice filie edgari" 

221. " Philippus de Pethcox," — a rude ara- 

besqiie. — " sigillum filippi de Pedcox" 

224. " Ricardus Walensis." — a shield of arms, 

— a lion ranipant bruised with a bend. 

238. " Willelmus Purveys de Mospennoc," — 

no shield of arms; a horn — " sigitt wiHi 

" purvis" 

246. " Leonius persona de Mackestiin," — a 

lion passant. — " sigitt leonis de normSvilla" 

244,246, 249, 251, 252. " Johannes de Nor- 

" manviti," — a shield charged with three birds, 

two and one, — a gem suiik in the centre, — 

" sigitt iohannis de normanvitt.' Counterseal, 

a sniall gem, — " missa tibi teg . ." 

262. Six seals, no arms, flowers or wheels the 

omaments. — " 5 walteri cames ' 

" sigitt andree kamei.s" 

" s agnetis filie iohannis" 

" s laurenc . . . e ilifistwn" 

" s iohis . . sco . . haele" 

" . . . . mi sci michaelis" 
269. " Rogenis Lardenarius," — no shield of 
arms, a cock. — " sigitt rogeri lardener" 
276. " Johannes de Laundelis," — a stag's head, 
supporting between the honis a small shield, 
the charge, an Orle. — " iotiis de laundel" 
280. " Alexaiider de Chatthou, ' — no shield of 
arms, a fleur de lis ornament, — " sigitt alex- 
" andri de chattov" 
290. " Adam fiiius Ade de Dunelmo," — no shield 

of arms, a wheel ornament. — " de 

" durem" 

354, 412. " Willelmus de Durem miles," — a 
small shield of arms, a bend charged with three 
muliets. — " s . willelmi de durem" 


been already suppHed by the Author of the " Monastic Antiquities of Teviotdale,'' 
in as complete a manner as the imperfect materials within his reach allowed. 
They cannot be treated satisfactorily until the records of the iieighbouring monas- 
teries of Kelso, Dryburgh and Jedburgh, as well as many other public and 
private collections have been diligently explored. The property of these grcat 
religious houses lay so intermixed, and the transactions between tliem were so 
numerous, that the evidences regarding each throw light on the possessions and 
condition of the others ; and so close was their connexion that a custom was long 
established tliat any difference occurring between two of them was settled by 
the arbitration of the other two •■. After the most dihgent enquiry it may not 
now be possible fuUy to satisfy curiosity regarding the extent, situation, vahic, 
and niode of acquisition of the property of the monasteries of Teviotdale. 
The taste for such studies, though so necessary as the ground-vvork of statis- 
tics, has arisen too late in Scotland to entitle us to expect the fuUness and accu- 
racy of local history, that lend such a charming interest to every county and 
almost each parish of England. The materials still existing are not however 
so scanty as some have imagined ', and, if properly explored and turned to this . 

292. " Adam (\e Hetnne," — a fia^ment of a 468. " Thomas comes de Jlarr," — the well 

seal, no shielcl; a bird surrounded by stars.'' known seal of Thonias Eart of Mar. 

— " . . ade de h . . . ." ■iTl. " Radulphus de Nevylle dominus de 

295. " Robertus de Polloc," — no shield, a boar. " Raby," — a fine seal of Ralph Nevil ; a saltire. 

— " sigiUvm roberti de polloc' 473. " Johannes de Nevill miles," — a saltire ; 

301. " Robertus filius Alexandri de Lundres," iu chief, a label of three points. 

— noshield; an ornament like a crescent and 480. " Robert Erle of Fyf and of Menteth, 

star. — " . . . . de lond?" " wardane and chambirlayn of Scotland." — a 

330. " Willelmus de AUventun," — no shield ; " fess checque; over all, a lion rampant; for 
an eagle flying. — " 5 willelmi de alwentun" crest, a boar'shead; supporters, two lions. 

331. " Willelmus de Alwentun filius et heres 483. " Johannes doniini Regis primogenitus, 
" Willehni de Alwentun," — no shield ; a fleur " comes de Carrik et seneschallus Scocie," — 
de lis ornament. (afterwards Robert III.) The Royal arms, 

333. " Willelmus de Hornerden miles," — no with a label of three points, — " i iohannis pri- 
shield of arms ; a lion rampaut, — " sigitt wiHi " raogeniti roBti regis scottorum comitis de 
" de hornden" " carric senescal scotie." 

334. " Petrus de Haga dominus de Beraerside," 523. " Robertus Logane miles domuius de 
— a shield charged with three ? Lestalryg, — a shield of arms, three piles. 

349. " Willelmus Sancti Andree episcopus," 536. " Malcolmus de Galbrath dominus de 

— on the counterseal are two shields of arms ; " Grenoch," — a shield of arms ; three boars' 

the same coat, three scallop shells ? heads couped. 

383,381-. " Johannes de Grame miles domi- 582,583. " Dompmis Bernardus Bell mona- 

" nus de Abercorn," — a shield of arms ; a chief " chus de Melros ac pencionarius de Mauch- 

charged with three scallop shells, below, a boar's " lyne," — a shield of arms ; two bells ; below, 

head; round the shield, three boars' heads. a stag's head. 

397. " Dominus Robertus de Keth miles," — a 

shield of tlie well known arms of Keith, — " i r N. S63. 

'■ rotiti de keth marescalli scotie" 

422, 423. " Thomas Ranvdphi comes Moravie s In the Register House at Edinburgh are 

" et dominus Vallis Anandie et Mannie" preserved a considerable number of accounts 

most useful purpose witli sufficient skill, tliey might evcn yct give nnich of thc 
interest of accuratc history and local anecdote to that beautiful district, which is 
aiready so rich in tlie associations of poetry and romance. 

But, although it is as the great land-owner that we now regard Melros as of 
so much importance to the statistics and the history of its district, there was 
anotlier relation in which it perhaps affected the happiness of the people as 
much, and which was the source of a large part of its revenue. Like other 
Monasteries, tlie Abbey of Melros soon acquired property in parochial 
churches with their lands and tithes, which the lay Lords wjio could not re- 
tain them in tiieir own hands, granted to the Monks, sometimes simply in 
proprhs usus ', and sometimes ad susceptionem paupervm et pereg-rinortm ad 
domum de Melros venientium " ,- and aniong these cliarters are to be found many 

of the revenues and expenses of the Commen- 
dators of llelros from 1556 dowiiwards. The 
first of these, framed during the incunnbency of 
.lanies the natural son of King James V., who 
held the Abbacies of JMelros and Kelso in coni' 
mendam, presents the following abstract of the 
rental of Melros, which is certainly of higher 
authority than those of later date, which were 
mostly prepared for regiilatiiig the proportion 
payable to the Crown and the Clergy under 
the Act for the taxation of benefices — 1561. 

In forming an estiniate from this abstract, of 
the ancient reren\ieof Jlelros, it is necessary to 
take nito account the rapid progress for some 
time previous of alienations of Church lands 
for an elusory rent or price, aiid the leases of 
tilhes granted by the successive Alibots to 
friendly tenants. It appears too, that the great 
Ayrshire property of the Abbey does not enter 
iiito this or any other account that has been 


Frumenti 18 celdra, 15 boll«, l firlota, l^ 

Ordei %i c. 13 b. l^ p. 

Fariiiae avenaticae 14 c. 19 b. 1 f. 3 p. 

Avenarum 78 c. 3 f. l^ p. 

Pisanim 12 b. 

Capones 12t. 

Pultre foulis de cana 755. 

Onera glebarum 340. 

Butyri 105 petrae. 

Agni 459. 

Lanae 31 petrae (22 petrae saidd for 15 t. 8« — 
pretium petrse 14 5). 

Casei 38 petrae, 3 librse. 

Mortuaria sive herezeldae 4. 

Salis 8 celdrse. 

The fisching of the waltir and hay of the 
medois delivered to the fornising of my Lordis 
houss and his servants. 

Pecuniarum (money rents) 1577 1. 18 s. 4 i. 
made up by sales of corn, wool, &c. to 
i;2291. 12s. 5d. 

At the commencement of this year's account 
twelve brothers formed the whole convent, 
which was encreased to sixteeu monks in the 
course of the year by admittiiig iiovices — 
" takand for thair sustentatiouii all togidder 
" 275 t. 3 s. 4 i." Small fces are allowed tbr the 
OflSciaris (or bailifs) of Eildoun, Lessudden, 
Ridpeth, Threipwood, Bleinslie, East Theviot- 
daili, and Hassintoun : To the vicar pensioner 
of Cavers his pension, £\>i. 13s. 4d.; to the 
curate of the new kirk of Ettrik for his service, 
£i. 6s. 8d. : aiid to the curate pensioiier of 
Watstirker for his fee, £\G. 13s. 4d. The ac- 
count also exhibits the scale of expenses of the 
Comniendator's household, his journies, hunt- 
iiigs, iS.c-, the expenditure on fariniiig opera- 
tions, buildings of his house at Melros, the 
expense in " riding of teinds" and " poiiiding," 
numerous paymeiits to persoiis apparently 
pensioners, and perhaps old niembers of tlie 
convent or Abbey servants, and a variety of 
miiiute expences, from those " maid to JIoii- 
" sieur Dosellis foniising beiiig in Melros," 
dowii to " money to my Lord playing at the 
" cartis and dyiss, boys ryiinaiid eraiids, wyth 
" niany utheris." 

t Xo. 388. 

u N. 121, &. 

curious particulars iliustradng the twofold capaciiy of the Monks as landowners 
aiid as rectors, while facts are incidentally mentioned which throw light upon 
the circumstances of the secular as well as of the regular clergy. As land- 
owners, the Monks were always desirous of evading ihe delivery of tithes in iiind, 
which seems to have been peculiarly odious to a body of ecclesiastics capable of 
performing divine offices, and fortified with various Papal immunities. In one 
instance we find them yielding only to superior force ' ; and in other parishes in 
wliicli they had large estates, they were at length successful in estabhshing under 
the sanction of the Bishop, the King, and the Pope, a fixed composition, instead 
of a demand for tithes varying according to tlie crop, the value of the currenc}-, 
and perhaps the temper and disposition of the Rector. When they were about 
to demise to tenants the lands of Kyle given to them by the Steward, and thereby 
to give up tlieir immunity from the payment of tithe, they had the lands erected 
iiito a distinct parish of Machline, of which the Rectory vested in themselves ; 
cautiously providing, that if at any future time they should think fit to take the 
lands into their own liands, they should be freed from the burden of maintainino- 
tlie church and pensioning the vicar 2'. 

The amount of the Vicar's pension seems to have depended on circumstauces 
wliich we cannot now perhaps ascertain •. It appears to have been paid unwil- 
lingly, and in sonie cases was, with the permission of the Rector, entirely withheld. 
But if the Vicars of the richly endowed Regulars were only scantily and grudg- 
ingly maintained by their wealthy patrons, it is evident that from the earhest 
times the secular Rectors were often men of wealth and family. Some of them were 
the younger sons of great houses «, and we find in more than one instance, clergy- 
men possessed of considerable landed property ; and one instance occurs in the 
eaily part of our records, of the Parson of a parish transmitting his estate to his 
daughter, probably of a legitimate marriage *. 

Without underrating the effects of the reformation of religion, it may be safely 
said, that no revolution in politics or opinions can have produced such a chano-e 
in the structure of society as the emancipation of the Clergy from cehbacy, and 
the sudden destruction of the monastic societies. It is now difficult, perhaps 

X N. 554. a As several of the De Nornianvils in the 

reign of Alexaiider II. 
y N. 408. 

b N. 163-4-5. 
z N. 403, 407, 517, &c. 

impossible, to separate in our miiuls the overthrow of these inslitutions from the 
change of creed and opinion that incidentally, not necessarily, produced it ; and it 
is even yet rare to find the freedom from passion and prejudice necessary for 
forming a correct estimate of the good and evil arisiiig from that part of the great 
change of the Reformation. 

Tiie Friars were tlie chief objects of serious attack and lighter satire at the 
commencement of the Reformation. Tiiey have left fewer monuments by wliich 
we may judge of the juslice of the odium ; but as regards the Monks, we have 
abundant information from the records and relics they have left behind them. 
We may not be disposed to apply to Melros the exaggerated eulogium be- 
stowed by a partial historian on its venerable founder = ; but upon a fair estimate 
of the materials submitted to us, we shall find the Monks, freed as they wcre 
from domestic ties, always zealous for their order, and for the welfare of their 
territories and tenants as conducing to its prosperity ; encouraging agriculture and 
every improvement of the soil ; leading the way in an adventurous foreign trade, 
and in all arts and manufactures ; cultivating the learning of tlie time (''<■', and 
latterly enjoying and teaching to others the enjoyment of the liixuries of civilized 
life, while they exercised extensive hospitahty and charity, and preserved a 
decorum which is akin to virtue. Posterity owes them a debt, were it but for 
bequeathing us those remains of their edifices which are only more interesting 
from their decay, and for their simple and faithful chronicles. When we con- 
sider the extent of the possessions of a house like Melros, the affluence, and 
the amount of powcr and influence it brought to bear on sucli objects as these, 

e " Qui de terra inculta et sterili ^alam attempted to discourage pompous building, aiul 

"fecit et uberem. Tu quondam \JScotiii} cete- the expensive windows, and church ornaments 

" rarum mendica ferrarum, cespiie durofamem of the precious metals and jewels, which were 

" incolis ingerebas; nunc ceteris inollinr atque the favourite embellishments of the other Oi- 

"fecundior ex tua abundantia vicinarum regio- ders. The refinement of classical learning 

" num inopiam allevas. Ipse te castellis et was also discouraged among them, as well as 

" urbibus decoravit ; ipse exceLis turribus extu- the practics of tlie beautiful art of illuminat- 

" lit ; rpse portus tuos peregrinis mercibus fe- ing manuscripts. How much these distinc- 

" cundavit et uliorum rcgnorum divitias tuis tive marks of humiUty were disregarded iu 

" deliciis aggregavit ; ipse preiiosis vesiibus later times, the sumptuous piles yet remaining 

" pallia tua villosa mutavit et antiquam nudita- of Melros and Sweet-heart sufBciently tcstify. 

" tem tuam bysso et purpura texit ; ipse bar- It is to be feared the followers of St. Bernard 

" baros mores tuos Chri.stiana religione compo- were more dutiful in their neglect of classical 

"suit; ipse tibi pudicitiam conjugulem quam leamiiig, although amoiig the interesting ordi- 

" nesciebas indixit, et sacerdofes tuos liunesfiore nances prescribed for the dependant house 

" viiadonavit." — AUredi Abbatis Eulogium, § 9. of Holmcultram, the Abbot parades what must 

have been a trite conventual nroverb, — " claus- 

(cc) The Cistercians were peculiarly addict- " trum sine liferatura vivi hominis est sepul- 

ed to agriculture. It was even enji)ined by the " tura." N. 577. 
rule of ihe Order. Their great founder also 

during ages of lawlessness and rapine ; recollecting too the peculiar interest of 
its peaceful and perhaps indolent inhabitants in maintaining the quiet of the 
country and the security of property, we cannot doubt that their administration 
of their great territory and revenue, notwithstanding all abuses incident to the 
system, was more for the happiness of the people than if the possessions of thc 
Abbey had fallen at an early period into the hands of some great temporal 
proprietor. But such speculations would extend beyond our present limits. It 
only remains to point out one or two particulars connected with the public history 
of the country. 

Eustace de Vesci confirms to the Abbey all the lands in his fee of Wittun, 
which it held on the year after Alexander Prince of Scotland rendered homage 
to King John of England, on the morrow of the invention of the Holy Cross 
(4th May.) This homage was not known to our historians. It may be conjec- 
tured to have taken place on the occasion of the Prince receiving knighthood at 
the hands of John in 1212 ; but if this be the case, the date generally assigned 
to that event must be erroneous '^. 

There are few more interesting state papers than the letter of Robert the 
Bruce addressed to his son and his successors «. Not contented with the proofs 
of his piety and regard for Melros which he had ah-eady given in the munificent 
grants for the rcstoration of the building, ruined by continual wars, and for the 
personal comfort of the Monks/, the dying monarch bequeaths tohis son the care 
and protection of that favoured house where he destined his heart to be buried. 
It is remarkable that this document bears date S witliin a monlh of the King's 
death, and it follows that his request to Douglas to convey his heart to the Holy 
Land was made still nearer his end. 

We look now with scarcely less interest to a notice whicli occurs in this collec- 
tion of the first erection of the city of Glasgow. The charter of Bishop Jocelin *, 
as lord superior, confirming to IMelros the jjroperty of a toft guod Raniilfus dc 
Hadlntun cdijkavit in prima edificationc hurgi, indicates very clearly the erec- 

(1 N. 168. The chronicle of Melros gives 8 e N. 364. 

idus Martii as the date of Alexander's knight- r-^ 361-2. 

hood, but destroys its authority by adding ad -l ' 

leiare Jerusakm, which Sunday happened on g- llth May 1329. 

Ihe 4th, not the 8th March of that year. A N 43. 


tion of thc episcopal burgli, in virtue of a charter granted by King William 
tiie Lion to Bishop Jocelin iiimself'. It is well l<nown that Glasgow, 
straitened on one hand by the more important Royal burgh of Rutherglen, and 
on the other side by Dumbarton and tiie Clyde burghs cluiming a monopoly of 
tlie river trade, continued for a long time a placc of small consideration, deriving 
its only importance from the Bishop's see. Somewhat more than a century after- 
wards, we find tiie " communitas civitalis Glasguensis''' exercising the office of a 
court of inquest for the service of heirs *, and authenticating its writ with the 
seal of the community, whicli would seem to mark a certain degree of indepen- 
dent power. It was not however for more than four centuries and a half ' after 
the first charter and erection of tlie episcopal burgh, tliat the city of Glasgow 
obtained complete emancipation. The rapidity of its subsequent rise in wealth 
and splendour, and in the extent of trade and manufactures, is probably without 
any parallel. 

The incidental mention of the condition of the Abbey it.^^elf at different times, 
strongly illustrates the history of the district and the age. At one time powerful 
and prosperous, accuraulating property, procuring privileges, commanding the 
support of the most powerful, and proudly contending against the shghtest en- 
croachment ; at another, irapoverished and ruined by continual wars ™, obliged to 
seek protection from the foreign invader " ; in either situation it reflects back 
faithfully tlie political condition of the country. 

But the political events of a country of so narrow bounds and small resources 
as Scotland, are insigniiicant unless they are associated with the development of 
principles and feelings that know no limits of place or power. How rich Scot- 
land has been in sucli associations is testified by the general sympathy wliich at- 
tcnds her history and her literature, and gives a pride to her children that forms 
not the weakest safeguard of their virtue. It is in recalling freshly the raemory 
of times in which the proud and virtuous character of lier people was formed, and 
which it is their delight and tl»eir duty to look back upon, that such studies as the 
present are most useful. Every local association, every faint illustration of anti- 
([uity, each indication of the bygone manners of a simple age, are in this view to 

i Ut bur^m hubeant (episcopi) apud Glasgu l 1636. 

cum foro die Jovis, &c. Chartiil. of Glapgow, 
A. 1175-99. m X. 407, +0S. 

*■ X. 392. n N. 439, 477. 

be treasured, not only as filling a page of a meagre history, but as so many 
moral ties to bind us closer in affection to the country of our fathers ". 

o After the charter of the second Walter fitz niuniments of Melros, and is in very fine con- 

Alaii, N. 73, had been printed from a bad dition, with a good impression of the granter's 

traiiscript in the British Museum Chartulary, seal, (ihe same which is engraved on pl. VII. 

and after the Appendix had also been completed, N. 4.) It afTords two corrections of the print- 

the original charter was announced for sale in ed copy : 

a London bookseIler's catalogue, and was pur- Line 3, after niaxime, insert qVti : before in 

chased for this coUection. It bears the signa- carta, insert qda ytenta, 

ture of R. Scott, which marks all the other and the following list of witnesses : 

Hiis teftibuf • Witto capellano meo • COalcolino fit • comitif de leue- 
naus nepote meo • Jofce de mundegumeri • Rog fit clay • Wifto de 
hauekereft" • Alano Wattnfi • Vmf do de Bofco . Jofee de lindefey • 
Hug fit Sifn • fit Bertini • 1: cottis aliis • 


mf^e icuctiaug ncpote weo Jo^'^^^ numbtguwm» 


^ na4 tnc fio amtnft tna ^flmmals ^f -tntnf racr \ fef t 






^V/ itts R^T QcDtttci-OTiun^^l? \A; roft-ttv' (ne fal^- Qciftut iitr nolMloies V\?ocbal ■ 
W mc ps<JiTcc-1 5»lcntiO! cinf. bArouAv.- 1 ^irtD^^A^.I'''^ "Oiw tACUin tnci\c id 
Ititc UVat\gmw«. tnt G|c»nadMs"bo cociiW. UioicsV Vv^$b?l mj ^afciia Ip^dW nicc r rncnS .^^ '^cyaC 
qtiuUitccdto)c& ma "t ccjo Octo aiona^ni^^^iJicjilrinYiu^d^t^ctvu clcmofnw ocbunul. 'n??<^^t^i«? 'i-^ ^'^^^, 
P luramciita atclm iimw.tca tnTv |t(\iu\iTivacio tcciTA hmu l\uurAcu) •juraticfr uc^c ^l"' r,)^/f;l l^' (fg-^71 
co5aw me t^ciis\)0uj5 tnci* ^\i ntiacs cj^ Wltu mca c^ucdb paama awxocnoz? nu\ciaci>'^. ijcl^arti - 
\ cortr- tcnStr itlcp ab ttiK qiie tiabtc «W occvbcniC ptc crmc\ ^'cvwA' ntlc|idb Ri 
'^>lutn «^tiitiocaitivwMnirttc-\Utc uolo-c-ottcwo^lfci^to-cv) octaxniacwfccyra 
iim paftttia cutn (m^>} aiUaiutil "lltWrib; ftttl ^acttccxctte^tpiUhcar tiicj? 
(t^ oracae otuilas-in purattKam- tipcata clcmoitnani-^c «.ik cr \ui« U\ccc\lo2ib? 
[\zli c^ mtUt gtnuntatn h^ttr tnt t^s aut^ cutn t^tt tn^vi ^^tataa \utlUs p^ 
oftftui-^^b^uts m^wtt? m£ttwi3*^Afu\>t\Scnacvocittp"Scatn {(ncHam' 





1 Privy Seal of King Alexander III. N. 336. 

dei gra rex scott 
esto : prvdens : vt : serpens : • • • : simplex : sicvt : colvmba : 

2 Privy Seal of King Robert I. N. 876. 

*' ; *^cretvm : robti : dei : gra : regis : scott : 

3 Signet of King Robert I. N. 419-* 

signetvvci : regis roberti • 

4 Privy Seal of King David II. N. 438. 

sigill' *ecretv : dauid : dei :gra' : reg : scottOT^ 


1 Seal of Williani le 'Waleis. N. 64. 

sigitt wiHi waleysis 

* This precept is perhaps misplaceJ, and belongs to a different reign. It is difficult, 
however, to assign another place to the person to whom it is addressed. 

2 Seal of Isabel his wife. N. 64. 

frange me docebo te 

3 Seal of Robeit de Kent. N. 59- 

.sigift roberti de kent 

4 Seal of Robert de Stainthun. N. 63. 

sigift roberti filii fvberti 

5 Seal of Robert Avenel. N. 40. 

sigillvm awenel 

6 Seal of John son of Alan de Mundegumri. N. 61. 

sigiti ioteis mvndegvmri 

7 Seal of Richard Falconar or de Haulierstoun. N. 61. 

sigift ricardi falconar 

8 Seal of Nlcholas son of Roland de Merns. N. 61. 

sigillvm nicolai de mernes 


1 Seal of Robert de Brus Earl of Carric. N. 351. 

2 Seal of Marjory Countess of Carric. N. 316. 

sigillvm : margerie : comitisse: de : carric ; 

3 Seal of Robert de Brus Earl of Carric. N. 316. 

s roberti de brvs comitis de carric • 

4 Seal of Richaid de Burnai-d of Farningclun. N. 335. 

s' ricardi bvrnardi 

5 Seal of Thonias fitz Ranulph. App. N. 23. 

sigillv7« thome randM//f 
Counterseal, a geni. 

milito Julniino tego 

6 Seal of Sir Nicholas de Graham Ivnight, eldest son of Sir Henry de Grahani. 

App. N. 18. 

s' domini : nicholai : de : graha • 

7 Seal of Walran de Normanvill. N. 343. 

sigill : walr : norma.nvil 

8 Seal of Sir Nicholas de Graham icnight. App. N. 8. 

s' domini nicholai de m-am railithi 


1 Seal of Jocelin Bishop of Glasgow. N. 43, 121. 
Counlcrscal, a small antique gem. 

2 Seal of Simon Archdeacon of Glasgow. N. 152. 

sigillvro simonis glasgvensis ardiidiacoin 

3 Seal of Florence Bishop elect of Glasgow. N. 44, 125, 12(). 
Countcrseal, a small antique gem. 

4 Seal of Walter Bishop of Glasgow. N. 246. 
Counteiscal, head of Saint Kentegern. 

sigitt walteri capellani glasg • 

5 Seal of William Bishop of Glasgow. N. 274. 
Coiinterscal, Saint Kentegern ordaining. 

ora pro nobis beate kentegerne 

6 Seal of Robert Bishop of Glasgow. N. 327. 


J Seal of llobert Bishop of Glasgow. N. 403, 407. 

Counter.ical, Saint Kentegern^s recovery of the Qiieen''s ring. * 

rex : furit : hec plorat : patet : aururo : duco : sacer ; orat 

3 Privy Seal of tlie Chapter of Glasgow. N. 3S8, 389. 

3 Seal of John Bisliop of Glasgow. N. 390, 430. 

4 Seal of John Lindsay Bishop of Glasgow for causes. X. 446. 

s : iohis : dei : gra : epi : glasgueri : ad : cas : 

5 Seal of Andrew Bishop of Glasgow. N. 574. 

* See the life of Saint Kentegern in Pinkerton, chapter 36. This counterseal alone is 
affixed to N. 401. 


1 Ancient Chapter Seal of Glasgow. N. 122. 

2 Chapter Seal of Glasgow. N. 327, 387, 429. 
Counterseai., Saint Kentegern. 

kentegerne tvos benedic pater alme ministros 

3 Common Seal of the City of Glasgow. N. 392. 

sigiUum convmunitatis de Glagv 


1 Seal of Walter fitz Alan Steward of Scotland. N. 66. 

sigillvm • walteri • filii alani dapiferi reg • 
Countcrseal, an antique geni, the legend not deciphered. 

2 Seal of his son Alan fitz Walter Steward of Scotland. N. 70, 97. 

sigift • alani • filii . walteri • 

3 Seal of the same person. N. 67. 

s' alain t fi watir IJi al • senescaft • re' • sco' • 

4 Seal of his son Walter fitz Alan Steward of Scotland. N. 46, 62, 72, 74. 

5 Privy Seal of the same person. N. 142. 

*' secretuo) walteri fil' ala«« 


1 Seal of Alexander Steward of Scotland. N. 322, 325. 

2 Seal of James Steward of Scotland. App. N. 24. 


1 Seal of Peter de Curri. N. 75. 

2 Seal of Roger Burnard. N. 86. 

3 Seal of Hugh de NormanviU. N. 92. 

two small gems. sigitt hvgonis de normaiS 

4 Seal of Roger de Scalebroc. N. 34. 

5 Seal of Duncan fitz Gilbert Earl of Carric. N. 30, 32, 36. 


1 Seal of Robert Avenel. N. 140. 

2 Seal of Gervase Avenel. N. 196. 

3 Privy Seal of Roger Avenel. N. 197. 

sigiH: rogeri avenel secreti • 

4 Seal of John Avcnel. N. 204. 

5 Seal of William de Morcvill. N. 95. 

6 Seal of Richard de Morevill Constable of Scotland. N. 106, 108. 

7 Seal of Avicia de Longcastre, his wife. N. 108. 

8 Seal of William de Morevill. N. 106. 

9 Seal of Walter de Ridel. N. 167, 284, 287. 

10 Seal of Patrick de Ridel. N. 166*. 

11 Seal of Patrick de Ridel. N. 159, 283. 


1 Seal of Walter de Windlesores. N. 116. 

2 Seal of Robert de Muscamp. N. 232. 

3 Seal of Robert de Muscamp. N. 233. 

s roberti mvschavns 

4 Seal and counterseal of Eustace de Vesci. N. 1 68. 

5 Seal of Marjory de Vesci. N. 288. 

sigitt ;»argarie de vesci 

6 Seal of William de Vesci. N. 286, 289- 

7 Seal of John de Vesci. App. No. 22. 


1 Seal of John fitz Waldeve. N. 213. 

2 Seal of AVilliam de Lillesclif. N. 208. 

3 Seal of John fitz Michael de Methkil. No. 210, 215. 

4 Seal of Philip de Pethcox. No. 218. 

5 Seal of GeofFrey fitz GeofFrey. N. 268. 

sigillvm : gavfridi : de : hordene : 
Counterscal, a stag. 

benedicat nos deus 

6 Seal of Petronilla daughter of Adam Harang. N. 267. 

7 Seal of Thomas de CoUevill called Scot. N. 192, 

8 Seal of Thomas fitz Gilbert fitz Laysinge. N. 263. 

s' thome de lessedewvn 

9 Seal of Thomas D^Aunoy knight. N. 206. 

sigiH: tome de ahieto • 


1 Seal of Richard Bishop of Saint Andrews. N. 51. 

sigillvm : ricardi : dei : gracia : scottorv ; episcopi 
Counterseal, an antique gem. 

fracta : revelo : secretvm • 


1 Seal of Patrick Earl of Dunbar, who died 1231. N. 48, 77. 

2 Seal of Patrick Earl of Dunbar, his son. N. 235, 236. 

secretvm p • comitis 

3 Seal of Patrick Earl of Dunbar, iiis son, who died 1289- N. 328. 

sigift amoris 


1 Seal of Philip de Valoniis, Great Chamberlain of Scotland. N. 150. 

Seal of William fitz John. N. 152. 

3 Seal of William fitz John. N. 130. 

4 Seal of William fitz John. N. 131. 

5 Seal of Uchtred fitz Onilf. N. 149. 


1 Seal of Laurence de Abernethi. N. 421. 


2 Seal of Archibald RPDowell of Malkariston. N. 505. 

S Seal of Sir Alexander de Setun knigiit. N. 225. 

4 Seal of Tiiomas de Balliol. N. 468. 

5 Seal of Peter de Cokburne of Henrj^land. N. 549- 

6 Seal of Robert de Graham of Weilston. N. 460. 

7 Seal of Robert de Coleviile lord of Oxinham and Owchiltre. N. 405, 406. 

8 Seal of Gilbert de Maxwell lord of the half barony of Wylton. N. 475. 

9 Seal of Robert de Vere Earl of Oxford. N. 256. 

10 Seal of Robert Scot of Rankilburne. N. 548. 

11 Seal of Robert Croc. N. 295. 

12 Seal of Hugh of Spens. N. 525. 

13 Seal of John of Felton knight, lord of Houchyltre. N. 445. 

14 Seal of John GifFard lord of Yestir. N. 393, 

15 Seal of Gilbert Grerisson of Lag. N. 511. 


After the Preface. 

1. A specimen of the older Register in the Advocates Library, Jbl. 23. v. being 
the commencement of the Charter of David I. N. 1. 

2. An entry in the same Register, ^^. 35. of the Charter of William, N. 112, 
which is there printed from the original in the Cottonian collection (XVIII. 18.) 
On the margin is found a note playing on tlie name of a powerful, and it woiild 
seem, too near a neighbour of Melros : 

" Et sciendiim qiiod Wedal timc temporis non fuit Episcopi set Gilisii de Wedale, 
" cui successit WilleLmus Episcopus — mafcDJcinas quocunque modo." 

Below is the signature of J. Scott. 

At page 3. 
Engraving of the Charter of David I. N. 1. 

At page 8. 

Charter of Cospatric Earl of Dunbar. N. 6. 

At page 11. 

Charter of W. de Lindesey. N. 12. 

At page 13. 

Charter and Seal of Philip Earl of Flanders. N. 14. 

At page 37'. 
Charter of Florentius Bishop elect of Glasgow. N. 44. 

At page 67. 
Charter of Earl Waldev of Dunbar. N. 76. 

At page 76. 
Charter and Seal of Robert de Londoniis. N. 88. 

At page 215. 

Charter of King Alexander II. N. 239. 

At page 329. 
Letter of King Robert I. N. 364. 

At page 666. 
Charter of King Alexander II. Appendix N. 2. 


T A B U L A. 

REGE DAVID. 1124 — 1153. 

1. Carta Regis de terris de Melros, Eldune et Deniewic, cum pastuiis et pis 

caturis. Orig. 

2. Confirmatio Comitis Henrici, Regist. vetust. 

REGE MALCOLMO IV. 1153—1165. 

3. Confirmatio Regis de terris quas dedit Rex David, cuni piscaturis de Seles- 
chirche et Berwiclistrem. Regist. vetiist- 

4. CartaWalteri dapiferi de iv carrucatis terre inEdmundistun. Regist. recent. 

5. Confirmatio Herberti episcopi Glasguensis de decimis de Eskedale. Orig. 

6. Carta Cospatricii comitis de Dunbar de terris de Hertesheued et Spot. Orig. 

7. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. recenf. 

8. Confirmatio Regis de Hertesheued et Edmundistun. Orig. 

9. Carta Osulfi filii Uctredi de terra de Ringwude. Regist. vetusf. 

10. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. rcccnt. 

11. Carta Regis de piscatura de Selchirciie et Berwicstrem. Regisf. recent. 
13. Carta W. de Lindeseia de Fauope juxta Ledre. Orig. 

REGE WILLELMO. 1165 — 1214. 

lii. Confinnatio Regis de terris et libertatibus. Ori^. i/i Bibl. Cottoii. 

14. Carta Philippi Comitis Flandrie de libero transilu perterram suani. Orig. 

15. Confirmatio Lucii III. Pape. Regist. i-ecent. 

16. Carta Regis de inderanitate ordinis Cisterciensis. Regist. velttst. 

17. Privilegnum Regis quod fratres monasterii de Welros sint quieti de tlieloneo 
et consuetudinibus de mercatis. Regist. recent. 

18. Privilegium Regis de latrocinio prosequendo in Galweia. Regist. recent. 


19. Carta Walteri dapiferi de uno tofto cum x.k acris. Regist. rcccnt. 

20. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. recent. 

21. Carta David marescalli Regis data Wilielmo Lunnoc de piscariis. Orig. 

22. Carta Ricardi mare.scalli de eisdem. Rcgist. iccent. 

23. Carta Regis de domo et terra et servicio Willelmi Lunnoc. Regist. recent. 

24. Carta Regis de eisdem. Regist. recent. 

25. Carta Regis de domo et tofto. Regist. recent. 

26. Carta Moysis arbelestarii de x acris terre. Regist. recent. 

27. Testimonium de quieta clamatione Elvine vidue de domibus et terra super 
Nessum Regist. recent. 

28. Cai-ta Grim, de tofto. Orig. 


29. Carta Dunecaiii filii Gilberti filii Fergus, de Moybothilbeg et Bethoc. Orig. 

30. Carta ejusdem de eisdem terris. Orig. 

31. Carta Rogeri de Scalebroc, de Drumeceisviene, Alesburc et Auchnephur. 

32. Confirmatio Dunecani filii Gilberti comitis de Carric. Orig. 

33. Confirmatio Henrici filii Turst'' et Marie uxoris ejus, filie Rogeri de Scale- 
broc. Begist. vetust. et lotul. 

3i. Carta Rogeri de Scalcbroc de piscatura in ostio de Don et salina et terra in 
territorio de Grenan. Oiig. 

35. Confirniatio Dunecani. Rc^ist. veiuAt. 

36. Confirmatio lladerie IMacGillescop et Cristiane ejus sponse, filie R. de Scale- 
broc. 0/7^'. 

37. Carta Dunccani de Carric de duabus salinis in feodo de Tornebiri. Regist. 
vclusl. et rotul. 


38. Confirmatio Regis de terris de Thumlocher et AVeitkerroc quas dedit Robertus 
Avenel. Reglst. vetxist. 

39. Carta Roberti Avenel de eisdem. Orig. 

40. Quieta clamatio reditus a Roberto Avenel et Gervasio ejus herede. Orig. 

41. Carta Gervasii Avenel. Orig. 
4S. Confirmatio Regis. Oiig. 


43. Confirmatio Jocelini episcopi, de tofto in burgo. Orig. 

44. Carta Florentii electi, de eodem. Oiig. 

45. Carta Walteri episcopi, de eodem. Orig. 


46. [Edmuxdiston.] Confirmatio Walteri dapiferi de iv carrucatis terre con- 
cessis ab avo suo. Orig. 

47. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

48. Carta Patricii comitis de Dunbar de carrucata terre. Orig. 

49. Carta Eve vidue Roberti de Quinci de v acris terre. Regist. recent. 

50. Compositio inter Meh-os et ecclesiara de Dunbar de decimis grangiaruiii. 
Regist. rccent. 

51. Confirmatio Ricardi cpiscopi Sanctiandree. Orig. 

52. Confirmatio Archidiaconi et cleri Laudoniensis. Orig. 

53. [Hertisiieued.] Confirmatio Regis, de Hertesheued et Spot. Orig. 
54 Cbirographum de divisis inter Steintun et grangiam. Orig. 

55. Confirmatio Walleui comitis de Dunbar, de Hertesheued et Spot. RcgUt. 

56. Confirniatio Patricii comitis de Dunbar. Regist. recent. 

57. Confirmatio Regis, de donationibiis avi et patris Comitis Patricii et ip.siiis 
Comitis Patricii. Orig. 

58. [Spot.] Carta Patricii de Withichum, de terra de Lochaueshalech. Orig. 

59. [Innerwic.] Carta Roberti de Kent de terra et pastura, cum seipso. Orii^. 
CO. Carta Rogeri filii Glaii de quadam terra. Orig. 

(51. Carta quinque militum Walteri dapiferi de eadem terra cum pastura. Orig. 
()2. Confirmatio Walteri dapiferi Regis. Orig. 

63. [Staintun.] Carta Roberti de Steintun de v acris cum pastura de Elwal- 
descalesloningge. Orig. 

64. Carta Willelmi Walensis de terra per divisas. Orig. 

65. [Peeston.] Carta Rollandi filii Uctredi, de salina. Reglst. rccent. 


66. [Machelin.] Carta Walteri dapiferi. Orig. 
(37. Carta Alani filii dapiferi. Orig. 

68. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

69. Carta Ricardi Walensis de Barmore et Godenech. Orig. 

70. Confirmatio Alani dapiferi. Orig. 

71. Carta Ricardi Walensis. Regist. recent. 

72. Confirmatio Walteri dapiferi de Machelin et de Barmore et Godenech. Orig. 

73. Confirraatio Walteri Senescalli cum declaratione quorundam articulorum. 
Regist. recent. 

72*. Confirmatio Walteri dapiferi de eisdcm terris et de divisis. Orig. 
73*. Carta Walteri dapiferi de relaxatione annui reditus. Orig. 

74. Carta Walteri dapiferi de foresta de Are. Orig. 

15. Carta Petri de Curri de ten-is de Dalhengan et Bargouei-. Orig. 


76. Carta Waldeui comitis de Dunbar de pastura. Orig. 

77. Carta Patricii comitis de Dunbar de li acris terre. Orig. 


78. Carta Regis de tofto in burgo. Oris;. in Bibl. Colton. 


79. Carta Alani coii3tal)ularii Scotie, de Alwentchawis. Regist. reccnt. 


80. Carta Walteri senescalli de tcrra cum pastura in Auldenestun data hospitali 
de Auldenesfun. Regist. recent. 

8L Carta ejusdein, de eadem terra data monasterio de INIelros. Orig:. 


"" 82. Carta Elene de ^loreuilla, de Harhope. Regist. vctiist. 
83. Confirmatio Alani de Gahvythia. Regist. vetust. 
84'. Carta ejusdem, (Constabularii Scotie) de eadem. Regist. vctust. 

85. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. vetusf. 


86. [Fakingdun.] Carta Rogeri Burnard, de bovata terrc. Orig. 

87. Carta ej usdem, de petaria. Orig. ' 

88. [Lessedwine.] Carta Roberti de Londoniis, de carrucata terre. Orig. 

89. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

90. [Maccustun.] Carta Roberti de Berkelei, de carrucata de Morhus. Rc- 
gist. vetust. 

91. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

92. Carta Hugonis de Normanvill, de Kelvesete et.Faulawe. Orig. 

93. [Wedale.] Carta Regis de terra in Bleineslei. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton. 

94. Carta Ricardi de Morevill constabularii, de Ubertate arandi terram ck' 
Bleneslei. Orig. 

^o. Carta Willelmi de IMorevill de eadem. Orig. 

96. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

97. Carta Alani dapiferi, de quieta clamatione de Bleneslei. Orig. 

98. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

99. Carta Willehni de Morvill constabularii, de terra juxta Milcheside. Ori^. 

100. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. recent. 

101. De concordia inter Meh'os et Patricium comitem de Dunbar focta in presen- 
tia Rcgis. Orig. 

102. Conventio cum Comite de Dunbar de pastura foreste. Orig. 

103. Coiifirmatio Regis. Or/ff. 

104. Carta comitis Patricii de Dunbar, de Sorwelesfeld. Orig. 

105. Confirmatio Regis. Rcg'ist. reccnt. 

106. Carta Ricardi de Morauiila constabularii, de loco in Witelei infra margi- 
nem foreste ad vaccariam seu berchariam. Orig. 

107. Carta ejusdem de vaccaria apud Buchelm. Orig. 

lOS. Carta ejusdem de capella Sancte Marie de Parco cum terris. Orig. 

109. Confirmatio Willehni constabularii, de eisdem. Rcghst. recent. 

110. Carta Ricardi de Morevill de terra ultra Leder. Regist. recent. 

111. Confirmalio Regis de compositione inter Melros et Ricardum de Morevill 
de foresta inter Galhe et Ledre. Orig. 

112.' Perambulatio Regis inter Meh-os et homines de Wedale. Orig. in Bibl. 


113. [Cliftun.] Carta Roberti Corbet de quadam parte terre per divisas. Orig. 

114. Carta Walteri Corbet de altera parte per divisas. Orig. 

115. Confirmatio Regis. Rcgist. rccent. 

116. Carta Walteri de Wildleshoueres de terra per divisas. Orig. 

117. Confirmatio Regis. Oiig. 

118. [Geubiieved.] Conventio inter IMelros et Huctredum de Grubheved, 
de Halkahs cum pcrambulatione. Orig. 

119- Carta Huctredi de Grubheved de terra de Elstaneshalche. Orig. 

120. [Harecaeees.] Carta comitis Patricii de Dunbar de 2^ acris terre. Orig. 

121. [Hastenesden.J Carta Jocelini episcopi Glasguensis, de ecclesia. Orig. 

122. Confirmatio capituli Glasguensis. Orig. 

123. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

124. Confirmatio Celestini III. Pape. Rcgist. vetust. 

125. Confirmatio Florentii episcopi electi Glasguensis. Orig. 

126. Confirmalio ejusdem ahera. Orig. 

127. [Hdnum.] Carta Joannis filii Orm. Orig. 

128. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. reccnt. 

129. Compositio cum persona de Hunum de decimis. Orig. 

130. Confirmatio Willelmi fihi Johannis de donatione patris. Orig. 

131. Carta Willehiii de Hunum, de Rasauwe. Orig. 

132. Confiniiatio Regis. Reglst. rcccnf. 

133. Conventio inter IMclros ct Willieimura militem tle Iluniim. Orig. 
184. [MoLLE.] Carta Anselmi de Wittune de petaria. Oj-ig: 

135. Carta ejusdem de terra per divisas cum petaria. Orig. 

136. Confirmatio Ricardi de Lincolnia. Orig. 

137. Carta cjusdem Anselmi de terra per divisas. Orig. 
1.38. Confirmatio Rcgis. Rcgist. reccnt. 

139. Carta Symonis de Lyndesei, de Hungerigg et Holemede data Helene ejus 
filie. Orig. 

140. Confirmatio Symonis ^Mauleuercr et Gilibcrti Avenel. Orig. 

141. Carta Symonis de Lyndesei, de terra juxta Erdeburisburne data Patricio 
homini suo. Orig. 

142. Carta Walteri Senescalli de terra de Molle in escambium pro terra de 
Freretun. Orig. 

143. Quieta clamatio abbatis et conventus de Kelkou. Orig. 

144. Carta Walteri Senescalli de tota terra de Molle. Orig. 

145. [Pkexvexsete.] Conventio inter Melros et Kalchou de divisis, ubi con- 
ceditur terra de Prenwennessete. Orig. 

146. Carta conventus de Kalchou, de eadem terra. Regist. vetust. 

147. Confirmatio Gaufridi Ridel. Regist. vetust. 

148. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. vetust. 

149. [RiXGWuDE.] Carta Uctredi filii Osulfi. Orig. 

150. Confirmatio Philippi de Valoniis camerarii. Orig. 

151. Confirmatio Regis. Oj-ig. 

152. [WiTTaN.] Carta Roberti de Bernaldebi, de Ravenesfen. Orig. 
158. Confirmatio Patricii de Ridal. Orig. 

154. Carta Roberti de Bernaldebi dc quadara terra per divisas. Regist. vetust. 

155. Confirraatio Patricii de Ridal. Orig. 

156. Carta Gaufridi filii Walleui, de iii bovatis terre in teneraento desuper 
Ravenesfen. Orig. 

157. Confirmatio Patricii de Ridale. Orig. 

158. Carta Gaufridi filii AVallevi de iiii bovatis terre in tenemento desuper 
Ravenesfen. Orig. 

159- Confirmatio Patricii de Ridale. Orig. 


160. Carta Gaufridi filii Wallevi de xiii acris in tenemento desuper Ravenesfen. 
Regist. vctust. 

161. Carta Gaufridi coci de ten-a ad Hordlau data hospitali Hierosolume. Orig. 

162. Confirmatio Patricii de Ridale. Orig. 

163. Carta Ysabeluxoris Willelmi de Ridale, de terra ad Hordlau. Orig. 

164. Confirmatio Willelmi de Ridale. Regist. vetust. 

165. Confirmatio Walteri de Ridale. Rcgist. vetust. 

166. Confirmatio Patricii de Ridale. Regist. vetust. 
166*. Carta Patricii de Ridale de terra per divisas. Orig. 

167. Confirmatio Walteri de Ridale. Orig. 

168. Confirraatio Eustachii de Vesci. Regist. receut. 

169. Confirmatio Roberti de Brus. Orig. 

170. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

171. [Renpatrik.] Confirmatio Regis de piscaria quam dedit Willehnus de 
Brus. Regist. recent. 

172. [Kaeleoi,.] Carta Henrici de Bradfoth et Sigberith ejus sponse de managio 
in Karleolo. Orig. 

REGE ALEXANDRO II. 1214 — 1249. 


173. Confirmatio Regis de terris et hbertatibus. Regisf. recent. 

174. Confirmatio Regis de omnibus terris monasterii. Orig. 

175. Privileglum Regis de causis prosequendis et pugnatore inveniendo. Orig. 
In Bibl. Cotton. 

176. Privilegium Regis de indemnitate a toloneo. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton. 


177. Carta Regis de piscaria unius retis in Berwicstrem, data Radulpho de 
Hauuil, falconario. Regist. recent. 

178. Carta Roberti de Bernam, de piscaria. Orig. 

179. Confirmatio David episcopi Sanctiandree. Regist. recent, 

180. Carta Willielmi de Morthiugton, de terra in Briggate. Begist. recent. 

"181. Carta Ade le Vilui"e de terra super Nesse. Ilegist. recent. 
1S2. Carta Petri presbiteri, de terra in Snoco ct terra juxta stagnum vivarii. 
Regisl. recent. 

183. Confirmatio Rcgis. Rcgtst. recent. 


184. [MoYBOTHiL.] Carta Regis confirmans cartam Dunecani filii Gilberti. 

185. Confirmatio rcgia donationis Rogeri de Scalebroc. Orig. 

186. Compositio inter Mekos et ecclesiam de Moybotliil, de decimis. Orig. 

187. Confirmatio Papalis. Regist. recent. 

188. Petitio Duncani comitis de Carric de constituendo Episcopo fidejussore. 
Rrgist. velust. 

189. Relaxatio trium marcarum, de terris de Betlioc et Auchnefure, per eundem 
comitem. Oi'ig. 

190. Quieta clamatio Gillescopewyn Mackenedi senescalli de Carric. Regist. 

191. Quieta clamatio Walteri Ciiampenais. Orig. 

192. [Almelidfn.] Carta Thome de Colevilla, cognomento Scot, de Keresban. 

193. Carta Thome de Colevilla de Keresban. Orig 
19-i. Confirmatio Willielmi de Colevilla. Orig. 

19-5. Conventio inter monasteria de Melros et de Valle Dei. Orig. 


196. [EsKED.\LE.] Confirmatio Gervasii Avenel, de Tumlouher et Watker- 

roch. Orig. 

197- Confirmatio Rogeri Avenel. Orig. 

198. Compositio inter Melros ct Rogerum Avenel in colloquio coram Rege et 
baronibus. Orig. 

199. [DuNscoR.] Carta AfFrice filie Edgari. Orig 

200. Carta ejusdem cum divisis. 0>-ig. 

201. Carta ejusdem. Orig. 

202. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton 

203. Carta Rcgis, de lacu. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton. 

204. [ToRTHORALD.] Carta Joliannis Avenel, de dimidia carucata tcrre. Orig. 

205. [Becnschaith, Achincrepe et Dergaval.] Carta Regis concessa 
Thome de Alneto. Rcgist. vetust. 

206. Carta Thome de Alneto. Orig. 

207- Confirmatio Regis. Orig. in Bihl. Cutton. 


208. Carta Willelmi de Lillesclif de duobus toftis in burgo. Orig. 

209. [Panschelis.] Carta Johannis filii Michaelis de terra per divisas, data 
monasterio de May. Regist. recent. 

210. Cai'ta ejusdem data monasterio de Melros. Orig. 

211. Carta ejusdeni. Orig. 

212. Confirmatio Patricii comitis de Dunbar. Orig. 

213. Confirmatio Johannis fihi Waldeui. Orig. 

214. Carta Joannis filii Michaelis, de terra in Fastenei data Mauricio homini 
suo. Regist. recent. 

215. Carta ejusdem concessa raonasterio de Melros. Orig. 

216. Carta Johannis de Norberwic de terra de Kingissete. Regist. recent- 

217. Carta Henrici de Beletun de terra de Kingissete. Orig. 

218. [Pethcox.] Carta Philippi de Pethcox, de Beleside. Orig. 

219. Confirmatio Philippi filii PhiUppi de Pethcox. Orig. 

220. Carta Philippi de Pethcox de satisfaciendo pro Beleside. Orig. 

221. Carta ejusdem de translatione rivuli de Presmuneburne. Orig. 

222. Carta Philippi filii Philippi de Petcox de parte prati. Regist. recent. 

223. [RucHELAU.] Carta Alexandri de Setun militis. Orig. 


224. Quieta clamatio Ricardi Walensis militis, de duabus marcis pro terris de 
Godeney et Barmor. Orig. 

225. Carta venditionis decimarum de Barmor. Orig. 

226. Compositio inter Melros et rectorem de Balinclog de decirais. Orlg. 


227. Carta Alani constabularii de toto vasto de Lambermor in escambiimi pro 
Keresban. Orig. 



228. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. recent. 


229. Confirmatio Rcgia donationis Alani constabularii. Regist. receni. 

230. Carta Patricii comitis de Dunbar de venditione equicii et de pastura. Orig. 
23L Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 


232. [Halsixgtox.] Carta Roberti de Muscampo facta Willelrao de Grenlaw. 

233. Carta ejusdem data eidem. Orig. 

234. Carta Willelmi de Grenlaw de tribus carrucatis terre. Orig. 

235. Coufirmatio Patricii comitis de Dunbar. Orig. 

236. Confirmatio ejusdem cum warantia. Orig. 

237. Confirmauo Regis. On'g. 


238. Carta Willelmi Purveys de libero transitu per terram de Mospennoc. Orig. 


239. Confirmatio Regis de dimidia carrucata in Edinham et duobus burgagiis in 
Kingestrete de Rolvesburc. Orig. 

240. [Farningdun.] Confirmatio Regia donationis Rogeri Burnard. Regist. 

241 . Confirmatio Regis de petaria. Regist. vetust. 

242. [Malcahvistun.] Carta Nicholai Corbet de piscariis. Regist. recent. 

243. Confirmatio Regis. Regist. recent. 

244. [Makustun.] Carta Johannis de Normanuill, de terra per divisas. Orig. 

245. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

246. Compositio inter Melros et ecclesiam baptismalem, de decimis. Orig.' 

247. Confirmatio Papalis. Regist. recent. 

248. Confirmatio Regia donationis Johannis de Normanvill.. Orig. 

249. Carta Johannis de Normanvill de terra perambulata. Orig. 

250. Carta ejusdem de terra per divisas. Regist. vetust. 

251. Carta ejusdem de quatuor acris terre et dimidia. Orig. 

252. Confirmatio Joannis de Normanvill de Morhus per divisas. Orig: 

253. Quieta clamatio Johannis filii Philippi de Mackeston. 07-ig: 

254. Confirmatio Regis de Morlius cum pastura. Reglst. vctust. 

255. [RoKESBUKC vETus.] ConfirmatioRegis de piscaria. Orig. in Museo Brit. 

256. Carta Roberti de Vere comiiis Oxonie, de quatuor acris terre. Orig. 

257. [Wedale.] Carta Regis, de terris inter Galwe et Ledyr et de terrls ex 
australi parte de Twede. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton. 

258. Carta ejusdem, de eisdem terris deforestatis, cum prohibitione venandi sine 
licentia conventus. Orig. in Bihl. Cotton. 

259- Confirmatio Regis de quieta clamatione comitis de Dunbar. Regist. reccnt. 

260. [Ylifistun.] Carta Johannis fihi Yhf, de bovata tcrre et acra prati con- 
cessa Magisti-o Ade de Baggat. Orig. 

261. Confirmatio Avicie filie Johannis de terra quam cjus pater dedit nionasterio. 

262. Confirmatio Agnetis fiUe Johannis. Orig. 

263. Carta Thome filii Gilleberti de decem acris terre in feodifirma. Orig. 


264. Carta Regis, de vasto de Ethric per divisas. Regist. vetust. 

265. Carta Regis de Ethric, in hberam forestam. Orig. 

266. Carta Rcgis de piscaria de Selechirk. Orig. 


267. Carta Petronille filie Ade Harang de terra in Bortwick. Orig. 

268. [Cliftun.] Carta Gaufridi filii Gaufridi de terra per divisas. Orig. 

269. Quieta clamatio Rogeri Lardenarii. Orig. 

270. [Hastenden.] Confirmatio Regis de ecclesia. Regist. vetust. 

271. Confirmatlo Honorii III. Pape. Regist. vetust. 

272. Confirmatio Walteri episcopi Glasguensis. Regist. recent. 

-273. Carta Cristine filie Willelmi de Cresswell concessa Hugoni braciatori. Orig. 

274. [HuNUM.] Conventio inter Meh-os et Jeddewrd de ecclesia et decimis. Orig. 

275. Carta Wilehiii de Laundelis de Brunecnolleflat. Orig. 

276. Confii matio Johannls de Laundelis. Orig. 

277. Carta Willelmi filii Johannis de terra de Rasawe. Orig. 

278. Confirmatio Reois. Res-ist. vetust. 

279- Confirmatio Joliannis de Laundelis de Rasawes. Orig: 

280. Renunciatio Alexandri de Cliathou, et provisio de divisis. Orig. 

281. Compositio inter Melros et ecclesiam de Hunum de decimis de Raschawe. 

282. [LiLLESCLivE.] Resignatio Matildis Corhet de terra per divisas, cum pas- 
tura. Orig. 

283. Carta Patricii dc Ridale, de eisdcm. Orig. 

284. Confirmatio Walteri de Ridale. Orig. 

285. Confirmatio ]\Iargerie de Vesci. Orig. 
28C. Confirmatio Willelml dc Vcsci. Orig. 

287. Carta Waltcri de Ridalc de tcrra quam Matildis Corbet tenuit in duarium. 

288. Confirmatio IMargerie de Vesci. Orig. 

289- Confirniatio Willelmi de Vesci de undecim bovatis terre quas Walterus de 
Ridale contulit. Orig. 

290. Carta Ade filie Ade de Dunelmo de Thodholeside et Standestanerig. Orig. 

291. Confirmatio Willelmi de Ridale. Orig. 

292. [MoLLE.] Venditio de Hungerig et Holemede ab Ada de Hetune. Orig. 

293. Renunciatio Ade de Hetun. Orig. 

294. Confirmatio ct Renunciatio Ricardi de Hetun. Orig. 

295. Carta Isabel vidue Roberti de Folloc de Hungerig data Simoni de Lindesey. 

296. Confirmatio Willelmi de Vesci de tota terra quam de eo tenuit Walterus 
filius Alani. Orig. 

297. Quieta clamatio a monacliis de Calchou de iMoIle et Innerwic, data Waltero 
Senescallo. Orig. 

298. Testimonium Willelmi episcopi Glasguensis de eadem quieta clamatione 
Regist. reccnt. 

299. Carta Regis de foresta. Orig. in Bibl. Collon. 

300. [WiTTUN.] Carta Patricii de Ridale de Rauenesfen. Orig. 

301. Confirmatio Roberti de Lundon de terra in Lekehalu data a patre suo. Orig. 

302. Carta Nes filii Nes de Walentun de decem acris in Lyveringham. Orig. 

303. Carta Walteri de Kilnum de octo acris in Kilnum cum pastura. Rcgist. 

304. Carta Thome de Kihium cum divisis. Begist. recent. 



305. [Teolhope.] Carta Roberti de Muscampo de terra in territorio de Heth- 
pol per divisas. Regist. recent. 

306. Carta ejusdem de testibus scriptis in carta. Regist. recent. 
307- Carta ejusdem de libertatibus monachorum. Regist. recent. 

308. Compositio inter Melros et Kirkeham de decimis de Trolhope. Regist. recent. 

REGE ALEXANDRO III. 1249 — 1285. 


309. Carta Regis de hbero passagio per patriam. Orig. 

310. Confirmatio Regia omnium cartarum libertatum et jurium. Orig. 

311. Protectio Regia. Orig. 


312. Carta Nicholai textoris de terra in Briggatli. Orig 

313. Carta ejusdem. Regist. recent. 

314. Quietaclamatio ejusdem. Orig. 

31.5. Quietaclamatio Radulphi de Echelyne. Regist. recent. 


316. Privilegium Roberti de Brus comitis et Margirie comitisse de Carric. Orig. 


317. [Bruxscayt.] Compositio inter Melros et vicarium de Dunfres de decimis. 

318. Renunciatio Walteri de Welham de quadam particula terre. Orig. 

319. [NiTHisDALE.] Carta Joannis Cumyn militis de transitu per terram suam. 
Regist. vetiist. 

320. Compositio inter Melros et Dercongal de decimis de Dunscor. Begist. 

321. Compositio altera de eisdem. Orig. 



322. Carta Alexandri Senescalli dc terris et pasturis de Mauhclin et 
Carentabel. Oriff. 

323. Confirmatio Regis. Orig: in Musco Brit. 
324'. Carta Regis de foresta. Orig. 

325. Carta Alexandri Senescalli de libertatibus de Kyle Orig. 

326. Coiifirmatio Rcgis. Orig. in Bibl. Cotton. 

327. Conventio inter Torpiiechin et Reginaldum le Clieyn niilitem, de jure pa- 
tronatus ecclesie de Howiltre. Orig. 


328. Confirmatio comitls Patricii de Dunbar, super venditionem equjcii patris sui 
et de communa. Orig. 


329. Confirmatio Patricii Corbet de terra de Hardlau et Hunggerig cum divisis. 
Regist. recent. 

330. Carta Willebni de Alwentun, de tcrra in territorio de Halsingtun. Orig. 

331. Confirmatio Willelmi filii Willelmi de Alwentun. Orig. 

332. Compositio inter Melros et conventum de Eccles de decimis feni de 
Pithlishouh. Orig. 

333. Carta Willehni de Hornerden militis, de Milnecroft per divisas. Orig. 


334. Carta Petri de Haga domini de Bemerside de dimidia petra cere ad capel- 
lam Sancti Cuthberti de veteri IMelros. Orig. 

335. Carta venditionis Ricardi Burnard domini de Famingdun, de Estmedou de 
Farningdun. Orig. 

336. Confirmatio Regis. Orig. 

337. Cai-ta Nicholai Corbet militis de piscariis de Malcarvistun et hbertate pis- 
candi. Orig. 

338. [Maxtcs.] Carta Johannis de NormanviU concessa Wah-ano ejus fratri. 
Regist. vetust. 

339. Carta Walranni de Normanvill concessa Wydoni ejus fratri. Regisl. 


340. Carta Guidonis de Normanvill concessa domino Thome de Normanvill ejus 
fratri in excambium pro terra in Angus. Regist. rccent. 

341. Carta Thome de Normanvill concessa monasterio. Regist. recent. 

342. Confirmatio Wydonis de Normanvill. Orig. 

343. Confirmatio cjusdem secunda et efficax. Orig. 

344. Confirmatio Wnlrani de Normanvill militis. Regist. vetust. 


345. [MoLLE.] Carta Johannis de Vescy, de Altunburne data Willolmo de 
Sproueston capellano. Regisl. rccent. 

346. Carta ejusdem facta eidem cum libera foresta. Regist. raent. 

347. Confirmatio ejusdem de donatione Willelmi de Sprouistoun. Orig. 

1285 — 1306. 


348. Carta Johannis Senescalli de duabus libris cerc, ad lumen Sancti Waldevi 
Abbatis. Orig. 

349. Transumptum BuUe Bonifacii VIII. de privilegiis ordinis Cisterciensis. 


350. Quietaclamatio Thome de Sumervil militls, de annuo redditu pro tofto 
infra villam. Regist. recent. 


351. Privilegium Comitis, de non capiendo seruicio forinseco de tenis de Mehos 
nisi cum communis exercitus regni levatur. Orig. 


352. Corapositio inter Meh-os et ecclesiam de Wathstirkir de decimis. Orig. 


353. Instrumentum super reformationc, pacis intcr IMclro? ct rcctorem ecclcsie 
de Dunbar, de decimis. Orig. 


351. Obligatio Wilclmi de Durem militis de warantia burgagii. Orig. 

355. Confirmatio Symonis Fraser, de Soutlikingdoris, cum capella dc Kingildoris 
et terra de Hopcartlianc quas contulit pater suus. Regist. recent. 

356. Carta ejusdem, de libero transitu per terrara suam de Hoprcw. Regist. recent. 


357. Carta Roberti de Wodford de terra de Wodfordhouse in territorio de 
Lessydwyn. Orig. 


358. Conventio inter Melros et Kclkou de decjmis dc Molle. Orig. 




*5 «^ . 

"^ .i V* ^ v "^ 


^'- i - '. s ^ " i^ ./3 'r ^ s^ ^ ^' i 'jl\^ 

_1 ;*^v''f4 

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B 5 '§■"<£- lM-a^ 



■^ *-^ 

-^, I iS ^>^ 




Carta dd regif d a%ia • 

De fb^ grangiis • Eldune • Dernewic • Galtunefide • 

D dei gfa Rex fcottoT^ Epis • Afebib^ • Comitib^ • Baronib^ • t pbif 
hoib^ fuif • 1 Oib^ fidelib^ fuif toti^ regni fui • franc. 1; Anglic • 1 Scottis • 
T; Galwenfib^ ? fat • Sciatif me p aia ma t aiab^ prif "t matT mee • "T: 
f f is mei ^Edgari • t alioT^ f f m 't Soro'^ meai^ t vxorif mee INIatild • 
't etia p aia HenRici filij mei t hedif <• 1: AriceflbT? t SucceflbT^ meoT^ 
Conceflifle 1 dediflTe do t Sancte cnaRie de roelp • T: foonachis ibide do 
feruientibj de Rieuaft Annuente T; Concedente Henp: • filio mo t 
hede 1 p carta fua confirmante • in ppetua Elemofina • tota fcii rram 
de ClQel^: . 1 tota rram de Eldune • t tota r ram de Demewic • p rmi- 
nof T; Eectas diuifaf fuaf^in Bofco 1 plano • in p^^tif t Aquif^ in 
pafl;urif 1: morif • in uiif 't femitif^ t in oib^ aliif reb^ libaf 't q^etaf • t 
Solutaf ab oi rreno feruitio 't exactioe fctari • ppetuo tenore poflid'e • 
Infup au fciatif m.e dedifl"e ^dictif monach t hac ma Carta Confir- 
mafle in rra mea^'^ in forefl;if meif • fcit de Selefchirche^'^ de Traueq^^ir 
oia aifiaihta fua • pailuram fcit • ad Aueria fua • t Hgna • t coatiem • 't 


pafnagiu • 'ubiq^ ad fuof pp^of ufuf fic ego ipfe meli^ habeo ad op? 
meu • t nominatl inr Galche t leder • Prerea in aqYde Thveda infra 
rminof eoT; pifcatura • tam ex mea jiarte fluminif q^^m ex eoT; parte 
ubiq^ • Preter u° oinia fup^^dicta dedi t confirmaui eif ad incrementu 
Galtuneflaalech • t tota terra t bofcum de Galtuneflide ficut ego ipfe 
•^ Henric'' filiuf meuf-t Abbas Ricard^ eiufdem ecctie |5iuim5' 1; 
circuiuim? die VeSif Crafl:ino Afcenfionif dni • Anno fcit fcdo quo 
Stephs Rex Anglie capt^ efl; • Teftibj ad hoc prefenf donu • Johe 
epo • Wifto nepote regif • Hug de Cl)oreuitt • W iit de Surauift» 
Henrico filio Svvain • Geruafio Ridel • Volo itaq^ ut ipfi omf haf 
^dictaf t^raf 1; Ref fuaf . ita Mbe 1 quiete teneant-T; poflTideant • fic 
aliqua Elemofina libiuf t quieti" • ppetuo tenore teni potefl; t poflid^i • 
Tefl:e Hena . fiUo meo • Jofte epo . Wiflo nepote mo • Wiito canceti . 
Madd" com . Robto de HumfrauiH: . Hug de rooreuiH: . WalPo filio 
Alani . Hug Briton • Ofbto de Ardene • Geruafio Ridel • WiH: de 
SuiSuifl • Ricardo Gernun • Ric Anglico • WiHo de lindef" . Afcelino 
archid" . Jordane ctico . Eftmudo Elemofinario . Prerea hoTef de eade 
?ra . Gofpafc com • Vlfchillo fiUo Etlieftan • Ofolfo filio Hucta . CDacc^» 
fili^ Vndwain • Huctredo fiho Sioth • HuctRcdo filio Gofpafc • Orm 
filio Eilaf • Eilaf fit Gofpaf c • Edufo filio Norm • Ofolfo fiUo Ediue . 
Ofolfo filio Elfftan • Robto bruf coefchin • Rad^ • fiUo Turftain • 
Rogero nepote epifcopi • Apud ERcheldoN In luNio • 

Confirmaco comitif Henrici fup abbia de CV)elrof 

Henricuf fiUus dauid Regif fcott . omnibuf epif . abbibuf . coni • 
p&b, • 't omnib^ pbis hominib^ • franc • ^ angt . toci? regni fcoc 
satt • Sciatif me p anima mea 1 p animab^ patT^t iiirif mee «T; auun- 
cli mei edgari • t uxoris mee ade • "t filioi/ meoT/ • t omnium anteceflb- 


rum meoriimT;fiicceflbriim meoriim-dedifre'thac mea carta confirmafTe 
do 1 eccKe fce marie de Ct)elrof 1; monachif ibidem deo suientib^ de 
uieuati: t fuif fuccefforib^ in puram 1 ppetuam elemofinam totam 
donac6nem regif • Dd • prif mei • fcitt totam rram de Cpelrof • 't totain 
Pram de eldun • "t totam tram de dernewic • p rminof 1; p omf rectaf 
diuifaf fuaf • in bofco • in plano • in p^^tif • ^ aquif • in pafturif 1; morif • 
in uiif t femitif • 't in omnibuf aliif reb^ lifeaf quietaf "t folutaf- ab 
omni treno feruico • 't exaccone fectari • Infap fciatif me dcif t fuif 
fuccefforibuf T; hac mea carta confirmaffe in rra mea • 't in foreftif 
meif • fcitt de felefchirche 1 de treuequor • omnia afiamenta fua • 
pafturam fcit ad aueria fua • t lingna • t mariem • 1 pafnagiinii ubiq^ 
ad fuof ppVf ufuf ficut ego ipe meliuf habeo ad opuf meu • 1 nomi- 
natim inP galue 1 ledir . Pretea in aquif de thweda infra Pminof 
eorum pifcaturam tam ex mea pte fiuminis cfm ex eorum pte ubiq, • 
Preter v" omnia fupMca dedi t confirmaui eif ad icrementum gal- 
tunefhalech t rram "t bofcum de galtuneffide . ficut par meuf rex 
dauid • t ego • "t uicard? afebs eiufdem eccfie ^iuimuf • "1: cVuiuim^ 
die ueSif craftino afcenfionif dSi • anno fcilt fcdo q" stepfes rex angt 
capt^ eft • Hiif teft-^ • ad ^fenf donum • Johe epo • Wiitmo nepote 
reg • hug de moreuiti « Walro fit alani . hugone britone • g^uafio ridel • 
Volo itaq, ut ipi oinf haf predcaf rraf t ref fuas ita Hbe t qVte t 
honorifice teneant t poffideat • ficut aliq"^ elemofina fibiuf 1 ^''eciuf t 
honorificenciuf teneri poteft t poffideri tenore ppetuo • teft" • Johe 
epo • tc" 


Carta ft)alcomi reg fup fundacoe abbie de COelrof 

Q.^alcolmuf dei gra rex fcott-° epif • a^bbibuf • Com • 't pcib^ 't omnib^ 

pbif hominibuf fuis francif • 1 anglis • t fcottif tociuf regni fui 

fatt • Sciatif me pro anima mea t p animab^ pris t mrif mee ■ 1 aui mei 

Reg • dd • "t f rm t foro-!; mearu • t ancefTorum t fucceflbrum meoru • 

conceffifle t dedilfe deo t fce marie de Ct)elrof • t monacfe ibidem 

deo suientib^ • de Rieuatt • t fuif fuccefforib^ • annuente t concedente 

WiHmo ffe meolibe t honorifice ppetuo tenore poffidere • Infup fciatif 

me dediffe eis p totum foreftum meum de felefchirche t trequaer 

afiamenta fua • fcitt lingna t mariem • t pafnagium ad fuos ppVs ufuf 

ubicq^ s^ meliuf t utiliuf potunt inuenire • Pretea totam pafturam p 

fluuium de galue Sfuf eof fcitt ab orientali pte fic idem fluuiuf currit 

ufq^ ad ?minof de Wedale • t inde p rectaf diuifaf tre nic • de moreuiti • 

fcitt de galue ufq^ ad ledre • t totum ufagium nemorif infra preno- 

minataf diuifaf ad fuof pp^of ufuf ficut opuf eif f 9it • Pretea t in 

aquif de tweda infra ?minof eorum pifcat^am tam ex mea pte fluminif 

q-^m ex eorum pte ubiq, • Pre? v" fup^^dca dedi eif ad incrementum • 

Galtuneffide p haf diuifaf fcitt ficut leder fluuiuf cadit in twedam • 

t ita furfum ufq, ad burnam de faidiope que cadit in ledre t 

ita furfum p eandem burnam • t fic p t^nfum moram ufq^ ad raburne 

que cadit in aloent • t inde fequendo p eundem fluuium de aloent • 

ufq^ in twedam • Dedi pretea et conceffi eif in inferiori pte de 

cumbefley locum unum ad edificandum unam uaccariam centuni 

uaccarum • t unam faldam • Pre?ea dedi eif t conceffi pifcaturam 

de felefcliirche • t unum rete in Berewichefftrem • de duob^ retibuf 

meif que habui in Berewichesftrem • ita lifee t quiete ficut ipe meliuf 

liui t tenui ad opuf meum • Hec aute omnia predcif monachis de 

melrof do t concedo • t hac mea carta confirmo in ppetuam t libam t 


quietam elemofinam-^l uolo t precipio ut omnia fupradca libe t quiete 
plenarie 1 honorifice teneant fic aliq'^ elemofina meliuf 1 qVciuf 't 
honorificenciuf teneri t poffideri potefi-- Tefl," • lc^ 

Carta Walteri filii alani • de edmundifi,ori • 

Omnib^ fce mris eccie dilectis fiUis tam piitib^ q* fut4s • Waltus 
fili? alani dapifer regis fcocie • faltm • Sciatis me dedifle et conceflifl"e • 
et hac mea carta _pfirmafl"e deo 1 fce marie de Cl)elros • t mo^ch ibid 
deo feruientib^ • pro anima dni mei Q)alcohrii regis 1 alab^ anteceflbn; t 
fucceflbrum ei^ et pro aTa mea^ t animab^ antecefloT; t fucceflbi^ meoT/ • 
in hbam et ppetuam elemofinam quatuor carrucatas terre de edmun- 
diftoii q^^s prefatus dns ms rex dedit nf et p fuos pbos hoies me fecit 
faifiri • has itaq^ carrucatas volo ut ipi monachi ita libe et quiete ab 01 
ferui" et ^fuetudine teneant et poflldeant ppetuo tenore ficut libius 
et quieci^ aliq^^m elemofinaT^ ihaij. tenent et poflldent • Et hec quid 
hac ^dicioe concefll et dedi • qd prefati mo^^chi vnu altare ^ftruent 
in eccia fua • ad quod t^s facerdotes deputabunt q"" omni tpe venturo 
miflas ibi celebrent pro aia prefati diii mei reg • t animab^ anteceflbT; 
et fuccefloT^ ei^ • q^^rtum aute pro me pftituent • 1 pro anceflbrib^ 't 
fucceflbribus meis • Teft" • 

Carta • Herbti • epi . de decimif i Efchedale 

H • di gra glafguenfljf epc • Oiiiib^ fce matT ecciie filiif • Clericif "t 
laicif . ^fentib^ t fut^f f Sat • Notu fit oib^ uob q^cuq, litPaf iftaf 
legltif t audieritif Kobtu auenel in ppetuam dedifle elemofinam de- 
cimaf de efchedale monachif ecctie fce Ct)arie de tlQailrof f q^ eande 
tra ab eode Robto tenent • Hanc q,° decima-^ donatione • ide Robt^ 


pfatif monacliif dedit ■ q^^mdiu eande tenere uoluerint i concedente 
clerico ad cui^ parrochia ide ptinet loc^" • quiq», eade pfonat^ ecctia • 
Hanc donatione nof qj" ^fentif ftfpti atq^ ligilli atteftacione firmam^' • 
cii omibj decimif fuif • 1; abfq alic^ moleftia ut exactione in bene T: 
in pace fic illa q^^m meli^ "t quieti? tenent • tenenda ee cenfuim^ i 1 
fubiecto-!/ teftiu aftirmatione cSmunim^ .Witt epi • f • d rouRauia • doni 
Aunald abb d chelchou •WiH: atebif d hedenburh • Ofbti abbif d chede- 
wurthe Afcelin archidiacon • Hingelran canceft • Walt capett • Horm 
fit alani • Gaufrid d perci • dauid olifard • adam de drieburh •Valete • 

Carta CofpatVii coib • de herteflieued 

Cofpatricus comes Omib^ amicif fuif "t hominib^ • t Omib^ fihjf 
fce eccie f fat • Sciant oms tam futuri q^^m prefentef me conceffioe 
heredis mei t ej^ affenfu dedifle t conceffiffe do "t eccte Sce COaiiie de 
Cl>ilros 1 monachif ibidem do feruientib^ in ppetua elemofina p 
falute ale mee t regis Dauid t comitif Henf • dnoT^ meoT; • 1 
aiiceffo'!; t fucceffoT^ meo-y; • herteflieued "l fpot p fuaf rectaf diuifaf 
in? fe 1: in? Steintun q^^f habuert tprib^ Dd regif t patTmeif t 
nominatl int prefmunetburne "^ broc • t fic broc uadit ad HeUefdene • 
in bofco T; plano f 1 ite comune paftura de cnora t aifiamenta • Hanc 
itaq, ^dicta elemofina uolo 1 ^cipio 1: cocedo i ut dci monaclii teneant 
■^ habeant d me 1 hedib^ meif ippetuu ita liba t qVta ab oi f ^vicio "t 
exaccioe fctari • fic aliaf fuaf elemofinaf hbi^ t q^ecj? t honorificenci? 
tenet t hnt • Haf aii ^fatas diuifaf Ufuf of hoief ego 't hedef mei 
^dictis monachis uuarantizabim? • Tefte • Waldeuo filio meo • Adam 
capellano de roctlb • Nigello facerdote • Nicholao clerico • Walto de 
ftriuelin • Robto filio haraldi • Herueio Ct)arafcal • Haldano dapifero • 
Gamello dapifero • 

■ft^ S 'f S ,fe 
jC 3 y» »S 'i 'fe ^ 


Confinna" rcgis c\)alcolmi dc hertillicuid • 

"^ tV/alcolmvis rex Scot • omnibus liominib^ terre fue cticis '+ laicis • fran- 
cis t angt l fcot • fattm • Sciatis me pceffifTe et hac mea carta confir- 
maffe ecctie de tt)elros t mo^^chis ibid deo feruientib3 donacoem quam 
cofpafcius comes fecit eid eccie • T; monach • de tra de hertiflieuid et de 
fpot . 1 de quad falina • pro falute anime fue • t animaif predecefTorum 
fuoT^ • ficut carta ipius cofpatricij eis tefl;atur • Prerea eis ^firmo rram 
quam de eduardo fre fiio in fii-ma tenent • ut carta eduardi tefl;atur • 
et oinia aifiamenta de tris fuis ficut eo';; carte teftant^ • Teft-" • 

Cofirmacio reg CV) • de herteflieued 1 edmundeftun 

8 CT; • Rex Scot • Oinib^ homib^ toti" terre fue clericif 1: laicif francif 
t anglicif falt • Sciatif nie conceflllfe t hac mea carta confirmafle 
Eccfie de iX)alrof 1 ff ib^ ibide deo feruientib^ donacoem g,'^ Gofpa- 
tric^ Coiii fecit de terra Herteflieued • 't de cj^^dam falina • ^ falute 
anima-y pdeceflbi/ fuo-;; • fic carta ipfuif Gofpatric eis teftatur • prerea 
eif confirmo rram g,'^ dc Edward f re fuo in firma tenet • faltio feruitio 

carta Edwardi teftattir • t oinia aifiamta de rrif fuif fic eoT^ 

carte teftant^ . Teft^ • Wal?o Cancett • Gofpat^oj Com . Hug^ de 
Ct)oreuiH: • Ric^ filio fuo • Toiii de liundon • Robto foliot • AVfto de 
Sumuift • Dd Olifard • Robto Auenel • Henrico de Perci • Nicholao 
Clerico • Rad namo • Ap Rochifljurc • 

Carta ofulfi De ringwude 

9 Omnib^ fce mrif ecclie filiiff 0M£9 G[\9 uctredi fat • fciat ta pof?i q'"" 
pfctef^ q ego ofulf^. bono ^fenfu tpceflli uctredi filij mei "t hedif. 



p redepcoe aie dni niei reg • dd • t filij ei'' ftnrici 1; p uita t falute dni 
mei malcolmi regf 1 frm ei'' • T; p falute ale mee "t filioT/ meoi^ • do ~t 
^cedo ecctie fce marie de melrof "t monach ibide do suientib^ ring- 
wude libam 1; q^eta ab oi treno suico • T; affifif • t geldif • "t auxiliif • t 
6i fclaEi exaccoe 1: ^fuetudle inppetua elemofina in bofco • in plano • 
in p^^tif aquif • t pafcuif p haf diuifaf • fcitt ab eo loco q° alewent 
cadit in teuiot • t inde furfu ufq,, ad blachapol • 1 ita ad boUinefburne • 
t fic inde ad cruburche • T; inde recte in t^nfufu ufq, pennango • T; a 
pennango recte in fnfurfu ufq^ ad alewent • t inde furfu ad brune- 
more fup dod • 1 fic ufq^ ad blachaburne • 1 inde ufq, ubi illa burna 
cadit in alwente • prerea do 'i cocedo eif hiic hbtate • ut n" ego n" 
ali? uenet^ infra predcaf diuifaf f rf p ipof • tefl,^ • T; c" • 

Confirmacio regis Ct)alcolmi de Ringwude • 

10 Cr)alcolm? di gra • rex fcot • ep!s • atebibus • Comit • baronib^ • iuftic • 
vicecomit • prepofitis • minifl-'s • omnib^q, fuis probis hoib^ • francis • 
angl • fcottis falt • Sciant tam pofl.-i q'^ prefentes me conceflifle et 
hac mea carta _pfirniafle donacom q^^m ofulf^ et hedes fui ectie f ce 
marie de ClQelros ptulerunt • in omnib^ ita libe et ^''ete in elemofina 
ppetua • ut libi^ et q^ecius carta ipius ofulfi tefl;at^ •Tefl;- • t c" 

Carta Cl)alcolmi regf • 

11 (X) • rex fcotoT^ epls • comitib^ • baronib^ • vicecomitib^ 1 balliuis fuis 
et omnibus prob hominib^ ti-e fue faitm • Notum fit vob me con- 
ceflifle 1 dedifle do et eccie fce ma' de Cl)elros • \ mo"chis ibid deo 
feruientibj in ppetuam elemofinam meam pifcat^am de felchirche "t 
vnum rete in bwicfl,rein • de duob^ retib^ meis • q' habui in bwic- 



.Oi "^ 


^ S c -= - 


ftreni • pro faitc anime mee • 't anteceffoT^ meoT^ • ita libe quiete • 
ficut ijie melius tcnui ad opus meu • "t ficut alie pifcature • t alie 
elemofuie libius ct qVcius in regno meo tenent^ 't poffident^ • Teft^ • 

Carta W- de Lindcfli de fauopc iuxta led' 

12 vV • de lindcfcia • Omnib3 eccle filiis fat • Sciant tam pofteri tf inc- 
fentcf • me dediffe et pfenti carta ^firmaffc do t fce OOarie de Cl)ail- 
nos • 1 monachis ibide do feruientib3 • fauope ■ ficut aqua ledre uadit • 
T: ficut fepif includit • in ppetua elemofinam f panima prif mei '± ma- 
trif "t omniu paretum meo'^ t anima mea • h • teft" • Anfrido afcbe de 
Xeubotila • Suano filio th • • • Arosine de lindefeia • Swano de erce- 
dun • Witto • de • • elcf • Cofpat^cio de erccdun • 

12 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta Wiffi Reg fup fundacoe abbie 

13 Vv • dei gra Rex Scott • Epis • Att^ib^ • Comitib3 • Baronibj • 
Jufticiif • minift''^ 't Oib^ pbif holb^ toci'' terre fue Clericis t laicif 
Sat • Sciatif me j) aTa mea 1: p animabj patT 1 matrif mee T; Aui 
mei regif Dd • 1: ffm 'b foro-^ t antecefToi^ T; SuccefToT^ meoT^ • 
conceffifle t dedifle Deo 1; ecciie Sce marie de (X)e\r 't monachif 
ibidem deo feruientib^ • de Rieualle • in ppetuam '"t Ubam elemofina 
terra de Cl)eh-of • t rram de Eldune • 1: tram de Deniewich • hbe t 
honorifice ppetuo tenore pofllide • Infup fciatif me dediflTe t conceflifle 
eifp totu foreftu meu de Selefchirche T; de treuequair aifiafntafua • 
Scitt hgna • mariem t pafnagium • ad fuos ppriof ufuf ubicuq^ fibi meli^ 
t vtih^ potunt inuenire • Infup do eif "t confirmo tota paftura p fluuium 
Galche ufuf eof fcihcet ab orientah parte • fic ide fluuiuf currit • ufcj-, ad 
rminof de Wedale • 'H; inde p rectaf diuifaf terre Ric de Cl)oreuilla • 
fcitt de Galche ufq^ ad leddre • t totu ufagium nemorif infra |]noiataf 
diuifaf ad fuof prop^^of ufuf fic opuf eif fuerit • Pretea t in aqT de 
Tweda infra tminof eoT^ pifcatura ta ex mea parte fluminis q^^m ex 
eoT; parte u^q^ • Et prer fupradicta dedi "t conceflTi eif ad incremtu 
Galtunefide p haf diuifaf • fcilt fic ledder fluui^' cadit in Thweda • t 
ita furfum ufq, ad Burna de fachope que cadit in leddre • Et ita furfu p 
eande burna • t fic p tranfufu mora ufq, ad Raburne que cadit in 
Aloent • t fic p eunde fluuium de Aloent ufq^ in Thwedam • Pret 
omnia ^oinata dedi T; conceffi eif in inferiori parte de Cumbefleia 
locu ad edificanda unam uaccaria centum uaccaru • t una Falda • Dedi 
t concefll eif pifcatura de Selefchirche • t unu rete in BercAvichstre 
de duobj retib^ meif que habui in Berewichftre • ita litje t quiete fic 
ipe meli^ tenui ad op^* meum • Hec aute oia pdictif monachif de Cl)elr 
do t concedo t liac carta mea confirmo • in ppetuam t libam elemo- 

I jert^eisai»' ntCi^ aS ^005 Itt^ i^^tCtnmncr-tiryirttuL' ^l^otioii^ m^JtT klijitwc-^^titUMt omttiij 
! m jt cjtiAforo?' "^v^ettft^ )nc atigiic ^ j^at^ mevostazjt^ v cjiiAU>t cai^a, <stn^citr-'ttttir aoxi^ 

vocutTC • ^ ttie uitv^icaaira ^<c- 


■ i.^' 


fina • 1: iiolo t precipio ut oia fup^ilicta ita libe T; quiete • plenarie 't 
honorifice teneant • fic carta RegC t\)alcolmi fris mei tellat^ T. confirmat • 
Hif teftibuf • Walto Bidun Canceft • Comite Dunecano • Ric de 
Cl)oreuiH: conftab • Ricardo Cumin • Juft" • Robto Auenel • Walro de 
Berchelaie Cara • WiHo de Suniuift • Wal?o Ridale • Hug clerico 
regif • Witto capeH • Robto Capett: • Hug clerico CanceH: • magiftro 
Johe • Coin • Waltheuo • Waltero filio Alani • Dapifero • Alano filio ei^' 
Thoma de mufcap • Wiiio de la haie • Rad rufo • Apud Rokesburch • 

Carta Philippi Com Fland^e de lib^o t^nfitu p ?ram fua 1 port? t 
quibda aliis 

li Ego philipp^ Fland l Viromand comes • Notu ee uolo tam futuris qua 
pfentib, • me concefliire p falute anime mee 1: pdeceiToT^ meoi; • frib^ 
de aiaUros 1 de domib^ eoT^ • oinimoda libertate tranfeundi p tota 
tram mea fecure • Vnde mando l: fii-mic ^cipio oiTub^ hominib^ et 
ferujentib^ meis ad quos litre ifte puenerint • ut fic me t honore 
meu diligunt f nuUu omino theloneu • nulla penit^ exactione in tra 
ut in portu a ^dictis ffib^ audeant extorquere • Preterea fi qua forte 
dilfenfio int anglie 1 fland mercatores p quahbj caufa oriatur f nuU^ 
accepta occafione in ;pdictos ffes audeat manii mittere • nec de reb^ 
eo-^ qVqua in uadimoniu auferre • Quiciiq, g'' in rra mea ^dictis ffib^ 
injuria fecerit • ut dampnu intulerit f fciat fe iram mea incurr^e • t 
me uindicaturu efle • 

Confirmaco Carte Comitis Flandrie • 

1-5 Lucius eps feruus fuoi/ dei Dilectis filiis Afebti t fratrib^ de Cl)el- 
rofeu . Salute 1 aptiam biidicconem • Juftis petenciu defideriis faci- 


lem nos couenit prebere affenfum • et uota que a rationis tramite non 
difcordat effectu profequente coplere • Ea ppr dilecti in dno filii • 
ufis iuftis poftulacioiiib, grato concurrentes affenfu • libertatem 1 
fctariu exacconu immunitatem quam nobilis uir Philippus comes 
Flandrieii uobis p terram fuam rationabiliter contulit • ficut in ipius 
fc^pto autentico cotinet^ • auctoritate uobis apoftolica t confirmamus 
et piitis fcripti patrocinio comunim? • Nulli g" omnino hominu liceat 
hanc pagina nfe cofirmaciiis infringere uel ei aufu temerario con- 
traire • Si quis a hoc attemptare prefupferit indignacone oiiiipotentis 
dei 1 btoT^ petri 1 pauli aptoT/ fe nouit incurfurum • Datii • Veron • 
XV • Kt • INlaij . 

Carta negis Wifimi fup indepnitate ord psuada 

16 Wittms dei gra rex fcottoT^ omnib^ fideUb^ fce maff eccUe filiis • 
max" aute fuif epif • coiii • barofi • iuft" • vicec • '^ omnib^ pbif ho- 
minib^ fuif fatt • Notum fit vob quod ego ipe t totum regnum 
meum cvi Ivututi • H • q"ndam Regis anglie eet addictum • fuc- 
cedenti in regnum Ric^ • fit fuo • op°tuit me tam p me ipo t cap- 
cone mea redimenda • q^^m p toto regno meo ^■'ftine libtati refti- 
tuendo • pecuniam pfoluere • Et qiii ordo cift^ • tam in regno meo q^^m 
ubiq^ ab omni exaccoe niito lib ee dignofcit^ • ita ut nemini liceat 
ei fuitutif exaccom impone f volo ut fciatif q eiufde ordinis dom? in 
regno meo conftitute • in illa mea tanta necefiitate fpontanea uoluntate 
fua obnixe m'' fuccurrerunt • Et vob ^fentib^ littris fignifico i ne q^d in 
tali conuentu femel fcm • q"* n" pri" euenit n" in pofrum deo mifer- 
ante fut^uf eft • eif ullo m° in confuetudine uel suitute conutat^ • ut 
* videlicet p hoc q°d ipi p remedia i-cgni libtate g^^tif fecunt f suit^ ei 
inponatur • Teft" • \ c" • Apud laftalr • 


Carta Regis Witti de Theoloneo • 

1~ Willms dei gra Rex Scotto^ • Jufticiariis vicecomitib^ ^pofitis 't 
omnib^ probis hominib^ tociiis tre fue falutem • Precipio q fratrcs 
mei de COelros et ofiies fres eiufdem ordinis fmt quieti de theloneo 't 
omnib^ aliis confuetudinib^ t rectitudinib^ de ouiib^ mcatis que 
ad fuos pprios ufus fecerint ubicumq^ in tota rra mea uenerint 
ficut carta regis dauid teftatur t confirmat • Teft" • Ricard Cwmyii • 
Roberto Auenell • Alano filio dapiPi • Apud Selecherche • t c" 

De latrocinio pfequedo • 

18 vV illiiis dei gra Rex Scottoi/ oinib5 pbis homib^ fuis de Galweia 
falute • Ct)ando t firmir pcipio quatin? ubicuq^ f res de Cl)elros in Gal- 
weia manetes uenit in tra uram fequendo ueftigia lafcinii fui • Diis 
Vre illius in qua predicti fres ueftigia latrocinii fui fecuti fuerint ipis 
frib^ auxiliu lire faciat ad ueftigia latrocinii fui pfequOda fcdm aflifam 
meam de Galweia • Et phibeo firmiter ne quis predictos ffes ueftigia 
lafcinii fui fequi iniufte difturbet • fup mea plenaria foriffactura • 
Teft" • Hug • Cancellario meo • Rott fit • Vctr • Jufticiario • Witto de 
Lynd • Juftic • Apud Selech vndecimo die Decembr" • 

Carta Walri fup donacione • xx ac""-!; terre t vni^ toft" • in berwic • 

19 Omnib^ fce mris eccie dilectis fihis • Walrus fili^ alani • dapifer regis 
fcoc" • fatt • Sciant ctici et laici • ptites et pofteri • me concefTifte ac de- 
difle t hac mea carta pfirmafte deo et ecce fce marie de Ct)clros • t 
mo^chis ibid feruieii dco • in ppetuam elemofinam • et ab oi ^fuetu- 
dine t fctari exaccione qVtam et Ubam • pro anima dd et malcolmi 

16 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

re^ . et pro fatte fucceflbrum fuoT/ • 1 pro fatte anime mee "t antecef- 
forum meo-!^ • vnum toft^ iux'^ aquam de twede in bwic cum viglti 
acris terre in campo de berwic qd malcolrans rex dns iils dedit m^ • 
hanc q^ppe donacoem factam eid eccie ad vinum proc^and omib^ 
miffis que amodo fut in prefata eccia do annuente celebrand • pro 
aiabj predcoT^ regum drioT^ meo-!^ et reliq^rum fupradictoT^ • 1 oim 
fidelium tam viuoT; q"^ mortuoT/ • Teft" • 

Confirmacio reg • W • de • xx • ac^s de bwic • t c" • 

20 W . rex fcot omnib^ prob hominib^ tocius terre fue ciicis et laicis 
mod^nis et pofPis falt • Sciant pfites et fut4 me ^ceffiffe • 1 hac mea 
carta pfirmafle • do 't eccie fancte marie de CRelros • "^ monach 
ibide deo feruientib^ • illas • xxf' • acras terre cum tofto de berwic • 
q"s rex malcolmus f f meus . Walto filio alani dapifero dedit • tenend 
in libam • T; ppetuam elemofinam • ita libe 1 quiete • et honorifice • 
ficut ahas teneuras fuas Ubius q^ecius et honorificenci? tenent • Teft~" • 

Pifcar'^ de holdeman 

21 Oiiiib^ ^fens fc^^ptu uifuris ut auditHs f Dauid roarefcall? dfii regis 
fcott • fait . NoSit vniQfitas ura me dedifTe 't ^ceffifTe • T: hac mea carta 
pfirmafle wfto lunoc t heredib^ fuis pifcarias meas de Thveda • fcilicet 
totam pifcariam meam de holdema • t vnu rethe fup fchipwell • quas 
JoceHn^ liinoc pa? pdci wffi tenuit • Tenendaf de me 1 de heredib^ 
meis fibi ^ heredib^ fuif libe 1 quiete ab oiiii feruitio '^ cofuetu- 
die 1 exactione . reddendo fingulif annif viginti folidof • f-vnam 
medietate ad pentecoft" . t aliam medietate ad feftu fci martini . 
Hiis teftib^ • Coiii pafcio • WWo cvmin • Walto de UndeD • Rog fii 


henf • Wtt tlc bnliam • WH de fifle • Wft de fulle • Alexand de fifle • 
WH^ miriild • patVio fit Wtt de fifle • Ric luuedar • Ilic fit Anke ■ btolfo 
de liilton • Ric 13nake • WHo guthed • WalPo b^^nd • Ric ctico • t 
multis aliis • 

De pischaria de berwic • 

22 Sciant tam fut^i q"^ piites q ego ricardus marefcall^ regf fcocie ^pcefR 
Will" lunok et heredibus fuis pifcat^as mcas de twede • s • illam de 
holdma et illam de fipwcle quas predcs Witts tenuit de auuculo meo 
dauid de bonule • tenend de me et heredibus meis • libe et quiete ab 
oiui ferui" t pfuetudle • reddendo fingtis annis • vnam mcham • medie- 
tatc ad pentecoft-^ • '^ mcdietate ad feftum fancti ii^tini • Teft' • 

Carta domorum de biiQoate • 


23 Vv , rex fcotoi; . vicecomiti de berwic • et prepoitis 1 miniftris • ^ 
oib3 burgeii • de berwic fattm • Sciant tam pofteri ^^ piites me 
pro fatte anime mee et aiiceflbrum ^ fuccefl^oT; meo7/ ^pceflTifl^e et 
dedifl^e eccie de tt)elros • et ffib^ mo^^chis ibidem do feruieii • et eoij. 
fuccefTorib^ inppetuum • domu 1 Pram Witii lunnok in cornerio 
de briggat in berwic ficut fe extcndit in longitudine de briggate ufq. 
in aquam de twcde uerfus auftrum • Et in latitudine de terra aernaldi 
lianyn uerfus occidentem • ufq, in Pram WalPi filii ahli feneflcalli mei 
uerfus orientem • qua id Witis m' furfum reddidit • t feruicium 

eiufd et heredum fuoT/ de oinib^ aliis terris fuis in berwic • 

Quare volo et precipio^qd dicti abbas 1; conuentus heant dcas domu 
terram et feruicia in hbam et pura elemofinam inppetuu • nicliil inde 
facientes tpibus pacis uel guerra-v • pre? oroes • et elemofinas infra 


18 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

monafrium fuum • Et q ipe Wiiis fit quitus de ouiib^ ^fvietudinib^ 'i 
feruiciis que ad me t ad villam ptinent • femiendo abbi t mo^^ch 
predcis ipe et heredes fui ficut m' fecerunt • Tefl^ • "i c 

Item carta eiufd • 

24 VV^. Rex fcot • vicecomiti de beryvic • et prepoitis T; miflris • 1 oibus 
burgeii de berwic fait • Sciant tam pofteri q'^ pntes me pro faite aTe 
mee • 'i ancefloT; et fuccefloT^ meo-!/: conceflifle et dedifle eccie fancte 
marie de COelros • 1 frib^ mo^^cb ibid deo feruien • feruicium Wiiii 
lunnoc • et rram T: domu ei^ de berwic in ppetuam elemolinam • 
Quare volo et firmir precipio • g. ipe Wiiis fit qVtus de oib^ ^fuetu- 
dinib^ t oinib^ feruiciis que ad me ptinent • feruiendo abbi et mo^^cliis 
eiufd loci • ficut miclii deberet • Teft^ • 

Carta regf Wiiii • 

25 W^. dei gra rex fcot • omnib^ prob hominib^ toci? rre fue ciicf 't laicf 
falt • Sciant piites "T; fut^i me dediflTe t conceflifle • l: liac carta mea 
^fu-malTe • do 1 eccie fancte marie de Cl)ehos • 1; mo"chis ibid deo 
feruientib^ illam ptem domus fue et tofti fui de berwic • que faifita 
fuit in manu mea q* domum illam fecerunt • tpe quo gaufrid? de 
neeuiii • habuit cuftodiam caftelli mei de bwic • Tenend in libam et 
puram t ppetuam elemofinam • ita Hbe et quiete plenarie et honori- 
fice . ficut aUas elemofinas fuas libius quiecius pleni? et honorificen- 
cius tenent et pofiident . Teft" • 


Carta moyfi • de • x • ac''^ de berwic • 

26 Omnib^ fce mfis eccie filiis tam ijHtib^ q* futHs • moyfes arbeleftari? 
fait . Sciatis me pfenfu 1 bona volun"' Witti filii mei 't faedis • dediffe 
t coceflifle • t liac mea carta ^firmafle • do et eccie fce roa' de (X)e\- 
ros . T; mo^^ch ibid deo feruientib^ • jn-o faite dKi mei regf Witti \ 
regine • t alexand' filii fui • \ p fatte anime mee . 1 oim pentu meoi;^ • 
in libam et puram 't ppetua elemofinam • decem ac^^s terre de foris 
bwic menfuratas 1 multis lapidum aceruis limitatas fubt^ hangcefl.'' 
ufus aufti^ inP eund hiigeceft' 1: ficum q' venit de fuleford • Hanc 
terra dedi pnotatf mo^^cti • libam 1 q^etam -t folutam ab oi terre" 
feruicio 1 ^fuetudie T: exaccioe fctari • 1 volo ut ea faeant et poflldeant 
inppetuii • ita libe et quiete plena' 1 honorifice ficut aliq"" elemofi- 
nam Hbius et qVci? pleni? et honorificenci^ tenent et poflldent • Et 
ego et heredes mei manutenebim^ 1 Warantizabim^ ea ift ^t* oes 
homines et adqVtabim? de oi ferui" p* diim rege t os hoes • Teft^ • 

Quieta clamacio 

27 Omnib^ has h-as . uifurf ut audit^is • ^pofiti l: burgen de bwic fatt . 
Nouitis eluinam viduam filiam ricardi filii daniet in pricia nfa 1 
plena curia placitoT^ nroT^ remififTe t quieteclamafl^e oem calumnia . t 
oe ius q" dixerat fe liabuifl^e erga mo^^chos de COelros in domib^ et 
terra qua lint fiip nefllnii in villa de berwic pro se et heredib^ fuis 
inppetuum • Nos autem videntes predcam eluina in prefata calupnia 
niclul iuris p'' predcos mo"chos lire • in teftiom hui? quieteclamacois 
ptiti fc'pto coe figillu nrm apponi fecim^ . Ifla quietaclama" facta fu' 
anno incama°nis dni • 0)" • cC • xij" . iij" . ki . nouembrf . Teft". 

20 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta Grim de tofto de berwic 

28 Omnib^ fce mris eccie filiis . tam pntib^ g"^ fut^is ■ Grim filius gui- 
donis caretarii de roxburgh faltm • Sciant oes me conceffiffe et dedif- 
fe • et pro faite diii mei Wifti de fumeruil • 1 pro aTa mea • 1; p aia pi^is 
mei • 't mfis mee • T: oim pentum meoT/ • totum toftum qd tenuit pr 
meus in bwic et ego p''^ eum tenui ficut in carta Witti predci pti- 
netur • do et eccie sce ma" de Cl)e]ros • et monach ibidem deo ferui- 
entib^ • hanc autem terram dedi eis in pura et ppetuam elemofinam 
cum omnib^ libtatib^ et ptinenciis fuis intra burgum et ex"^ burgum • 
tam libe et quiete • et plenaiie • ficut aliqua alia elemofina libius 
et quiecius poffidet^ • faluo ferui° dni • Witii de fumeruil et heredum 
ei? qd iH: de me et heredib^ meis debetur pro eadem terra • Et qt 
non habui ^prium figillum ad pfirmanda 't ^tefl;anda hac meam do- 
nac&em rogatu meo-magr adam de ecclef • figillum fuu in hac mea 

pfiti carta appofuit • Teflib^ Cl)agro Ada d Eccles capeH • 

Ric d Dunf t • Rog fit Henp; • Rand d cetir • Reinald d hoyland • Wiii 

clerico clerico portma • Goceft lunoc • Wift franc • Witt 

albo • Jofee Nigro • Witi Heem • 

Cauta Dunecani fihj Gilleb De rooybothelbec t Bethoc 

29 Oiiiib^ fce rofif Ecclie filiis pfentib^ t futuiif Dunecan^ fili^ Gillebti 
fihj ferg^ Satt • Sciatif me ^ceffiffe t dediffe t hac mea Carta ^firmaffe 
do t Ecctie fce roarie de Cl)eir T; monacb ibidem do feruientib^ p aiab^ 
dd '=t roelcolmi Regu dnoi^ meo-!/ • t Cofh . Hena • 1 ^ falute dni mei 
Witii Reg • T; Coin • dd • f fif eiP • 't Com • Dunec • t p falute mea "i 
aiabj pfif fni t mfif mee • 1 oinium anceffoT^ "i fucceffoT^ meo'!; in 
libam "t pura 't ppetua Elemofina tota rra de Ct)oybothelbeg p lias 


diuifas • Sciit a capite burne que defcendit de Crumder deorfum ufcj^ 
in Culelugford t ficut eadem burna defcendit de Culelugford in 
polnetib • t fic polnetib cadit in Don • 1 p Don furfum ufcj^ u^ pol- 
garroh cadit in Don • 't fic furfu p polnegarrah ufcj^ ad paruufi 
mufTa • t in ufcj^, ficu quenda q^ defcendit ex auft^^li parte ei^dem ro^^fe 
in polnegarrah • T: p eunde ficQ furfu ufq^ u^ idem fie^ afcendit in 
pohiecog' • 1: polnecog'' afcendit in Duuah . 't iii p ficu furfum ufq., 
ad uia que uocat^ Enahconecal • T: p eande viia deorfum ufq^ ad burna 
q^^defcendit de ^dco CrumdcR • Pretea coceffi 1 dedi T: hac meaCarta 
^firmaui ^dcis monach t Ecciie de coeli^ tota tram de Bethoc in 
Hbam T; pura T: ppetua Elemofina p has diuifas • Scitt a Lemenelug 
U&'' oriente p uia ufq, ad Neflvecokcri • 1 iii vJfus oriente ufq, ad magna 
maffa de falicibj • t iii deorfum ex aqlonaU parte Croah parui ufq. 
ad Gallan • 1 in 9s^ oriente ufq, ad ficu q^ uadit ex aq'lonaH parte nig*" 
rupis • 'i p eunde ficu uG^ ad locu q" uocat^ Tunregaith • u^ de ipo 
fico exit Riuulus q^dfi q"" dr Pohiefalahart • t m ufq, u^ idem Riuuhis 
cadit in pohietyberes • Totam hac Pram tam illam de Cl^oybothelbeg 
q^^m ifliam de Bethoc cu oaiib^ ptinenciif fuif • 't q^cq''^ ^tinet^ infra 
pnoiatas diuifaf in bofco 1 plano • in p^^tif T: pafl;urif • in uiif 1 femitif • 
in morif T; marifcis- in trif \ aquif 1 pifcariis T: in Oinib^ aliis reb^ 
\ aifiamtis dedi ^dcis monach l Ecclie de Ct)elf tenenda t poffidenda 
in ppetuum ita libe t ^''ete plenarie t honorifice t abfolute ab oini 
treno feruicio t ^pfuetudine T: exactione fciari fic aliq^^m Elemofina 
libiuf 1 q'eti^ pleni? t honorificenti^ tenet ut poffident • ita tri qd 
annif fingiis dabut m^ \ bedib^ niif tiii duas f oarcaf argenti ad recog- 
nicioem p tra de Bethoc • una fciit m • ad pentecofl;" • t una ad feftu fci 
martini • Et ipi monachi utent^ oiTiib^ pnoiatif ad libitu fuu modif 
"oiSib^ fic meli? t utili'^ s^ l fuif uifum f uit • 1 ego T; hedes ini manu- 
tenebim? 1 Warantizabim^ eif fa ouiia pf^ oms hoies inppetuu t ad- 

22 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

q^etabim? de ofiii feruicio • Et qi violui ut h mea Elemofina firma eet 
t ftabilif 't nito m° poff^ in irritu duci hoT; oiliium teftef T; fideiufforef 
pofui Epm 't Ecciiam Glafguen • ut fi aliqn ego ui hedes mei a 
tenore hui? Carte deuiaSim? • ipa Ecciia 1 ei" pontificef p ecciiaftica 
cenfura ad correctione nof reuocet • Hiis teft" • Dno Jocei • Glafgueii • 
Epo • Wiiio Atebe de fca cruce • Simone archid . Coni • Dunec • coal- 
colmo filio ei"^ • Com • Gilleb • Eth filio Com • de Leuen • Rog • de 
Scalebroc • Gilleafald roac Gilleandref • Gilleneai coac Coleman • Ed- 
garo CaiSario meo • Gillc^ft Bretnach • 

Carta Dunec fihi Gileb • de roeibothel 't Bethoc 

30 Oinib^ fce mfif Ecciie fiUis ta pfentib3 ^"'m fut^ • Dunecan'' fiU^ 
Gilebti filii ferg? • salt • Sciatif me dedifle '^ ^ceffifle t hac mea carta 
pfirmaffe do t Ecciie sce maRie de O:)elrof • t monachif ibide do fer- 
uientib^ • p aTab^ Dd • t COelcolmi Regu diioi/ fnoT; • t Coin Henr • 
t p falute dni ini Wiiii Reg • t Dd • ffif ei^ • t Com Dunecani • t p 
falute mea • t aiab^ prif ini t mfis mee • t oinium anceffoT; t fuccef- 
foT^ meoT^ in lib°am t pura t ppetua elemofina • tota terra de Ct)ei- 
bothelbeg • ut ea habeant t poffideant in ppetuu lib^am qVta t foluta 
ab oini rreno feruicio • t exactione t ^pfuetudine fciari • t fic aliq"^ ele- 
mofina libi? • q'eciS' • pleni? t honorificenci? • poffidet^ in Regno Scott • 
p diuifaf in hac mea carta nolatas • Scilt a capite burne q' defcendit 
de Crubder • t p eande burna ufq^ in Culelugford • t fic eade burna def- 
cendit de Culelugford in polnetyber • t fic polnetyber cadit in Don • 
t p Don fuifu ufq^ u'' polgari-oh cadit i don • t fic furfu p polgarroh f 
ufq, ad pua ro?fam • Notandu aii qd in pte auftrali ei^dem muffe def- 
cendit fic^ qVlam in polgaiToh • t p eunde ficu furfu ufcj, du ide fic^ 
afcendit in Polcog^ • t polcog'' adcendit in Dufah • in? Ct)eibothelbeg • 


1; Ct)eibothelroor • t d eode Dufali p ficu quendam q" afcendit in aliam 
n)?fam • "^ a capite fici illi'' p fnsufu ipi? ro^fe • T: a co^fa illa fic ali? 
iic^ in pte auilli d Brockelaue afcendit i uia • T: p eande uia furfu 
ufq^ ad nemorofam ualle q afcendit d ^dco Crubder 't p eande ualle 
ufq^ uVade uallif defcendit in Crubder •Prerea dedi eif "^ hac mea 
carta ^firmaui totu terra d Bethoc • in libam pura 1 ppetua ele- 
mofina p Iminof t rectaf diuifaf fuas • Scilt fic uia uadit ad Scipfate • T; 
p eande uia ufq, ad ficu q^ uadit p media muffa ufq, ad capd de Alte- 
creue • 1 inde ufcj^ ad uia q'^ itur ult^ Altecreue • 1 d illa uia ufq, ad 
ficii q" afcendendo uadit ex aq^lonali pte de Cragan • 't p eunde ficu 
ufq^ ad illu locu q" uocat^ Tunregaid • u^ d ipo fico egredit^ qMa 
Riuuluf q" dr polfalacharic • T: iri fic ide Riuviluf currit ufc}^ in Pol- 
netybered • Tota hanc terra ta illam d Cl)eibothelbeg . q"^m ifla d 
Bethoc • t q^cq^d ptinet^ infra diuifaf pnoiataf in bofco t plano • in 
p^^tif 1 pafcuif • in uiif 1 femitif • in terrif T; aq^s 1 pifcariif •!; in 
omib^ aliif reb3 t aifianitif dedi pdcif monach 1 Eccte d COelrof • ut 
ea habeant 't poffideant in ppetuu libe • qVte plenarie honorifice t 
abfolute ab oiSi treno feruicio • fic aliq^i elemofina libi^ q^eci^ pleni^ 
t honorificenci? tenent t poffident • ita tii qd fingtif annif dabut 
m'' 1 bedib^ mif ij m • argnti tm ad recognicione p eade r ra d Bethoc 
• i • m • ad pentecoft^ • 't alram ad fefl;u fci martini • Et ipi monachi 
utent^ oiiiibj q ptinent^ infra pnoTataf diuifaf modif oib^ ad libitu 
fuii fic meli? 1 utili? s^ uifu fSit • t ego t hedef mi manutenebim^ t 
warantizabim? eif h oia pt^ omef hoief in ppetuii • 't adqVtabim^ 
Sfuf dnm Rege d oi forenfi "i rreno feruicio • Et q^a uolui ut h mea 
elemofina firma eet 1 fl;abilif t ntto m° in irritu duci polTet • hcj^ 
oiiiium tefl;e 1 fideiuffijre pofui Epm 1 Ecctiam Glafg • ut fi aliqfi 
ego ul hedef mi a tenore h^' carte deuiare teptauim^ • ipa Ecctia 1 ei^ 
pontificef p Ecctiaft,ica cenfura ad correctione nof reuocent • HifT • 

24 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Dno Joc . Glalg • Epo • Wifto a^e d sca cruce • Com Dunec • Com 
Gilebto • Siiii archid • Diio Rolando • Ct)e]colmo filio Coiii Dunec • 
Eth fiho Com • d Leuen • Wifto Walt- . Jofee clicif Epi • Rog d 
Scaleb -Gilafald cnac Giland • Gillenem • mac Coleiii • Edg caraario mo • 

Carta Rog • de Scaleb • de Drumeceifuiene 

31 Oinib^ fce mfif Ecciie filiis pfentib^ 1 futm-is Rog^uf de Scalebroc 
Salt • Sciatif me pceffiire 't dedilfe 1; hac mea Caita ofirmaffe do 1 
Ecctie fce marie de COelf 1 monach ibidem do feruientibj j? aiabj 
Dd • 1 rt)alcoImi Regu fcotie ^ Com • HenR • 1; p aiia Gillebti filij 
Ferg" diii mei ■ t uxorif ei? • 1; p aiab^ prif niei 'i mfif mee t omium 
parentu meoT; • T; p falute diii iiii Regif WiHi 1 Com • dd • ffif ei? • 
t Com • Dunecani 'i Dunecani filii Gilleb • dtii mei • "^ p falute mea "i 
omium fuccefToT^ meoT; • in libam t pura t ppetua elemofina tota ti-a 
de Drumeceifuiene • \ de Alefburc • t de Auchnephur p haf diuifaf . 
Scilt fic una burna defcendit de mufla q" e inr Largaf 1 Bethoc • 't 
diuidit int Dunduf t Druceifuiene 1; p eande burna ufq^ ad illu locu 
u'' eadem burna cadit in mare '1 iri p litJ' marif ufq^ ad Alefburc • 
't de Alefljurc ufq, ad ficu q^ defcendit de nemore ex.orientali parte uie 
q^^drigaru afcendentif ad Auchnephur . "t p eunde ficu afcendendo p 
q^^ndam pfundam uallem ufq, ad q^^dda uef Caflellu . t ex orientali 
parte ei^dem uetif Caflelli p ficu furfu ufq, ad Gilliforde • ex aqlonali 
parte fontif . "X iti furfum in t^nfnfum ufq, ad ficu q^ uadit ex aqHonali 
parte de Farnileie • t in furfum p ficu ufq^ ad femita • t p femita furfum 
ufq, ad capd fici q'' cadit in polnefalahari ad hauenegaith • Tota hanc 
rra t q^cq^d cotinetur infra ^noataf diuifaf • in bofco t plano in p^^tif T; 
pafl;urif-in inorif t marifcif • in mineriif t falinif^ t in omib^ aliis 
aifiaintif dedi pdcis monacli t Ecctie de COelr tenenda t poflidenda 


in ppetuQ ita libe 't qVte plcnarie t honorifice foluta ab oini rreno 
feruicio 't ^fuetudine 't exactione fctari i fic aliq'^ elemofina libi? t 
q^eci? pleni? "t honorificenci'^ tenet^ t poflidet^ a monach ordinis Cif t- 
cien • ita tn qd dabut m"* 1 hcdib^ mif una marca argenti tin fingiif 
annif ad recognicioem de elemofina de AuchnephuR • dimid • fcilt 
marca ad pentecofi;- • t dimid • marca ad fefl;u fci martini • t ipi utent^ 
oiTii hoc tenemto p libitu t uokmtate fua m°if omib^ fic meli^ 1 utili^ 
s^ "t fuif uifum f9it • Et q: uolui ut h mea elemofma firma eet t fi:a- 
bilis "t niio m" pofl^et in irritu duci • Iiot/ omium teflef l fideiuifores 
pofui Epm t Ecciiam Glafguen • t Coin • Dunec • t hedes ei^ • ut fi 
aliqn ego ui hedes mei a tenore hui^ Carte deuiauim^' • ipa Ecciia t 
ei^ pontificef p cenfura ecciiaftica ad correctione nof reuocent • Hec 
au oinia pp''^ manu affidaui i manu dni Jocet • Glafg • epi p me t p 
hedib^ mis • fine malo ingenio tenenda l obferuanda • Et ego t hedes 
iiii manutencbim" 1 "Warantizabim^" ipif monach eande Elemofina cu 
oinib^ lit)tatib3 t ptinenciis fuis cot^ oiiis lioies • t adq^^etabim^ de 
oiFu feruicio erga drios nf of in ppetuu • annuente t tefl;ificante dno 
meo Dunec^ filio Gillebti^Hiis telV-Diio Jocei-Glafguen epo • Simone 
archid • Herefeto Decano Glafg • Gillenem Accoueltan • Gilledoueng 
fre ei'' • Gillecrift; foac malvin • Ct)urdac (oac Gillemartin • Gilleafald 
l1)ac Gilleandris • Gillemernocli fre ei^ • 

Confirmacio Dunec de tra Rogi 

32 Dunekanuf fiHuf Gillebtj filij ferguf • Comef de karic i Oinib^ 
pbif lioib^ Regni Scotie i Cirif t Laicif- Salt i Sciant tam pofl;eri ^ 
prefntef f coe ^ceiTifle t dedifTe • 1 hac mea Carta confirmafl^e do • t 
ecciie de Cl)elros • t monachis ibide deo feruientibj totaro donacione • 
q^ ego • t Rog de Scallebroc roilef coetif eif pceflim'' • t dedim^ • fci tota 



tram de Druentheifuiene t de Aleb^o • 1 de Althefur • p eafde diuifas 
qiie in Carta ipiuf Rogi ^tinent^ cu oiuib^ aifiaSitif eiufde tre • in 
liBam • t puraro • 1 ppetua • clemolina • ita Ube • 1 quiete • plenarie • 
t honorifice fic aliq^^elemofina in toto o'dine cifrcienfi libi^ • qVci^ • 
t tenet^ • T: poflid^^t^ • 1 put carta eiufde rogi foeh^ pteftat^ • faluo fer- 
uicio drii Reg • de roe ■ 't Rogo • 1 hredib^ nris • Qre volo firmirq^ pci- 
pio vt ptaxata de O:)eh-os • ecclia • t ei^^de loci coonachi ^taxati hac 
donacione de coe "t rogo de Scalebroc coihte nieo • T: tiredib^ nfif eif 
pceflam • data • t hac Carta mea pfirmata • ita Ube "t q^ete • t honori- 
fice • habeat • teneat • "t imppetuu poilideat put aliq^s Comef • ui aUc? 
feoudj aUqT aduocat? f libi^ q^eci^ • honorificenci^ alic^ cofi eccte co- 
uentuali f _pced^e • dare • ^firmare • T; potuit '^ debuit • Hif Tefl-ib^ f 
Jocelino Epco Glafcuenfi • T: Ecclia Glafcuenfi • Comite DunecaN • "t 
foalchohno fit e" • "t hrcde • Comite Giifo • W • Alano Dapifo Diii 
Reg • WiUo de OOorevilla • Cofl;abulario dvii Reg • Gillec^fl; Ct)ecachin • 
Ewine Ct)acalewin • Johe filio Wifii • Recheri • Ct)<?cmaccharil • Edgaro 
Ct)acmurchan Cainrario meo • Gilleyde Ct)acmehin • Achofl;duf • \ Ean 
fre fuo i 

Confirmaco henii • filij turfl;^ De drumeteiefuiene 

33 ^fonib^ fce inrif ecctie fillif piltib^ T: fut^s • Henric^ fili" turfl;" • filij 
leulg" • t roaria vxor eiuf filia t hef Rog^i de Scaleoroc Sahil • Sciatif 
nof conceflifl^e t hac carta nf a confirmaflTe do et eccfie fce CQarie de 
Ct)elrof f 1 mo^^cb ibid do suientib^ donacom q"m predcus Roger? fecit 
eide ecciie t mo^^ch andcis • fcit • tota rram de Drumeteifuiene t de 
alefljiri • 1; de auchnephur p oins tminos 't diuifa • in carta predci 
Rog^i noTata^ Quare volumus vt aiidci mo^^chi teneat 1 poffideat ippetuS 
h^^nc 1 quecumcj, inrprenoinatas diuifas ptinent^ • in bofco '^ plano • in 


piatis T: paft^is • in moris "t marifcis • in falinis 1 in oib^ aliif utilitatib^ "t 
ayfiamentif t omnimod libtalib;-, • ita quiete plenarie t honorifice ficut 
aliq"^m clemofina libiuf q^eciuf • pleniuf "t honorificenciuf tenent uel 
])offiderit ■ t ficut carta fepedci Rogi • t confirmac6 dni iiri Dunec- • 
tefl;antur • Salua tamen nofe t hedibi iirif tm diin marca argenti de 
rra de auchnephur ad recognicom fingtis annif reddenda • xl • fciit 
defi ■ ad pentecofl;" • t aliof • xl • ad fefl;um fci martini • 'T; nof t hedef 
nri manutenebimus t warantizabim^' antedcis monach hec omnia 
contra oiiif hominef t; adquietabimuf de forenfi 1 omni treno suico 
erga dilm regem t omnef hominef Inppetuum • tefl:^" • 1; c^ • 

Carta Eogi de Scalebroc de pifcatura de Don . 

^^ Oiiiib^ scc mf if Eccfie fihis fJfentib^ t fulMs Roger.^ de Scalebroc 
Salt • Sciatis mepcefl^fle 't dedifle t hac meaCartapfirmafle do t Ecctie 
sce Cl)arie de Ct)eh-os 1 monach ibide do feruientib^ • p fahite T; aia dtii 
ini Dunecani filij Gillebti filii Ferg? • '^ p aiab^ oiiiium aiiceflb:^ 1 
fucceflb-j/i ei^^ • t p falute aie mee t omium parentu t hedum meoi; in 
hbam 1; pura 1 ppetua Elemofina pifcat^am mea in Oftio fluinis de 
Don fup harena • 1 una fahna • t una patella uVuq, uoluint in tota 
tra mea de Grenan • t ligna de pxio bofco iiio pdce pifcat^e 't fahne 
■^ ufib, frm "i hoium fuoT^ ibide manentiu modis oinib^ fufficientia • 
Concefll ecia eif unu Toftu ad inhabitandu iuxta ht'' maris u^ uoluint • 
t aUum Toftu fubf Caftellu meu de Grenan u^ poffit res fuas 1; Ca- 
talla repone • t illam partictam rre arabiHs q" e ad occidentalem parte 
uetis uhni ufus antiq^^m faUna • 1 paftiura fex bob^ • 1; dece vaccis fuflfi- 
ciente • Hec oiiiia cocefli t dedi pdcis monach Hfea 1 q^eta 1 fohita 
ab oiiii treno feruicio 1 ^fuetudie t exaccioe fctari • 1 uolo ut ea ha- 
beat teneant t pofliideant in ppetuii ita libe "t ^''ete plenarie 1 honor- 

28 ]\rUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

ifice fic aliq"lii Elemofina libius 1: q^eci^ • pleni? i; honorificenci^ tenet 
ut poffident • Et ipi nionachi utent^ oinib^ pfc^ptis ad libitu fi.iu modis 
oiiiib^ fic meli'^ "t iitiU? s'^ uifu fuit T; frib^ "t hoib3 fuis • t ego 1; 
hedes mi warantizabim^ eis h. oinia pt'"^ oiiis hoies t adq^^etabim? 
de oiTii feruicio qd p aliq'^ Elemofina exigi poflit • Tefl;^ • dno Jocel • 
Glafg • epo • Symoe archid • Dunec • drio iuo • Walt Corbet • 

Confirmaco Dunec- • de pifcat^a de Don 

35 Ocnnibj fce iilrif ecciie filiif prefentib^ t futurif • Dunec^ fiU^' giUbti 
filu ferg? fait • Sciatif me concefl^iflTe t hac mea carta confirmafle do- 
nacom Ro^i de fcalebroc miUtif mei q^^m fecit deo t eccUe fce marie 
de Cl}eh-of 1 monach ibidem deo suientib^ de pifcat^a de Don fup 
harenam • et De una faUna t una patella cu rrif "t toftif^ t omnimod 
aifiametif q idem roger^ ^tulit eif in ritorio de grenan • Quare uolo 
ut aridci monach heant • teneant • t poflldeant hec oia inppetuum • Ita 
Ube • q^ete • plenarie t honorifice • fic carta predci Rogi tefl;at^ Sahio 
suico meo de predco rog^o • Et ego t hedef mei manutenebim? t 
warantizabim^ eifde monach hec oia cont^ omf hominef inppetuum • 
teft;-^ . T: c" . 

Confirmacio Raderic t vxorif ei? de tra de Grenan . 't de pifcatura in 
Don . 

36 Omibj Sce mfif EccUe fiUis pfentib^ t fut^s Raderic a)acGiUefcop • 
t Crifl-iana fponfa ei^ fiUa Ro^i de Scalebroc Satt • Sciatis nof ^cef- 
fifle t hac nfa Carta _pfirmafle do t EccUe de COelr • t monach ibide 
do feruientibj in Ubam t pura t ppetua elemofina donacioem Ro§i 
de Scalebc q^^m fecit eide ecctie 1 monacti ^dcis de pifcatura de Don 


fup harenfi 1 una falina cu trif 't toftis 1 Oiuib^ aifiamtis q ptinent^ 
in Carta ^dci Rogi tenenda l pofTidenda in ppetuii ita libe t qVte plen- 
arie t honorifice fic aUq"^ elemofina libi? "t qVci'' pleni? "t honorificen- 
ci^ tenet^ ut pofRdet^ t fic Carta ^dci Rogi teflat* Et nos t hedes nri 
manutenebim^ t warantizabim? eis omia ^dca t adq^^etabim^ ea o'^ 
oms hoies de ouii feruicio inppetuu • ConcefRm^ ecia cifde monach 't 
hac Carta pfirmauim? tota tra de Druteifuiene t de Alefburc t de 
Auchenephur • q^^ntu ad nos ptinet tenenda t pofTidenda Ippetuu ita 
libe t qVte t honorifice fic carta ^dci Rogi 1 ^firmaco dni nri Dufi 
teflant^ • Tefle eode Duii • Witt • vicec de nouo Caflello ff Ar • Waltb 
ctico Reg Jobe clico • Jofee ffe Vdardi Gilleb Ct)ac Kenedi • Ewein 
CQac Alewi • Gillenem Cl)accoleiii • Et qa figillu pp^^um n huimP Dns 
nf Dunec ■ rogatu nfo figillu fuii p nob huic carte nfe appofuit • 

Carta Dunecani de carrig^ de duabuf falinif in territorio de turnebiri • 

37 Sciant oiiif tam prefentef q^^m fut^i q^d ego Duncanuffili^ Gilebti de 
carric dedi t pceffi t hac piiti carta mea prmaui deo t fce marie 
t monach de Ct)elrof • p falute aie mee t p aiab^ aiicefroi; t hedii. 
meoT? . duaf falinaf in loco ppetenti inf'' feodu de tornebiri • t octo 
acraf tre arabit ppe falinaf illaf s"* utiliores • Et paflura oib^ aueriif 
falinis illis ^petentib^ • tened de me t bedib^ meif s^ i p^am t ppetua 
elemofinam • lil3e t qVte t honorifice • abfq, oiui ^fuetudle t exaccoe 
fecfari • moleflia t g-^uamine • in oib^ ayfiamet^ faUnif necefTariif . 
Quia fikie fue quaf ad falinaf ap"* grenan hebant i penit^ combufle 
funt t deflructe • In cui^ rei teftimonium prefens fcriptu figilli mei 
appofico pmuniui • Teft-' • t c^ 


Confirmaco Keg Wifti de efchedale 

38 Wittmf di gra rex feott • omnib^ pbif hoib^ tociuf regni fui fait • 
fciatif me pceffifle '^ hac mea carta ^finnafre deo t fce marie de Ct)ehof 
1: monach ibidem deo suientib^ inppetuam elemofinam tram de efche- 
dale • id efl; thumerloch t Weitkerroc cu oib ptinenciif fuif • ita libe • 
T: q^ete • T; integre • fic carta robti auenil eif teftat^ l pfirmat- tefl^ • 1: c • 

Carta Rob^i Auenel d Efkedale . 

39 Oiuib^ fce iiirif ecciie filiif • tam ^fentib^ q^^m fut^is • Rob .Auenel fat • 
Sciant oiiis qd egoRob Auenei • annuente dilo meo Witto neg fcott • 
p ^ceffu "i afTenfu Geruafii tiedif mei concefii 1 dedi • t hac mea 
carta confirmaui do 't ecciie fce coaRie de Ct)eyh-of • 1 Ct)onachif ibide 
deo feruientib^ • rram mea de Efchedale • fciiT; Tumloher • 1 Weid- 
kerroc • in ' p^am 't liba t ppetuam elemofina • p anima dKi mei Eeg 
Dd • q' eandem t^i'am dedit m^ p feruicio meo ■ t p anima comit 
lienf . t Cl)alcolmi ueg • 1 p anima drii mei Witti Eeg fcott • t omniu 
antecelToj/ 1 fucceffoTf fuoT^ • t p anima mea • t Sibbille uxorif mee^ 
t g animab^ oTum hedum t parentu meoi^ • Hanc tram^fcilicet 
Tumloher t Weidkerroc • dedi predictis monachif • t incartaui • p has 
diuifaf • videit ficut duo efches |)ueniunt • t ita furffx p blac efch • ufq^ 
ad p^mu lorrente q'' defcendit de herteflieued • T: de illo torrente fur- 
fum p media cundof montiu • int: ipfof "t Rob de bruf • ficut aque def- 
ecndunt afuf ipfof monachof • Et ita inr foreflam de Thimei t ipfof^ 
p medid cundof montiu • ficut aq defcendut Sfuf ipfof • Similit' int 
tram de bordewich t ipfof monachof • p mediu cundos montiu • ficut 
aq' defcendut uers? ipfof • Et ita ufq^ ad tram de hawic • t inde in 
t^nfSfu p mediu cundof montiu qd eft int meipfu t pdictof monachof • 


ficut aqiie defcendunt Sfuf ipfof -Qd cundof fe extendit p defurfQ 
harewude • 1 fic defcendit ufq^ u^ duo efchef pueniut • Totam au lianc 
fJnoTatam Pram • "t poffeflione • 1: quicq^d continet^ infra haf pfc^ptaf 
diuifaf-in bofco t plano^in p"^tif T: pafturif- in aq^s t marifcif^ 't in 
oTb3 utiUtatib^ • "t aifiamtis • conceffi t dedi • T: confirmaui antedictif 
monachif • in p^am T; ppetuam elemofina . tenore ppetuo tenendam "t 
poflidendam de me 1 hedib^ meif • Hbam t ^''etam ab omib^ ferui- 
ciif • 1 ab oiiii exactioe fctari • ficut libius t q^eci^ • pleni? T: honorifi- 
cenci" • aliq^^elemofina teSi 1 poflid^i poteft • Et fi forte ^dicta elemo- 
fina calupniari aliquis uoluerit • ego t hedef mei oT calOpnianti re- 
fpondebim^ • 1 fufRcienr defendem^ eam pdictif monachif • t waran- 
tizabim". Hoc au fciendu qd m'' t hedib^ meif retinui tantu ceruu t 
ceruam • porcu "t cap'olum • infra haf ^fc^ptaf diuifaf • abfq^ dapno 
taih t lefione fegetu • p^^tOT^ • fepiu • pecudu • animaliu • t oTum aliaru 
pofieffionu • eo^^de monacho:y: • Ita taiii • qd ego t hedef mei forefta- 
riu ri habebim^ infra haf ^fataf diuifaf • Veruptam habebim? infra 
eafdem diuiflif lafnef t accipitru t fpSio^ nidof . t c^todes ad illos 
e^todiendof • t forfueiaf • Sciendu ecia qd predicti monachi habefit "t 
poffidebt totam pdictara rram libam "t ^''etam a me t hedib^ meif • 
falua ^dicta faluagina mea^ t nidif accipitf . t fpSio-j; • Et utent^ oini 
hoc tenemto p libitu t uoluntate fua . ficut meU^ t utili^ . fibi 1 fribj 
fuif • t feruientib^ t aueriif fuif . pficere uifu fuerit . Excepto q°d n )( 
uenabunt* ibi cu motif t cordif • nec aUof ducent ad uenandu • nec 
I^edicaf ibi ponent.n^ ad capiendof lupof-neq, accipient infra haf 
diuifaf • accipitf t fpuioi^ nidos • Prerea fciendu qd monachi ^noTati fo- 
lebant redd^e m^ anmiati q'nq, marcaf q^^ndo dedi eif p^iio hanc ?ram • 
f3 p^aUq^t annof • ad honore di t p falute anime mee remifi t dedi eif 
q^nta marca in elemofina • ad pcurandum lum ante altare fce o^aRie • 
imppetuu • Deinde p° obitu fibiUe uxorif mee • p affenfu t conceffu 


Gei-uafii ftedif mei • 1 p pfiliu amico"!; meoT^ • ex toto remifl T: dedi do • 
\ ecciie fce roaEie de meylrof 1 monacliif ibidem do feruientib^ in 
p^am t ppetua elemofina • t q^etaf clamaui ipfaf q^^tuor marc • q^^s ptib^* 
annif m'' redd"e folebant-Hancg^^penfione-t totam ^fc^^ptamp^feffione. 
aflentiente t ^cedente Geruafio hede meo • dedi do t ^dictif monachif • 
inlibam t p^am • t ppetua elemofina • q^etam t fohitfi ab omi feruicio 
1: exactione fdari • Et ut hec mea elemofina fl;abihf T; firma fit imppe- 
tuu • nec vdlom° poffit in u-ritu duci • renouaui 1; feci eifdem monachif 
hanc mea carta • in tempore diii mei Witti iieg fcott • t diis meuf 
"Witts rex • peticione 1: rogatu meo • hanc mea donacione "t elemofina 
carta fua pfirmauit • ficut dns me? Rex CX)alcolm^ rogatu meo illam 
p^ore ^ceflit • t carta fua confirmauit • Priorif au donaciois mee t carte 
q"^m feci eif tempore dtii mei COalcot reg • hi funt teftef • Ric epc fci 
And • Engelr epc de Glafg • Greg • epc de Duket • Gaufrid^ abbaf 
de duferfn • Johs abbas de kelcho • Alured? abbaf de fl;riue} • 
Nicholauf cancett • OOaths archidiac • Walleuuf coin • Dunec com • 
Ferted coiu • Ct)alcolm? coni • Ric de morauiH • Walter^ filiuf alani • 
Dd olifard • Rob de ^''nci • Ric cumin • Bernard^ fili^ brie • Rol3 de 
berkei • Wal?uf ctic^ • Ric ctic'' • Walluf de berkei • S5 p"ea tempore 
diii mei WiHi iieg • q^^ndo hec donacio renouata e • 1 firma predicta 
ex toto remifla eft • ifti eciam teftef funt • Jocelin? epc Glatg • Symon 
archidiac • Hugo paruuf cticuf regif^ Wifls fenefcalluf epi • Waltuf 
cticuf epi • Dauid com • ff Reg • fcot • Alan^ fenefcall^ iieg • fcot 
Robtuf le croc milef ipfi? . Alan" fili? Hug . fenefcalluf coih • dd • 
herebt^ de archef • WiHs de aldri • Geruafiuf de eincurt • nepof 
dni Robti • Glai nepos ipfi^ . 


Cyrog^phuf Robti Auencl dc pitatiis 1 renuciaco iiij m^rcav 

40 Sciant tam pfenterq^^ni fut4 • q"d Robert'' Auenel • t geruafi? heref ei" • 
,p falute aia-!/ fuaru .t omniu anceffoT/ 't fuccefroT/ fuoi/ • qVtaf clamaueft 
inppetuu illaf q^tuor marchaf • quaf monachi de meylrof aliq^^ndo 
annuatl folebant ilhf redd^e • in firma p tra de efchedale^ad q^^tuor 
pitantiaf faciendu _pucntui ei^^de loci p annu • Sciendu etia q^d abbaf 
t totuf IJdicf^puent? •pceflert fidelireide Roberto t geruafio heredi 
ei^.t omnibi hei-edib^ eo^^q^d ifte pfate pitantie inppetuum dabunt^ 
eide ^uentui quat p annu • hif fcUicet dieb3 • Die quo ipc diis Robert!^ 
fchii rehnq^^nf • fe ex toto reddidit domui illi • Et irum die illo q" ide 
ipe diif Robert^ defunct? eft • Et irum die fexta a die natiuitatif 
diiice • in pmemoracione aie diie Sibille vixorif ei^de doni robti • 
Dief aii q"i-t^ • eft dief obit? ipi^ geruafii • Q^^ndiu u° uixit ipe 
geruafi^- in poteftate ei^ fuit • q" die uoluit ijjfa pitantia ouentui dari • 
Et fciendu q"d in iftif jJnoiatif dieb^ • in capitulo ei^de domuf ^me- 
moratio aTaru coi^^t abfolutio inppetuu fiet^Hi ft teftef • Jocelin"^ 
epc glafcuenfif • Symeon cpc de dunblain • Ofbt? abbaf de kelcou • 
Erkenbald'' abbas de dunfermehn • Ricard'' abbaf de ieddewrth • 
Dauid comef ff regif fcotie • Symon archidiacon^' • Glai nepof 
domni Robti auenel ■ Robt^ cleric? fih^ ipi^ robti • Cl>gifter 
roger^ de neuporth • 

Carta Geruafli Auenel d Eflfedale • 

41 Omib3 fce mfif ecclie fihif • Geruafiuf Auenel • fihuf Robti Auenel 
fat • Sciatif me concefl"ifle • t hac mea carta confirmafle deo t ecciie fce 
cDaRie de Ct)eyh-of • t monachif ibidem deo feruientib^ • donacionem 
pfif mei • fcilt tram de Efchedale • q^^m idem par meuf iflif 


34 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

donaiiit in ppetua elemofinam • "t carta fua confirmauit • annuente 

piiffimo Rege Cl)elcolmo ^''uf • T; p"ea illuftri Rege Wiito ffe eiuf • fcil~t 

Tumloher 't Weidkerroc- in libam 't p^am 1; ppetuam elemofina, • p 

anima gloii Keg ■ Dd • q* eandem rram donauat eid pfi meo p feruicio 

fuo • 1 I? anima coni • lienf • t ^dicti COelcolmi Keg • 't p anima ^dicti 

WiHi ueg fcott • dni mei • t oTum anceflb-!^ t fucceflbT^ el'' • T; p ani- 

ma mea • T; uxorif mee 1 oium fuccefToT^ mcoi^ • Hac itaq^ rram • fcitt 

Thumloher t Weidkerroc • conceffi pdictif monachif • T: dedi l: confir- 

maui- "t hac mea carta incartaui • p haf diuifaf •Uidelicet ficut duo 

efchef conueniunt • t ita furfu p blac efche • ufq., ad p^mum torrente 

qui defcendit de herteflieued • t de illo torrente furfum p medium 

cundos montiu • inP ipfof t Robtum de bruf • ficut aque defcendunt 

uers^ ipfos monachof • Et ita in? foreftam de thimei t ipfof • p mediu 

cundof montiu ficut aque defcendunt Sfuf ipfof • Similir inter tram 

de bordewich t ipfof monachos p mediuni cundof montiu • ficut aque 

defcendunt 2fuf ipfof • Et ita ufq., ad terram de hawich • '"t inde in 

f^nfuerfum p medium cundof montiu • qd e int: meipfum t ^dictof 

monachof • ficut aque defcendunt uers? ipfof • Qd cundof fe extendit p 

defurfum harewude • t fic defcendit ufq^ u^ duo efches conueniunt • 

Totam au hanc pnoiatam Pram t p^feffione • t quicqM ^tinet^ infra haf 

^dictaf diuifaf • in bofco t plano • in p^^tif 't pafturif- in aquif 't marifcif • 

1 in oinib^ utilitatib^ t aifiamtif • conceffi t dedi t confirmaui antedic- 

tif monachif in p^am t ppetuam elemofinam • ppetuo iure tenendam t 

p^fidendam • libam t q^etam a me 't hedib^ meif • t folutam ab omib^ 

feruiciif • t ab oini^fuetudine t exactione fcfari • ficut libiuf t quieciS'^ 

pleniuf t honorificenci? aliqua elemofina teneri t poffidi poteft • Et 

fiquif forte aliq^^ndo hanc pdictam rram calumpniari uoluerit • ego t 

hedef mei omni calumpnianti refpondebim^ t fufEcienrdefendem^eara 

jidictif monachif 1 warantizabim? • Hoc au fciendum e qd m^ t hedib^ 


mcif retineo tantummodo ceruvi 't ceruam • porcu t cap'olum infra 
^noTataf diuifas • abfq^ dampno taiii "t lefione fegetum • p^^toi/ • fepium • 
pecudum • animaliu-T: omm aliarum pofTeffionu eorude monachoT^^ Ita 
tamen qd ego t hedef mei foreftarium ii liabebim" infra fifcriptaf 
diuifaf • Verumptam habebim? infra eafdem diuifaf • lafncf t accipi- 
tru t fpSio-^ nidos • "t cuftodef ad illof cnftodiendos • t forfueiaf • t 
fciendum q°d monachi pdicti habebunt 1 poffidebunt totam ^dictam 
tram.libam "t qVtam a me ~t hedib^ meif • falua ^dicta faluagina 
mea • t nidif accipitrum t fpQioi; • ^ ipfi monachi utent^ omi hoc 
tenemto p libitu t uoluntate fua • ficut melii' t utihuf • s' t ffib^ fuif • 
feruientib^ t aueriif fuif pficere uifum fuerit • Excepto qd non uena- 
bunt^ ibi cum motif t cordif^ nec ahof ibi ducent ad uenandu • nec 
pedicaf ibi ponent n'' ad capiendof lupof • neq>, accipient infra haf di- 
uifaf accipitru t fpuioT^i nidof •PreVea fciendum qd q'nq^ marcaf quaf 
aliq^^ndo pat meuf in firmam accepit ab eif • qTq^ ipfe 1 mater mea illis 
ante morte fuam qVtaf clamauert • haf ego fimiUp q^etaf clamaui • t eif 
in elemofinam dedi • t imppetuu remifi • t hoc idem ^fenti carta con- 
fii-maui . Et ut hec elemofina ftabihf t firma fit imppetuii nec uUom" 
poffit in irritum duci . dKs meuf WiWs rex fcott • petitione t rogatu 
meo.eandem elemofinam eif conceffit t dedit • t carta fua confirmauit • 
T . . . Jocet epc Glafg • Symeon epc de Dunbt • Erciiembald" abbaf de 
Duferiii • Ofbtuf abbaf de kelclio • Ric abbaf de Jeddewurde • Symon 
archidiac • Wido p^or de kelcho . Ric decan? • d haftenefd • (X)a. 
gifP Rog de neuport • a)agif? iohs de Rokefb • a)agif? Adam de 
herefh • WiUs fenefchaUus • • . pfona de Ulefdiu . Walter5' cleric?. 

Hugo dic? Reg ^Valt olif^ • Walt corb . Wift • 

de la haia . Geruafi^ nepof Rob Auen . Glai'' nepos el^ . Rob fiU? Rob 
Auen Re5 fcott • 

36 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Confirmatio regif WiWi d Efkedale 

42 Witis di gra rex fcot • Epis • AtJbibj • Comit • Baroii • Juftic • vicecom • 
ppofit • minill^s • ~t oinib^ pbif hoib^ toci^ Pre fue fat • Sciant ^fentef t 
jiofti me i^ceffiffe t hac mea carta pfirmafTe do t ecctie fce coaiiie de 
meylii • t monachif ibide do feruientibj tota illam tram de efchedale • 
p eafde diuifaf q noiant^ \ ^tinent^ in cartif Dom Robti Auenel 1: 
Geruafii hedif ipfius - q^^s bnt de eif de eade rra • Ita ut q^cq^d infra 
eafde diuifaf fuerit • habeant 1 poffideant imppetuu • ita hbe t quiete • 
integre 't pacifice • ficut aliq'^ elemofina libiuf t qVci? in regno meo 
poffidet^ • Confirmaui eni t ^ceffi eif eande rram imppetuu libam • 
t foluta ab ouiib^ auxiliif • T: ab oini feruicio T;pfuetudine t exactione 
fctari • faluo feruicio meo de geruafio et hedib^ ei^ • Hif tefl^ib^ • Ofbto 
att)e de kelcho • Hug a^e de Nevbotle • Witto malueifin • Ricardo 
de la puende-Hug del feel • Dauid comite ffe Regif • E,o1jto de 
q^nci • Hug ridel • Ricardo de munfichet • Philippo de Valuinef • Rogo 
de Valuinef • Waldeuo filio baldewini • Alexandro de feint martin • 
Herueio le marefcal • Ricard le marefcal • Robto de feint michel - 
Adam de fl,anford • 

Confirmacio • J • ejji • d tofto in glafcu 

43 Joc • di gf a glafg epc . vni9fif fce matT ecciie filiif tam pof?if q^t 
|)fentib3 fait in xpo • Sciatif nof dedifle t pceffifle.^t hac carta nra pfir- 
mafle do l ecciie Sce maKie de maj^lrof 't monachif ibidem doferuien- 
tib5 • in libam 1 ppetuam elemofina • illud toftum in burgo d glafgu • 
q^d Rannulfuf d hadintun edificauit in p^ma edificatioe burgi ad op^ 
dom!' de maybof • ita plenarie fic illud edificauit 't tenuit • Quare 
uolum? ut iPdicti monachi d maylrof teneant 'i poffideant ^dictum 

^^ f :^ 

' * Q -^ SS o ^ - 

^ r. S n ^C 2 tfi 



H <^ 5 5 


\3 e g «^ _ 


i l^f 

«> ^ ^^s ^ 

,1. 1 ^ J fj ;ij ^? ^ 




toftu ita libe t qVte fic ipfi aliq,'^ elemofina libiuf "t quieci^ tenent '"t 
poffident • His tefl," • Hug abbe d Neubot- • Symo arcliid glafg 
Helia • roagifl" Johe • Helia • Plulippo • Beda • Eng • Herb • canonicif 
d glafg • WiHo T: WalVo clicis cpi • Alano dapifero regis • Erkem- 
baldo de duueglas • Robto d'' mungubri • Hug d paduiii • Alexan 
fenefcaldo ep • 

Carta Florencii electi d tofto in Glafgu 

44 Florenciuf di gfa Glafguienfif elect? vniufis fce maff ecclie filiif tam 
pof?is q^^m ^fentib^ • fatt in xpo • Sciatif nof dedifle ^ ^ceffifle 1; hac 
karta nfa pfirmafle do "i ecciie fce OQaiiie de (X)e\^ 't monachif ibide 
do feruientib^ in libam ^ ppetua elemofina iHd tophtu in burgo de 
glafgu • qd ranulfuf de hadintune edificauit in p^ma edificacone burgi 
ad op^ dom? de Ct)elRos • ita plenarie ficut ittd edificauit "t tenuit • put 
etia ^fatu tophtu ^dictif foonachif datu carta |)decefibrif nfi pie 
memorie • J • epi glafg tefi;at^ • Q^^re uolum^ ut fup'^dictj roonachi de 
OC)el^ teneat 1 poffideant pdictu tophtu ita libe t q^ete ficut ipi aliq^^m 
elemofina liberi^ t q^eci? tenet 't poffident • His tefi^ib^ • Radulfo epo 
d dune • R • abbe de kinlof • Ct^agifl," • I • officialj • Bndicto capellano • 
Alexand" capeHo • rt)agifl;° terrj • Hugone hmel • Walro d parif • t 
aliis cnultis • 

Carta Walti epi d tofto i glafgv • 

45 Walruf di gfa Epc Glafguienfif vniufif fce matrif ecdie fifiif tam 
pof?if q^^m ^fentibuf fatt in xpo • Sciatif nof dedifle 1 conceffifl"e t hac 
carta nfa confirmafle deo t ecdie fce marie de foelrofl^t cnonachif 
ibidem deo feruientibuf in libam 1 ppetuam elemofinam illud tophtum 


in Burgo de Glafgii • qiiod Hanulfuf de hadintune edificauit in ^''ma 
edificacone Burgi ad opus dofo? de roelrofl" • ita plenarie ficut illud 
edificauit "t tenuit . prout etiam ^fatum tophtum ^dcif monachif 
datum carta ^deceflbrif nfi pie memorie • J • epi Glafg teftatur 
Quare uolumuf ut fup^dci coonachi de roela • teneant 'i poflideant 
^dcm tophtum ita libe t quiete ficut ipi aliq^^m elemofinam libiuf 't 
quieci? tenent t poflldent • Hif teftib^ • COagro Wittmo de blaif archi- 
diacono be bukigham • Cl)agro Wiiimo de Grenlau • t ft)agro Wiftmo 
de hedeham • t Ct)agro Adam de Walepol • T: Cl>gro Theodenico • cticif 
nfif • Thoma t Walro capHanif nrif • '^ WiHmo de haneflej • Warino 
nepote nfo • 1; Radulfo ciico t mttif aliif • apud Cl)elrvoflr« 

Confirmaco • W • fihi Alani de Edmudefturi 

46 VniiJfif fce mafis Eccfie filiis Pfentib^ l fut^if • WalPuf fili? Alani 
Dapifer reg fcott • faltm • Scialif me concefl^flTe t hac carta mea confir- 
mafl^e do \ Ecciie fce roarie de ClQelrof • 1; roonachif ibidem deo ferui- 
entib? donaconem illam q^^m WalterS' fili? ahnii Auus meuf fecit illif 
de q^^tuor carucatif rre in edmundeft- • Habend t tenend in p^am t 
ppetuam elemofinam adeo libe plenarie 1; qVte fic idem a^onachi eaf 
tenuerut 1 tenent • 1 ficut carta quam de eo habent teftat^ • Hiis Teft- 
ibuf^Wittode bofco Cancelf reg- Rog^o Auenel • Alano de counde- 
gurai • Dd de Hndefei • Rogo fiho Glai • Hug^ roauleuerer • Hugone 
RideH: • Radulfo nano • Witto heriz • \ Cl)ultif Aliis • 

Confirmatio negf • W • d Edmud^ftu 

47 • W • Rex Scott • Oniib3 pbif hoib^ tocl" ?re fue • francif 't Angi • 
t Scottif i fat • Sciant ta pof ri q^^m ^fentef me ccefllfl^e 1 hac mea cai'ta 


^fii*maffe eccte Sce COarie de Cl)aylrof 't monachif ibide do feruientib^ 
donatioem q^^m Waltuf fili'' Alani fecit eide eccte 't monacliif de tra 
Edmundefluii • in oib^ ita libe t q^ete in elemofina ppetua f fic libi^ t 
q^eci^ Carta ipli? WalPi eif teftat^ • Tefi;e Ric • epo Sci Andree . Engel- 
ramo Epo Glafgiienfi • Johe Abbe de kelchou • Ofbto Abbe de 
Gedewrde • Nicholao Cancetio . Ric . Capellano . Ric • de COorauilla • 
WalPo filio Alani • Phillppo de Valunnef . Robto Auenel • Wal?o 
Corhet • Gilleb . filio Richerij . Wiiio de Haia . Witto de OQortemer . 
Radulfo namo . Imero clerico ■ Walto de berchelaj • Apd Lannarc • 

Carta comitif PaOcii d carrucata tre iuxta emudeftu 

48 Oibj fce fofis ecctie filiis pfentib^ t ful^is Pat^ci^ Comes de dumbar 
fait • Sciatis me dedilfe t _pceffifie t hac mea carta pfirmafTe do t ecctie 
fce roarie de coelros t <oonachis ibidem do feruientib^ p aiab^ dd t 
malcolmi regii fcocie t Comitif henrici t p aiab^ pfis mei t mfis 
mee t ade comitifle q^ndam uxorif mee • t p falute dKi WiHmi regis 
t regine t Alexand^ filij eoi). t p falute mea t c^ftine comitiffe uxoris 
mee t p falute pafcij filij mei t oium filio-j; meoij. t filia:;; . vuiam 
cax'ucata tre ficut ego ipe eam pambulaui pdictis monachis cu adam 
abbate de coelrof t cum pbis hominib^ meis que ^tinct^ infra haf 
diuifas • Scilict ab illo loco q" dicit^ munekedie afcendendo p ficum 
q' uocat^ luggild ufq^ pf^ grcnclawe t inde iierD' aqlone p lapidef q^ 
pofiti funt p diuifas a me factas ufq^ ad ^dictu grenelawe t inde uerf^ 
aqlone p eafdem diuifas ufq,, ad crumbeftan q^ t^nflat^ de loco ubi 
pri^ ftetat pofit^" e ad ^dictas diuilas • t inde uers? aqlone p lapides 
pofitos p diuifas ufq, in tympanelecche t inde us? aq^^lone p eafdem 
diuifas ufq, in tacwith t inde defcendendo p eunde tacwith ufq, 
ad orientalem ptem de cruc t inde uers^ aq^lone p t^nfufum Witerig 

40 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

p lapides pofitos p diuifas ufq., in cakkewellelecclie "t inde defcendendo 
p eunde cakkevvellelecche ufq., ad fonte fci cuthbti T: inde defcendendo 
p riuulu 0* exit de pdicto fonte ufq^ ad nefefflat • Totam lianc tram 
^ q^cqM ptinet^ infra ^fc^ptas diuifas uerf edmundeflun g^^ngiam 
eorunde coonachoT^ dedi eis in hlSam • puram • t ppetua elemofina 
ut ea habeant • teneant 'i poffideant in ppetuu ita libe T: qVte plene '=t 
honorifice abfq,, oi rreno femicio t pfuetudine 1 exacc&ne fctari ficut 
aliq'^ elemofina lil3i? • ^''eci^ • pleni^ 't honorificenci^ teneri potefl; ut 
poffideri • Et ego 'i heredes mei manutenebim^' "t warantizabim? 
eande elemofina pdictif foonachif pf^ os homines in ppetuu t acq^eta- 
bim^ eam erga diim regem de ouii forenfi feruicio • Teftib^ Drio 
nadulfo dunenfi epo • PatVio fit meo • Laurentio de Al3nithi • Wiflo 
paf c • PatVio fit Ade • Nefo fit nef • Rogo de mlej • Ric nano • 
Rolando • Wal?o fit edgar 1 Alano fre ej^ • Waldeuo p'^ de Witigha • 
Nigello ffe ej^ • Thoma frafer • t multis aliis • 

Carta domine Eue uxoris Robti de quinci de edmonft,' 

49 Omnibus fce mris ccciie filiis pfitib^ et futuris • Eua quond vxor 
Roberti dequinci fatt • Nouit Aiiiuerfitas vfa me de elemofina mea vi- 
ginti quinq^ acras terre arabii emiffe ^tigvias metis g^^ngie de edmund- 
fl;oii • et eas do et fancte marie de Ct^elros et mo^^chis ibidem do fer- 
uien • pro fatte diii mci • Wifli reg fcoc^ • et pro fatte anime mee et 
aiai/ pfis et mfis mee • 't daoij. meoi/. Robti de quiiici • t Walri de 
berkeley •'T; Rolandi ffis mei • et Johis fiUi meiet C^ftine fororis mee^ 't 
oim fidelium • dedifle et hac mea carta pfirmafle in puram et ppetuam 
elemofinam • Et &** q hanc elemofinam fpaliter affignaui ufibus co- 
uentus ■ ita q ad pmiffionem abfais et tocius puent^ • 


Cirograpluun de deciiuis dc Eduiundstoii • 

•50 Anno ab incaruacione dni • CV)" • C" • Ixx" iij" • facta eft ifta compo" inter 
monafterium de tl)elros et eccHam de dunbar lup decimac&ibus pol- 
feflionfi dua:^ grangiarum que vocat^ edmundfton et htiflieuede die 
^poicionis fce ad eas ptinencium • f • qd monafrium de Cl)elros finglis 
annis • xxx foi • pfoluet eccie de dunbar • ita q eccia dunbar • nichil 
amplius fup hos • xxx • fot . a prefato monafterio exigere poffit uel de- 
beat inppetuu • qui folidi dandi funt ad feftum fci martini • Teft" • 

Confirmaco Ricardi Epi Sti Andree • de decimis g^^ngiar de 
Emundiftune 1- Herteflieued 

51 R. • di gra fci andree epc omnib^ orthodoxe ecctie filijf sai 't ppetuam 
benedictionem • Nouerint tam prefehtef quam futuri • nof conceffifle t 
autoritate pfentif fc^ti • T: confdio atq,, confenfu capli nfi confirmafle 
compofione inr coonaftium de 0:}aylrof • '^ ecclefiam de Dunbar in 
nra ^feneia facta • t Cyrog^pho utri^^q, partif munita • fup decimatio- 
nib^ duaru grangiaru de Emundeftune t herteflieued • Spot T; oiiiium 
ptinentiu ad eafde grangeaf • fub tali forma • q"d coonaf riu de Cl)aylrof 
fingut annif xxx folidof pfoluet ecctie de Dunbar • ita q°d ecctia de 
Dunbar nichil ampli^ fup*^ hof xxx fot a pfato monafrio exige poffit 
uel debeat in ppetuu • Hanc ^pofitione ad utri'^cj\ partif peticione • in 
finodo a nob confirmatam • in ppetuum ab omnibuf filijf ecdie di 
ratam T: iUibatam auctoritate epali feri cenfemuf • T: ne forte in pofPum 
cuiufq^^m eccfiaftice fclarifue pfone poteflate • fiue temeritate • uel 
machinatione aliqua caffari jioffit uel quoq"m° infringi ab aliquo • 
fub anathemate 1; u-a uenturi iufti iudicif 'i ultione dni nfl ihu xpi 
cum omni fynodo nfa inhibemuf • Te • • • • and archido . laudoie • 


42 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Walt archido Sci and • A • afeb de xeubothel • Gauf-' abb de dunf " • 
Rob aBb de fcona • Joti abb de s cruce • Rogo abb de di-iburg • Rob de 
pt cancei epi • Alex albino capeft epi • A^^iut • '^ PatVio de canif • 
Ada de dunbar • Ald p"^ de lawad^ • Gilif de Wedala • 

Confmaco • A • Arcb t vniufi Cleri laodonie-tramm de edmundefton 
t hartelheued 

52 Omnib^ fce coatrif ecctie filijf • A • archidiacon? • '^ vniufuf Cler? 
Laudonienfif Salt • ^ouint ta ^fentef (fm futuri nos intfuiffe '^ ^filiu 
t aflenfum ^buifle ad ppetue pacif 1; Caritatif obferuantia ^pofitioni 
facte in ^fentia uenerabit • Ricap: epi fci andree • inter cnonaftiu de 
COaih-of • T; eccliam de Dunbar fup decimationib^ g^^ngiaru de 
Edmundeftvme t herteflaeued • fcdm forma que in cyrographo utri^q^ 
partif • ut lit?if ^dicti epi nf i ptinet^ • fcilicet qd roonafriu de Cl^aikof 
fingut annif xxx folidof pfoluet eccte de Dunbar • ita qd ecctia de 
dunbar nicb ampfi" fup"^ hof xxx foHdof a ^fato monafrio in ppetuu 
exig^e poflit uel debeat • T • Walt^ archiado de s and • A • abb de 
Neubot . Gavif" de dunf" • uob abb de fcona • Joh Abb de § 
Cruce • Rog abb d driburg • A^iut • 1 Paf cio decanif • Rob de pt • 
Ald p^" d lawad^ . Gilif d Wadale . 

Confirmatio regif • W • d hertefliefd 

53 • W . Rex Scott^ • Omib, pbif hoib^ terre fue • Clericif t laicif • fi-ancif 
• Angt • "t Scottif • fat • Sciant ta poft^i q^^m pfentes me cceflifle ^ 
hac mea carta ^firmafle Eccte Sce Cparie de Cl^aykof t monachif ibidem 
do feruientib^ donacbne q^^m Gofpatricuf comef fecit eid eccte 't mo- 
nachif confenfu "t conceflli hedif fui de tra herteflieiied 1: fpot • • • p 


falute ale fiie t aiarii pdeceflbi^ fuoif • in ofnib^ ita libe t quiete in 

elemofina ppetua i fic \M9 t qVci^ carta trici • eif teftatur i 

1 carta rcgif Cl)alcolmi frif mei concedit 't pfirmat • Tefte Ricardo 

epo Sci Andree • Engelram Glafgiienfi • Johe abbe de kelchovi . 

Ofbto abbe de Gedewrde • Nicholao Canceiio • Ct)atbo Archidiacono • 
S • And • llic . de ttlorauilla • WalPo filio Alani • Wal?o Corbet • Robto 
Auenel • Gillebto filio Richerij • Philippo de Valun • • Bernardo filio 
Breani • Robto filio Guidonif • Radulfo de Cler • WiHo de a)ortemer • 
Ricardo capellano • Imero • • • • co . AVitto de Haia . Radulfo namo • 
Walto de berchelaj • Apd I^annarc • 

Cirog'^ph5' de diuijP 1? Steint '^ Hertifhed 

54 Sciant pfentef T: poft^j qd lif 't pt°9fia diutina^q^ fuit int cnonachof de 
OOelRof • t Robtu de fteint • de diuifif jn? fteint 1; g^^ngiam de 
herteflieued • pfideracioe pboT/ hoinu vt^ufq, ptif pfenfu t aflenfu • jta 
eft Pminata • Scilicet vt jfte fit diuife de vado ftaincheleflD^n f p 
t^nfSfam cooram vfuf aq^one vfq^ adq^^ndam hogu • t de jllo hogo vfq, 
ad altm hogu • 1; de jllo fcdo hogo p t^nfSfam rooram f vfq, ad 
q^nda puu Gile • 1 p jUu Gile deorfu vlt^ q'nda ficu vfq, ftancheftre • 
"l de ftancheftre vfq^ ad q^nda altm ficu q"" defcedit jn pfmunetb^ne • 
Ita aute ^pftitute ft ifte diuife • qd pdcs Robt'' p fe T; heredib? 
fuif ^''etQ clamavit imppetuu • qVq^d jurif habuit • vt hre potuit • 
vlt^ jftaf diuifaf vfuf herteflieued • Et jpi monachi 010 q^etum 
clamauef t juf omne qd habuerut vt hre potuerut vlt^ eafde diuifas 
vfuf fteint • Et ta ipi coonachi q*^ pdcf Robt^ p fe t heredib'' fuif 
firmiV T; fidelit pmiferut • qd nuUa jnpoftm aliq" tepore ab alterutra 
pte vfuf altam vltra pdcaf diuifaf queftio moviebit^ • vi ^tencio 
oriet^ • Hif Teftib^ • helia de pthic fre ipi? Robtj 1 Caii de Glalg • 

41. MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Itoltido sencfc" Comitif patricij • petro Ctico de Witingeha • Aldredo 
de pople • Robto filio ipi" Robtj . Walleuo fre Gilebti pfone de 
Witingeha ■ Aldredo de Windichelef • Ediilfo fabro de Witigeha • 
Edwino foreftario • Ilol3to • Walro le burgulu • Hugoe monacho de 
Kelchov • Nefio de Walct- • Philippo de petcox • Nigello filio Walrj 
de pichebec t herede • Alexadro pgnato ipfiuf ^Yaltj de pinchebec • 
Witechno bnitoNe • 

Confirma" Walleui comitis • de herteflieued 

55 Walleuus comes • Omib^ fce mris eccie fihis fattm • Sciant tam pofl;eri 
^ pntes me conceflione et ^fenfu heredis mei deo et eccie fce marie 
de O:)elros • \ monachis ibidem deo feruientib^ in ppetuam elemofina • 
pro falute dni mei regis • WiHmi et dauid ffis fui • t pro fatte mea 
\ ^iugis mee 1: pro animab^ pfis et mfis mee • ^ oim antecetroT^ \ 
fuccefroT^ meoT; concefllire • et hac mea carta ^firmafle donacionem 
quam pr meus eis fecit de hertiflieued et fpot p fuas rectas diuifas • 
inr fe • \ fi;anton • quas feueriit tempib^ dauid regis et aui mei •noiatim 
intei* prefmunetburn • t broc • et ficut broc uadit ad hellesden • in 
bofco et plano • ^ pratis 1; pafcuis • Et item comimem pafl;uram de 
mora"taifiameta •ficut meh^ tpe pfis raei tenuerunt- hac itaq, predictam 
elemofinam volo et precipio t concedo ut predicti monachi poflideant 
et teneant de me et heredibj meis inppetuum ita libam et quietam 
ab omni ferui" et ^fuetudine et exaccione fctari • ficut aUas elemofinas 
fuas libius et qVcius et honorificenci^ tenent et poflident • 'H; ficut carta 
pfis mei meh^ teftat^ et ^firmat • Has autem predictas diuifas ufus 
omnes hoies . ego et heredes mei predictis monach warantizabim? • 


Confirm" comitis Paf cij • de herteflieued t de fpot • 

•56 Omnibus fce mris eccie filiis tam piitibus ^^ fut^is comes Patricius 
fattm • Sciant pfites et futuri me pceffifie • et hac mea carta ^firmafTe • 
deo et eccie fce ma" de tt)elros • T: monacft ibidem deo feruientib^ in 
libl "t ppetuam elemofmam j? animab^ Dauid t O.)alcolmi regum fcot • 
et comit Henrici dRorum meorum • "t pro fatte dni mei Wiiii reg 
fcocie • "t Dauid ffis eius • et pro fatte mea 't ^iugf mee • \ oim ante- 
ceflbrum et fucceflb'Y meo^ donacionem quam auus meus fecit eid ecctie 
et pr meus ^firmauit • de hertiflieuid et fpot p fuas r^^tas diuifas inter fe et 
fl:antoii quas ftuerunt tpibus aui et pris mei noiatim inter prefmunet- 
burii t broc • t ficut broc vadit in hellederi • in bofco et plano • m pratis 
et pafcuis • t in omnib^ aliis reb^ • et item ^munem de mora ad tres 
greges arietum • 1 aifiameii eiufd more • Infup dedi eis in ead mora 
quinq,, acras tre iu pp^etatem ad inc-mentum in auftrali pte de 
mofiburnerig • ct carta mea pfirmaui • ut includant eas ad faciendam 
bcariam ad prefatos tres greges arietum • Et ne in pofterum poflit oriri 
ptencio inter eos et heredes meos • fciend q vnufquifq, grex • non 
excedet nurnum • quingentoT/ arietum • vt fint oes fit mille quingenti • 
His autem quinq, acris infra fofl"atum utentur omnibus modis ficut 
melius et utilius eis vifum fuit ad pfectum eccie fue fine araeoe • 
Sci' preterea qd in prato illo qd tenent de militib^ alani filii Walteri 
dapiferi regis in feodo de innwik fubtus brunrig • vnde hnt cartam 
ipi^ alani • quicq iuris heo • uel bre potero • ut homines uel heredes 
mei de ^muni illo q^^ntum ptinet ad pratum illud • totum eifd monach 
concefli • T: hac mea carta ^firmaui • H" itaq^ oia pcefR. et dedi predcis 
monachis • 1 mea carta pfirmaui • ut ea heant et poflldeant • de me et 
heredibus meis in lifeam puram et ppetuam elemofmam • foluta et 
quieta ■ ab omi terreno feruicio ■ 1 ^fuetudine t exaccoe fctari • ita 

46 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

libere T; qiiiete • plenarie et honorifice • ficiit uUas elemofinas fiias 
libius qVcius plenius et honorificencius tenent et poflident • Ego 
autem et heredes mei manutenebim? 't warantizabim? eis • h'' omnia 
^tra oes hoies inppetuu • Tefl,^ • 

Confirma" Regis ^''iHi • fcd carta comitis Paf cij 

57 W . di gra Rex Scott • Omib^ pbif hoib^ toci? ?re fue cficif 1 laicif 
Satt • Sciant pfntef t fut^i me concefllfle • t hac Carta mea confir- 
mafl!e do t ecctie Sce Ct)arie • de Ct)eh-os • 1: moachif ibide do ■fuientib^ 
donacione illa q^^m auuf '^ par • Comitif patric • t Comes Patrici^ eif 
fecerut • de herteflieued • 1 de Spot • p rectaf diuifas pdcar rraf • inr 
pdcof moachof 't fl;eintuN • q^^f habuerunt tpib^ aui '=t prif pdci Comit • 
Patr" • t q noTant^ in cofirmacioe ^fati Com • patric" • in Bofcho 1 plano^ 
i p^^tif • 1: pafcuis • 'T; omib^ aliis ad ^dcaf rraf iufte ptinentib^ • Et ^tea 
cu comui paftura de mora • ad tref gregef arietinn • ita ut un^qTq^ Grex 
cotineat • Q^ngentof arietef • cu aifiamentif ei^dem more • Pretea • con- 
cedo 1: hac Carta ma cofirmo • pfatif monachis illas Qnq^ Acraf rre • 
q^^s pfat? Coni • patric" • eis dedit • i incrementu in Auftrali pte de 
cnofiburnerig • ut Icludant eaf foflato ad faciend Berkaria ad pfatof 
tres gregef • arietu • 't illis Q^nq, Acrif tre utent^ ficut meli? eif uifu 
fSit • ita tn ut eaf il colant • Et prea • ^''cq^d iurif pfat^ coin • patric^ • ut 
hedef fui ui hoief fui habebant ut hre poterant de comuni i prato 
illo qd pfati rooachi tenet • de roilitib^ Alah • fit • Walti in feudo de 
Innerwic • sbtuf Brunrig • q jJfat^ Comef Patric^ • ^fatif moachif co- 
cefllt • 1 Carta fua cofirmauit • Tenend • in libam 1 p^am 'i ppetuam 
elimofina ita libe • 1 q^ete • plenarie 1 honorifice • ficut Carta ^fatj 
Comit^ • Pati-^ • teftat^ • Saluo feruicio mo • Teft-= Hug-" CancH • mo • 
WiHo • de moruill • conft^ • philipp • de valoii • Cam • Wiii • CumiN • 


Joh • de Hafting" • Ric • coarefcaft • Rob • de Burneuitt • dd • de Haia • 
Rob • de cooruitt • Apd • Berewic • xvj • die • Aprit • 

Carta Patricii de Withichun de parte terre fue in Spot • 

.58 OiTiib^ fce cnrif Ecctie filiis ^fentib^ t futurif Patrici" de Withichun 
Satt • Sciatif me pceffiffe t dedifle T: hac mea carta ^pfirmaffe Do T: 
ecctie Sce marie de coelros • 1; monach ibidem do feruientibj p aiab^ 
pfis mei t mfis mee l: omium anceffoT^ meoT? • 1; p falute Diii Paf cii 
Com • t hedu fuoi^ • t j? falute aie mee t vxorif mee 1 oinium fuccef- 
fo-^ nioT^ • In libam pura 1; ppetua Elemofina quanda parte tre mee in 
rritorio de Spot • fcitt Lochanefhalech p has diuifas • A capite foflati 
ipo?; monacho:^ qd inchoat^ a Caldebec 1 tendit furfu ufq, ad viridem 
uia que defcendit de Lambmor • t fic p eande uia ufcj^ ad Akifide • t 
fic Deorfu fubt^ Akifide p foflatu ufq^ ad Akifidefeneb • t fic deorfu 
ta ppe eunde Akifide quanto ppiuf meat^ aiidicti Riuuli potit fieri • 
ufq^ ad Carlehalech l in t^nfufum Karlehalech ufq,, in P^fmunebvxrne . 
Hanc tra "^ c^cq^d ^thiet^ infra pnoatas diuifas uers^ eofdem monachof 
dedi eif • tenend t poflidend in ppetuu Ita libe 't ^''ete • Plenarie t 
honorifice fic aliqua Elemofina Yihi^ \ qVti" pleni^ t honorificenci^ teSi 
poteft ut poflidi • Et ego t hedes mei manutenebim? t warantiza- 
bim^ ^dcis monach hac Elemofina ^t* oins hoies t adqVtabim? ea de 
omi forenfi t treno feruicio erga oiiif hoies t de ofiii exaccione t 
confuetudine fctari in ppetuuo) • Et Idem coonachi utent^ oini hac tra 
p libitu t uoluntate fua modif oinib^ fic meU^ s'' t fuis uifum f9it • 
Hiis teft' • Dno Paf cio Coin ■ Geruafio Auenel . Nefio de Walect • 
Rob • de Burneuiti . Jofee de a)ackefwel tc tepif vicec • de Theuid^ • 
Witto de Crefleuit Rog^o de a)^laj Wiiio de cracrj • Adam de 

48 MUNIMENTA DE ^MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta iiobti de Kent • de liierwik 

59 Omib3 Sce a)atT Ecciie filiir ta glentib? cf fiit^if • Rob d Kent . Satt • 
Sciatif me ddifle • 1; hac pfenti mea carta jjfirmafle do 1 eccfie Sce 
foarie d roelf • 1 monach ibide do feruientib'' • p aTab^ diiOT^ meo^4 Dd • 
T: CQalcot • iiegu Scotie • T; Wal?i filii Alani • T; p falute dni mei • 
WiHj • Reg Scott • t Alanj • filij WalPi • diii mei 1; mea • 1; uxorif 
mee • t omiu parentu • t anceffoTjL 't fuccefloTjL iifo'!; • duaf ptef illi^ 
terre 1; pafl;ure tritorij d Inu vvic • q^^m monaclii d kelcho • tenebat d me • 
t henr • Sci Cl)artini • t Rolland • geS^o Nichot d Coftentin • fcitt qlitu 
ptinetad feudu meu infra eafde diuifaf • uidlicet fic bothkil dfciidit ufq, 
ad Fulhope • T; d Fulhope • in f^nfuerfu ufq., ad roonimet 1 d monimet 
iii t"^nfufu int tra d Inuwic 1 tra monacho^^ d kelcho • fic q"nda iiad • 
d Kent . pf me" • "t Nichot • d Coftentin eande tra cora multis ahif 
pfatis monach d kelko pambulaUut • qu ea monaclii ad firma d eif ad 
ftatutu rminu fufceput • Dedi aii ^dicte tre duaf ptes plenarie • fcitt 
q^htu ptinet ad feudu meu infra jJdictaf diuifaf. monach d CQelr • faluo 
pmuni hoib^ q'' eo uti dbet • in libam • 1 pura • T: ppetua elemofina • ad 
tenendu d me 't hedib^ meif in ppetuu • reddendo m'' fingut annif in 
uita mea xx" • fot • p° dcefffi u° meu hedib'' meif annuati • una tfn 
marcha argiiti d repgnitioe • Tenebut au ea monachi d Cl)elf • libam • T; 
q^eta • 1; folutii • d me 1 hedib^ meif • p ^dicta repgnitioe • ab omi fer- 
uitio • 1; d Inware • "t d vtware • 1 d oiiiib' auxiliif • T; geldif • 1 afllfis • 
't oi ^fuetudle • t exactioe fctari f fic uUa elemofina libi^ • qVti^ • pleni^ • 
t honorificenti? tenet • "t licebit ipis monach ubicuq, uolvierit in parte 
fua • infra pdictaf diuifaf iUi' terre • fibi 1 auiif fuif edificare • T; uti 
eade tra oTb^ coodif q''^^ fibi meli^ 't utili^ uifu f 8it • Ipfi etia monachi 
accipiet ad aifiaiiita fua d bofco • 1 ad pp^of ufus • q^^ntu uoluerit • 
■^. op^ habuerit • ad edificandu • "t ardiidu fn dare t viend^e. t d Brueria 


fimilir • l: fciendu qd ipi monachi ddrut m'' centu fot • tota fcitt repgni- 

tione vq^ annoru tepore q° h donatio mea facta e 

pofTidndu • qm monachi d kelcho adhuc ea tenebat • Vn cu 

monachi d kelcho p" ^''nq^nniu • id e rminu fuu monachi 

d Cl)elf int^uerut ad pofleffione f ipi monachi d Cl)elr • oio qVte ert d 
re^gnitioe p^moi; q^nq, annoi; • t ego "l hedf mei warantizabim? eif 
eande donatione nram • 1 adqVtabim^ d forenfi feruitio • 1 oi rreno 
feruitio • Sfus diim Kege • T: oef aliof dnof iirof f in ppetuu • '^ fi forte 
ptigit qd ego ut hedf mei pp uioletia dni iiri hanc donatione monacli 
warantizare ii potuerim^- qd abfit f monachi illa carrucata tre "t paflura 
q*^ tenet d me in tritorio d Inuwic f habebt idt^^ x • annof q* ^tinent^ I 
cyrog"^pho d eade rra inr nof facto • don" centu fot • fuerlt pfoluti • fic 
manu mea aflidaui • ita qd fmgtif annif cadnt due coarce • 1 fciendu qd 
liac donatione feci ecctie d (X)elr • cii meipo. ita qd monachi ^pcefTert 
m^ cimiriu fuQ • 1; feruitiu monachi in dceffu meo • t fi ita lib t expe- 
dit? fuero • ut aii '^ uelim t poffim meipm reddre f monachi me fuC- 

cipiet • Hif teftib'' Witt d a)orev ^pflabtar Reg • henr^ d Sco 

Alano d Thirleflain • Petro • d la hage • Ric le Walayf . Thoma d hob . 

Carta Rog filij Glaii de Inuerweic- 

60 Omnib3 Sce CDatrif Ecctie filiif tam Pfentib^ q^^m fut^if Rog^uf filiuf 
Glaij Satt • Sciatif me dediffe 1, conceflifTe 'i hac ^fenti Carta iiia con- 
firmafTe deo "t Eccfie Sce OQarie de roelrof T: roonachif ibidem deo 
feruientib^ • p falute Walt filii Alaii diii iiii t p falute iiia •p anima 
patrif T; roatrif mee • q^^ndam terra in territorio de Innwyc fic fofTatum 
cY'uit candem terra a ffibj 00-:/ fcm • In libam • pura t ppetua elemo- 
fina • foluta t quietu ab oiiii teireno feruicio t exactone T; deraanda 
fectari f fic aliq^^m elemofuia libcri>' quieti^ 1 honorificeci^ tenent 't 


50 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

poffitlent in regno Scocie • Et ego T; heredef iiii warantizabim^ pdcif 
foonachif eandem terra conf^omef homief in ppetuu • Precea dedi T; 
coceffi t Hac carta fha confirmaui ^dcif monachif comune pafl^am 
eiufdem ville de ynnwic de pfunda uia ad capd de Cpanyneth • ad 
diuifaf illaf que finit int nof t monachof de Kelcou • fcilicet ex t^nt 
uerfo de (n)onefclhat ufq^ i Wytfclad T: de Wytfclad ufq^ in Edwardef- 
cloch t de Edwardefcloch ufque in Botkil "t fic furfiim p eandem aq'^! 
fcilicT; Botkil p rectaf diuifaf de ynnwic ufq^ ad Bercaria |)dcoT^ roona- 
choi; t de illa Bercaria ufq^ ad pfundam uiam ^noiatam^Tota hanc terra 
cu aifiainentif infra ^dcaf diuifaf fcilict in Petariif in 
Bruariif • In pafl^if tenebunt ^dci coonachi deme 1 Heiedib^ meif in 
pura "1; ppetua elemofina hbe-quiete.t foUite ab oinib3 feruiciif. 
exactionib^ • T; demandif fic aliq'^ elemofma Hberi^ '^ quieci? 1 honori- 
ficenci^ tenet^ in regno Scocie • Hiis Teflib^ • Drio ino Wako fiHo 
Alaii • Rogo AueneH: • Hugoe roaUeuerer • Hugoe Rideft • Witto de 
Heryt •t multifaHis. 

Carta W • de Hauccef?tun t R^ffis ejus t Johis de Mundegumery 
T; V • Avenel t N • fiHi Roladi • de quadam terra in Innerwich • 

61 Oinib^ Sce «)at's Eccfie fiUis ta pfentib^ q^^m fut^if • Witis de hauc- 
cefl"tu • 1 Ric de hauccefl^tu f r ei? • 1 iotis fit • Alani de ft)udegumeri 
t Vincenci^ fit Robti Auenel • t Nicholau? fit Rolandi • Satt- Sciatif 
nof ddiffe t ^ceffifTe • t li"c ^fenti carta nra ^firmaffe do t eccfie Sce 
foarie de melros t monachis ibide do seruientib^ p fatte animarij 
nrarum t p animab^ pat^m t mat^m t oium anteceffoT^ • t fucceffoT^ 

n p anima WalPi fit Alani dtii iiri • t p animab^ oium fideliu 

dfunctoTj q^^mda rram in ritorio de Innerwich ficut fofratil cVuit 
eamdem f fib^ eoT/ factu • in libam t p^ram t ppetuam elemo- 


iiiia soluta 't (fctn, ab omi treno feniicio t exaccoe fctari . ficut aliq^^m 

elemofuia lib ciuf t honorificcnci? tenent in rra regif fcotie- 

Et nof t hedcs liri warantizabim^ pdcis cnonach • eamdem trram pt" 
oins hoTes inppetuu • Pretrea dimifim? cifdem pdcis cnonach • comime 
paftura elMem lulle de Inuerewich de pfunda uia ad capd de cnani- 
neth ad diuifas illaf cj[ue funt int nof 1: monachos de Kelcou • fcitt ex 
t^^nfucrfo de monnefclaclit ufq^ in Witfclad • 1 de Witfclad ufq, in 
edwardefcloch • t de edwardefcloch uH^ in botkil- 1 fic furfu p eandem 
aq'^m fcitt botkil p rectaf diuifas de Innerwich ufq^ ad bcaria ^dcoT^ 
monachoi/ T; de illa tScaria ufq^ ad pfundam uiam ^noiatam • Hanc 
pdcam pafi;uram cu aifiaiiitif infra pdcas diuifas fcitt in petariis in 
t^bariis • in bruariis tenebut ^dci coonachi de nob t hedib^' nris in feu- 
dam firmam inppetuu • lit3e T; q^ete 1: folute de omib" feruiciis 'i trenif 
exaccoib'' reddendo inde annuatim notj t hedib^ nris decem folidos 
ad pentecoft,en • Hiis teft" • Witio A^alensi de ftaintu • Nigello p*^ d 

• uthirglen • Magift" VVilto de erclieldu • Witio cti ford • 

Rot5to Aucnel • Rot3to fit • gregorij • WiHo lefranceis • Ricdo 
letaillur • Walto t multis aUis 

Confirmacio W • fiUi Alani de Innervvic • 

62 Ofiiib^ fce mat ecctie filiis ^fentib^ t futuris Wal?us fili^ Alani 

dapifer Regif fcotto-!/ • falt • Sciatif me concefliflTe 1 hac carta mea 

confirmafTe deo "t ecctie fce marie de cneh-of • 1 monachif ibidem deo 

feruientib^ donacionem illam q^^m Rogeruf filius Glay T; Wiiis de 

hafkerreftun • T; Ricard'' de hafkerrcflun frat eiuf • t Johs filius Alani 

de mundegumeri • t Vincenci'' filiuf Robti Auenel . T: Nicholauf 

filiuf RoUandi fecerut eif de q^^dam parte tre in tritorio de Inuerwic • 

ficut fofratum c^cuit eandem tram a fratrib^ eo:^ factu • T: de comuni 

52 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

paftura eiufdem uille de Inuerwich p haf diuifaf • Scit • de ^funda uia 
ad capud de roanineth ad diuifaf illaf que funt inr nof • t coonachof 
de kalchou • fcit ex f^nfuerfo de roonefclath • ufq^, in Wipfclad • T: de 
Wijjfclad uf% in Edwardefcloth • t de edwardefcloth ufq^ in Botkil ■ 
t fic furfam p eandem aq^m • fctt Botkil p rectaf diuifaf de Inuer- 
wic • ufq, ad bercaria ^dicto:^ roonachoT^ • t de illa bercaria ufq, ad 
pfundam uiam ^nominata • Totaf haf rraf • in petariif • in turbariif^ 
in bruariif • in pafturif • 1 omib? aUif aifiamentif conceffi eifdem 
cnonachif tenere in puram T; ppetuam elemofinam Hbe quiete T: folute 
ab oinib', feruiciif • exactionib^^ 't demandif • ficut libiuf quieti? 1 plen- 
iuf ahq^^m elemofinam tenent in regno fcott • "l carte eorundem qT 
idem roonachi habent teftant^- Hiif teftib^ • WiHo de bofco cancelr 
uegif^Rog^o Auenel^Alano de Cpundegumi • Dauid deLindefeie^ 
Rogo filio Glay • Hugone rt)auleuerer • Hugone Ridell • Radulf • • • • 
• •,• Witio Heriz • -i a)ultif aliif 

Carta Robti de Steinton d • v • ac^^is • 

63 Olb? Sce roatT Ecctie filijf pfiitib? ^ fut^s • Robt? de ftainth • Sait • 
Sciatif me dedifle • t hac mea carta pfii-mafle do 1 Ecctie Sce Cparie 
de CDelf 1: roonachif ibide do feruientib^ p aiab? • dd • t ft)alc • Regu 
Scott • ^ Comitif Herici • t WalPj filij Alani • diio'?^ meoT; • T; oiu 
anceflToT/ "i fucceflbi^ eoi; • 1; p falute Wiffi neg Scott • t • dd • ffif 
ei? • T; Alani filij WalPi diioT^ meoT^ • 't p aia mea 1 vxorif mee • t 
oiu aviceflbT^ 't fucceflb-i^t nroT^ • q^nq, acraf rre cu paft^a q" dicit^ 
elwaldefcaleflonlgge in tritorio d ftalth ex occidntali parte de 
hteflieii p haf diuifaf • Scit • ab illa GUa q' diuidit tra roonachoi^ "t 
Pram q"^ dedi Robto filio meo p pdofu vfuf occidnte vfq^ ad caput 
ve&f foflatj • "1; sic p ide foflatu v^fuf auftru deorfu vfq, in riuulu q* 


diiiidit rram mea 'i rra roonachoi/ ex aufMi pte • Hiic tram t paft^am 
1 qVq^d ptinet^ jnfra pdcas diuifaf "i diuifaf coonachoT/ vfuf eof dedi 
eif in libam 1 pura t ppetuam Elemofinam ad tenedu de me 1 feedib? 
meif fii oi Preno feruicio t exaccioe fectari • Ita libe • qVte • plene • 
■^ honorifice • fic vllam elemofina libius. qVci^'. pleni^ 1 honorificeci?- 
tenent t poffidnt • Et ego t hedef mei manutenebim? t waranti- 
zabim^ eif eande Elemofinam • p'' • oef hoief • t adqVtabim^ de oib^ 
erga dnm Rege 1 oef aliof hoief imppetuu • P^tea • de diuifif int 
ftainth 1 hteflieu • vii lif 1: pt°8fia diu fuerat iP me 1 |)dcof monacliof • 
fi q^d jurif hui • vt • tire potui • totu qVtu p me t hedib" coeif clamaui • 
Saluo cyrographo inr me t ipof de eifde diuifif fco • His Teftib? • 
Hugoe de Cportuo mari p^ore de CQay • helia de pthic ffe meo t 
Canon de glafgu • And • decano de Tinigha • Gilbto 1 Pet° Cficif 
de Witingha • Ada fit Aldn • t Pat^cio fit ei^ • Nef fit Nes • 01i9o de 
Hnth • Philippo de Pethcox • Alexand • de hatfevic • Rob fit gregorij • 
Gauf Mo fit N • • m • Aldn albo • Walro le b^gunun • Edwino foreftario • 
Aldredo de popple • 

Carta WiHi Walenfif • 

64 Vni9fis fce corif eccfie filiif gfentib" t futurif Witis Le Waleif. 't Ifabel 
uxor fua fiha t heref Rofeti fihj Foubti de Steintun Salt • Sciatif nof 
dediffe t pceffifie 1 hac ni-a carta^firmaflfe do t ecciie fce marie de coehof 
t coonach ibidem do feruientib^ p aiab^ Walti fiHj Alani • t Alani fiHj 
ei^ dnoT/ riroT/ 1; p aiab^ prm t fnru nraT/ • t p falute AValti iuniorif 
fiUj Alani • t g falute aiaT/ nrai; illam parte rre nre de Steintun q e pxla 
rre eoT/de monachoT^ ex orientah parte q ^tinet^ infra haf diuifaf • fctt a 
vado de Standchelefb^ne p uiam q uadit ufuf auftru ufq, ad magnu 
Lapide q^ pofit^ e in eade uia • t iri p tnf8fum p lapidef q'' pofiti fut ad 


diuifaf intiioft ipof monachofiifq^admagnu Lapidem fubt^ querc • • 
. . in f^nfSfu ufq^ in uet^ foffatu • Hanc tram 1 qVq''^ ptinet^ infra 
|)noataf diuifaf dedim'^ pdcis monacbif in libam pura • t ppetua elemo- 
fma ut ea hant t poffideant in ppetuu • ita libe t qVte plenarie t 
honorifice fic aliq^^m elemofma Ubi" q^eti? pleni'^ t honorificenti^ tenet 
t poffidet • Et nof t hedes nri manutenebim^ \ warantizabim" pdcif 
monachif eande tra pf^ omf holef • t adqVtabim" ea de forenfi t oim" 
treno feruitio erga onif hoief» Hiif Tefl^ • Diio Rad Dunen EpO' 
Wariu . RieuaHn • A • d Neubott-W.d Holmculf^ • R • d Kinlof. 
R . de Cup" abbib^ • Andr Decano de Timgha • Henf • CapeH • Ric . 
capellano de Steintun • Alano de coungutrii • Bertino • t mvltis ahis 

Sahna de prefl,ua • 

Co Omnibus sce mris eccie filiis • pntibus t fut^is • Rolland? fili? vctredi 
falt • Sciatis me dedifle • t hac carta mea ^firmaflTe • do et eccie fce 
ma'' de Cl)eh-os . t monach ibid deo fervieii p faite anime mee 1; vxorf 
mee . 1 p aiabj oim aiiceflb'^;: et fucceflbi/ iiioT^ • parentum 1: heredum • 
vnam fahna in prefton • Tenend s • de me et heredib^ meis in puram 
et ppetuam eliam cu paft^a fex vaccaT;: • et fex boum • et vni'' equi • 
t cum quod plenario tofto t crofto ad qmd manfionem s'' faciend • 
Et concefll vit idem mo^Vhi heant aifiamentum fuum in bofco de 
preftoii . ad patellam predicte faline fuftinend . Qua fahnam cii 
omnib^ pnoiatf • volo ut predti monachi • ita libe et quiete plene et 
honorifice teneant t poflideant • ficut aliq^^m eleiam libius et quieci^ • 
et honorificenci^ . tenent et poflldent . Et ego et heredes mei . manu- 
tenebi^ et Warantizabi^ eis prefata eliam cu fuis libtatib^ p'^ omnes 
hoies . 1 adquietabim^ de oi terreno ferui" • ^fuetudine t exaccoe 
fctari • erga rei>em • t omnes aUos • Teft • 


CaRta Wal?i filii Alani • De maclielin ■ 

66 Ouiib^ fce rorif ecdiefiliiftagfentib3 (4-^ fufif Walt fit Alani dapiP 
Reg Scotc liit . Sciant la Pfiltef cf fiit^i me dedifle ^ hac ma caita 
pfirmafFe do t ecdie fce coavie de CV^ela • l: roonach ibid do f uientib^ • 
1? alab^ dd 1; melcolmi Reg diioi} rao-!^ t Com hnv T; pvif mi 1 foiif 
mee 't oium ancefTo'!^ "i fucceflbT^ moT^' 1: p falute WiHj Reg Scott 't 
dd ffif ei? • T: g falute iiia t omiu ftedu moT^ i libam 1: puia T; ppetua 
elemoflam tota rra de coakell p diitifaf q*f Duncnpld T: GillebMe mo 
^cepto pambtauef I? tra d makell 1 rra Gilbti fit Riclieri • fcit ab illo 
loco q° coulneburne cadit i af fubt? cultejcouan t afcendndo p ead 
burnu ufcj^, ad fuldecli • T; fic afcndndo p eud ficu ex f^nfufo m^fo • ufq^ 
ad burna q defcedit d rederb'ne • T; afcndedo p b"na ex t^nfSfo ^dofo 
de rederb^ne ufcj, i b^na q cadit i duuelocli • t p bhia q defcendit de 
duueloch defcedndo p ead b^na ufq., i faxnoc t afcedndo p faxnoc ufq, 
ad polmull "t fic afcndndo p polmull itfq p mediu acchenebron • "t in 
ftirfu ttfcj^ ad pdofu ^ fic p pdofu fic aq deflitut ufuf eof ex aufl^^i pte 
ad cap Ncd • T; fic deorfu p ned ufq^ 1 af • t p af deorfu ufq lugaf • T; p 
lugaf furfu ttfc^ ad dttfpol • 1 p Dufpol fitrfu p diuifafcj^^f feci pambtare 
eif itfcj,, e^t^ monecapel • Cu hac tra dedi ejf landaf t halghef ex 
aq^lonali pte flriinis af q^^f uoluerit excol^e t jiifcat^am in oftio 
fluinif af cu uno rete primo fcitt d f b^ retib^ • t defup ut utant^ 
ipo flumle af ta in pifcatioib^ q"^ 1 aliif reb^ ficut eif placuef 1 utili^ 
fuit • t ficttt ego ipe ad meu pp^u op? meli^ huj • Hanc elemofina • 
uolo ut ^dci coonachi de coelR • ita libe t q^ete 1 honorifice ppetuo 
tenore ab omib^ ftiitiif t placitif afifif cj^° 1 auxiHif 't oini exactioe 
fctari 1 ^fuettidie I ppetuum teneat t poflideant • fic libj^ T; qVti^ 't 
honorificentiJ" aliq'^ elemofia teSj poteft 1 poflld^j • Paea • dedj 't 
pceffi eif tota paft^am forefte mee ufq^ ad diuifaf d Doueglaf t d 

56 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

leffoagu 1 de Glengeuel a pte aqlonalj fluinif af cu omibj afiamtif • i 
nemore 1: 1 omib^ eif neceflariif T; una carrucata tre ad excotnda i iii 
locif u^puid^int meli° 1 utili? ee ad op^ fuu lifee t q^ete de me t hedib^ 
iilif ab oib^ fuitiif ppetuo tenore p^fidnda excepto qd ^''nq, marcaf 
argnti m'' 1 hedib^ mif anuatl pfoluet • falua tu forefl:a ma tantu in 
beRiif "^ auib^ • 1; hoc fciendu qd ego t feedef mj faciem? forenfe 
f uiciu ap dKm nrm rege de oinib^ ^dcif t warantizabim" eif pdcaf 
diuifaf t ^''cqM in eif eft i bofco t i plano t i oiiiib^ aliif reb^ pt" ofiif 
hoief i ppetuu- fic libam t pvira t ppetuam elemofiam • t qi uoluj ut 
h iiia elemofia firma eet t ftabit nec aliq" m° poflet infringi f diif mf 
Witt rex pce iiia oia ^dca carta fua pfirmauit • ficut fua pp^a elemo- 
fiam • Tefte alano filio liio • liulfo filio coa • Rob de Conftetin • Rol3 
de foote GuiSi • Rob fit fulbtj • Rob fit foaiaf • Radifo de kent • Walt 
Conftenti • Ric ctico • Ric Wallnfi • Ada de Neutuna • 

Carta Alani filij "WalPi de INIauhelin • 

67 Omib5 fce fofif ecctie filiif ta gfntibs q^^m futMf Alan? fit Walti 
dapiPi Reg Scott^ fat • Sciant tam pfiitef q* fut^i qd ego Alan? cocefli 
t dcdi do 1 ecctie fce foarie de coela • 1 monach ibid do fuientibj • in 
liba t pura t ppetufi elemofiam Ct)akeli p diuifaf fuas ir rram d rt)akeli 
t iia Gilbti filij Richeri • fcit ab illo loco q° foilneb^ne cadit i af fvibt? 
cultejcoua • afcndjido p ead b^na ufq^ ad fuleleche • t fic afcndndo p eud 
ficu ex f^nfSfo m^fo • ufq^ ad b^na q defcndit de riderb^na • t afcndndo 
p b^na cxf^nfSfo pdofo d rid^burne ufcj,, I b-na q cadit i duueloch t 
p b^na q defcendit de duueloch defcndedo p eand b^na ufq, i 
faxenoc • t afcndndo p faxnoc ufq, ad polmuli • t fic afcendndo p 
polmull ufq, p mediu Acchenebron • t iii furfii ufq, ad ^dofu • t fic p 
pdofu fic aq defluut Sfuf eof ex auft^li pte • ufq, ad cap ned • t fic 


cforfum p ned ufq^ in af • 't p ar deorfu ufq^ lugar • 'i p lugar furfu 
ufc}^ ad dufpol • t p dufpol furfu p diuifaf q^^f feci pambtare eif ufq^ 
e^pf^ monecnpel • Cu liac Pra dedi eif landaf 1 lialghef ex aq^lonali 
pte fluinif ar q'T uoluerit excoPe • T; pifcat^am in oftio fluinif af cu 
uno rete p^mo fcit de t^b3 retib^ • t defup ut utant^ ipo flumle af 
ta in pifcationib^ q" I aliis reb^ ficut eif placuerit t utili^ f8it 1 fic 
ego ipe ad op^ meu pp^u meli^ ftui • Hanc elemofina uolo ut ^dcj 
monachi d roelr ita libe t ^■'ete t honorifice ppetuo tenore ab oib^ 
fuiciif 1 placitif • afififq,, t auxiliis t exactioe fctari • t pfuetudle 
Ippetuu teneat t poffideant • fic litii'' t qVti? 1 honorificenti? aliq" 
elemofia teni poteft -t poflid-i • pPea dedi t ^ceiTi eif tota paft^am 
forefte mee ufcj,, ad diuifaf de Duueglaf t de lefmagu t de Glengeuel 
a pte aq^lonali flfiinif af • cu omib^ aifiaiiitis • i nemore t i omibj aliif 
reb3 eif neceflariif • t una carrucata terre ad excotnda i itt locif 
ubi puid-int meli^ t utili^ ee ad 0^5» fuum • litse t qVte de me 1 
hedib^ fiiif ab oib^ fuiciif ppetuo tenore pofTidnda • excepto qd q^nc}. 
niarcaf argnti nf t hedib^ niif annuatl pfoluet • falua tn forefta fiia 
tantu i bcftiif t auib^ • t hoc fciendu qd ego t hedef iiii faciem^' 
forenfe fuiciu ap dnm nfm Rege de omib^ pdictif • t warantizabim? 

eif ^dictaf diuifaf t i bofco t i plano t i oib^ aliif Reb^ pt" 

omf hoies Tppetuu fic liba t puram t ppetua elemofina • t qi uolui 

ut h ina elemofla firma eet t ftabilis pofl^ infringi . Dris fnf 

Witt rex ^ce iiia oinia ^dicta carta fua pfirmauit • fic fiia pp^^am 
elemofina • Tefte • Reginaldo de Afting • Witto de lindefeia • Liulfo 
fit rt)acc? • Rob fit COaiaf . Radtfo de Kent • WalPo de Conftentin • Ric 
ctico . Ric Walaif • Adam de Neuetuna • hkillo de Neuetuna • Gau- 
fiiido fabro • Witto fit Wal?i nepote dapif^^j • Stepho fabro • Wal?o de 
conftetin • Adam fit arkillj . Ric ctico • Eilif fit huctMj 

58 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Confirmaco Reg • W • de carta Walri fit Alan • 

68 W . Rex ScottOmib^ probif hoib^ toti^ terre fue francis • 1 anglicif • 
1: fcottif • Salute • Sciant tam pofteri qua ^fentef me conceffiffe 't hac 
mea carta ^firmafle • ecctie Sce Ct)aRie de COelrof • t monachif ibidem 
do feruientib^ donatione qua Waltuf fili? Alani fecit eidem eccfie t 
monachif de rra de roachehn 1: de paftura in forefta ei^ • 1; de una 
carucata tre ufuf tram de duueglaf • 1 de pifcatura in hoftio fluminif • 
Af • in oib^ ita libe "t q^ete in ppetua elemofina fic Ubi^ "t quieti? uel 
honorificenci^ carta ipi^ Walti • '^ carta Alani fihi ei^ eif teftantur • 
Saluo feruicio meo qd Walter^ m^ debT; de ipo Walto 1 hedib^ eiP • 
Teftib^ hif • Eng epo glafguenfi • Obto Abbe de Jedd • Ric Cumin • 
Odenel de ufrauitt • Hug giffard • Alex de fco martino • Robto de fco 
roich • Gb filio gauf • Hug clerico Reg • Dolfino captio Reg • Ric clerico 
Reg • Rog^o de mebotle • Witio de Huntedun • Ap Jeddewurd • 

Carta Ricardi Walenfif d Barmor 1; Godnehc • 

69 Omib^ Sce ihris eccfie filiis • ta ^fentib^ q^^m futHs • Ric le Walais • 
Satt • Sciatif me dediffe • 1; hac mea carta pfirmafFe do T: ecctie Sce 
marie d roeyl^: • t monachis ibid • do suientibj p aiab^ dd t melcolmi • 
Regu Scott • 't Comitif Henr • '"t Wal?i fit Alani dni mi • t oiu 
aiiceflb-!^ • t fhcceffoTj. eoru t p aiab^ pris ^ mrif mee • T; omiu paf ntu • 
1 ancefloT^ t fucceflbrT^ nioT^ • 1 p falute drii iiii • W • Reg • Scott • t 
comitif dd f f is ei^ • 't alani fil Walti diii fiii • 1 oium aScelToTf 't fuc- 
cefloT; ei? • t p falute ina • t uxorif mee • t oiniu hedu nroT^ • illa tra 
i galwedia q uocat^ Godnehc • p haf diuifas • fcitt a capite burne q 
uocat^ polcaRu -ufq, ad querc i q^^c^x facta eft • 't fic furfii mP septefone 
p qnda ficu • q^ eft iuxta ^dcm querc • m9 orientem • ufq, • ad loudo- 
netha 1: fic it^nfufu mufle uf^ occidente • p qnda ficu • ufq^ • ad cap 


burne q cadit i faxnoc ad clonfangan • Dedi % ^dce ecctie illa rra q 
uocat^ baremor .p has diuifas .fcitt ab hoftio b^ne c1 hactenewetne furfu 
ufq^ ad cap ei^d burne . T; fic a capite b^ne furfu p qdda uet'' foffatu . 
ufq, ad bog fub hactnedonan • t fic dorfu fic c"cef facte fut I querc" 
ufq, ad louteuenan • 1; fic furfu 8f? feptemfone p uef foflatu . ufq, ad 
pohiecreilif . t fic dorfu fic polnec^ilif dcndit i fale . 't fic dorfu p fale • 
u% ad hoftiu b^ne d hactnevvetne . Totaf has rras t ^''cq''^ ptinet^ ifra 
pfcriptas diuifaf ddi ecctie d cneylR • i liba • "^ pura • T; ppetua elemofina 
ippetuu tenendas d me T; hedib^ meis • p ii • warc argnti ad duof 
rminof • m^ 1 hedib^ meif annuatl reddndis • fcitt ad penthec • i • fn 't 
ima ad feftu fci martini • ita libe • ^''ete • plene • 1: honorifice fic ulla 
elemofina libiuf • q^etiuf • plenius t honorificntiuf tenet T: poffident • 
fii oi treno feruitio t ^fuetudine • t exactione feclari • falua m'" t 
hedib^ meif ^fata penfione • Et ego 1 hedef mi manutenebim^ • t 
-vvarantizabim" eis |)fatas Pras • pf^ oinf hoTef ippetuu • 1: adq^etabim? • 
d forenfi • 't oi treno fuitio 8f? dnm regem t offif dnof iirof. Saluif 
cartif eoT^ d coachet • q^^s hnt d WaI?o fit Alani • t Alano fit WalPi dnif 
meif . t ^■'etif clamatif d me t hedibs meif ippetuu • Hif • T • J • Glafg 
epo • E • abbe d dunPmelin . R • afebe d kinlof • A • abbe d cup" . Wiit . 
malueifin aKchid d laod- hug • capellano ueg -Rob fit Robti AVeRneb • 

Confirmatio Alani d Baremor • 

70 Oinib3 fce mrif Eccfie filiif ta gfentib^ q-^m futHf • Alan^^ fit • Walti 
Dapifer diii Reg Scott • Salt • Sciatif me pceffiffe t hac mea carta 
pfirmafle do t Eccfie fce marie de roelf t coonaeh ibid do feruientib^ 
tota illam ?ra q^^m tenent de Ric • le Waleif • fcitt Baremor t 
Godenech • p ipaf diuifaf q _ptinent^ in carta ipi? Ric • q^^m hnt de eade 
tra . ita ut q'cq'd infra eafde diuifaf fSit habeat t poffideant i ppetuu 
ita libe 1 q'ete ^ honorifice fic aliq'^ elemofina libi^' qVti^ 1 honorifi- 

60 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

centi^ in regno Reg • Scott poffidet^ • Et ego 't tiedes iiii manutene- 
bim? 't waratizabim^ illif eandem rra pt" ofiif holef in ppetuu' faluo 
lcruitio meo de ijio Ric • t hedib^ ei? • Hif • T • Diio Joc • Glafg • epo • 
Ric . afebe de D^eb • Helia nepote epi • WalPo ctico epi • Ric • malevife • 
Helia fre epi . Wiiio pafTclewe • pet° de curri • 

Carta ricardi Wales de barmor • t godonec • 

'^^ Omnibus fce fiiris eccie filiis tam pntibus q'' fut^is • ricardus le Wales 
fattm • Sciatis me dedifle • et hac mea carta confinnafle deo et eccie 
fce marie de melros • t monachis ibidem deo feruientib^ p aiab^ dd 
t malcolmi rcgiun fcot! • 't comil henf • et Walteri fiUi alani et alani 
fit • Walri • dnorum meorum "t oTm anteceflbrum et fucceflTorum 
eorum Et pro aiabus pris et niris mee • et oim pentum t ancefloT/: t 
fucccfloT/ meorum • Et pro fatte domini mei • W • reg fcoc • et alex- 
andri filii eius • et diii mei Walri fiUi alani • et oTm aiiceflbrum et 
fucceflbrum ei? • t p fatte mea et uxoris mee • et oTm lieredum nrorum 
illam terram in galwidia que vocat^ godonec p has diuifas • I^ • a capite 
burne que vocatur polcarn ufq^ ad quercum in qua crux facta efl • et 
fic furfum uerfus feptetrionem p quemd ficum qui e iuxta predtm 
quercum uerfus orientem vfq^ ad loufdonetha • et fic in f^nfuerfum 
muflTe uerfus occidentem per quemd ficum ufq^ ad capud burne que 
cadit in faxnoc ad glofangan • Dedi eciam predce eccie illam terram 
que vocatur barmor p has diuifas • I^ • ab oflio burne de haflnewethne 
furfum ufq^ ad capud eiufd burne • et fic a capite burne furfum p 
qdda vetus fofTatum ufq^ bog fub haflnedonan • et fic deorfum ficut 
c^ces facte funt in quercus ulij^ ud lohufleucnan • t fic furfum uerfus 
feptemf onem p uetus foffatum ufq^ ad polnecreis • et fic deorfum ficut 
polnecreis defcendit p fale • et fic deorfum in fale ufq^ ad oflium burne 
de haflnewetne . Totas has terras et quicquid ^tinet^ infra prefc^ptas 


diuifas dedi eccie de melros in libam et puram • et ppetuam clemofi- 
nam inppetuum tenendum de me et heredibus meis pro duab^ mcis 
argenti ad duos terminos m* et heredib^ meis annuatim reddendis • JP • 
ad pentecoft^ • vnam racam • et vnam ad feftum fci nitini • ita libe 't 
quiete • plene et honorifice ficut ullam elemofmam libius q^ecius ple- 
nius t honorificencius tenent et poffident • fme omni treno feruicio 
et pfuetudine • et exaccione feculari • falua m^ et heredibus meis pre- 
fata penfioe Et ego et heredes mei manutenebimus et warantizabim^ 
eis prefatas terras contra omnes homines imppetuum 1; adquietabim-'' 
de forenfi et omni terreno feruicio uerfus dnm regem et omnes do- 
minos nros eafd terras inppetuum • faluis cartis eorum de mauchlin 
quas hnt de Walto filio alani dni mei 1; heredib^ eius 1 quietis cla- 
matis de me et heredib^ meis inppetuum • 

Carta Wal?i fiUi Alani fiHi Walft • d a)ahelin • 

Omnib3 fce matfs ecctie filiis ^fentib^ "t fut^is Walterus fiU^ Alani 
fihj Walterj dapifer regis fcotie Satt • Sciatis me ^ceffifle 't hac mea 
carta ^firmafle deo 1; ecctie fce marie de coelros 1 roonachis ibidem 
do feruientib^ in libam "t pura t ppetua elemofina Ct)ackelin p oms ><^ 
rminos t diuifaf fuas iter tram de Cl>ckelin \ rram gillebti filij 
richerj • Scilicet ab illo loco q" milneburne cadit in ar fubf cultei- 
couan • 1 afcendendo p eande burna ufcj,, ad fule lecche • t fic afcen- 
dendo p eimdem ficu ex f^nfUso muflb ufq, ad burna que defcendit 
de rederburne • "t afcendendo p burna ex f^nfSso pdofo de rederburne 
ufq, in burna que cadit in duuelou • t p burnil q defcendit de 
duuelou defcendendo p eande burnam ufcj^ in faxnou • t afcendendo 
p faxnou ufcj^ ad polmulin • t fic afcendendo p polmulin ufcj, p mediu 
achnebron • t inde furfu ufcj^ ad ^dofu • t fic p ^dofu ficut aque 
defluunt ufus eos ex auftrali parte ufq^ ad caput ned • t deorfu p ned 

62 MUNBIENTA DE MELROS. sec, xii. 

xifq^ in ar • 't p ar deorfu ufq^ lugar t p lugar furfu ufq^ ad dufpol t p 
dufpol fiirfa p diuifas quaf Walterus auus meus t alan? pater meus 
q^ hanc elemofina ipfis cDonachis dederunt eif pambulare fecerunt • ufq^ 
eotra monecapel • Cum hac Pra pcefli eis 1 pfirmaui landas t haleuef 
ex aq^^lonali parte fluminis ar q^^s uoluerint excoPe 1; pifcat^am in 
oflio fluminjs ar cu uno rete p^mo fcihcet de f b^ retib^ • ab ipfo oftio 
liirfu ut utant^ flumine ar • tam in pifcationib^ q^i in alijs rebj ficut 
eis placuerit 1 utili^ uifu fuerit • Hanc elemofina uolo ut pdicti 
roonachi de roelros ita libe t quiete • plene t honorifice in ppetuu ab 
ofnib^ feruicijs t omni exactione feculari t pfuetudine teneant t 
poffideant ficut aliq* elemofina liberi^ t quieti^ pleni^ t honorificenti? 
teneri poteft uel pofllderi • Pretea ocefli eis t ^firmaui tota paft^am 
forefte mee ufq^ ad diuifas de duueglas t de lesmahagu t de glengeual 
a parte aq^lonat fluminis ar • cu oinib^ aifiamentis in nemore t in 
oinib^ aliis reb^ eis necefl"ariis t una carucata tre ad excolenda in ift 
locis ubi puid^int meli^ t utili^ ee ad opJ" fuu • libe t q^ete de me t 
heredib? meis ab ofiiib^ feruiciis ppetuo tenore poflidenda excepto 
qd q^nq^ marchas argentj m^ t heredib3 meis annuati pfoluent de ipfa 
forefta mea t falua eadem forefta mea tantum in beftiis t auib^ • 
Et ego t heredes mej manutenebim? t warantizabim? eifdem 
monachis omia ^dicta pif oms homines in ppetuu ficut libam t pura 
t pjietua elemofina t adqVtabim? erga dnm nfm Kegem de omni 
forenfi feruitio . Totam hanc elemofina pceiTit diis meus rex Willelm? 
^dictis foonachis t carta fua ^firmauit ficut fuam pp^am elemofina • 
Infup ego ^cefli j^dictis coonachis donacone q^^m ricard^ Walensis fecit 
eifdem coonachis t ecciie de Cf)elros de tra de barremor t de godenei 
cu oib^ ptinentijs fuis modis oib^ ita libe t qVte t honorifice in ppetua 
elemofinam tenenda t poffidenda ficut libi^ t q^^eti? t honorificenti^ 
carta ipfi^ ricardi teftat^ t in ^firmacone Alani pat''^ mej q^^m ^dicti 
foonachi habent de eadem elemofina ^tinet^ • Tef t • Diio Radulfb epo 


de dun . Comite patVio • Pafcio filio ei^ • rt)agift" WHmo archidiacono 
de buckingham • Waltero de lindefei • Ricardo de neim • Nefo de 
Waloutun • Johe liofe • Wittmo de lindefei • Adam de kelebeuhoc • 
Alano de mungum • Henric capto de crag • Thoma fraf l mltis aliis 

Confirma" Walti • fit alani de machlin • l declara" q^i/d artictorum • 

/■3 Uniuerfis eccie filiis pns fc^^tum vifuris ut audit^is • WalP^ filius alani 
fenefcall? diii reg fcoc • fattm • NoSit uniuerfitas lira q, ego honori dei 
t paci eccie et maxie monafl;erii de melros volens prouidere • in carta 
Walti aui mei data monach de melros duxi declaranda in illa pte • f • 
ipius carte ubi dts auus iiis loquitur de landis^ et de hauchef • et de 
paft;ura forefta^volo eciam hoc qi ibi min^ clarit^ et fecuritatis^tinetur • 
in h" inftrumento clarius exp^mere • t dtis monach plenius prouidere • 
Concefli g" prefatis monacb omnes landas et hauches tam in forefta 
mea q'^ ex*^ ex aquilonali pte fluinis • are • t totam foreftam meam ad 
utend . fcdm q eis vtilius uifum f8it • f • ad arand 1: feminand ubicumq, 
s" vid^int expedire . tam in forefta q'' ex'^ • t ad nutriend et pafcend et 
hnd in ead forefta aflidue pecora fua q°tq"t voluerint . fcdm q ter- 
ritorium ei^d forefte poPit ptinere • et h° erit in arbitrio mona- 
chorum eftimare q^^ntum id Pritorium potit fuftinere • Concefli eciam 
eif ufum eiufd forefte in omibus aifiamentis • et utilitatibus ipius 
habend et poflidend plene et pacifice ad os n^^ceitates fuas • hoc folo 
excepto q monachi nec con9fi nec aliqui alii illoru aucte • venabuntur • 
nee accipitres capient in ead forefla • h° enim illo-i/ ordini non ^puenit • 
nec iH: credimus expedire • Hec omnia deo et prefatis mo^^ch imppe- 
tuum dedi concefli • et hac mea carta confirmaui • Ego quid et 
heredes et fuccefl^ores mei uniuerfi Avarantizabim^' • et defendem'' 
predictis mo^ch offiia fupradicta • t eos illa faciemus in pace poflidere • 
lihe et quiete ab oi feruico et exaccoe et confuetudine fctari • Et ut 

64 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

lieG mea concefRo firma fit • 1; imppetuum illefa . pns fc^^tum prefatis 
monacb figillo meo pnti tradidi roboratum • Tef t • 

Confirmatio • W • filii Alani de COauhelin • 1 de diuifis • 

72 Omnib^ fce maf s ecclie filiis ^fentib^ 1 fut^is Wal?us fili^ Alani filii 
Walti dapif^ Reg fcocie Salt • Sciatif me conceffifle "t hac mea carta 
confirmafle do T: ecctie fce marie de melros 't monachif ibide do 
feruientib^ in hbam • t pura • 1: ppetuii elemofma machehn p oms 
tminos t diuifaf fuas int terra de machehn t tram Gilbti fiUi Richeri • 
Scit ab illo loco q° milneb'ne cadit i ar fubt^ culticouan • t afcendendo 
p eande b^na ufq^ ad fuleleche • 't fic afcendendo p eundem ficu ex 
f^nfuerfo muflb ufq., ad burna q^ defcendit de iiedereb^ne • t afcen- 
dendo p burna ex f^nfSso pdofo de Rcd^eb^ne ufq^ i b^na q" cadit in 
duueloch • T; p b^na q* defcendit de duueloch defcendedo p eade b^na 
ufq, in faxnoch t afcedendo p faxnoch ufq^ ad polmulin • T; fic afcen- 
dedo p polmulin ufq p mediu auccbnebron • t inde furfu ufq, ad 
condofu • t fic p ^dofu ficut aq" defluut us^ eos ex auflrali parte ufq, 
ad capd ned • t deorfu p ned ufq, in ar • t p ar deorfu ufq in lugar • 
t p lugar furfu ufq, ad dufpol • Et fic furfu p diuifas q^^s Waltus 
fili? alani auus me? t alan^ pat me^ q'' hanc elemofina ipis monachis 
dedeft eif p douenaldu filiu ewin t GillebMe pambulare fecerunt f 
ufq, econt' monecapel • Et q^a ille diuife in cartis q^^s hnt de ancef- 
forib^ meif min? fufficient fpecificant^ i iUas p Wiftm de lindefeie tc 
tepif fenefcallu meu • t Robtu loga • 1 Walt um portariu • t Ric filiu 
henrici Walens • t: aliof pbos hoies meof plene feci certificari • in 
pfentia dni Wifti tunc tepif abbif de mekof • Scit p dufpol maiore t 
auftrale afcendendo ufq^ ad capd ipi? dufpol • t inde ex t^nfufo us? 
oriente ufq, in maf^m ficu int derenechoiie t: paruu nem^" ex parte 
aq^^lonali eiMe fici • 1 inde afcendendo us^ oriente ufq ad c^cem q" 


pofita e ad capd de drumbuhie . t inde vls9 oriente ufq^ ad aliam 
c^cem fup drubuhie • "t ab illa c^ce ad ?tia c^cem q' pofita eft inP 
Aftineflbauhe 1 paruu nem? q fe extendit ufq^ in capelor • 1 inde 
ex f^nfSso muffo 9s^ oriente ufq^ ad Redehoue defurfu garpollif- 
muthe ufq^ in ar q e econf^ monecapil • Cu hac ?ra conceffi 
eif t confirmaui landas 1: hahxues ex aq^lonali parte fluminis ar • 
q^^s uokierint excoFe • Et pifcat^am in hoftio fluminis ar cu uno 
rete p'mo fcit de f b^ retib^ • t ab ipo hoftio furfu ut utant^ flumine 
ar ta in pifcationib^ q^^m in ahis reb^ ficut eif placuerit ^ utWiP uifu 
fuerit • Hanc elemofina uolo u' ^dicti monachi de mehof ita Ube T; 
q^ete plene T: honorifice inppetuu ab oibi feruiciis 1 oi exactione 
fctari t confuetudine teneant t poflldeant ficut carta Wal?i fiUi 
alani aui mei teftat^ • t cofirmatio alani fiUi Walti pris mei cofirmat • 
Pretea concefli eif t confirmaui tota paftura forefte mee ufq^ ad 
diuifas de duueglas • T: de lefmahagv T; de Glengeuil a parte aq^^lonaU 
fluminis ar • cu oib^ aifiamentif I nemore t in oib^ aUis reb^ eif 
necefliariis • ■% vna carucata terre ad excolenda i iU locif ubi puiderit 
meU^ 1 utiU? ee ad op^ fuu • Ube 't q^ete de me t hedib^ meif ab 
Sib3 feruicuf ppetuo tenore poflidenda • excepto q q'nq, marcas argenti 
m^ 1 hedib^ meif annuatl pfoluent de ipa forefta mea • T: falua eade 
forefta mea tm in beftiis 1 auib^ • Et ego t hedes mei manutenebim^ 
t warantizabim? eifdem monachif oia |5dicta pf^ os lioies I ppetuu 
ficut libam t p^am 1 ppetua elemofina • 't adq^etabim'' g'^ dum nrm 
rege d omni forenfi feruitio • Tota hfic elemofina ^ceflit diis me^ Rex 
Wiits ^dictif monachif 't carta fua ^firmauit ficut fua pp'am ele- 
mofina - Infup ego concefli ^dictif monachis donacone q^^m Ricard? 
AVallenfis fecit eifdem monachis 1 ecdie de mebos de ?ra de barremor 
1 de Godeneie cu oib^ ptinentiif fuis modif oib^ ita libe 't q'ete 't 
honorifice i ppetua elemofina tenenda 1 pofllidenda ficut libi? t q'eti? 
1: honorificenti'' carta ipi^ nicardi Walenfis teftat^ • Et I ofirmatione 

•64 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Alani paf s xnei q^^m ^dicti monachi hnt de eade elemofina ptinet^ . 
Teft' • Dno patVio comite • T: paf cio filio ei^ • Dfio Robto de brul'- 
t Witto f re eiuf • Reginaldo de c^ufurd tc tepif uicecomite de ar • 
Thoma de coleuiH; • Rog^o auenel • Rog*o filio gleie • fOalcot • loccard • 
Ric • Walens • Vmfrido decano • Jordano p'^ de fimundiftun • Gilbto 
p'^ de kilbevhoc • Nichot • p"^ de dundoueii • t Wifto fre ei^ • Ada del 
nes • 1; dunecano filio ei' • Alano Walens • 1 ftepho fre ei^ • 

De relaxatione quinq^ marcaru • De mauhelin • 

73 Vni2fis xpi fidelib^ hoc fcriptum uifuris ut auditurif Walt filiuf 
Alani dni Reg dapifer Salt in dfio • Nouit uniufitas iira me ad 
honorem dei • 't p animab^ dno-^ meoTj. regu Scotie t p falute mea • 
"t • B • uxoris mee t omniu anceflbrT^ T; heredu meo-j/ dedifle conceflifle 
1 hac |)fenti carta mea confirmafre deo t coonaf rio de melros t 
coonachis ibide deo feruientib^ 1 imppetuu feruiturif rritoriu de 
roauchelin T; ecctiam Sci michaelis in eo fitam • Concefll quidem eif • 
T; hac mea carta confirmaui totu ^fatum tritoriu p fuaf diuifaf con- 
tentas scilt in carta mea q^^m inde hnt roonaclii • vt habeant omnia 
contenta int"^ ^dictas diuifas cu omnib^ libertatib^ 'i ptinenciif ad 
idem tenemtum de jure uel longa confuetudine fpectantib^ • Ego 
quide "t hedes mei warantizabim^' T; defendem^ ^dictis monachis 
cont^ omnes homines • t eos in pace poflidere faciem^ omia fup^^dicta 
cum fuif ptinentiis • Tenenda t habenda libera penituf t quieta ab 
omni treno Suitio t omni ^fuetudine t exactione t demanda ■ Infup 
^''nq, marcaf annuaf ad q^^s m^ 't heredib^ meis foluendaf ^dci monacbi 
p eadem tra fingulis annis fcdm tenore carte mee ■ t carte patris mei 
tenebant^ • eifdem roonachis in ppetuu caritatiue remifi t eos ab illarum 
fohitione p me 1 omnibi heredib^ t fucceflbrib^ meif liberos feci t 


inppetuu inmunes • A iienatioe etia 1 auiu captione quaf ego t 
anteceflbres mei in libcra tra dicte ecctie de roauclielin ^fueuim? 
exercere t ab oi ufu cuiuflibct artif 1 ncgotij fecularis eandem tram 
ecctie cum fuif ptinentijs libera feci t penit^' exliouauj • Et ut ti mea 
donatio t ^fii-matio fine omni impediirito firiiitur 1 flabiles fiant 
^fens fc^ptum Sigilli mei appofitione roborauj • Hijs teftib^ Dtio 
Johanne de mackufvvel • Bernardo fras • Adam filio Gilberti • 
Reynaldo de crauford • Rog^o filio Glaij • Robto logan • Robto de 
crauford • Nigello de heriz • Robto ctico 1 multis aliis • 

CaRta • W • filii • A • filii Walti d Pra Alani pui con9fi • de forefta 
de Ar • 

Omnib^ fce mat's eccHe filijs ^fentib^ t fut4s AValterus fili^ Alani 
filij Walteri dapifer uegis Scotie Satt • Sciatis me pcefRffe 1 hac mea 
carta pfirmaffe do t ecctie fce marie de roelros 1 coonachis ibidem deo 
feruientib^ in Ut3am p^am 1: ppetuam elemofina illa partem tre de 
forefta mea ex auftrali pte de are q^^m pater meus q^ndam ded"at 
Alano paruo pmo de roelros p feruitio fuo que ptinet^ infra has diuifas 
fcilicl; Ab illo loco ubi poUecornerburne cadit in ar T: fic furfu p 
eandem burna ufcj^ ad caput ipfi" burne 1 inde ufus oriente p pdofu 
montis ficut aque defcendunt ufus aq^lone in ar ufq, ad caput de 
garpol 1 fic p pdofum ufcj^ ad caput de carnetabel t inde p pdofum 
ufcjj ad diuifas de duueglas • et fic iu f^nfufum ufq, ad caput de ar • 't 
fic deorfum p ar ufij,, ad illum locum ubi pollecornburne cadit in ar • 
Totam hanc rram 1 q^cq^d ^ptinet^ infra pfc^ptas diuifas ^ceffi pdictis 
roonachis in ppetuam elemofina • 1; uolo ut ea habeant teneant t 
poffideant in ppetuu • ita libe 1 q^ete • plene 1 honorifice ab omnib^ 
feruitijs t omni exactione feculari t pfuetudine ficut aliqua elemofina 


66 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

liberi^ 1 quieti? pleni^ 1 honorificenti^ teneri poteft uel poffideri • 
Et ipfi (Donachi vitent^ hac elemofina ficut meli? 1: utili" fibi T: fiiis 
uifu fuerit fahia tamen m"" faluagina mea tantu in beftijs T; auib^ • 
Ego aute t heredes mei manutenebim? "t warantizabim^ ^dictis 
cnonachis hanc elemofina pi' oins homines 1; adqVtabim^ de omi 
forenfi feruitio g^ dRm Kegem ficut pura T: ppetua elemofina in 
ppetuu • Teft • Dno Radulfo epo dun • Comite pafcio • Cl)agiftro 
Witimo archidiacono de bukigham • Paf cio fiUo Com pafcij • WalPo 
de Hndefei • Ricdo Walenfi • Ricdo le neim • Nefo de Waloutun • Johe 
hofe • Wittmo de lindefei • Alano de munguiii • Robto d logan • 
Thoma fras • 't multis aliis • 

Carta Pet^ d curri • de dalhengan 

75 Omib^ hoc ftfptu uifurif uel audit^is • Pet^f de curri Sait • Sciatis qd 
ego in bona deuocone nutu diuino me reddidi frem domui demekof • 
ab abbe 1: conuentu ei^de dom^ benigne fufcept>' • Ita q ego p domo 
de melrof in oib? ubiq^ ftabo fic ff T; particepf oim bonoTj ei^de dom^ 
i hif q^b^ poto ^fulndo 1. auxiUando ual^e • nec ullaten^' eide domui uel 
ffib, feu hoib^ ^dcoT^ monacoT^ deceto adtifabor • Infup fopita ^t°9fia 
inr nof habita • anno dni co" • cc" • v° • fup trif illif fctt DaUiengan 't 
Bargouer que iacet int riuulu cadente de Duueloc • 1: faxenoc • Ego 
q^cq^d iurif hui uel habe potui p me 't hedib^ meif do t sce coarie t 
couentui d roelrof qVtu clamaui • Hui^ g^ rei deu t fide meam • nec 
non t me ipm teftef ^ftitui • 1 hac ^f iite cartam meam • q^^m fup 
magnu altare coram puentu de roelrof ffib^ meif optuli • Igit^ tcia 
parte fbftantie mee domui de coelf affignaui fiii uiuuf fiu mortuus 
ad eandem domii uenero • Hif Teftib^ • Reginaldo d c^^uford • WiUo 
d Undefeia • Johe hoffe 1 aUis 


^ J 


Carta Waldeui comitif • de paftura de lambermor • 

76 Comef Waldeuuf Omib" fidelib? 1: amicif francif 1: anglif fat^ Sciant 
ta fut^i q*m ^fentef f me dedifle 1 confirmafle hac mea carta • concef- 
fione heredif mei • deo t fce marie de melrof • t monachif ibidem deo 
feruietib^ comune paftura fup lambermora mecu 1 cu hominib^ meif 
p haf diuifaf • fciUcT; de baldredeftan p altam uia ufq,, ad eflingcloh t 
inde deorfu ficut heflingcloh cadit in bothkyl t inde ufq, in diuifaf 
de Inuvvic p falute aie mee t aficeflx)-!/ meoT^ 1 fucceflb'!/ meoi; in 
ppetua elemofina ita libere 1 quiete t honorifice ab oib-^ fctarib? 
feruiciif t confuetudinib^ ficut aliq'^ elemofina Uberi^ t quietj^ 
t honorificenti^ dat^ uel tenet^ • Si aii dimiferint paftura de 
Inuervvic caule eoT^ feqnt^ pecora fua cii logijs fuif q ptinent ad 
ipfaf caulaf infra haf ^noiataf diuifaf fine manuali ope t meif 
pprijf logijf de beltun • Hanc donatione ego t heredef mej waran- 
tizabim^ ^dictif roonachif conf^ os hoief inppetuu • Hif teftib^ • 
Aelina Coiii • Radulfo capetio • Johe capt • Walro • capt • Hugone de 
dunf • Pat^cio ffe coiri • Edwardo auuncto com • Gilbt fi-afeR^ Ada 
filio alden • Alden fenefcaldo • Gamello de pethcox • Ada de fogliou • 
Gilberto filio Walti • Stepho papedi • Warino lemalla • Ada filio 
eggari • Adam de Edintun • 

Carta comitif Pafcii d 1*^ t una acr tre in lambmore 

77 Oiiiib^ Sce coatris ecctie filiif fJfentibs % futurif • Comes Pat^ciuf 
Sattm • Sciant pfStef t futuri coe dedifl!e t conceflifl^e t hac carta 
mea cofirmaflTe Deo t ecctie Sce coarie de cdcIros • t coonach ibidem 
deo feruientib^ in libam t ppetua Elemofinam • p animab^ • dd • t 
cnalcolmi Kegu Scott • t Comit^ Henrici dhoTj. meoT; • t p falute 

68 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

dni mei • W • neg • 1 Alexandri filii ei? • t p falute mea • 1 coniugif 
mee "i liboi; nmif. • 1 pRo animab^ prif mei • t roatrif mee • T; onii 
anceflbT; • 't fuccefroT; meoT/ • Quinq^ginta luia acraf tre in lambmore i 
pp^^etate ad increiiltu in auftrali parte de roofib^nerig ficut nifurate 
fuert a pbif hoib^ meif p foflata • 1 iacent i uno teneiiito ppinq^oref 
illif ^''nq, ac^s q^^s eifde monacb p^uf _ptulera i T; Carta nia ^firmauam • 
ut eaf fic fimt iacent icludant put uoluerint . Ad faciend p^^tu • t ortu 
t bcaria • T; ad utendum oib^ modif fic eif meli? T; utili^ fuit fn 
aratioe • Tota hanc tra t ^''cqM ifr'^ ^tinet^ i dedi pdictif roonacb ut ea 
hant t pJ^ffideat de me t liedib3 meif foluta t q^eta ab oi treno feruitio 
"t pfuetudle t exactioe fclari • ita libe • t qVte • plene • l honorifice • 
fic aliq*^ Elemofina hbi^ • qVti? pleni? • 1 honorificeti^ f tenent t poffi- 
dent • Ego au "t ftedef mei manutenebim? t warantizabim? eif tota 
tra pdicta pt^ oms lioief ippetuum • His Teftib^ • Pafcio fit meo t 
iiede • Witto pat^c • Nefio de Walctun • Pat^cio fiUo ade • Rogo d 
m-lei tuc fenefcald • Ada de Paulewrhe • Walto fit edgari • t Alano 
f i^e fuo • Rad d aplindene • Rob d anifliei • Thoiii frefer • Thom d 
Staflei • Henf d m^lei • Rog pincna • CV)ichaele de INIalkarweft^ • 
Ct^acc^ roarfchaldo • t roultif aliis • 

De tofto in lanarck • 

W^? • dei gfa Rex Scot • Omibus pbis Hominib" Toti? terre fue 
Clericif t laicis Sattm • Sciant prefentes t futuri me dedifle t ^cefllfle 
t Hac carta mea ^firmafle deo t Ecctie Sancte Cl)arie de Ct)elrof • t 
Cl)onachis ibidem deo feruientibus unum plenariu Toftum in Burgo 
meo de lanarc • Tenend in libam t puram t ppetviam Elemofinam • 
ita libe Quiete Plenarie t Honorifice f sicut alias Elemofinas fuas • 
libius • Quieti? • Pleni? t Honorificenti? . tenent • t poflident • Teft • 


Hug CanceW • meo • Philippo de Valoin Caiii • Ric de • • • end • Witto 
de Haia • WiHo GifFard • Dunec de laceles • Apud pert primo die Junii 

Carta Alani de Galw • de Alewentchawis • 

'''9 Omnibus fancte inris ecciie fidehbus pntibus et futuris h° fc^ptum 
uifuris uel audit^is Alanus filius rolandi fcot conftabula? . fattm • 
NoSit vniuerfitas vra nos dedifle concefliffe • et hac pnti carta nra 
confirmafie • deo et eccie fancte ma" de mekos et monachis ibidem 
deo feruientibus in hbam puram et ppetuam elemofmam quafd terras 
in territorio de lauuedir que continent? infra has diuifas • f • a fairforde 
afcendedo ufq^ ad ftaincros-et inde afcendedo ufq, ad diuifas deWedale • 
et fic p uiam que eft diuifa inter Weddale • et lauuedd^dale • ufq, ad 
alewentiflieude • et inde per diuifas int Wedale et lauued^ • ufq^ ad 
uiam que eft diuifa inter Burnerig et leuedeparc • et p eand viam 
defcendendo ufq^ c^cem lapideam • et fic in t^nfuerfum ufq, ad c^cem 
que fita eft ad cap' • de fulewithenis • et fic p uiam uerfus auftrum 
iuxta harlaw don"" ueniat^ ex oppo'" de morclow • et fic per riuulum 
descendendo ufq, in ftandenburne ■ et fic p ftandenburn afcendendo 
ufq, ad diuifas de threpuude • et tlu-epviude in omnib^ cum omnib^ 
libtatibus quas in ea habuim^ • Tenend et habend s^ Ube et quiete ab 
omni terreno feruicio • confuetudine exaccione fctari et demanda • Et 
nos et heredes nri manutenebi^' et Warantizabim? • dcis monachis 
dcas terras • absq, omni retinemento ut diminucione • et defendem^' 
contra omnes homines • de omni ferui" forenfi et priuato • ut eas 
heant teneant et poflideant • ita hbe et quiete plene et honorifice ficut 
aUquam elemofinam in regno fcocie • hbius quiecius • plenius et 
honorificentius tenent de ahquo comite ut barone • Hiis teft • Thoma 
de Kent • Radulpho de cliftuii • cticis iiris • t c^ • 

70 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sfx. xii. 

Carta leprofo'!; de Moriceflun • 

80 W^alterus filius alani Regis Scott fenefcallus • Oinib^ fce matris 
ecciie filiis pntib^ 1 futuris falute • Nou^tis me dediffe T; conceffiffe 
et hac mea carta confirmafre in puram t ppetuam elemofinam deo T; 
fce marie 1: hofpitali de auldeneflun 1 infirmis fratrib^ ibidem refi- 
dentib^ • pro falute aie mee 1 pro falute ancefToT^ '=t fucceffiji^ meoTj. • 
unam carucatam Vre t dimidiam • fcUicet carucatam rre in uilla de 
auldeneflun p fuas rectas diuifas • T: dimidiam carrucata rre q^^m diia 
emma de ednahim tenuit p fuas rectas diuifas • cu comuni paflura 1 
afiameto nemoris de birkenfide t nemoris de liggardewude t cum 
libtate molendi ad molendinu meu fine moltura • tenedu s'" inppetuu 
adeo libere t quiete plene T; honorifice ficut aHq"^ elemofina in negno 
fcocie libius et quiecius plenius t honorificencius de comite ut ba- 
rone teneri potefl et poffideri • Et ego t heredes mei manutenebimus 
t warantizabimus prenominatis monachis omnia prenominata t de- 
fendemus erga diim nrm Regem t omnes aUos inppetuu de omni 
terreno feruicio et confuetudine et exaccione et demanda • Teft- \ c • 

Carta Walri fit Alani de caruc rre in Aldeneftoti 

81 Vniuerfis xpi fidelibus hoc fcYtum uifuris uel audituris Walt filius 
Alani dni Reg dapifer Sattm in diio • Nouit vniuerfitas iira me 
dediffe t conceffifle t hac mea carta confirmafTe in Uberam puram t 
ppetuam elemofinam deo t eccfie fancte roarie de roekos p falute 
anime mee t p animabus antecefforu t fuccefToru meoru • vnam 
carucatam rre t di • • • • m Scitt carucatam terre jn uilla de aldenifton 
p fuas rectas diuifas • t dimidiam carucatam terre quam diia Emma 
de Edenham tenuit p fuas Rectas diuifas cu com . . • • ftura t 


aifiamento nemoris de Birkenfide 't nemoris de Liggardewde 1 cu 
libertate molendi ad molendinu meu fine ttioltiu-a • Tcncnd 1 habend 

fibi adeo libe 1; quiete plene t honorifice f ficiit aliqua 

elemofina in regno • fcot honorificentius de comite 

uel barone poflideri • Et ego t heredes 

mei foanutenebimus 1 Avarantizabimus ^noTatis roonachis omnia 

pnoiata • t defendemus erga dnm regem t omnes aUos i u 

de omni terreno feruitio "i confuetudine • t exactione . t demanda 

Tefl;ibus Adam filio Gilberti • Reynaldo de crauford • Rog^o 

filio Glaii • • • obto de logan • Roberto de Crauford . Nigello de 
Heriz Ro cler ahis • 

Carta Elene de moreuift • De noua tra que dicit* Harhope 

82 Oconibuf fce inrif ecctie filiis prefentibuf "t futurif • Elena de moreuilla 
fattm • Sciatif me dedifle 1 coceflifTe 1 hac mea carta confirmaflTe deo 
■t ecdie fce marie de melrof 't monacb ibidem deo suientibuf • p aiab^ 
prif mei 1 iiirif mee • 1: Witti fris mei • 1 Rollandi fponfi mei • 1; p 
falute mea 1 alani filij mei "t hedif • 1 omnium fuccefll)-!^ Krorum • in 
libam t puram elemofinam q^^ndam ptem Vre mee in tritorio de 
killebeccokefl;un • que continet^ infra haf diuifaf • fcitt a capite de 
Widhope m^ orientem p medium condof montif ufq,, ad iietuf 
cafl;ellarium • 1 inde in t^nfusum iifq, ad carelgiburne • 't inde ficut 
rra arabit t mora fepantur ufq, ad haropeburne • t fic defcendendo p 
eandem burnam ufq^ ad locum ubi haropeburne t carelgiburne 
conueniunt • t fic afcendendo p carelgiburne ufq,, ad fofl"af fcaf 
ad diuifaf f t fic tis^ occidente p fofl!af fcaf p diuifif ufq^ ad vadum 
de Widhopeburne us^ line • t fic afcendendo p eandem bumam 
ufq, predcm caput de Widhope • Totam hanc ?ram t q'cquid 

72 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

continet^ infra prenominataf diuifaf dedi predcif monacli in libam 1 
puram t ppetuam elemofinam ut eif utantur ficut meliuf \ utiliuf s"" 
t fuif uifum f uit • Infuper dedi eifdem monach ^munem paftvu'am 
in rritorio eiufdem uille ad feptingentaf ouef cum nut^mentif fuif 
duorum annoi/ uel totidem multonef • t ad quad^^ginta vaccaf "t unu 
taurum cu nut^mtif fuif duoij annoT; • t ad q^^d^^ginta bouef • T: ad octo 
eq°s • t ad q^^tuor fuef cu nuf metif f um annoT^ • vbicuq auia mea 1: 
auia hoinu meoi^ predce uille pafcunt • cu omnibuf aliif pTbuf 
aifiamentis eiufde uille • Et ipi monachi hebut Ubum egffum t re- 
greffum p rram mea t p rram hoium meoi^ ad predcam pafturam 't 
ad alia ^munia aifiamenta fine ulla difturbacone • Hec omnia predca 
dedi predcif monach Uba qVta t foluta ab omni rreno suico 1; con- 
fuetudine 1 exaccone fectari • t uolo ut ea heant 't poflideant inppe- 
tuvim ita hbe t qVte plenarie t honorifice ficut aliq'^ elemofina hbiuf 
t ^''eti^ • pleni5' t honorificenciuf teneri poteft uel poffideri • Et ego t 
hedef mei manutenebim^ t AVarantizabimuf |)dcif monach hec oia 
cof^ oiiif hoief t adqVtabimuf de omni suico inppetuum • Hec omnia 
dedi predcif monach in efcambium p t^ra q^^m Wiftm de rooreuift fr 
meuf diuifit eif in cuningham in ultima fua voluntate • fcitt tra q^^m 
fimon de beumunt tenuit • t ipi monachi remiferunt m'' t hedibuf 
meif one cakimpniam q"^m huerut conf^nof de predca rra t abfoluut 
animaf Wittmi frif mei t RoUand fponfi mei de predca cahimpnia • 
teft" • t c^^ 

Carta alani de galwethia • de noua rra • 

83 Omnibus fce iiiris ecciie fiiiif tam prefentibuf q^^m fut^s alan^ fihuf 
rollandi de galwythia fatt • Sciatif me dediffe t conceffiffe et hac mea 
carta confirmaffe deo et ecctie fce marie de mekof t monachif ibidem 


deo §uientibuf • pro animabus Eicardi de moreuitt; aui mei "t Wittmi 
auuncti mei • nollandi patris mei- 1 pro falute mea-et lielene iilrif mee • 
•t omnium fucceflb-!/ liro-!/ • in libam puram et ppetuam elemofmam 
totam illam ptem Pre in fritorio de Gillebeccokeftun que continet^ 
infra haf diuifaf^ Scitt a capite de Widhope vtiP orientem p medium 
condof montif ufq,, ad uetuf caftellarium • 1 inde in t^nfuerfum ufq^ 
ad carelgiburne • \ inde ficut ?ra arabilif t mora diuidit ufq, ad 
harehopeburne • t fic defcendendo p eandem burnam ufq^ ad locvim 
ubi harehopeburne "t Withopeburne pueniunt et fic afcendendo p 
Withopeburne f ufq, ad capud de Withope • Totam hanc ?ram • 
et quicquid continet^ infra pnominataf diuifas dedi predcif monachif 
in libam • puram • et ppetuam elemofinam • ut eif utant^ ficut meliuf 
et utiHus s' et fuif uifum f9it • Infup dedi eifdem monach • _pmunem 
pafturam in Pritorio eiufdem uUle ad feptingentaf ouef cum nufmentis 
fuifduorum annoT; iiel ad totide multonef • 't ad q^^draginta uaccaf 
t unum taurum cum fuif nuf mentis duorum annorum • 1; ad q^^dra- 
ginta bouef et octo equof t ad q^tuor fuef cum fuif nufmentif 
fum annorum uVumq, a9ia mea uel auia hoinum meoT/ pdce uille 
pafcunt • cu oibj ahjf pib^ aifiametis eiufde uille • Et ipi hebunt libum 
eg^fllim et regreffum p rram meam • et p rram hominum meoT^ ad 
predcam pafturam et ad alia pmunia aifiamenta fine uUa difturba- 
cone • Omnia prenominata dedi aiidcis monachif liba et q^eta "t foluta 
ab omni treno feruico t confuetudine et exaccone fctari • Et uolo ut ea 
heant teneant et pofRdeant inppetuu • ita libe • et quiete • plenarie et 
honorifice ficut aliq"^ elemofina libiuf et qVci^ • pleniuf "t honorifi- 
cenci? teni poteft uel poffideri • Et ego et hedef mei manutenebim^ t 
warantizabim^' predcis monach h omnia cont^ omnef hominef "t adqV 
tabim? de oini feniico inppetuum • h oia dedi predcis monachif 
in efcambium p tra q* Witls de moreuili auvmcfs meuf diuifit eif 



in cunlgham in ultima voluntate fua • fcitt • tram q^^m fymon de 
Beumunt tenuit • Et ipi monaclii remiferunt m^ et toedib^ meis 
omnem calumpniam q^^m huerut adufum nof de predca rra . t 
abfoluerunt animaf predci Withni auundi mei T; rollandi prif mei de 
ipa calumpnia ■ tefl^ • T; c" • 

Confirmaco Alani de galweia de noua rra fcdm carta helene liirif fue 

84 Omnib^ fce iiirif ecciie filiif prefentib^ "t fut^is alan? fili? rolandi 
pftabut reg" fcott f fatt • fciatif me pcefRfTe 1; hac mea carta confinnalTe 
do \ ecctie fce marie de meh" T; monacb ibide do suientib^ in liba 1; 
p^am "t ppetua elemofinii donacom q^^m elena de moreuift • mar mea 
fecit eide ecciie 1 monach d q^^d pte rre in rritorio de Gillebecchiftun 
p diuifaf in carta predce mrif noiataf cu paft^a T; omib^ ahif aifimetif 
memoratif monach I eode tritorio ab ipa collatif • Quare uolo ut 
aiidci monachi hec oia ht3e t qVte plenarie "t lionorifice modif oib^ 
teneat t pofTideant inppetuu ita q ego t hedef mei manutenebim? 
t warantizabim? hec omnia cont^ omf hominef inppetuum t adq^eta- 
bim? de omni suico erga omnef hoief ficut carta predce mrif mee 
teftatur • teft^ . t c' . 

Confirmacb neg" •Witimi • De noua rra liarelri^ 

85 W iitmuf di gfa rex fcott • omnib^ pbif liominib^ tociuf tre fue 
cticif t laicif falt • Sciant prefentef t fut^i me coceffifre • t hac mea 
carta confirmaflfe do t ecctie fce marie de meko t monachif ibidem 
deo suientib^ tota illam pte tre in tritorio de killebeccokeftun 
q"m alan^ fili? rollandi eif dedit p diuifaf nominataf in carta ipiuf 
alani • in efcambiu rre q^^m Witts de moreuiti eif diuifit in cunigham • 


Quare uolo t precipio iit predci monachi predcam rram fteant 'l 
teneant in p^am "t ppetuam clemofuiam p predcaf rectaf diuifaf 
nominataf in carta predci alafi • t cu ^muni pall^a eiufdem uille ad 
certum nuraum pecudum t auiorum nolatoru in eadem carta • 1 
libo egreflii • t aliif aifimentif ciufde uille ita libe et q^ete • plenarie 
et honorifice i ficut carta eiufdem alani teflat^ faUio suico mco • 
teft- . t c- 

Carta Rogi burnard de vna bouata tre 

86 Sciant ^fentef \ futuri qd ego Rog^uf Burnard dedi 1 concefTi 't hac 
mea carta confirmaui deo t beate roarie ^ roonachif de roeh-of deo 
feruientib^ trefdecl acraf t^re mee • "t vnam pcatam in rritorio de 
faringdu • illaf fcitt que iacent 1 ppinq^^oref funt rre Simonis de 
farburne fcilt ex orientali pte fubtuf regiam uiam qua itur ad 
Rokefijurc • In puram 'i hbam 1 ppetviam elemofinam • Tenendaf 
t liabendaf Libaf t QVtaf ab omni exactione confuetudine 't de- 
manda • Et ego t hedes mei warantizabim^ 1 in plena pace poffideri 
faciem" ab eifdem coonachis ^dictam tramppetuocont^omes hominef 
1; quietam faciem'' ab omni seruicio t querela • Hanc quidem dona- 
tione feci pfatif coonachif in hba potefl;ate mea t plena pofleffione 
rre mee de faringdu exiftenf • Hiif teftib^ • Johe de Ct)ack^wel t 
Ailrao fre eiuf • Gaufrido • Rad • Walro • Ric • fihif meif • Gregorio de 
Ruth^ford • Walto filio Thoiai • Alano capttano de faringdun • Simone 
seniiente meo • t multif ahis a quib^ pdicta tra pambulata fuit p 
pceptu meu fcdm ^fataf diuifastfoflatu coram ipfif teftib^ a coonachif 
ibide factu . 

79 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xtt. 

Carta Rog burnard de petaria . 

87 Omibj fancte a)atT Ecctie filiis ^fentib^ 1: futuris Rog^uf Burnard 
Satt • Sciatif me dediffe '^ conceffiffe t hac mea carta confirmafTe Deo 
1 Ecctie Sce (X)arie de Ct)elros t coonach ibidem deo feruientib^ pro 
falute animarum dnoi^ meoT; Begum Scotie • Scit • Regif dauid • 1 
uegif Ct^alcolmi • 'i uegif Wittmi • l: pro falute anime mee • "t pro 
animab^ Omium aticefroT^ • t fucceffoT/L meo-!; • in libam • puram • 't 
ppetuam elemofinam q^^ndam ptem petarie mee in rritorio de 
faringdun • q^^m ego cum aliis multif pbis hominib^ pambulaui • p 
eafdem diuifas t eofdem tminos • Sctt p Lapides grandef qiiof tunc 
pambulando pofui p circuitum • Conceffi etiam eifdem roonach ut 
extra eafdem diuifas foffatum faciant p c^cuitum sex pedum latitu- 
dinis • t tantum Vre mee 1: more de iuxta dedi eif 1; concefR ubi 
fufRcienr poffint exficcare petaf fuas • 't ineundo ^ nedeundo Libum 
f^nfitum f ii diflurbatione • ad ipaf petaf abducendas Hec oiuia tene- 
bunt 't habebut ij5i roonachi de me 't bedib^ meif • Hbe • t QVte • 
plene • t. honorifice ficut aliq^^m elemofinam libi^ quieti? pleni^ 1 
honorificenti^ tenent 't p^fident • Et ego 1 hedef mei manutenebim? t 
warantizabim^ ipif cnonach totam petariam ^dcam cont^oinef hominef^ 
Hiif Tefl;- • Ric decano • Walt OHfard • Thom de CoUeuiU • Bernard 
de hawed • Gg • de nutheford • Alex de Sintun • Robto filio Ct)acc? • 
Et Ct)ulTis Aliis • 

CaRta Rob de Londoniif fup carrucata tre I Lefledwine 

88 Robtuf de londoniif Omib^ filiif ecciie tam clericif q^^m laicif fai • 
Notu fit uob me hac mea ^fenti carta confirmaffe ca'tam patT mei q"^ 
dedit "t confirmauit do 1: fce coaRJe 1 monachif de melrof dimidiam 

fRolnnir K^toii^onitC O^h Cilu<| ccdw cnm ckmi' cjiti UciV Ul^ 
, y:sH mci a cV^tcMCMtilfinn.aurrvNo H fcc cVial^C «i moiinflnf ^'^ 
uK>U^jf Wtit^wtti ot^ucTcfi' €t^. 5^^ ^ it^i ^ ^«^^^ CainiitTw 
lAttJofTtti^-tclbica rcUc^itncti^^r tijb' aWccr uf cy, abiercttrc^'^ 
I fic im ^cfcct^TTUioMtco c\pu^ orriciTit tita; tttn52rCTrcr .1)CC Oiu 

lcoticcrCiH^cbt^^Ctttfre au' tnce. M V Aturm c^jcmic pirrui 
I I * t^ w _- 



^IU.-IVV^»^^,. ^ ^l - .„ ..^ ,.„ 

|«i^) atnlttilj^ Yjvrf '-1 nictcf tiicc <^i cmnntu patmriTtrieQ^.Uir 

Irico .k^cVnfi . Ijcjro^ctncc ^i|1>\c cm-oa tcnvttr. lCiar^o ^e 
|c2UncitM a)acV)0 vV«\rro.H ofutmi^o immloineiv 


carrucata tre • f^l; ego ipfi dimidie carrucate appoITui 1 adieci re- 
liquQ terre qd adiacet u% ad dereftredt t fic uia defcendit in oblico 
apud oriente u% in torrente • Hcc oiiiia conceffi • 't dedi ji falute aie 
mee • t p anima thome patrui mei • t p animabs patTt matTmee "i 
oiiiium parcntu meoij. • Hif teft" • Wiiio filio odardi • t Henrico filio 
iordani • WiHo clerico • de chaufi • Rogo clerico • q^ hac carta fcripfit • 
Ricardo de cameif • t Ct)acho ^pofito • l Ofmundo famulo meo • 

Confirmatio WiHi Reg • d tra i Lefledvvin 

89 W . Rex Scott • Oinib3 f)bif holb^ toci? Pre fue • cticif • t laicif f 
falut^ • Sciat fJfentef • T; fut^i • me cocefline • 't hac carta mea cofir- 
mafle • deo • t ecctie Sce Ct)arie de Cllailros • t C\;)onachif ibide deo 
feruietibj • dimidia carucata tre ^ Ric de london eif dedit in 
leffedwin • tenenda i libam • t ppetua elemofina • ita bn • t plenarie • 
q^ete • t honorifice • fic carta ipiuf Ricardi eif teftat^ T • Dd • frat'' 
meo • Nichot cancefiio • Alano fit dapiferi • WiHo de haia • Hugone 
de exart • WiWo de OQorteiS • Rob filio Jordani • Apvd Selefchirche • 

Carta robti de bkeley t uxorif eiuf fup q^^dam carucata ?re de 
mackiftun que fuit ^''ma tra donata de la morhus • 

90 Oconib^ fce mrif ecdie fiHif tam prefentib, q^^m futurif • Robt? de 
bkeley • t cecilia fponfa ipiuf t hedef eorum i fait • Sciatif nof 
dedifle • t hac prefenti carta iira confirmafl^e deo t eccHe fce marie 
de melrof t monach ibidem deo suientib^ •p animab^ • dd • t malcohiii 
regum fcott dHorum iirorum • t p anima comitif ftnr , t p fahite dni 
uri WiHmi regif fcot • t dd • f f if ei^ • t animab^ ririf t patrum t 
matrum t omniu ailceflx»T/ t fucceflb:; iiroT; una carrucatam Pre in 

78 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xti. 

tritoiio de mackiftun plenarie p haf diuifaf • fcitt ab orientali pte de 
derellrete • a medio condofo de morrig ufuf auflru • ex orientali pte 
eiufdem flrate • ufq^ ad primu ficum ex aqlonali pte de lilifyhatef . 
in? g^tkerigge • t lihfyhatef • 1 fic iierfuf orientem p eundem ficu • 
ufq^ ad illum locum q^m ego Rob • be bkeley • ipif cora hoib^ meif 
affignaui t ipi magna pet^^m in tefiimonium erexerunt in morric • 1: 
inde uerfuf occidentem ufq^ derefl;rete • Totam hanc tram 1 q^cq''^ 
continetur infia haf predcaf diuifaf dedimuf eif p una carrucata tre • 
ita ut nulhif in pofl^erum inde eif calumpnia poffit mouere • fi amphuf 
fuit f n*" ipi ampliuf petere fi minuf fuit • 1 comune paft,uram eiufdem 
uille ad centu ouef • 1 xij • bouef^ 't fex vaccaf • t tref equof • 't unam 
fuem cum nut^mentif fuif duorum anno'^ • int? 't forif • longe 1 ppe . 
ibiq, p omnia ubi aueria mea T; auia hoinu meoT^ eiufde uille pafcunt* 
pret blada t p^^ta • t ^munia focaha eiufde uiUe tam in turbaria q^^m 
in brueria • t pet^m q^^drature mee de alwerdene ad fufficienciam ad 
edificia domuf de meh-of edificanda • Hec omnia dedimuf eif in hbam 
't puram • t ppetuam elemofina ita ut ea omnia heant • t teneant • t 
poflideant inppetuum hbe • t q^ete • plenarie • t honorifice • fic uUam 
elemofinam hbiuf • q^eciuf • pleniuf • t hmiorificeci? tenent t poflident • 
Et nof t hedef iiri waranlizabim^ eif hec oia predca f inppetuum» 
t adq^^etabim? uerfuf dnm regem t fucceffores eiuf de forenfi feruico 
pfuetudine • t exaccone fciari f inppetuum • faluif decimif fci cuthbti 
ecctie de mackiflun • hiif tefl^ • Jocet epo Glafg • Ric • Cl)ureii • epo • 
Rob • archid • CV)agro iobe • Thefauf • t c^ • 

Confirmaco Reg Witii d tra de roackeflun^ex dono Rob de Berkelay^ 

91 W . dj gra Rex Scott • Epis • Abbib^ • Com • Baroii • Juft' • Vicecom • 
|5poitis • Ct^iniffs • t Omib^ pbif Hoib^ tocj^ fue tre cticis t laicis Satt » 


Sciant pfentes 1 fut^i • me conceffiffe 1 hac carta mea pfirmaffe c1o 't 
Ecctie Sce Cl)arie de t\)elros 1 monachis ibid do fuientib^ donacione 
q^^m Robtus de Berkel: t cecilia filia Liulfi sponfa ei^ eifd monachis 
fecunt f de illa carrucata rre In tTitorio de mackeflun qua ^dictus 
Robtus pfatis monachis ^ambulauit • "T; p eafdem diuifas que ^tinent^ 
In carta |)noTati Rob t cecilie sponfe fue • T; cu ^munib^ aifiametis 
ei^dem uille ta In pall^is cf I aifiamentis fochaliu • t pet"rn q^^drarij d 
Alwerdene ad fufiiciencia, ad edificia dom^ d OQeh edificanda • Sicut I 
carta ^dicto-^ ptinet^ • Qr uolo T; firmiP ^cipio ut ^dicti monachi 
pfatam Vram cu oinib^ fupTc'ptis aifiamentisfeant t pi^fideant In libam 
t purfi t ppetua elemofina ita libe 1 quiete plenarie 1 honorifice f 
fic aliq"^ alia elemofma in toto Regno meo libius t q^eti? pleni^ "t 
honorificenci? tenet^ t p-Tidet^ • t fic carta j5dicti Robti de Berk t 
cecilie fponfe fue teflat^ "t ^firmat • faluo fuicio meo . i faluif declmis 
eccfie d Ct)ackeflun • Teft^ • Hug Cancffio meo • Robto t Rad capHanis 
meif • Ric d ^benda clico meo • Robto de london . Willo de lindes • 
a)aIcoIiii fit Coin Dunec • Witto Cumi • Wiiio d haia • Wili GifFard • 
Walto de B^^ket Camar • Herbto de CaiSa • apvd forfare • 

Carta • H • d xormauitt d morhuf 

92 Omib^ sce roinf Ecdie filiis tam ^fentib^ q*m futMs Hugo de Nor- 
maimeuift • t Alina uxor ei^ • Saft^ • Sciatif nof dediffe t^cefTiffe t hac 
carta rira ^pfirmaffe do t ecclie fce marie de coelf • t monach ibid do 
feruientib^ • p aiab^ dd t cnelcolmi Regu Scott • 1 Henr • Cofii • t p 
falute dSi iiri Wifti Scott • t Alex • filii fuj • t Com • dd • ffis 
Reg^ t paiab^ ririst prm riro-!/ t iiirum t omium anceffoT/ t fucceflx):; 
nro-!^ tram de Keluefete t de Faulawe p haf diuifaf fciit a Pra incidta 
directe ufcj^ ad foffata ex aq^Ionali pte de Kelffete • t fic p illa foffata 

80 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Ss^ oriente '^ p pet^ q pofite fut ad diuifas ufq^ ad uia q uen de 
Eckeforde ^s9 melf • t fic ab illa uia p femita t^nfSfu Celfefeteftele 8s^ 
auftru p pef^s q ibi pofite fut ad diuifas ufq, ad alia foflata ex auftrali 
pte de Kelffeteftele • 't fic p illa foffata ufq,, ad uia q in tendit Us^ 
oriente • t fic p illa uia ufq^ ad pef^s fic angulatl pofite fut ad diuifas 
ufq^ in Fawelaweleche • "l p illu fic us^' oriente ufq^ ad foflata q e 
diuifa inr tra de Cl)ackef t • 1; rra de Ruderforde • 't p illa diuifa us? 
auftf 1 us^ occidente ufq, ad uia q' uenit de Eckeforde • 1 fic f^nfufum 
uia illa us^ occidente fic pet" pofite ft ad diuifa inr ti'a culta 1: mora • 
t fic c^culando p pef^s pofitas Ss? auftf t in 9s? oriente ufq,, ad diuifas 
rre d Ruderford • 't p illa diuif a ufq., ad ft^^tam q e diuifa inr tt^ackuft^ • 
"t Faringd • T: p illa ft^tam us? occidente ufq^ ad pet^s q pofite f t ad 
diuifa • t iii ex f^nfufo us^ aq^^lone p pet^ ufq,, i ficu 't p illu fic 1: 
pef^s ibi pofitaf ufq^ ad loc li^ pambulaco ifta icep • Tota hac tra T: 
q^cq''^ ^tinet^ infra has diuifas excepta dimid • carf • tre q^ Hug d 
Helleie tenet infra has diuifaf • dedim? eis i excabiu p tra q"^ Rob • de 
B'kelaie 1 Cecilia uxor fua eis ded^ant i tritorio d Cl)ackeft' ex 
orientali pte d Dereft^te •Dedim? T: eis pmune paftura uille d COackuft- • 
ad c • oues • T: xx • boues t vi • uaccas • t iij eq^s T: una ftie c nutmtif 
fuis duoT; anoT/^ it^ 1 forif • loge 1 ppe t u^q,, p oia u'" auia nra t aSia 
hoium iiro-!^ ei?de uille pafcut^ pt blada 1 p^^ta • Dedim? t eis _pmunia 
focalia ei^^de uille ta i turbaria ^ i brueria • '=t pet^in q^^rarie iire de 
Alwardene ad fufficietia ad edificia dom^ d melf edificanda • H oia 
dedim'' eis t hac carta nra pfirmauim^ i libl t pura 't ppetua elemo- 
fina ita ut ea oia ftant et teneat t poflldeat i ppetuu libe 't qu^ete 
plenarie t honorifice fic aliq'^ elemofina libi^ q^eti? • pleni? t honori- 
ficeti^ tenet t pofliidet • "t nof "t hedes Sri warantizabim^ eis h oia 

^dca 1 adq^etabim^ ^s9 diim Rege t fucceflbres eiP de forenfi 

s^uitio t d oini treno suitio t d oi ^fuetudie t exacone fctari i 


ppetuu . Saluif decimif ecctie Sci Cuthbti d a)ackuft^ • His T • Dno 
WiHo Glafg • epo • Hug • CapeH: • t ctico Reg • WiW Canonico Glafg • 
Johe d Hunt" ciico • Pet" CapeH: . 1: Pet" t Rad • clicis epi • Ric' pfoa 
de Alnecr . Idelo ciipeft . de lillefcliu • Ada pfoa de Ct)accuft^ • Girardo 
ctico de Nein • Rog • burnard • Alano de tliirleft" • Pet° de la liage - 
Ric de Cornewat • Vmfr- de Rapercll • Alex • de liirdmaneft-' • Rotj • fit 
rt)afcu^Rob tlctore deRokefbc.Philipp de O^accuft^.Hen^d Daltuil- 
WiH le f^^nceis-WiHdeGouuiH'. dd 't heni-^. filiisArkilli.t coultis aliis- 

Caita vegif WiBi d bleniftei . 

93 WiHs di gra Rex fcottoi/ . Epif . Afebibj • Comitib^ • Baron • Jufticiif • 
minlftris • t Oinib^ pbif homib, toci" tre fue • Clericif t laicif tiit • 
Sciatif me dediffe 1: hac mea carta _pfirmaffe do 1 fce Cl)arie • 1 ecctie 
de Ct)ailr . 1 OQonachif ibidem do feruientib^ . p anima Reg dd aui 
mei . t p aTa henrici comitif prif mei . 1 mris mee • t p aui (X)alcolmi 
regif • t p falute mea • t oium anteceffoTj t fucceffoT^ meoii. • illam 
parie tie de bleineflei • q^^m Rex dd oli ^cefferat foreftariif fuif^ 1 ego 
p°ea WiHo filio Oem ^cefferam • Scitj illii toftum t mafagiu qd pdict^ 
Witis tenuit t poffedit . vt edificent iltd . ficut eis utili^ uifum fuerit 
p libitu fuo . t liceat eif arare t colere totam rram illam tantu • q 
ante fracta fuerat 't arata • cu omib^ libtatibs forefte int Galeghe t 
ledre.ficut ptinet^ in cartif . Anteceffoi; meoT; • t meif.Hanc g" 
tram pcedo eif . '± pfenti Carta _pfirmo in perpetuam Elemofina . vt ea 
habeant • 1 pi^fideant pdicti monachi • Libe '± (fete • plenarie t honor- 
ifice • ficut aliq'^ Elemofina qVti^ t libius teni poteft • Soluta ab oiTii 
treno feruicio • t fctari exactione • Ita qd ego t heredef mei Avaranti- 
zabim? eif hanc tram . cont* oinf hominef . hif teftib^ . Ofbto abbe de 
kelcho • Hug abbe de Nevbotle • Witio malueifin . Ricardo de la 



puende • Hug • del feel • Dauid comit fre Reg • Robto de q^^nci • hug 
ridel • Ricardo de munfichet • Philippo de valuin • Rog^o de valuiii • 
Waldeuo filio baldewifi • Alexandro de fent martin • Herueio le 
marefchal • Ricardo de marefcal • Robto de feint Cl)ichel • Alano filio 
Hug fenefcallo coiii • dd • Ricardo filio liffun • Adam de flanford • 

Carta Ricardi de cnoruilla • de Bleineflie • 

^^ Omib^ Sce coatris ecctie filiis tam ^fentib^ q^^m fut^is Ricard de 
cooreuitt confl.abulari? ueg" scott satt • Sciatis rae cum affenfu t bona 
uoluntate AViHi • de cooreuift filii 1 hedis mei • dediffe t hac ^fenti 
mea carta confirmaffe in libam t purfi t ppetua elemofinam do t 
ecciie fce coarie de melf 1 monach ibidem do feruientib^ libertatem 1: 
licetiam arandi t feminandi tota terram de blaneflej^e t totam planitie 
in c^cuitu ext^ nem^ usc^ ad ledre T; ifi faciendi commodu fuu fcdm 
uoluntate fuam u^cj;, infra diuifas fuas excepto farto faciendo ufcj^ ad 
Windiflaue t iri p magna fl;"^tam q defcendit p Windeflaue uers^ 
laweder uscj^ ad diuifas de laweder • Hanc autem predictam libtate t 
licntiam dedi eis p amore di t falute animai; dauid t malcolmi Regum 
scott • diioT^ meo-y • t p anima henrici comit^ t p falute WiHi regis scott 
dni mei • t p falute • • • viid ff is ei? • t p falute anime mee t anime uxorif 
mee auicie t wiiii filii mei 1 omnium anteceffoT; t fucceffo-j; meorum • 
Quare uolo ut predicti monaehi Pnominata libtatem t licntiam ita 
libe 1 qVte hant in ppetuam elemofina 1 poffideant • ficut aliquam 
elemofina libi^ t quieti^ t honorificenti? poffident • His teffib^ Jocelno 

epo Glas • Euerard abbe de Holm nio abbe de kinlos • 

Cl^agro adam de eccles • Herberto decano Glafg • Roft fit huctredi • 
Radulfo mafcto • Bic mafcto • petro de la liage • Alano de thirleftan • 
Rog^o mafciflo • Thoiii clerico • ric filio GiUeb • Roberto fiHo Radulfi • 


Caiita WiHi de tl)orv° • De Bleinefley 't q^bufdam aliif • 

95 Omib3 fce roatf ccctie filiif • tam gfentib^ q^^m fiit^f • Wi» de ajorev^ 
Sai • Sciatif nie pceffilTe 1 hac ^fenti raa carta pfirmafTe do T: ecctie 
sce Cl)ARie de (X)el^ • "i roonachis ibid do feruientib^ • in Hbam T; pura 
T; ppetua elemofina libtate t Hcentiam arandi t femlandi tota rram 
de bleyneflej • t totam planitie in cVuitu ext^ nem" ufq,, ad leore 1 ih 
faciendj pmodu fuu fcdm uolutate fu3 u^q, infra diuifaf fuaf excepto 
llirto faciendo ufq, ad WindeflaAve 't iii p magna fl:rata que defcendit 
p Windeflawe ufuf lawed° ufq, ad diuifaf de lawed^ • fic pat meuf 
Ric de Ct^oreuitt iH: in htjam elemofina dedit • hanc aut ^dictam 
libtate t licentia itt conceffi peticioe pris inj • t p falute alaT^ dd 't 
Q)elcolmi q°ndam Regu Scott • diio'!^ meoTj • 1 p falute Wiiti Reg 
Scott • dni ini T: p falute aie mee t aie uxorif mee t oiiiiii aticeiroii t 
fuccefiTo'!; iiroT^ • QuAre uolo ut pdicti roonachi ^noiata libtatem t 
licentia ita libe 'i q^ete bant in ppetua elemofina T; poffideant • fic 
aliq^^m elemofina libi^' T; q^eti^ "t honorificenti" poffident • Hif teft^ • 
Jocel' Glafg epo • Ric de Cl)orv" pre ino • Auice de loncaftre rofe iha • 
hbto Glafg • Cleinte medico captio • Adil pfona ecctie de 
lawed' • Rogo clico dapif% prif mi • Alano de Thirleftan • Witto 

* Cl)anfello • fintor • Hbto filio Robii • Alano de clalpehAin 

Witis nex • de fbrefta • 

96 • W9 . di g\a Rex fcot! • epif • abbibj • comitibi • baronib^ . jufticiif • 
vicecomitib^ • Ppoitif • t Omnib^ pbif hoib^ toci? terre fue • clericif 't 
laicif fait • Sciant pfentef t futH me dedifle T: hac pfenti carta mea 
confirmafle deo t ecctie fce roaRie deroeilnof^ 't monachif de uietialle 
ibid deo feruientib^ p aiab^ prif mei 1 roatYmee- t Reg dd auj mej • 


T; jD f?lui,e aie mee • t oium f rm 't foro7/ 1; anceffoT/ t fucceffo'!/ meoT^ • 
in libeia T; pura 1 ppetua elemofma tota landa de bleineflei p diuifaf 
noTataf in carta Ric^ de rooreuilla ad edificanda "t colenda fic eif mGli? 
~± utili" uifum fuerit • line farto faciendo • t licentiam faciendj edificia 
fua iibi uoluerint fup riuulu q'' e inr blajnefle t coilchefide • t toia 
terril de foilchefide q^^m racard de rooreuiii t heres ej? ded^unt t carlif 
fuis confirmauert peR eafde diuifaf que in cartif eoT^ continent^ • t 
capellam de parco fic in cartif eifde ^tinet^ • "t edificia de cubefleia t d 
buchehn 1 de Witheleia fic fueft ad fefium fci roichaelif proximu 
pofb p^mam coronatioem Ric* filij hcnrici reg Anglie • ita qd fi apliora 
aut plura edificia ibi faciant q^^m tc tempis ibi fuert nifi p licentia mca • 
Et ut nuUuf foreftario-^ meo-i^ det uel uendat d bof • • infra diuifaf 
eo:; que in iiia carta continent^ • Hec aii oiTiIa do T; concedo eif pnetuo 
tenore pofl3d"e^ t hac carta mea confirmo in libam t ppetua elemofinfi • 
't uolo "t pcipio ut oiuia fup^^dicta tieant t polfideant ita libe t qiiiete 
plenaiie t honorifice fic ulla elemoiiiia libiuf t qVti'' • pleni? t honor- 
ificenti'' • hi'i potefl; t poffid^i a moni chis orclinif cifrcicuiif • Teftib^ 
Jocel" epo Glafgueii • Arnaldo abbe d rjeu" • Hog canceH meo • Robto 
capett meo • Philippo d Valloii • Rob d lond • Wifio d lindfej • Cl)alcolm 
fit coiii Dunec^ • Wift cumjn • Geruaf^ auenel- WiH d haja • Ada filio 
Gitt: • Ada d fireif • Ada d flanfoit • hbto roarecallo • apud trauerf|ueR • 

Caita Abni filii W • de f|eia clamatione de bleinefley • 

Omib^ sce matrif eccfie filiif ta prefentib^ q"^ futurif f Alan" filiuf 
Waltj Dapifer Reg" Scot Satt • Sciatif me ^''eta clamaffe tota calupnia 
mea t q^cq^d inrif habuj • ut uq^^m hre poro • ut ego ut heredef mej in 
paftura ex parte occidntalj ledre • t hac carta mea pfirmaffe in curia 
dni mei Reg* Scott • Wiftj • t in ^fentia ipi^ • do t ecctie sce (X)aRie d 


Cl^elros ^ moiiacliif ibide do feruiejitib^ in libani 1 pinv. 1: ppetua 
elemofma-p aTab3 dno:/ meoi^ Dd • t fl)alco]mi Regil Scott • 't 
comitif hciiricj • t oiiiin ancefroT;t t fucceflbi; eoT^ • t p falute dni mei 
AVittj Reg-^ Scott • t mea t uxorif mce • t p ala Waltj • filij Alani prif 
mej • Hanc q^eta clamatione • feci p me t heredib^ meif ita libe t ^''ete 
in ppetuu • fic ipi^paflure t rre donatio in cprtif dni mei Witii • Reg 
Scott • t aBcetfoT; ei^ libiuf t q^eti^^tinet^ • "t qm hac carta mea firma 
t flabile in ppetuu uolui pmatie f Rogatu meo diif Joc" • Calg • eps • t 
dns Dd • fR Reg" Scott • figilla eide carte mee in teftimoniu appendi 
fecut • His tell^ • Jocel • Glafg • epo • Jotie • Dunkeld-" • epo • Dd coin • 
fRe Eeg • Dunec- • coiii • d Fif • Gilleb • coin • d SfTiern • WiHo . d 
Cl)ore\^ • ^ftabtar- • Reg~' • WiWo • de Lindeflay • E • Afebe Rieuaft • 
Hug • abbe dc neubole • Cl)aIcolmo • fit Coiii Dunec'' • Joa • • • filio 
Walti de bkelcy • Robto B^keley • Hug • de Northmanev^ • Alano de 

ThyileftaTi de la haga • Henr^ de fco Cler • Rob • Croc • Hug 


Confirmatio Reg^ • W • de ria q^^m alan^ dapifer ptulit • 

98 WiW di gfa Rex Scott • Epis Abbib^ Covii Baron Juft" Vicec ^pofitis 
mh)ift^s t omib, pbis hoib, toci" tre fue clicis t laicis Satt • Sciant 
^fentes t futuri me conceftiiTe t hac carta mca confirmafTe . deo t 
EccUe sce marie de mela • t monach ibidem deo feruientibj • illam 
q^eta clamatione q^^m Alan" fili^ WalVi dapifer iils eifdem monach in 
pfentia t plena curia mea fecit • de tota calumpnia t onii iure q°d 
pdict" Alani' aut hedes fui huerunt ui unq^^m hre po?unt de paftura 
ex occidentali parte de led° • Qr uolo t ^cipio ut pfati niona hi de 
melrof pnominatam pafturam teneant inppetuu t habeant libam t 
q^etam de oiTii calumpnia de ^fato Alano t hedib^ fuis ita libe t 

86 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

q^ete plenarie 't honorifice fic carta pdicti Alani fit Walti dapiferi mei 
teftatur • Teft^ Joc-' epo glafg • Johe epo Dunkeld • Com Dd f fe meo • 
Com Dunec^ • Com Gileb • Witt: • de moru^ • conft • Wifto de lindes" • 
foalc^ fit com Dunec^ • Walt de Berk • Rob de Berlc • Herico de Graha • 
ap edenburg 

Carta W . d Ct)orev' • de tra q^^m dedit nol3 • 

99 Omib3 fce coatY Eccfie filiif ta ^fentib^ q* fut^if • W • d a)oreviW 
pftabii^ Reg" • Scott • Satt • Sciatif me pceffiffe T: hac ^fenti mea carta 
^firmafle do 1 eccle fce roarie d cneh-of • T: monacfe • ibide do ferui- 
entib^ I augmtu rre d roilchefid • q^^m habet d pre meo t d me • p 
aiab^ eiufde prif mei ^ aiatT mee • 'T; omiu paretu t amicoi; meoii • T; 
p falute mea t uxorif mee • t omiu ancefloT; nroT^ t fuccefl"o'¥ • tota 
rram t paftura • ab orietali capite foflati • qd monachi fecut • qd caput 
ptingit ufq,, ad magna ftrata q'' uadit d lawedr • ufuf birchinefid f p 
eande magna ftrata ex occidntali pte eiufde ftrate • ufuf auftf • ^''cq^l 
^tinet^ inr diuifaf nolataf i cartif prif mei 1 mea q^m monachi hnt d 
foilchefid • 1 ^dicta ftrata f ufq, in meb^na • q'' burna e diuifa inr tra d 
bleinefley • t tra de coilchefid • hoc dedi eif fup donu prif mei in 
inc^intu elemofine prif mei "t mee in lifeam • t pura • t ppetua elemo- 
fina ut iltd habeant • teneat • 1; poffidat • u''^,, 1 i oib^ ita hbe • ^''ete • 
plenarie • 't honorifice • fn oi treno feruicio . 1: pfuetudie • "l exactioe 
fctari f fic aha rra d milchefid ut uUa elemofina libi'^ ^■'eti^ • pleni? • 't 
honorificnti^' in tota Pra Keg^ Scotie tenet t poffidet • His T • Dunec" • 
fit . Coiu Dunec^ • Alano d Thirleftain • Pet° d la haghe . Ricar' • fit • 
Gilleb •AViiio-de hellehec -Ferg? • fit^huctr' • Jobe • ctico^ Wifto ctico • 
Ric • de COoreviti • Ricardo de Winceftre •Roberto • filio line • Thoma • 
le butilher . 


Confirma" ueg- WiHmi fr Pram quam W • de moreuift addid' tVe de 

100 Witts dei gra • rex fcot • omnib^ prob hominib^ tocius terre fue • 
cticis et l:'icis • fatt • Sciant pntes et futuri me concefRfle • t hac carta 
mea confirmafle • deo et ecclie fancte marie de melros • et monachis 
ibidem deo feruientibs totam terram quam Witts de moreuiJi conftab 
eis dedit in augmentum terre de milchefide quam iiic" • de moreuifl • 
eis ded^at p diuifas nominatas in carta predci Wiflmi • tenend in 
hberam et puram et ppetuam elemofinam • ita Ube et quiete plenarie 
et honorifice ficut carta prefati Wiftmi teftatur • faluo ferui" meo • 

Atteftatio Buicii epi Ct^uRuauienfif d concordia inr nof t coraite • P • 
"t de quada Pra que uocat^ foruleffeld q"^ rSe ^cordie nob ptulit 

101 B^di gra rt)orauens- epc^Omib^ litPaf iftaf uifurif uel auditurif • 
e?nam in diio Salt • ft)andatu dni pp in hec Sba fiifcepim^ • Innocen- 
tiuf epc feruuf feruoT^ di • VeSabili f f i • B • rt)orauies" epo • Satt 1 
Aplicam biidict^ • Olim expofita nob a dilectif fifiis • Abbe t Conuentu 
de coelRof Cistercieii ordinif questioe • q°d nobihf uir • P • comef de 
Dumbar diocefif fci Andree partem cuiMam pafture q^i legitirae 
fuerant aflecuti p uiolentiara occupaflet • ipif in alijf iniuriofuf exif- 
tenf . eam veSabili ffi riro • • epo • t Dilectif fiHjs • • fci 
Andree t • • Laoden diocefis fci Andree Archidiaconis fub certa 
forma comifim? rminandam • Citato uero ficut accepira^ comite 
fepiuf ab eifdem iudicib^ p legitima inruaHa plurib^ pemptoriif poft- 
modura inculcatif nec ultirao peraptorio coraparente Licet in eiuf 
noticiam deueniflet • dicti iudicef ipra abfentera p conturaatiara 



pfumeiilef- tle uiro:; prudentum confilio quia mortif piciilum uel 
mcrabro-^ uel fitaiiia? fanguinif effafio timebatur fi caufa rei fer- 
uande miffio in pofreffionem rerum fieret petitai^ penam fanctionif 
lo&ii;ime in forma alia ctlmutantef- maneria ipiuf nobilif fuppofuovunt 
ecctiaftico intdicto • excepto paruulo-?/ baptifmo • "t comunioe ac peni- 
tciitia infirmo:; • Cetum eo ad iudicium ueniente • cautioneq^ iudicio 
fifl,i ab ipo recepta faJuif exceptionib^ que fibi corapece porant • \ 
inldicti fententia relaxata^ in die pempto)io qui ad ofnf exceplionef 
dilatoriaf pponendas comiti fuerat affignat? • cx parte ipiuf fuit 
ppofita fori exceptio ut cucj^ uallata fplici ]'i!tioiie • fciHccfc obientu 
pfo)ie • q^a laic^ • refpectu rei.q''^ erafc laicu tcnimentu • iuiif comunif 
biificio eo qd actor fequi debeat foru )'ei • Cu aute hijf rationib^ 
obicetur refponfio ex atlufo • judicef mcmorati uidentefqhec oiliia 
nof n latuerint cu de ipif in nrif litrif fecimus mentione^ "t genalis 
co)ifuetudo fit in partib^ illif hacten^obferuata • ut cticus laicu in foro 
poffit ecctiaftico conuenire •^fertim de reb^ in puram elemofina piif 
locif coUatif intlocuti fueft exceplione n • ee • hui^modi atlmittenda • 
Sane parf comitif opinione fua confpicienf fe frullrata incepit pfona 
dicti epi recufare • pponenf q cu q^^ndam ecctiam capellam dit^et altiuf 
ecctie in qua iuf patronat^ habebat • t ne quif in ea in eiuf inftitueret^ 
piudiciu fedem apticam appellaff^ • jde epc q^ndam ab alio ^fentatu 
poft appellatione ad nof intpofita inftituit in eade • cuj fup hoc "i 
etiamet qti pena 1: fi fuiff^ contumax conf^ iuris forma afferuit comu- 
tatam exliibito ta de iure qua de facto refponfo • q^a credebat eof 
uelle pced^e hui^cemodi exceptioib^ ri admiffis • ad nram audientia 
appellauit • poft q^^m appellatione q^^nda expoUatione in modu excep- 
tioif obiecit • ut parte aUa repeUeret ab agendo • ad q^^m pbanda uno 
p^mo T; ad habenda infthnentc^ copia de quib^ in nrif Uttif mencio 
habebat^ • t ea fi poffet fieri repbanda poft aUo rminif habitif 't 


receptif ad iitruq^ die monacliif iienietib^ • Comef n coparuit • n° p fe 
mifit aliqiie refpofale • pemptoriu aliud cotempSe fimilit ii formidaf • 
Proceflu uero tempis quida pfati comitif pcurator fup hijf querimonia 
nob exponef ad dilectof filiof • Abbem fce crucif • t • • ^''orem de 
Infula fci colube • t roagrum • A • Rectorem eccHe de crectoii Dun- 
keldeil "t fci Andree dioccfu apiicaf littas impetrauit • in q^^b^ man- 
dauim^ qc1 fi ea que nob fuggeflerat ide comef narratioe ueridica 
nirent^ • fcilicet qd licet ppofuilT:, cora ^''mif iudicib^ lit?af riraf Qitate 
fuifle tacita impef^taf • ppofito etia qd ipiuf epi iudiciu potat declinare- 
p eo qd ipe in aliif caufis eum cont* iufticia agg^^uarat . t pofl; appel- 
latione ad nof inrpofita eide iniuriaf ii modicaf irrogare pfumpferat • 
ac rram fua fine uUa cta ut ronabili caufa ecctiaftico fuppofuerat 
inrdicto . t paraf eet pbare haf caufas "t aliaf manifeftas • ob q'''^ 
fepedcm epm mito recufare porat • ut fufpectu • nichilomin'^ tn dcs 
epc de obiectif pbatioef recufanfadmitte • intlocutoria pturit^ ut cora 
eo deberet in ipo negotio refpondere . atq^ ob hoc ex parte comitif ad 
iiram extitit audientia appellatum • reuocato in ftatum debitu quicq''^ 
occafione UttaT^ ipai^ cont"^ ipm comite inuenirent pperam atteptatu 
audirent cam • t eam appellatioe remota fine debito tminarent • 
t facent qd decnerent p cenfura ecciiaftica firmit obferuari • ^''bj • R . 
monachuf ei^dem monafterij in httai; ilraT; audientia cont^dicenf • 
fua fecit ipif httis narratione apponi • Veru cora fecundif iudicib^ fup 
liijf que nob fuerant nunciata Htigio ahq^^ntvdu uentilato q''^ eif 
iudicib^ de ppofitif ahr conftare n potat^ ipi iudicef teftef- fup p^ori 
pceflii negotij admittentef • t examinantef cu dihgentia t attefta- 
tioib^ pubhcatif dantef licentia partib^ obiciendi 1 in dicta teftium 1 
pfonaf • poft obiectioes ut'mq, ppofitaf in dicta 1 teftef ad nof totu 
negotiu remiferunt • die partib^ ^figentef diiica qua cantat^ Quafi m" 
gcniti ■ quo fufficient inftructe ut p fe ut p pcuratores legitimof iiro 


90 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

fe confpectui pfentarent • Parte quide dietoT^ afebif T; conuent^ fe nob 
cil litrif iudicu fecundoi; 1 atteftatioib^ 1 obiectioib^ mutuif eodem 
tmino pfentante ac eide dUecto filio nro • G • f ce roarie in porticu • 
Diacono card a nob auditore concefTo cu parf alia n"" uenit n' aliq^m 
p fe miferit diuti" exp^^tata • nof uolentef partiu laborib^ parce ac 
expenfif uifif oiiiib^ fc^ptif % diligenti^ intellectif •frarnitati tue p 
apiica fc^ta mandam? • q^^tinus ad ea que tam a p^orib^ q^^m fecundif 
iudicib^ acta funt n habenf refpectu • indicaf partib^ ut infra qWecim 
dief ut^q^ t'' collega affignet uirum idoneu t honeflu • cu quo appel- 
latioe remota iufticia mediante rf obftante fori exceptioe fupiuf 
memorata in ca pcedaf • Et fi ut^q, ui alta noluerit f^affignare collega • 
tu nichilomin" fine ufq^ ut cum alto tm mandatu apticum exequarif • 
illud ide factur'' fi utq^ ut alt noluerit inteffe • Dat Viterbij xv • M Octob 
Pontificatuf iiri anno Decimo • Hui? auctoritate mandati partib^ 
denuntiauim? ut collegaf nol5 infra • xv • dief affignarent • Qd quide cu 
n facent ahq^^tenuf in ca pceffim^' . tande lif in hunc modu conquieuit • 
Videlicet qd predcs comef • cofentiente • T; cocedente PatVio fiUo fuo 
t herede • in ^fentia Wift illuft^s neg Scott • t Dauid comitif frif 
ei^dem Reg • t alioij. pboT; hominu • dedit • conceffit • 't carta fua 
confirmauit in libam • 1 pura • t ppetua elemofina deo • t ecctie fce 
Q}arie de COela • 'i roonachif ibidem deo feruientib, • tota rram arabile • 
que dicit^ foruleffeld • fic ea tenuit • WiHs forulef • ex parte occidentali 
a leder • iifiif g^^ngiam pdcoi; monachoT; • Et ^tea conceffit eif paftura 
ppetuo poffidenda ^■'ngentis ouib^ • T; feptief • xx" auerijf • bob, fcilicet 
ut uaccif p ut eif placuerit in bofco t ext^ bofcum • ubiq^ inr uia qua 
itur ufuf louueder p calceiaf • que uia dr malcholmifi-ode • T: leder • 1: 
a diuifis de cadefley ufq^ in fauhopeburne • faluo comiti • t heredib^ 
fuif bofco tm in arborib^ • Conuenit etia in? eof qd neq^ monachi neq, 
cofn ut heredes fui habebut domof . vi b'chariaf • ut fepef • ut logiaf • ut 


faldaf . ut aliq^^s manfioef infra prcdcam paftura . rf arabit^ a quoq*m 
illo'!/ excepta rra arabili que dir foruleffeld • que p^^a. eft cnonachoT^ ex 
donatioe pdci comitif • Nec a3ia comitif pdcam uia t^nfgredient^ . nec 
ipe com uel heredef fui ut homlcf fui • ahq^d fibi iurif ulf^ dcam uia 
uendicabut • Redibut etia auia dci coffi fmgtis noctib, ad uilla de 
hercheldune u^ tempeftate ut inundatione aquai/^ ipediantur ■ Et 
fciendum qd auia coonaclio-!^ de pximif uacariif t bxariif inf^ndi "t 
exeundi Hhof exit^ t ing^^fflif ad paftura fua habebut • Idem u° com 
concefRt infup ^dictif coonachif de (X)e]^ fexief. xxti. charetaf de petif 
fmgtif annif in petia pxima de fcabbedraburch • Hec compofitio fca 
fuit in plena curia diii Rcg" apd felechirche aimo diii • co° • cc" . octauo« 
in octauif aploi/ pef ^t pauU • Teftib3 . Diio iiro Wift reg" . Alex fit 
Keg- . Rad dunenfi Epo • BRic epo cooraii • Com dd fre Reg^ • Euft^ de 
Yefci . WiH: t Ol9o i Capetiis Reg-" • Gerual^ auenel • dd • de lindel' • 
Rob de londoii fit reg • Wiii de bofco • hug de |)t3nda • Ada de kingof • 
Gileb de ft^uet . cticif drii Reg-^ • Hug de normanu^ • Witt de ualori . 
Phifip de mubray • Ig" de batt . dd coarfcallo • Ilog de mortuomarj • 
Pat^cio fit coffi • PatV de Witbm • Nefio de Walgtb . Rol" de g^^neP . 
Rog de mt . PhiUp de coleu" • Thoma frafcR • 't coultis aUjs . 

Conuentio int nof l com Pafcium • d paftura forefte . 

"C I K O^ G K 21 jF H D UJ 

102 Sciant pfentef.^ futuri q"d controSfia que 9tebat^ in? • Pafcium 
Comite de Dunbar - T: Domu de Ct)el^ • fup paftura 8fus occidente a 
ledre p amicabilem copofitione ^quieuit i huc modu • Videlicet qd 
predcs Comef • confentiente • 1 concedente pafcio fiUo fuo t herede . 
in ^fentia • W ■ iUuftris Reg Scott • t Dauid Comitif ■ fris eiufde 
Reg • "t aUoru probo-!^ hominu . dedit ■ conceflit • l carta fua confir- 


mauit in libam • 1 pura "t ppetuam elemofina deo • t ecclie sce roarie 
de roela • T; monachif ibide deo feruientib^ • totam rram arabilem • que 
dicit^ Soruleffeld • fic eam tenuit • Wilis forules • ex parte occidentali 
a leder • ufuf g^^ngiam jpdictoT; roonachoT;^ • Et pterea conceffit eif 
pafluram ppetuo poffidenda quingentif ouib^ • t feptief^ xx" 'auijf • 
bob^ fcilic ut uaccif put eif placuerit in bofco 't extra bofcum • ubiq^ 
int uiam qua itur ufus louueder p calceiaf • q uia dicit^ cnalcholmif- 
rode f t leder • 't a diuifis de Cadefley iifcj^ in fauhopburne • faluo 
comiti • t heredib^ fuif bofcho tm in arboRib^ • Conuenit etia inr eof 
qd necj^ monachi necj^ coiii ut heredes fui habebut domof • ut berchariaf^ 
ut fepes.ut logiaf • ut faldas • ut aliquas manfionef infra ^dictam 
pafl;ura • nec arabit^ a quoq^^m illoT/^ excepta tra arabilj q" dicit^ forulef- 
feld • que pp^a efl; roonachoTj ex donatioe ^dictj comitif • Nec aSia 
com pdictam uia t"iifgredient^ • nec ipe com ut heredef fui ut hominef 
fui • aliquid fibi jurif ult^ dictam uia uendicabut • Redibut etia auia 
dci com fingtis noctib^ ad uillam de hercheldune rf tempeftate ut 
inundacone aqua-;; ipediantur • Et fciendum q auia roonacho^y de 
pximif uacarijf t bercarijf inf^ndi T; exeundi Hbos exit? l ingffiis ad 
pafl;ura fua habebut • Idem u" coiii conceffit infup pdictif roonachis 
de roela fexief ■ xx" • charetaf de petif fingtis annif in peria pxima de 
fcabbedraburch • Ad majore etia fecuritate dominuf epc roorauie q^ 
pofl;remuf in hac ca fuit a fummo pontifice judex delegat^ 't Henric^ 
abbaf de kelchou in tefl;imoniu pacif 1 concordie fce fua figilla uf q^ 
parti huiuf cirographj appofueft • Hec compofico fca fuit in plena 
curia dni ueg apd felechiRche anno drii • ro° • cc" • octauo • in octauif 
apto^^ pef t pauH • His teft" • Dno ilro Wift Rege • Alex fit • Reg • 
Rad dunefi epo • Bric • epo • a)orau" • coiii • dd ffe reg • Euft" • de 
Vefci . Witt T: Onao i Capeffis Reg . Rob de londori fit Reg • Witt • de 
bofco.Hug de ^bnda^Ada de kingo?i • Gileb de ft\iet J clericif drii 


Reg • GeruaP auenel • dd de lindel^ • Hug • de Normanv • Wift de 
ualon • Phit • de mubray • Ing de batt • dd • marscallo • Rog de mortuo 
mari • PatVio fit coiii • Pat^c"' de Withm • Nefio de Walgth • Rol" de 
grenel- .Rog de mert • Phit de coleu* • Witt • de coleu^ • Thoma frafeu • 
\ foultis alijs • 

Confirmatio regif Witimi • 

103 • W^ • dei gra Rex Scott • Epis • Abbatib!' • Comit • Baroii • Juftic • 
vicecoiii . Prepofitif • miniftrif • 1 Omnib^' pbif homib? Tociuf Terre 
sue^ Cticis 1 laicif- sattm • Sciant prefentef "t fufi me ConceffifTe- 't 
Hac Carta mea Confirmafle • amicabile copofitione factam apd 
Selefchr • i ^fentia mea • 1 1 plena curia mea • ex una parte in? Coin • 
Patric" de Dunbar • confentiente Patric • fit • t hede ei^ • t domum 
de oielrof • ex altera parte • fup cotroufia q" Stebat^ int eof de 
pafl;ura uerfus occidente a ledre • Q^re uolo i firmiP ^cipio • q^^tin^^ 
^dca copofitio inr eof inde facta inuiolabiliP 1: iconcufTe teneat^ f 
ficut Cyrog^phum in? eof inde factu f teflat^ • faluo fuicio iilo • 
Tefl" . B . epo • coorauieii • Rad • epo de Duhri • Witt T: Oliuef capHanif 
meif • Rob • de londoii • fit • fiio • Dd de lindef^ • t Geruaf^ • Auenel • 
Juflic . Wili • de Bofch • t Hugori • de figitt • Cticis meif • Rogef de 
O^orten} • Ad • de Kingoi^ • Johe de coaccufwet • Alex de Sint • Apd 
Selefch • vi • die Nouembf • 

Carta Comitis Pafcij de Sorowleffelde • 

104 Omib5 Sce matrif ecctie filiif fjfentib^ • t futurif • Coin pat^ciuf De 
Dunbar f Satt • Noueritif uniSfi me dediffe • cocefriffe 1 hac mea carta 
cofirmafTe do 1 fce marie de roelrof . t coonachif ibide do feruientib^ . 


pfentiente 1 ^cedente pafcio filio meo 1 herede • p falute Dni mei 
ueg WiHi • T: aIcx • filii eiuf • t omium anceffoT; • 'i fucceffoT/ fuoi/.^ 
t f) falute anime mee 1 fponfe mee • 1 heredif mej • 1 omniu aiiceffoT; • 
t fuccefToT; coeoi; totam rram arabile q uocat^ forweleffeld iilf^ ledre 
ex occidetali pte ufuf g"^ngiam ^dictoriim coonachoru • fic Witts 
forweles eam umq"^ pleniuf tenuit • i libam • puram • 1 ppetuam elemo- 
linam • ppetuo tenedam • T; poffidenda ita libe . q^ete • plenarie • T; 
honorifice fin oiiii feruitio • pfuetudine • t exactione feculari • fic aliaf 
elemofinaf fuaf meHus tenent • T; poffident • Et ego • 1; heredef mej 
manutenebim? . 't Avaratizabim^ ^dictam elemofinam pnominatif 
monachif inppetnu • Cont^ ofns hominef • 't accq^etabim^ de oiui treno • 
forefi • 1 feculari feruitio • Hiis Tefl-= • Rad dunefi epo • Bricio epo 
coorauie • Henrico abbe de Kelcb • Ernaldo pVre de Coldigh • Alex • fit 
Reg • Cofn dd fre reg • Wifto • '^ Oliuero Capellanif • dni Eeg • Eufl^ 
de vesci • Rob de lund fif iieg • Wiiio de bofcho • Hug de ^benda . 
Adam de kingof • Gileb de ftriuelin clericif dni reg • Geru' avenel • 
ctd de Lindef^ • Dunec" fit coiii dunc • Johe de hunted-' • Phihpp de 
coubrai • Ingelf de balloel • Hug de Normuitt • Dd coarefcat • Rog de 
cnort coer • Pat^cio fiho meo • PatVio de Withuf • Nefio de AValhtun • 
Rog de mert • Phihpp de coleuiH: • Roland de Grenelaw • Alex de 
sinton • Thom frefer • 

Confirma" regis WiHnii de forouueleffelde • 

105 Wiiis dei gfa rex Scot • omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre fue 
cficis "i laicis fattm • Sciant pntes et futuri me conceffiffe • et hac carta 
mea confirmafTe deo et fancte marie de meh'os et monachis ibidem 
deo feruientibus donacoem illam quam comes patri? • de dunbar eis 
fecit de tota terra arabh que vocat^ forouueleffeld ultra ledir ex 


occidentli pte ucrfus grangiam jPdcoT^ monachoT/ • ficut WiHs foroules 
eam umq,'^ plenius tenuit • tenend in liberam et puram et ppetuam 
elemofmam • ita lit5e et quiete plenarie et honorifice • ficut carta pre- 
dicti comitis patVii de dunbar teftatur • faluo ferui" meo • Teft^ - \c ■ 

Carta Ric- de Ci:)oruiti • de Witelei • 

106 Omnib3 Sce cnatrif ecctie fihis • Ricard-^ de COorauilla conftabulari^ 
Regif Scotie . 1 Wifts filiuf ei^ T; heres satt • Sciatif nos concefllfle 1 
hac ^fenti carta nra confirmafl!e do 1 ecctie sce coarie de coeh-of • l 
monachis ibide do suientib^ p alab^ iiris t omniu anteceflToT; 't fuccef- 
foT; riro'¥ • locu in Witelej infra margine forefte ad vaccaria facienda 
centu uaccai; fcitt fexief uiginta • fiue bercharia • c[uecuq^ eif T: domui 
ipo:;; mehor ^ utilior uifa f8it • libe t quiete tenenda t poffidenda 
ab eif in ppetuu • fine omnj difturbatione rira '^ omniu liroi^ • 't omniu 
cont^ q°s eof manutene t eande pofleffione eis warantizare potueri- 
cous • t una domu in qua focu faciant frib^ 1 paftorib^ fuif • 1 una et 
domu in q"^ fenu fuu ponant • Haf tref domof in piiram t ppetua 
elemofina eifde monachis conceflim^ faciendas in pfato loco de Witelei 
t; poflidendaf in ppetuu • Et fciendu q"d nullaf aUaf logiaf facient p 
foreftiam f f^ paftoref eoi^ habebunt claiaf wifcatas • fub quib^ cuftodien- 
tef aueria fua iaceant cu opus fuerit • Hiif teftib3 JoceUno epo Glaf- 
guenfi . hberto decano de Glafgu • Thoma ctico • Godefrido de Ros • 
Rad coakerel • Ricardo filio Sewar • Alano filio elri . GiUebto de 
lancaf • • • nicardo filio GiUebtj • Ricardo filio Gaufridj • WiHo 
dapifero ej3j Glafguenfis • Ct)agro Rog^o de neuport • 

96 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta Ric d moreuitt • de buchelm • 

107 Omib^ fce inrif eccie filiif ta fut^if q"' ^fentibuf Ric d cooreviH: 
Coftabt reg Scott falute • Sciatif me dedifle • t hac ina carta cofirmaiTe 
do 1 eccte fce marie de roailrof 'i monachif ibidm do feruientib^ i 
libam t qVta 1 ppetua elemofina • Ub^tate 1 licentia habendi ap 
buchelm una uaccaria fexaginta uaccaru • t domu ad op? earu idonea i 
infra illa eadem fepta que ibi erant anq"^ hanc hcentia eif dediflem • 
Qf uolo vit ^noiata eccta fce cnarie d roailrof 1; ^dicti monachi ^fata 
Hb"tate 1 hcentia T hb"am 't ppetua elemofina habeant • ppetuahr q, 
poflldeant • Ita libe • q^ete • \ honorifice i fic ahq'^ elemofina hb-i^' 
qVti^ "t honorificenti" poflident • Ita qd h ii remaneat ppr carta mea 
d phiteleie qua p^? eif ded^am • que teftat^ me cocefliflreeif ut habeant 
folum" tref domof in forefta i \ h apd ^dicta phiteleie • Tefte Diia 
auice d loncaft^a • Wiiio d rooreuiii filio 1 \fede nro • herbto decano 
Glafg • magift" clemte capeHo • Ada pfona eccie de lawedr • Rogo 
ciico t dapif-o • Alano d turleftan • Sampfone fiho Wiiii d 
Vlchileftun • ^ 

Carta Kic de moruille • de parco • 

108 Omib^ Sce maff ecche fihif ta pfentib^ q^i fut^if • R • de (ooreuitt 
conftabiari^ regif Scot" t Auicia uxor ei^ • Sai • Sciatif nof dediffe 1 
hac pfenti carta iira confirmafl"e do % Ecciie Sce coarie de a^elr '^ 
monachif ibide do feruientib? confenfu 1 aflTenfu t bona uoluntate 
Wiii filij 1 hedif nri . in libam 't pura t ppetua elemofina p falute 
dni iiri Wili Reg Scot" 1 rira • 1 p aiab^ prum t ihrum t om aiicef- 
foT/ 1 fucceflbT; riroT/ • Capella Sce coarie de parco cu tota curte ad 
ipfa capella ptinete • uidei fic foflTa circuit ipfa Curte ei^de Capelle • t 


u^" occidete 'i 9f^ aq'lone "t ufq^ ad orientale porta • t flc deorfii ad 
Riiuilu defcndcte de bofco ex aq^lonali parte Calcee ufq, in niuulu 
a quo duo uiuaria oriunt^ • ifi} fupi'' |)fc'pte Capelle • inferi? u° infinuif 
iiris de Bune aflignauim'' • t iii furlu p eude niuulu ufq, ad foflatu 
qd ^fc^pta Curte capelle ex occidntali parte cVuit • Et tota ?ra de 
milchefide p diuifaf a nob eide rre aflignataf • t in hac carta iira 
noTataf • fcit a fupiori uiuario deorfu p eude iiiuulu q" in ipfa uiuaria 
defcndit ufq^ ad magna fl;rata q uadit a lowed* • 9f^ birkenefide • t 
iii p eade fl;rata 8f5' auftr • ufq, ad caput orientale foflati qd pfc'pti 
monachi fecert p" iira afllgnatioem in??ra fuam t Pra q*^ infirmif iiris 
ex parte auftrali afljgnauim" . Et a f]fc'pto capite foflati a monactl 
facti p ide foflat monacho-^ 9fuf occidnte • ufq, ad uet^ foflat qd uadit 
ex t^nfufo capi ab auftro 3s^ aq^lone 1 illinc ^sP auftr ufq, ad caput 
eiMe uePif fofl^ati • \ iri defcndendo in obliquu fic dnf Joc • GlafS^ 
epc • 1; Ceii" melrofenfif diuifa pabulauei^t ufq, in riuulu q'' dr 
co^eburne • q' e diuifa inP Pra de a)ilkefide T; Pra de blainefleie • t 
illic furfu p rectaf diuifas Pre de a)ilkefide '^ Pre de blainefleie ufq, 
ad magna ftrata q defcndit a VVindefl^ Ss" Iauw= • t illlc p eande 
ftrata 9s? aqlone ufq, ad uia q ab illa ftrata uadit Ss" milckefide • T: 
p illa uia ufq^ ad caput fofl^ati qd nof ex aq'Ionali pte ei^dem uie 
incepam? • anq"^ ft-a de milkefide abbie melrofefi dedim^ • lii i ufq^ in 
auft^He cap foffati q°d curte fup^^dicte capelle ex pte occidntali c'cuit • 
H au oia T- q'cq'd infra haf gdcaf diuifaf ^tinet^ dedim^» eif ita libe 
t folute t q'ete • t honorifice • a forefi fuicio • t oi Preno fuicio l 
exaccoe fclari poflTidnda i fic ulla elemofina libi^ • q^eti^» . t honorabili^ 
dari p' ut hri • Nof aG t hedef nri adq^etabim'^ eade Pra 8s^ diim 
Rege . 1 waratizabim'' eifde monach pf^ of hoief in ppetuii • Et qm 
hac donaciine iira firma t ftabile in ppetuQ uolum? pmaSe f 
rogauimi» • W • filiu t hede nrm ut ipe hac donacone nra ^ced^et • t 



Carta fua ^firmaret • Q^d ipe fec in pfentia nra '^ alioT^ pboT^ holu • 
Un t nof ei^de carte fue teftef ee rogauit 't aliof pbof hoTef q,'^ pluref- 
P hac au elemofina 1 p aliaf qT ego • R • de cooreuiti t A • fponfa 
mea • 't W • fili? t hef nr afebie meh-ofenfi • 't aliif locif religioif |)tulim? 
p amore di • T; fahite aiaf nraT; f a uoto qd uo9a de afcbia cifrcienfif 
ordinif facienda abfohit? fu p dnm • Joc" • Glafg' epm auctoritate T; 
^cepto dni pape Vrbarii tcij • Predci u° monachi p amore di t nro ' 
infirmif nrif de Bvme pcefleft ut in rritorio de coilchefide • u^ ipi 
monachi puid^int ide infirmi ufq^ ad peta uia tiant f p q'^ focaha fua 
bigif fuif att^here poteft • Hif T • .Toceb • Glafe" epo • ESardo abbe 
de holm • Rain . abbe de Kitt: • COagifl^" Ada de Eclef • H^ebto dec 
GlafG" • ecctie • Roli • fiUo Huctf • Rad mafcto • Ric" • mafct • Pet° de 
la hage • Alano de thirlefl;ain • Rogo mafcio • Toma Clerico • Ricardo 
filio Gilberti • Roberto filio Radulf j • 

Carta Wiiii de moreuiti • de parco • 

109 Omnibus fancte iiiris eccHe filiis tam pntibus q^^futurif • Wifts de 
moreuitt conflabut? reg^ • Scot ■ Saltm • Sciatis me concefnfTe et hac 
pnti carta mea confirmalfe in libam puram et ppetuam elemofinam 
deo et ecciie fancte raarie de melros et monachis ibidem deo feruien- 
tibus pro falute dni nri • W • reg" • fcoc • et pris et fhris mee • et mea 
et uxoris mee xpiane • et oim antecefTorum • et fuccefTorum nrorum 
capellam fancte marie de parco cum tota curte ad eandem capellam 
ptinente • vi^ ficut foffa circuit ipam curtem eiufdem capelle • et uerfus 
occidentem • et uerfus aquilonem • et ufc],, ad orientlem portam • et 
fic deorfum ad riuulu defcendente de bofco • ex aquilonali pte calcee 
ufq,, ad riuulum a quo duo uiuaria oriuntur • quorum fupius prefc^pte 
capelle • inferius vero infirmis nris • de bune affignauim^ • et inde 


furfuin p eundem riuiilum ufq^ ad foffatum qd |]fc^ptam curtem 
capelle circuit ex pte occidentali • Concedo eciam eis • et confirmo 
totam terram de milkefide p diuifas in carta pris mei et fiiris mee • et 
in hac mea carta nominatas et a nobis eid terre affignatas . f • a fupiori 
uiuario deorfum p eund principalem riuulum qui in ipa uiuaria 
defcendit ufq^ ad m''gnam ftratam que uadit a lauueddir uerfus 
birkinfide • et inde p eand ftratam uerfus auftrum ufq, ad caput orien- 
tale foflati • qd prefc^pti monachi p^t nram affignacoem • fecerunt inter 
tram fuam • et rram quam infirmis nris de bune ex pte auftrali affig- 
nauim^ • et a prefc^pto capite foflati a monach facti p idem foffatum 
nionachorum uerfus occidentem ufq^ ad uetus foffatum • qd uadit ex 
f^nfuerfo campi ab auft" uerfus aquilonem • Et illinc p idem uetus foffa- 
tum uerfus auftrum ufq, ad caput ejusdem veteris foffati • et inde def- 
oendendo in obUquum ficut dns Jocelinus glafg" eps et cellerari^ mel- 
rofeii diuifam pambulaueft ufq^ ad riuulum qui df mereb^ne qui eft 
diuifa inter terram de milkefide • et terram de blanifley • et inde furfu 
p rectas diuifas terre de milkefide et terre de blanifley • ufq^ ad magnam 
ftratam que defcendit a windet^^uerfus lauued' • et inde p eandem ftra- 
tam uerfus aquilonem • ufq,, ad uiam que ab illa ftrata uadit • uerfus 
milkefide • t p illam viara ufq, ad caput fbffati ♦ qd inceptum fuerat ex 
aquilonaU pte eiufdem vie afiq^^terra de milkefide abbie melrofen data 
fuit • Inde eciani ufq-, in auftralc caput foffati qd curtem fupradicte 
capelle circuit ex pte occidentali • Hec aute omnia • et quicq^d infra has 
predcas diuifas continetur conceffi • et fimul cum pre et inre mea eccfie 
melrofeii dedi et confirmaui ita fibe et folute quiete et honorifice a 
forenfl feruicio • et omni terreno feruicio et exaccoe fclari poffidenda 
ficut ufla elemofina • libius quiecius et honorabihus dari pt • uel ftri • 
Ego autem et heredes mei adquietabim? eandem terram uerfus dominu 
regem et warantizabim? eifd monach contra oius hoTes imppetuu • 
Teft- . ic- . 

100 IMUNLMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta Ricarcli de moruitt de terra ult"' ledre • 

110 Ricard^ de moreuitt oranib^ pbif hominibuf fuis tociufq^ tre fue • 
"i omnib^ filijf fce mris ecctie fatt • Sciant tam pofteri q*m prefentef • 
q, ego nic" • de moreuift dedi 1 concefli clo et fce marie de mekof • 
1 monacb ibidem do suientib^ inppetuam elemofinam p falute anime 
mee T: uxorif mee auicie • 1 p anima pris mei t mris mee • t animab^ 
anteceflTo-!^ t fucceflToT^ meoT^ • omnem rram q^^m hui ult"^ flume ledre 
uerfuf eof • a fauhopeb^ne ufq^ in tueda • libam "t q^etam ab omni 
Preno ^uico "t omni ^fuetudie ppetuo tenore poflideda • iHd tame 
fciend qd ipi monachi raconabilem exitum puidebunt animalibus 
meif 1 hominum meorum f quo ad pmune pafturam Ube tr^fllre 
queant • Set 't hoc nichilomin'' obsuabunt quod aq^^m non obftruent 
aut diStent ahcubi f unde moledinum meum impediat^ • teft^ . 1; c" • 

Conf maco •W • compofitione facta inr nof 1; Ric^ de moreuiH;. 

"C i K U~~G K i£ r H -C Ll7 

111 • W . dei gfa rex fcott Epis • Afebib? • Com • Baroii • Juft^ • Vicecoin • 
T; Ouiib^' pbif holb^ toti'' tre fue • clericif 1; laicif-Sahn- Sciatif me 
feciflTe pace in? monachof de cnelr t R • de rooreuiti 1 hedef ei'' 
fup controufia que erat inr monachof de melf 't R-de rooreuitt de 
forefta in? Galhe 1 Leder p haf diuifas • Scit p fluuiu Galhe ufuf 
monachof ab orientaU parte ei?de fluminis furfum uftj^ ad rminof de 
Wedale • 't item p rectas diuifaf tre Ricardi de moreuiti fcit de fic 
foereburne cadit in leder • ufq, ad furfam ei°dem coereburne • t inde p 
Sicu qui exit de roereb- ufq^ ubi ficuf iUe cadit in niuulu de Standene* 
"t inde ufq^ ad pot • 't de pot ufq^ ad ftandande ftan • T: fic deincepf 
ufq^ ad uia regiam . 10 iUa intrat nem? 1 diuidit nem^ de Standene 1 


de Threpwude • "t fic p eande Kegifi uia u% ad faireforde • t p"ea 
p illam uia que uadit in dextru ufq^ ad ^dictof t^minof de Wedale . 
"t fic p rectos rminof de Wedale vifq^ in Galhe • Ric^ de cooreuiH' ■* 
• W • heref ei? clamauef t quietu de fe t heredib^ fuif do 1 fce roarie 
de cnelr 1 monachif ibide do feruientib^ quicquid iuris l calupnie 
habuert de Bofco 1; paftura infra |»noTataf diuifaf uerfus aullru ab illa 
uia que diuidit Tlirepwude 1 nem^ de Standene • excepto qd Ric" de 
fooreu" • 'H; heredef illiuf habebunt illud nem*^ quod uocat^ Threpwude 
fine paflura • qd eif monachi quietu clamauei^t p haf diuifas • fcit de 
fairforde deorfum p aloent ufq,, ad mufTam que 5 inr Threpwude 1; 
Cumbefleie cnol • t fic p eande muflam ufq, ad pdictu pot • CQonachi 
au de coelrof habebt totu Reliquu nem^ int Galhe T; Leder . p pdictas 
diuifaf libe • quiete • T; plenarie • t utent^ eo ad fuof ppriof ufus fic 
eis placuerit \ utili? fuerit fine dare 'i uendere .^ Habebt etiam mo- 
nachi de Cl)elf infra diuifaf pfcriptas tota pafl;ura infra bofcum '^ext'^. 
ta de ThrepAvude q^^m de reliq" nemore ad fua pp^a aueria quieta T: 
foluta ac ppetuo tenore poflldenda 't tenenda 1 utenda ficut eif utili^ 
fuerit . T; locu in Cubefleie ad edificandu una vaccaria centu uaccaru • 
t unam faldam . t tantu edificij in Bucchehehn q^ntum ibi fuit die 
q" Cyrographu ifl:ud factu erat • 1 in loco u^ tunc fuit . ita qd tantu 
edificij T: il mag ibi hant q^^m tc fuit • t n liceat eif alibi in foreft,o 
edificia face rf p licentia Ric" de moreuitt aut heredum fuoi/ • Ric" u° 
t hedef ei^ il facient nec habebt domu • nec fcalingaf • nec logiaf • 

nec fepe. nec ullfl ouiino op^ in Threpwude • nec alibi 

infra ^noiataf diuifaf • fcilicet inter Galhe t Led° • Nec monachi calup- 
niabunt^ ulf^ |)noiataf diuifaf vJfuf louweder • Ct)onachi u° de Threp- 
wude n • . • il capient n'' paflura • T: nic" 't feedef ei? de paft.ura ei^de 
Threpwude 1 de tota alia paftura • 1 de toto neliq" nemore infra 
pdictaf diuifaf in? Galhe "t leder nichil habebt • faluagini. 

102 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

beftiaru T: auium • iiic^ habebit fuu foreftaiium ad cuftodienda fua 
faluagina • 1 monachi habebt fuu foreftariu ad cuftodiendu nem^ fuu 
T; paftura • Ric" habebit oia forisfacta de forefta • Et ii foreftari? uic ut 
foreftari^' monachoi; inueSit alique faciente monachif dapnu ut iniuria 
de Bofco fuo ut paft^a • aut de pecorib^ fuif i monachi habebt emda- 
tione fcit Trigild • T: Ric^ foriffactu • Et fi Ric" alique ex feruientib? 
monachoT^ calupniat'^ fSit de ^dicta forefta f monachi facient rectu • 
Ric de feruiente fuo ad porta de melr • Et fi ahqT ex feruientib? 
monachoT; fup fahiagina • Ric^ • fuit capt^ • aut de defenfione fua ad 
porta de roelf defe?it • 1: fit conuict? f monachi dabt • Ric" • mercedem 
feruientif de dimidio anno • 't p°ea ipfum suiente amouebt a fe ^ ab 
abbia • T; ulPiuf illu n retinebt • rf p uohmtate Ric^ • SupTc^ptaf u° diuifaf 
in? monachos 't |)dict Ric^ ego cu Epo de Glafg 1 f re fiio • 1 Comi- 
tib^ '± pbif hoTb? meis pabulaui • Ifta copofico inr monach T: R • T: 
heredef ei^ in mea ^fentia t curia eft facta • t pax ifta me concedente 
"1; confirmante inr eof e firmata • Quare uolo T; |)cipio • ut ifta pax 't 
copofitio q* in uf^q», parte fcit monachoi; 1 Ric^ • meo figillo confirmo 
ftabihf 't firma atq, illefa ab eif ppetuaUr teneat^ • Qd fi aliq^s illoT^ • 
fiue fucceflb-!; aut heredu fuoT^ a ^fc^^pta copofitione aHq° tpr refihre 
uoluerit f ego 1 fcedef mei ab eif "t eo-i; fucceflTorib^ 1 hedib^ illa 
firmi? teSi faciem? • Ad teftificanda u° ppetuam unitate 't firmitate 
hui^ copofitiois • cu figillo meo • Jocehn? Glafg" epc • t Dd frar meuf 
in utraq., parte cyrogi-aplii fua figilla appofuert • t Abbaf p fe T; p con- 
uentu de melR in parte Ric" fuu figillu pofuit^ 1 Ric p fe t p fuif 
hedib^ in parte monachoT^ fuu figillu pofuit • Et qi Ric t • W • hef 
ei'' clamauert quietu de fe 't teedibus fuif quicq^d iurif t calupnie 
habueft de pnominato Bofco t paftura infra ^fcriptaf diuifaf inr 
Galhe 'tLeder f monachi dedeft Ric" centu roarcaf argenti • Hif teftib^^ 
Sihiano afebe Rieu^ • Hu^ Abbe de Newbotht • Abbe uad de Cubro • 


Wift abbe de Dudrein • Coni • Dunecano • Walth Coni • Gilbto Com • 
Nich de Treilin • Petro de Rof • Wal?o olifard • WiH: de Lindefeie de 
LufFenac • Stpo Camerario • Rollando filio • H • Pliilippo de Valuin • 
Alano filio WalPo • WiH de ClQorteni • Rog^o de ^^aluiH • 

Pambtacio Reg^ Wiiii de tniis de Wytley • 

112 Willelmus dei gra rex fcottOT/ • omnib^ |3bis homib^ toci^ terre fue 
falute • Sciatis qd me ^fente t |)fentib3 epis • baronib^ • 1 ptib^ aliis 
pbis hoib^ regni mei • die Sci luce Euangelifte • int monachos de 
Ct)eyIros 'i hoies de Wedat fup paflura forefle mee q^^m anteceflbres 
mei 1; ego • dcis monachis de Cl)eylros in pura 1: perpetua elemofina 
dedim? • p iurameta fideliu uiroT^ facta fuit pambulacio t certa finiu 
limitacio • Jurauerut fiqMe cora me 1 pbis homib^ meis |)dci fideles qd 
forefla mea que efl paflura dco-^ monachoT^ de CV)eyIros • tendit ufq, 
ad uia que uadit ad occidente pte ecclie de Wedat • t ufque ad 
Riuulu qui uocatur fafTeburne • Quare uolo • concedo t pcipio • qd 
dci monachi tota ^fatam paflura cu oniib^ aifiametis 't Iibtatib3 fliif • 
pacifice teneant t pofTideat ufq, ad pfatas diuifas • in pura • libam 1 
ppetua elemofinam • pp^e s"* ^ fuis fuccefforib^ • Ita q nulli _pmunia 
heant inr ipos aut cu ipis infra ^fatas diuifas |5dce paflure • saluis m^ 
T; heredibj meis • feris t auib^ T; uenacione infra dcam foreftam . Teff 
Ricardo Epo sci Andr • Jocelino Epo Glafg • Johe abbe de kalchou - 
Ofbto abbe de Jedword • comite • dd • Ric^^do de Cl)oruyft coftablaf 1 
mitis aliis • 

104 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xii. 

Canta Rob Corbet • d pRa d CliftuN • 

113 Omib3 Sce mafs Ecciie filiif tam pfentib^ cf fut^is . Ilobt? Corbet fits 
filie Gilebti de vmframuilla Sait • Sciatif me dediffe 1 pcefRffe ^ hac 
^fenti mea carta pfirmaffe do 1 ecctie sce roaRie de roelrof • T: cnona- 
chif ibidem do femientib^ f> falute dfii mei Wiihni Reg" Scott- t 
Alexandi-i filij ei? . i; p aiab^ oinium anteceffoT/ "t fucceffoi; illoT^ 1 p 
anima aui mei • Gilebti de vmframuilla ■ T; p animab^ [5ris mei "^ 
coafs mee t p falute mea • ^ oiTiiu anteceffoT^ T: fiicceffoT; meoT; . In 
iibam • p^am • 't ppetuam elemofina q^^ndam parte tre mee in rritorio 
de Cliftun • que ptinet^ infra haf diuifas • Sciic a pminentia duoi^ 
lapidu deRupe fup*paruam iunccaria adorientale parte de Crukehou. 
q° ppinq^or eft vbi tra de Prenwenfete • 1; Ira de Grubbeheued in- 
fimul ^ueniut • p ipfam iunccariam . 1: lapidem defubt" iacente . p 
q"ddam Cundofu p metas t diuifas q'^ ego pambulaui eif coram 
ptib^ libis hoib^ ufq^ in Bireburna • 1 inde p f^nfufu Bireburna pf^ 
aull^^Iem parte uerfus Cl)oIIam • ufq, ad Rupe ppinq^^ore uie vifus oriente 
fup'^ Cukoueburna • t inde fic Cukoueb^na defcendit ufq^ in eandem 
uiam magna^q*^ fcitc it^ de Rochefb^c ad Cl)oIIam • 1 inde p ipfam uiam 
ufq^ in roereb^na q" diuidit rram de Cliflona T: tram de roolla • t inde 
p Ct)ereb^nam ufq,, ad diuifas de Hunu • t inde fic diuife tendut inr 
rram de Hunu • "t rram de Cliftun ufq, ad diuifas de Grubbeheued • t 
inde p metaf 1 diuifaf qT pambulaui inr tram de Cliftun • 1; rram de 
Grubbeheued • 1; inde fup*^ ^dcm Crukehou p ditiifas q^^s pambulaui 
inr iram de Cliftun 1 Iram de Prenwenfete • t inde ufq, ad ^dictos 
duos lapides de Rupe fup'^ prefata iunccaria • Hac rram 't q^cq^d 
^tinet^ infra pnoiatas diuifas dedi ^dictif cioonachis t Ecctie de Ct)elrof 
in Elemofina libam 1 qVta "^ foluta ab ofiii s^uicio t ^fuetudine t 
exaccone fctari • vt ea habeant • teneant • 1 poffideant in ppetuu libe • 


q^ete. pacifice- plenaiie 1 honorifice • fic aliq"^ Elemofina melius-libius • 
q^eti? . 1 pleni^ dari poteft 1 teSi . Ita q"d Ego 't hedes mei hec oiuia 
manutenebim" 't warantizabim^ illis pf^ oines hoies q^ uiuut 1 morit^i 
lut • de omi caUlpnia . t omi feruicio t de ouiib^ alijf reb^ que p rra 
exigi poffQt • Et q\a uokii ut hec mea elemofina firma fit t ftabit . 
Nec uUo ciifu poffit in irritu duci . Hec omia fideh- t fine malo in- 
genio feruanda t warantizanda illis inppetuu manu mea afBdaui p 
rae t: p hedib^ meif . Hif Teftib^ • Adam ai5be de Neiiboth • G • abbe 
de Drieb^c • R . at5be de Jeddew . R . archid • de Glafg • a)agro Johe 
de lillefcliue • Johe decano de Rocheft)^g • W • pre meo Corbet . 
Philipp . de Wailons • WiHo filio ei^ . Ric nano • t Rad • filio ei? 
Bernardo de Haud • t Berii . fto el'' . Wifto diio de Himu • Sini de 
Grubbeheued • Cl)aoro • W • de bleis • Ct^agro H • de rt)ehos • Witio 
Corbet . Ro^o ciico . Regiii f to Antonie . Hyuone ctico de Ct)erboth • 
Ricardo de Welpingt • Ric fito Johis • Ric pfona de Ahiec^ • 

CaKta Walfi Corbet iuniorif • d tra d CUftun • 

114 Omnib^ sce coafs ecciie filijs tam ^fentib^ ^" futHf. Walts Corbet 
fits jRlie Gilebli de A-mframuilla Sftlt • Sciatis me dediffe t pcefliffe 
% hac ^fenti carta mea ^firmaffe do t ecciie sce roaaie de coelsof • t 
foonachis ibidem do s^uioitib^ • p falute diii mei Witti Reg scott • 't 
alexandri filij ei^ • t p animab^ oiniu anteceffoT; t fuccefToT; illoT^ • t 
p anima aui mei Gilebti de vmfra,uilla • t p animab^ pris mei t coatT 
mee • t p falute mea • t Alicie fponfe mee • t oiniu parentu t hedum 
iiro'!; • In libam • p^am . t ppetuii elemofina q^^ndam parte rre mee in 
rritorio de cliftun • cpie ^tinet" infra has diuifas • Scitc • a pminentia 
duo-j^ lapidu de Rupe fup*^ parua iunccaria ad orientalem partem de 
Crukehou • que ppinq^or eft vbi rra de Prenwenfete t rra de Grubbe- 


106 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xit. 

heued infimul ^ueniunt • p ipfani iunccaiia • \ lapidem de fubt? 
iacente p q"ddam cundofu p metas 't diuifas q^^s Ego pambidaiu eis 
coram ptib^ libis hoib^ ufq^ in Bireburna • 1; inde p t^nfiifu Bireburna 
ptra auftralem parte ufus ciiolfam • ufq^ ad Rupem ppinqVre uie Ufus 
oriente fup"^ Cukoueburna • t inde fic Cukoueb^na defcoidit ufq, in 
eandem uiam magna • q*^ fcifc it^ de Rochefb^c ad (ooITam • 't inde p 
ipfam uia ufq, in mereb^nam q' diuidit tra de Cliftona t ti-am de 
t"l)olla • i inde p Ct)ereb^nam ufq^ ad diuifaf de Hunu • 1: inde fic 
diuife tendut inV tram de Hunu • 1: tram de Cliftun ufq^ ad diuifas 
de Grubbeheued • "t inde p metaf 1; diuifas q^^s pambulaui int terram 
de Cliftun t ft-am de Grubbeheued • "^ inde fup"^ ^dcm Crukehou p 
diuifas q"s pambulaui inP terram de Cliftun t tram de PrenAvenfete • 
t inde ufq, ad pdictof duos lapides de Rupe fup'' Pfatam iunccariam • 
Hanc rram l q^cq^d ^tinet^ infra jPnominataf diuifas dedi ^dcif roon- 
achif^t Ecciie de Cl)elRof in elemofina libam t ^''etam 't foluta ab 
omi §uicio t pfuetudine • 1 exactone fctari • v' ea habeat • teneant • t 
poffideat in ppetuu libe • qVte • pacifice • plenarie • 1 honorifice • fic 
aliq"^ Elemofina meli^ • libius • qVti? t pleni^ dari poteft 1 teneri • Ita 
qd Ego "t heredes mei hec oinia manutenebim? T; warantizabim? illis 
pf^ oines hoies q^ uiuut 't moritH fut • de oini calupnia 1 oini feruitio • 
1 de oinib3 alijs reb^ que p tra exigi poffiit • Et quia uolui ut hec 
inea Elemofina firma fit 1 ftabilis • nec uUo cafu poffit in irritum duci • 
Hec oiiiia fidetr 't fine malo ingenio feruanda T: warantizanda illis 
in ppetuu manu mea affidaui p me T; hedib^ meif • Hif Teftibi • Ada • 
abbe de Neubothle • G • abbe de Drib^g • R • abbe de Gedewua • R • 
Archid • de Glafg" • CV)agro Johe de Lillefclif • Johe decano de 
Rochefb^g • Waltro Corbet pre meo • Philippo de Waloines • Robto 
Corbet ffe meo . Wifto de Waloinef • Ric • Nano • t Rad • fito eiP ■> 
Bernardo de Haud • 1 Bernardo fito ei? . Wiito filio Johis de Hunu • 


Sim de Grubbeheued • a)agro Witto de Bleis . OQagro Henric . de 
CDelrof . WiHo Corbet • Rogo cKco . Reginaldo fito Antonie . Hyuone 
dico de a)^bothle . Ric . de ^A^elpingt" . Ric" fito Johis . 

Confirma" regis Wittmi • de terra de cliftun . fcdm carta . Walti 
corbet • 

115 W . dei gfa rex fcot ■ omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre fue 
cticis et laicis faltm . Sciant pntes et fut^i me concefRfTe et hac carta 
mea cofirmalVe deo et ecctie fancte marie de melros et monach ibidem 
deo feruientibus donacoem illam quam Waltus corbet filius Walri 
eis fecit de q^^dam parte tre fue in Pritorio de cliftun per diuifas que 
nominant^ in carta prefati Wal?i corbet . tenend in puram lifeam et 
perpetuam eJemofmam ita lit3e et quiete et honorifice ficut alias terras 
et elemofinas fuas libius quiecius plenius et honorificencius tenent 
et poflident . et ficut carta Walteri corbet iufle testatur faluo feruicio 
meo • Tell" phit de vat camef • Robto de london • alano fit • Rott 
conflabut . philipp . de mubray . WiHmo de Vallori • Henf bifet • 
Thoma de coluili . adam fit Herb . ferg fratre rott • alexand" de 
fintoii . apud felekuk xxij die feptembris . 

Carta Walti de Wildlefhoures • de Cliftun • 

116 In nole fce "i. indiuidue Trinitatis Omib" fce a)atT Eccte filiis ta 
pfentib" q-^futMs Walter^ de Wildleflioueres . fatt . Sciatis me dedifl^e T; 
hac ^fenti carta mea ^firmafTe deo t eccie fce Cijavie de a)elros . 't 
a)onach ibide deo feruientib^ • p falute 'i aia diii mei Wiiii Reg^ 
Scocie q" ria mea m^ dedit . 1 p aiab? oium aiicefro'!^ t fuccelToTji ei^ 
\ p alab^ pris mej i mat^^if mee- 1 p falute ale mee t oium parentu. 

108 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

"^ heredu meo->; • i pura 't ppetuil elemofiiia • illa pare tre q^^m tenent 
i tritorio de Cliftona • q" fcil ^tinet^ infra has diuifas • Scit • a pmi- 
nentia duoT/ lapidu de rupe fup^^parua iuncaria ad orientale pte de 
Crukehou q" ppinqVr eft u^ rra de Prinwinefete T; rra de Grubbeheued 
infimt |)ueniunt • p ipam ivmcaria 1: lapide defubf iacente • p qdda 
CundoITu p metaf 1 diuifas q^^s Ego T; dris Ernald^ afebs de COelr • t 
diis Symon archidiacon^' pambiauim'' t fecim^ cora plibj libis hoib^ 
ufq^ 1 Bireburna • T; iri p t^nfufu Bireburna pf^ auftrale parte us? Ct)olIa 
p diuillis qT pambulauim^ 1: fecim? ufq, ad rupe ppinq^oie uie w 
oriente fup* Cukoueburna T: in fic Cukoueburna defcendit ufq^ i 
eande uia magna -q"^ fcit it^ de Rokelb^g ad Ct^oUa • T; iii p ipam uia ufq, 
i Cl)ereburna • q" diuidit rra de CUftona 't rra de COoUa • 1; iii p Cl)ere- 
burna ufq^ ad diuifas de hunu • t iii fic dinife tendt inr trfi de Him^ • 
t tra de Clift^ • ufq, ad diuifas de Grubbeheued ■ "t iii p metas t 
diuifas qT pambtauim? t fecim? int tra de Chft" t tra de Grubbelieu' • 
t iii fup'^ pdictu Criikehou p diuifas q^^f fecim^ int ti'a de CUft" • t 
tra de Primvinefete • t iii ufq, ad pdcos duos lapides de rupe fup*^ 
^fata iuncaria • hanc tra 1 q^cq^d ^tinet^ infra ^noiatas diuifas dedi 
^dcis CV)onac!i et Eccte de Ct)elr • i elemofi)ia litjpm t qVtil 't foluta 
ab oib^ auxiliis • placitis • introgatis • geldis • affifls • fcutagiis • com- 
agiis • t ab oi feruicio t pfuetudine t exactione fctari • ut ea habeant 
teneant t poffideant ippetuii libe • qVte • pacifice • plenarie t honor- 
ifice • t fic aliq"^ elemofina meli? libi^ qVti" t pleni? dari poteft • ita 
qd ego t heredes mei h oia manutenebim^ 1 warantizabim^ iti^t^os 
hoies de oi cahlpuia • t oi forenfi feruicio • 1 de oib'' aliis reb" q^ p 
tra exigi pofl"? • t q^a uolui ut h mea elemofina firma fit t ftabit • nee 
uUo cafu poffit in irritu duci • h oia fidelit t fri malo ingenio fer- 
uanda t warantizanda itl inppetuu manu mea affidaui p me t p 
heredib^ meis • His teftib^ • Sim Archidiac • Pet" pfona de Cperebott • 


AVitto fuccentore RieuaH • Dauid fre Regis • Rofeto Auenel • t 
Geruafio filio ej" • Johc filio Horm • 1; Witto filio ej? • Rad Naiin • 't 
Ric- ^t Rad filiis ej'' • WiHo de SuiSuilla • Gaufr Ridel • Roti de 
Landeles • Anxet de Hwitheton • Tlioma de Homeldun • t Rogo filio 
cj'^ • Huctredo de Grubbeheued "t Simone fiUo ej^ • Walto ctico meo • 
Juone ctico de Cl)erebott • Cpatho capellano • ^ViHo de Brafert • Ada 
de Thorp • Rogo de Cpalefarth • Arkillo de Hwittona • t Adfi filio 
ej^ • Adu de Chethoii • 

Confirmaco 'WiRi Reg de terra de Clift" • 

117 W •dei gra Rex Scolt • Epif • Abbib:; • Comitibj . Baronib^ • Juf- 
ticiis • Vicecomit • Prepofitif • Ct)iniftris • t oiliibj probif hominib3 
totiuf rre fue • Salut • Sciant ^fentef t pofti me dedifle • t hac mea 
carta confirmafle Deo t Ecctie Sce coarie de cnelRof t Ct)onachis 
ibidem deo feruientib^ illil terram quam tenent in territorio de Clif- 
tuna p ipfaf diuifaf que continent^ in carta Walti de Windlefoure • 
quam habent de eo de eadem tra . ita ut quicq^d infra eafdem diuifaf 
ftierit ■ hant t poflldeant in ppettium • ita t libe t qtiiete • honorifice 
t pacifice f ficut aliqua elemofina libitif • quieti^ • t honorificenti'' 
in regno meo poflidet^ • Dedi enim eif t confirmaiti eam fibam ab 
oinib^ auxiliis • Placitif • Geldif • Scutagiif • Cornagiis • t ab omni 
feruitio t Confuettidine t Exactione fctari • ita qd ego t hedes mei 
manutenebim^ t warantizabim^ eam illif contra ofhf holef in per- 
petiiu • faluo feruitio meo de Walro t hedib^ ftiis • Tefte dd fre meo • 
Comite Dtinecano • Coiii Gilbto • WiHmo de Lindefaie • Rogo 'f 
Philippo de Valoniif • Walto de Berchet • Johe de Londoniif • 


110 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xti. 

CaRta Jocei epi • dc Grubeheued • 

118 Vniuerfis Sce coafs Ecclie filiis tam ^fentib^ (fm fut^is i Jocelin? 
di gfa Epc Glefg" Ecctie . Satt • Sciant omnes qui audierint '^ uiderint 
iftas litteraf f quod hec conuentio ad conferuatione pacif t concordie 
facta e in ^fentia fna • coram simone Archid olefg" Ecciie • int 
monachos de coeh*os 1 Hvctred de Grubefheued t hedef ei^ • Quod 
ipe Hvctred° 'l hedef ei" conceflerunt 1; ded^unt do 1 Ecdie sce maRie 
de coelr • 't coonachif ibide do feruientib^ • halkahs iux"^ aq"^ de 
kahie p rectaf metaf t diuifaf f fcitt ficut antiq? curf^ ei"dem aque 
fuit • '=t fic mete inr eof pofite fut t pambulate in • \^ • f^ pafce anno 
ab incarnatioe dni • cf • c° • lxxx° • 'f Quas u° metaf t diuifas pambia- 
uerut ^dictuf simon Archid • 't Petr^ pfona de co'botle • Robt? de 
Bofeuile • Tomas fili? Philippi de koleuile • Alexand'' Dapif' • Radulf? 
d Eidale • Robt^ de Bernolfbi i t alii q^^mpluief fideles 1 pbi hoies • T: 
etia idem ^fatuf hvctred^ 1 filii ei^ Simon 't Adam • Haf itacj^ halkahs 
^dictus hvctred^ 't hedes ei^ libaf "t q^etaf t folutaf ab oiiii calupnia 
coonachif de coelr imppetuu clamauunt • t fup fac^fcam eccKam 
beate coaRie de coelf • coram nob t Ernaldo Abbe de coelf t simone 
Archid ^noiato iurauunt • quod nuq^^m ^fumerent deuiare de hac 
facta conuentioue • uel aliq^d ampli? calupniari ult^ ^fc^ptaf t pam- 
blataf metaf t diuifaf uerf^ ^dictof coonachos • Sed ut p uirib^ t pofle 
fuo domu de CQelros t oinia quecucj^ ad eain ptinent f ubicj^ manu- 
teSent • t dcfend^ent • Infup idem hvctred" t hedes eiP bono aio t 
aflenfu ded^unt t conceflerut coonachis de coelf habere uia p tram 
fua de Grubeflieued ex f^nfuerfo ufcj, ad ti am coonachoT^ f ubi q^^drige 
eoT^ poflint fufficient ire t redire ad g^^ngiam fua de hvnedun fR 
aliq'^ difturbatioe t cont^dictione • Totam au h^^nc conuentione ut 
pdictum e ipemet hvctred? t hedef ei? fuif pp^if manib^ in jpfentia 


nra affidauerunt in manu Pnoiati simonis Archid fii malo ingenio 
tenenda ~t warantizanda • libe *t quiete plenarie ~t honorifice dcis roona- 
ehis in ppetuQ • t nos etiam ad confirmandii 1 contefl.anda h^^nc donat- 
ione tpi9 hvctredi T: hedum ei^ • figillo nro pfc^ptam conuentione 
foonachif de melr confirmauim^ • Hif teftib'' Cl)e ipo • Simone Archid 
Glefg ecclie • Petro pfoiia de ro'botle • Robto de Bofeuile • Thoma 
filio philippi de Coleuile • Alexandro Dapifo • Radulfo de Ridale • 
Robto de Bernolfbj • Hvctredo de Grubefheued • 1 filiis ei? "^ hedib.i • 
Simone 1: adam • 

Carta Huctredi de Grubheued • 

119 Oinibi' Sce a)atTEcclie filiis ta Pfentib^ cf fut^is f huc?d^ de Grub- 
heued • t fymon fili^ ei? 1 hef f Sait • Sciatif nof ddifle t hac carta 
nra _pfirmafle • do t ecciie Sce ft)arie de OQelr • 1 monah ibide do 
feruietib'^ • p aiab? oiniu diioT/ firo'!^ • t p aiab^ nrif • 1 prm t matr 
nrar • 1: oiniu anceflb-!; 1 fucceflbi!; nroT; • 1 maxie comitis henricj • 
illa parte rre I Elflianeflialche • q*" iacet ex occidntali pte ue?if aq'' • 
uerf^ tra eoi^de monachoi; q'^m hnt de fevido de Wittu • ad oriete tre 
eoi/ • i libam • "t p^am • 1 ppetua elemofina . u' ea habeat • t teneat • 
"t poflldat • libe 1 q^ete • "t honorifice • fic ulla elemofina • libi? • "^ ^''eti^ • 
\ honorificnti? tenet • In ui treno feruitio • ^ ^fuetudle • T; exactioe 
fclari • t nof t hedf iiri warantizabim? eif eande tra pf^ oiuef hoief • 
1 adq'etabim? 8fus dominii uege • t oiiief driof iirof • de forenfi fer- 
uitio • 'i oiui treno feruicio I ppetuii • hac donatione fecim*' eif p 
frnitate • t oratioib^ • t participatioe oiiiiu bonoT^ ei^de ecctie • in 
fepitViu . his . T . Godardo Capeft • Ada pfona de a)acc?tu • Robto • 
de B^noluebj • 

112 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta Comitif Pafcii • 

120 Omib3 sce roatT Ecdie filiif ta gfentib^ c^ fut^if \ Comef Pafei? • 
Satt • Sciatif me dedifiTe T: hac pfenti mea carta p&maffe do t ecciie sce 
OQarie d Cl)elrof • \ monacliif ibide do feruientib^ • p aiab^ omiu aii- 
eelTo-!/ ^ fucceflbi; meoi; • in libam ^ pura t perpetua elemofina • duaf 
acraf rre ^ dimidia ap liarecarref • fcift fic fofralu cVuit eande rram • 
t(?nendaf de me 1 bedib^ meif • ita libe • qVte • plenarie- 1 honorifice 
fic idlam elemofina libi" • c^ eti^ • pleni'' . '^ honorificeti'' in rra neg 
tenet ^ poflidnt • ab omi treno feruitio • t ^fuetudine • t exactioe fclari 
omio libaf ^ q^etaf in ppetuu • His T • KoUand • d Rollan • Senefc • 
Bernardo • frefel • Gilleb • de Hom • Nez • de Walt • Ketello • de letlia • 
Oliuero •fii kylu"' • PatVio de fachen • Gilleb • clico meo • Pet° de 
Witingeft • 

Carta Jocet • Epi • ce Eceiia De hafl-'' • 

121 Joc • di gfa Glafgueii • Epc Omib^ fce coat^s cccHe fitiif ta Pfentib^ q^^m 
fut^f Satt • in xpo • Sciatif nof p confiliu t cocefllone dtii riri WiHi 
i]lufl,rif Scott • negif • dedifle 1; concefllfle 1; hac carta nra cofirmafle 
do t fce marie t EccHe de CC)e]^ • 't monachif ibide do feruientib^ • in 
libam t qVta t ppetua elemofina • Ecciiam de hafl;enefderi • cu trif T; 
decimif 't oib^ ad ipam ptinentib^ • ad fufceptione paupu 1: peg^^noi; 
ad domu de melf uenientiu • De qua ecctia cu eet inr ^dcm dnm 
Regem '^ nof cotrouerfia ■ ad que nf m iuf pafnatuf ei^dem . ecctie 
ptineret \ idem diif nex iuf fuu qd in ea habuit • uel hre potuit \ nob 
cocefllit ad ipam ecciiam fcdm dm ordinandam • ut ipiuf ecctie puen- 
tuf uniufi in caritatif opib^ expend'entur • \ in bonof ufuf ppetuo 
coSterentur • Nof itaq^ p ipi^ dni Keg cofiliu t cocefl!ione ipam ecctiam 


de haftenefden • cu oib3 ad ipam ptinentib^ j? aTab^ oium PdecefloT^ 
diii Eeg t iiroT/ • "l p falute 1 aia fua t iira • 1; oium faedu fuoT/ 1 
fucceffoT/ moTi • in ppetuof ufuf paupum t peg^noT; • ipo dfio Rege 
cofulente 1 concedente t cofirmate • do 'i ecctie fce coarie de coelr • 
t ei^dem loci couentui in lit3am "t qVta "t ppetua elemofma ppetuo 
cotulim^ • t hac carta iira cofirmauim? • Tenendam in ppetuu 'i pofli- 
dend • ita lifte qVte plenarie t honorifice fic ahq'^ couentualif eccfia 
in Regno scott • aliq^^m parrochialem ecctiam libi^ qVti" pleni^ 't 
honorificenti^ tenet aut poflidet • Salua penfione uiginti foUdoi; • de 
ipa ecctia de hafl;enefden • ecctie Glafgueii • T: nob • iirifq^ fucceflbrib^ 
ab ipif monacb fingtis annif pfoluenda • Et faluis epalib^ • Hiif Tefl;^ • 
Diio AViflo iUuftri fcott • Rege • Com • dd • fi^e fuo • Diio Johe epo 
Dunkeld • Ric • epo cooraii • Erii • abbe Rieuafl: • Ercheii • abbe de 
Dunferm • Osb . abbe de Kelc • Rad • abbe de Jedd • Hug • abbe 
de Neub • Hug • canceti • Diii Reg • hbert • decari • 1 Simoe arehid • 
glafgueK • WiHo maleuic" • archid • laodoii • Ric • de ^benda • Rad • t 
Walto capellanif diii Reg • Cl^agro Johe • Rog • de houed • Helia • 
Witto • Beda • Helia • Canoil • Glalg •Hug • de figillo • Witio de bofco • 
Geniafio cticif de capella drii Reg • Johe decan de Teuid • Thoma 
decari • de valle anat • Petro decaii • de Cludefd • Ric • decaii • de 
Etked • Rad • decati • de ftranith • Jacobo decaii . de Defii • Walt 
1: Johe cticif nrif • 

Confirmat capti glafg • de ecctia de haftand • 

122 VniSfis sce matrif eccte filijs ta pfentib^ q^^fut^is • herb • decan^ • 'H: 
totu Capittm • Eccte glafgueri • satt • Sciatif nof comuni confenfu 
iiro 1 confilio • unanimit conceflKTe • t hac Carta nra cofirmafl^e • do 
t sce coarie t eccte de nielp^ • t monachif ibide do feruientib^ • i 


114 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

libam • t qVta 1: ppetuam elemoflna • ecctam de hatftanefden • cu trif • 
t decimif • t oib^ ad ipam ptinentib^ • q"" uenablif dnf nofi^ • Jocet • 
epc • p confiliu • t confenfu • 1; conceffione diii nri • Witii IlluftT • 
scott • neg • t confiliu 1 confenfu nrm ■ jJdcif monachif de roela . 
ad ppetua fufceptone paupum • 1: peg^^noT^ • pia deuotone contuht 't 
cofirmauit • De q"^ eccta cii effet int ^dcm diim Kege • "t eundem 
epm controufia ad q eoT^ iuf patronat*' ipi? ecde ptineret f idem dnf 
nex • iuf fuu qd i pdca eccta de hatftanefd • habuit ut bre potuit- 
kmo patri ilro pdco • Joc • epo • ^ceffit • ad ipam ecctam fcdm deum 
ordinandam • ut ipi^ eccte puent? uniufi i karitatif opib, expend-ent^ • 
t i bonof ufus ppetuo ^utant^ • Nos itaq^ donatoni drii epi • t ^ceffioni 
dRi • neg • nfm unanimir adliibentef affenfu • ^dcam ecctam de 
hatftan^ • cu oib^ ad ipam ptinentib^ • fic a femif dnif iiris • Kege • t 
epo • coUata "t cofirmata e • ^dce eccte de coelp; • 1; ei^dem loci 
^puentui • i ppetuu pceffim? • 'i hac carta iira cofirmauim? • Tenend • i 
ppetuu 1 poffidend • ita lifee • q^ete • plenarie t honorifice f fic aliq'^ 
couentuat eccta • i epatu glafgueii aliq"^ parrochiale ecctam • libi? • q'eti? • 
pleni? • 1 honorificenti^ • tenet "t poffidet • Salua penfione • viginti • 
folidoT/ • de ipa eccta de hatftan^ • eccte glafgueri • 1 dno liro • Joc • 
epo • fuifq^ fuccefforib^ • ab ipif monachif de roelp: • fingtif annif • ad 
feftu sci foartinj pfoluenda • Et faluif epaUb^ • Hijs Teft" • Dno 
Witto • Rege • Scott • t Com • dd • ffe fuo • dno iiro • Joc • epo • 
glafg • diio Johe • Epo dunkeldn • dtio • Ric • Cl)orauieii • Epo • dno • 
Regiii • Rofeii • Epo • Siiii • archid • t coagiftro • Johe • Rogo de 
houed • Helia • WiHo • Beda • HeUa • Canonicif eccte rire • Johe de- 
cano • de Teuid • Petro • dec • de Chidefd • Thoiri • dec de uaUe 
anat • Ric • dec • de Eflved • Rad • dec • de ftrathnith • Jac • dec • de 
defii • Rog • ^''ore de paffet • Walto • Johe • cticif diii epi • PhiUpp • 
ctico d cnoerii • Et mttif alijs f 


Confirmatio Reg^ W • De Ecctia de Haft- • 

123 Willelmus dei gra Rex Scott Epis • Abbibus Comit • Baron • Juft- • 
Uicecom-' • Prepoitis • a^inift^s • et omibus pbis hominibus tocius 
terre fue clericis 't laicis Sattm • Sciant prefentes T; futuri nos con- 
ceffiffe T; hac carta iira confirmaffe deo t Sce roarie T; ecclie de melros 
T: monachis ibidem deo feruientib^ In liberam t quietam 'l ppetuam 
elemofinam ecclefiam de Hatftanefden • cum terrif t decimis 1 omibus 
ad ipam eccliam ptinentibus • ad fufceptioem T; fuftentaconem paupum 
1 pegrinoT^ ad domum de meh-os uenientium • a Joc • Glafgueti • epo 
p confiliu nrm affignatam ■ De qua ecctia cum effet inter nof -^. 
eundem epm confuerfia • ad quem nfm donatio ipius ecctie ptineret • 
iuf nrm qd in ea habuim^ ut hre potuim'' eidem epo conceffnn? • ad 
ipam ecctiam fcdm deum ordinandam • Et ipe eps ut puent? ipius 
ecrfie in caritatis opibus expendant^ • 1 in bonos ufus ppetuo con9- 
tant^ • ipam eccfiam cu ouiibus ptinenciis fuis p aiabus ouiium pdecef- 
foT^ nroT; 't fuoT^ • T; falute t aia iira T; fua • t omium hedum iiroTf • t 
fucceffoT^ fuoT/ . p confilium 1; conceffioem iiram ad ppetuos ufus 
paupum t pegrinoT^ eccfie t conuentui de melros pia confid'atioe 
cotulit t confirmauit • Ut aut^ hoc pium factum t rationable ppe- 
tuam t iUibatam bat firmitatem • gdictam ecciiam de hatfl^nedeii 
eum omibus ptinenciis fuis • deo t Sce coarie t eccfie de melros • In 
libam t ppetuam elemofinam ad scos ufus ^noTatos concedim? t 
hac carta nra confirmam^ • Tenendam Inppetuum ita libere quiete 
plenarie t honorifice • sicut aHqua parrochialis ecctia in regno liro 
libius • quieti? • pleni^ • honorificenci? ab aHqua conuentuaU ecctia 
tenetur t poffidetur • Salua penfione viginti foHdoT^ ecctie Glafguen 
de ipa ecctia de hatftanefd- ab ipis monachis fingtis annif pfoluenda • 
Sicut carta eiufdem Joc • Glafgueri epi teftat^ • Et ne inter nos ut 

116 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xn. 

hedes nros ut ipos qui de nob maneriu pdcm tenuerint • 't ipos 
monachos aliqua in pofteru fup paftura ^dce uille poffit effe contro- 
lifia • p pceptum nfm l p confid^atione pboT; hoinum RroT^L puifum 
eft q^^ntum ]Pdci monachi in paftura |)dce uille hre debeant • scil^ 
ducentas maf ces oues • 'i lexdecim boues • 1 quatuor uaccaf • qd 
illis in paft^a illa ppetuo habend • conceffma^ • 'i hac carta nra con- 
firmauim^-firmi? prohibentes nequis eif fup hoc iniuria aut uexatioem 
aliquam inferat • sup nram plenaria foriffact^am • Teft" • Joc • Glafg • 
epo -Ric • Epo rt)oraueri • R • afebe de Dunferm^ Com • Dauid ffe iiro • 
Hug . Canceiiio iiro • Wifto de Lind • Juft" • Phit de Valori • Dauid 
de Lindes • Hug de Normanuitl • WalVo de Berket camerario iiro • 
Herb de Caraa • apud rneh-os • 

Confirmaco Celeftini iij • de ecctia de haftanefdene • 

124 Celeftin" eps s^uuf §uot^ di Delectif filiif^a^i t^uentui de roelrof fatt • 
■^ aptica biidiccom- Cu a nob petit^ q iuftu e t honeftu t5 uigor eqHatif 
q^ ordo exigit fonif ut id p foHcitudine officij nri ad debitu pducat^ 
effectu • EapropP dilecti in dno fihj lirif iuftif poftulacoib^ g^^to p&- 
rentef affenfu f ecctia de haftanefdene cu oib^ prouentib^ t ptinenciif • 
a veSabUi ffe firo Joc^' glafg epo puida uob delibacoe pceffam f femi 
in xpo filij nri • W • illuft^s regif fcocie in hoc accedente ^fenfu • fic 
in fc^^pto eiufde epi euideci'' ^ptinet^ • '^ vof ea iufte ac fine ^fuerfia 
poffidetif f uob T; p uof uro monaft^io autoritate aptica pfirma? t pre- 
fentif ftfpti pat°cinio pmunim? • Nulli g° oino hoinu liceat hac ilre 
pagina ^firmacoif infringe • ut aufu ei temerario ptraire • SiqT au hoc 
atteptare prefuferit i indignacum oipotetif dei t beatoT/ pef • t pauli 
aptoT^ ei^ fe noSit incurfuru • Dat^ • lateraii • vi • id^ martii • Pontificat^ 
iiri anno quarto • 


Confirmatio Flor'' • electi glafg • de ecctia de hallanct • 

125 Florenti'' di gra Glafguen Elect? • Oinibs haf littaf uifurif uel 
audit^f satt i dilo • Sciatif nof p _pfiliu 1 ^fenfu capti Glafg 1 cleri 
diocefif nre ^pceffilTe t h*^ carta iira pfirmafTe do 't sce marie 1 ecctie 
d melrof 't coonachif ibide do suientib^ • I libam 't cjVtam "t ppetua 
Elemofina • Ecctiam de hafl;enefdene cu rris 't decimis • t oib^ ad 
ipam ptinentib3 • ad ppetua fufcepcone paupu t peg^noi; ad domu de 
melros uenientiu • Infup eifdem monachis intuitu pio ^cefllim^ . ^ h'^ 
carta nra ^firmandu duxim? • ut cu do annuente mun" ^fec^^coif nre 
pfecutj fuerim? • ^dcam ecctam de hafl;enefdene cu oib^ libtatibj • eif 
a bone coemorie Joc • Glafg epo pdeceflbre riro pcefiif • eifdem epali 
figillo confirmabim^ • Hif Tefl.ib3 • R • archid • Johe officiali • Biidicto 
capellano • coauritio t coagro Hena cficif iirif • Henp^ cfico regine • 
GregOT; d ftobhou • Theoderico nepote iiro • Nicholao • Ingeramo 
Stepho •Walro • hamone suientib^ iirif • t multif aliis • videlicet pfonis 
Glalg diocefis • 

ConfiRmaco Florentii Glafguenfif electi d ecclia d hafl;anefdne • 

126 Florenti? di gifa Glafguen Electuf • Oinib^ fce coatT eccfie filiis ^fen- 
tib^ 1 futHf Salt in dno • Sciatif nof p ^filiu ^ ^fiifu capfi Glafgueii • 
t cleri diocefif iire ^ceilifle t 11*^ carta iira pfirmafle do T; Sce coarie t 
eccfie d coelrof t monachif ibide do suientib^ jn fibam t qVtam t 
ppetuam Elemofinam • Ecciiam de Haft;enefdene cu tris • 1 decimif • 
t oibj ad ipam ptinentib^^ad ppetua fufcepcone paupu tj. peg^^norii ad 
domQ d coelros iienientiu • Q'^! Eccfiam cii oib^ ptinentiis fuif • vt 
unitifi puent? ipi^ i caritatif opib^ expnd^ent^ • t in bonof ufus ppetuo 
puterent^ • pie coeraorie Jocefin? Epc ^deceflTor iir p ^filiil t pcefCu 

118 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

dfii iiri WiHi Reg Scott • t capti glafg • ad ppetuof ufuf paupu t 
peg^noT/ pdcis roonachif pia deuocone ptulit • 't confirmauit • fic in 
eoT; autnticif ptinet^ • Cui^ fcm fonabile appbacone debita comen- 
dantef. t ipif monachif iuf fuu illibatu pferuare uohitef-de ptimoT^ 
p"dntu t pitoT/ ^filio pdcam ecctam de haftenefdene c oib^ ad ipam 
ptinentib? • Eccte 1 couentuj d foehrof ad piof uf^ ^noTatos ppetuo 
^ceffim^ • 1: \f carta nra ^firmauim^ • Tenenda ippetuu 1 p^fidndam • 
Ita Hbe 1 qVte • plenarie "^ honorifice • fic ahq"^ conuentuat eccta I 
regno fcott • aliq"^m parochiale ecctam Mbi^ q^eti^ pleni^ 1; honorificnti? 
tenet 'i p^fidet • Salua pnfione xx^ • folidoi; d ipa ecctia d haftenefdene 
ab ipis coonachif fingiif anif ad feftu Sci foartini Eccte de Glafg • 1 
nob • nrifq:, fucceflbrib^ pfolueda • t faluif Epahbus • Hif Teft^ • H • 
Decano glafg • 11 • Archid • iiro • WiHo capellano • Witto de bofco • 
Beda • heha • Jo • • canonicif d glafg • Hug • captto • Johe officiaU riro • 
J • dcano d Teuidat • Ric p*^ d Akiec^m • Simoe pfona d lillefcUue • 
t Johe f f e fuo • Ada d maccheft" • Wifio d haflechirke • 1 mttif ahis • 

Carta Jobis fihi Orm • de Hunedu • 

127 Oniib3 fce matT ecctie fiUif tam ^fentib^ q^^m fut^if • Johs fiU^ orm 
fat • Sciant tam fut4 q^in ^fentes me dedifle ^fenfu 't bona uoluntate 
diii mei Witti iiegif \ ^celfifle 1 hac mea carta ^firmafle do "t ecctie 
sce marie de melrof • 1 monachif ibide deo feruientib^ p alab^ dd 
t melcolmi regu diioT^ meoT^ 1: p aia comitif henrici 1; p falute dni 
mei regif Wiiii 1 dd ffis ei^ T; p falute mea T; uxorif mee 1 re- 
demptioe aiaT^ riraru 1- p animab^ prif niei 1: matY mee "t aiab^ omiu 
antecefloT; 1. heredu meoi} in Ubam t pura t ppetuam elemofina 
tram de hunedun p illaf rectaf diuifas qT ego pambulaui int tram 
meam t rram de wittun t inr Vram mea 1 rra de grubheued • 1 inr 


rram mea 1 tram de cliftun • 't fimitr inr tram mea 1 rra de moUe "t 
ficut diuife pambulate ft inr me 't ipfof monachof coram mttif pbif 
hoIb3 ufq^ ad locu illu u^ paruuf riuul" cadit in lumeduneburne ex 
orientali parte de Hulkilef croc • t inde furfu p eunde riuulu ufq., 
ad furfam ei" • t inde us*^ occidente ufq^ ad paruu colle • 't exinde 
ex tranfufo condofo inr brunecnolh 1 helle 1; inde defcendendo p 
diuifas q^^f feci eif ufq>, in haufurlang dene • 1 inde ficut burna def- 
cendit in kabia • Tota hac tVa "i q^cq''^ ^ptinet^ infra ^nominataf diuifaf 
dedi ^dicte eccfie sce marie de melrof "t monachif ibide deo feruien- 
tib^ libam • foluta t ^''eta ab oib^ auxiUif placitif geldif • aflifis • t ab 
omi feruitio 't pfuetudine t exactione fedari • ut ea babeat teneant • 
t poffideat in ppetuu • libe • q^ete • pacifice • plenarie • "t honorifice fic 
afiq*^ elemofina libi^ tenet^ t poflidet^ a monachif ordinif ciftcienfif • 
reddendo annuatl m'' t hedib^ meif • xx^i • folidof de eade elemofina • 
Et hoc fciendu e q^d ^dicti monachi nuUam comunione habebut de 
me t hedib^ meif extra diuifaf fuaf pambulataf t fimilir fciendu q°d 
fiqThancrram infra haf diuifaf pambulataf calumpniari uohierit ego 
■^ heredes mei oi cahimpnianti refpondebim^ "t monachif jidictam 
rram cu ^nominatif diuifif p oia warantizabim'' • Hif Teft • Igeramno 
epo glafg • Dauid fr reg • Ric • t Witio capftanif reg • dd ohfaf • Rob 
auenel • Gauff • d maleuuile • Alexa de s mart • dd de boiu • Hug 
giffard - Ric clerico • d s albano • hug cfico reg t aho hug clico reg • 
coagro iohe de rochefb • ArchU de witt • Vctred de grubheued • 

Confirmatio regis Wiftmi de hunedune • 

128 VV • dei gfa rex fcot • omnibus probis liominibus • tocius terre fue 
pntibus et futuris falutem^ Sciatis me conceffiflC''!; hac mea carta con- 
firmafle deo et eccHe fancte marie de mehos • t monacluf ibidem do 

120 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

seruientibus inppetuam elemofinam totam terram quam iofees filius 
orm eis dedit et carta fua confirmauit in tritorio de hunedun per ipas 
diuifas que continentur in carta predicti iohannis quam hnt de eo de 
eadem terra • ita ut quicquid fuit infra ipas diuifas heant et pofli- 
deant inppetuum ita libe quiete plenarie et honorifice ficut aliqua 
elemofina pofTidetur libius quiecius honorificecius in regno meo et 
ficut carta ipius iohannis teftatur melius et confirmat saluo seruicio 
meo • Teft dauid fi^e meo • Coin Walleuo • dd olifer • Rob auenil • 
Ric-^ capeii • W • capfi • hug ctico meo • alex° de fancto nitino • Ric de 
fancto albao • Ric" ciico • cancefi • magro iolianne de rokifburgh • apud 
felefkirk • 

Copofico fup decifii de hunedoii • 

"C 1 K D G^ K 31 r H O UJ 

129 Omib^ fce matT ecctie filiif ta ^fntibuf q"^ fut^if • Wiii pfona de 
hunu Satt • Sciatif qd hec e ^poficio ^pcordie facta int nionachof 1 
ecciiam de Cl)elf 1 me T: ecciiam de hunu • annuete 't ^cedete Johe filio 
Orm • aduocato ecctie de hunu "t fundatore g^^ngie de hunedune • 
pcednte etia diio Joc • Glafgueii epo • 1 Symoe arch • q"ru uolutate 
1: pfilio h acta fut • fcitt qd monaclii de ft)elr reddet fingtif annif ecctie 
de hunu xl denariof ad pentecofte j? decimif 1; omib^ rrenif exactioib^ 
"t oiiiib^ reb3 d G^^ngia de himedune • ita qd g^^ngia qVta erit p diuifaf 
q' j)tinent^ in carta Johif filij orm • ap eccfiam d hunu • T; fi ^tig^it qd 
pfati monachi dincepf pluf rre ^ m" hnt in pfata parrochia acceplt • 
dabt de illa rra decimaf garbaf ut ad q^^ntii pfone q'' p tepore fuit • 
faciet ppoficione ■ h ^cordia T; ^poficio facta e iter pfataf ecctiaf anno 
ab incarnatioe dni m° • c° • lxxx° • v" • In ^fiicia diii Joc' • Glafgueii • 
epi • "l fimoif • archid • q°ru fygilla eide fc^to appendet in teftimoniu i 


^ alio:/^ liboT^ hominu • (f fut teftef eiufde puetioif 1; pacif • fcitt hij • 
WiHo canonico de Glafgu dapif" • epi • rt)agro Rogo de neuport . 
Walro ctico epi • Robto capellano • Alexandro de vilers • Witto 
ncpote archidiaconi • 

Carta WiHj filii iohif^ d huned • 

130 Oinib^ fce matT eccHe filiis Wifts fili? Johif filii Horm Sait • Sciant 
tam pofti q^^m pfentes me ^ceffifie 1 dedifle 1: hac carta ofirmafle • do 
1: ecctie fce roarie de melf • l oionachif ibid do feruientib^ • p aiab^ dd 
"t foelcolmi reg dnorT^ nio'!^ t p aTa coui hnf • 1 p falute dni iiii Re^ 
WiHi • t c1d fi^if ei^ • 't p falute iria t uxorif mee • "t redempcioe aia-;^ 
iiraT^ • 1 p alab^ patru 't: matru t omiu anceffoT^ t: fuccefToi^t nroT; ■ i 
libera "t pura • t ppetiia elemoflam • totam donatione q^^m Johf pat 
meuf dedit eif de rra de huned • p illaf rectaf diuifaf qT ipe eif 
pamblauit inr rra de huned 1 tra de Wittun • '1 it rra de huned \ 
rru de grubeheued • t inr rra de huned 1 rra de cliftmi • x Silr inP 
rra de hnned t tra de mollc • '"t fic diuife pamblate fi: coram mttis 
pbif holb^ int prem meu t ipof monachos . ufq^ ad illu h.c ubi 
paruuf riuul'' cadit in hunedburne ex orientali pte de hulkillef croc • 
t ifi furfu p eund riuulu ufq, ad furfa ei'' • 1 in 9fuf occidnte uCj. ad 
puu coUe • t exin ex t*nf 9fo pdofo int brunecnol t hclle • l fic def- 
cendndo p diuifaf q^^f pat meuf fcc eis ufq, in haufurlung dene • '-t iii 
fic burna defcendit de haufurlung dcne ufq, in kalne • Totfi hanc rra 
t qV'qM _ptinet^ infra haf pnolataf diuifaf • pcefCi dedi • t ^firmaui pdce 
ecctie fce roarie de roeln 1 monachif ibid do feruientib^ lifcam • foluta 
t qVta ab oib^ auxilijf placitis geld affifif t ab oiiii feruitio • 1 pRie- 
tudle • t exaccoe fctari • ut ea ftant teneat t poffideant i ppetuu libe 
cfete pacifice • plenarie • t honorifice • fic aliq'^ elemofla libi? qVcius 


122 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

poffidet^ a foonacb ordif ciftcieni} • Reddndo annuati m^ 1 bedib^ mif 
uiginti fot de ead elcmofla • Et lioc fciend e qd pdci foonachi illam 
pmunione habebt de me t hedib^ iriif- ext^diuifaf fuaf pamblataf • \ 
fimitr fciend qd fi qThanc tra infra haf diuilaf pamblataf caluniari 
uoluerit f ego \ hedes mi oini calupniati refpodebim? • T: roonach 
pdcam tra warantizabim^ p oiTiia c pdcif diuifis • Hif T • Jocet epo 
Glalg • Simoe ARchid • Johe decano de Rokefb • WiHo p"" de huii • 
GeruaP • Auenel • Glaio foihte cornario ei? • Walto Corbet 4: Robto 

fit eii' • Radt Simoe de Grubbeheued • Rob de 

bnulfbj • 

CaRta WiHi filii Johif d nafauwe • 

131 Omib'^ Sce mrif Ecctie filiif \ fidelib? • AVifts de Hunufo fili'^ iohis 
Salt • Sciant • oinf ta pofti q"^m prefntef me dediffe t conceffifle t 
hac mea carta confirmaffe do t ecdie Sce cnarie de melrof 1 cnonachif 
ibide do feruientib? ■ p aiab'^ Dd T: aialchohni negu 1: Comitif ftnrici • 
t p falute Dvii mei Wilii neg Scott • 1: uegine 'i Dd ffif Diii iieg • 
T; p falute omiu aiiceffoT^ t fucceffoT^ eoT^ • T: p falute aie mee "t fponfe 
mee Dunantie De clerefei 't oiiiiu aiiceffo^^ 't fucceffoi^ nro-^ • in Hbera 
* pura t ppetua elemofina a riuo De Cuithenop furfu • tota illa femita 
ufcj^ ad foffatu int rawelliauue t cuithbrithifliope T; fic tota diuifa 
in? me T: Ric de vmfrauiS ufq,, in dereftretli uerfuf occidnte • t de 
dereftreth defcndndo totii ufq,, ad diuifa de chatthov t fic p illa 
diuifa in? me 't chatthou ufq, ad rJuia d Cuithenop - Tota hanc terra 
t qVq^d continet' infra pdictaf diuifaf dedi eif t conceffi in bofcho t 
plano in pratif t pafcuif t aqTt in oinib'' aliif aifiamtif ad tenendu t 
poffidendu t utendu fic meli'^ t utliuf eif uifu fuit de me t de 
heredib? meif in ppetuii . ita libe t q^ete plenarie t honorifice f fic 


aliq'^ elemofina libiuf t qVci? pleni? T; honorificnti? terit t poflidnt • 
Et ego 't tiedcf mei acqVtabim? |)dcam tra |)dictif coonachis de omib!' 
feruiciif freiiif t oimodif exactionib3 fctarib? t manutebim^ 1; waranti- 
zabim^ erga dnm nrm iicge T; oef holfef in ppetuu • Et fciendu qd 
foonachi de (oehi inuenient m^ capellanu poft decefTu meu "t ^noiate 
uxorif mee q^ miffas celebret in ppetuii p aiab^ nrif t oiuiu in hac 
carta noiato-i; t ,p aiab? oiiiiu fideliu defuctoT^ in q^^dam capella q"^ in 
honore sce roarie infra fup^^dictaf diuifaf ^ftruxi • Hif teftib^ • Epo 
Joc • d Glafg • Geruafio Auenel • Alano d tliirleft" • Pet° d la hag • 
WiHo DapiFo t Johe de honth Clericif epi • E-ob d ucrnoldeb • 

Confirmaco Rcgis WiWmi de Rafawe • 

132 W • dei gra rex fcott • Epif • abbibuf • Comit" • Baron • Juft- • 
vicecomit^-Prepofitif • Of)iniftrif • t omnib^ pbif hominib^ toci? tre 
fue cficif t laicif faltm • Sciant pfentef t futuri me, concefllflre t hac 
mea carta confirmafle donacom illam q^^m AVitims filiuf iohif fecit 
deo t ecctie fce roarie de melrof t monach ibidem deo suientib^ de 
tota ti-a illa infra feudum de hunum • a riuulo de cuidenop • furfum 
p totam femitam illam ufq^ ad foflTatum inr rafchahe t cudbrihtefliope • 
t ab inde p eafdem rectaf diuifaf que continent^ in carta ^dci Wiiimi 
filij iohif • t cum omnib^ iuftif fuif ptinenciis • Tenend in Ubam t 
ppetuam elemofinam • in bofco t plano • in p^^tif t pafcuif- in aquif t 
omnib^ ahif afiamentif ita libe qVte • plenarie • t honorifice . ficut 
carta |)nominati Wilhni filii iobis teftatur . faluo suico meo • Tefl;e 
iocelino epo Glafg • Com paf c6 • phihp de vat camai-io meo • E,ot5 de 
quinci • Wittmo de HndeO • G^uas auenil • Johe de haftlg • Withno 
cumin • thom de coleuitt • Hiir bifet • alexand" de fintun • Wittmo de 
heriz • philipp de lundin • apud felechirche ultimo die augufti . 

124 I\lUNIiyiENTA DE INIELROS. sec. xii. 

Conuenco inr nof T: WiHm filiu iohif de hunum • dc rafaAve • 

133 Omnib^ fce matT ecciie filiif ad quof lile ifte puenint • P • de 
Dunfermelin • "i G • de Drieburc abbef • T; A • p'or de coldingham feit • 
Ll)andatum diii pape in hec vba fufcepimuf • Innocentius epc feruuf 
suorum dei dilectis fihis de Dunf " • 1 de Drieburc Abbib^ • t p'ori de 
coldingham diocefis fci Andree fatt • t apiica bridiccoem • Querela 
dilecto"!/ fihorum Abbis t puentuf de CV)eyl|i cilrcienfis ordinis nob 
expoflta ^tinebat i qd Witif milef de hunum Glafguenfis diocefis 
q^^ndam tram ecciie meh-ofenfi intuitu dederat pietatif f nunc uolun- 
tate mutata ipif uiolenter auferre ^fumit • Quo circa difcretioni iare 
p aptica fc^pta mandamuf • q^^tin? partib^ conuocatif audiatif hinc inde 
.ppofita • "t qd iufl;um fuit ajjpftone p^pofita fl;atuatif facientef q ftatu- 
eritis p cenfuram ecciiafticam firmir obferuari • Teftef au q^ fuint 
noiati fi fe gfa odio ut timore fubtraxint f p diftriccuem eandem 
apttone remota cogatif uitati teftimoniu phibere • ntiif litif uitati 
t iufticie piudicantib^ a fede aptica impetratif • Q^d fi ri omf hiis 
exequendis potueritis inree f duo ufm ea nichominuf exeq^^ntur f 
Dat" • vitrbij • ij • id^ iunii • pontificat^ iiri anno decimo • Hui^ g'' auc- 
toritate mandati ptibuf ^uocatif t coram nobis in iudicio ^ftitutif • 
ppofita intentione pdcorum Abbis T; roonachorum tam de p^feflione 
q^^m de pp^etate predce rre • tande pfata controufia conqVuit fub hac 
forma • Prefatus • W • miles in iure confefluf e coram nobis fe pfatam 
rram ^dcis Abbi t monachis in libam puram t ppetuam elemofinam 
ptuUfle • ficut in carta eiufde militis t in carta pfirmacionis diii Reg^ • 
qTprefati Abbas t monachi de eadem tra hnt coram nob pubUcatis 
1 plectis pleni^ ^tinet^ • Prefati u° abbas t monaclii cora nobis peei- 
ferunt prefato • W • miUti tene eandem rram toto tempe uite fue 
de domo de meU- ficut Ubam elemofina eiufdem dom^ • Ita qd poft 


decefTum ei^dem • W • militis eade tra cu oini iure fuo 1 integritate 
cedet in ufuf pdco-;/ ABbis 1 monachoT/. • Pi'efat^ u° • W • miles tactis 
facrofcis eu"^iigliis coram nob corpale iufiurandu pftitit qd ptra forma 
"t tenorem ^dce _ppofic6nif nunq^^m vieniret • T; qd artcm T; ingeniu no 
quereret • nec aliq^^m machinatione ut aliquid ouiino .pcuraret f p q°d 
aliq°d fieri fjiudiciu poflit domui ^dce de predca t^ra ^tra forma 1 
tenorem prefate opofitionis p fe uel inrpofitam pfonam • Prefat? v° 
abbs I? fe ^ conuentu fuo coram nobis fidelir pmifit fe ^fatam ppofi- 
tionem fideliu obferuaturos • Nos itaq, in iudicio auctoritate apHca 
predcam _ppofitionem ^firmauimus • t |]dcs • W^ miles reddidit cartam 
q^^m huit de ^dictis monachis t iurauit q aliam no habuit • 't qd fi alia 
penef eu inueniret^ f inefficax eet • t; uirib, careret • Tefl;ibus Domino 
Wifto • 't domino Walro fci Andree t GlafguenS • epis • Henrico 
Abbate kelcouenfi • Ct)agiftro Johe . t Ct)agro Henrico de laudonia 
t de Dunkelde Archidiaconis • Hugone • t Walro coonachis Kelcoens • 
Helya t Wifto monachis de Coldingham • Thoma t WalPo de 
neufum t de Drieburc canonicis • rt)agro Acontio • i"t)agrif • Laurentio 
officiali • £X)ichaele • Stephano • cticis domini epi fci Andree • COagro 
Alano de crectune • Of)agro • Ricardo de Ct)urreuia • COagro Ada de 
Pert • Cl)agro • Wilio de Edenham • Cl)agro Henrico de fancto Andrea • 
Waltero monacho de Dunfermelin • Ricardo nano • Thoma de 
Coleuile • Ricardo de kukewald • Cl)ichaele de malcaruueftun • WiHo 
ctico foagri alani de crectune • t multis aliis • 

Carta Anfelmi • de molle • 

134 Anfet de Wittune vniuerfif sce mrif ecctie filiis tam pfentib3 q^^m 
futuris Satt • Sciant tam ^fentes q^^m pofti me dediffe t hac mea carta 
confirmaffe do t domui de oielr • t monacb ibide do feruientibT in 

126 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

ppetuam elemofinam totam illam mea peteriam que e [inter] coolope 
t berope T: herdftrete que diuidit terra de molle T: de hunuro p aia dd • 
Regif • t henrici com • T; malcohni iiegis • 1; p falute AVitti Regis 1; 
dd ffis ei? • T; p aia mea 't vxoris mee 1 UboT^ meoT^ • Itaq, monachi 
de fioelf tenebunt ^dictam petaria in puram T; ppetuam elemofina 
quieta t libam ab omib^ auxiliis t omib^ confuetudinib^ • Et ego 1. 
heredes mei warantizabim^ pdcis monach eandem peteriam erga oiiis 
hoies imppetuu • Prerea dedi eis in ppetua elemofina in Bofco meo de 
niolope bufchiam quantu un^ equus potcft portare ad g^^ngiam fuam 
de Hunedun finguhf annif a pafcha ufq, ad Natiuitatem sce coarie 
eadem Ubtate qua peteriam eis dedi • Hiif Teftib^ • Simone archi- 
diacono GlafgueK • Ric Decano de haftenefde • Pet° pfona de Ct)°botle • 
WiHo pfona de hunuro • Johe filio orm • 't WiHo fiUo ei^' Witio de 
SumeruiUa • Rogero de W iltuna • Wiito de Lund • 

Carta anfelmi d wichetune de moUe • 

135 Anfet • de Wichetune • Uniufis Sce mafs eccKe fiUis • ta laicif q'^! 
Uttatif Salt • Sciant ta pofri q^^m pfentes me dedifle t hac mea carta 
^firmafle do t domuj de meh-os t monachif ibid do feruientib^ in 
ppetuam elemofina • terra cu p^^tis • • • pambulauim? • ego "^ Glaj nepos 
Robj Auenel • cu cetiario t ffib^ ei^ loci • uideUcet ficut fuld' aratri 
ex parte aq^lonalj • • • it de uia q iacet de hunedune ufus moUe 1 uadit 
ufq^ ad rupe • T: de rupe ufq, ad fonte • 1 fic id fulc'' uadit de fonte 

1: inde ufq in burna • t hac elemofina dedi eif p aia Dd 

regis • T; Hnrici comitis "^ roalcoUni regis • 1: p fahite WiUi r.egis 1 
Dd f f is fui • T; p aia mea "i uxoris mee 1 UboT^ meo-^ • Prea dedi eif i 
ppetua elemofina tota iUa mea petaria q e inP molope 1 berope 1 herd- 
ftrete q'^ diuidit terra de moUe t de hunufo • Infup dedi ^dictif mon- 


achis i ppetua elemofina in bofco irio de molope bufchiam q^^ntu 
poteft un'' equuf portare fmgtis annis a pafcha ufq, ad natiuitate • • • • 

monachi de meli-of habebt hac roea elemofma • 't 

ceraf ^dictaf T: tenebt de me t de heredib3 meis q^etas t 

feruitiis t omib3 ^fuetudinibus • 1 ego t heredes mei warantizabim^ 

illaf monachis erga oes hoies • Hif teft afebe de nevibotle • Rob 

auenel • T: Gcruafio fit • ei^ • WiHo de SuiSuilla • Johe filio Horm • 
WiHo fit ej? • Glai nepote Rotsi auenel • Gernun • Nicot fii ade • 
Pet" p-^ de a)'botle • W . • • • de Hunuro • 

Carta Ric^ d Lincohiia d moUe • fup carta Anfehnj • 

136 Oinib3 fce corif Ecciie filiis ^fentib? 1 futurif Ric • de Lincohiia 
Satt • Sciatif me dedifie 'T; pceiliflre 't hac mea Carta ofirmafTe do t 
Ecctie Sce marie de coeh-os T: nionach ibidem do feruientib^ p amb^ 
prif fiii t mrif mee 't Omium ancefloT; t fucceflbT; meoT/ • ^ p falute 
diii liii Wifti Regif 't Regine t Alexand' filij fui 't Com • dd • 't p 
lalute mea "t uxorif mee T: Oiuium ftedum iiroT^ in pura t ppetuam 
elemofina illam parte tre in tritorio de roolle q^^m Anfel de VVittune 
dedit eide Ecctie t monach cu p^^tif adiacentib? tenenda t poflldenda 
in ppetuu p oms Pminof t diuifaf q'' ptinent^ in Carta ^dci Anfelmi • 
prerea dedi eif t ^firmaui tota illa petaria q' e in? roolope t Berope 
t Herdftrete q'' diuidit Pra de coolle t de Hunum • Infup dedi eif t 
pfirmaui in bofco mo de coolope bufchia quantu equuf un? poteft 
portare ufq^ ad g^^ngiam de Hunedun fingtis annif a pafcha ufq, ad 
Natiuitate Sce marie • Volo itaq, ut ^dci monachi teneant t poffideant 
h oiiiia in ppetuum ita libe t q^ete plenarie t honorifice fic aliq"^ aliam 
elemofina libi^ t q^eti^ pleni^ t honorificenti? tenent t pofiident • Et 
ego t hedes mi manutenebim? t warantizabim^ ^dcif monach hanc 

128 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xit. 

elemofina pf^ omf hoies l adqVtabim? ea de forenfi t Ouii treno 
feruitio erga omf holes in ppetuu • Et ipi monachi habebut libum 1 
^gruu iiigffum T: eglfu p tra mea ad ducenda bufchia fua 't petaf 
"t alia s^ necca fine difturbatioe 1 moleilia • Hiis T • Geruafio Avienel • 
'WiH . Auenel • W • d CrefieuiH • W • d Cracin • Alano ctico ■ Walt • de 
Ridale • Rob • d Bernoluebi • 

Carta anfelnmi d molla • 

Vil Ouiib? fce rofif ecctie filiif^tam ^fentib^ q^^m fut^f • Anfelluf de 
foolla fat • Sciatif me dedifi"e • "t hac |)fenti mea carta confirmafle do 
t ecciie fce roarie de roeylrof • t roonachif ibide do feruientib^ • p 
aiabi dno-;; meoT^ • Reg" • Dd • t Coiii • henr^ • Regif Cl)elcohii • t p 
lalute diii mei AVitti rcg" • fcott • t p aia mea • t uxorif mee • t 
oium anteceffoT; t fucceflb'!^ meoT; • pceiTu t aflenfii hedum meoi^ • 
illam parte tx-e in tritorio de molla • que proxima e rre monachoT; de 
(oeyh-of • ad aufl;ralem partem montif de hunedune • Et ex orientali 
parte e diuifa uia illa • p q^^m uadut de hunedune ad roollam • que uia 
iacet inr pdictam tram • t tram eccHe de molla • ufq, ad furfam 
cui^^dam fontif que e proxima ad occidetale parte ei^dem uie • t ab illa 
^dicta furla • p diuilaf t metaf factaf p lat? de kippemoder • p defurf u 
oiiif furfaf fontiu ei^^dem latif •fcitt de kippemod • excepta tantu una 
fola furfa ufuf occidente • ufq^ ad q"fdam magnof lapidef uetif edificij • 
qd efl; fup unu paruu cundof • qd cundof e ad auHrale parte tre q 
dicit^ cruche^Et p" • diuifa defcendit p idem cundof ufq^ ad unu magnu 
lapide • t p° uiq^ ad aliu • t fic ufcj, ad riuulO q^ currit iuxta pdictam 
tram de cruch • fcitt ad auftralem parte ei'^d cruch • Et fic defcendit 
uerfuf occidente ufq^ ad riuulu illu q' e diuifa in? Pram uille de 
hunum t moUe • Totam hanc ?ram • t quicq\i e infra ^fc^ptaf diuifaf 


toti ^puentui de coeylrof . p dimidia carrucata rre • in puram "t ppe- 
tuam elemofinam • libam • t folutam ab oini rreno feruicio t exactio- 
ne fctari ■ ficut ulla elemofina liberi? t q^eti^ dari poteft • Et rex 
Witis diif meuf p amore di 't falute anime fue 't antecefloT/ fuo'^ • 
rogatu meo eifdem monachif rram pdictam conceffit • 1 carta fua 
confirmauit • 1; ego t hedef mei warantizabim^^ pfatif monachif rram 
^dictam ippetuum • cont"^ omf hoief • Et ego t hedef mei adq^etabim^ 
eifdem monachif eande rram de forenfi t oini rreno feruicio t oinib^' 
aliif feruitiif . erga dKm rege t erga omf aliof dnof iirof • Et fciendu 
qd hanc dimidia carrucata rre • niercaui t pambulaui eif • ficut ^dictu 
eft • coram pbis t libif homib^ pafe • qui funt ijoiati teftef hui^ carte 
mee t donationif • fcil, hij • Pet^ pfona de roerebothle • Edward^ pfona 
de lintune • Henric^ le neym • Yuo diacon^' • Johs fili>' horm • Ingel- 
ramn^* de diimar • Waltuf corbeth • Robt^ de Wiltune • Robt^ de 
chpauile • Gaufiid^ Ridel • Radulfuf le neym • t Ricard? le neym 
fiH>' ei'' • Roger^' fiU^ iohif de hawic • Vcthred^ de grnbbeheued • t 
Adam fili^ eiuf • Hufet? • t Walter? t Radulfuf • fiUi Radulfi le neym • 
GUebt" cognat? petri pfone de coerebothle • Adam filiuf orm • Stephs 
fiUuf Witti • Ricard^ fili^ AnfeUi . 

Confirma" Regis Witimi de moUe • 

138 W • dei gracia Rex fcot • Epif • abbibus • Comitibus • baronibus • 
iuftic^ • vicecomitibus • Ppofitis roiniftris • et omnibus prob hominibus 
tocius rre fue fattm • Sciant pntes et pofri me conceffifle t hac mea 
carta confirmafle deo t ecciie fancte marie de mekos t monachis 
ibidem deo feruientib^ Ulam dimidiam carrucatam terre in ?ra et 
prato q^^m anfehnus de Withetun eis dedit de feudo fuo de moUe 
per eafd diuifas ficut continet^ in carta ipfius anfehni • quam ipfi 


130 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xii. 

monachi habent de eo • Tenend s^ ita quiete plenarie et honorifice in 
liberam et ppetuam elemofinam • et ita libe ab omni exactione fctari • 
ficut alias elemofinas fuas libius quiecius plenius et honorificencius 
tenent • faluo feruicio meo de prefato anfehno et de heredibus fuis • 
Tefl;-' iocet epo glafgueii • Ric^ • de moreuift pii." • Rob de quency • 
Walt • olifer • Rogero de Wallon • Walt de berket camerario • apud 
hadintun • 

Carta fimonif de lindefy de molle • 

139 Sciant omnes hanc cartam vifuri vel audituri quod ego Symon de 
lyndefie dedi "t concefli t ^fenti carta mea confirmaui Helene filie 
mee terram meam de hungerigge (fm teneo In territorio de cooUe 
de Robto de polloch "t vxore eius yfabeH: • Et quoddam pratum fub 
Ederedefete • quod vocatuR holemede • quod teneo de Dna Efchyna 
■^ heredib^ fuis • Tenendam t habendam s'" t heredib^ fuis de dco 
Robto t heredib^ fuis • 't de Dna Efchyna 1 heredib^ fuis • hbe t quiete 
ab omni feruicio t auxilio 1: exaccione • Reddendo Inde annuatim 
dco Robto "t heredib^ fuis decem fot • scilic^ q^nq^ fot • ad pentecoft^ i 
t q^nq, fot • ad fefl;um sci coartinj • Et Dne efchyne "t heredib^ fuis 
vnum Nyfum foR ad Nundinas Rokeburgie • Si uero contingat quod 
dca helena fine Uberif in fata deceflerit f volo quod Efchyna fiUa mea 
foror eius 1 heredes eius ei in dca terra fuccedant • Hanc uo terram 
dce helene 1 heredib^ eius ptuli 't aflignaui adeo libere 1 quiete in 
omnib^ t p omnia i ficut carta dci Robti 'i uxoris eius yfabeft • 1 con- 
firmatio heredum Drie Efchyne de moti inde confecta i donant 1 tefl;- 
antuR • Hiis tefl^ib^ • Symone mauleuereR • Gilibto auencL • Ricardo 
de lincoln • Rad le Neym • Symone de gnibbeheued • Ada de yetham • 
Ada filio Nicholai • 1; roultis aliis • 


Cauta fymonif mauleueK de molle • 

UO Omnib, lianc cartam vifuris vel audituris • Symon cnauleuereR 1 
Gilibtus auenel falutem • Nouerit vniSfitas iira nos conceffiffe T; 
fjfenti carta nfa confirmafTe Helene filie Symonis de lindefie terram 
de hungerigge In territorio de coolle • quam fcilic^ dca helena tenet 
in feudo nro de coolle de Robto de poUoch • t yfabett vxore eius • 
Et Infup quoddam p^^tum fub hederedefete In terra nra •quod vocatuR 
holemede • Habend 1 tenend dce helene t heredib, fuis de nobis "t 
heredib^ iiris • In ppetuum Jure hereditario • libere • quiete • plenarie 
% honorifice • eodem m° in omnib^ 'i p omnia f ficut Carta Symonis 
de lindefie paf s fui pportat • tefl;atuii • t confirmat • Et vt hec con- 
ceffio iira t confirmatio eidem helene t heredib^ fuis rata t incon- 
cuffa inpofl;erum pmaneat f ego Symon mauleuereB. huic carte figillum 
meum appofui • Ego uero Gilibtus aueneL quia figillum ppMm non 
habui f eam figillo Witti Auenel paf s mei confirmaui . Hiis tefl^ib^ • 
Ricardo de Hncohi • Rad Le Neym • Symone de Grubbeheued • Ada 
de yetham . Johe de counford • Ada filio Nicholai • Henf filio vlf" • 1 
multis aliis • 

Carta fymois de Lyndefay de ?ra f ca paf cio Vuienti fuo • 

m ntef quam futuri quod Ego Simo de Lindeffi dedi • 

Conceffi • t hac carta mea confirmaui Patricio homini mo t . . . . 

homagio • t seruicio fuo in terra mea de Ct)oUe quam 

ex dono matrif mee habui • sex acraf terre • t unam acram p^^ti 

acram t dimid terre in tofto t crofto t unam ac^^m prati iUi 

terre proximam iuxta Erdebureflburne • t fubchefl;''^ raf • 

1 fup Selefl;ede ade • duaf acraf t dimid • Tenend • sibi t feedibuf fuif 

132 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS sec. xii. 

de me 1 bedib^ meif i feodo 't heditate l quiete • plenaiie 1: 

honorifice cu oib^ etiam coibuf ailiaiiitif terre mee t coib^ afiamtif 

q hoief mi in terra matT mee "t habe debent- Reddendo 

m^ 1 feedib^ meif iinam libram cumini • ut tref denariof ad feftu fci 

Jacobi • p oib^ serui ad me ut ad feedef meof ptinentib^ • 't 

faciendo forinfecu suiciu quant ptinet ad tant terre in terra fna • 

volo itaq^ eif p foriffco fuo det quatuor de- 

nariof • t p auxilio fuo m^ "t hedib^ inif • sex denariof 

tro de valoniif • Robto de Rapt • Ada de waleuhop • Ada de whitton • 

■t Gilebto filio fuo • Walto de Ric Scoto • (X)^u • • . o de 

foolle • Ric • clerico • t multif aliis • 

Carta de excambio de cooUe et de freretun • 

142 Omnib^ hoc fcriptu uifurif uel auditurif Walter^ fihuf Alani Dni 
Regif scocie senefcall^ falute in domino • Nouit vniufitaf iira quod 
terram de coolle cu rectif diuifif fuif 't qVquid ^tinetiir infra eafdem 
diuifaf q^m tenui in feodo de dno Wittmo de vefci dedi in efcambiu 
roonaclnf de coeh-of p q^^da rra que dicitur freretuii cu omib5 perti- 
nenciif fuif • que oinia roonialef de fub^euuic ibide pTederunt • et infup 
cum eadem terra que dicitur feret^ ? dederunt m^ idem monachi 
racione dci efcambii ducetaf marcaf • Q''^ terram de coolle cu ^tentif 
infra diuifaf fuas et ptinenciif fuis i ego t heredef mei eifdem 
coonachif in perpetuu cont* omf warantizabim-' • defendem? • t 
manutenebim^ • In cui^ rei tefl;imoniu ^fenf fcriptum figUli mei 
appoficione roboraui • Hiif teftib^ • Thoma Croc • Symone fiUo b^tulfi • 
Ada le Waleys • Wittmo de hauekerift^ • Rob^to de kiphau • mUitib^ • 
Witimo t Rob^^to capftanis nris • Leonio de Normaunuit • Ricardo 
de cnufliilbur • Johe de Leyceft" coonachis de coelros 1 multis aliis • 


QVta clamaco de molle • 

H3 Vniufif haf Littaf xiifurif uel auditurif Ct)agr • W • de Lindefei De- 
can? Glafguenfif Erna in diio Satt • Nouerint uniuerfi qd • • Abbaf 
1 conuent^ de Kelkou cora nob quicqM iurif habebant in trif t paf- 
turif de Cl)olle inf'^ parte diii Walteri filij Alani Senefcati: Scot • "t 
etiam comunia q"^m habebant in cnora de Inuerwic eide Waltero t 
heredib^ fuif T; fuif attornatif refignauerut t inppetuu quieta clam- 
auerut • nichil iurif i eifdem decetero reclamaturi p quada parte 
dce rnore de Inuervvic ab eode • W • eif in efcambiu collata p haf 
diuifaf • videlicet a Bothkyl afcendendo p Riuulii qui cadit a fcou- 
iande ufq^ ad fcoulandeflieued ubi fulcuf trahit^ • t fic p illu fulcu ufq^ 
ad uiam que tendit de Rilibrigg uerfuf Inuerwich • 1 fic ab illa uia 
afcendendo p fulcii uerfuf oriente ufq^ ad q^^dam foffam • t fic ab illa 
fofla defcendendo p fulcum ufq^ ad Ct)e]drefcloeflieued • '^ fic p Riuulum 
de ft)eldrefcloeflicued femp defcendendo p maninet • ufq, p bucca de 
Eftfulhope • "t fic afcendendo p Efl;fulhope uerfuf occidente iuxta 
diuifaf de eflu 1 de Rifibrigg ufq, in Weftfulhope • 1; de Weftfulhope 
ufq^ in Withedre • 1 de Withedre ufq, in Bothkil • t fic femp afcen- 
dendo p Bothkil ufq, in predcm riuulu qui cadit de Scouland • Hiif 
teftib^ • Dno • W • dei gra Glafguens Epo • Scot Cancett • Doo • W • 
Abbe de Pafleleth • Cl)agro • H • Archidiacono glafguens • l roultif 
alijf • e quib^ fuerut • OQagr • W • de Grenlau • Cl)agr Abel • 1 Ct)agr 
petr? de Alinton • q ad ma . ■ • • hui? rei f • • • • tate una nobcum 
^fenti fcripto Sigilla fua appofueriit • Actu apd kelkou anno g 

134 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta WalPi fit Alani • de COoi • 

H^' Omnib^ hoc fcriptu uifiirif uel auditurif Walter? filiufAlani Diii 
Regif Scocie Senefcall^ fatm in dfio • Nouerit vniufitaf iira me dedifle 
■^ pceflifie deo T: beate cnarie de melrof t cnonachif ibidem deo fer- 
uientib^ tota rram de tnolle p rectaf diuifas fuaf 1 q^cquid continet^ 
imfra eafdem diuifas cu ofiiib^ ptinenciif fuif • q^^m tenui in feodo de 
dno Wittmo de vefci t oinia iura t actionef que m^ competebant uel 
ppete porant racione eorude fiue in eifdem • in Hbam-puram'!; ppetua 
elemofina ad liabend • p^^fidend ^ tenend in ppetuu • adeo libe • qVte • 
plenarie 1 honorifice • ficut aliqua elemofina in regno fcocie libiuf • 
quieti^ • pleni' T: honorificenti^' tenetur 1: p^^fidetur • Nec ego nec 
heredef mei in eade terra fiue in reb^ ^tentif imfi-a diuifaf ei^^dem rre 
de cero i ppetuu aliq^d iurif reclamabim^ • Immo hb^a ab ofiii exaccoe • 
fiiicio • pfuetudine t q^^ibet aha luitute pf^ oinf in ppetuu eifdem 
monacliif cu ofiiib^ ^miflTis warantizabim^* defendem? T; manutene- 
bim^ • In cui? rei teftimoniu • jPfenf fcriptu figilli mei appoficoe 
roboraui • Hiif teftib^ • Thoma Croc • Symone filio bertulf" • Ada le 
Waleys • WiSmo de haukerefl;^ • Robto de kiphau mihtib^ • Wiftmo 
brun cnagro monialiu de fub^ewic • Witimo T: Robto capellanif nrif • 
Leonio de Normaunvit • Ricardo de m^chelb^ • t Johe de leycefl,' • 
cqonach de aielr • "t mttis ahis • 

Cirographum inr nof 't Domum de kelch • 

145 Notum fit omnib^ fce inrif eccfie fihif 't fidelibus tam ^fentib^ q^ni 
fut^is uifurif uel auditurif haf Htraf quod cum oUm inr Driof abbem 
1 conuentum ctielrofeh • ab una pte • t abbem T: conuent kalchoen • 
ex alra fup diuifioe rrarum De bouldeh • 1 De elduh • 1; de dernewich • 


coram venerabili uiro • J . tunc fci ftcptii in celio monte prbio cardi- 
nali • qui ex delegacoe Diii innocenc" • pp" tcii legacois offict» in fcot- 
ticanie ptib^ fungebat^ q^ftio fuiffet aliq^^mdiu actitata tande De pmuni 
ufufq^ ptif affenfu ac uoluntate fpontanea in Dnm nrm • W • illuftre 
rege fcott • cofciente q," cardinali ^fato • exftitit ^pmiffum q^ infp^^tif T: 
cognitif roib^ plene ab ut^q, pte in hunc modu inV eof diffinitam 
fnam pmulgauit • vidett q rra illa un pt°uerfia fuit • fuit moiiacho-!;i De 
kelchov • 't ee debuit de iure p diuifaf illaf p qT monachi De kelch • 
afferebant rram illam fuam ee • fciit p nem^ q fciffum fuit inr domof 
illaf p rege ■ dd • auu fuum • t p fupficiem medij montif in cui? 
fQmitate fecit foffaf fieri • fuit eciam De uoluntate diii reg • fic in ei^ 
fna manifefte apparet • quod abbs ^ ^uent^ de kelch • p bono pacif 
coferrent ecctie melrofeii duaf bouataf Pre t duaf acT p^^ti • 't paft^am 
ad q^^dringentaf ouef que habebant in prenwenneffete • q "t ipi kelchofi^ 
fecunt • t eoij. littif cofirmauunt t fecunt a dKo fundi pfirmari put in 
autenticif cartif exinde ^fectif pleni'^ ptinet^ • Que fentencia ex dele- 
gac6e dci dni • pp^ • innoc • a uen^abilib^ uirif • E, • Dunkelden • R • 
brechinen • t • J • Dublenen epif uitate ut^q, a pte inqYita "t cognita 
extitit pfirmata • T; p?ea ei^dem aptice confirmacoif robore ^munita • 
Cetum ad inftancia dni Reg t alio-^ ^hoij. uirorQ ut fed^ ppetuu t 
mutuu uinctm dilecconif t pacif int ipaf ecciiaf irrefragabilit obs^uet^ • 
de ulfnea t Hba uoluntate uf ufq^ ptif amicabiht ^uenit inP eof q°d 
pnominati dni melrofen friam latam recepunt fponte t approbauerunt • 
t ipam figilli conuent^ fui t capti rieuati que iiir eft meh-oferi appo- 
ficonis munimine uallauunt renuntiantef omni iuri q fe in ?ram illam 
hre dicebant uel aliq" tempe hre pt9unt • ita q n'' ipi n*" eoT^ fuccefforef 
aliq*m queftione erga ipof kalchon de diuifif tVaru illarum unq*m in- 
ppetuum mouebunt • Et ne de ce?o in? domof ipaf de ^nominatif 
diuifif queftio feu fcifma uUo uncq^^m tempe valeat puUulare aut 


recidiue contenconif fc^pts ut dubitaconif oriri traf ipaf "^ diuifaf p 
ctof rminof t limitef iftos aptifRme diftinxerunt • vidett a uado de 
bouildenbume q" eft int diuifaf de lefledwyn t bouildene ufq^ ad 
crucem que pofita eft inr Wytherig 1; harecarlecche • 1 fic ufq, ad 
albam fpinam que fita eft in Wyterig ■ \ fic us^ north ufq^ in akedene • 
t afcendendo ufq, ad crucem iuxta uiride foflatum • "^ p viride fofla- 
tum ufq^ ad crucem que fita eft fup fproviifdene • T; fic afcendendo 
ufq, ad fontem iux^^albam fpinam fic riuul" eiufdem fontif defcendit • 
1; fic p farnileye ufq,, ad falicef^ tcrucef T; fofllif que fce funt in medio 
mote ufq ad fummitatem eiufdem rhontif • in cui^" fumitate fecit Eex 
dauid fofllif fieri • t fic ufuf occidentem defcendit ufq in locum q"* df 
Dercbley • t fic p nem5> fcifliim 1 p crucef t foflas • t querc? crucib3 
fignataf ufq in lacum fubt^ Blakelauue • Et fic de illo lacu ufq in 
alium lacum • Et fic ufq in holdene • Et fic fic riuuP de holdene def- 
cendit ufq,, in tvvede • Sane ut omnif matia fcandali tam fup hiif q^^m 
fup ahjf fit fopita ne callid*^ hoftif matiam heat inr ipof femen femi- 
nandi iniqum • qftionem q utebatur int' eof fup diuifif rrarum inr 
moUe t cliftu tatr fopierunt • vidett q tra illa que iacet inr fulcof q"" 
t^cti fut de uoluntate utWq, ptif erit ^munif paftura inr eof • 1 qm 
atebs t conuent^ de kelch illud coceflerunt i ide dui melrofen de duab^ 
bouatif rre de illa q^^m accepunt in prewenfete duaf acraf ipif kalchoen^ 
remisunt ppetuo poffidendaf • vt aute hec omnia futurif temporib^ 
inr eoT^ ecctiaf t ecctiarum conuent^ inppetuum obsuet^ illefa • t ne 
aUq° tempe fub hoc poflit fup hoc dubitari • De comuni ut^fq ptif 
aflenfu ipreflione figilloT/ uiroT^ uenabilium ce iedewuiurde • De 
Drib^c • De neubotil • de cupre • abbatum prefenf fc^tum extat in 
teftimonium communitum • 


Carta conuentuf de kalchou de ?ra l iiaftura de prenwinefete • 

146 Oconib^ xpi fidelib^ • R • afebs kalchoeii . 1. conuent^ eiufde loci fatt • 
Nouit uniSfitaf ilra nof dedifle t conceflifle t prefenti carta confir- 
mafle abbi i; conuetui de melrof Duaf bouataf tre in rritorio De 
prenwenefete • faluif nob de eifdem bouatif duabus acrif • t in eodem 
tiritorio duaf acraf p^^ti • t pafturam ad quadringentaf ouef fcdm fen- 
tenciam dni reg cui" tenor tat eft • Witims dei gra rex fcottoT^ • epif • 
aM)ib3 • com • Baroii • Juftic • vicecom • prepoitif • roiniftrif • 1 omnib^ 
pbif hominib^ tociuf ?re fue cticif 't laicif Satt". Sciant prefentef 't futuri 
quod cum con"uerfia p multof annof durafl^et inr domof de kelchou 'i 
de melrof de diuifif inr melr 1 bouldene Pram monachorum de kelchou i 
tandem dnf papa celeftinuf p HtPaf fuaf m^ fignificauit 1 in remif- 
fionem p^catorum m^ iniunxit • ut fca diligenti inquificone de diuifrf 
iit • q^d iuftum eet inqVerem ? ptib^ aflJignarem . Johs . % • "tt • sci ftephi 
in celio monte prefbr cardinat dum legacone fung^et^ in Pra mea • me 
inftanter ^cat" eft t autoritate fua m^ iniunxit • Tandem veni aput 
melrof anno ab incarnai?oe drii ro" • cc°-ij° • in oct epiphanie 't prefentib^ 
multif clicif T: laicif • cum ?mo fieret de diuifif illif. WiHmf qui tunc 
fuit abbf de melrof habito t^ctatu 1 confilio p confenfum ^uent^ fui . 
t ofbt? abbs de kelchou . p confenfum capituH fui ppmiferunt in me 
t affidauemnt q ftarent dco meo fup diuifif ifi . t qd illud qd ego 
fcdm inqTicom meam inde dicere • ex uf^q^ pte firmiP t inuiolabili? 
tenerent f Cumq, p?ea diligentem inqTicom p pbof t antiquof hominef 
pafe inde fecifl^em i plurief in prefentiam meam ptef conuenire feci • 
Tandem venerut ad me apud felechirche • anno ab incarnacione diii • 
m" • cc" • iiij" • Die dtiica poft claufu pafcha • l ibi in plena curia fenten- 
ciando pnunciaui prefentib^ cficif t laicif • q Pra illa unde controi^fia 
fuit i fuit monachorum De kelcho • t efle debuit de iure p diuifaf illaf • 


138 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

p qTmonaclii De kelch afferebant Pram illam fuam ee-fciit p nem? 
g, fciffum fuit inr domof illaf p Regem dauid auum meum • 'i p 
fupficiem montif in c? fummitate fecit foffaf fieri • 1 hoc fuit uerum 
dictum meum q inde dixi • 't de iure dicere debui p teftimonium pboT^: 
t antiquorum hominum pafe • Volui autem ut monachi De kelcho 
conced^ent monach De melf inppetuum duaf bouataf tre t duaf acraf 
p^^ti • 1 paft^am ad • ccccta» • ouef q habebant idem monachi de kelch in 
prenwenefete • 1; hoc eif concefferunt predci monacb De kelch • 1 hoc 
modo tminata fuit loquela illa die Ulo • Quare uolo 1; precipio q^^tin? 
diuife predce ficut prefatum eft firmir t inuiolabUit fut^is tempib^ 
teneant^ 1 ne contenco ultiuf fup diuifif illif inr predcaf domof audiat^ • 
vt aute hec omnia fut^if tempib^ inr ecctiam nram de kelch • 1 eectiam 
de melr 1: iparum ecctiarum conuent^ inppetuum obsuent^ illea • t 
ne aHquo tepe fup hoc poflit uUatenuf dubitari • prefentem cartam 
inpreffione figilli capli Sri iuffim? pmuniri • fca eft aute hec carta 
apud kelch anno incarnationif dominice • fo° • cc" • viij" • anno regni dni 
iiri Wittmi regif fcott • xl° • iij° • a natiuitate alex* • fit • ipiuf reg •W« 
anno decimo • Teft" capto nro • 1: c" • 

Confirmaco GauP Ridel De prenwenfete • 

147 Omib3 fce mrif eccfie filiif T: fideHb^ uifurif uel audit^is haf litPaf 
gaufrid^ ridel fatt • NoSint omf ta pofteri q^^m ^fentef me conceffiffe 
■^ hac carta confirmaffe donacom q^^m monachi de kelchou fe?unt 
monach de melf de duab^ bouatif ?re t duab^ acTp^^ti q^^f ipi monach 
de kelch hnt inppetuam elemofinam in uilla mea de prenwenfete • T; 
de pafturaq*dringentifouib3 in comuni paft^a eiufde uille p concordia 
f ca in? ^dcaf domof d confuerfia que f uit in? domof de limitib^ int 
boulden 1 g^^ngiaf de heldun t De Dernewic • Quare uolo "i concedo 


q°d |)dci monachi de melr ita libe • 1 q^ete predcaf bouataf rre "t 
p^^tum t pafturam teneant 1 inppetuum poffideant • ficut carta mo- 
nachoru de kelch eif donat t teftat? • falua m* t hedib^ meif inppetuum 
gra V fratnitate q* domui kelchoen coniunct? fum in biificijs t 
oraconib^ fuif • Teft-' • t c^ • 

Confirmaco Reg • W • De prenwenfete • 

148 WiHmf dei gfa rex fcott • Omnib^ pbif hominib^ tociuf [terre] fue 
ciicif t laicif • fatt • Sciant prefentef t fut4 me conceflifle t hac carta 
mea confirmafle monach de melrof duaf bouataf rre • "t duaf acT p*ti 
cum paftura ad quadringentaf ouef in prenwenfete • q afibs 't conuent? 
De kelch eif dederunt nomine pacif int eof fce • tenend ita libe t 
quiete ficut [carta] aK)if t conuent^ de kelch • t concefl!io t confir- 
maco Gauf ^ • ridel teftant^ t confirmant • faluo suico meo • teft" • t c^ • 

CaRta huctredi de Kiguude 

149 Omnib3 fce matT eccfie filijf f Vctreduf Osulfi fat • Sciant tam 

pofti q^^m pfentef • qd ego vctredus bono ^fenfu t • • • fu Thome 

filij mei t heredis • p redeptione aie diii mei regif • Ct) 

• ■ uf • t p falute anime mee t filioT^ meoT^ • do t concedo eccfie Sce 
marie d mayhrof • t monachis ibide deo feruientib^ uinguude • libam 

tam ab omni rreno fuitio • t affifif • t geldis • t auxilijf . t 

oiui fctari exactione t pfuetudine • in ppetua elemofina • in bofco • 
in plano • in p^^tis • a • • • • t pafcuif • p haf diuifaf • fcihcet ab eo loco 
q° alewent cadit in Teuiet • t inde furlti ufq^ ad blachapol • t ita ad 

bolUnnef burne • t fic ind ad t ind recte in t^nf 9fum ufq, 

pennango • t a pennango recte in t"^nf 3fum ad Alewente • t 

140 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

ind furfii ad brunemore fup dod 1 fic ufq^ ad blachaburne • • ind ufq^ 
ubi illa burna cadit in alewente • Prerea do 1 pcedo eif hanc libtate • 
ut nec ego nec ali^ uenet^ infra ^dictaf diuifaf f nifi p ipfof • Tefl;e • 
a- kedo abbe nieuatt • Thoma filio meo • Ada d dunbar^ WiiJo ffe 
ei^ • Walro clerico d ercheldune • Thoma clerico d uuittu • Gamello 

clerico d Ada d fl;anford • hugone d cole • Edmundo auimcto 

vctredi • Gofpatf filio aldani • Radulfo filio vctredi • Liulfo ruffo • 
Edmundo Wiito d ireuude • 

Carta P • d Valori • d Ringuude • que no oftendat^ fme cofilio . 

150 Philippus de ualoniis camerari? regis fcotto-y; • Omib^ fce matrif ecctie 
filiis • Sat • Sciant tam pofl;eri quam ^fentes • me concefllfre 'l hac carta 
confirmalTe p redemptione anime regis dauid • t filii eius henrici • t 
p anima regif roalcolfoi t p dtii mei Wiiimi reg fcottoi/ • 1 ffis ipfiuf 
fahite • T; p falute anime mee l omniu parentu meoT/ • ecctie sce roaRie 
de coeh-os t monachif ibidem deo feruientib^ • donatione quam fecit 
ofulfus de rra de ringwde libam t quieta ab omni rreno feruicio • T; 
aflifif T: geldis • t auxihif t omni fctari exactione l; confuetudine in 
ppetuam elemofinam • in bofco • in plano • in p^^tif • aquif t pafcuif • p 
haf diuifaf fcilicet • ab eo loco q° alowent cadit in teuiet '^ inde furfu 
ufq, ad blachapol • 1 ita ad bolHnefburne • 1 lic inde ad crumbirche • 
t inde recte int"^nfuerfu ufq, pennango • t a pennango recte in t^nfufu 
ufq^ ad alewente • 1 inde furfu ad brunemore fup dod • t fic ufq^ ad 
blachaburne t mde ufq, ubi illa burna cadit in alewent • Prerea do eis 
1 concedo hanc lib-tate ut nuUus hom • • • meo-!; nec ali? infra ^dictaf 
diuifaf uenet^ rf p ipof • uel rf ego ipfe j^fenf afFuero • t hoc tamen a • 

fiet . T; ut dampnu polTeflionu fuaru mde non incurraNt i 

T • Ricardo epo f ci an de chelchou • Ofbto abbe de 


gedewrde • (fl)atheo arcliidiacono fci andree • Ricard 

Robto conftentin • Liulfo filio macchuf • Robto frebern • Witio d 

Confirmaco ■ W • reg de uhiguude • 

151 • W . rex Scott • OiTiib^ pbif hoib^ terre fue • Clericif 1; laicif • francif • 
Angt • 't Scottif • fat • Sciant tam pofri q^^m |]fentef • nie cceffiffe t hac 
mea carta ^firmaffe eccfie Sce Ct)arie de (X)aihof t monachif ibide do 
feruientib^ donatioem q"^m Ofulfuf fili'' Vctredi T; Vctreduf filiuf ei? 
contuleft eide Eccte de terra Ringwde • in omib^ ita hbe t ^''ete • in 
elemofina ppetua f fic libi^ 1 quieti^ carte eoi^ eif teftant^ i t carta 
regif rt)alcolmi ffif mei concedit l aflSrmat ■ Tefte Epo Sci 

Andree • Engelramo epo Glafcuenfi • Jofae abbe de kelchou • Ofbto 
Abbe de Gedewrde • Nicholao Cancetio • COatbo Archidiacono • Ric • 
capellano • Ric ■ de Ct)orauilla • Walro filio Alani ■ Philippo de Valun- 
nef • Valro Corbet ■ Robto Auenel • Gillebto filio Richerii • Bemardo 
filio breani • Robto filio Guidonif • Witio de haia • Witio de coortemer' 
Radulfo namo • Imero clerico • Walto de berchelai • Apd Lannarc • 

Carta Robti de bnolbi de xx^ acT terre • fcit Raueneffen ■ 

1-32 Oinib^ sce roatT Ecctie filiis tam ^fntibj q^^m fut^is ■ Rob d 
B^naldebi • satt ■ Sciatif me confenfu 1: uoluntate hedum mec^ dediflTe 
1: pceffiffe 1 hac mea carta confirmafTe do t ecctie sce Ct)aRie d 
tt)eyl^ t monachis ibidem do feruientib^ ■ p aia dni mei Afketini d 
ridale 1 omiu ancefToT^ 1 fuccefTo-!; meoT; ■ xx^' • acras tre • fcilict 
raueneffen • p diuifas q^^f ego % monachi de Cl)eylR pambulauim^ • 
fcilic"t a capite fupiori d harehoAvedene totam illam leche furfum 


ufq^ ad tram q^^m Witim^' de Ridale dedit matildi corbet uxori fue 
in dotem • 't in furfiim 9fuf wittun ficut fulc? tf iiit^ i? ^dcam Pra t 
raueneffen ufq^ ad foueam quam monachi fecunt • t iri If^nf Sfu 8fuf 
harehov ufq^ ad parua fpinam • 1 in ficut fouee facte fut int tVam diii 
pat^cii T: raueneffen ufq^ ad harecar • "t iii ficut uet^ foffatu decndit i 
harehowedene • Tota hac tram que ifra pdcas diuifaf ^tinet^ cu oib^ 
ptinentiif fuis dedi pdce ecctie p • xx'' • ac''^ rre • libam foluta 1- ^''eta 
ab oiiii treno feruitio l ^fuetudine 't exactone fectari • tenend 'l poffi- 
dnd • ita hbe • ^''ete • plenarie • t honorifice J ficut ahq^^n elemofina 
Ubiuf • q^etiuf • pleniuf 1; honoiificntius tenet 1 poffidet • Q^a ego 't 
hedef mei manutenebim? T; warantizabim? monachif Pdcam rram cont^ 
oiilf hominef d oib^ reb^ q pro tra exigi poiTut • Et ut h ma elemo- 
fina firma fit T; ftabit i ppetuu f diis meus pafci^ de ridale ea fha 
peticone conceffit 't carta fua confirmauit • Et q^a figillu no hui 
rogavii dnm simoii Glafg archid 1 Wiiimu filiii iohis ut figilla fua 
pfiiti carte apporfent • His T • diio Joc Glalg epo • ERnaldo afebe 
RievaW • Simoii glafg auchid • Pafcio de Ridale t Walto tit ei? • 
WiHmo fit Johis • Ric nano • HenRico d cnolle • Sim de GRubbeheued • 
Ada d chathov • Adam de wittun • Radui d Ridale • 

Confirmacb Pafcii d nidal de xx^i acT^ fcit de Raueneffen • 

153 Oiiiibs sce foat's ecciie fiHis Pafcius d rddale sait • Sciant ^fStef^l 
pofn me conceffilTe • 1 hac mea carta ^firmafle do "^ ecciie sce coarie d 
coeylRos t rnonachis ibide do feruientib^ p anima mea t aiab^ omiu 
anceflbT; t fucceffiji^ meoT^ donatione Robti d u^Noldebi d xx^i acRif 
rre fcilic^ Raueneffen q^^ra fecit ^dce ecciie in hbam elemofinam d 
illis duab^ carrucatif tre q^^s ipe ndbtP "% li^edef fui tenent d me 't 
h'edib3 meif in tritorio d wittun q date ei fuert p feruitio fuo in 


feudo 1 heditate • Quare uolo ut ^dci monachi pdcas • xxti acras 
teneant 1 jjoffideant p easdem diuifas que continent^ in carta ipfius 
Kot3ti q*m hnt monachi d eadem Pra cu oinibj lihtatib^ l ptinenciif 
fuif ita lib^e ^''ete plenarie "t honorifice ficut carta ipi'' Rob^^ti teftat^ 'i 
pfirmat • et ficut afiq^^m aham elemofina lib^iuf T; ^''eciuf tenent 1 poffi- 
dent • Saluo feruicio meo qd m^ '^ hedib^ meif ipe Rob^t" t hedef fui 
p eadem Pra facient • Hif Teft- • fcilicT: dno • J • Glafg epo . Ernaldo 
afibe Eieuaft • Symon glasg' archidiac • Johe d hunted • Wittmo fii iohis- 
Rog d B-kelai • Ric • naim • Henr d molle • Adam d chathou • Rad • 
Ridale • Adam Alexandro fit Walleui d lillefclif • 1 ahis multis- 

Carta Robti de Bernoluebi de quada Pra in Pritorio de Wittun . 

154 Ooonibuf fce rarif ecctie fiUif prefentibuf ^ futurif robt" de bernoluebi 
Satt . Sciatif me dedifie '^ conceffifle "t hac mea carta confirmafle deo 
1; eccfie fce marie de meh-of t monach ibidem deo suientib^ p anima 
ancketmi de ridale dni mei qui ?ram meam m'" dedit • ^ p animab^ prif 
mei 1; mrif mee T; omnium anceflb-!; meoru 't p falute paf cij de ridale 
1 Walteri fiHj ei? dnoru meoru 1. oium anteceflbrum t fucceflbrum 
eorum 1 p falute anime mee 1 uxorif mee 1 omnium fucceflbru nro:/ in 
Ubam • puram • "t ppetuam elemofinam illam ptem tre in Pritorio de 
ywittun que continet^ infra haf diuifaf fcitt a capite de harehopedene 
afcendendo Sfufoccidentem p ficum q' eft diuifa inPeandem Pra 1 Prana 
que dV tra duarij ufq^ ad puam fpinam decont* p^^tum '^ inde in tTuer 
fum uerfuf auftrum p f^ctum fulci q' eft diuifa inPijjam Pram t Pram 
q^^m Wifts pfona de hunum tenuit de me ad firmara ufq^ ad fofllim 
quandam que eft diuifa inP predcaf Praf ad auft^^Iem ptem . -t inde 
deorfum uerfuf orientem ficut fulcuf uadit inP predcaf Praf ufq, ad 
prenominatum cap' de harehopedene . totam hac Pram i qYquid 

144 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

continet^ infra ^nominataf diuifaf dedi predcif monacfe 1; ecctie de 
meb-of • liba • qVta • t foliita ab omni rreno suico T: confuetudine 't 
exactione fclari • ut ea hant teneant t poffideant . ita libe T: qVte • plene 
■^ honorifice . fic aliq^^m elemofinam q^eci^ "i libius ^ honorificenciuf 
tenent uel poffident • Et ego t hedef mei manutenebimuf T; waranti- 
zabimuf prefatif monach prenominatam rra cont^ omf hominef l; 
adquietabimuf eam de omni rreno feruico erga omnes dnof nrof t 
erga omnef hominef inppetuum • tefl;" roagro iohe de hunted • Thoma 
de coluiti • Ric • le naim . Rog burii • iohe dc ^ndeli • Witi chernu • 
Ric de cukewald • 't multif alijs • 

Confirmaco P • d Rid d pRa Rob d seRnoldebi • 

155 Oinib'' q* haf litras uid^int ut audierint Pafcius de Ridale salt • 
Sciatif me conceffifle t hac mea carta cofirmafle do "1: Ecctie sce marie 
de melros 1 monach ibide do feruientib^ in Hfeam . puram T; ppetuam 
Elemofinam Donatioem Robti de Bernoldebi q^i fecit pfate Ecctie 
de illa pte Pre in tritorio de Wittun q' cotinet^ infra has diuifas • 
Scitt a capite de Harhopedene afcendendo ufuf occidente p ficu q" e 
diuifa inr eande rram "t illam q" dicit^ rra Duarij ufq^, ad fpina decot* 
p^^tum • 'l in in t^nfufum ufuf aufl;ru p t^ctum fulci q'' e diuifa inr ipam 
rra t iliam q^^m Witts pfona de Hunu tenuit ad firma de ^fato Robto 
de Bernoldebi f ulq, ad foflam q^^nda q e diuifa inr ^dcas riaf ad 
aufl-^em pte • t iii deorfum ufuf oriente fic fulc^ uadit int' pfc^ptas rraf 
ufq^ ad ^dcm capd de Harhopedene • Quare uolo ut ^fati monachi de 
melros teneant t poffideant ^dcam Vra ita libe t qVte plene 1 honor- 
ifice modif omib3 fic carta ^dci Rob tefl;at^ • 'i cofirmat • Ita qd ego 't 
hedes liii manutenebim? 1 warantizabim^ pdcis monach eande rra 
ot''^ onif hoies in ppetuu • SaUiT) tii feruicio meo de ^dco Rob • 't 


hedib^ fuif- Tefl" • ft)agro Johe de Hunted • Tlioma de Coleuiti . Ric • 
le naim • Ilogo Burnard • Jofte de Piideft • AVitt • Chernun • Ric • de 
Cukewald • 0;)ichaele de coalcarweft" ■ t coultis ahis • 

Carta Gaufridi de f buf bouatif terre in Witton • 

156 OiTiib^ fce mrif Ecctie filiis Pfentib^ 1 futuris Gaufrid^' fili? Walleui 
de LillefcHue Sait • Sciatif me dediffe t coceffifTe t hac Carta cofir- 
mafle do t EccHe Sce marie de roelrof 1 monach ibide do feruientib? 
in litiam puram -t ppetufi Elemofinam tref bouataf tre arabilis in 
tritorio de Wittun fic iacent in uno tenemento defup Raueneffen 
ppinq^ores tre eo-!/dem monachoT; ^"'m hnt ex donatioe PatVij de 
Ridale diii fiii • Totam hanc tram t qVqM cotinetur infra diuifaf 
|idce tre dedi pdcis monach de roeh-of ht3a • qVta t foluta ab oini 
treno feruitio t cofuetudine t exactione fctari ut ea hant ■ teneant t 
poffideant in ppetuu ita Uhe plene 't honorifice fic ahq'^ Elemofina 
hhi? .qVti^ pleni^ t honorificenti^ teSi potefl; t poflid^i • Et ego t hedef 
ini manutenebim^ 't wai-antizabim^ pfatif monach eande Pram cot* 
omf hoTes q"" uiuut t mori potunt • t adq^^etabim? de oiiii forenfi 
feruitio erga diiof iirof t de oiTiib^ aliis reb^ q p aliq^^tra exigi poPunt 
in ppetuum • Hiis Tefl;^ • Rob • Glafgueii Archid • PatVio de Ridale 
diio meo • Walto 1 Nichot filiis ei" • Ric • Nano • Rad • de Ridale • Ric • 
pfona de Alnecf • Rob • de Bernoldeb • Adam de Wittun • Wift de 
Wittun • Adam de Chattun • 1 mttis aliis • 

Confirmaco • P. d Ridale • d • iii • bouatif in Witton • 

157 Omib^ fce roatrif ecciie filiis ^fentib^ t ful^is • Patrici? de Ridale 
Satt • Sciatif me conceffifl^e t hac mea carta confirmaflfe deo t Ecctie 


146 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

sce COarie de cnelRof 't cnonachif ibide do feruientib^ donacone Gaufridi 
filij Waldevii de lillefclif q^^m fecit andce ecctie t monachis de fb^ 
Bouatif terre arabit in tritorio de wittun in libam • p^am t ppetua 
Elemofina • fic iacet in uno tenemto defup Kaueneffen ppinq^oref rre 
de Heuifide q^^m hnt ex donacone mea • Quare volo ut andci monachi 
de coelros teneant t p^fideant pnoTata tra litiam • ^''etam • 1 fohita ab 
oini rreno feruicio 'i ^fuetudine 1 exactone fctari fic pleni? carta jJdci 
Gaufridi teftat^ t cofirmat^ Et Ego "t hedef mei manutenebim? t 
warantizabim^ fepedcif monachif ^fc^pta Vram cont* ouis hoinef in 
ppetuum . Sahio tn feruitio nf t hedib^ me • • • ipo Gaurdo 1; hedib 
fuif de eade rra • Hiis Teftib^ • Rob archi • • • Glafguenfi • Johe Decano 
de iiokefli^c • Ric nano • Walro fiUo mo 1 hede • Radulfo de Ridale • 
R,obto de Bernoldebi • Adam de Wittun 1: coultif afiis • 

Carta Gauf" filii Walleui -d • iiii'"' • bouatif rre • Wittoii • 

158 Omibuf fce matrif eccfie fihis ^fentibuf 1: futurif Gaufridus fit Wal- 
leui de lillifcUue Satt^ • Sciatif me dedifle T: ^ceflifle t mea carta ^fir- 
mafle do t ecctie fce marie de cocIros t monachis ibidem cto feruien- 
tibus in Ubam • puram • T; perpetuam elemofinam quatuor Bouatas 
terre arabiUf • in rritorio de Wittun • fic iacet in uno tenemento defup 
Raueneffen • ppinq^oref rre eorumdem monachorum quam hnt ex 
donacone paf cij de uidale dili mei • Totam hanc rram t quicqVl 
continet^ infra diuifas pdce tre dedi ^dcif monachif de melRof Uba • 
quieta • "i foluta ab oiiii rreno feruicio t ^fuetudine • 1: exactione 
fectari • ut ea hant • teneant • "t p^fideant inppetuum ita Ube • plene • t 
honorifice • fic aUqua elemofina Ubi? • quieti^ • pleni? • t honorificenti^ 
teni poteft • t p^fid^i • Et ego T; hedes mei manutenebim^ • t waranti- 
zabimuf ^fatis monachif eandem ?ram cont^oines hominef • t adquie- 


tabim? de oiTu forenfi feruicio erga diiios nrof ■ 1 de oinibus aliis 
Rebus que j? aliqua tra exigi potunt inppetuum • Hijs • Teft^ • Rob 
Glafguen • arcliid • Pafcio de uidale diio meo • WalPo '■t Nichot filiis 
eius • Ric • nano • llad de Ridale • Ric pfona de Alnec^m • Rob de 
Bernoldeb • Adam de Wittun • Witt • de Wittun • Adam de chattun • 
t aliis niultis • 

Confirmaco • P • d Rid d • iiiio^ • bovatif tre de Witton • 

159 Omib^ fce roatrif ecctie fiUis pfentib? T; fut^is Patriciuf de Ridale 
Satt • Sciatif me ^ceffitre t hac mea carta pfirmafle do 't ecctie fce 
(oarie de roehiof 1 monachif ibidem do feruientib^ donacone Gaufridi 
filii Walleui de hllefchf q^^m fecit aiidce eccfie "t roonachis de q^^tuor 
Bouatif terre arabilis in rritorio de Wittun • in hbam p^am • t ppetuam 
elemofinam • ficut iacent in uno tenemto defup Raueneffen ppin- 
qiuoref tre de heuifide q^^m hnt ex donacone mea • Quare uolo vit 
andci roonachi de coelRof teneant t p^fideant ^nomlatam tram Ubam • 
quietam • 1; fohitam ab oini treno feruicio t ^fuetudine t exactone 
fctari • ficut pleni^' carta ^dci Gaufridi teftat^ 1 confirmat • Et ego 't 
hedes mei-manutenebim^ t warantizabim? fepedcis roonacliis pfc^ptam 
tram cont^ oms homies inppetuum • fahio tn feruicio m'' t hedibus 
meif de ipo Gaufrido t bedib3 fuif de eadem ti-a • Hiis Tefl;ibus • Rob 
archidiacori Glafg • Johe Decano de Rokeftj^c • Ric nano • WalVo 
filio meo t hede • Radulfo de Ridale • Rob de Bernoldebi . Adam de 
Wittun 1 coultis aUis • 

148 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Carta gaufridi de • xiij • acT tre T; dimid • in Wittun • 

160 Oronibi fce mrif eccKe filijf prefentib^ "t fut^s gauPd^ fili? Walleui 
de lillefcliue satt • Sciatif me dediffe t conceffiffe t hac mea carta 
confirmaire deo 1 ecctie lce marie de melrof t monacb ibidem deo 
suientib^ in libam p^am t ppetuam elemofinam trefdecim ac^T t 
dimid • pcatam t^re arabit in rritorio de Wittun fic iacent in uno 
tenemento defup raueneffen ppinquioref rre iporum monachorum 
q^^m hnt ex donacone pat^cij de ridale dni mei • Totam hanc rram 't 
^''cq''^ continet^ infra diuifaf ei^^dem tre dedi predcif monach de 
meh-of • hba • qVta • 1: foluta ab omni treno suico 't confuetudine "l 
exaccone fctari • ut ea hant teneant 't poffideant inppetuu ita hbe "t 
^''ete • plene t honorifice fic ahq"^ elemofina hbiuf • qVti^ • pleniuf 't 
honorificentiuf teneri potefl • Et ego 'i hedef mei manutenebimuf "l 
warantizabimuf predcif monach prenominatam tram cont^ omnef 
hominef q* uiuunt T; morit^i funt • % adqVtabimuf de omni forenli 
§uicc) erga diiof rirof • 't de oib^ ahjf reb^ q^ p ahq*^ tra exigi potunt 
inppetuum • hijf tefl" • Rob • glafg^ • archid • paf cio de Rid dno iilo • 
Walt • t nichot fit ei^ • Rad de rid • Ric • p"^ de alnecr • Roberto de 
bernoldebj • adam de Wittun • Witt de Wittun • adam de chattu • t 
mttif aUjf • 

Cormaco GauFdi coci de una bouata tre collata hofpitaU ierofohmi- 
tane • 

161 Oinib^ fce coafs ecctie fihis tam fut^s q"m fifntib^ Galfrid^ coc? de 
wittun fatt in xpo • Sciatif me dedifTe t conceffifTe 't h^^c |5fiiti carta 
mea confirmaffe hofpitali ierofoUme vna bouatam tre in titorio de 
wittun fciUct int horlaue 't toccecheUs 't in? fofTam de harhou • 't 


rram dotif matilde corbet • p conceffione 't bonam uoluntate hedu 
meoi; . in libam • 1 in puram • T: in ppctuam elemofinam p animab^ 
anteceflb:^ 1 fucceflbT^ meoT^ • condicione tali qd ilabella fponfa WiHmi 
de Ridale 1 lledef fui ut cui ipa aflignare uoluerit in feudo t hedi- 
tate teneant |)dicta tram de ^noTata domo • t in pace poflldeant libe 
t quiete a mult^a t ab omi alio feririco 1 confuetudine . t ab oiiii 
fectari exaccone • Reddendo annuatl hofpitali ^nominato ad fefl;u fci 
iacobi vnam lib^m cumini • His tefl,ibus • Wittmo filio Jofais • Drio 
WalPo de Ridal • Radulfo de Ridal . Dns Ada de Wittu 1 filiif fuis • 
Dno Ada de Waleuhope • t fio fuo in lege • Rob d b^nardebi • t Rob 
fio ei9 • Alexandro de lillefcliue • Henrico de 1/ice • Ricardo hoTe 
Abbis . t multif aliis • 

Cormaco • P • de Ridale fup una bouata &e q fuit Gauf di coci • 

162 Omibj fante coatiif ecctie filiif tam fut^if q-^m gfntib^ Paf ciuf de 
Ridal fatt in xpo . Sciatif me conceflifle t hac carta mea confirmafli 
hofpitali ierofolime vna bouata terre in Pitorio de Wittu • illa fcilict 
que iacet int hord lauue 1 toccechelis • t inP foffa. 1 harhou • i Pram 
dotif coathildi corbet q^^m Galfriduf cod' meuf liber ho dedit hofpitali 
^noTato ierofohme p conceflione t bonam uolutate hedu fuoT; in lib^i • 
t in puram • t in ppetuam elemofina • p animab^ anceflbi^ t fuccefloT^ 
fuo^^ . Condicione tali qd Isabella fponfa Wiiti de Ridai . t hedef fui 
ui cui ipa afllgnare uoluerit in feudo t heditate teneant ^dicta Pram 
de ^nominata domo 1 in pace poflideant • libe • t q^ete a mult^a • t 
ab oiui aUo feruico t ^fuetudine • t ab omni feculari exaccone • Red- 
dndo annuati hofpitali pnoTato • ad fefl;u Sci Jacobi vna lib^^m cumini . 
Hiif tefl.ib3 • Diio Wtio fto Johif . Dno WalPo d Ridai . Radulfo d 
Ridai . Ada de Wittu t filiif fuif • Ada de Waleuhop • Johe fiio 

150 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

Ade d chatthou • Rob d bnardebi • \ Rob fto ei^ • Alexandro de 
lillefcliue • henrico d herice • Ricardo hole abbis • 1 multif aliis • 

Carta yfabel de rra ad hordlawe • 

163 Uniuersis fce liiris ecciie filiis pfntib^ '^ fut^s • Ysabel uxor Wittmi 
de Ridale satt f Sciatif me dedifle t ^ceffifle 1 h^^c mea carta pf 'maffe 
do T: ecc" fce • af • de melrof • 1; monachif ibide do suientib^ • p fatte 
dni pafcij de nid • 1; Walti filii ei^ • '^ WiHmi fponfi mei • t p fatte 
mea • '^ p aiab^ oim aficefTo'!^ "t fucceflToT^ nroT^ illam bouatam tre i 
tritorio de Whittu • q^^m par me^ Wiiis p"^ de hunum emit a GaufMo 
coco • 1; m^ donauit c carta pdci • G • t ^rmac?6e dhi • P • de uid • sit • 
p haf diuifaf fic eadem bouata rre iacet int liordlawe 1 tockeflieles 1 
int foffatu de harhov 't dotem matildif corbeth • t fic t^ct? fulci 
tfcuit eam p pdcas diuifaf • Totam h^^nc tram 't qV^** ^tinet^ inf^ ^dcas 
diuifaf dedi eifdem monachif • i Hbam • p^am • T^ ppetuam elemof iam 
't folutam ab oi treno fuicio t _pfuetudTe • 't exaccoe fciari • u* ea 
hant • teneant • t p^fideant ippetuu • ita libe • q^ete • plene • '^ honor- 
ifice • fic aliq^^m elemofinam • libi? • pleni? • 't honorificeti^ • tenent 
ut p^fidnt • Et ego 1 tiedef mei manutenebim^ • t warantizabim? • 
pdcif monachif h^^nc elemofina p'" omf hoief • t adqVtabim^ de omi 
■fuitio inppetuu • Et ut hec mea donaco Pma fit t fl:abit • ego i^aui 
tactis fac^fcif ew^^gtiis in facie ecc" • coram pbif hoib^ • q nec ego • 
n"" afiquif ftedum meoT; • artem ui ingeniu qrem? • uii dom^ de melros 
in pofl^um de eadem tra • aliq dampnu incurrere p^fit ut g^^uamen • 
Tefl" • Diio pafco de nid • Walto filio ej9 de Kid • Witio fponfo mo • 
WiWmo fito iiro • PatVo fito Walt • de Kid • Rad • de nid • Robto de 
bnoldebi • Alexand" ciico • Reginaldo hoie pfone • Adam de Imnteley • 
Henrico de heriz • Walto fito^ G^ coc • Gauf ^do fito hnric de neuhbotle^ 
VViitmo fit mabile • Wiito nep ■ dni • P • de Rid • 1 multis aliis • 


Confirmaco Wiftmi de ridale de rra de hordlawe • 

1<54 Ocnnib^ Ice liiris ecctie filiif prelentib^ 1 futurif • Wiiis filius 
Walteri de rid • 't hef latt • fciatif me ad peticom vxorif mee yfabel 
conceffifie • "t hac mea carta confirmafle deo 'i ecciie fce marie de 
melrof 1 monacb ibidem deo suientibj • ^ falute dni pat^cii de 
ridale 1 Walteri de rid prif mei • T: p falute mea • t uxorif mee 
yfabel • t p animab^ oium ancelTorum t fuccelForum ilrorum • 
donacom q^^rn predca yfabel uxor mea fecit eifde monach de illa 
bouata rerre in tritorio de AVittun q^^m pr fvmf Wiiimf pfona de 
hunum emit a caufrido coco • T; s'' donauit cum carta predci • g • t 
confirmacone diii • P • de Rid • fciit p haf diuifaf • ficut eade bouata rre 
iacet inr hordlauue t tockeflieles 't inr foITatum de harhou t dotem 
matildi corbet • t ficut tract? fulci circuit eam p predcaf diuifaf • 
Totam hanc tram t q^cg.'' continet^ infra predcaf diuifas • ^ceffi • 1 
confirmaui eifdem monacb in libam • p^am • t ppetuam eleraofinam 
1 folutam ab omni treno suico 1 confuetudine • ~t exaccone feclari • 
ut ea ftant • teneant • T; poffideant inppetuum ita libe • quiete • plene • 
•^ honorifice • ficut aliq^^m elemofina libiuf • q^etiuf • pleniuf • 't honori- 
ficenti^ • tenent ul poffident • Et ego 1 hedef mei manutenebim^ ■^ 
warantizabimuf predcif monach hanc predcam rram T; adq^etabim? 
de omni suico p* omf hominef inppetuum • Et ut predca donaco 
vxorif mee yfabel • t hec mea conceflio atq, confirmaco firma fit t 
ftabil • ego iuraui tactif facrofcif ew^^ngfiis in facie ecclie coram pbif 
hominib^ q^^mplif q n" ego • n" aliqThedum meoT; arte ul ingenium 
querem? • unde dom? de melros in poft"um de eadem tra aliq dampnu 
inr^ere poffit ul g^^uamen • hijf teft" • diio Witl • fil • ioh • de hunu • 
pat' . de rid • Wal • de rid • Witto fil iiio • Rad • de rid • Rob de 
bnoldebi . alexand" cHco • hnrico de heriz • WiH fil • mabilie • WalPo 

152 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

fii . Cr • coci • Reinaldo lioie • p'' • adam de huntel • Gaiifrido fit • 
ftnric de neubotil • Wiiio buloth • WiHo nep ■ p • de rid • t mttif 

Confirmaco Walri de ridale de tra de hordlawe • 

IG.j Ofonib^ fce nirif ecclie filiif prefentib^ 1: futurif • Waltus de ridale 
filiuf T; hef patVij de ridale satt • Sciatif me ad peticom Wittmi filij mei 
"t hedif T; yfabet uxorif fue conceffiflTe 'i hac mea carta confirmafle deo 
"t ecctie fce roarie de meh'of t monachif ibidem deo suientib^ donacom 
ei^dem yfabet de illa bouata tre q^^m Witims par fuuf pfona de 
hunum emit a gaufrido coco in rritorio de Wittun ad op^ predce 
\ fabei • t (fm ipa fecit predcif monach T; ecciie de melrof p diuifaf in 
carta ipfiiif yfabel nominataf tenendam t poffidendam modif omnib^ 
ita libe • t qVte • plene • t honorifice ficut carta eiufdem yfabei q^^m 
predci monachi hnt de eadem rra tefl;at^ • Et ego t hedef mei manu- 
tenebim^ t warantizabim? predcif monach hanc tram cont^ omnef 
hominef inppetuum • Tefl' • pat^co de rid • pre meo • Wiiimo filio 
Wiiimi nepote meo • Rad de rid • Rob • d B^noldebi • Alexandro 
ciico • Reginaldo lioie • p" • Walro fit - g • coci • hnrico de lieriz • 
W^ittmo buloth • Andrea de fintun • Gaufrido fit • hnric^ de neubotil • 
t multif ahjf • 

Confu-maco pat^cij de ridale de hordlawe • 

166 UniSfif fce iiirif eccfie fihjf prefentib^ 1 fut^if pafci? de ridale fatt » 
Sciatif me ad peticom "Wiii de rid • t ad peticonem uxorif fue yfabel 
conceffifTe t hac mea carta confirmaffe deo t ecctie fce marie de 
melrof t monach ibidem deo suientib^ donacom ei^dem yfabel uxorif 


VV- de rid • de illa bouata Pre q^^m WiHnif pa? fuuf • p"^- de hunum 
emit a gaufrido coco in ?ritorio do Wittun ad op? prcdce yfabel • 't 
q"^ni ipa fecit predcif monach t ecctie de melrof p diuifaf in carta ipi^ 
yfabel nominataf tenendam t poffidendam modif omnibus ita libe • 
qVte • plene • t honorifice • fic carta ei^dem yfabel • t confirmacu 
fponfi fui Wiftmi de rid • qTpredti monachi hnt f teftant^ • Et ego t 
hedef mei manutenebim^ l warantizabimuf predcif monachif hanc 
predcam tram contra omnef hominef in ppetuum • Tefl;^ • Walt de 
rid fito meo 1 hede • Wittmo de rid • fit • W • de nid • WiHmo fit 
predce ifabel • pafco fit • W • de rid • Rad • de rid • Rot) • de bernoldebi • 
AValto fit • G • coci • Wittmo buloch • Reinaldo homine • p' • aIcx- 
andro ctico • Gaufrido fiHo hnrici de neubotil • hnr^ de heriz • Audrea 
de fintun • t multif alijf • 

Carta Pat^cii de Ridale fup rra i Pritorio de ywitton • 

166* In noTe fce t indiuidue t^nitatif Oib^ fce matT ecctie filiif ta fut^if 
q"in gfentib^ • Patrici^ de nidale • Salt • Sciatif roe dediffe t hac gfenti 
mea Carta confirmaffe do t ecctie Sce a)arie de a)elf t monachif 
ibide do feruientib^" j> falute t aia dni mei Witti regif fcocie t p aiab-^ 
omiu anteceflb-^f t fuccefloT^ fuoi/ • t p aia mea • t p alabJ" omniu 
antecefl!bi/ meoT; t oium parentu meo?/ t hedum meoT/: • in pura t 
ppetuam elemofina illam parte tre quam tenent in Pritorio de ywit- 
tuna fcilicet 9fuf Grangiam de Hunedune p diuifaf noiataf t pam- 
bulataf • fciUcet fic antiquuf curfuf aque de Caalne diuidit ?ram de 
ywittune t de Grubbeheued • t inde furfum p eande aqua fic ipfa 
aqua diuidit tram de vAvittune t de Hunu • t inde ufq, ad fupiore 
fine fupiorif Halech • t inde ab aqua in trafuerfum ufq, ad Hoch 
de Heuifide • t inde defcendendo p eunde Hoch ufq, ad Harc- 


152* MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xn. 

houdene • 1 inde furfiim p Harehoudene ufq^ ad locu nhi uet? mur" 
incipit ad Hai'ehoudene • t ita furfum p muru (ic muruf uadit 
8fuf occidente uerfus ywittune ab auftro de Harehoch ufq^ ad locu 
ubi ido muruf flectit^ ufuf aquilone • T; inde a muro ufus occidente 
ufq., ad caput Riuuli 1 inde uerfuf occidente ufq., ad Elnecloch • ^ 
inde defcendendo p Elnecloch ufq^ ad diiiifaf de Ct)erbothle • 1 inde 
defcendendo p Riuuhl qui diuidit rram de Cl)erbothle t de y wittune 
ufq^ ad Elftanef halech 1 ita deorfum inr Elftannef halech 1 tram 
de iX>rbothle ufq, dum idem riuuluf cadit in Caalne • Hanc terra in 
bofco T; plano • in aquif t pratif • t pafturif • 't quicq^d infra ^dictaf 
diuifaf continet^ dedi ecctie de t"X)elr t monachif ibide deo feruientib, 
libam • foluta • 1: quieta • ab omib3 auxiliif • placitif • inrrogatif • Geldif • 
Affifif • Scutagiif • Cornagiif • t ab oini feruicio 't confuetudine • 't 
exactione • ut ea hant • teneant 't poffideant in ppetuu • libe • quiete • 
pacifice • plenarie • t honorifice • ita q°d ego 1 hedef mei hec oia 
manutenebimuf T; warantizabim? illis cont^omf hoief de omi calupnia • 

t oi forenfi feruicio t oib^ aliif rebj que exigi poffint • Hanc 

donacione dedi eif ita libam 't quieta fic aliq'^ elemofina meliuf • 
liberi^ • quieci'' 1 plcni? dari poteft • Et quia uolui ut hec mea ele- 
mofina firma fit t ftabilif nec uUo cafu ab aliq" poffiit in irritum duci 
hoT; omium tefte 't fideiuftbre pofui eccfiam Glafguenfem • ut fi ali- 
q"^ndo ego uel heredef mei a tenore hui^' carte deuiare teptauerim^ ipfa 

eccfia eiufdeq, pontificef ad ndu "t fatiffaciendu ecciiaftica nof 

reuocent difjiplina^ Hec enim oia mea pp^a manu adfidaui 

dni Jocelini Glafg epi p me t heredib^ meis fine malo ingenio me 

feruaturu t Avarant ru in • • • • uQ • Hif teftib^" Dno • J • Glafg 

epo • Fad abbe de Cubi'o • Abbe de loco biidicto • R • decano de 

• pellano de Dru • cc • ^V • • • • de Herle • WiWo dapifero epi • 

Toma de mufchamp • Step redo filio Ofulf^ • Radulfo 


Archillo de Withune • Adam de Chattehou epi • t alex 

filio ei" . Rand de Rad Albo • AViH do Chftuna • Adtl de 

• • • • Rog lano de Neubothle • Henrico f re dni epi . 

xVlano ruffel • R^ • de Ceftre fyire • 

Confirmaco Wal?i de Ridale fup Prif de Wytt ^ c- • 

167 Omnib^ fce mris Ecctie fihis pfentib:; 't futurif Waltuf de Ridale 
fiUus t heres Patricij de Ridale Satt • Sciatif me ^ceflifle t hac carta 
mea pfirmaffe deo t Ecctie fce roarie de cnel^t t monachis ibide deo 
feruientib^ p falute anime mee t anime pris mei t p animab^ omium 
anceffoi^ meoi^ t fucceffoT/ omf donacionef quaf par meuf dedit eifde 
oionachis in rritorio de Wittuil • in ppetua elemofina • p Vminof t 
diuifas in cartif prif mei noiatas • ita Ube ^ quiete plene 't honorifice 
fic carte prif mei pleni? teftant^ • Conceffi ^ eis t hac carta mea _pfir- 
maui onif ^firmacunef prif mei 1 oiiif rraf quaf habent de Robto de 
Eernolfebi "t de Gaufrido coco • fic carte ip^ Rol3ti t ei^dem Gaufridi 
t _pfirmac6nef prif mei teftant^ • Quare uolo ut ^dci coonachi totas rras 
^noTataf teneant t p^fideant in bii t pace cii ouiib^ rminif t ptinenciis 
fuis fic pura elemofuia • quietas t folutas ab ofiii treno fuicio t ^fue- 
tudine t exaccijne fctari fcdm tenore cartai^ pnoiataT; • faluo fuicio 
de eode Robto t Gaufrido coco • Hiis Teftibj • Ricard Decaii de 
Tevidale t OfTali • Witt fit Jofais • Thom de Coleuitt • Ricard Nano • 
Sym • de Grubheued • Rad de Ridale • Johe de roackefwell • Ada de 
Chathov . Ada de Wittun • Ric • de Hetuii • Hugoii de Neubott • 
Witt nep liio • t multis aliis • 


CaRta Euftachii d Vefei d rrif qT habem? in feudo fuo • 

lfi8 Omib3 fce mat^f ecctie filijf pfentib^ T: futHf • Euft^ de vefci fatt • 
Sciant ^fentes t fut^j me pceffifle t hac pfenti carta mea ^firmaffe 
do 't Sce coarie de melros 'i monachis ibidem do feruientib^ ofns 
elemofinas T; tras q*s habuert t tenuert in feudo meo pximo anno 
p^tq^^m Alexander fili^ dni Witti Regis Scott fecit homagiii fuu 
Johi Regi Anglie in c"ftino inuenconis fce crucis • In libam puram 
t ppetuam elemofinam • Scilicet totam rram q^^m habuert in tritorio 
de Wittun tam ex donacone pafcij de ridale q^^m ex dono robj de 
bnaldebj • "% ex dono Gaufridi fihj Walleui de lillefclif ficut in cartis 
eoj; ^tinet^ 't eoT^ autentica teftant^ • Et totam elemofinam q^^m 
habueft in tritorio de moUe ex dono Anfelmi de Wichetun ficut 
earte ej^ teftant^ • Et totam rram q^^m habueft in rritorio de pren- 
wenfeth p ^poficonem facta a Rege scottie int domu de coelros 1; 
domu de kelchou ficut _pfirmac6 diii Regis de eadem tra teftat^ • 
Quare uolo T: ficipio ut pdicti monachi de coelros oms ^fatas rras t 
elemofinas habeant teneant t poflideant in bofco "t plano in p^^tis \ 
pafcuis \ petijs in coorif t maricif Ita libe plene ^''ete pacifice 1: 
honorifice ficut aliq^^m Elemofina in Regno Scotie q"eti^ pleni? t 
honorificenti? tenent 1 poflident • Et ficut carte pdicto^ donato-;^ 
raconabilit teftant^ t ^firmant • His teftib, • Robto de Kmdon fit Reg • 
Witto de ualunf • Dd marfcallo • Berndo de hauden • Witto de 
t^beruile • Reinaldo de capeth • Radulfo uacca • Ric nano • Gaufrido 
ridel • Ric scotto • Ric de bMefliale • Ric gernun • Ric de hetun "% 
coultis alijs • 


Carta Rotiti dc Brus llip diuifis de Wittoii • 

H>!) Omib3 fce iiiris ecctie filiis tam pntib:; q'^m iuturis Ilobt'' de Brus 
falutem • Sciatis me dediiFe 'H; hac pnti carta mea cofirmaffe deo 't 
cccfie fce marie de melros t monachis ibidem deo feruicntib^ • p falute 
't aia diii mei ^V^itii Regis Scotie 'i p animab^ oim ancelfoT/ t fuc- 
cefFov T; p aia mea T: p aiab, oim antecefToT/ meoi; t oim paretu 
meoif ct heredum meoT; • in puram t ppetuam elemofinam illam 
ptem Vre quam tenent in Pritorio de Wyttonia • Scilicet 9fus grangia 
de hundum p diuifas nominatas t pambulatas fcilict ficut antiquus 
curfus aque de Calene diuidit ?ram de Wittonia t de Grubheuid • 
t inde furfu p eande aqua ficut ipa aqua diuidit tram de Wyttonia • 
t de hvvnum t inde ufq^ ad fupiorem finem fupioris halechw • t inde 
ab aqua in tranf3fum ufq^ ad how de hewifide • t inde defcendendo 
p eunde howe ufq, ad harhowden • t ita furfum p harhowden • ulq, 
ad locum vbi uetus murus incipit ad harhowden t ita furfum p 
murum ficut murus uadit 9fus occidentem 9fus witton ab aufl;ro de 
harhowe ufq, ad locum ubi idem murus flectitur uerfus aquilone • t 
inde a muro Sfus occidentem ufq, ad capud fontis • t inde 9fus occi- 
detem ufq, ad hehiclow • t inde defcendendo p ehieclow ufq, ad 
diuifas dc O^erbotil • t inde defcendendo p riuulum qui diuidit ter- 
ram de merbotil t de Witton ufq^ ad Elfl;aniflialw • t ita deorfum 
inter elflaniflialw t int terra de merbotil • ufq^ dum Riuulus idem 
cadit in Calne • Hanc tram in bofco t plano in aquis t pratis t 
pafl;uris t quicquid infra predictas diuifa scontinetur t totum rectum 
meum • t totam calupniam mea q'^ uel heo uel uncq"^ hre potero 
aliquibus tempib^ fiue ego fiue aliquis heredum t fuccefloT^ meoT;i 
q^^ndocuq^ t q"modocu4, dictam tram adquifierimus dedi eis in pura 

156 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xn. 

1: ppetua elemofinam libam folutam • 1 quietam ab oiuib^ auxiliis 
placitis interrogatis • Geldis • affifis • Scutagiis • Cornagiis • t ab oini 
feruicio • 'i confuetudine \ exactioe ut ea heant t teneant 't poffi- 
deant in ppetuu • libe quiete pacifice plenarie • t honorifice • Ita q 
ego t heredcs mei hec oiuia manutenebim? t warantizabirnus illis 
contra oiiies homines de oiiii calupnia \ oi forefi feruico "t oiiiib, aliis 
rebus que p terra exigi pofllint • Hanc donacionem dedi eis ita libam 
t quietam ficut aliqua elemofina melius libius t quiecius t plenius 
dari poteft ita q ego uel heredes me niicq'^ inde aliqua queltione viel 
caliipniam monachis mouebimus • S3 oinia predicta firma 1 illibata 
ficut in hac carta nra continetur eis feruabim^ inppetuu • Hiis tefl:ibus • 
Jocelino epo giafg • R archidiacono eiufdem • Cl)agro Hug de Brus • 
Robto de hodolme • t aliis multis • 

Confirmatio regis Wifii d Wittun • 

170 • W^ - di gra Rex Scott • Epif • Abbib^ • Comitib^ • Baronibi • Jufl;ic • 
Vicecomitib^ • Ct)inift^s • et oiuib^ probif hominib^ tociuf tre fue 
Ciicif "t laicif Satt • Sciant pfentef 1 poft^i me conceffifle t dedifle t 
hac carta mea confirmafl"e do t ecclie fce marie de COelrof • t monachif 
ibidem deo feruientib^ tram illam q^^m hnt de patVio de Ridale • in 
rritorio de Wittun • p ipfaf diuifaf que continent^ in carta paf cii de 
Ridale q^^m hnt de eo de eadem tra • ita ut quicq^d infra eafdem 
diuifaf fuit • habeant t poflldeant imppetuum • ita libe t quiete • 
honorifice t pacifice • ficut ahq'^ elemofina libiuf t quieti^ t honorifi- 
centi^ in regno meo poffidetur • Dedi enim eif t confirmaui tram 
illam libam ab oiiiib^ auxiliif placitif • geldis • t ab oiiii feruicio t con- 
fuetudine t exactione fclari • ita quod ego t heredef mei manutene- 


bimuf 1 warantizabimus cam illif contra oiiif hominef in ppetuuni • 
faluo feruicio meo de jjatVio t heredibuf fuif • Teft" • Jocehno epo 
Glafg . Dauid f re meo • "Walt olifard Juflic • Alano filio AValti . 
Hug ctico dc fiGillo • Hug Ridel • AValt de Windeflioure • "Walt 
de berket cam • WHio de tt)ortimeR • Rob de berket • Jobe de londoli • 
Apud LaNARch • 

Confirma" reg • fup piscatura de Ranpatrik • 

171 vV iftms • dei gfa rex fcot • omnib, probis hominib^ toci? tre fue 
cticis et laicis fattm • Sciant pntes et futuri me conceffifTe t hac carta 
raea confirmafre deo et ecclie fancte marie de melros t monachis 
ibidem deo feruientibus • donacoem illam quam Witis de brufe eif 
fecit de quad" pifcaria iuxta ecciam de renpatric a pte auftrali ubi- 
cumq, eam face aut firmare voluint infra diuifaf in carta predicti 
Witti fc^tas cum vna acra terre et paftura q^^tuor vaccarum et fex 
boum • 1; cum oinib3 aHis aftamentis ville de renpatrik • Tenend in 
libam t quietam et ppetuam elemofinam • ita libe et quiete ple- 
narie et honorifice • ficut carta predicti Witti teftat^ • fahio feruicio • 
Teft- . 

Carta de karleolo • 

172 Omib^ Sce roatrif ecctie filiis tam prefentib^ q^^m futurif Henric^' 
Bradfoth Satt No9it uni9fitas iira me dediffe 't conceflifTe 1; • • • pre- 
fenti carta mea confirmaffe • deo t Sce roarie de roelros 1 monachis 
ibidem deo feruientib? cu uoluntate 1 affenfu Sigberith fponfe mee - 
p falute animarii Srarum 1; oinium parentum ^ amico'!^ iiro-!^ totu 

158 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xii. 

managiu meu in karleolo t omib^ 

ptinentijs suif • in puram 1 ppetuam elemofinam tenend t pofRdend 

Ita libere \ q^ete t lionorifice ficut aliqua elemofina ab a 

religiofe coUata libius ^''eti? 1 honorificenti'' 

terii poteft t poflideri • Saluo • • • feruicio Dni Teftibus 

. . . . fii ppofito ei^dem ville • Alexandro fit Ra 

t a)ultis Aliis • 


Confirmaco rra-^ t lil3tatu • 

ITS Alexander dei gfa Rex fcottOTf oinib^ pbis hominib^ tocius tVe fue 
falute • Cum inter cetera monafteria regni nri monaft^ium de melros 
fpecialius diligamJ' • pris nri kmi ueftigiis inherentes . conceffimus t 
hac pnti carta confirmauim^ • afebti 1; conuentui eiufdem monafterii • 
oines cartas • confirmacones • libertates T: iura predeceflbT^ noftroT/ 
Regu fcot illuftriu eifdem concefla • tenendu t hndu eifdem abbti T; 
couentui 1 eoT^ fucceflbrib^ inppetuu fcdm tenore dicto-^ cartai; 
confirmaconum 't juriu ac libertatum adeo libere 1: quiete • plenarie 
t honorifice ficut carte t ^firmacones dictoif libtatu t iurium pre- 
dictoi; predeceflbi/ nroT^ eifdem confecte plenius iufte teftantur • 
Hiis teft" • "^c ' 

Confirmatio reg Alex de oinibuf rrif • 

174 Alexandr dei Gra Rex Scott • Epif • Abbib^» • Comitib? . Baronib? • 
Juftic • vicecomitib^ . Prepofitif • cniniftrif • 't Oinib^ probif homib" 
tociuf terre fue • Clericif t laicif f Salt • Sciant prefentef t fut^i roe 
conceflifle • 1 hac carta mea confirmafle EccHe Sce niarie de melros • 't 
monachif ibidem deo feruientib? • Donationem quam Walter^ • filiiis 
Alan • fecit eidem Ecctie t monachif • de terra de mauhelin • t de 
paftura in forefto eiuf • Et de una Carrucata tcrre uerfuf terra de 
Duueglaf • Et de pifcatura in hoftio fluminif • An • Et de terra de 
A'dmundeftuii • Et de viginti acris terre cum Tofto de Berewic • 
Item • totam terram illa de Eflcedale • p diuifas que nominant^ 't 
continent^ in Cartif Robert Auenet • t Geruafij heredif ipiuf • Item 
tota terram illa quam Jofees filiuf Oriii • eif dedit in Territorio de 
Hunedun • p ipaf Rectaf diuifaf que continent^ in Carta predci Johif 


(juam liabent de eo de eadem terra • Item • totam terra infra feodum 
de Hunum a niuulo de Quindenhope furfum p femitam illam ufc^ 
ad foflatum inr Rafchawe 't Cudhbrichtefliope • "t abinde p eafdem 
itectaf diuifas que continent^ in carta Wiffi fihj Johif • quam habent 
de eo • Item • Donationem q^^m Ofujfus fiUuf vctredi • 1 vctred? 
fiUuf eiuf contulerunt eif de terra de Rigwude • Item • Donationem 
ifm Cofpatricius Comef fecit eifdem roonachif de terra de Her- 
tcflieued • t Spot • t de quadam falina • Item • Donatione q^^m Witis 
de Bruis • eif fecit de quadam pifcaria iuxta Ecctiam de Reinpatric • 
cum una acra terre t paftura quatuor vacc • t sex Boum • t aUif 
aifiamentif uille de Reinpatric • Item • Duaf Boviataf terre • t Duas 
acraf Prati • cum pafl;ura ad quadringentaf ouef que Abbaf t Coniient? 
dc Calchou • eif dederunt nomle pacif inr eof facte • Item • totam terra 
iUam ^''m hnt de Patric • de Ridale in territorio de Whittun • p illaf 
diuilaf que continent^ in carta patric • de Ridale • q"^m habent de eo 
de eadem tra • Item • Donatione q^^m Ricard • de cnoreuiH: • t Auicia 
uxor ei9 fecerunt ipif a-;onachif de CapeUa de Parco • cum terra ei 
adiacente • Et pretea de tota tra de milkeneflide • p illas nectas 
diuifaf que in Carta predci Ricard t Auicie uxorif eiuf continent^ • 
Item • tota terra t paftura q^^m Witts de nwruitt • eif dedit in aug- 
mentu predce tre de coUkeneflidep Rcctas diuifaf nominataf in Carta 
eiufde WiUi • Item • tota iUa ptem tre in tritorio de Kilbewociftun • 
q*m Alan^* fiUuf RoUand • eif dedit p Rectaf diuifas noiataf in Carta 
ipiuf Alan • in excambiu tre q^^m WiUs de cooreuiU • eif diuifit in 
Cunighani • cu comuni paftura t aUif aifiamentif predce uiUe • ficut 
in carta ipi^* Alafi continet^ • Item • Terram q^m Walter? • Corbet • 
i\\[9 WaUer Corbet • eif dedit in territorio de CUftuii • p Eectaf 
diuifaf noiataf in carta ei^^dem WaUef • Corbet • q^^m fent de eo de 
eade terra • Item • illa dimidiam Canucata tre • in tra t prato • q^^m 



Anfelm^ de Wichetun • eif dedit de feodo fuo de moUe • p eafde 
nectaf diuifaf q' continent^ in carta ipi^ Anfelin • q^^m ipi monachi 
hnt de eo . Item • Donatione illa q^^m Comef Patric • eif fecit de 
tota Pra arabli q' uocat^ Sorweleffeld • ult^ ledre ex occidentali pte 
uerfuf Grangiam predicoT^ monacho^^ ficut Wiiis Sorwelef eam ple- 
niuf tenuit • Item • dimidia Carrucata Pre ^"'m Ricard • d Londori • 
eif dedit in leffedwin • ficut carta ipiuf Ric • eif teftat^ • Conceffi % 
eif quicta clamantia q^^m dd • OHfard • 1 Walter^ • fit • 't heref ei? 
fecerunt deo t Ecctie de melrof 1 predcif roonachif de Herteflieued • 
1 d Spot • ficut in Carta dni Reg • Wiffi • patT mei continet^ • Con- 
ceffi % amicabtem copofitione fcam inr Com • Pafc • d Dunbar • t 
predcof rnonachof fup confSfia q" uertebat^ int eof de pa(l\a uerfuf 
occidentem de Ledre • ficut fc'pta inde fca teftant^ • Conceffi % eif • 
quietam clamantia ^"'m Alan? fili^ Walt • eif fecit de Calupnia que 
fuit in? eof • de paftura ex occidentali pte de ledre • Quare volo t 
precipio • vt predci coonachi oiiief haf predcaf pofleffionef habeant t 
teneat in libam t ppetua elemofina • Ita libere t quiete • plenarie t 
honorifice i ficut Carte donato-yi t confirmationef predeceflb^ meoi/^ 
teftant^ • Saluo feruicio meo • Teft" • Witto de Bofch • Cancefl • meo • 
Seilief de Quinc • Comit • Wint • Comit • roalc • de fif • PhiUipp • de 
Valori • CaiSar • meo • Wifto d Valon • fit • ei? • Rob • Capetto meo • 
Johe de roacc^wet • dd • marefcaH: • Thom ■ de Lundin • hoftiar • meo • 
Heruic • rnarefcatt • Jordan • Cumin • Apd Edenburg • iij • die 
Aprilis • 

Carta reg • A • s reb? furto fublatif • t pugnatore iueniedo • 

Alex Dej Gra Rex Scott • Omnibus vicecomitibus tocius tre fiie • 
Saltm • COandamus vobis firmir ^cipientes • quatinus cinu monachi 



ui ffes de Ct)elros ad vos accefferint de aliquibus malefcoribus con- 
querentes • qui aueria fua ut pecuniam fuam furtim abduxerint ut 
fubf^xerint f caufas dcorum monachorum 1: ffum de melros tamquam 
caufam nram pp^am ? pfequamini appiiones t refponfiones cont"' 
iporum malefactores fcdm genus caufe fue facientes • 1 pugnatorem 
fi forte opus fuerit ex pte nra eisdm moachis 1: ffibus inuenientes • 
donec caufa eorumdm • confidefone uiroi^ difcreto-^ • ut copoficone • 
mediante • fine debito tminetur • Cum aute caufa fepedcoT^ monacho- 
rum ut ffum fine debito ficut dcum eft; fuerit rminata • malefcores 
eorum i fua fuerint conuicti ul quasi couicti mahtia • volumus ut 
dictis monachis ut ffibus aueria fua ut pecunia que eisdm fuerint fub- 
lata de cataUis malefcorum fuoi^ plene fint reftituta • Foriffacta n° 
t amiffiones in quas dci malefcores ut eorum plegij p dehcta fua inci- 
derint i ad nram potefl;atem fcd q jus decreuit • omnino deuoluantur • 
Ffes aut de Ci:)elros 't eorumdm homines Latores prefentiu fub firma 
pace nra 1 ptectione iufte fufcepimus • firmiter phibentes • ne quis 
Iniuriam • moleftiam • vii grauamen aliquod eisdm iniufte inferat • ut 
inferre ^fumat fup Sram plenariam foriffacturam • Tef t • Thom Com 
Athot • Johe de Ct)accuswett • Camef • Ingeramo de Baitt • Robto 
capeUano • Dauid Ct)ariscallo • Douenaldo de maf • Thom de Nor- 
manuift • WiUmo de Bonekit • apud CQelros nonodecimo die Marc - 
Anno regni dni Regis septimo decimo • 

Alex de toUoneo • 

176 Alex • dei Gfa Rex Scott • Juftic • vicecomitibus • Prepofitis • "t 
omibuf probif hominibus tociuf terre fue Saltm • Precipio qd ffes 
nri de Cl)elros 1 omnef ffef eiufdem ordinis fint quieti de toloneo t 
omnibus aliif confuetudinibuf \ rectitudinibus t de omnibuf mercatif 


que ad fuos propriof ufuf fecerint ubicumq^ in tota terra mea uen- 
erint f Sicut Carta dni Regif patrif mei Witt • teftatur • "i confirmat • 
Teftibus • Witt • de Bofcho Cancett • meo • Comite coalc de Fif • 
Wift . de Valoii • Johe de maccufwet • Apd Edenb • scdo die • 
Aprilis • 

Carta radulphi hauuil de bwicftrem • 

1~~ Alexander dei gfa rex fcot • Omnib^ prob hominibj toci^ terre fue 
fatt • Sciant pntes et fut4 • nos dedifle conceflifte t hac carta tira 
pfirmaffe • Radidpb de hauuiii falconario iiro • pro homagio "t ferui" 
fuo pifcariam nram vnius retis de berw^ftrem • Tenend • et hnd eid 
radulph • et heredib^ fuis et fuis aflignatis • de nob et heredib^ nris 
in feodo et hereditate • libe • quiete • plenarie • 't honorifice • donec 
eid radulpb • uel heredibus fuis uel fuis aflignatis loco certo in decem 
libratis terre prouid^^im^ • Et cum dtam terram ipi • R • de hauuiti 
ut heredibus fuis aut fuis affignatis aflignauim^ • eifd feruiciu fuum 
$ predicta terra faciend ftatuemus • Teft° • 

Carta Robti de Bernam de pifcaria de Berwycftrein • 

178 Sciant prefentes 1 futuri qd ego Rob^tuf de Bernam dedi • concefli T: 
hac prefenti carta mea confirmaui deo T; beate marie de coelr t 
monachis ibide deo fuientib^ in hberam "^ ppetua elemofina illud 
Rete jn Berwycftrem fup twed qd cnagr Dauid ff me9 tuc camerari" 
diii Regif emit de Radulfo de Hauuit falconario diii Regif • t dedit 
illud Rogo f fi meo 1 hedib^ fuif - ut fuif afllgnatif De quo quide reti 
ide Roger^ dotauit xpiana fiHa Ade cnarefcalli uxorem fuam in uita 
fua • poft cuiS" deceffum ide rete jure h^editario me contingit • Tenend 

164 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

t habendii dcis monachif i ppetviu adeo libe T: quiete • plene % honor- 
ifice fic carta ^dci Radulfi de Hauuil dco magro dauid inde pleni^ 
confecta f teftat^ • Ego uo 1; heredef mei dcm rete dcif monachif omio 
ut dcm eft cont* omnef warantizabim? ac defendem? • In cui^ rei tefti- 
monium ego p me 1 heredib^ meif huic fcripto figillum meu apponi 
feci • Tefte comunia de Berwyc • 

Confirma" dauid epi fciandf • fup pifcaria de bw^^ftreme • 

1T9 Omnibus x fidelibus pns fc^tum vifur" ut auditur" • dauid mifacSne 
dla eccie fciandr minister hmlis • faitm in dno • NoSit vniuerfitas vra 
nos ^ceffifle • 1 hac carta iara confirmafle illam donacoem • qua do' 
Robtus de bernam ff nr fecit deo 't be marie de melros • t mo^^chis 
ibid deo feruieS de vno reti in berwicftreih • qd quid rete dedim? 
rog^o fri iiro iam defuncto et heredib^ fuis uel fuis aflignat^ • Post 
cui^ obitum illud rete ad dtm diim robtum ffem nfm iure heredita" 
deuenit • Tenend et habend dictis monachis de meb-os ita libe quiete 
plenarie et honorifice • ficut carta predci robti ffis nri eifd mo^^ch 
plenius inde ^fecta teftat^ • In cuius rei teftiom • pns fc^^ptum figilli 
iiri muimie roboratum tradidim^ iji man^ diii inathi • tunc abbtis de 
mekos • Teft^ • 

Carta WiHi de morthingtoii de briggate • 

180 Omnib^ fce fiirif eccie filiis 1 fidelib^ pntib^ et fut^is • iras iftas 
vifuris uel audit^is • Witts de mortliingtori • faitm in fattis autore • 
Nouit vniuerfitas vra • me dedifle conceflifle • et hac mea pnti carta 
quietam clamafle pro me et heredibus meis deo et bte marie de mebros 
1; mo^^ch ibid deo feruieii • terram illam in briggate • cum oib^ pti- 


nenciis fuis qiiam id nio^^chi emcrunt de robto de tineham < 1 totuin 
ius q ego in cad tcrra habui uel hre potui fine aliquo rctinemento • 
ita ut idem monachi eandem tcrram heant et pofTideant • in libam et 
puram "% ppetuam elemofinam cum omnibus libtatibus • quib^ aliqua 
rra in villa de berwic in elemofinam data libius tenet^ • uel poffidetur • 

Carta ade le vilure • de rra fup nefle in bwic • 

If^l Oinnib^ h" ftfpt • vifuris ui auditHs • adam le vilure • T: annes fponlii 
ei? faltm • Nouit vniuerfitas vra nos p faite animai; nraT/ • t pro ani- 
niab^ oTm antecefTo-!; t fucceflbrum rirorum • dedifle et hac pnti carta 
iira confirmaflTe deo et bte marie de melros • 't mo^^ch ibidem deo fer- 
uientib^ in puram et ppetuam elemofinam • Totam illam ptem terre 
nre in berwic • fup neflTe quam vltimo emim? a Wiii° • mirihild • s • 
terram illam que fe extendit uerfus orientem a ?ra quam emim^ a 
WiH" de bernam • Totam hanc tram dedim? eis in libam puram et 
ppetuam elemofinam • cum omib^ libtatib^ et ptinenciis fuis infra 
burgum et extra • tam libe • quiete • plenarie et honorifice • ficut 
aliqua elemofina alia libius quiecius pleni? et honorificencius tenef^ 
uel poflSdet^ • Et nos et heredes nri warantizabim^ • et adq^etabim" 
predictis monach predictam terram erga dSm regem • et oes hoies 
in ppetuum • Teft^ • 

Carta petri pbri • de fnoco • 

182 Omnib^ fce mris eccie filiis tam pntib^ q'^ fut^is Petr? pbr de b^vic 
fatt • NoSit vniQfitas vra me dedifl^e • \ ^ceffifle • 1 hac mea pnti carta 
pfirmafle . deo et eccie fce ma' de melros • t mo^^chis ibidem deo 


feruien pro falute aie mee • 't pro aiab^ predeceffoT/ meoTf totam rram 
niea quam habui in fnoco de berwic • habend l tenend • Ube et quiete 
de dilo rege • fic' ego iliam pdcam terram tenui in libo burgagio • red- 
dendo inde anuatl duos folidos ad firmam dni regif • xij • denarios ad 
feftum fci cuthbti in quadragefima • t reliq^s • xij • denarios ad f^nf- 
la"nem fci cuthbti in autupno • Prerea dedi eciam predtis monach 
prefate dom? de melros terra illam ap* berw" que e iuxta flagnum 
uiuarii ficut foffa cafl;elli defcend' in fl;agnum ufq^ad fl;ratam regiam» 
libe • et quiete ab omni feruicio 't ofuetudine • reddendo inde annu- 
ati • fex denar oft;abuIa° caftelli de berwic • s • tres denarios ad pente- 
cost ■ t tres denaf • ad feftum fci mtini • Teft^ . 

Carta alexand reg • 

183 Alexander di gfa rex fcot • vicecomitib^ ^pofitis 1; mift''^ fuis t oib^ 
burgeii fuis de berw° • fattm • Sciant tam pJ^ri q'^ pntes • me p fatte aie 
mee t oim antecelToT; '^ fuccefloT^ meo:^ • dedifle conceflifle T: hac 
pnti carta mea pfirmafle monach de melros ibidem deo feruieii 1; in- 
ppetuu feruituris • in libam puram t ppetuam elemofinam • illud tof- 
tum cum crofto fup fnocum de bwic • et illam terram iuxta ftagnu 
caftri de bwic • que petr^ pbr eifd contulit • prout carta ipius exinde 
^fecta plenius teftatur • habend et tenend in p^am et ppetuara elemo- 
finam l nichil inde faciant aliq° tpe • pret oroes • Teft* • 

Confirmatio diii Alex reg de roaibott • 

18i Alex • dei gfa Rex Scott • Omnibus probis hominibus tociuf terre fue 
Clericis "^ Laicis i Satt • Sciant prefentes t futuri • me dedifle • 't con- 
ceflifle • 'i hac carta mea confirmaflTe • deo t eccte sce roarie de roelros • 


t monachis ibide deo feruientibus totam terram de rooybothelbeg • 
quani Dunecan? • fili" Gilleb • eif dedit • p rectas diuifas contentas in 
carta ipius Dunecaii • 1 totani terram de Bethoc • quam idem Dunec • 
eif dedit • p rectas diuifas fuas fimiliter contentas in carta ipius 
Dunec • Tenend in fiberam t puram 't ppetuam elemofinam cu 
omnibus aifiamentis • "t afijs ad predcas terras iufl;e ptinentibus • ita 
libe t quiete • plenarie t honorifice • sicut carta predci Dunec • inde 
facta predcis roonachis f teftatur • Saluo feruitio meo • Teft~ • Wifi • 
Epo Sci Andf • Witt • de Bofch • canceti • Coiii • Patric • Coiii • a)alc • 
de fif- . Witt • Cumin • Coiii • de Buchan • Alan • fit • Roft • Conftati • 
Ph • de mub^^y • Valt • Olifard . Ad • fit Gilleb • Ingelram • de Bailot • 
Alex vicecom • de Striuet • Walt de Lindes • Joh • de coaccufwet • 
Apd Edenti • scdo die Octobii • 

Confirmatio dni Alex reg • de Larges • 

185 Alex . dei gfa Rex Scott • Omnibus probis hominib^ tocius terre fue • 
Cticis t Laicis f Satt • Sciant prefentes t futuri me dedifle • 1; con- 
ceffiffe • t hac carta mea confirmafle deo 1 Eccte Sce roarie de roelros • 
t monachis ibide deo feruientibus totam terram de Drumteihfuiene • 
t de Alefburc • 1 de Auchnephuf • quam Rog • de Scalebroc • eif 
dedit p rectas diuifas fuas contentas in carta ipius Rog • t cum omib" 
ad predcas terras iufte ptinentibus • Tenend in libam t piu-am t 
ppetuam elemofinam cum omnib'' aifiamentis t iuftis ptinentijs fuis • 
Ita libere t quiete • plenarie t honorifice sicut carta predci Rog • t 
confirmatio Dunecari • fit Gilleb • inde facte predcis monachis i teft- 
ant^ . Saluo feruitio meo • Teft^ • W ifi • Epo Sci Andf • Wift • de 
Bofc ■ Canceft • Cofn . Patric • Coni . a)alc . de fif" • Wifi . Cumiii • 
Coin . de Buchan • Alaii • fit RoH . Conftab • Ph • de coub'"y • Walt • 

168 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Olifard . Ad • fit • Gilleb • Ingelram • de Bailloi ■ Alex • vicecofh • 
de Striuel • Walt • de Lindes • Joh • de coaccufwet • Apd Edenb • Scdo 
die Octob^ • 

Compofitio fup decimis de roaybothyl . 

"C £ K U U K H r H D cT7 

186 Omib^ Sancte Ct)atrif Ecctie fihis littas iftas uifuris ut auditHs • H • 
de Cl}ortuo mari Canonic*' Glafgueii • W • '^ • J • de CunTgham t de 
killebMe Decani Glafgueil dioc f Satt jn dno • rt)andatum dni pp^ • in 
h Sba fufcepim? • Innocenci^ Epc #uus ^uot; di cilectis filiis • H • de 
mortuo mari Canonico Glafguen • 't de Cunigham • "t de killeVDc 
decanif Glafguen cioc fatt et apticam bnd • G • pfona de Ct)aybothel 
iiro aplatui eft conqueft? quod Abbs • 1 coonachi de c"X)elrof Cift^ ordinis 
t qMa alii Glafguen cioc fup decimis • tVis • "t iieb^ aliis iniuriant^ 
eidem • Ideocj, difcrecioni ure p aptica fc^ta mandam" q^^tinuf ptibs 
conuocatif audiatif caufam • ~t appUacone remota faluis p^uilegiif Pon- 
tificum RomanoT^ fine debito tminetis • facientes quod ftatueritis p 
cenfuram ecctiafticam firmir obferuari • Teftes aut qui fuint nomlati 
fi fe gra • odio • ut timore fubtraxint f p cenfuram eandem apptione 
ceffante f cogatis uitati teftimonium phibe • Quod fi non omes hiis 
exequendis pontis intee f duo urm ea nichilomin" exeq^^nt^ • Dat • 
Lat • V • kt • Ct)arcii • Pontificat^ iiri anno xiiij • Cu g^ hui^ auctoritate 
mandati a nob in hac caufa pceffum tiiiffet f tandem confentientib^ 
partib^ ad conniuentia 'i affenfum Ct)onialium de Norhbwich fub hac 
forma fopita eft • UidelicT; quod Ecctia conuentualis de Ct)elrof pfoluet 
annuatim Ecctie de Cl)aybothel nomine compoficonis p ofiiib^ necimis 
tam de Ct)aybothelbech q^^m p Decimif de larghis decem fot argnti ad 
feftum Sancti Jacobi q^^m diu a pfona de decimarum exactione ad 


plenum erga oines fiiint defenfi • Hce aut compofic& ppetuam firmi- 
tatcm int fidcas ecctias obtinebit • Ita quidem quod fi aliqn contigit 
dictof coonachos de Cl)elros fup pdcarum Decimarum exactione vexari f 
liceat eif a |idca decem folido-!; folucione ceflare q^^m diu a rectorib^ 
ecctie ne Cl)aybothel cum effectu non fuint defenfi • Et ad hui? 
compoficionis corroboracione ppetuam figilla iira cum figillis partium 
pariV t monialium apponi fecimus • 

Confirmacio compo^nis de maibotil • 

IST Honoriiis eps feruus feruorum dei • dilectis filiis abbi et conuentui 
de melros • cifterc" • ordinis fattm et apiicam brid" • Cum a nob peti^ 
qcl iuftum e et honeftum tam uigor equitatis q^^m ordo exigit ronis 
ut id p foUicitudinem officij iiri ad debitum pducjitur effectum • Ea 
ppr dilectiflimi in dno filii iiris iuftis poftulacionib^ grato conc^rentes 
aflenfu compoicGm inter uos et ecciam de maibotil fup decimis pro- 
uenientib^ de terris vris habitis ante pfilium genale amicabih- initam 
iicut fine p^^uitate • prouide facta eft • et ab utracj,, pte fponte recepta et 
hactenus pacifice obferuata t in autentico confecto exinde dr plenius 
contineri • auc^^te apticapfir^ms • et pntis fc^pti pafcinio comunimus • 
Nulli g" oino hoini liceat hanc paginam nre confirmacois infringere 
uel ei aufu temario conf^ire • Si quis aut h" atteptare prefumpferit 
indig^^cionem oipotentis dei 1 borum petri t pauli apto-y eius fe noSit 
incTurum • Dat • lat ■ iij" • N^iulij • pontificatus riri ■ anno quinto • tc"^ 

Petic6 Duncani com ad epm Wift • Glalg • 

189 V eriando pri dno • W • Glafguenfi epo • Duncan? comef de karric 
fatm "t patam ad obfequia uoluntatem • vre parnitati De q'^ no meif 


170 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

mitif exigentib^ confido duxi fupplicandum q^^tinus ^ftituatif uof fidei- 
ufTorem p me aduerfus afebem % conuentum de melrof fup hiif que 
continent^ in carta mea q^b^ ^fencientef eidem carte figillum iirum una 
cum figillo meo apponatif • fupplicantef diio regi ut ea que in eadem 
carta mea ptinent^ confirmare dignet^ • valeat pamitaf ura in dno • 

Relaxaco • D • de karric • tHun roarc • 

189 Omnib^ sce roatris Eccfie filiis '^ fidelib^ pfentib^ t futuris has littas 
vifuris uel audituris Duncanus Comes de karric fatm in drio • Nouit 
vniSfitas vra qd cu foonachi de roelros m'' annuati tenerent^ in folu- 
cione fum roarcaru duaru fcitt p tra de Bethoc 1 vnl^ p terra de Auch- 
nefure ficut in eo^^ cartis ptinetur f Ego eafdem tres marcas pfatis 
foonachis omnino relaxaui 1 i ppetuu qVtas clamaui p q^^dragita 
aiarcis eft^lmgo-ij. quas Ide monachi fimul T; femel I magna neceffitate 
mea fcitt p ?ra mea i libtatem ponenda m'' pacauerut • vnde "t Ego T: 
heredes mei 1 fucceflbres mei ^"'nc qVta clamacoem pdcaru t\im 
aiarca-!^ p*^ omf hoies ^fatif monachif i ppetuu waratizabim^ • Et ut h 
q^eta clamaco fma fit "t fl;abfis f pofui tefte T; fidei^fore Drim Wiftm 
Epm Glafguens • ^cedenf ut fi ahq^^ndo Ego ut hedef mei ut fuccef- 
fores mei p'^ hoc ut p^ elemofinaf eifde roonachis a me fcaf put i cartis 
meis ^tinet^ aliq^d atteptaSim^ f Ide Epc 1 eiP fucceflbref nof ad 
oiiiia |5mifla obfuanda ad inftanciam ipo-? monacho'!; fii cognicoe 
cau • • • cenfura ecctaftica ^ppellant • In cu^ rei teftimoniu 1 muni- 
men ^feti fc^pto figillii meu una cu figillo Diii • W • Epi GlafguenP 
apponi feci • Hiis Teftib-" • Diio Wal?o filio Alani senefcaUo Scoc • 
Radulfo de leuint Clerico • Alano roiUte meo • Alano fiUo meo pfona 
de kirchemanen 1 de ft^^tun • Ct)agro hugone ctico meo t roultif aUif- 
Actu anno dni miUefimo ducentefimo fcefimo fexto • 


Quieta clamaco fenefcalli De karric • 

190 Omnib^ fce mrif ecctie filijs "t fidelibus prefentibuf 't futurif 
gillefcopewyn coackenedi fenefcalluf De karric fattm • Nouitif quod 
cum eet pt°uerfia int me 1: roonachof De roelf fup q*dam pticfa tre q 
otigua eft uie illi que dicit^ euauchouegaf ex pte orientali • Ego p 
fakite anime mee prefatam tram deo t beate marie de melrof t 
monacliif ibidem do feruientib, dedi T: concefTi 1 q^etam clamaui • 1; 
omni iuri quod in eadem tra habui uel hre potui abrenunciaui • vt 
aute prefati raonachi prefatam tram pacifice 1 quiete pro me 1: bedib:; 
meif in ppetuum teneant 't pofTideant f prefenf fc^^ptum eifdem mon- 
achif tradidi figillo raeo roboratum • teft^ • tc- • 

Quieta clamaco Walti champeneif • 

191 Sciant onis tam pfentef q^^m fut^j qd ego Waltus champenaif de 
karrig . quieta clamaui p me t hedib^ meif in ppetuu monachif de 
toeb-of tota tVam illa que iacet uicina tre mee de Dunduf^in q" 
fcilicet tra me T; hedes meof iuf hab^e fepi^ pteftat^ fum • Concefli ^ 
p me t hedib^ meif ut idem monachi teneant • habeant 't poffideant 
dcam rram libe • ^''ete • pacifice t plenarie p eafde diuifas p q"s dns 
fns Dunkan^ comes de karrig • ffi matho de Neutun tuc cettario de 
foelros 1 fociif ei^ in ^fencia Gillefcop mackenedi tuc fenefcallj de 
karrig • Rotheric q^^path • Alexand^ de Dunynian • 1 alioT^ muItOT/ 
ipam pambulauit • renunciando p me t hedib^ meif pteftacoi ^''uf a 
me f ce • t ofiii iuri qd in eade tra habui ut habe potuj p viginti 
folidis eft^Iingo-;^ q^s dci monachi m^ pacaueft p manu Ricardi de 
Big" tuc monachi de raauhelin • Anno gfe • roillefimo • ducentefimo • 
q^^d^^gefimo ttio • In cP rei teftimoniu ego p me t hedib^ meif pfenti 

172 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

fc^to figillQ nicu appofui • Hiif teft^ • Dno meo dunkano comite 
de karrig • Dfio • D • de Lindefey • tuc Juftic • Laodori • Alexand' 
fenefcallo fcotie • Rofeto de Curri • Nigello Cl)ackegilduf • Et multis 
alijs . 

Carta TlioSi de Coleuift • de Keres • 

192 Sciant omef pfentef 1 futuri • qd ego Thomaf de Colevilla cognointo 
Scot" dedi et conceffi 1 hac ^fenti Carta mea confirmaui • pro falute 
anime mee T; omniu anteceffoi/ meoT^ Deo 1 Beate (X)arie 1. Abbatie 
de valle di t Cponachif ibidem deo feruientib^ quartam partem de 
Ahiieiidun • qd uocat^ Kereftjan • scitt qVqM habui inr PoUeneflian • 
t PoUenefcunt ufq^ ad aq^i de Don • ut habeant t teneant Ube 't 
q^ete • reddendo inde annuatim m'' t feedib'' meif • uel cui affignauo 
fex Cl)arcas argenti ad duof tminof • pro ofiii feruico pfuetudine 'i 
exaccone . vidett tref marcaf ad feftum Sci Cl)artini • % tref roarcaf ad 
Pentecoft-* • Et ego t hedef mei • -vvarantizabim? totam ^dcam tram . 
ad opuf ^dcoT^ COonachoT^ in oinib? t cont^ oiSes hominef inppetuu • 
Et fi ptig^it . qd dvis Rex Scotie ^"'nc ^dcam firmam ^fatif CDonacb 
relaxare t ^donare uolSit p falute anime t anteceffoT^ fuoT^ • ego t 
hedef mei Ubn? iUud concedim? ita qd nichil umq"^ de eadem firma 
exigem^ ab eifdem Cl)onach • Hnf Teftib^ • Drio Wifto A^e de 
a)elros • Alano filio Rolandi de Galewai • ferg^ filio vctredi • Edgaro 
fiUo Douenad • Dunkano filio GUbti • Comite de Carric • Gilefkop 
macihacain • Giladuenan filio Duuegal • GiUec''^ fiUo kenedi . Iwano 
filio Alewain • GiUenef . Okeueltal • Gilleroth fiUo Gillemartin • 
C^akeg fiUo Kyin . Gillefakeneflii • filio GiUin • 


Carta Thomc de Coleuitt • de Keres • 

193 Sciant oiiis pfentes \ fiitH qd Ego Thomas de Coleuilla poeffi • dedi • 
1: hac ^fenti carta mea ^firmaui • do • T: ecctie sce (."l)arie de valle dei '+ 
roonach ibidem deo suientib^ • p falute anime mee • t p animab^ dauid • 
niaucohni • WiHi Regum Scocie • T; omniu ancefroT/ meo-;/ • ^'''tam 
ptem Almelidon qd vocat^ Kerelban • scilic"t q^cq^t huj int' poUeneflian 
T: polnefcunt • ufq, ad aq^^m de don • hbe "t q'ete- reddendo inde annuatl 
rn^ t hedib, meis ut cui afingnauo quin^q" roarcaf argntj ad duos 
tminof f) ui suicio '^ pfuetudine T; exaccione fctari • videlicT: duas 
marcaf 1 dim ad feflu fancti martini • 't duaf t diiii ad pentecoflen • 
Et ego "t fcedef mei warantizabim? totam pdcam tram ad op'' pdco:/ 
coonacho'!^ In ouiibj t p"^ oilis hominef • Et fi ^tigit qd dns Rex fcocie 
hanc ^fatam firmam ^fatis coonachif relaxare • t pdonare voluerit p 
falute anime fue "l ancefroT/ fuoT/ i ego T; hedef mei Hbent illd ^pcedim^ 
ita qd nich umq^^m de eadem firma exigem'' ab eifdem monach • Hiif 
teflib^ Diio Alano de Gallewei • Comit Paf cio • Walt^o fit alaii • Robto 
de Bruf • Dunec de Carric • Edgaro fit douenald • Ferg? de glencar • 
gillauena fit dunegat • Reginaldo de Crauford • Gillemor ft)agdunegal • 
■^ aliis mttis • 

Carta W • de Coleuiti • de Kerefban • 

194 Omib3 xpi fideUb^ ^fentib^ 't fut^is f WiHs de Coleviti fit Thome 
de Colevift fatt • Nouitif me p falute anime mee • t dci • T . pat^s mei • 
"l Ade uxorif mee • t; ofiiiu meoru • conceflifTe • t pfenti carta mea 
confirmafTe • Afebie de valle di • t monach ibide deo suientib, • In 
libam \ ppetuam elemofma i Quartam pte Almelidon • qd vocat^ 
kerefban • vidft quicq^d habuit ^dcus T • par meus - Int polleneflian • 

174 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiti. 

'i Pollenefcunt • ufq,, ad aq^^m de Don • Qd fctt totu tenent ipi monachi 
dc dono ipiuf • T • pafs mei • Hanc fup^^dcam tram cu ofnibj vbiq., 
ptinenciis fuis • libtatib^ • 1 aifiamentis • tenebut • 1 habebut • ide mo- 
nachi • libe • quiete • T; pacifice • Reddendo inde annuatl m^ 't hedib^ 
meif f quinq^ marcaf argenti ad duos rminof^p omi suitio • confue- 
tudine • T; exacCue feculari • vidit Duas roarc • t dim f ad feftu fci 
(oartini • t duas coarcaf l: dim ad Pentecofte • Et ego t feedes mei 
warantizabim^ • 1: defenfabim" totu pdcm tenementii |}noiatif moacft • 
"t eorum affignatif • in oinib^ • l cont^ oinef hominef inppetuu • Et fi 
contigit qd Dns Rex fcotie ^fata firma • fepedcis moach relaxare • t 
condonare uoluit • ego illud libetiffime coceda • 1 ratu habebo • Ita qd 
nuq'^ aliquid deinceps de eade firma f ego ut hedef mei ab ipif moach 
exigemuf • Hijs teftib^ • Dno Duncano de Charik • Reginald de 
Crauford • fergus de Glencarn • Rob de Bigf • Hug • fit Reginald de 
Crauford • Edwardo • Donaldo aiac Edi • Gillecrift coac haued • Quof 
oinef pcor ut h^ rei fint teftes • 

Kerefban i galwedia • 

T^ — S K — o — G — K — 21 — r — H — D — nj 

195 Hec eft conuentio facta int monafteria de roeh-os t de valle dei quod 
cum Pra de kerelban in Galweia data etTet t concetTa roonachis de 
valle dei a bone memorie Thoma de Coleuitt fcdm tenorem carte ipiuf 
Tliome 1 confirmationif Wilehni filij eiufdem • T • t heredis In libam 
"t ppetuam elemofina i idem coonachi de valle dei fentientes potTetfione 
eiufdem tre • tum ppt defectum difcipline • tum ppt barbarice gentif 
infidiaf sibi minus etfe utilem • 't in aliquo piculofam f ipam tram 
cum omnibus libertatibus 1 ptinenciif fuis p fuas rectas diuifaf que 
continent^ in carta predci • T • t confirmatione • W • fifij fui concef- 


feriint t tradideriint Afebi 1: conuentui de coelros ad ppetua 
firma • Ita qd monachi de roelros adquietabunt pdcam tram erga 
dnm regem fcotie • Loco et noie domus de valle dei de quinq, roarcif 
annuif • Soluendo dno Regi medietatem ad feftu Sci Cl)artinj l medie- 
tate ad pentecoft^ p omni suitio 't infup reddent annuati p tVa illa 
domui de valle dei quatuor coarcas argenti ad Nundinaf sci Botulfi • 
Et p hanc folam solutioem fcam diio iiegi 't coonachis de valle dei 
Immvmes ernnt coonachi de coebos ab omni suicio • t exactione t 
demanda • t\)onachi uero de valle dei defendent • t warantizabunt 
pdcam tram "t totam forma huiuf conuentioif erga omnes homines • 
Vt quidem tota conuentio ifta ftabilis fit inppetuu • diii aBbes de 
nieualle t de fontibus attendentes honeftate ordinis t omne fcandaU 
occafione uolentes pcauere i ad inftantiam parcium sigilla fua vna cum 
sigUHs parcium huic conuentioni appofuerunt • ^Vctum anno gre • 
co° • cc" • xxiii • Hiif teftibus • Diio • W • Abbe uieuali • t Dno • J • 
Abbe de fontibus • t • A • Afebe de oielros • "t • J • Abbe de valle dei • 
t Cl^ultis aliif pfonis de conuentu de roelros t de valle dei • 

Carta Cuafii Auenel de efkedale • 

Omnib^ fce coris ecctie fihjs Geruafi^ Auenel fili^ Robtj Auenel 
Satt • Sciatis me _pcedente t ^ofentiente Cuafio filio meo t ftede 
^ceffifle t hac coea carta pfirmafie do t ecctie fce coarie de coeh'os t 
coonachis ibide do feruientib^ donacone pris mei • fcilict Pram de 
efkedale q^^m idem par meus itt donauit in ppetua elemofina annuente 
pijflimo Rege malcolmo p\if • t p?ea illuft^ uege wiHo ffe ej^ • lctt 
Tumlouher t Watkerroc in lifeam • pura • t ppetua elemofina • p 
anima gtosi Regis dd q'' eande tram donaSat eidem pri meo p ferui- 
tio fuo • t p a la comitis henricj t |>dictj coaJcolmi Reg • t p anima 

176 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

^dictj witii Reg 1 alexand' filij eiP ueg fcottoT/ diij mej • '^ oium 
anceffoT; t fucceffoT; ej? • T; p anima mea T; uxoris mee 'i oium fuc- 
ceffoT; meoi/ • Hanc itaq^ fctt Tumlouher t watkerroch ^ceffi pne- 
dictis coonachis • 't dedi • 1 pfirmauj • "i hac carta mea incartauj p 
lias diuifas • videhcet ficut duo efkes pueniut • 1 ita furfum p blac eflve 
ufq^ ad p^mum torrente q" defcendit de herteffel • 't de illo torrente 
fiufCi p mediu pdos montiu inr ipos t Robt de bruf • fic aq^ def- 
cendt us^ ipos coonachos • •!: ita int' forefl;am de tymey 1 ipos p mediu 
^dos montiu fic aq" defcendt us^ ipos • SimiHr inr rram de bordwich 1 
ipos coonachos p mediu ^dos montiu fic aq defcendt us" ipos • 1 ita 
ufq, ad rram de hawic • \ inde in tranfuerfii p mediu ^odos montiu qd 
e iter meipfu 't pdictos roonachos fic aq defcendt us^ ipos • Qd ^dos 
inchidit harewde us^ roonachos t ita fe extendit ex orientalj pte de ipo 
harewde 1 fic femp defcendendo ufq^ ubi duo eflvcf jjueniunt • Totam 
aute hanc ^nominatam tram 1: poffeffione • 1 q^cq''^ ^tinet^ infra has 
pdictas diuifas in bofco 1 plano • in pratif 1; pafturis • in aq''^ T; ma- 
rifcis • t in oib^ utilitatib^ t aifiamentis ^ceffi t dedi t pfirmauj an- 
dictis foonachis in p^am 't ppetuam elemofina ppetuo iure tenendam 
t poffidenda libam 1 qVta a me T; heredib^ meis T; foluta ab oinib3 
seruicijs • T; ab oini pfuetudine t exaccone fctarj • fic hbi^ 1 qVti? • 
pleni^ 'i honorificentj^ aUq'^ elemofina tenerj 't poffid^i poteft; • Et 
fiq''^ forte aliqii hanc ^dictam rram calumniarj uoluit i ego t hedes 
mei oiiii calumniantj refpondebim^ • t fufficienr defendem^ eam 
pdictis foonachis t warantizabim? • Hoc aut fciendu eft qd m^ t 
hedib^ meis retineo tm ■ ceruu t cua • porcu t caPolQ infra pnomi- 
natas cliuifas • abfq^, damno tn t lefione fegetu • p^^toi; ■ fepiu • pecudu • 
animaliu • t oium aharu poffeffionu eoT/de foonachoi/ • Ita tn qd ego t 
ftedes mei foreftariu non habebim^ infra pdictas diuifas • veruptaiii 
hebim^ infra eafde diuifas lat"nes • t accipitru t fpuioT/ nidos t c^todes 


ad illos c"todicnclos ■ 't forsueias • Et fciendn q"d o^onachi f5dicti ha- 
bebt t pofRdetit totfi pdicta trani lit3am 't ^■'eta a me 1; Jiedib^ meis 
falua pdicta faluagina mea "t nidis accipitru t fpuioT; • Et ipi mo- 
nachi utcnt^ oi hoc tcnemto • 't facient logias ubicuq^ uoluint p hbitu 
t uoliuitate fua fic meli'' t utili'' s^ t ffib^ fuis suientib:; t auijs fuis 
pfice uifu fuit • Excepto q, K uenabunt^ ibi cu motis t cordis • n' alios 
ibi ducent ad uenandu • n"" pedicas ibi ponent n'' ad capiendos lupos • 
Neq^ accipient infra has diuifas accipitru t fpiJio-!; nidos • Ppea fciendu 
q q^nq^ marchas q^^s aliqii pr me^ in firma accep ab eif q^^sq, ipe t ma? 
iH an morte fuam ^''etas clamauerut i has ego simitr qVtas clamaui i 

t eis in elemofml dedi- 1 inppetuu remifi • t h ide • • • nti carta 

aui • Et ut b elemofma ftabilif t firma fit in ppetuu • n" ullo m" 
poflit in irritu duci i ons mef wifts Rex fcottoT^ peticone t rogatu 
meo eande elemofina eis ^cefilt t dedit • t carta fua ^firmauit • 
Tefl.ib3 • Henp: • aBbe de kelcou • Sibilla uxore mea • Cuafio filio meo 
t hede • WalPo olifard • Wiiio filio iohis • Thoma de fuiSuill • Johe 
demacc-Vel • Ric le neim-Bernardo de haud^Rogo burnard • Gregor 
de rutlierford • Ric ctico meo • Robto filio meo • Adam fit Rogi • t 
alijs mvltis • 

Confirmatio Rogi Auent de efccdale • 

197 Omnib3 fce mris eccHe filijs RogcRus Auenel filj? Gemafij Auenel 
Salt • Sciatis me pcefllffe t hac carta mea ^firmafl^e do t ccctie Sce 
Ct)aRie de ClQelRos t foonachis ibide do feruientib^ donatione Robtj 
auenel aui mei • q^^m Geruafi' auenel pa? meus eis jjfirmauit • fcilicet 
tram de eflvedale q^m pdict'' Rotjf^ auenel auus meus illis donauit in 
ppetua elemofina annuente pijflimo Rege O:)alcolmo prius • t pofl;ea 
illuft' Rege WiHo fre ei9 • fcilicet Tumlouher t Watkerroc in 


178 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

libam • pura • t ppetuam elemofina • j) anima giofi Regis dd q* eandem 
rram donauat eidem • • • meo p feruico fuo T: p anima comitis 
henricj t |)dictj coalcolmj Regis • 1 p anima dictj WiHj Regis -t 
Alexand^ filij Reg fcottoT; dni mej • t omium antecefib^^ t fucceffoT^ 
ej? • T- p aia mea "t oium aiiceffoT^ T; fucceffo-y meoi} • Hanc itaq^ fcitt 
Tumlouher t ^Yatkerroc ^cefli pdictjs monachis T: dedi 1 ^firmauj t 
hac carta mea incartauj • p has diuifas • Videlicet ficut duo eflces ^ue- 
niut • 1; ita furfu p blac eflve ufq^ ad p^mu torrente q^ de herteffel 
defcendit • t de illo torrente furfu p mediiJ _pdos montiii inr ipos 
T; Robtu de brus ficut aq" defcendut ns^ ipos roonachos • 1 ita inr 
forellam de timei "t ipos p mediu ^dos montiii ficut aq" defcendut 
8s? ipos • fimiliP in? terram de borthwic t ipos monachos p mediu 
pdos montiu fic aq' defcendut us" ipos • t ita ufq, ad Vram de hawic • 
t inde in f^nfSfum p mediu ^dos montiu q e inter meipm 1 pdictos 
foonachos fic aq^ defcendut uers? ipos • q pdos inchidit harAvde iiers^' 
monachos • 1 ita fe extendit ex orientali pte de ipo harwde • t fic 
femp defcendendo ufq^ ubj duo eflces ^pueniunt • Totam au hac ^no- 
iata Pram % poffeffione T: qVq''^ ^tinet^ infra has pdictas diuifas in 
bofco t plano • in p^^tis 1 pafl;uris • in aq\ t marifcis • T; in oib^ 
utUitatib^ 1 aifiaiiitis pceffi 1 dedi t pfirmauj aiidictis monachis in 
pura 1; ppetua elemofina ppetuo iure tenenda 1; poflidenda • libam 1 
^''eta a me 1 hedib^ meis 1 foluta ab oibj feruitijs • 1; ab oi pfuetu- 
dine T: exaccoe fclari • fic liberi'' l q^etj^ pleni? 1 honorificentj? aliq"^ 
elemofina teneri 1 poflideri potefl; • Et fiq'"^ forte ahqil hanc pdicta 
?ram calumniarj uol3it f ego 'i hedes mej oi calumnianti refponde- 
bim? 't fufficien? defendem" ea pdictis monachis "t warantizabim? • 
Hoc aii fciendu e q m^ l hedib^ meis retineo tm • ceruu 1 cerua • 
porcu 1 capolum infra pnoiatas diuifas f abfq, damno tain t lefione 
fegetu • p^^tOTj^fepiii • pecudii • aniraaliu 1 oium aliaru poffeflionu eo-^de 


monachoTf • Ita tn q cgo t hedes mej foreftariu ii habebini^ infra 
pdictas diuifas • verumptaiii habebim'^ infra eafde diuifas lat"nes 't 
accipitrfi t fpuioi/ nidos 't cuftodes ad illos cuftodiendos 't forifueias • 
Et fciendu q cnonachi ^dictj habebunt t poffidebut tota ^dicta n-am 
libam t q'etam a me t heredib^ meis falua pdicta faluagina mea t 
nidis accipitru t fpuioi^ ■ t ipi roonachi utent^ oi hoc teneiiito t faciet 
logias ubicuq^ uoluint g libitu t uohmtate fua fic meli^ t utiUus fibi 1 
ffib^ fuis feruientib^ t auijs fuis pfice uifum fSit Excepto q ti uena- 
bunt^ ibi cu motis t cordis • nec alios ibi ducet ad uenandu • nec 
pedicas ibi ponet rf ad capiendos lupos • neq^ accipiet infra has diuifas 
accipitr t fpuioi; nidos • Pretea fciendu q q"nq^ marchas q^^s aUqn auus 

meus in firma accepit ab eis • q'"^ uxor ei^ necii t pater meus iti 

aii morte fua qVtas clamaueft • has ego fimiUt qVtas clamauj t eis in 

elemofina dedi t i ppetuu remifi t hoc idem ta^firmauj» 

Et ut hec elemofina ftabit t firma fit in ppetuu nec uHom" poflit in 

irritu ducj diis me" Witts nex fcottoT;: peticone t rogatu 

elemofinfi eis ^cefllt t dedit • t carta fua ^firmauit • Teftib^ Ric 
Abbe de kelco • WalPo oUP • Wifto fit iotiis • Jotie de roacc^wel • 

Re • • • rdo de h burnard • Gregorio de ruthirforde • 

Witto de creflTeuil • Witio p"^ fre meo • t aUjs wultis • 

Copofitio de efkedale • 

198 Alex • Dei gfa Rex Scott • Oinib? probif hominib? toti^ Pre fue ta 
cticif q^^m laicif Satt • NoSit vni2fitaf ura qd in ^fentia nra t Baronfi 
nro^^ • ad coUoquiu apud Liftun • Anno gre miUefimo • ducentefimo • 
tricefimo quinto • fca eft hec amicabiUf copofitio in? Abbem t coonach 
de roelrof ex una parte • t Rog • Auenel ex al?a • fup contentioib^ 
motif int eofde • fup eo fciUcet qd idem • R • cont^ tenore carte fue • t 

180 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii; 

pdecefloT; fuoT^ • pofuit eqViu • aueria fua t hominu fuoi^ • in ?ra ipoT; 
monachoi/ I Efliedat • infra diuifaf contentaf i carta fua • et fup eo qd 
dict^ • II • T; fui q^^fdam domof p dictof coonach erectaf diruerunt • t 
foffata 1 alia claufa eoT/dem monachoi/ proftraueft • "t aliaf eif iniuriaf 
ituleft ut dicebant • Videlicet qd dict^ • R • conceffit • qd nec ipe nec 
iieredef fui • nec hominef eoi^ habebunt equiciu • aueria • porcof • ouef • 
nec aliq"^ alia aueria domeftica uel silueftria infra diuifaf contentaf in 
carta dicti • R • nifi de licentia ipoi^ cnonachoT? • Salua dicto Rogo 
faluagina • eo modo quo continet^ in carta fua • Que modu nof t 
Baronef nri talir explanauim^ • Scit • qd idem • R • et heredef fui habe- 
bunt tantu ceruu T: cuam • Apru t Apram • capreolu • t capreola • 
Pretea • aeriu • accipitru • T; spuerioT^ • ita qd monachi maficiofe non 
Ipediant quin eo loco quo aeriant poflint aeriare quam diu habuerint 
confuetudine ibidem aeriandi • Neq, accipitru aut SpuerioT/ capiant 
nidof infra dictaf diuifaf • Nec arboref i quib? aeriant uno anno fecent^ 
donec i anno pximo fequenti ppendat^ fi in illif arborib^ uelint aeri- 
are • uel non • Et fi tunc non aeriauerint • licite de arborib^ comodii 
fuum facient cnonachi i modif omib? quib^ uoluint • In alijf uero locif 
infra diuifaf contentaf I carta dci • R • facient logiaf T: edificia ubicuq, 
uoluint p libito t uoluntate fua • 1 vtent^ tenefiito contento infra 
dictaf diuifaf put meli^ T: utili^ fibi • ffib" fuif • feruientib" • ^ auerijf 
fuif pficere f eif uifu fuerit • Pretea • de LatronibJ' t forifuijf fic der- 
minauim? • qd non dicunt^ forifuie q^ad iuf monachoT/ 1 ufum eoT/de • 
feruientiu • t fratru t hominu fuo-^ • ubi eunt pafcendo aialia fua • uel 
cuftodiendo • uel querendo • uel alia eoT; negocia gerendo • fiue de 
die • fiue de nocte • nifi i manifefto facinore fuint dephenfi • Et fi de 
nocte fuint tahV dephenfi cuftodiant^ ufcj,, i craftinu • qui fi fuint fer- 
uientef coonacho^ • ipif ftati libere f^dant^ ad parendii iuri ubi parere 
debent • De die uero capti ftati reddant^ eifde • Dicti etia monachi 


non uenabiint^ ibi cu moetif "t cordif- ncc aliof ibide ducent ad uen- 
andu • nec pcdicaf ibi ponent nifi ad capicndof hipof • Dicta fiquide 
Saluagina utent^ dict'' llog • 1 heredGf fui ficut ptaxatum eft fnie 
fraude 1; malo Tgcnio • abfq^ dapno 1 lefione • Segetu • Sepiu • PratoT; • 
Pecudu • Alaliu T: omniu aliaru po(feffionu eorudem monachoT; • Teft" • 
A • de a)oreuia • t C • de Dublain Epis • W • Comite de ClQenethet • 
W • fit • Alani Senefcaii Scotie • W • Olifard Juft^ Laodonie • Henrico 
de Baylloft • Dauid Cl^arifcallo • Gaufrido ctico de Liberacoe • Octauo 
die Aplif • Ann Regn diii Regif vicefimo fcdo . 

Carta Affrice • de Dunfcor . 

199 Omnibj liaf liVaf vifurif vt audit^f AfFrica fiha Edgari fatt in drio • 
Nouit vniufitaf vra me p anima dfii mei Witti Regif fcot l: p ani- 
mab^ aiicefToT; fuo^; t p anima patT mei \ matTinee 1: p animab^ 
aricefro-!; meoTj. Dediffe ^ Conceffiffe t hac ^fenti karta mea Confir- 
maffe deo t Gloriofe virgini marie 't Afebi t Conuentui de ct)elrof 
ibid deo fuientib^ t ftiit^if una q^^rta ptem plenarie ville in tritorio 
de dunfcor illam fihct inr quenda riuulum qui dicit^ pollelogan "t 
darcungal • Tenend fibi de me t: hedib^ meif p fuaf rectaf diuifaf in 
p^^am t; ppetua Elemofina in bofco "t plano in p^^tif t pafcuif in cnofif 
t marefiif in ftangnif t: moledinif T: in cerif omnib^ lifetatib^ 1 Afiaintif 
que ad libam tram data in Elemofina debeant ptiSe • Volo aut ut 
|5fati coonachd pfata Elemofina Cum dictif libtatib^ t Afianitif teneant 
t; in ppetuQ pofTideant adeo libe t quiete p^e plenarie 't honorifice 
fic aliq^^Abbatia in toto Regno fcot pleniuf libiuf quietius t honorifi- 
centiuf aliq^^m tram tenet "t poffidet • Teftib^ hiif • Diio WalPo Epo 
de Candida Cafa • Diio Cl)ichale Ciico Epi • Cornelio Canonico de 
darcungaLEnoc Rectore Ecce de dalg^nocdno fimone Capellano^ Johe 

182 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

CQacduftlii. A CapiJano. Gillcrifto filio Gillcunit.Gillenb^^ct. 

filio padi • padi roac Cunig • Gillid iudice . t cottif aliif • 

Carta AfFrice de valle de Nith • 

200 VniSfif x' fidelib^ hoc fc^ptu uifurif ut audit4s AfFrica fiha Edgari 
Satt in Dno • Nouit vniufitaf Cira ine |? aia Dni WiHi reg fcotie • t p 
aiab^ anceflb'^ fuoT^ • T; p aiab^ prif mei 't matY mee t oium anceffoT; 
meoT; • T: p falute DKi ini aIcx Reg Scotie T: Regine "t p falute mea t 
oium fucceffoT; meoT; dediffe 1 ^ceffuTe T; liac mea carta conf^mafTe 
Deo 'i ecctie sce foarie de ooelros T; coonachif ibide deo fuientib^ in 
Hbam pura t ppetua elemofina una q"^itii pte plenarie uille in rritorio 
de Dunfcor illa fcilicet q iacet inr D^gungal t qnda niuulu q" df 
pollogan p fuaf r^taf diuifas . t jjuea de pollogan p riuulu q^ defcendit 
de muffa uf' occidente t i'' de muffa p riuulu q'' defcendit in uad de 
Carn uf^ Glenefclan .1: ita p Carri uf^ oriete ufq^ ad riuulu qui df 
pollocofttan "t i"^ furfu ufq, ad Crofgarriauch q e meta int tra ca- 
nonicoT/ de D^congal t D'rengorran afcendendo p uia ufq^ Durrefwen 
t in defcendendo p cumulu lapideu ufq, in qnda ficu 1 ab illo fico 
fere r^^te defcended ufq, i riuulu aiidictum fcitt pollogan • Tota hanc 
rram t quicq'' ptinet^ infra ^noiataf diuifaf dedi t peeffi pnoiatif cno- 
nachis de cnelrof ut ea heant teneant t poffideant I ppetuu . hbe • 
quiete • plene t honorifice • 1; utant^ modif oib^ quib^ eif uifum fuit 
meli? t utih? . Conceffi % dcif monachif t oib^ ad ipos ptinentib^ 
liberu ingreffu 1 eg^ffum p tota ?ram mea t hoinum meoT; cQ auiif 
fuif t cePif neceffariif. Et uolo ut h oia i ppetuu habeant ita hbe 
quiete . plene . t honorifice i ficut ahqua elemofina in regno fcotie 
libi? • quieti? . pleni" . t honorificenti^ . te§i poteft t poffideri • Hiif 
Teftib^ . Diio WalPo Epo de Candida cafa • Dno COichaele ctico Epi • 


Dno Enoc Rectore Ecctie de dalgnoc • Dno Simoe Cappftano . 


Carta Aufrice de ualle Nith • 

~01 V niufis xpi fidelibus Hoc fc^ptum uifuris uel audituris Aufrica fUia 
Edgari faltm in dno • Nouit vniufitas iira me p anima diii • W • reg 
fcotie • 1; p animab^ paf s mei "^ mafs mee 1; oium anteceflbru meoru • 
t p falute dni mei Alex reg fcotie T: diie • J • Regine • "t p falute mea 
1: oium fuccefforu meoru • dediflTe • "t conceffiffe • t hac mea carta con- 
firmafTe deo % eccfie fce marie de roelros 1 roonachis ibidem deo fer- 
uientibus • in liberam puram ^ ppetuam elemofinam quandam ptem 
terre mee-in territorio de dunfcor que continetur infra has diuifas-fcitt 
a cruce que dicitur crofgarriauch que eft meta inr terram canonicoru 
de dercongal "t derrengorran afcendendo p uiam ufq^ durrefwen-^t inde 
defcendendo p cumulu lapideu ufq^ in quendam ficu t ab illo fico fere 
directe defcendendo ufq, in quendam riuulum q"* dicitur poUelogan t 
p poUelogan afcendendo ufq^ ad regiam uiam qua itur de dercongal 
ufq^ ad glencarn • "t p eandem uiam ufq, ad uadum cuiufdam fici quod 
dicitur athenweran • l ficut idem ficus defcendit ufq, ad quandam 
femitam que ducit ad uadu de Carn • t p fiuuiu de carn afcendendo 
ufq, ad quendam rivmlu qui dicitur poUechouflergan • t p eunde rivuilu 
afcendendo ufq, ad ^noiatam crucem q dicitur croffengarriauch • 
Totam hanc terram t quicq^ continet^ infra l^nomtas diuifas dedi t 
conceffi ^noiatis moachis de roelros^ut ea habeant teneant t pofRdeant 
in ppetuu • Hbere • quiete • plene • 1 honorifice • t utantur modis 
omnib^ quibus eis uifum fuerit melius t utihus • Conceffi % dictis 
monachis libum egrefTu 1 regrefTu p totam terram meam 1 hoinum 
meoru cum aueriis fuis • Et uolo ut hec oia in ppetuu habeant ita 

184 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

libe quiete plene 1; honorifice i ficut aliqua elemofina in regno fcocie 
libius • ^''etius • plenius 1; honorificenti^ teneri poteft t poffideri • Et 
ego 't heredes mei roanutenebim? T; warantizabim^ ^nolatis cooachis 
hec oia cont"^ ofiies hoies 1 adq^etabim^ de omni feruicio confue- 
tudine feculari 1 demanda in ppetuu • Hiis Teftibus ■ Dno Ric 
Cumin • Thom de chartre • Johanne de coundeuift • Laurentio de 
bercelai • Ct)artino pfona de dunfres • Thoma de treueq^r • G • pfona de 
kirkebride • Enoch rectore ecctie de dalgernoc • Jobe filio dufthauc 
de bar • • dunan • t coultis aliis • 

Confmatio Regif • A • de valle Nith • 

202 Alex dei Gra Rex Scott • Omnib^ pbis Hominibvis Totiuf tre fue 
Cticis t Laicis Sattm • Sciant ^fentef 1 fut^i nos diuine pietatif in- 
tuitu dedifle t conceffiffe 1: hac carta nra confirmafle • deo t Ecctie 
sce marie de melros • Et Abbti et monachis ibidem deo feruientibus 
Q^^rtam ptem de Dunfcor • in valle de Nytfe • fctt illam Q^^rtam ptem • 
que ppinquior eft tre CanonicoT; de Dercungaft • p rectas diuifaf fuas 
T; cum omnibus iuftis ptinentiis fuis • Tenend eifdem monachis in 
Liberam • puram • T; ppetuam elemofinam • adeo Libere et Quiete • 
plenarie 1 honorifice • ficut ahq"^ elemofina in regno iiro • ex dono nro 
ut ahcui-'' anceflbi/ iiroT; ht3ius 't quietius • pleni" 1 lionorificentius 
tenet^ 1; poffidet^ • Ita ut ^dicti roonaclii quolibet anno vigilia Sci 
Bartholoin apti pitantiam habeant • de redditu pdicte rre • Teft 
Cl)agro a)ath Cancett • Walt Olifard • Juft Laod • Walt fit Alaii 
Senefcatt • Pat^cio fit Com • Walt Cum • Inger de BaiH: • Henr" fit 
Comit • M • marfcaii • Thoin fit Rand • dd • Cuin • Apd Belford • 
decimo octauo die marcij • Anno regni diii Regis Q^ntodecimo • 


De lacu i valle dc Nith p pitanc • 

203 Alex . Dei g?a • Rex Scott • Omib? pbif hominib? toci? tre fiie Satt • 
Sciant pfentes t fiit^i nof p falute anime iire • 1 anteceffo'!^ t fuccelToT^ 
iiroT/ • dedilTe • concefliiTe • t hac carta iira confirmaffe deo t beate 
t\)arie de D:)elros • 1; roonachif ibidem deo feruientib? T; in ppetuu 
feruiturif • Lacu de Dunfchof in valle de Nyth • l illam denariata 
tre que ptinet ad eundem Lacu • 1 quicquid continet^ infra eunde 
Lacu t tram • Tenend • t habend • eifdem monachif in ppetuii • in 
Libera • pura • t ppetua elemofma de nobif t heredib^ liris • libei e • 
quiete • plenarie • t honorifice • ab omni feruicio • confuetudine • 't 
exaccione feculari • Nos uero t heredes nri ouiia |)dicta eifde mo- 
nachif cont" omnef homines Avarantizabim'' • nichil iurif in eifde 
nobif retinentef • nec p ipis aliquid petentef prer orationef tantu • 
Ita taiii qd idem monachi fingulif annif Die Sci Andree de puentib^* 
eoi/de habeant pitanciam • Tefl;^ • G • electo • Dunkeldens • Laur • de 
Abbnith • Bernard frafer • Thom fit • Ranulf' • Wiiio de Lyndefeia • 
Dauid de Lyndes • Alexandf de flriueliri • apd Alnecfb rcio die 
Decembr • Anii Regii drii Regif vicefimo secundo • 

Carta Johis Auenel de tra de Torthoralde • 

204 Sciant oiiis tam pfentes q^^m futuri qd Ego Johes Auenel filius 
Geruafij Auenel dedi • conceffi • t hac |)fenti carta mea confirmaui • 
do 1 sce fiiarie • t porte de tt)elros • ad ufus paupum ibidem aduenien- 
tiu • p falute ale mee • t oium anteceffoT^ t fucceffoT^ meoi/ in puram 
t ppetuam elemofina • illam dimidia carucata tre in tritorio de Tor- 
thorald • q^^m WiHs filius Glay • m^ p homagio t suicio meo dedit • 
Tenendam 1; habendam predce porte de Ctjelros in ppetuu • adeo libe • 

2 A 

186 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

quiete 1 honorifice • In bofco • in plano • in p^^tis t pafcuis • in viis T; 
femitis • in ftagnis T; molendinis • in moris 'i marifis • in aquis 't 
omnib^ libtatib, t aifiamentis ad illam rram ptinentib^ • ficut aliq'^ 
elemofina libius • quieci? • t honorificenci^ in toto regno Scotie tenet^ 
aut poffidetuR • Reddendo inde annuatim diio feodi p oiiii suicio • con- 
fuetudine • exaccone T: demanda • vnam lib^^m pipis ad natale dni • T; 
faciendo forinfecum suiciu Diii Regis • q^^ntum ptinet ad dimidia 
carucata rre • Ego u° T; heredes mej fupradictam dimidiam carucatam 
rre fupradce porte de melros cum oiTiib^ ptinencijs fuis ac libtatib^ 
conf^ oiils hoies "t feininas in ppetuum warentizabim^' • manutenebim^ 
ac defendem^ • In cui^' rei tefl;imoniu pfenti sc^pto figillu meu feci 
apponi • Hijs Tefl;" • Dno Ricardo Cumyn- Drio Thom de NormanuiH: • 
Diio Aymero de a-)akefwele • Drio Thoma fit • Ranulfi • Diio Thom • 
de chartris • Helya de Dundas • Diio Hug • Cl)auleuerer • Robto filio 
helye • Robto Poydras • Et multis alijs • 

Carta thoin de aunoy De brunchaith • 

205 Alexand di gfa rex fcott omnib^ pbif hominib^ tociuf rre fue cticif^ 1 
laicif falt • Sciant prefentef ^ fut^i • nof dedifle 1: conceffifle • 1 hac carta 
nra cofirmafle thome de alnot • brunschaith • ^ achhencrefe • t dergauat 
p r-^taf diuifaf fuaf p q^^fWiftmffilius dermari • illaf tenuit- qT fcitt?raf 
Witis eiufdem WiBmi fit • dermaii • nob q^etaf clamauit p fufl;um t 
bactm in curia rira apud dunfref^p fe t hedib^ fuif • tenend predco thom 
de alnot • t bedibuf fuif • de nob t hedib^ ririf in feodo t lieditate in trif 
T; aqT^ in p^^tif i pafcuif • in morif 1 marefijf • in fl;agnif T; molendinif • 
-i cum omnib^ aliif ad gdcaf ?raf iufl;e ptinentib^ ■ cum furca t fofla • 
cum focco 'i facca • cum tol • t thefh • 't infanganethef" • libe 't ^''ete • 
plenarie 'i honorifice p siriciu quarte ptis uniuf militif • tefl,-' t c • 


Carta dc Erufchatt • 

206 Uniuris xpi fidelib^ hoc fcriptu uifuris uel audituris Thomas de 
Abieto cniles ePnam fatm in diio . No9it vniSfitas ura me dedifle • 
^ceflifre 1 h^^c pfenti carta mea confirmaire deo 1 beate coarie de roelros 
T: nionachis ibidem do feruientibus l in perpetuu feruituris in liberam 
t perpetuam elemofinam terras de Brunfceth • de hauthyncref t de 
Dergauel p fuas rectas diuifas cum oinib^ ptinenciif fuif T; q'quid 
infra eafdem diuifas ^tinetur tam in hominib^ q*m pafl^uris • domib? • 
pratif • moris • marifcis • aquis • molendinis • nemorib^ 1 omib^ aliis • 
ita ut ipi oinia pmiflii cuni fuis pertinenciis ita libere in perpetuum 
teneant T; heant prout ea tenui • T; in omib^ premiflis nichil miclii 
retinui . Iramo Ego 't fucceflbres mei oiiiia pmifla eifde roonachis in 
perpetuu warantizabimus • In cuii' rei tefl;imoniu prefenti fcripto 
figillu meum appofui • Hiif tefl^ib^ • Johe de coakufweH: • Thoma filio 
Ranulfi vicecomite de Dunfres • Jotie de roundeuit • WalPo Croc • t 
Thoma mautalent i militib? • Laurencio de braccheley • Thoma de 
Cancia • 1 roultis aliis • Dat Anno dni millefimo ducentefimo t'ce- 
fimo feptimo • 

Carta Reg Alexandri de Brunfchc • 

207 A • di Gra Rex Scott • oinib^ probis hominib^ tocii' Pre fue falt • 
Sciant pfentes 1 fut4 nos dedifle • coceflifllj • l \fc carta rira ^pfirmafl^e 
do 1 bate Ct)arie de COelros • t monachis ibidem do fuientib^ t in- 
ppetuum feruit^is i Brunfchet • Hauchycref • t Dergauel • Tenend 1 
habend eifdem monachis i ppetuum de nob l heredib^ iiris p rectas 
diuifas fuas 1 cum omnib^ iufl;is ptinentiis fuis • in Bofcho 1 plano . 
in terris '± aq's • in pratis 1 pafcuis • in moris 1 marefiis • in Stagnis 

188 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

1: molendinis • \ cum omnib^ aliis ad dictas ?ras iufte ptinentib^ • 
libe • quiete ■ plenarie • t honorifice ■ faciendo forinfecum feruitiu in 
auxiliis tm q^^ntum ptinet ad q^^rtam ptem vni^ militis • De eScitvi 
uo 1; omj alio forinfeco fuitio ipos omio qVtos clamamuf • Predictas 
aut traf cont^omnes homies |5dictis monachis de Cl)elros in ppetuum 
warentizabim? • Teft^ ■ P ■ Comite de Dunbaf • Waltef • Olifard • 
Jufticiaf • Laodoii • Waltef Byfet • Bernard • ffi^fef • Dauid marf- 
callo • Witio de BreychiK • Thom ■ de Normanuiti • apud Selechirk • 
Sextodecimo die Julij • Anri • Regfi • DSi Regis vicefimo tercio • 

Carta Wiiii de Ullefcleue sr duo thoft" de hadyton' • 

208 Omib." sce matT Ecctie fihis prefentib^ ^ fut^s- Wifts de Lillefclif 
fatt • Sciatis me dedifle • concefliffe • \ hac ^fenti carta mea jjfirmafle 
deo 1 ecciie sce roarie de melros T; aionachif ibide do feruientib? in 
p^am T: ppetuam Elemofinam duo toplita in occidentali parte de 
Hadigtun • Tenenda • habenda • poflidenda • fic eif meli^ "t vtili^ 
uifum f3it • Ita libe quiete • plenarie "t honorifice fic aliq^^m Elemo- 
finam libiuf q^eti^ pleni" T; honorificenti^ tenent ac p^fident • Ita 
tamen qd de ipis tophtif dabut michi t bedib" meis annuatim • 
q^^tuor denariof in nundinif de hadigtun • Ego aute t hedef mei 
manutenebim? 't warantizabim? dictif monachif pfata duo tophta pt^ 
oms hoinef • T: adqVtabim? de oirii feruitio t de oib^ aliis rebus in 
ppetuuco • Hif Teftib^ Ric nano • Walro de lindefei • Henrico filio 
Robti de Rokefb^c • Robto de Bernoldebi • Alexandro de lillefclif • t 
Gaufrido ffe fuo • Radulfo fpendelune ^pofito de hadigtun • Wiiio 
ctico • Wiiio Ruflel • 


Carta monachov de may de q^^da tra i rritorio de panefTcet • 

209 Sciant pntes 't fiituri q ego Johes filius mich • afTenlu 1 uoluntate 
mych • heredis mci • dedi T: concefTi 1; liac mea carta confirmaui deo 
"t fanctis de may • 't monacliis ibidem deo feruientibj • pro a!a mea et 
aiab^ pris mei t iiiris mee 1 ducani fris mei et uxoris mce t heredis 
mei t oTm aiicefroT/; T; fuccefToi/ meo-i^ in libam 't puram t ppetua 
elemofmam totam tram in auflrali pte de Caleb^ne • a uado que efl 
inter paneffcelles 't KingifTete ufq,, ad lapidem flantem quafi medio loco 
inl: auflru t occidente • 1 inde ad magnu lapidem qui fitus efl fub 
vineyes • t inde ufq^ ad fl'yerefd • 't inde p unam puam femitam ufq, 
ad Windeffores • in ptinenciis ville mee de panefTcet • cum una acra 
prati • t cu paflura q fufficiat ad fuflentandu trecentas oues matrices • 
1 triginta uaccas portantes 1; viginti quatuor equas portantes cum 
fequela • t cu fuerint duoT; annoi^ amouebitur ipa fequela t fic 
deinceps • Concedo eciam ut heant predicti monachi in paflura mea 
decem fues portantes cum fequela donec fit fupanuata 1 fic deinceps • 
Item concedo hoinib^ eo-^ qui predictam terram tenuerint petas t 
turbas quatum necefTe huint ad domos fuas • Hanc autem concef- 
fione t donacone ego t heredes mei prefatis monachis inppetuu ab 
excitu et expedicione t omi feruico t exaccione t multura waranti- 
zabimus t acquietabimus • Et ut hec conceflio t donaco robur ppetue 
firmitatis optineat eam Sigilli mei appoficione roboraui • Tef t t c • 

Karta Johannif de COetkil de Pannefcelis • 

210 Oinib^' sce coatrif ecctie filiis ^fentib^ t futurif Johes fiUus michaet 
de coethkit • Saltni • Nouerit vniufitaf lira coe dedifTe conceflifre t hac 
carta mea confirmafTe Deo t Ecctie sce coarie de cnelros t coonachif 

190 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

ibide Deo feruientib^ 1 feruiturif tota rram mea de Pannefchelys • 
Tenenda t habenda eifdem monachif de me 't heredib^ meif in pura 
T; ppetua Elemofina in ppetuu • Ita libere • quiete • plenarie • 't ho- 
norifice • ficut aliqua elemofina in regno Scotie • Liberiuf • quietiuf • 
■t pleniuf • Tenetur vel poflidetur • In Eofco '^ plano • In rrif cultif 
t incultif . In pratif • et Pafcuis • In viif t femitif • In rooris • ooofif • 
t nwefiif • In aquif 1; ftagnif • viuarijs • t rnolendinif • t omibuf 
ahjs afiamtif que infra pdcam rram inueniri poVunt aut excerceri • Ego 
aute t heredef mei manutebim^ t defendem^' ^dcis coonachif tota 
^dicta rram cum omnibuf libertatib? t iuftif ptinentiif fuif conf^ 
omes homines • Excepta rra q^^m dedi monachif de CX)ay • "^ excepta 
tra q^^m concefl[i Henrico paruo t heredib^ fuif p rectaf diuifaf fuaf 
in ?ritorio de Pannefchelys • Totam uero tram |)dcam ficut dcm eft 
Tenebunt 1; habebunt pfati cnonachi de meh-of Liberam 1 quieta ab 
omi feruicio confuetudle t exactione T; demanda de me T: heredib? 
meif in ppetuu • Hijf Teftib? • Thoma Comite de Athot • Thoma 
de Cantia • Ct)agiftro Johe Abigenfi • Cpagro neflio medico dni Reg • 
Gaufrido de Bofco • Jacobo filio Wifti • Andi-ea de Sintun • 1 
ft)ultis Aliis • 

Carta Johannis de Cl)etkil de Pannefcei • 

211 Omnib" fce matris ecctie filijs ^fentib? t futurif Johes filius OOichael 
de CV)ethkil Saltm • NoSit vniufitaf ueftra me dediffe concefliffe t hac 
carta mea confirmaffe Deo 1 Ecctie Sce CI)arie de Ct)elrof 't monachif 
ibidem deo ferviientib^ "t feruiturif totam tram mea de Pannefchelys • 
Tenenda t habenda eifde cnonachif de me T; heredib? meif in puram 
t ppetua Elemofina inppetuu • Ita libere • quiete • plenarie • 1: honori- 
fice • ficut aliqua E Scotie • Liberi? quieti? • 't pleni^ • 


Tenetur uel poffidetur • In Bofco • t plano • In tris cultis • 1 incultil'. 

In In viir^femitif . In morif. rooffif. T; awefiif • In aquif . 

t ftagnif . viuarijf . t roolendinif . 't fiamentif que 

infra ^dictam tram inueniri poPunt aut excerceri . Reddendo inde 
annuatl p'ori de OJelrof q' pro tempe f9it tres marcaf argenti ad pen- 
tecoften . quaf pro falute anime mee 't heredum meoT; affignaui ad 
emdum pitantia ^uentui de OJelros In die Sce trinitatif p manu eiufde 
priorif annuati pcuranda . Ego aute \ heredes mei manutenebim" t 
defendem,^ ^dictif roonachif tota predicta Pram cii omnib" libtatib? ~t 
iuftif ptinencijf fuif cont"' omnef homines . Excepta tra q^^m dedi coo- 
nachif de COay • T; excepta Pra q-^m conceffi Henrico paruo T; heredib? 
fuis p rectaf diuifas fuaf in Pritorio de . • . . fchelyf . Totam uero 
tram ^dictam ficut dcm eft tenebunt T: habebunt pfati roonachi de 

melrof -t quiete ab omni feruicio confuetudine t exactione "t 

demandademetheredibuf meifinppet .... acien 

gnominatu . Hijf teftib^ . Dno Alano A6be fci Ewardi de bahnur- 

inach . Thoma Comite de Athot . W dni Reg dapifero • 

W . capellano ipii' . Thoma de Cantia . rt)agiftro iohe abigenfi - 
roagiftro neffio medico dni Reg . a)alcohno fit Comitif de Leuenauf • 
Gaufrido de Bofo . Jacobo filio Wiftmi . Jofae Cumin • Andrea de 
Sintuii • t roultif ahif . 

Confirmacx» Comitis Pafcij . de Pannefcet . 

212 Omib3 Haf HtPaf uifurif ut Audituris Tam pfentib^ q"^m futuris PatY- 
Comes de Dunbar Satt. NoSitis nos Conceffifle t hac ^fenti Carta fira 
Confinnaffie DeoT:EccKe Sce a)arie de a)eh-os 1 a)onachis ibidem Deo 
Seruientib3 oiiies Donationes t Conuencones 1 Conceffiones quas 
Johes de O^ethkil ipis fec de tra De Pannefceles cum Omibs ptinenciis 

192 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

Suis ■^ Libtatib^ T; Aifimentis Eidem tre De Pannefceles intiuf "t 
extiuf iulle ptinentib^ • Tenendas 't hndas ipif in ppetmim • deDicto 
Jotie de CX)ethkil T; bedib^ Suis Scdm Tenorem Cartarum quas ipi 
Cl^onachi Habent de Dco Johe Sup dicta rra Saluo suicio nro de 
Johe filio Walleui • Hiis Teft^ • Pat^c fit nro • WiHmo fit • riro . Walt • 
Olifard • Juftic Laodoii • B'nard Fraf' • Adam de Paulewurth • Rog 
de foerlay • Witimo de Bolteby • Alaii fit Alan fit Edgari 1 Pafc fre 
eiuf Tunc tempis clico Comitis • 

Conf matio Johannis filij Waldeui de Pannefcet • 

213 Omib^ Has Litteras uifuris ut Audituris Tam Prefentib^ q^^m futuris 
Johannes filius Waldeui Satt • NoSitis me ConceflifTe t Hac pfenti 
Carta mea Confirmafle Deo 1 Ecctie Sce Cl)arie De Ct)elros 1: rOona- 
chis ibidem Deo Seruientib^' Omnes Donationes 1 Conuencones • 1; 
Concefliones quas Johannes de COethkitt ipif fecit De terra de Pan- 
nefceles cum Omib^ ptinenciis Suis % Libtatib? t Aefiamentis 
Eidem terre De Pannefceles ptinentib^ tenendas t habendas ipis in- 
ppetuum • De Dicto Johanne De Cl)ethkil l hedibus Suis Scdm teno- 
rem Cartarum quas ipi Cl)onachi hnt de dicto Jobe Sup dicta terra • 
Saluo Seruicio michi T; hedibus meis de Dicto Johanne De Cl)ethkil 
1 hedibus Suis Contento In Carta mea t Cartis Anteceflbrum meoT^ 
quas dictus Johannes Habet De eadem terra • Hiis Teftib^ • Diio 
Comite Pafcio de Dunbar • Paf cio filio ei^ • Wittmo filio ei" • Walt 
Olifard • B"nardo FrafcR • Adam de Paulewurth • Rog de 0:)erlay • 
Wiiimo de Bolteby • Alano fit • Alati fit Edgari • Johanne filio meo • 


Carta mauricii filii Robti • 

214 Jobs filius michaelis • OiTiib^ lias tras viifuris uel audituris tam clericis 
qua laicis • falutem • Sciatis me dedifle 'i conceffiffe t hac mea pnti 
carta confirmafTe Maurico homini meo filio Robti totam tram illam 
qua aldredus faber "^ oliuer filius fuus tenuerunt in rra mea de 
paneffcet • totam fcilicet terra illam que ell in oriente pte de faftenei 
habendu "t tenendum s"" "fc heredib, fuis quos de corpe fuo habebit • 
de me t heredib^ meis in feodo 1; hereditate cu oiiiib^ ptinetiis 
1 afiamentis ad ead rram iufl;e ptinentib^ ■ libe % quiete plenarie 
t honorifice ab oiiii feruicio 1 confuetudine • reddendo inde michi 1: 
heredib^ meis annuatim ille t hedes fui quedam calcaria deaurata • 
uel fex denarios ad fefl;um sci michaelis • falua comuni pafl:ura ad 
oues meas • Domus aute fua pp^^a erit quieta de multura • f^ homines 
feqntur molendinu meu • Tefl;^ • \c"' • 

Carta • J • de metkil de pannafeles que fuit Aldredi • 

215 Omnib^ fce matT Ecctie filiis ta pfentib^ ^"'m futuris Joh fii roich 
Sait • Sciatis me dediffe conceffifl^e 1 hac pfenti carta ma confirmafl!e 
deo 1; Ecctie fce roarie de aielros t roonachis ibidem do feruientib^ 
tota tram illam ^"'m Aldred" fab 1 01i9 fit fuus teiiunt in Pra iiia de 
pannechet . Totam fcilicet rram illam que efl; I orientali pte de 
Fafl;enei Infra has diuifas a uado fciit de fafl^enei p uiam que dr 
Ricardifrode ufq, ad capud de kelnemade • t inde p Riuulum q* 
currit i kelnemade ufq,, in Witedre in puram t ppetuam elemofi- 
nam tenedam t poffidendam de me 1 hedib^ meis i ppetuum adeo 
libe t quiete plenarie t honorifice fic aliq^^m elemofinam libius t 
quieti? • plenari? t honorificetius tenet aut poffidet i toto regno fcotie • 


194 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sEc. xiii. 

Totam g^ rram hanc l quiqcf d continet^ infra pdcas diuifas cum oib3 
aifiamentis ad totam rram meam de pannechet iufte ptinetib^ tenebt 
^dci cnonachi de roe "t hedibj meis libe t q^ete ab oi treno feruitio 
confuetudine 1; exactione feclari 't ego \ heredes mei manutenebim? 
t waretizabim? ^fatis coonachis tota ^dcam ti-a cum oib^ |)dcis aifia- 
mentis "^ adquietabim^ ab oi rreno feruitio erga oins homies • Hiis 
Teft" . cnagro • Ci) • Cancellario • coagro • P • de Rames • G • T; J • capHanis 
meis • Bernard frefer • Ada de poAvP • Henr de abnid • Ricard 
monipeni • mauritio fit Robi • t iiiltis aliis • 

Carta Jobis de norbwic fup quieta clamacoe firme pro tra de kingiflet • 

216 Omnibus x'' fidelibus pns fc^ptum vifuris uel audituris • Johs de norb 
lattm in domino • No8it vniSfitas vra q cum abbas et conuentus de 
melros tenerent^ michi et heredibus meis finglis annis in tVinta folid 
argenti pro terra que vocatur kingiffete in tritorio de panfchet ficut 
iacet inter calneburne • t kingifburn • t witeddre • Ego p me et 
heredibus meis remifi eifd abbti et ^uentui dtos rginta folidos et 
quietam clamaui totam dcam terram de kingiflet • inppetuum cum 
oi iure qd ego et heredes mei in ea huimus • uel hre potuim^ pro 
fginta duab^ mc^ et quadraginta denaf • fl;erlingoTj • quam quid 
pecunie fummam m'' pre manib^ plenarie pfoluerunt • Ita q dci abbas 
et ^uentus dcam terram de kingifl^et tenebunt • et poflidebunt • adeo 
libe 1; quiete ab oi feruicio exactione 't demanda que exigi porunt • 
ficut ahquam terram in regno fcocie libius et q^ecius tenent et pofli- 
dent . Et ego et heredes mei dcam terram cum oib^ ptinenciis fuis 
dcis abbi et puentui • oino ut dictum e • p'^ omnes warantizabim? ac 
defendemus • In cui^ rei tefl;iom pnti fc^pto figillum meu apponi feci • 


Carta Henrici de Beletun • 

217 Omnib^ fce matT ccctic filiif prefentibuf 1 futurif Henric? de beletun 
fatt • No9it uniQfitas ura me dediffe conceffifTe 't hac carta mea 
cOf^mafTe coonachis de foelros totam tram meam de kingiffete in 
rritorio de pannefelis ficut iacet inr calneburne 1 kingeburn twiteddre 
teneda 'i hndam de me t hedibus meis ad feuda firmam in ppetuu • 
Reddedo inde michi 't hedib^ meis fingulis annis duas marcas argenti- 
vna fcitt ad feftu fci coichaelif • 't altam ad pentecoften • Ego 
q^dem '^ heredes mei manutenebim? t warantizabim? '^ defendem? 
pdcif cnonachif totam pdcam terram cum oiTiibuf libtatibuf t ptinen- 
ciif fuis 't adq^etabimus erga omnes homines ab oiiii feruicio • confue- 
tudine • exactone "t demanda • Ita qd pdci coonachi pdcam Pram Hbe 
t quiete tenebunt t habebut in ppetuu p predcm redditum duarii 
coarcaru • Actu anno gf e af • cc° • xxx° i" • Hiis Tefl^ibus • Diio Jofce de 
• • • • fw . ft Camerario Regis • Dfio Thoiii fit Ranulfi • Diio • Berii de 
haudene • Dno Johe de cnetkil • Philippo de pethcox • t ciouhif aliif • 

Carta Philippi de Petcox de belefide 

21 8 Omib5 Sancte coatT Eccfie fihis pfentib^ t fiitMs • PhilippP De pethcox 
Salt^ Sciatif me dedifle t Conceffiflfe^ t hac mea Carta confirmafle ex 
bona uolunte • t affenfu • philip filii mei t hedif Deo t ecctie Sancte 
OQarie De coelrof 1 coonacfe ibidem fuientibus deo • pro animab^ 
T>DO-!i. meoT; • Cofpafcij • 't Waldeui • Comitum De Dunbar • t p 
animab^ pafs t mfis mee • t Oiiiium aHcefloT; meoT^ • 1 pro Salute 
Dni mei • P • Cofni de Dunbar • t p falute mea • t P • fit • mei t hed • 
t oiiiium fuccefToT^ meoT^ • Pram illam in ?ritorio De Pethcox que 
iacet int diuifas tre coonachoTf de htefhevede t niuulum qui nomiat^ 


Preftmunethburne • q^^m pdicti roonachi ex donacione mea • t ^cepto 
p ^dcm niuulu tre fue de titefh incluferunt • '^ Decem acras in 
cultura De Belefide rre fue de Edmudift' ppinquiuf adiacentes • in 
libam • puram • "t ppetuam][elemofinam • Ita libe • 1 quiete • plene t 
honorifice • ficut aliq^^m elemofina Libi'' • Q^eti? • pleni'' 1 honorifi- 
centi? • tenent • t poflident • Et ego t hedef • mei manutenebim'' • t 
warantizabim? ^dcam tVam ^fatif monach cont^ oiiies hominef • in 
ppetuum • t adq^etabim? erga dnm uege 1; oms aliof ab oiiii rreno 
fuicio t cofuetudie • t exactione fclari • Teft" • Com • PatV" Dno meo • 
Paf c" fit ei'' • B"nard frafer • Ilog De a/lay • Ada de powlew" • Adam 
de Gord • Thoiii de Nefeb • Philipp filio meo t hede ■ Waldeuo p"^ de 
Withinha • CV)agro WiWo de Ercheld • Ct)agro Johe pfona • Et 
a)ultis Aliis • 

Carta Philippi de Belefide • 

219 Oinib^ fce cofis EccKe filiis jPfentib^ t fut^is • Philipp^' filius Ph • De 
Pethcox Salt • Sciatif me conceflifle t hac mea carta confirmafle Deo 
t ecclie sancte coarie de coelrof • t coonach ibidem Do fuientibus • j> 
animabus DnoT/ meoT^ CofpafcC • t Waldeui Comit De Dunbar • t p 
animab^ pafs t cofif mee • t oiiiium anceflbi; meoi; • t Pro Salute 
diii mei Com Pafcij • t p Salute mea • t oiuium fucceflbi/ meoT/ traf 
illas in t^ritorio De Pethcox • quas pr me^ eifdem monach dedit • Sctt • 
tram illam que Jacet int* diuifas tre coonachoT^ De H^teflieuede • t 
Eiuulum qui noiat^ preftmunethburne • q^^ni ^dci coonachi ex dona- 
tione • t ^cepto paf s mei p ^dcm Riuulum • rre fue De H^tefh • 
incluferunt • t Decem acras in Cultura De Belefide • tre fue de 
Edmundift" ppinquiuf adiacentef • In lifeam • pura • t ppetuam Ele- 
mofinam • Quare uolo • t concedo ut ^dci coonachi De aielrof ^noataf 


tVaf . hant • teneant • t poffideant • Ita libe • t quiete • Plene • l Ho- 
norifice • ficut aliquam Elemofinam Libius • Qeti^ Pleni^ t honori- 
ficenti? • tenent '± poffident • Et ego T; feedes mei coanutcnebim? t 
warantizabim? pdcas rras ^fatis coonacb conf^ oinef hoTes inppe- 
tuum • t adquietabim^ de oiiii treno fuicio 1 pfuetudine • 'i exactione 
fckri^Tefl;- • Cofii Pat^c^ Dno meo • PatV fit e\9 . B^nardo frafer .Ro^- 
De co^lay • Adam de Paulew • Adam De Gord • Thom De Nefef) • 
Waldeuo p"^ de Withnha • Ct)agro WiHo de liercheld • OQagro Johe 
p"^- Et multis aliis • 

Carta Philippi de Petcox de fatiffaciendo p belefide • 

220 Oinib3 hoc fcriptum vifuris ut Audit-is • PhiUpp? de Pethcox Satt • 
Nouit vniSfitaf ura qd quia Decem acras ?re in Belefide quas Dedi 
monachis De (X)elros • T; • Ph . filius me^ Eifdem confirmauit •In longu 
iuxta tram fuam de Edmudifl;" a bele • ufq^ in Drituede • impediente 
quadam Conuencone InP me 1 Rog • de af lay • facta tempe Donaconif 
extend^e non potui f ego t Ph • filius meus p nobif t hedib^ iiris fide 
intpofita votum vouim^ . quod finito ?mino Dece annoT^ fi aii fa&e 
non poffinnus • eifdem nionach • |)dcas decem acras tVe ficut iacent 
ppinq'uf tre de Edmudifl;" in longitudinem deDrituede ufq,in Bele • 
fine oiiii dubitacone extendi faciemus • Et vt hoc ^fenf votum nrm 
firmum fit 't fl;abile f hoc fc^tum figilli mei t sigilli fit mei appoficone 
Roborauimus . 

Carta Philippi de Petcox • 

221 Oiuibuf ^fentef litPaf uifurif. ut auditurif • Philippi» de Pethcox • Satt • 
Sciatif me bono animo ^ceffifle coonach de coehi vt tranfferret riuuhl 

198 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

illu q^ dicit^ Prefmuneburne.Qui eft diuifa in?me 1 eofde monachof • 
eo qd frequenr dapnu inferret pratif 1 fegitibuf eo"!^ • Cuiuf riuuli 
t^nflacoincipit a Suineburne "ttendit uerfuf auftru ficut tra antiquif 
culta tpratu infimul ^ueniut ■ ufq,, ad uadu ubi uia de lunkepeth de- 
fcendit i Prefmuneburne 1; a jJdicto uado ufq^ ad Thorneburht t ita 
fubt^ Thorneburht ufq, in Broc • Totam u° hanc rram T; pratum que 
continent^ infra pfatam t^nflacone uerfuf ipos roonachof dedi t ^cefll 
•^ hac mea carta ^firmaui do 1; Ecctie sce roarie de coelrof 1; aiidcif 
roonach ibidem do feruientib^ in Hbam • puram • T; ppetuam Elemo- 
fina p falute dni mei Coiii • Pat^cij • t hedum eiuf • 1: p falute aie mee • 
t vxorif mee • 1 oiniu Parentu nf oi; • quietam • 1; foluta • ab oini treno 
feruicio • t confuetudine t exaccone fctari • Et ego 1 hedef ini manu- 
tenebim? ^dictif monach hanc Elemofina • "t warantizabimuf pV^ oras 
hominef t adq''etabim>' ea de omi feruicio inppetuu • Hiif Teftibuf* 
Simone 1 Hug capellanif de DunbaE. • Ric capeUano de Staintun • 
Patcio fit Ada de Witthufme • Rogero de roerlay • Berthin de 
Ruchelau • Adam eodem tempore Ceffio de Cl)elrof • Walro t Albino 
Conufif de CQelrof • 1: multif aliis 

Carta philippi de petcox de prato • 

Omnibus fce iriris eccie fiUis tam pntib^ q'^ fut^is philipp^* de petcox 
faltm . Sciatis me dedifie • T; hac pnti carta mea ^firmafle do T; eccie 
fce ma' de melros • et mo^^chis ibidem deo feruieii • pro aiab^ pris et 
iiiris mee 'i oim anteceflToT^L "t fuccefloT^ meo:^ in libam puram et 
ppetua elemofina illam ptem p^^ti in trito° de petcox quam tenuerunt 
de pre meo tenenda de me et heredib^ meis tenore ppetuo • fine oiiii 
terreno ferui" et ^fuetudle et exaccoe fclari • ita libe quiete plene et 
honorifice • ficut ullam elemofina libius quiecii' plenius et honorifi- 


cencii' tenent et pofRdent Et ego t heredes mei manutenebim^ et 
warantizabi^ eis hanc clcmofinam p'' oes hocs inppetuum • Teft- • 

Carta Alex de Seton'^ de Lef hauhwes de Edmundifton . 

~~3 VniSfif xpi fidehb^ ^fens ftfptum vifuris ut auditurif Alexander de 
Setun miles fihus dni Seyri de Setun Saltm in dno • No8it vniSfitaf 

ura difle • concefRfTe • t hac pfenti carta mea confirmaffe • Deo 

T; Eccfie sce marie de melrof t roonachis ibidem deo feruientib^ t 

ippetuum feruituris oim anteceffoT^ \ fucceffo-^ meoT; . 

"t p falute mea 't vxoris vaee-^t hedum meo-!^- totam Pram quam habui 

in tritorio de Ruchelau iuxta aq^^m de ex ut^q., pte eiufdem 

aque • p haf diuifas • Incipiendo ad Beleforde ult"^ fupius ftagnum 
(oolendini de Eddemundiftun • t inde afcendendo ufc^ ad Gray- 
cragge • T; de Graycragge 9fus oriente . p pedem condoffi • ufq, ad 
altam uiam • t fic p t^nfSfum alte uie defcendendo ufq, Crokepol- 

hou fic p pedem condoffi defcendendo • ufq^ ad Sahvildmuthe • 

vbi Salwild cadit in Bele • totam hanc ?ram • \ quicq'd infra jjdcas 
diuifas • -^ tram Grangie de Eddemundiftun continet^ fine aliquo 
retenemento dedi ■^ conceffi p me t hedibj meif • eifdem coonachis • 
Tenendam t habendam in hbam • puram T: ppetuam elemofinam 
adeo Ube • quiete • plenarie t honorifice • ficut aliqua elemofina in 
Regno Scocie • hbius • quieti^ • pleni^ • t honorificenci? tenet^ ut 
poffidetur • Et p bono pacif habende inP gdcos roonachos • conSfos 
\ feruientef Grangie de Eddemundiftun • t me • -l hedes • ac hominef 
meof de Ruchelau i volo \ concedo • qd racione parcagij utrobiq 
vnuf obolus capiat^ tm p quoUbet grege • ^ armento fingiis 
uicib^ • ext^ fegetef \ p'^ta • Et ego T; hedes mei oinia ^miffa dcis 
foonachis cont^ oines hominef \ feminaf warantizabim? • acquie- 

200 MUNIMENTA DE MELUOS. sec. xiii. 

tabim^'- 1 Ippetuum defendem? • In cui" rei teftimoim pfenti fc^^pto 
figillum meu appofui • Hiis teftib^ • Diio AValleuo pfona de Dunbar • 
Dnis WiWo de Sco Claro tuc vicecomite de Edinburg • Wiiio de 
veri ponte • Hugone Gurlay • Robto de Kippeh militib^ • Robto de 
Haukeriflo'^ • Gilbto filio Andree • T; alijs* 

Q^eta clamaco • G • Wales-= de godeney t barmor • 

221, VniSfis xpi fidelib^ has litPas vifur vt auditur^ Ricardus Walens* 
roiles faltm etnam in dno • Nouit" vniufitas vra qd cu Abbs et couent^ 
de reelf m'' "t hedib^ meis annuatim tenent^ in fohicione duaT^ mar- 
caT^ noie recogniconis toci? rre de Godeney t de la Barm^ eis ab 
aiiceflbrib^ meis t me in hbam t ppetuam elemofina collate • fic in 
eoT; cartis _ptinet^ i Ego eafdem duas marcas ^fatis roonachis oino 
relaxaui • T: in ppetuu q^etas clamaui p q"dam fumma pecunie • q"m 
ijdem roonachi fimt t femel in neceflitate mea m^ pre manib^ paca- 
8unt • Hanc ig'' q^eta, clamacom ^dcai^ duai^ marcai^ • n^no 1: refig- 
nacom ois iuris 1; clamij • q ego vt hedes mei in j^dcis tris • \i in eaii. 
ahq'^particula aUqn huim^'^ vt in ppetuu habere potuim? quouis iure i 
p me t hedib^ meis T: fucceflbrib^ meis qVtas clamaui • ac integ' "i 
in ppetuu refignavii • nich deceto p oibj memoratis a dcis monach 
petendo J ^? ofones tm • Vn ego 1 hedes mei 1 fucceflbres mei ^dcas 
qVtam clamaconem t oium iuriu refignaciim ^dcis roonach pf oms 
hoies t feminas warantizabim? • t p\f ofns aliq^^m calupniam in 
eifdem ponentes in ppetuu defendem^ • Et ut h q^eta clamacio fma 
fit 'H; ftabit f pofui fideiuflbre epm GlafguenS t ecctam fuam • con- 
cedens i vt fi aliqri ego vi hedes mei vt fucceflTores mei cot^ ^dca 
vt ^f^ elemofinas eifdem monach ab anceflTorib^ meis T; me fcas 1: 
coUatas put in cartis nris _ptinet^ • aliq' atteptaSim^' i dcus epc q^ p 


tempc f 3it • fcu dca ccca ad omia iMiiiflTa integlir obsuanda f ad in- 
ftantia vt fimplice dcmolfccjm dcoT/ fconachoT; fine caufe cognic6e-no 
obllantc aliq"" appllacone • lcu defenlione • vt aliq° iuris remedio p 
cenfuram ecctiaftica nos copUant • In cui^ rei teftimoniu 't munime f 
figillu Decani Glafguens vna cu figillo meo pfentib^ littis eft appen- 
fum . Teftib3 • Dno Witio Comyn de keiyd • Diio Witto de Ga\]ft • 
Dno Walro de Lindifay • militib3 • Diio Radulpho tuc Decano de Ar • 
Alano de Cathkert tuc ^ftablar de Ar • t alijs • 

Emtio decimaru de barmor • 

225 Vniufis xpi fidelib^ hoc fc^ptum uifurif iil auditurif • A ■ rector ecctie 
de Balinclog fatt • Nouit uniufitaf ura qd cum coonachi de roelros 
tram fuam de Barmor fclaribus ad firma tradid'int ufq^ad fine decem 
anno^ 1 ecctie mee de Balinclog decime eiufde rritorij tepe firme 
^opetant de iure comuni f ego ob cam legittima 1; dce ecctie mee ne- 
celfaria uendidi ^fatif monachis oines decimas ex pdco tritorio pueni- 
entef ufq, ad fine dece annoi/ p certa fuma pecunie q^^m m^ idem 
monachi fimul t femel foluent • Conuenit tinr nof qd poft fine dcoij. 
dece annoTj quotienf dcam tram • • • • ad firma dabunt idem coonachi 

una m^^cam argenti m^ t ecctie mee fingtis annis pcijDient 

integre oins decimaf coeaf puenientes tm • Actu anno gfe co" • cc" • 

Compo" nouiffima de Balinclog • 

226 Vniufif xpi fidelib^ hoc fc^^ptfi uifurif ut auditurif- A • rector ecctie 
de Balinclog Salute • Cum inr me ex una parte t abbem t monachos 
de coelros ex alra fup decimif tVitorij de Barmor difcordia aliq^^ndiu 


202 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

durafi'i i tande lioc fine qVuit • Qd rnonachi de roelros noie roonaft^ij 
fui foluent annuatim m^ "^ ecctie mee de Balinclog dece folidos ad 
feftum Sci Jacobi p bono pacif • Et p hanc fohicone dece folidoi^ 
imune erit rnonaft^iu de aielros erga ecctiam pochiale de Balinclog t 
rectores illi^ in ppetuu ab omi vexatione t exactione qvio ad decimas 
dci tiitorij de Barmor i "t ab oiiii uindicatione priuilegioT; fup dcif 
decimif t quolibet honere parochiali fibi ^peteritiu • Soluet quide 
monachi dece folidos illos hoc adhibito mod^amine qd q°tienf dcam 
rram t^id^int ad firmam f ceffabunt a foUicoe dce pecunie toto tepe 
firme • T^ra qMem ad roanuf coonachoT^ reuoluta foluent |)fata pecunia 
tepore debito more ptaxata • Et ut liec amicabit compofitio inP dcaf 
pcctiaf illibata pmaneat • pfenf ftf ptu figilli mei appofitioe roboraui • 
Actu anno gre • a)° • cc° • xx° vi° • 

De paftura de Lamb^m^ . 

5227 Omnib^ xpi fidelib^ hoc fc^ptu vifur' ut auditur" • Alan^ filius 
RoUandi Scottoi^ conftabulari? sattm • Nouit vniufitas vra nos 
dediffe conceflKTe t hac carta rira ^firmaffe do t ecctie sce roarie de 
melros "t roonachis ibide do suientib^ • totu vaftu nfm de Lambremor 
in efchambiu cui°da tre que uocat^ kereft)an qua dci roonachi dederiit 
nob p carta fua falua illis tm pmuni paftura in dco vafto q^ ea in tepe 
anceflbT^ nroT^ T: iiro uti i^te folebat • Ita tn q auia eoT^ i dca paftura 
no pnoctabut f 53 ad pp^^as domos figulis dieb^ remeabut • Tened 'i hnd 
s^ libum • qVtu 1 fohitu ab oiiii rreno suico • pfuetudie t exaccone 
feculari cu oiiiib^ imunitatib, 't hbtatib^ cii q''^^ pdcam trii de 
kereft)an ut aliq^^m aliii elemofina Ubius tenuerut i regno fcocie de 
comite ut barone • fcitt ut dcm vaftu edificet arent foflatas fepes ut 
muros faciat ad includend blada ut p^^ta que face uoluint • 1: vtant^ 


modis omib^ q^b^ eis utili? iiifu f9it • Et nos t hcredes firi manu- 
tenebim? warantizabiin'' dcis roonach |]dcm vaftu cu omib^ ptineciis 
t lititatib, pnoiatis l defendem'' ^"' oines holcs ab oi suico forenfi 
ut p\iato . Hiis Tellib3 • Thoma de kent • Radulfo de cliftun clericis 
nris • B^nardo de Rippeleye • Ricardo roautalent • Alano de feint cler • 
Witio de H'teflieueth • Henrico de la hage • Ingeramo gurle • Gilbto 
de thirfi • t roultis aliis • 

Confirmatio Regis Alexandri • 

228 Alexand dei gra Rex ScottOT/ oinib^ pbis hominibus tocius rre 
fue clericis i laicis falutem • Sciant pntes "t futuri nos coceffifre '"t hac 
carta nra cofirmaffe donaconem illam qua alanus filius Rollandi 
conftabulari^ iir fecit deo t ecctie fancte Marie de Melros ^ monachis 
ibidem deo feruientib^ de toto vafto eiufde Alani de lambremor in 
excambium cuiufdem terre que vocatur Kerefbaii • qua dicti mo^^chi 
dederut predicto Alano p cartam fuam tenendu t ftndu ^dictis 
mo^^chis de melros cu omib^ ptineciis fuis • ita hbe 't quiete ficut 
carta dicti Alani pleni^ cofecta dictis mo^^chis iufte teftatur • Saluo 
suicio meo • Teftib^ • Witto electo Glafg" canceft • B"nardo fras • t 
Alexandro de Striuelyng • 

Confirma" regis Alexand fup terris in territorio de lauuedd' • 

229 Alexander dei gracia Rex fcot • omnibus probis hominib^ tocius 
terre fue cticis et laicis faltm • Sciant pntes et futuri nos conceffifle» 
et hac carta nra confirmafle donacoem illam • quam Alanus filius 
RoUandi conftabula^ iir fecit deo et ecciie fancte ma^ de melros et 
monachis ibideni deo feruientibus • de quib^d terris in territorio de 

204 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

laiiued' que continet^ infra has diuifas nominatas in carta eiufd alani • 
dictis monachis fup hac donacoe confecta • Tenend • et habend • 
dictis monachis de melros in libam puram et ppetuam elemofinam • 
Ita hbe • quiete • plenarie et honorifice • ficut carta predicti alani 
conftabularij inde plenl^ confecta predcis monachis iufte teftatur • 
fakio ferui° • iiro • Teft • W • etto glalg 't iiilt^ ahis • apud felkirk • 
quarto die augufti • anno regni do^ reg nonodecimo • 

Carta • P ■ Coiii • de Dunbar fup uendicoe paftui*e feodi de lauuedeK • 

2.'}0 UniSfis xpi fideUb^ pfens fcriptum vifuris vt audit^if f Patrici? comef 
de dunbar f fatm in drio • NoSit vniSfitaf vra • me ex voUmtate 1 
confenfu dni Patricij fihj mei 1 hedis • vendidifle • Abbi • 't conuentiii 
de foel^t • totu equiciu meu qd hui in feodo de Lawedir • Anno gre • 
foillefimo • Ducentes • quadrag • feptimo l in fefto decollai?6if lci 
Johis Bape . Concefll infup t qVteclamaui ex voluntate t confenfu 
Diii • P • filii mei dcis Afebi t ^uentui qd ego vt hedes mei • vt aliq''^ 
alius noie iiro infra terraf vt pafturaf q"^s ipi infra feodu de Lawedir 
ipo die tenuerut t poffiderut f aliq^^m calumpnia vt ^muna ad equi- 
ciu feu ad aliqua alia amlia nutrienda vt pafcenda aliquo iure aut 
pfuetudine q^b^ in eifdem Vris t pafturif hacten^ vfi fumuf f numq^m 
de cero hebim" aut exigemus • Et fciendum qd dci Abbs • t ^uent^ 
de foelrof • p equicio meo • p hac mea ^ceffione • t quietaclamancia i 
dederut michi • Centu • fnarcaf • legalium fterlingo-y • t diio • PatYio • 
fiho meo • viginti marcaf • p ^pfirmacoe fua fup hijs habenda de quib^ 
plenarie nobis eft fatiffactu • Ego uero t hedes mei hanc meam 
uendicionem • Conceffione • quietamclamancia • t ouiia pmiifa pfatis • 
Abbi . t piientui de foelrof • conf^ ofiis imppetuu warantizabim^* • 
Teftib3 • diio • Patricio • fii • meo f t hede . Dfio Wiiio fre meo • 


Dfio • Rob . ienefcaft ■ fre meo • Dno (Dalcolmo • fit Walleui • Diio 
Petro • 't dno Jolie capcllanif meis • Dno WiHo de Normanwitt • 
Rectore ecctie de macliuil" • Ricardo de roernes f t cnultis alijs • In 
cuiuf Rei teftimonium Ego p me 1 hedib^ meis huic fcripto figillu 
meu apponi feci • 

Cormac& Reg • A • f f uendicoe • P • com • q^^ntu ad pafl^am feodi d 
lauueder • 

231 • A • di gratia Rex Scott • Omib^ probis hominib^ toci^ tre fue salt • 
Sciatis nos conceffifle t \fc carta nra confirmafTe vendiconem illam 
q^^m • P • Comes de Dunbar de confenfu Patf • fihi l heredis fui • 
fecit Abbi 't conuentui de coelros de toto eq^tio fuo qd habuit in feodo 
de Lauhedir • Ann gfe roiti • ducentes • quadrages • feptimo i fefto de- 
coUatonis fci Jobis Baptifte • Et fimtr conceflim^ 1 \fc carta nra con- 
firmauim? conceflione 't quieta clamacoem q^^m Idem Comes de con- 
fenfu dci • P • filii 't heredis fui fecit eifdem Abbi t conuentui de 
communa q^^m habuit ad equitiu ut ad aUq'^ aha animaha nufenda 
ut pafcenda inf'^ tras 1: pafturas q^^s dci Abbas 't conuent^ I feodo de 
Lauhedif dco die tenuerut t pofTiderut • Ita fciHc"t q dict'^ Comes 
aut heredes fui ut aliq^s alius nomle eoij. nullu clamiu aut calumpnia 
i dcis tris aut pafturis deceto exigent aut habebunt • q^^m quid 
uendicoem t ^''etam clamacoem ita uolum^ i ppetuu obferuari f 
ficut carta pdci Patf Coni • de Dunbaf • q^^m dci Abbas t conuent'' 
inde habent • itifte teftat^ • Teft- • W^ Cuml Coin • de Cl)eneteth • Alaii 
Hoftiaf • Juftic Scoc • Rob de Ros • Dauid de Lindes"" • Thoin de 
Normanuitt • Thoin filio Rantilf" • Robert de coeiners" • Apud fcam 
c^cem vicefim' octauo die Nouembf • anii regni diii reg • Tricefimo 
tertio • 

206 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Carta Rob de CV)afcanipo de donacoe fca Cl)agro • W • de Grenlaw • 

232 Omnib3 xpi fidelibuf haf litPaf vifurif ut audit^if Robt? de m^capo 
Satm • Nouit vnimitas vra me dediffe cocefRflre et hac pfenti carta 
mea ^firmaffe • Ct)agro Witto de Grenlaw p homagio et suico fuo 
tota rram q^^m ei p pbof hoief meof pambulari feci in tra q^ fuit 
Nicholay de EghetofFt et GiHe q^nda fororif mee in rritorio ville de 
halfinton cotenta inf^^diuifaf fbfeqntef in excambiu tre q^^m ei pri^ 
ded'am in rritorio pdce ville • Jacentem p ptes inr rraf hominu meoT/ 
de halfinton • videlicet de riuolo de Lambeden ex pte orientali 
afcendendo vfq^ ad cogerie lapidu pofita p diuifa ex eade pte ppe 
domof fitaf in eade tra que fuerut q"nda Nichot de EghetofFt et Gilie 
fororif mee • Et per cogerie lapidu verf auftru de ^gerie in ^gerie 
liniahP tendendo et decendedo • vfq, in iepricg" femp afcendedo uf? 
occidetem vfq, ad diuifam q^^m mar mea fieri fecit inr tia fua de 
halfinton i et "rra q^^m dedit drio Witi fit Job cu dca • G • forore mea 
i libu maritagiu • et p illa diuifa afcedendo Sf? borea • vfq, in vacellu 
iuxta cambef • et de illo vacello p pgeries lapidu us^ orietem vfq^ ad 
vltima ^gerie lapidu ibi pofita p diuifa • Et de illa cogerie decendedo 
vfq, i dcm riuolu de lambedene • Tenenda 1 habnda dco rt)agro • W • 
et hredib^ fuif ut fuif affignatif et eoi/ bredib3 • de me t ftredibuf 
meif in feodo t hreditate cu oib^ libtatib^ et comunib^ et cu Hbo 
exitu ad comunaf illaf • et cu oinib^ aUif afiamentif ad pdcam villa 
de halfinton inftus t ex?ius ptinentib^ • adeo libe • qVte • plenarie • 
■t honorifice i ficut aliqT coilef in regno fcocie ahq^^m tra hbiuf • 
q^eti? • pleni'' • \ honorificenti'' • tenet aut p^fidet • faciedo inde ipe "t 
hredef fui ut fui affignati t eo-!; ftredef m^ t hredib^ meif fuiciu f cefime 
ptif vni^ foilitif in forinfeco fuico diii Reg cu illud accid^it • et me 't 
hredef meof p pdca villa de halfinto fuitiu forinfecu fac'e ^tigit • 


et erut dcf magr • W • et hreclef fui ut fui affignati 1 eoi/ hredef q^eti 
1 iniinuncf ab oi alio fuico 't a mult^a et a varda cuftelli • et a feqla 
omniu placito:^ et ab oi alio feculari fuico auxilio 't demada p f\iiC6 
fup^^dco • Et litie molet bladu dce tre fi voluerint ad molendinu ^dce 
ville de hallinton ita qit fmt ppinq^oref ad molend p^t bladu meu 
pp\nn inuctu in dco moledino ad moledu • ul fi magif voluint • 
bladu ^dcm libe portent ad moledu u^cuq^ eif placuerit fine oi impe- 
dimto mei t hredu meoT^ • Pretr hec aute dedi t ^ceffi dco magro 
• W • t hredib^ fuis ut fuif affignatif t eoi/ hredib^ oines domof cQ 
ptinenciif eai/ fitaf in pdca tra inf'^ |)dcaf diuifaf • et oia p^^ta toci? 
Pre date dco • W • fit Joh cu dca • G • q°nda forore mea I tritorio 
de halfinton • et oiuef moraf t viicellof cotent inf"^ diuifaf fupdcaf • 
Ego u" t hredef mei ouiia ^dca dco coagro • W • t hredib^ fuif ut 
fuif affignatif t eoi^ hredib, cont"' oiuef hoTef varantizabim^ inppe- 
tuu • In cui^ rei teftimoniu pfenti carte figillu meu duxi apponend • 
Hiif teftib^ • dnif • P • comite de dubar • t • W • f f e fuo • Robto fit 
coiii • Alano de harecarr" • Wiiio de haUbHon • Rob de Wlecet • 
t1d • de Graha • Joh • de labedeil • Witio de Alington • Witto de 
m^cfipo • Rad de coulinaws • Rog de home • Johe de blacetliten • 
t aliif • 

Car Robi de ro^campo de tra de Halfingto'' • 

233 Omnib^ haf Littas vifurif ut audit^is Rol3t? de m^capo Satm • Noverit 
vni8fitas vra me dedifle coceffifle t hac pfenti carta mea cofirmafle 
COagro Witto de Grenlaw p homagio t luicio fuo cu tra q" ei p\is 
dedi in excambiu vnius carucate rre I Vritorio ville de Halflgtoii 
duas carucataf tre in eode tritorio illaf fcilicet que date fueriit drio 
Wittmo filio Jofenis cu Gilia q°nda forore mea in libum maritagiu • 

208 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Tenend ■ T: poffidend dco magro • W • et hredib^ fuif ut fuif affig- 
natif t eoT} hredib^ p haf rectaf diuifaf p q^^f dce due carucate rre efi 
rtia Snoiata pambulate fuerut dco • W • filio Johis cu dca • G • 
forore mea • l: cfi oib^ libtatib^ ailiamentis t ptinentiis eai^de rra'^ in 
feodo \ hreditate adeo libe T; q^ete plene "^ honorifice ficut aliqTmilef 
in regno fcotie aliq^^m tra Ubiuf qVti^ pleni*^ t honorificenti'^ tenet 
aut poffidet • et cu comuni pa(lvu'a dce ville de Halfigton • t cu libo 
int°itu "t exitu ad eande paftura • 1; ad dca afiamenta • Dedi *? 't 
conceffi eidem • W • 'H; hredib^ fuif ui fuis affignatif '^ eoT^ feredib^ • 
vt inf'"^ p^dcaf diuifaf omnia hbe faciant 't coftruant q^cuq^ voluerint 
"t eif vid^int expedire abfq, oi ipedimento t p^^dicoe mei "i hredu 
meoT^ •faciendo ipe . • • hredef fui ut fui affignati t eoi^ hredef p dcis 

duab^ carucatif tre 1 ttia q^^m ei p^uf dedi in excambiu 

quantu ptinet ad t^cefima pte fuicii vni? militif in forinfeco luicio 
dni Regif cu illud accid-it et me T; hredef meof p pdca villa de 
Halfigton forinfecu fuiciu facere ptig^it • Et erut dcf magr • W • t 
hredef fui ui fui affignati t eo:!; hredes q^eti 't immunes a multura t a 
varda cafteUi t a feq^la omniu placitoTj • et ab oi aUo fuicio auxilio 
^fuetudine exaccone T^ demanda p suico fup^^dco • Si u" euenit qd ego 
t hredef mei p pdca villade Halfigton nuUu forinfecu fuiciQ aliq° tpe 
facere debeam^f eo qd ct)alyf comes de ftrathern de rt)argeria filia mea 
hredef habuerit et puentu fuerit ad ttiu hrede meu f dcf CI)agr • W • 
t hredef fui ut fui afllgnati 1 eo% hredef foluent m^ t hredib^ meif 
annuati p j^dcif t^b^ carucatif tre vna libram pipif ui fex den" ad 
feftii fci Jacobi in nudinif de Roxburg p oi fuico auxilio ^fuetudine 
exacone 1; demanda vt p • • • Ego u" T; hredef mei omnia ^dca dco 
magro • W • 'T: hredib^ fuis ut fuis affignatis t eoT^ hredib^ cont"' oinef 
hoief vbiq, varantizabim^' inppetuu • In cui? rei teftimoniu pfenti carte 
figillu meu duxi apponend • Hiif Teftib^ • Diio Odeneft de ford • Diio 


Alano de Harecarrcs • Dno Rog de Togkefdefi • Dno Jame de How- 
burn • Dfio U^^ilio de m^capo • Diio WalPo de Wottofi • Dfio • W • 
peffun p" de Dunl'. Rol5 ctico magri • W • de Trent • Witto de 
Alington • Henf de berigdoh • Ada de Nueres • Radulfo de pleycif • 
Johe piftore • de Cheuelingham • 1 aHis • 

Carta • W • de Grenelau • 

234 Oinib^ x^ fidehb^ tam ^fentib^ q^^m fuf is ad quos |5fens Sc^ptum 
puen^it magr Wittiiis de Grenelau filius Rolandi filius Wittmi saltm 
in Dfio • vniufitati vre notu faco me diuine pietatf intuitu et pro 
salute aTe mee "t p salute aiai; oun pdeceffoT^ 't succefib-Y meoT; 
dedifle *% conceffilTe 1 hac carta mea confirmafle do t ecctie fee OOarie 
de fOelros 't monacti Me do f mri sue seruientib^ 1 1ppetuu 'Suiturf 
tres carucatas tre q'^ habui in tl-itorio ville de halfingtun cu oib^ 
ptinecijs fuis • illas scil^ qu^^s Dfia Ct)atildis ma? Dni Robti de 
CDufcanipo dedit WiHmo filio Johis de honu cu Gilia filia dce 
Ct)atildis in libum foaritagiu Tenendas t hndas dcis foo"ch de 
roelros cu oib^ libtatib^ aiflamentf t Jurib^ ad eas ptinentib^ Ippe- 
tuu in libam purfi 1 ppetua elemofma nultm oino fclare suiciu ^ 
eis alicui faciendo p'r oracoes t sufFragia t alia bfificia do placentia 
que dci foonach pmiferut in fide q^^m do debent 1: ordini fuo fe 
fact^os pro me Tppetuu Et ego et heredes mei manutenebim" pdcis 
monach hanc elemofnia 1 warantizabim^ conf^ oes hoTes t adquieta- 
bim? ea de oi suico inppetuu In cui" Rei tefti'" figillu meii pfentib:^ 
efl appenfum hijs teftib^ Radulpho de Bonekil Johe de letham 
Johe papedi Dauid de Buredon halano de harcaf Johe filio Simonis 
Johe de lambedefi Rofeto filio fuo • Rolando filio Johis • t multf 
aliis • 

2 D 

210 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xni. 

Conrmaco • P • Comitif de Dubar fup quadam rra in ritorio de Halfmto • 

235 Patriciuf Comef de Dimbar fahn 

in dno • Sciant prefentef t futuri nof conceffilfe 1 hac carta nra con- 

firmalTe donaconem illam q^^ni magifV in curia 

iira apud Edirham Atebi 1 Conuentui de fl)elrof tanq^^m fuis affig- 
natif • de quadam tra fita in titorio de Halfingtune • de q'' Idem 

magif? fe diiTaifuiit • T: ipof follempnir infaifiuit • q'^m- 

q^dem Pram Robtus de roufcampo tenenf noff dedit dco roagro Witto- 
fibi t fuis affignatif iure ppetuo poffidendam • Tenend T: hahend • 
dcis Abbi t ^uentui i hbam • puram T; ppetua elemofma p illaf diuifaf 
p ^""8 dcs magr Wihs ea tenuit • 't eum oinib^ ptinencijf • hbtatib^ 
t aifiaiiitif ad ea ptinentib3 • • cu coinuni paftura dce ville de Hal- 
fingtune t cum hbo inf^itu 1 exitu ad eande paftura 't ad dca 
aifianita • adeo integre • hbe • q^ete • '^ plenarie ab omi fclari feruicio 

exaccone 1 demanda • ficut ahq'^ elemofina i regno Scocie 

hbi? • qVci? • pleniuf t honorificenci? tenet^ aut poffidet^ • Et ut Idem 
abbaf t conuenti' fup eadem ?ra non ualeat futHf tempib? ab ahquo 
moleftari • nof t hercdef iiri p fahite • • • • iiraT/ eandem rram p 
dcas diuifaf fuaf cum omib3 pmiffis • Ipis abbi t conuentui cont"^ 
omnef hoies inppetuu warantizabimus acquietabim^ "t defendem^ 
Et ad hoc • • • • t fiiie difReultate q^^hbet faciendu • nof 'theredes nrof 
^dcis abbi t conuentui p haf iiraf patentefhtPaf obhgamus • Actu apd 

Berewic • in pfencia Kmi octo 

decimo die apt anno regni eiufdem f cefimo q^^rto • Teft,' • Robto de 
Ros . Dauid de Graham • Robto de roeinerf • Witto fiho Comitif • 

Thoni • de NormanuiH: Henrico de Graham • 

Nicholao Corbeth • Walfo filio Wal?i Senefcalli • Robto fiho Comitif • 
Thoiii • de Bofclio • 't B^nardo de Ryppelej . t • • • 


Warantia Comitif • P • fiip 1 ra de Halfinto • 

-36 Omib, xpi fidelibj lioc fcriptu vilinif vt audit^is • Pat^ci" comes de 
dunbar • fatm ePnam in dno • Sciant oiiis tam fJlentes q'^m fut^i qd 
cu magr • Wtis de grenlawe q^^mdam tram ^'''m huit ex dono Robti 
de ccoulcapo tenentif riri in fcodo de halfingtoil fibi t fuis afiignatis 
donata • Abbi \ ^uentui de coelr • tanq"^m fuis afilgnatif dediflet 
follempnit In curia iira apd heddreham • Et idem magr • W • de 
eadem na ibidem fe difiaififiet. t ipos follempniV faififl^et in eandem • 
vt ipoT^ abbis T; puent^ pofleflioni pacifice 1; ppetue futuris tempibj 
f»uidW . Ita int iJDOS ex parte vna • t nof ex alta in pfencia kmi 
dni nri • A • illufl;ris Reg- Scocie • t baronu fuoT/ puenit qd nof 
pmifimuf ■ ocefllmuf . \ hac plenti carta iira nof "t hedes iiros obli- 
gauim^ • qd dcm tenementu ipis abbi 't ^uentui conf^ oiiis hoi;es 
adquietabim? • warantizabim'' • t Tppetuu defendemus • Tenend t 
habend eifdem Abbi • 't^uentui in libam 1 ppetua elemofina p illas 
diuifas p qs dcs cnagr • W • eam tenuit • t cu omib^ ptinencijs libta- 
tib, 1 afiamentif ad eam ptinentib3 • t cu ^muni pafl;ura dce ville de 
halfington 1 cum libo introitu t exitu ad eandem pafl;ura • 1 ad 
dca afiainta adeo integre libe quiete t honorifice ab oiiii feculari 
feruicio exactione t demanda • ficut aliq"^ elemofina in regno fcocie 
libiuf qVcius pleni^' t honorificenci? tenet^ aut poflidetur • Et fi 
forte aliq^s cont"^ dcos abbem l puentu de INIelrof fup pmiflis mouit 
calupnia • T; nof vl tsedes riri eof n defend^im? ita qd ipos oporteat 
dcam rram amitte aut de ijia per iudiciu eici • Nof t bedes Bri 
dabim? ipi calumpniatori roabilcm extenta • in dtiics iii-is • vt alibi 
in loco ^petenti ad valorem dce tre • Et ita eidem in oiTiib^ fatiffa- 
ciem'' qd dci abbas t ^uentiif de coelf • dcam rram q^^m dcs magr 
• W . de Grenlawe eis ptulit libam 1 quieta pacifice 1 ^tinue ippetuu 

212 MUNIiMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

retinebut ac pofTidebunt Nof aut^ ad oia f)dca facienda p nob 1 
ftedib^ iiris corporale pftitim^ iuraiiitu • T; nofmetipof t tiedes nros 
pleni? obligauim^ fubicientes nos '^ hedes nros iurifdconi epi Giafg" • 
qui p tempe fuit ut jJter poteftate regiam p q^^m debem^ T; uolum^ 
coherceri • dcs epc nof l hedes nrof ad omium pdco^ obferuancia 
fublato oini iurif remedio t aptiacoe ceflante p cenfuram ecctaftica 
valeat ^pellere • Et vt hoc fcriptum robur firmitatif optineat • illud 
figiUi nri appoficione fecim^ roborari • Act^ • apd berwich q^^todecimo 
die Ap lis • Anno regni diii reg' Alexand'' • xxx^iiij" • Teftib^ • roagro 
Gameti • Diiis • Robto de Rof • Dd • de Graha • Robto de O^aSijs • 
Witio filio Comit" • Th • de Normanvilla • Johe Cumin • Henr" de 
Graha • Nicholao Corbeth • A¥al?o filio Wal?i fenefcalli • Robto filio 
Comitif • Thom de Bofcho • Bernardo de Ripelae • t multif aliis • 

Confmaco Diii • A • illuft^s Reg fcocie fup rra de Halfinton q'' m" 
vocat^ Petillifluigh • 

237 Alex Dei gra Rex Scott-" • Oinib^ probis hominib:; toci^ Pre fue 
Saltm • Nouitis nos infpexifle fcriptu couenconu fcaT; apud Berewyc I 
nra ^fencia inr • Patriciu Comitem de Dunbar nepote nrm ex pte vna 
t afebem 't conuentu de coelros ex alta fup quadam tra i tritorio 
de halfingtoil q"^in roagr Witts de Grenlawe dedit i plena curia dci 
Comitis de Dunbar pdcis Abbi ^ couentui tanq^^m fuis afl"ignatis i 
h uba confectum • Omnibi xpi fidehb^ hoc fc^ptum uifuris u\ audi- 
turis • Pafci'^ Com" de Dunbar Saltm etnam in dno • Sciant oSies 
tam pfentes q"^m futuri qd cu coagr • AVitts • de Grenlawe q"^ndam rra 
q^^m habuit ex dono Robti de CV)ufcamp tenentis nri in feodo de 
halfingtou fibi l^ fuis afllgnatis donatam • A^i 1 couentui de coelros 
tamq'^ fuis aflignatis dediflet folempni? in curia nra de Eddirhaih - 


••t ideni roagr • WiHs de eadm Pra ibidem fe diflliifiiret 't ipos folemp- 
ni? lliiniflet i eandcm • vt \poi} atjbis t couentus pofleflTioni pacifice 
t ppetue fut^is tepib^ prouideret^ • Ita in? ipos ex pte vna 't nos ex 
al?u i prefencia tcmi dni nri • Alex • illuftr^s Reg Scott^ t baronu fuoT/. 
couenit • qd nos pmiflm? conceflimus t hac prefenti carta nra nos 
't hedes nros obligauim' qd dcum tenementu ipis Abbi t couentui 
cont^^oines homines adquietabimuf • warantizabimus t i ppetuu de- 
fendemus ■ Tenend t habend eifdeni Abbi t couentui i liberam t 
ppetuam elemofinam p illaf diuifas p quas dcus roagr WiHs eam 
tenuit t cu omnib^ ptinenciis libtatib^ t aifiamentis ad eam pti- 
netib^ t cu comuni pafl;ura ville de Halfingtoii • t cu libero introitu 
t exitu ad eandem pafl.uram t ad dca aifiamenta • Adeo integre • libe • 
quiete t honorifice ab oiTii fclari feruico exaccone t demanda . 
ficut aliqua elemofina i Regno Scocie • liberL^ quieci? pleni'' t 
honorificenci^ tenet^ aut poflldetur • Et fi forte aliquis cont"" dcos 
Abbem t couentum de roelros • fup premiflis mouit calupniam • 
t nos ul heredes iiri eos no defenderim^ • Ita qd opteat ipos dcam 
tram amitPe ■ aut de ipa p iudiciu eici • Nos ul bedes riri dabim? ipi 
calupniatori ronabtem extentam in diiicis iiris iil alibi i loco cope- 
tenti ad ualorem dce fre • t ita in omnib^ eidem fatiffaciemus • qd 
dci Abbas t couentus de (oelros dcam Pram q^^m roagr WiHs de 
Grenlawe eis • contulit liberam t quietam pacifice t continuei ppetuu 
retinebunt ac poflidebunt • Nos aut ad oiuia predca faciend pro nofe 
t hedib^ nris corpale prefl-itimus iuramentum • t nosmetipos t 
hedes riros pleni' obfigauimus • Subicientes nos t heredes iiros iuril- 
dicbi Epi Glafguens^ qui pro tempe fuerit • vt prer potefl;atem regiam 
p q-^m debem'^ t uolum^ coher^i • dcus epc • nos t hedes riros ad 
omniii predc&rum obferuancia fublato oiTu iurif remedio t appel- 
lac6ne ceflante p cenfuram ecctiafl;icam ualeat copellere • Et ut hoc 

214 JMUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

fc^ptum robur firmitatis optineat • illud figilli iiri appoficone fecimus 
roborari • Act apucl Berewyc • xiiij" die Aprit • Anno Regni dfii Reg" 
Alex • tricefimo quarto • Teflib^ cnagro • Gamelino • Dnis Robto de 
Ros-Dauid de Graham- Robto de Ct)einers • WiWo filio Comitis • Thom 
de Normanuitt • Johe Cumyn • Henrico de Grahaiii • Nichot Corbeth • 
WalPo fiHo Wal?i fenefcalli • Robto fiho Com • Thom de bofcho • 
Bernard de Ryppeti t mltis aliis • Nos igitur ad eorumdem Paf cii 
Comitis • t abbis \ conuentus infi;anciam conuencunes predcas con- 
ceflimus 1, eaf prefenti carta iira "^ auctoritate regia confirmauimus • 
Tefl; • Wiftmo Comite de rt)arf • Alex fenefcallo • Robto de Ros • Witio 
de Lyndes • Witto Olifard • Nichot de Sules • Witto capellano iiro • 
Alex ctico de Capella Thoiii ctico de libacoe \ aliis apud Serewyc • 
vicefimo die Aprit anii Regni drii Regis tricefimo quarto • 

W itti purueis carta de COofpennoc • 

238 Sciant oiiis tam ^fentef q^^m futuri qd Ego Witts Purueys de 
ft)ofpennoc dedi concefli 1; hac psenti carta mea ^firmaui in ppetuii 
Ct)onachis de Cl)elros t hominib^ fuis tam cum Aueriis fuis quam cum 
cariagiis liberu f^nfitu p mediam terram meam de Cl)ofpennoc pro 
viginti folidis efrlingo-v quof ab eifde Cl)onachis recepi p manib^ • 
Etfi forte ptingat qd t^nfitus eoT/ p aq^^m fuerit Tpedit^ • Ego 't bedes 
mei in terra mea ipi aque ppinq^is adiacente fiue ipa tra fuerit culta 
fiue inculta Iter fibi fiicere abfque ipedimento eifdem ocedim^ • Et 
eciam ego 'i hedes mei pfatis Cl)onachis fup pfato f^nfitu libere 1; 
pacifice tmdo ppetuam inueniem^ warentiam • vt aut liec ouencio 
ppetue ftabilis T; firma pmaneat • Ego fubieci me 1 hedes meos 
jurifdictoni Drii Glafguens~ Epi ut fi aliqu" p"^ hanc ^uenconem 
venire atteptauim? • Idem Epc t fuccefforef fui me t hedes meof 



""""^^^StmhjtA dSrutortl^w mtttlK V ^rimVrattt . Ci^^/^Mttitan itU (fllttUt^ 
tetiatfr''^ roitniimtr. aun otio% wmgagx^ mttuW^TJc-ls^-oKilbt in Vtco cjni 

bamta.tntocmu adiobtba pcwc tBHr oc o9eta)^ttt » w»«w tuntt.dd <»ptt| 
^nttaiam ^.'^a» bca cUio ^22^59551^ ttiite kKCrftnttl^ • ha itii 
^ «j^V^ |u(mloit!t; mtl rtrttodtbi cttilbc «mt^ Voca dijtiU> 

1\1 ^ t\ 'flKa 'f»„ f-^P 

fja«ll>ttt? titiy- aacni joUdtl anniitj.Ojr^ojrafttti ^»(4« pon 


jaJjytl^ mir Bcctnn |oU<itl*tttj ^rtic powc cjtii^ ' 

ftpn « 




ujacUojtl»! uul cultoQib^ eurtban jxwc.^> ot)" |rih^wu do ceaice ■pxtamuatwnaxxn^^. 

lU^^Wi^^ut^nittt ^ndatii tttitrrt-rr^^witr catre illtiUtnn t ffl ttm Oamb'7 wtU^ 
.vfT fejmgcttirr^^tw illatttij ?lej|-im«tiimb^ to^ ^erautj tcni|i^>t > 

SDivuatnHAUm^^^.iX^^tti^S^ttwtt^ B<Ktv)rt ct ^ronrdttth^Matatinsii^Qio/ 
cfooij^ tjativtt • mtn Snttfe: vt5te»)ct\-ltbTmti354.o^ citltaijm1.a& pckarn XHttiilJii 


cfco2j^t»atit>tt.aitnoiinJa: vtrtte»Kt\-iu>Tmti^^ y4^rn XHttiioiattiJ 

tiaTtcT boitotthccrjtarr cMx^ *»lrtit johl^ tiU} Aj»Ibrtd> .>a^<5Sai^ rorta^ 
Wi-^if Hc^dtiolg fenttmgTtl MlmT coiitcrtti n^ tcttar.^aiut|^iiobt^'^ 

ux iu»t-.«iolt| ^Jtttttdiitn_^?35«'»'«t^ f^*"^^ W"0 



trina ammonicone jPmifla nodo expTc: conis inuoluat f qoufq^ eifdem 
foonachis plenarie fu^ hoc fatiffecim'^ • In cui? rei tellimoniu Ego 
f) me T; hedib^ meis pfciiti fc^to figillum meu appofui • Hiis Teft" • 
DiioArchebaldo deDufglas-Dfio Witto flamatico deftanhus^Andrea 
fnilite fupMicti • A • de Dufglas • Symone de Plorfbroc t coultis alijs • 

Confirmaco Alexandri Regif de dimidia carucata tre In Villa de 
Edenham • 

239 Alexander dei gra Rex fcott^ • omnib^ f)bis hominib^ tociuf tre fue 
saltm • Sciant ^fentes 't fut^j • nof conceflifle • t hac carta iira con- 
fhnaffe vendiconem illam • q^^m Johs filiuf Aylbrith de RokR/c fecit 
Gaufrido portarlo de c"l)elrof T: fucceflbribT fuif cuftociib3 eiufdem 
porte • ad op' paupum ad eande portam ueniencium de dimidia 
Carucata tre in uilla de Edinliam • Q^^m Thurftan^ fili^ Ofulfi • t 
WiHs fili? Thurftani q^ndam tenuert • Sicut carte illuft^im regum 
Dauid T; Wifti teftant^ t confmant • cum duob^ Burgagijf in uilla 
de Rokiflb^c in vico qui dicit^ kingeftret • Qiie Alanuf de Richemund^ 
T; Jotis filiuf pef aliq" tempe de dco Johe filio Aylbrith ad Tmam 
tenuert f p fginta -t t''^^ lib^s • fex folidif • 't octo denariif fPlingo-!/ • 
Q^s dcuf GaufridJ' portari^ ei pre manib^ pacauit • Tenend • "t habend • 
in ppetuQ cuftodib^ ^dce porte de coelrof qui p tempe f3int • ad 
opuf pdcoT; paupu • cum omib^ ptinencijs • libtatib^ 't aifiaintif • ad 
|)dcam dimidiam carucatam rre • t ad dca duo Burgagia iufte fpec- 
tantib^ • Ita libe • QVte • plenarie 1 honorifice • ficut carta pfati 
Johis filij Aylbrith • dcis Gaufrido portario de aielrof • 1 fucceflbrib3 
fuif cuftodib^ eiufde ])orte de dca dimidia carucata tre • 1 de dcis 
duob^ Burgagijf pleni^ confecta iufte teftat^ • Saluif nobis t heredib^ 
nris Decem lolidif annuif • Q"s portariuf pdce porte qui p tempe 


fSit • nobif annuatim p dca dimidia carucata tre pfoluet • t alio fuicio 
nro ad dca duo Burgagia ptinente • Teft" • venabili pre Witio epo 
Glasg • Cancellar . AValto Cumin comite de cneneteth •W^ comite de 
coaf • Robto de Ros • Dauid de Graham • apud felekirc • xx°vj° • die 
coaij • Anno regni domini Regif Tricefimo fcdo • 

Confirmaco Regif alexand^ fup rra de farningdun • 

240 Alexander dei gra Rex fcott" • Omnib^ probif homiiib^ tociuf tVe 
fue cticif T; laicif falt • Sciant |]fentef 1 futuri nof concefliffe t hac 
carta iira confirmafle donacom illam q^^m Rog • Burnard*' • fecit deo 

* "i beate marie • l monach de melr do feruientib3 de trefdecim acrif 
Vre 't una pcata in rritorio de farningdun • illif fcitt que iacent \ 
ppinquioref fiit tre fimonif de farburri ex orientah pte fubt" regiam 
uiam q"^ itur ad rokilb^g • tenend T; hnd eifde monach in libam 1; 
ppetuam elemofinam • ita Hbe 1 qVte ficut carta eiufde Rog • predcif 
monach inde fca f iufte tefl:atur • faluo suico Bro • tefl^ • t c^ • 

Confirma" regis alexandri de petaria de farninduii • 

241 Alexander dei gra • Rex fcot^ • Omnibus prob • hominibus tocius rre 
fue cficis et laicis faltm • Sciant pntes et futuri me conceflifl^e et hac 
carta mea confirmafle donacionem illam quam Rog burnarde fecit deo^ 
t ecctie fancte marie de mehos • 't monachis ibidem deo feruientib^ 
de quad pte petarie eiufd rogeri in territorio de farnindun quam ipe 
cum aliis multis probis hominibus pambulauit per diuifas ficut conti- 
netur in carta ipius rogeri • tenend in Hbam puram et ppetuam ele- 
mofina ita hbe T: quiete plene et honorifice • ficut carta predci rogeri 
predcis monachis inde facta teftatur • fahio feruicio meo • teft^ • IC' 


Carta nicholai corbet de pifcariis de twede • 

212 Omnib3 hoc fc'pt uifuris ut audit^is • Nicholaius corbet falt in dno • 
Nouerit vniuerfitas vra me pro ala diii mei alexand^ reg' fcoc • T; p 
aiabus pris mei T; iiiris mee • "t olm anteceiroT/ t fuccefloT; meoTf • 
et pro fatte mea T; fponfe mee mgarete • 1; oTm amicoi^ meoT; dedifle 
conceffitTe • "t hac pnti carta mea pfirmalTe do "t t3te marie de meh-os 
^ monach ibidem deo feruien • 't inppetuum feruit^is • fpeciatr 'i pp^e 
ad augmentum • 't emendacoem fuftentaois • t recreacionis eoi^d 
omnes pifcarias meas quas habui in flvuTiinc de tweda adiacentes 
terre mee de malcaruifl;on • vi^ a mchia de dalcoue ^tinue ufq^, ad 
rachiam de brokifmuth fine ahquo retinemento • t aliq" iure vel 
poteftate q^uifm^o pifcandi in eifd in pura "i ppetuam eHam • adeo lil3e 
quiete plene honorifice • t folute ab oi feruTo terreno confuetudine 
exaccioe et demanaa • ncut ego 'i aiiceflbres mei eafd alil tenuim? • 
ut tenere potuimus • t ficut aliq*^ elemofina in regno fcocie libius 
tenet^ ut poflidet^ Do autem 'i ^cedo dictis monach • q ^ufi et hoTes 
ipoi^ q^ciens voliiint fine aliquo impedimento cum cobellis et reb^ 
fuis oi tpe • vbicuq^ voluerint fup terram mea valeant applicare • 1 
ibi oia facere que ipos iuuare potnint ad pifcand cum libo introitu • 
et exitu p totam rram ad ipas pifcarias • Concedo eciam eifd mona- 
chis • ut pftruant s"" domicilium fup terram meam • ficut ego et ante- 
ceflbres mei hre folebam" et concedimus eis • \ hoibus fin's licenciam 
pmorandi in eod qfi voluerint • Ad maiorem autem hui" dona"nis 
mee securitatem • ego pro me et heredibj meis • oe ius et clamiu 
qd huim^" uel hre poterimus in dictis pifcariis prefatis monach ple- 
narie ^tuli et oiiio refigui • Itaq, neq, ego neq, hei'edes mei aut 
affignati iiri pro ipis pifcariis aliquid exigere poPim^ • nifi oronum fuf- 
fragia tm • excepto qd volo ut oes prouentus dtai/ pifcaiiai; in ppriis 


218 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xm. 

vfibus conuentus totalic et fideliter p fubcellerarium adminiftrent" • 
fine aliqua diminucoe eoi} que aii pntem donacoem hre pfueuant • Ego 
vero et heredes mei feu affignati iiri oes prefatas pifcarias • cum omib3 
libtatib^ iurib^ et ptinenciis et aifiamentis ad ipas ptinentib^ uel pti- 
nere valentib3 prefatis mochis de melros ptra, omnes imppetuum 
Warantizabim'^ manutenebim? • ac defendem^ • In cuius rei teftiom 
pro me et heredibj meis pnti fc^pto figiUum meum appofui • Teft" • 

Confirmaco Regis Alexandri de dono Nicholai Corbet fup pifcharia 
de Tuede • 

243 Alexander dei gra Rex ScottoT; • Oinib^ probis hominibus tre fue 
Salutem • Sciant pntes 1; futuri nos conceffifle 1 hac pnti carta iira 
confirmaflTe donacone illam qua nicholai^ Corbet p falute aie Kre "t 
p aiabj pris 1; mris 1 oi!m anteceflb-!/ 1 fucceffiDT/ fuoT/ T; p falute aie 
fue 1 fpofe fue IMargarethe '^ oim amicc^ fuoT^ fecit deo "t bte marie 
de melros 't monachis ibidem deo feruientib^ t inppetuu feruituris 
fpecialiter T: pp^e ad augmentu t emendacione fuftentaconis 't recrea- 
conis eoT/de de oiiiib^ pifcariis fuis quas idem Nicholaus buit in 
flumine de Tuede adiacetes tre fue de INIalkaruyftoii • videlicet a 
marchia de Dalcoue cotinue ufq,, ad marchiam de Brokifmuthe • 
fine aliquo retinemeto 1: aliquo jure vel poteftate quouifmodo pif- 
candi in eifdem • tenendu "t bndum eifdem monachis in libam puram 
t ppetua elemofinam adeo Ubere qVte plenarie honorifice 't fokite cu 
hbo int"itu "t exitu ad dictas pifcarias ficut carta predicti Nicholay 
eifdem monachis fup hoc confecta plenius teftatur • Sahio suicio nro 
fi q, nobis debetur de dictis pifcariis quod idem Nichola'' in pncia iira 
in Refectorio de meUos nobis p fe "^ heredib^ fuis manucepit inppe- 
tuu fohiere p monachis memoratis • Teftibus Patricio comite de 


Dunbar • Henrico abl5te de Kalchow • Eufthac • de turrib^ • Wifto de 
mote alto • t multis aliis • apud Selekyrk • vj" • die febr Anno regni 
iiri xiiij" • tc" • 

Car Joh de NormaniiiH de diuifis tre de Cl^ixto • 

244 Omnib^ xpi fidehb^ pfenf fcriptu uifuris uel auditiuis iohs de Nor- 
manuitt dnf de coakeft falt • Sciatis me p animab^ dno-yi meoT^ regu 
Scocie t omniu aiicefroT;L meoT; 't p falute dni mei Alexandri Regif 
Scocie 1 p falute mea ppria T; uxorif mee 1; liberoi^ t parentii meoT^ 
dedifl^e conceffifle t hac prefenti carta mea confirmafle deo T; monachif 
de foelros in pura 1; ppetuam t libera elemofina illa parte rre in rri- 
torio de maken que int'"^ has diuifaf ptinet^ • fcilt p foflatum fubt? 
kelwelaue ufq., in keluefetefcloch t fic defcendendo p keluefetefcloch 
ufq^ ad foflatum de grenrig 1: fic p ide fofl^atu ufq, ad lillefetheb^ne t 
fic afcendendo p eande bunia ufq, ad foflatu de grenerig l p foflTatu 
9fus occidente ufq., ad derftret "^ fic Ufuf auftru p derftret ufq, ad 
regia uia qua itur de valle anant ufuf Rokefljurg t fic p eande uia 
ufuf oriente ufq, ad diuifaf inter faringduii 't tra eorunde coonachoT^ 
de melros • Tota tram int haf diuifaf contenta dedi pfatif roonachif t 
eos in corporalem poflTeffione ipi^' tre manu mea induxi nemine recla- 
mate ui pt^dicente • t uolo ut ^fati coonachi hant T; teneant • imppe- 
tuu • eande tram pacifice T; integre in morif "t coarifcif p^^tif 't pafcuif 
in ?rif cultif 't incultif in aquis t oiuib, alijs afianitif in eade tra con- 
tentif • Conceffit ^dcis coonachif libem ingreflAim t egreflTum 1 t^nfitii 
libum ijjif 1 auenif t uecturif fuif T: famihe fue ad pdcam tram p tram 
mea de coakef t • Ego quide t hedes mei oTa fup"^dca pdcif coonachis 
Warantizabim? 1 defendem? cont^oins hoies • 1 faciem? eof poffidere 
imppetuu liba quieta l abfoluta ab oi treno feruicio i: confuetudie 

220 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

1: exactioe "t demanda • Et ad hui" donaciois ppetiia feciuitate |Dfent" 
fcriptu Sigilli mei appoficioe roboraui • Hiif teflib^ • Thoiii Cancellaf 
dni Reg • Walro Olifart tc iufticiaf Reg^ • Henrico de bayliol Camef 
Reg^ • Rob de Ros • Jotie de coakefwel • Jobe de vallib3 • WiHmo de 
lindefeye • Rob de roalewift • Bernard de hauden • Alexand de Sint • 
Wiftmo de vetiponte • Symone malo leporaf • t niultis alijs • 

Confirmacio Regis Alexandri de diuifis terre de makeftoun • 

245 Alex di gfa Rex Scott • Omnibus pbis hominibus tociuf terre fue 
Cticif 1. Laicis f Salt • Sciant prefentes t fut^i nof conceflifle 't hac 
carta nra confirmatfe donacione illam quam Johes de Normauitt • 
fecit deo T; roonachis de coelros de illa parte teiTe in territorio de 
coakefton que continet^ infra Rectaf diuifas contentaf in carta ipiuf 
Joiiis cleNormauitt. Tenend 1 habend predcis coonachis de coelros in 
libam puram "t perpetuam elemofinii • cum libero ingreffu t egrefTu 
t tranfitu ipis coonachis 1; aueriis t vecturis fuif T; familie fue ad 
predcam terra p terra predci Johis de coakefton • Ita libere 't quiete • 
plenarie T; honorifice • Sicut Carta predci Johis inde facta predcis 
cnonachis iufte teftat^ • Saluo feruicio nro • Teft" • Thoiii d St\ieliii • 
Canceffio • Waltef Olifard Jufticiaf Laodoti • Henf • d Balliot Cantaf • 
Robert • fit • Rob • d Ros • Jotie de coaccufwet • Johe de Vallibus • 
Wifto de veri ponte • Bernard d Haudeii • Alex • de Synton • Apd 
Selefchf xxij die Julij anno Regni nri duodecimo • 

Copofico de decimis de CV)akest 1 de Ct)orhuf • 

246 Hec eft • Amicabilis Compoficio f ca inter Ct)onaf ryum de iljelros ex 
una pte t Eccfiam Baptifnaalem de 0:)ackeftun ex altera de aflenfu 


Abbis 1 c1)onaclioiiim de Cl)eli'os 't de afTenru Leonii plbne de Cl)ac- 
keRun • adhibito eciam aflTenfLi Diii Walti Glafguens Epi T; Domini 
Johis de Nonnanuitt Eiufdem Ecclie Patroni Sup Omnib^ decimif 't 
obuenccnibuf pioueiiientib^ de tota teira cj^^m dci monachi poffide- 
runt • Anno diii (o° • cc" • vicefimo Septimo intra Limitef Parochie de 
i.1)ackeff • foonachi • sctt de ct)elros Soluent Singlif annif ad pente- 
coft Ecctie de Ct)adc quatuor Cl)arcaf argenti pro Bono Pacif • Et p 
hanc solucionem quatuor ClQarcarum • Libi erunt CDonachi penit^ t 
inmunef erga Ecctiam de madk t Rectoref illiuf in ppetuum ab omi 
pturbacone p\iilegiorum Suot^ t ab ofni uexacone t exactione Deci- 
marum l aliarum Obuenc&num omium In dicta rra prouentium • 
Hanc u° Compoficonem ad obfuanciam pacif t Caritatif initam t 
ab ut^q., pte Sponte Receptam dcs Domin'' Epc Glafgueii • appro- 
bando Sigilli Sui pfentif appoficone confirmauit inr coonaftyum de 
CX>hoff"t Eccliam de CX)ack ppetuo valituram • Hiis Tefl^ib^ • CCagro 
Hug Archidiacoii GJafgueii • CX)agro WiHmo Archid Dunkeldens • 
Diio Hug de NormanuiH pfona de Stanfordham • 

Confirmao honorij ppe fuper componem fcam de decimis de maxtun 
et de morh^ • 

247 Honorius eps • feruus feruorum dei • dilectis filiis abbi et conuentui 
de melros cifl;ei'cien ordinis fatt et apticam bnd • Juftis petencium 
defid'iis dignum eft nos facilem prebere confenfum • et vota que a 
ronis t"^mite non difcordat effectu profequente complere • Ea propter 
dilecti in domino filii • vris iuftis poftulaconib^ grato conc^rentes 
affenfu • componem inter vos ex pte vna • T; • J • de normanuilla 
militem • glafg diocr= ex altera fup territo de maxtun cum ptinenciis 
fuis amicabiliter initam ficut finc prauitate prouide facta eft • et ab 

222 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

utraq,, pte fponte recepta et hactenus pacifice obferuata • necnon in 
Jris inde confectis dicit^ pleni^' contineri • aucte aplica confirmam'' et 
pntis fc^pti patcinio comunim^ • Nulli ergo omo houii liceat hanc 
paginam nre confirmacois infringere uel ei aufu temerario conf^ir" 
Si quis autem hoc attemptare prefumpferit • indignacoem omipotentis 
dei . et beatorum petri et pauli aplorum eius fe nouit incurfurum • 
Dat • lateraii • Id^ nouembr"" pontificatus nri anno nono • 

Conf ^macio Regif Alexandri • de rra • in tritorio de COakeftun • 

2kS Alex Dei Gratia Rex Scott • Omnib^ Probis hominibus tocius terre 
sue saltm • Sciant prefentes 1: fut^j nos concefniTe t hac carta noftra 
confirmaffe donacoem illam q^^m Johs de Normanuitt fecit deo 'H; 
ecctie Sancte roarie de roelrog • t monachis ibidem deo scruientib^ t 
inppetuum seruituris de quadam pte terre sue in tritorio de Cl)ackef- 
tun • Tenend t Habend dictis rnonachis de roelros t suis succeflbribus 
de predicto Jofte de Normanuiti t heredibus suis • in puram t ppe- 
tuam elemofinam p eafdem rectas diuifas que continent^ in carta 
eiufdem Johann^ de Normanuitt • libe • qviete • plenarie • t honorifice i 
Sicut Carta ^dicti Johann' inde plenius confca predictis monachis de 
roeh-os J iufte teftat^ • Saluo seruicio noftro • Tef t • W • de Bond • 
Cancellaf • Walt Olifard Juftic Laodoii • Rob de Ros • Walter 
Cumyii • Johe de COac&^wel Camef • Bernard Frafef . Rad de 
Campari • Eymef de Cpaccuswel • Apud Traueqf • q^^rto die Febf • 
Anh regii • diii regis Nonodecimo • 


Carta Johannis de NormanuiH cle terra de makuftun • 

249 Omnib^ fce coat\s Ecctie (iliif Prefentib^ ■!: futurif Johes de Nor- 
manuiti salut • NoSit vni3fitaf ueft'^ me caritatif intuitu dediffe t 
conceffifle • 1: hac mca carta conf^malfe Deo 't ecctie fce coarie de 
(oelr T; coonachif ibidem deo suientib, • p aiab^ patT mei "t matYmee 
"i oium anteceflbru meoru • 't p falute dni mei Alex Reg" fcot • 1 p 
falute mea t oium fucceflToru meoru • In liberam puram "t ppetuam 
elemofina quandam ptem rre mee de coak^tuti • uerfuf occidente ex 
oppoito domoru de coorhufef que fut in tra coonachoru pdictoru de 
melf • ficut ego ipe cu p^ore T; cellerariif de coelr dictam tram eif 
piibulaui • Totam hanc Vram 't ^■'cquid in ea continet^ dedi t; conceffi 
pfatif coonachif vt eam habeant teneant t poffideant 'i vtantur modif 
oib3 q^b^ eif mehuf t utiliuf uifu fuerit^ Ita Hbe • q^ete • plene • 't 
honorifice f ficut aliqua elemofinam in regno fcocie libiuf • q^eciuf • 
pleniuf • t honorificenciuf tenent vl poffident Et ego t; hedef mei 
coanutenebim^ 1; Warantizabim^ pfatif coonachif pfata tram 't ad- 

q^etabim^ de feruicio t confuetudine t exactione fclari ul de- 

manda erga ouief hoTef in ppetuu • Hiis Teftib^ • AValto de fontibj • 
Thoma f fe meo • coagro Adam de coak^tuil • WiHo franco Et multif aliif^ 

Carta iohif de normanuitt: de tra iuxta grenerig in tritorio de mackift^' • 
fdt ftele • 

2.30 Uniuerfif xpi fidelib^ hoc fc^ptum vifurif uel auditurif • iohs De 
normanuift faltm in diio • Nouit uniufitas ura me dediflfe • conceffifl^ 
et hac carta mea confirmafle deo et eccfie fancte marie de melrof t 
monach ibidem deo ^uientib^ in pura et ppetuam elemofinam 
q^^idam ptem tre mee in tritorio de mackiftun que continet^ infra haf 

224 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

diuifaf • fcitt ab occidentali pte de grenerig defcendendo p riuulum 
ufq., uiam q"^ it^ de neutun ufq^ ad rokifburg • et p eandem uiam 
afcendendo ufq^ ad fulcum caruce qui trahit^ a tra monachorum 
de morhuf 8s? aq^lonem ufq,, ad dcam uiam • et p eundem fulcum 
afcendendo ficut lapidef grandef pofiti funt ufq^ ad dcam tram de 
morhuf • Tenend et fend s^ inppetuu libe • et quiete • plene et honori- 
fice cu comuni pallura et omnibj aliif afiamentif de fl.ele^ Et ego 
t hedes mei manutenebim? et warantizabim^ dcif monach dcam 
Pram ut eam hant teneant • et modif omnib^ utant^ ad comodu 
fuu ita lifee et ^''ete ficut aliq^^m elemofinam in regno fcocie 
Mbiuf tenent • et qVciuf- T; defendem^ de omni exaccoe pfuetudine 
't de omni suico forenfi l p^uato qd pofllt exigi lil euenire in rra • 
cont^ dnm regem et ouif aliof • Tefl," Diio philippo de mubrai • 1c- • 

CaRta • J • de NormanvviH: • fup • iiii" • ac^s tre i rritorio de makefl;one • 

251 No9int uniSfi ^fens fc^ptu uifuri uel audituri qd ego iohes de nor- 
manuift dedi 't concefli T: hac mea carta confirmaui do 't ecctie fancte 
coarie de roelr • 1 coonachis ibidem do feruientib^ • In libam • puram • 
t ppetuam elemofinam • quatuor acras tre l dimid • In rritorio de 
coackufl;ufi • fcilt de ierbranderig afcendendo ufus occldnte defup 
ripam de lillefietburn ex aq^^Ionali pte ufc^ ad uetus fofllitum de gret- 
rig • T; alibi in eodem tritorio illam ptem more que iacet inclufa int 
futhfide • 1 arewes 1; ex orientali pte contigua efl; more de Ruther- 
forde . Totam hanc rram dedi ^fatis monachis cu oibus ptinenciis fuis 
1: libtatibus fine aliq° letinemento vt eam habeant teneant t poffi- 
deant plene lionorifice t c|^ete ab omni feruicio forenfi T; p\iato • con- 

fuetudine • exactione heredes mei manutenebi- 

mus waranlizabbiius 1: defendemus dcis monachis dcam rram 


in ppetiiu conf^ oiTies hoies • Hiis Teftibus • Hug de normaniiitt • 
Thoiri • Waleramo • Henf • fraf bus meis • Johanne capHano • Joftc 
filio pliihppi 't coultis ahis« 

Carta Johif de Normanuitt de morh? • 

Ofiiib^ Sce fiirif EccHe fihis ^fentib^ ^ futuris Johes de Normanuitt 
Sait . Sciatif me pceffifTe t hac mea carta ^firmafre do 1: Ecciie Sce 
foarie de coelros t coonachis ibide do fuientib^ p animab^ prif \ fnrif 
raee T; oium aiiceffbT/ meoT; t fucceffoT^ in hbam • pura t ppetua ele- 
mofina totam tram illam que cnorhus uocat^ in Pritorio de rcakefluii 
qua tenuerut de pre meo unde habent carta ipiuf p onif diuifas in ei^ 
carta noiataf ■ SciUcet a rra inculta directe ufq^ ad foiTetu ex aq^lonaU 
pte de keluefete • 1: fic p illud fofTetu ufus oriente • 1: p petras q pofite 
fLUit ad diuifas ufq,, ad uiam q uenit de Ekeford Sfus ccelros • t fic 
ab illa uia p femita t^nfufum Chelfefeteflele ufus auftru p petraf q 
ibi pofite funt ad diuifas ufq, ad ahud fofTetu ex auflrali pte de Chel- 
fefeteflele f T; fic p illud fofTetu ufq, ad uia que inde tendit 2fus 
oriente • 1; fic p illa uia uf<^ ad petras ficut angulatim pofite fut ad 
diuifas vifcj^ in fawelaweleche • 1 p illu ficum Sfus oriente ufq ad 
fofTetu qd efl diuifa int tram de Ct)akeflua T; tram de Rudedford • t p 
illa diuifam 9fus auflru 1: mus occidente ufq^ ad uia q uenit de 
Ekeford • 1 fic f^nfufum uia illa Sfus occidente ficut pet^ pofite fut 
ad diuifa int tram culta 1 aiora • 1 fic circulando p petras pofitas 8fus 
auftru • t inde ufus oriente ufq, ad diuifas rre de Rudedford • 't p illa 
diuifa ufq ad ftrata q eft diuifa inr Ct)akeftuti "t farnigduti • t p illa 
ftrata ufus occidente uf<}^ ad petras q pofite fut ad diuifa • 't inde ex 
t^nfSfo 8fus aqlone p petras ufq, in ficii • t p illu ficu 1 petras ibi 
pofitas ufq, ad locu ubi pambulaco ifta incipit ■ Tota hanc tram t quic- 


226 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiit. 

q^d ptinet^ infra ^dcas diuifas pceffi eifde roonachis libam "t folutil 
ab oiiii ti'eno #uicio t pfuetudine t exaccone fctari ■ tenend inppetuu • 
ita plene t honorifice fic aliq"" elemofina liberi^ • quieci? • pleni? . t 
honorificenci^ tenent t p^^fident in regno Scocie • Quare uolo vit ide 
monachi tota ^dcam tram habeat "t p^fideant in bene t pace ad utend 
t excolend fic eis meli!' 1 utili? uifu fuit • 1 fic Carta pris mei teftat^ • 
Infup dedi eis ad incrementu T; hac Carta mea pfirmaui in libam 1: 
ppetua elemofina tota tra illa qua Hugo de Helleya tenuit q tota 
^tinet^ infra ^ftfptas diuifas ^firmacionis mee ^fentis i 1 Carte pris 
mej • 'i Ego 'i hedes mei manutenebim^ t warantizabim'' eis oinia 
pdca t acqVtabim? de oiiii forinfeco f uicio t de oinib^ aliis reb^ 
erga dnm Rege 1 oiiis alios hoies • dedi ecia eis t ^cefli comune paf- 
tura |)dce uille de OQakeftuii • ad ducentas oues • t • xij<^' • uaccas • t 
duas fues cu • uf mentis fuis duoT/^ annoT/ • t fex equos • 1; q^^draginta 
boues in hyeme i t fginta in eftate • int? t foris • longe 1 ppe • • biq, T: 
p oiiiia • • • aueria tira t aueria hominii iiroT/ pafcunt prer blada t 
prata • t habebut comunia focalia ta in turbario qua in petario • t 
petra q^^drarie nre de Aluerden • ad edificia dom? de cnekos fufficienr 
edificanda • Teftib^ • Dno Walt • Glafguens Epo • Ric Decano de 
Teuidale • WalPo Olifard • Thom • de Coleuitt • Rog Burnard • • • • nard 
de Haweden • Pafcio de Carditi • Rob de NormauiH • t Cl)atheo f re 
ej^ • t Gilbto fra'§ • Johe de ft)akefwt • • • ■ b de fentun • Rob Hatton • 
Gilbto de Lefliedwin • Wift franc • Rob Cl)akeflbne • Dauid de Neutun • 
t multis aliis • 

Carta iohis filii philippi de qVta clamacioe tre de Ct)ackuftu • 

253 Vniuerfis xpi fidehbus Hoc fc^ptum uifuris uel audituris Johannes 
filius Philippi de l"l)ackeftun faltm • NoSit uniSfitas ura me in curiadni 


rnei iohannis de normanuiH: fponte • 'H; abfq,, omni coactione omne iuf 
quod liabui uel habere potui in tra quam dictus • J • diis meus dedit 
fooiiachis de Cl)elros in tritorio de tl)ackuftuii f quietum clamafTe fcilt 
quoad comunem pafluram "t alia comunia aifiamenta que me t 
heredes meos in eade Ira contingebant • Plenu fiquide 'i fufficiens ab 
eodem • J . diio meo recepi efcambiu in rritorio de Neutuii pro omni- 
bus aifiamentis que me t heredes meof in ^noiata tra que data efl dcis 
monachis de roelros contingebant • Ita quod omni iuri quod in dca 
tra habui f p me ^ heredibus meif in perpetuu plene renunciaui • 
Hiis Teftibus • Bernardo deHauden • Hug de normanuiH perfona de 
ftamfordham • Gregorio de Rutherforde • Ric de hetuii • Elgi prudfot 
t multis aliis • 

Confirma" regis alexandri de morluis • 

254 Alexander dei gracia Rex fcott • omnibus probis hominib^ tocius 
terre fue ciicis et laicis faltm • Sciant piites et futuri me conceffiffe et 
hac carta mea confirmafle conceffionem illam quam iobs de normauiW 
fecit deo et ecciie fancte marie de meh"os de tota terra illa que 
vocatur morhus in territorio de maxtun quam hugo de normanuitt 
pr ipius iohis eifdera monachis dedit • T: quam id iohs eis confirmauit 
et p r^tas diuifas contentas in confirmacoe eiufde iohis cum incremento 
tocius illius terre quam hugo de helleya tenuit • 1 cu comunione paf- 
ture • t focat • t oim aliorum afiamentoru que cotinent^ in confir- 
macoe pdci iohis • tenend predcis monachis in libam et ppetuam 
elemofinam ita hbe et quiete plenarie t honorifice ficut confirma" 
predci ioh • predcis monachis inde facta teftatur ■ faluo ferui" meo • 
Teft • Witi de bofc cancell • Wifi cumin • '"ic^ • 

228 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Confirmaco Regis Alex de Piscaria de Roksburgia • 

255 Alex • dei Gra Rex Scott • Omnib" probif liomibuf Tocius terre fue • 
Clericif 1 Laicis • Satt • Sciant prefentes T; fut^i me conceffiffe • t hac 
carta mea confirmaffe Deo • Et Ecctie Sce Marie de Melros • 1 Mona- 
chif • ibidem deo feruientib^ totam pifcariam de veteri Rokefburg • in 
Tvvede ufq^ ad Brockeftrem • quam Rex dd • pauuf meuf eif dedit • 
1. Carta fua confirmauit • Tenend • s^ in libera t ppetuam elemofinam • 
Ita libere • 1 quiete • ficut aliaf elemofinaf fuaf .liberiuf • 1 quietiuf 
tenet • "t ficut Carta Reg • dd • paui mei • t confirmatio dni Reg • 
Witti patrif mei teflant^ t confirmant • Tef t Wifto de Bofcb • Can- 
ceS • meo • Comite Malcolin • de fRf • Ph • de Valoh • Caniar • meo • 
Witto de Valoil • fif • eius • Johe de macc^wet • Thoma de lundin • 
hofliaf meo • dd • marefcaH: • Heruic • marefcatt • Apd Edenb • rcio die 
Aprilis • 

Carta Alderoxburg • 

256 Omnib^ fce matris eccte filiis f^fentib^ t futur Robertus de Ver 
Comes Oxonie faltm • Sciatis me dedifTe • et ^ceffifTe • T: hac jJfenti 
carta mea confirmafre • deo t eccfie fce roarie de Cl)elros • t monachis 
ibidem deo seruientib^ • p aiab^ pat^s • 1 maf s mee • t omniu ancefforu 
meoT^ . t fuccefToTf i t p falute mea . in Hberam • t puram • 't ppetuam 
elemofina • q^^tuor acras rre arablis in tritorio vePis Roxburg" fup 
Twedefiat ficut iacent in vno tenemento p pef^s ad diuifas pofitas • 
t a me t pbis hoih-^ meis deambidatas • Hanc aute donacom feci ego 
R • apd Cl)elros in pfencia couentus • t mftoT/ hoTm meo-y • T; alioi^ • 
1 p vnam virgam fup magnu altare roonafPii ibidem optuU • Quare 
uolo t cocedo ut pdci roonachi hanc elemofina teneant • t ppetuo tepe 


pofRdeant abfci;, oiai treno suico 1 _pfiictudie • 1 exaccoe feculari • ita 
lifce "t quiete • plenaf t honorifice f ficut aliqua aliam elemofnia libius 
quieci^ pleni>' t honorificeci>' tenent 't poffulent • Et cgo "t hedes mei 
warantizabim^ eis eande elemofina cont"^ omnes hoies inppetuu • Hiis 
teft;ib3 • diio • W • Glalguens epo • II • decano de Alnecrom • Radulpho 
confl;abular de Roxburg • Johe captto de Bonkil • Gregorio de Ruthir- 
furd • Helia pfona de veti Roxburg • Ricardo de heto"n • Bernardo 
de Hawden • t mttis aliis • 

Extra foreftu in? Galwe t led'' . 

257 Alex • dei gfa Rex Scott omnib? pbif hominib^ toci^ tre fue Salt • 
Sciatif nof dediffe "t conceffiffe t hac jJfenti carta nf a confirmaffe Afebi 
't conuentui de JMelrof ut habeant • teneant ■ t poffideant i ppetuu 
omnef traf inu Galwe t Lcdyr quaf tenueft • uel in quaru pofleffioe 
fuef t • t etiam conceffifie t hac eadem Carta nfa confirmaffij eifdem 
Abbi t conuentui oninef aliaf rras quaf tenuerunt uel in quaru pof- 
feffione fuerunt ex parte auftrali de Twed que funt cotigue rrif de 
Leffedewiil t rrif monachoT^ de kalkou • ita qd facient de ceto tam 
edificia q^^m quecuq,, uoluerint alia fibi t fuif utilia • ubicuq^ infra 
pdictaf traf eif uifu fuerit • t utent^ oiiiibus ^miffif oiiiibus modif put 
fibi t fuif magif uiderint expedire ita etia qd ipi ofnf rraf illaf t 
quicqM cotinet^ infi'a eafde rraf • ta fub rra q^^m fupra • habeant de cero 
in libera pura t ppetua elemofina ext^ foreftu • Et nof t heredes nfi • 
t fuccefforef nfi oiiiia ^miffa eifde Abbi t conuentui cont^ oins homlef 
waratizabim" • Nichil iurif in eifde trif fiue infra eafde de ceto nobif 
retinentes • nec p ipif aliqM petentes • prer orationef tantu • Tef t • G • 
electo Dunkeldens • Lauf • de Abbnith • Bernard" Frafef • Thoiii fit 
Ranulfi • WiHo de Lindefeia • Dauid de LyndeS • Alexandf • de 

230 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

Striuelin • Apud Alnecrb tc • • die Decembf • Anii Regni domini 
Regif • vicefimo Secundo • 

phibitio venadi inr Galwe 1; led® Simitr '"t ex pte auftrali de thuede 
de heldun 1 t deforeftatio • 

258 Alex . Dei Gratia Rex Scott • Omib^ pbif hominib^ toci? Pre fue Salt • 
Sciatis nof conceffifTe T; hac pfenti Carta nra conftrmafre I pura \ ppe- 
tua elemo na abbi 'i conuentui de INIelros ut onis traf int Galwhe t 
Ledyr quaf tenuerunt ut in q^^ru pofteffione fuef t • 1 etia oms aliaf 
rraf q*s tenueft ut in q^^ru poffeffione fuert ex parte auftrali de 
Twed que funt contigue trif de LefTedewiii t tris monacliorii de 
kalkou 1 quicquid continet^ infra oinf ^dictaf traf q^^s eif deforefta- 
uim^* ta fub tra q^^m fupra teneant t habeant in ppetuu in Liberu 
foreftu • firmiter phibentef ne quif fine fpeciali licentia ipoi^ ABbif t 
conuent^ • in dictif irif • Secare- venari • pifcari • aut aucupari • aut 
aliquid aliud cont^ uoluntate ipoT^ facere jJfumat • fup" nfam plena- 
riam foriffactura • Decem Libraru- Teft • G • elco Dunkeidens • Lauf • 
de At5bnith • Bernard frafef • Thom fit Ranvdfi • Wifto de Lindefeia • 
Dauid de Lindefeia • Alexandf • de Striueliii • Apud Alnecfb • tcio 
die Decembf • Anii Regni domini Regif vicefimo Secundo • 

Confirma° regis Alexandri de ISIalcolmifrode • 

259 A • dei gfa rex fcot • Omnibus probis hominib^ tocius terre fue • falt • 
Sciant prefentes et futH nof conceffiffe • et hac carta nfa confirmafre 
illam ([uietam clamaaiem • quam comes jiat'^ de dunbar • fit • comit 
paf cii fecit pro fe et heredibus fuis • Deo et bte marie de melros et 
monacft ibidem den feruientib^ et inppetuum feruituris de toto iure 


qd buit iicl tire potuit roe malcolmifrod • et de quocunq^ alio iurc 
uerfus occidentem • ultra calccias • ficut itur uerfus lauucd' • tenend et 
habend eifdem monacliis inippetuum ita libe et quiete • ficut carta 
dci comitis paf s^inde plenius confecta eifd monachis teflat^ • Tefl • t c'^- 

Carta J • ^"'m fec Cl)ro Ade de Baggabt . 

idO Oinib^ xpi fidelib^ ad q^s ^fenf Scriptu puenit l Joh fit Iliue De Iliuef- 
tun Ernam in diio Satm • Nouit vniutitas ura me in Lib^a poteflate 
ina de Confenfu T; bona uoluntate heredum fiioT/ dedifle t ConceffifTe 
T; ^fenti Carta ina ^firmafTe magro Ade de Baggat t hei-edib^ fuif ut 
Cui dare vit affignare uoluit • illam bouatam rre cu vna acra prati in 
rritorio de Ihueflun integ" 1 fiii aliq° Retinemeto cum omib^ aifiametif 
t ptinenciif fuif q^^m Wills Pile De Bouyldene ad firma liuit de me 
p aliq^t annof • Tenend T; habend in ppetuum Sibi 1 Heredib, fuif 
ui Cui dare ut affignare uomit • de me T; heredib^ iiiis • Lib^e • Q^^ete • 
Pacifice • '^ honorifice • ab ouii suicio • Confuetudie • AufiUo • Exac- 
tone-^l Demanda • Reddndo m'' t heredibj mis pro omib^ §uiciif- 
pfuetudinib^ • Avifihjf • Exactonibj • 1 demandis • fingtisAnnif q^^fdam 
cyrotecaf albaf in nundinif de Rokefburg f vel unu denar • Et Sciend 
e q pfat^ magr ■ A • de Baggat pro coceffione 't Donacone fJdce tre 
ad mea magna pauptate alleuiand f ^"'tuor nfrc Legaliu ftlingo-!/ m'' 
dedit • Ego u° T; heredef ini pdcam tram adeo lib^e fic j^dcm efl f 
^dco magro • A • de Baggat T; heredibj fuif ut cui dare vt affignare 
uol9it f cont^ oiuef hoief 1; femiaf in ppetuu Warantizabim? 1 defen- 
dem? • Volo aut "T; Concedo pro me t heredib^ ihis t fuccefforib^ inis f 
ne aliq^d aliud s^uiciu Exfnfec vt infnfecum a ^dca bouata rre cu 
pdca acra ^"'ti adiacente f 1 alijs fuif ptinencijf t aifiamentif poflulet^ f 
nifi tmm° illud f qd in Carta ifl:a pfcriptum eft Qfn Ego 1: heredef 

232 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiir. 

mi de Refiduo t\-e mee de Iliueftun f illam de omib^ alijf s^uicijf t 
poftulaconibj i aquietabim? • In Hui" u" Rei teftimoium f figftm meu 
huic fc'pto appofui . Hiif Teftib^ i Dno Thom fto Randol • Bernard 
de Haudene • Johe de Letham • Gregor de Ruthrfurd • Alex de Sin- 
tun . Ada de Walchope • Thom de Wittufnie • Dauid de Graham f 
Alex Lundoii • Ada tuc Senefcaft de I Jntun • Edgaro tuc Senefcallo 
• J . de Laundet • Ada tunc Senefcallo de Hawhic . Ada tunc Senef- 
callo . W . de Coleutt: t roultif alijs • 

Confmaco Auicie . 

2G1 VniSfis iftaf Uttas uifuris uel auditurif • Auicia fiha iotiis filii yUf de 
vHfiftu falt • NoSit uniQfitaf ura me conceffifie . -i hac pfenti carta 
mea confirmafte . deo • 1 fce marie t fco Benedco "t porte de Cl)elros • 
ad fuftentacoem pauperum ibidem adueniencium • p falute anime 
mee • '^ oinium anteceffoT/ • 't fuccefloT; meoT^ . illam rram quam . • • • 
meuf iohes filius ylif de ylififtu illis dedit • fciUcet croftu '^ toftu que 

Ricard? ker tenuit in viUa de yUfiftun acram t vnam rodam 

in crofto fuo pximo adiacentef crofto Laurencii • 1 iUas duas acraf 
terre fup Grenloue flath t fup Grenfide • adeo quiete • Ubere • plenarie • 
t honorifice . ficut continet^ in carta pdci iobis patrif mei de yUfiftu • 
In cui^ rei teftimoniu fide mea mediante huic fcripto figiUu meu 
appofui • hiis teft" • Diio Alexandro de ft\ieUn • Dno Andrea de 
Syntu • COagro Ad de Baggate . Patre meo iohe de yUfiftu . Andrea 
Cameis . Ricardo fiUo ei'' • Rad . cHco . Ad hopper • Johe fillio Ricardi • 

Ciuta Agnetif vxorif Laurencii de Yliueftuti • 

-62 Omnib^ ^fentes literaf uifurif uel audituris Agnes filia Jofeis vxor 
laurencii de Ylififtun eftia in dJlo faltm • No8it vniSfitaf ura marito 
meo laurencio ^fenciente me oiTies conuenciones q^^f pater meuf 't 
mar mea fecerunt cQ Abbate t conuentu de COelrof • t _pceffiones q^^f 
fecerut eifde fup oinia que habebant infra villa de Ylififtun fiue ext* 
put in carta eoT^ ubi figillu meu "i figillu dci laurencii mariti mei fut 
appenfa pleni" continet^f rataf habere 1 firmaf- ^mifiecia fb iuramento 
preftito tactif facrofcif ewangfiif pro me "t heredib^ meif • qd nec p 
nof nec p aliu pf^ ea que in dca carta continent^ aliq" modo ueniem? • 
nec aliq^d de cetero in eifde reclamabim^ • Immo oiTiia illa dcif A^bbi % 
conuentui in ppetuu q^eta clamauim^ • nichil omnino in eifde nob ut 
heredib^ nris retinendo • Et ad maiore hoT^ fecuritate f tales inueni 
fideiuffbres • Scilicet • Johem de Sco Cl)ichaele • Witimu de Sco 
Ct)ichaele • Andrea chamoif t Walteru chamoif • qui ad ho^; robora- 
cionem una cum figillo meo t figillo dicti Laurencii mariti mei 
figilla fua pfenti fcripto appofuert» Hiif Teftib3 • Diio Thoma vicario 
de Neututi • fratre Robto de Wittuii • Ada hoppere 1; filio ei'' • Johe 
hufeband ■ WiUmo filio Walti 1 aliis • Actu anno gre millefimo • cc"» 
xP • nono • iii • Id^ Ap''^ • 

Cavta Thom filii Gillebti fit Layfing de LefledAvyn de ?ra de ylifftun • 

263 Omnib, xpi fideUb3 lioc Scriptum vifurif vel auditur Thomas filius 
Gilleberti filii Layfinge de Lefledwyn ernam in diio salutem • Nouerit 
vniufitas veftra me dimififle ad feodifirmam portario de Cl)elros 1 
fuccefforib? fuis qui pro tempe fuerint in ppetuum totam trara meam 
lcilicet decein acras quas tenui in rritorio de ylifftun quas puc meus 

2 G 

231 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

emit de Johanne dno de hylifftun • Reddendo michi 't heredibj meif 
fingHs annif vnu denarium vel vnil par cirotecaif t vnam libram cere 
ecctie fancte Cl)arie de Driburche in nundinis de Rokifburg • Pre- 
dictus uero portari^ t eiuf fucceflbref qui pro tempe fuerint tenebt 
dcam rram de me t heredib^ meif ita lifee "t quiete ficut eani tenui 
vel vnquam Hberius T: quiecius tenere potui • Ego uero 1; heredes 
mei totam ^dictam rram cum oiuib^ fibi ptinentib^ tam contra diim 
noilrum rege quam contra omnes aliof hominef ac feminas in ppe- 
tuum Warantizabim? ac defendemus • Si autem ahquo cafvi contigerit 
quod ego vel heredes mei non porim? dictam tram j^fato portario 
vel eius fucceflbrib^ Warantizare f ego uel heredes mei fine more 
difpendio pacabim? porte de Ct)elros decem libras legalium fterlingo"!^ 
vel terram ualente decem libras in ppetuu dco portario t eiuf fuc- 
ceflbrib^ poflidendam Et ad hui'' couencois maiore fecuritate fubieci 
me 1 heredes meof cum omnib^ bonif noftrif mobihbj t imobilib^ 
iurifdicconi 1; poteftati cuiufcumq, prelati ecclefiaftici vel p^ncipif 
fecularis per uifum t arbifum eoij. conftringendos • In cui^ rei 
teftimoniu ^fenti fcripto figillu meum appofui • Teftib^ Waltero de 
Wdforde • Adam de COakifpofil • Ricardo chames • Adam chamef • 
Willelmo Bolay 't coultif aliis • 

Carta reg Alexand^ De ethric • 

264 Alex dei gra rex fcott • Vniufif fce mrif ecctie filiif prefentib^ T: 
futur etViam in diio fatt • Sciant prefentef 't fut^i nof diuine caritatif 
intuitu p falute iira ^ fucceflbrum iiroT/ • t p animab^ WiHi prif mi 
reg • fcott illuftrif • t ermegard • regine mrif mee • 't oium ante- 
ceflbT; t fuccefloT/ nroT^ conceflifie t dedifle • t hac carta nra confir- 
mafle deo t monafterio de meh-of • t monach ibide deo suientibi t 


inppetuum suiturif • totum uaftum nfm infra diuifaf fubfcriptaf con- 
tentum cum omnibj ptinenciif fuif fub rra 1 fup'^ • fcitt de flumine 
ethryich afcendendo p riuulum de timeye • ufq^ ad diuifaf nigelli de 
heriz • 1: fic afcendendo ficut defcenfuf aquaru diuidunt inr ethric 1 
glenkery • ufcj,, ad diuifaf de elkedale • 1 fic afcendendo ufuf occiden- 
tem • ficut aque diuidunt inr eflvedale 't ethric ufq^ in montem que 
df vifliende • t inde vfuf orientem ficut defcenfuf aq*i-um diuidunt 
inr vaUem de anaund t forefl;a ufq,, ad capud de rodanoch • t fic 
ufuf orientem ficut aq diuidunt inr forefl;am t rram thome de haya 
ufq^ ad cap' de copthravverefclouch • t flc defcendendo ufcj^ in maiore 
lacu • 1 fic afcendendo p lacu u% ad caput ei^de lac^ • t inde afcen- 
dedo uf^ auftru ufq^ ad riuulu de Wythhop • 1 fic afcendendo ufq^ ad 
thirleftangate • t p eande uiam ufq^ ad caput de Wulfhope • 't flc p 
ficu defcendendo ufq,, in riuulu de thirleftan maiori • t p eunde riuuhl 
defcendendo ufq,, in fluuium de ethric • t p eunde fluuium afcendendo 
ufq,, ad tymeymuth"^: tened s^ in hbam • puram • et ppetuam elemo- 
finam • ita libe • q^ete • plenarie 1: paciflce ficut aflq'^ elemofina aliq^^b^ 
rehgiofif pfonif conf' ri poVit f t eciam poflTideri • nichil inde prer folaf 
oraconef nobif aut tledib^ nrif inppetuum faciendo • teft"- 'tc-'» 

Confirmaco Alexand reg de hettrich • 

265 Alex • di Gratia Rex Scott • Omnibuf probif Hominibus toci^ terre 
fue faltm • Sciatif q conceflimuf Monachif de IMelros • vt totam ter- 
ram fuam de Etryk • p eafdem diuifaf que continent^ i carta nra que 
de eadem terra eif pleni? confecta eft • in ppetuum habeant in Li- 
berum foreftum • Qf flrmit phibem? • ne Quif flne eo7 Hcentia in 
dicta terra fecet aut ucnet^ fup iiram plenariam foriffacturam decem 
hbrarum • Teft^ Waltef OUfard • Juftic • Laodoii • Rogef Auenet • 


236 IMUNIMENTA DE MELllOS. ssec, zzni. 

Dauid morfcallo • Apud Edinbuic • vicefmio octauo die maij • Aun 
Regii • dni regif vicefimo fecundo • 

Carta de Yhar • 

A • Dei Gratia Rex Scott • Omnib^ probif hominibu.s toci^ Pre fue 
ciicis 1 laicis faltm • Sciant prefentes 1 futuri nos ad honore dei 't 
gloriofe uirginis mat\s fue • necno 1 p falute nra \ aiicefToi!; 1: fucceflb^ 
iiro-!^ • dedifle conceflifl^e "l hac carta nra confirmafl^e monachis de 
cxielros deo ibidem fuientib^ •!; inppetuum feruituris pifcariam illam 
fup Twed que uocat^ pifcaria de Selechirk • et fepte acraf ?re cu 
edificiis t prato infra easdem feptem acras tre contentis • ficut eedem 
feptera acre tre p foflatum 't fepem eoTjdem monachoi^ die liui? 
coUaconis includebant^ • Et eciam pafl;ura ad octo boues • '^ octo 
uaccas in Wauhop • Conceflim^ % dcis monachis vt ipi p uifum foref- 
tarioT^ nro-!^ qui p tempe erunt habeant Tr capiant in forefl;o iiro ma- 
remiu ad fuft;entac6em flagni fui in eadem pifcaria • Tenend • 't 
habend • eifdem inppetuu in libam • pura • 'i ppetuam elemofina • 
ita libe quiete • plenarie • 't honorifice i ficut ahq'^ elemofina ex dono 
iiro ab aliquib^ uiris reUgiofis in regno iiro libius • quieci^ • pleni^ 't 
honorificenci^ tenet^ ut poflidet^ • Teft • ve§abfi pre W • epo Glaf- 
guens • Cancellaf iiro • Ph • abbe de Jeddewurd • Dauid de Lindes • 
Juft^ic • Laodoii • Bernard de Rippeley • Apud Jeddewurd • Octauo 
die Febf • anri reg diii reg t^cefim-" tcio • 

Carta pet"nille • 

267 VniQfis has litPaf vifurif nel auditurif pefnilla filia ade harang de 
meinichoch . falt • Nouit uniSfitas uefl;ra me pceBffe - 1 hac pfenti MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. 237 

carta mca confirmaiTe- tleo • 1 fce coarie- t fco Ecncdco T: porte tle 
ClQelrof ad fiiReiitacuCin paupum ibidem aduenicnciu • illud toftu in 
villa de Bortwic iiixta domu luigonif felecli • t ilUis duaf acraf terre- 
1 illam dimidiam acram prati in rritorio de Eortwic cjue ego in 
uiduitate mca Rob poydraf j? homaoio t feruico fuo dedi • 1 infup 
illu redditu qiiem idem Iloft m^ reddere annuatim confueiierat • fcit 
unu par cerotecaT^ alba']^ eidem Rob T: hercdib^ fuif condonaui • In 
cui^ rei teftimoniu huic fc^pto figillum meii appofui Hiis tetl" • Drio 
philippo de la leya • Diio serlone pfona de Cl)einicboch • Thoma de 
Rule^ Jobe Anglico • Rob de lundon • Witto uiuene • Gofpat^cio. 
Witto de a)erbotle • t Gilbto filio fuo • t Aliis • 

Carta Gaufridi filii Gaufridi de Cliftun • 

268 Omalbj Sce matTEectie filiis Gaufrid^ fili" Gaufridi ernam in dKo 
Salt . Noi?'t uniSfitas iira me dediffe 1; conceffiffe 't hac mea carta con- 
firmaffe deo T; Ecclie Sce COarie de Cl)eh'oD 1: monachif ibide deo fer- 
uieniib^ ia liuam pura 1 ppetua elemofina medietate toei? Vre q^^m 
pri^* tenuerunt in feodo de Cliftuii q^^m m^ ut iuf mea recogno- 
uerut • illa Sctt q'' remocior e a fole ficut m^ accidit in eode manio • 
forte diuifo in? dnm Wittm fihu Comitif Patricii 't me • Sclt int haf 
diuifaf • A pminencia duoi^ lapidu de Rupe fup"^ parua iunccaria ad 
orientale parte de Crukehou q" ppinq^or e vbi t^ra de Prenwenfete 1 tra 
de Grubbeflieved infimul conueniunt p ipfa iunccaria • t lapide de- 
fubt? iacente p q°ddam cundofu p metaf 1 diuifaf a nie ipo pambula- 
taf . ufq^ in bireb^ne • t inde p t"^nfuerfu bireburne cont^ aufl^rale 
parte uerf? rooUa ufq^ ad rupe ppinq^ore uie uerfuf oriente fup'^ Cuk- 
oueb^ne • "t inde ficut Cukoueb^ie defcendit '. ufq, in eandc uia 
magna • q"^ itur de Rokefib^g ad roolla • t inde p ipfa uia ufq^ in roere- 


238 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiti. 

burna • q" diuidit tram de Cliftun ^ rram de roolla • 1: inde p mere- 
b^na ufq^ ad diuifaf de Hunhu • t inde ficut diuife tendunt inr rram 
de Hunhu "^ fram de Cliftun ufq^ ad diuifaf de Grubbeflieued • 1 
inde p metaf t diuifaf a meipo deambulataf inr rra de Cliftun t 
tra de Grubbheued • ^ inde fup"^ predictu Crukehov p diuifaf a meipo 
pambulataf int rra de Cliftun 1 Pra de Prenwenfete • 1 inde ufq, ad 
pdcof duof lapidef de rupe fup"^ ^fatam iunccaria • Habebunt g^ t 
tenebunt pfati roonachi 1 fuccefforef fui de me 't heredib^ meif 
^dictam medietate toci^ rre infra has diuifaf comphenfe cu omnib3 
ptinenciif fuif integre plenarie t pacifice libera "t quieta ab omni 
feruicio forinfeco l p\iato 1: omni confuetudine t fecta curie 1; omni 
exaccone vt demanda fctari • Et ego t heredef mei ^dicta medietate 
cQ omnib^ ptinenciif fuis infra |)dictaf diuifaf comphenfa manuteije- 
bim^ t warantizabim^' fepedictif monachif inppetuu cont^ omnef 
hoief '1 feminaf. 1: de omni suito fctari erga dnm Rege fcocie defen- 
dem? . Hiif Tefl;- • Tafcio Coai • de Dunbar • Pafcio filio ei? • 
Alexand" vicecom de St^uelin • (X)armeduc de Thweng • Johe de 
Ct)akefwett • Witi: fit Joh • Berii de Hauden • Symone de Grubb- 
heued • Et multif Ahis • 

Roger? lardenari? de tra de CHftu • 

Omib^ hoc fcriptum vifurif uel Auditurif Roguf Lardenariuf Ernam 
in dno falt • NoSit vniSfitas vra me de voluntate l affenfu vxoris mee 
ftlatildis In plena Cuf drii Witti filii diii pafcii comit de Dunbar 
Redidifie et q^etum clamafle pro me 't hedibuf meif inppetuum dicto 
Witio filio comit '^ Crifl;iane Corbet vx eiuf t hedib^ eo-^ totum Jus 
1; clamium qd liabui ut hfe potui in tra de Chftona cum ofiiib^ ad 
dictam rram ptinentib^ pro tanta fumma pecunie • Quam dicti Witt 


et Criftiaiia Corbet nV § manib^ pacauerut • Qua de caufa renficiaui 
excepc6ni no numate pecunie t oini auxilio t Remedio Jurif qc1 
obici pTit cont"^ factum ut pfenf lft"mtu • Jurauim? etiam Ego 1 vx 
mea tactif Ewangeliis qd n' nof n'' • hedes nfi n° aliq^ p nof aliqd Jvif 
ut clamiu deceVo In f>dca Vra ut ei'' ptinenciif vendicabim^ • Et fi p 
nof ut p liedef iirof ut p alique eifdem queftione Inpofteru moui 
cotigit fup* dca tra ra(?6ne pp^^etatis ut dotalicii ut q" alio m" nof '± 
hedef noftri dictif Witto filio comit T; vx ei^ Criftiane Corbet Cen- 
tum Ct)arcaf argent foluem^ ante litif ing^fllim noTe pene • Et nichilo- 
min^ p aufu noftro temario eifdem uolum" teneri ad plenum intee • 
Subicientef pfonaf noftraf • pofleflionef • t Bona nra oinia Jurifdcoi l 
poteftati dni Epi Glafguens vt nof ad obferuand oinia jJmifTa p cen- 
furam Ecctiafticam appHacone remota copellat • Renuciantef in hoc 
facto p\iilegio fori pftituconi de duabus dietif oifiib^ Inpet^tif ^ 
inpet^nd 1; oi auxilio t biificio Jurif • T-ram u° ^dcam cum oinib3 
ptinenciis fuif m° fup^^dco Ego "t hedef mei dco WiWo Et Criftiane 
Corbet vx fue 't hedib^ eo-;; cont* omnef hominef Warantizabim^' 
Inppetuum • Hiis teftibuf • Dilo Rogo Hauenel • Diio Wiito de 
Sumuile • Dno Jobe de Ct)akefwel • Diio Alexfandro de ftriuelin • Diio 
RadulfoNaymin-Dfio B^nard de Hauden • Difio Waltb de Clapham • 
Dno Ada de Yatheam • Johe Hauenel • Et cnultif aliis • 

Confirmaco Reg alexand^ de ecctia de Haftand • 

270 Alexand' di gfa rex fcott • Oib^ pbif hoib^ toci^' tre fue clericif 1 laicif 
falt Sciat prefentef 't fut'i me pceffifCe 1 ]fc mea carta ^finnafl^e do 
t fce OQarie t ecctie de melrof t monach ibide do suientib^ in libam 
't q^eta 't ppetuam elemofinam ecctiam de haftanefdene cu trif t 
decimif t oib^ ad ipam eciiam ptinetib^ • ad fufcepcom t fuftentacom 

240 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

paupum 1 peg^^noT^ ad domu de melrof venientium • a Joc • glalg • 
epo p ^filiu diii reg Witti prif mei affignata • Tenend in libam 't q^eta 
"t ppetua elemofinam • cu paft^a in predca uilla de haftanefdene ad 
ducentaf mafcef ouef • 'i xvi • bouef 1; q^^tuor vaccaf 1 cu oib^ ipi^ 
ecctie ptinentiif • ita libe 1 qVte • plenarie 1: honorifice ficut carta 
predci iocel -glafg • epi t dniregWitii prif mei teftat^ 1 confirmant. 

Confirmaco Honorii p^^pe iij • de ecctia de haftanefdene 

2T1 Honori^ eps fcruuf §uo-!^ dei» Dilectif fihif afebi 1 ^uetui monafterii 
de meh-of cifScien ordinif fatt t aphcain bndiccom • Cu a nob petit^ q 
iuftu e t honeftum ta uigor eq^tatif q^^m ordo exigit ronif ut id p foU- 
citudinem officij nri ad debitu pducat^ effectum • Eapropr dilecti in dno 
fihj lirif iuftif pofiuhiconib^ g^^to ^currentef affeniu f tra de haftanef- 
dene cu ptinetiif fuif • a clare memoiie • W^ Rege fcocie • ac • J • glafg • 
epo • capti fui accedente pfenfu f monaftio vro ad fuftentacom paupu 
T; peg^noT^ inibi pfluentiu pia hbahtate cohatam f fic eam iufte» cano- 
nice ac pacifice poffidet • t in Htrif inde ^fectif dr pleni'' ^lineri f 
autoritate aphca ^fii-mam^ • T; prefentif fc'pti pafcinio ^munim? • 
Nulli g° oino hoinu liceat hanc pagina nre pfirmacoif infringere uel 
ei aufu temerario ptraire • SiqTau hoc attemptare prefump?it f indig- 
nacom omnipotentif di t beatoi; pet^ t pauh aploT^ ej^ f fe noSit in- 
c^surum . Dat • Laterari • v • M . decemb pontificat^" firi anno nono . 

Confirmaco Walti epi de ecclia de haftanefdcne 

Omnib^ fce mrif ecche fihif prefentib^ t fut 

diuina ecclie alafgueii minifP • ePnam in dno falt • No8it uniufitaf nos 

272 Omnib^ fce mrif ecche fihif prefentib^ '=t fut^is • Walter? coisacoe 


mutacom boiie mcrooiieJoccl cpi predeceflbris nri pceffifTe ^ h^^c carta 
nra^fiimaiTe ccciie fce awrie de mcl>of t monach ibide do suientibiif 
1. ii)ppctuiun suit'is ecctiam dc luiftanefdene cfi triTt decimif 't oib^ 
ad ipam ptinentib^ ad fufcepcom pjuipfi l pcg^noT/ ad domu de mclrof 
venientiii iux^^^ceffione predci iocet epi de ^fenfu fui capti 't _pfirma- 
com reg WiHi eifde monacb fcam f inppetuu poffidenda • Quare 
volum^ ut dci monachi dcam tiam cu oib^ ptineciif fuif teneat 't 
poffideant adeo Jibe 1 q^eie fic aliq^ viri religiofi aliq^^m parochialem 
ecctiam libi?. qVti^- pleni'' 1 honorificenci? in regno fcott • tenet t 
poffident ficut in carlif predcoi/ reg "^ epi plcni^ ptinet^ . Salua pen- 
fione viginti folidoi^ cpo glafg q* p tpe fuit figiis aiiif ad feflu fci 
martinj pfolueda • Saluo ecia nob t fuccefibrib^ ririf iure epali in oib^ . 
In c9 rei tefl;imoniQ f prefenti fc^pto figillu nfm apponi fecim? . 
teft 'lc^' 

Carta xpine de tra de crefwel . in heaftenden • 

273 Sciant plentes 1 futuri . qd Ego Ciiftina filia Witimi filii Ade de 
Afl;enefdene • dedi-conceffi. t h^^c |)fenti carta raea csrmaui . Hugoni 
braciatori de Aftenefdeii totam illam tram q^^m hui apud Creswelt in 
tritorio de Aftend cu puo p^^to que iacet in? Crafwell t foonekesflattes 
cu oib^ ptiii fuif t Ubtatib^ • Hend 1 tencnd ^dco Hugoii T; her fuif 
ut afligu libe . qVic . pacifice . t integ'^ . iure hcreditario Ippctuu • 
Reddo inde annuatim m'' t lier meis ipe t hcf fui ut affigii ad pcnte- 
coft' unu deii p omi suico scctari 1 demand . Ego uero dca Criftina t 
hef mei ^dco Hugori t hef suif ut affign totam pdcam tra 1 ^"'tu cu 
ptiii fuif • conf^ oiiies holes t feminas warantizabim^ • acqVtabim? • 1 
defendem^ ippctuu • In cui? rei teftim ^fente Cartam sigilli mei mu- 
nimine roboraui • Hiif teftib^ • Rotito de Scon"^ • Elia de Haultoii • 

2 H 

242 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

Gilbto fit ei? • Benedco Giiindi • Robto fit eiP . Rogo gpoito de Af- 
tend • Ada de Lillefcliue • Robto carpentario 1 mltis aliis • 

Compofico int* nos et conventum de Jeddewrd • 

274 Nouerint vni2fi ta, ^fentes q^^m futini • qd talis fca efl; amicabilis 
compoficio fup ecclia de Honum Inc Abbem 1 conuentu de roelros T; 
Abbem ^ conuentu de Jeddewrd • inrueniente auctoritate t pfenfu 
venerabilis piis Dni Witli Glafguens epi cot/ ordinarii • videlicct qd 
dci Abbas 1 conuent^* de roelros renunciauerut oiiii iuri qd habebant • 
uel habere fe dicebant in ecctia de honum • Ita qd dcif Abbi t ca- 
nonicif de Jeddewrd nllo umq^^m tpre poflint fup dicta ecciia aliq^^m 
mouere q^ftione • Dci uo abbas T; conuent^ de Jeddewrd zelo di 
inducti mera fua liberalitate pceflerut dcif Abbi t conuentui de roel- 
ros vt de ce?o aliq^d no foluant p decimis de rafchawe "t de huned • 
Immo i ppetuii fint libi • q^eti • "i imunes a ^flacione decimaru rraru 
dco:!; locoT^ . "1: omniu t^raru "t aliaru reru q^^s habuerut tpre hui^ copo- 
ficois • in parochia fiue inf^ fines parochie eccfie de Honum • Inue- 
nient ecia dci Abbas ^ conuent^ de Jeddewrd q^ndam capellanum 
ydoneu q^ celebrabit diuina p aiab^ WiHi filii Johis • 1 Donancie 
uxoris fue 1; omniu fideliu defunctoi^ in ppetuu • in loco vbi dict^* 
diis epc Glafg ordinaSit • Et ad eos compellend • ad pmifla obferuandaf 
fubiecerunt fe Jurifdicconi epi Glafguens • qui pro tempore fuerit i 
renunciantes tam Abbas 1 conuent? de meh-of •q^^m Abbas T; con- 
uent^ de Jeddewrd quo ad hec i ouii excepcoi t ^''uilegio • vt aute 
^fens compoficio inr dcos puent^ 1 eot). monaftia ppetuu robur firmi- 
tatis obtineat i parti pfentif cyrografphi remanenti penes dcos Abbem 
■^ conuentu de melros f sigilla dci W • epi Glafg 't dci Abbis 1; pueni^ 
Canonico-^ de Jeddewrt funt appofita • Alti So parti remanenti 


penes dcos Afebem 't conuentu de Jeddewid • dci epc t Abbas 't 

puctP de n:)elros fig- appofuerunt Hiis teflib'^ • O^agro Wittmo 

de LyndeS Decano Glalguens • rt)agro Petro de Alcnt • Arcliidiacb de 
Teuidat • a)agro Witto de Grenlawe • Ct)agris Abcl t Symon de Bigf 
canonicis Glafgueng • q" figilla fua vna cum ^raifRs figillis huic fcripto 
appofuerut • Act anno gre millefirao • ducentefimo • fcefimo feptimo • 

Carta Wifti de Laundelis de Brunecnolle de Hunedon • 

Omnibus fce coatrifEcclefiefiliis • tara prefcntib3 q^^m futuris- WiHs 
de Laundelcs • falutem in diio • No3it vniSfitas vra-me p falute 
mea • vxorif mee • et omnium anteceffoT^ • '^ fuccefloT^ • meoT; • dediffe • 
conceffiffe^'^ bac prefenti carta mea confirmaffe deo 1 ecclefie beate 
Lt)arie de COelros • t roonachis ibide deo suientibus • 1 in ppetuu fer- 
uiturif . tota illa terram • in fcodo de Hundun • que vocat^ Brune- 
cnoUeflat • p illas rcctas diuifas • p c^^^s dci roonachi ipam actenus 
tenuerut • videlicet iicut inferior pars de Bruncnollcflat • ex parte 
orientali iacet inmcdiate iuxta antiquam diuifam • de Hundun • "t 
inde furfum ufq^ ad inferius • warnaHum • t inde ext^nfuerfo • uerfus 
occidentem ufq, ad fupius warnalium • et fic p condoffum ficut aq'^ 
defcendit in haufurlangburne • Totam hanc Pram • 1 Pram de 
Hundun • et terram de Rafcau • cum earum ptinenciis et diuifis 1: 
quicquid infra diuifas earum continet^ • fine ahquo retencmento dedi • 
conceffi • "t h"c pfenti carta mea confirmaui • dcis coonachis • in ppe- 
tuum • adeo hbere • quiete • \ honorifice • ficut ahq'^ elemofina in 
regno Scocie • Uberius quiecius • 'l honorificencius tenetur uel poflide- 
tur . Et ficut dcas terras die collacionif huius infi,rumenti • plenius • 
■t vtihus sibi tenuerut • Et ego • 't heredes mei dcas tcrraf cum 
ptinenciis fuis ^fatis coonachis contra oes holes inppetuu • waranti- 

244 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

zabimus • manutenebim'' • ac defendem" • Nicliil de ^dcis rris a 

pfatis monacliis exigendo nifi tantu oracionfi fuffiagia deuo 

In cui? rei teftimonium • prefenti carte figillu meum appofui • Hiis 

dominif • Witto de Sumeruille Nicholao 

• • • • irforde • coilitib^ • Johe de Prendir . • . • Ricardo de R • • e • 
Waltero de Ridale • Witto 

Carta Johis Landels de tf de hundu • 

276 Vniufis fce matrif Ecclefie filiis tam ^fentibus q^^m futuris • Johes de 
Laudelis • sakite in dno • Nouerit vniufitas lira me pro fahite anime 
mee • T; omnium anteceflb'!; • "^ fuccefibrum meoriim • conceffifle • et 
hac pfenti carta mea confirmafle • deo et ecclefie beate OQM-ie de 
OQeh-os • "t monachis ibidem deo feruientibus • et in ppetuum ser- 
uituris omnes donaciones illas quas domimif WiHs de Laundelis 
q°ndam pater meus T; anteceffores mei fecerunt dictis monachis in 
puram et perpetuam elemofinam fme aliquo retenemento • de terris 
de Hundun • de Brunccnolleflat • "i de Rafcau • cum omnibuf perti- 
nenciis et diuifis fuis • prout in cartis dci dni Witti q"ndam patrif 
mei • t antecefloT/ meorum quaf dci monachi habent de predcis tcrris • 
pleniuf continetur • adeo libere • quiete • 't honorifice • ficut aliqua 
elemofina in regno fcocie • Hberiuf • quieciuf • 1 honorificencius • 
tenetur t pofl^idetur • Preterea cum dci coonachi anteceflbribus meif 
p rra de Hundun • viginti fohdos annuatim fohiere tenebantur et 
poftmodum p afllgnacionem dci diii Wifti de Laundehs q^ndam patrif 
mei predcos viginti foUdos Ricardo de Rule p tempuf ahquod pfol- 
uerunt f Ego p falute mea et omnium parentum meorum dcos 
viginti fohdos prefatis coonachis dedi concefli T: hac |)fenti carta mea 
confirmaui eifdem • 1 pro me l heredibus meif eifdem totahr relax- 


aui 1 inpci-petuum quietos clamaui \n liberam • puram • T; perpe- 
tuam clcmofinam • Et ego t hercdes mci predcas tras de Hundun 
de Brunccnollcflat "+ de Rafcau cum omnibus pertinenciis fuis 't 
diuifis • pfatis monachis vna cum relaxacione viginti folidoi/. predco:/ 
cont^ omncs hominef in ppetuum warantizabim? manutenebim^ • 't 
defendemus • Nichil de pdcis tris aut de viginti folidis fupradcis a 
^falisaionaehis exigendo nifi tantum oracionum fuffragia deuotarum • 
In cuiuf rei tellimonium pfenti fcripto figillum meu eft appenfum • 
Hiis Teftibus • dominis Witto de Sumeruile • Alano de Hormifton • 
Symone fraser • Alexandro de Chatliou • Nicholao de Ruthirford • 
oiilitib^ • Hugone de Periflji • tuc uicecofn de Ilokift)urg • Ricardo 
de Rule • Et Ahis • 

Carta WiHi filij Johis de Ralawe • 

Vniuerfis xpi fidehbus Hoc fc'ptu uifuris uel audituris Witts filius 
iohannis fattm in dilo Nouit uniufitas ii/a me confeffum efle t recog- 
nouifle deo "t monachis de coehos ius fuum T: poflTeflionem de terra 

de Rafawe quam dedi eis elapfis viginti a T: amplius p certas 

diuifas contentas in carta mea quam inde habent monac go 

% quicq'' ufus 't aifiamenti habueram in ^noiata rra f totu tenui a 
tempe dicte donaciois mee p concefllone monacho'^ • 1 noie illoT; t 
nullo aho iure heditatis uel alti'^ titti • Feci % ^dicta ?ram hfcam 't 
uacuam a me "t aiiiis meis • 't oib^ ahis rebus ad me ptinentib^ l re- 
fignaui dcam terril |)noiatis monachis • habend in ppetuu 1 p uoluntate 
fua utend • Ego u" conccfli t ftatui ut celebracio mifl"e q" fieri deb • 
• • • • in captt fita in pdca tra fcdm tenore carte mee pnoiate fiat in 

ppetuu in coonaft Iros p difpoficione abbis t conuent'' 

eiufdem loci • Hanc quide confefllone recognitionem t refignatione 

246 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

dce rre que fuit pp^a 1: pura clemofuia uioacho"!^ a tempe donaciois 
mee ^taxate feci dcis moachis exiflens in plena t liba poteftate rraT/ 
meaT; 1; oium meai} mobiHu T: inmobiliu Anno gfe • Ct)" • cc° • xxv • 
Teftib^ dno • J-de coackufwel-Bernardo de Hauden • Walto de Ridale • 
Alex de chattou • Q'' oines huic fc^pto fua figilla appofuerunt • 

Confirmacio reg Alexadri de rafawe • 

2T8 Alexand dei gra Rex fcott • Omnib^ pbif hominib^ tociuf tre fue 
cticif t laicif i fait • Sciant jPfentef 1 futuri nof conceffifle • 1 hac carta 
iira confirmafTe donacom illam q^^m WiHmf filiuf iohif fecit deo 't 
ecctie fce marie de melrof • t monach ibidem deo suientib^ de tota 
tra illa infra feudum de hunum a riuulo de cuidenop . furfum p totam 
femitam illam ufq,, ad foiratum int rafawe • "t cudbrihtelhope • t ab 
inde p eafdem rcctaf diuifaf que continent^ in caita predci WiHi fihj 
iohis . t; cum omnib^ iuftis ptinentiif fuif • Tenenct • in libam elemofi- 
nam t ppetuam in bofco t plano • in p^tif "t pafcuif • in aquif t om- 
nib^ aliif afiamentif • ita libe • quiete • plenarie • honorifice f ficut carta 
pnominati Wiftmi fit iohif t confirmaco dni WiWmi regif pris mei 
teftant^ • Saluo §uico iiro • Teft • thoiii de ^''uelin canceH • Rogo de 
quency • Walro olif iuftic Laodoii • Ingeram" de bailliot • Hiir' de 
balliot • caiii • Johe de maccufwel • vic • de Rokb^g • Wittmo fit Walt 
de lindes • Bernardo frafer • Witio de coluitt Apud rokb^g • Anno 
regni diii regif duodecimo • Septimo die Cl)artij • 

Confirmaco Johis de Laundelis de Rafcawe • 

279 Omnib'' ^fenf fcriptu uifuris ut auditurif Johs de Landeles fucceiTor 
t heres Wiitmi fihj Johis filii Orm Saltm • Nouit uniSfitas ura ine 


^cefRfle -t hac mea caita pfiimafTe deo 't a)onacliis de a)elros tota 
donatione q^^ni WiHs fili" Johis aiu"icJs me" fecit eif in feudo 1 tri- 
torio de hunu scilt Pram loco q'' dicit^ Rachawef adiacente • p certaf 
diuifaf contcntas i Carta jpdicti WiHi ^"'m inde hnt ide coonachi • Tota 
quide Pia illa cu omib" libtatib? 1: aifiaintif ad ea ptinentib" fcdm 
tenore ^dicte Carte • Ego \ heredes mei defendem? • Warantizabim" • 
pfalis foonachis T; eos in plena pace poffidere faciem" eande • Infup 
pceffi eif t oirub" fiiif fcilt • hominib" T; Aueriis "t Carrif t vecturif 
libum iter eundi T; redeundi • uehendi neceflaria fua 1 reuehendi in 
ppetuij p Pram mea in? g^^ngia fua de huneduii T; tra fua de Eacha- 
wes. Omia igitur fup^dca ego "t heredes mei defendem'' T;warantiza- 
bim^' cnonachif pnoiatif in pura 't ppetua elemofina tcnenda "t bnda • 
Et ad hui" rei plena fecuritate dcis Cl)onachis ^fens fcriptfi figillo meo 
dedi roboratu • Actu anno gre • Cl)" • cc" • xxvii" • Hiis tefiibus • DKo 
Robto de mufchans • Bernardo de haudene • Thoma a)autalent • 

Jacobo de Gillebto de Witthun • Ayi9o de Landet • Edger 

de land • Radulfo de Plefit • Et roultis Aliis • 

Carta Alexand^ de chattou de qVta clama?&e de Rafcaw • 

980 Vni9fif matrif eccfie filijs hoc fcriptu uifurif 1 audituiif Alexand^ de 
Chatthou faltm • NoSit uniSfitaf ura qd cum tra de Rafawes abbi t 
foonachif de Ct^elros efiet a uero diio p ctas diuifas concefia t t^dita 
ppetuo iure poffidenda i ego Alexand^ efl;imaf me iuf here I q^^dam 
pte ?re in? dcas diuifaf ptente eande pte michi uendicaui • Cu u" irf 
liqMo conftaret me nil iurif here i pdicta pte ti-e i ego de confilio 
amico-!/ meo:!; renunciaui inppetuix p me t hedib^ meif omi actioni 
t oiTii iuri agndi fiqd cgo t heredes mei huim" ut here potuim^ ut 
hituri fuim^ I pdca pte tre q^^cuq,, rone • Ad obferuacione u° f ^me 

248 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. src. xiii. 

pacif inc me "^ pfatos roonachos pmuni aflenfu iiro puife funt diuife 
ifte inr rra mea 1- rram dco'^ roonachoT; • Scilt ex orientali pte de 
Derftret afcendendo de Cahie p ficu ufq^ in fcolceuefchich l p 
eunde ficu afcendendo iifq^ ad cruce de aflenfu liio ^llructa t fic 
i directu ufq., ad capd de fetebiirne t p eande burnfi defccndendo 
vifq, ad Burna q defcendit de Thcdbrichteshop "t fic rlefcendcndo 
ufq, ad riuulu de Cnithenhop • Hee rjMeni diuife a me 1 roonachif 
puife funt t inuiolabihr pcefle • Ita qcl ego p me 1 heredib^ meif 
't fucceflbrib^ meif uniufif penit^ t ppetuo renimciaui ouii iuri t 
clamio nob competentib3 ul Ippctuu ^petit^is ulf^diuifas pnominatas • 
Act anno gfe • ft)° • cc" • xx^vi" • Hiis teflib^ • Wifto filio iohis • Ber- 
nardo de Hauden ■ Gilbio de Witiuii • Ada de Chattuii • t coultif Aliis- 

Copofico de dccimis de Rafchawe • 

"81 Omnib" fce matris ecctie fiUif lioc fcriptu uifurif uel auditurif Wal- 
ruf mifcratioe diuina Glafgucnfif ecclie minifr humit Sahite in diio • 
Cum efl^et controufia int roonachos de roeh'os ex ima parte 1 roagif- 
trum Hugone de Potioii aschidiaconu Glafguenfe noie ecciie fue de 
Hunu ex altcra f fup decimif de Rafchawe tande amicabili compofi- 
tioe quieuit fubhac forma • Cl)onachi de Cl)ehos foluent annuatl ecctie 
de Hunii t rectorib^' illiusi viginti Solidof ad feftum Sci roartini pro 
bono pacif • t p hanc folutione liberi erunt roonachi t Imunef Tppetuu 
erga ecciiam de Hunu t rectoref illiuf ab omni t^batione priuilegio- 
rum fuoT; quo ad decimaf de Rafchawe t ab omni uexatioe t exac- 
tione omniu decimaru t obuentionu puenientium de tritorio de 
Rafchawe p diuifaf contentaf in Carta Wifti fiUj Johis qua roonachi 
hnt de eadem tra • Hanc uero copofitione nof de afl^enfu abbis t con- 
uent^ de meh'os ad inftantia etia t petitione dicti archidiaconi qui 


tunc teporis huit integre pfonatu t regim Ecctie de Hunii rata hui- 
m^ . 1: eam inr coonaf trium de c"X)elros t Ecctiam de Hunu confirma- 
uim'' ppetuo ualitura • Ad omniu quide fup^^dictoi/ plenu teftimoniu 
•^ robur ppetue firmitatif ^fenf fcriptii Sigillo ilro ^fenti una cu Sigillo 
pfati archidiaconi dcis cnonachis t^didim? roboratu • Hiis teftib^ • a)a- 
gifti-o Witto de Edena • Diio Ricardo decano de theuidale • Diio 
Bernardo de Hauderi • qui in teftinioniu hui"^ rei huic fcripto • Sigilla 
fua appofuunt • Teftibuf etia cottis aliis • Actfi anno gfe • co" • 
cc° • xx°vij° • 

Carta coatildis Corbet de refignatioe Pre de lUlefcleue • 

282 Omnibj hoc fc^ptum uifuris ut audit^if a)atildif Corb E?nam In dno 

Salt Nouit uniufitas vra me re 'i fide media quietam clamafTe 

in ppetuum Diio meo Pafcio de Ridale 1 hedib^ fuif q^^mda ptem 
tre mee de lillifcliue • p haf diuifaf • sctt a uado de Curlewudeburne 
ex occidentali pte de Caldelawe p uiam q uadit de Selekirke 8fus 
Jedewurth • ufcj, in alne • 1 fic defcendendo p eande aq%i q e diuifa 
inr tram epi Glafgueii "t rram meam ufq^ in ficu qui c diuifa in? 
me 1 afebem de kelcov 't fic p diui • • inr me "t eundem afebem ufq, i 
Curlewudeburne • t fic furfum p eande burna ufq, ad pnoiatum 
uadum de Curlewudeburne • Tota hanc Pram 1 q'cquid ^tinet^ infra 
haf diuifaf excepta rra Witii filii Alex • pdco • P • refignaui t qVtam 

clamaui • Infup refignaui t quieta clamaui paft^am ad xijci 

uaccaf t • Y- eq°f • "t cent ouef ubicuq^ a8ia mea • ut a8ia lioinu meoT^ 

ei^dem uille pafcut comunib^ aeifiaiiitif ei^dem 

uille • 'T; ut h refignacio quieta fit • firma 1 ftabtis in ppetuum i tef- 
timoium hoc pfenf fc^ptu Sigillo meo roboraui 1 hof pleggiof inueni • 

cnagrum^ A •de Alex de fetun filiu meu^ A • de Paulewurth^Et 

2 I 

250 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Sciendum qd totam hanc pdictam refignacoem 't quietam clamaconem 

tali conditione feci • ut Scitt ^dca rra tam p me t anceflTorib^ 

cefTorib^ meif • q"^m p donatore 1; ei? pdecefforib3 t fuccefforib^ i 

puram elemofina Deo t Ecctie Sce melrof 1 roonach ibide 

do fuientib^ daret^ • Hiis Tefl;- • R • 1; A ■ abbibuf de Neubotill 

• • • CuJ5 • Rad de Carapania Conftabtario de Rokefljurg • Petro de 

hawe • Alex de Sintu • Wal? Rob de bnolbi ■ Ract de Ridale • 

ThoSi • flemlg • '^ roultis aliis • 

Carta • P • de Ridale de lillefcliue • 

283 Oiiiibuf fce mrif eccfie fifiis tam ^fentib^ q^^futurif PatViufdeRidale 
Sait • Sciatis me dediffe 1: conceffiffe t hac mea carta pPmaffe deo 't 
eccfie de melrof 1 roonachis ibidem deo suientib^ annuente Walro 
filio 1 hede meo pro animab^ dnoT^ meoi; Dauid • CV)alcohni • T: Witti 
Regu fcocie 1 com Henr • 't pro animab^ prif 1 ihris mee 1 oinium 
anteceffoT; meoi^ • 1 pro falute Diii mei Alexand^ Reg fcot • 1 pro 
falute mea "t W • fifij • mei 1 oinium iucceffoij. meoT^ in Hbam • pura 
t ppetuam elemofinam iUam ptem tre in rritorio de fiUefcUue q^ 
ptinet^ inf"^ has diuifas • fiUc^ a uado de Curlewdeburne ex occidentaU 
pte de caldelawe p uia q^ uadit de felekirke uerfus iedewrht ufq,, in 
ahie • t fic defcendendo p eandem aq'^! q' e diuifa inr me t epm de 
Glafg ufq^ in ficum q^ e diuifa inr me t abbem de kelcou • 't s*^ p 
diuifaf in? me 'i eundem abbem ufq., in Curlewdeburne '^ s" furfum 
p eandem burna ufq^ ad^noTatu uadu de Curlewdeb^ne • Totam hac 
tVam 't ^''cqM ^tinet^ if'' has diuifas excepta iUa pte t^re q^^m Witis fit 
alexad^ tenet de me T: ftedib^ meis dedi "t ^cefli pdcis rconach de 
melros • Et uolo t pcedo ut ea hant teneant • 1 poflideant in ppetuu • 
ita Ube • qVte plene T; honorifice ficut aUq^^m elemofinam Ubiuf qVci^ 


plenius t lionorificeci? tenent ut pofRdet • Infup dedi 'i _pceffi eifdem 
foonacti paftura ad • xii • boues 't dece uaccas '^t (fnq^ eq"f 'i • c • oues 
ubicuq^ auia mea 1 aSia hoinu meoT^ ei^dem uille pafcut • cu oib3 
aliis piiib^ aifiamtis ei^^dem uille • Et ego t liedes mei manutenebim? 
"t warantizabim'^ pdcif monach oiuia ^dca t acq^etabim? ab ofiii ?reno 
fuicio 1; ^fuetudine t oxaccoe fctari erga dnm Regem t oilies alios in 
perpetuum Tef t • Coiri • patVio •?•£!• eiufde coih • Rob de Rof • 
Rob • de Ct^^^kam • Witto fit ioliis • Johe de a)akef\vel • B"nardo de 
Hawde^Walto filio meo "t feede^W^iHo nepote meo^ Witio • fit • alex • 
t mttis aliis • 

Confirmatio Walteri de Ridale de Lillefcliue • 

284 Offiibj fimcte a)atT Ecctie filiis fjfentib^ 't fut^f • ^Val?us de Ridale 
filius pafcii de Ridale • Satt • Sciatis me conceffilTe l liac mea Carta 
confirmafTe Deo 1 Ecctie Sancte coarie de roelrofT t foonachif ibidem 
do feruientib^ pro animab, diiorum meorum Dauid • Cl)elcolmi • 1 
WiSmi Regum fcott T; p anima prif mei 't offiitim ancelTorum meo-j^ 
T; pro Salute Diii mei Alex Reg fcott • t pro falute mea t omniu 
fuccefTorum meoij. donacionem • P • patTmei q^^m eifdem foonach fecit 
de quadam pte tre fue in rritorio de Lillifclyue In libam • puram • 1 
ppetuam elemofinam q continet^ infra haf diuifas sctt a uado de Cur- 
lewudeburne ex occidentali parte de Caldelawe • p uiam que uadit de 
Selekirk tifus Jedewurth ufq,, in alne • t fic defcendendo p eandem 
aq^^m q eft diuifa inr ?ram de lillifclyue 1; iPram epi de Glafgu • ufq,,in 
ficum qui eft diuifa in? |}fata ?ra de lillefclyue t abbem de kelkov • t 
fic p diuifas int ^nomlatam fram de lillifclyue 1 eundem abbem ufq^, 
in Curlewudeb^ne t fic furfum p eandem burnam ufq,, ad pdictum 
vadum de Ctirlewudebhie • Totam hanc ?ram t quicquid continet- 

252 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

infra Iiaf diuifas excepta tra q^^m WiHm? fili? Alex tenet in eoclem 
rritorio • concefli fidcif monacb de CV)elrof • Et uolo t concedo ut ea 
fteat teneant 't p^fideant inppetuu • Ita Hbe • quiete • plene • t hono- 
rifice ficut aliq^^m elemofinam libiuf • Quieci^ • pleni? • t honorifi- 
cenci'' tenet • 1 p^fident • Infup concefll eifdem coonach palluram ad 
duodecim bouef • "t decem vaccaf 1 q^nq^ equof • t centum oues • cum 
omib^ aliis comunib^ aeifiamentif ei^de uille • Sicut Carta donacionif 
pafs mei pleni^ ppoi-tat 1; teftat^ • Et ego 1 hedef mei manutenebim^ 
t warantizabim? ^dictis cnonach omia pdicta erga omes hoief 1 ad- 
quietabim^ erga dnm regem 'i . . . . aliof de omi treno fuicio 'H; pfue- 
tudine 't exactione fctari Inppetuu • Tefl;^ • Com pafc • PatVio fit 
ei? • Rob de Ilof • Rob de muflvil • WiHmo fit ioh • Joh • de mackefw • 
B^nard de hawed • AViftmo fit mo "t hede • Witio de Ritu cognato 
meo • Wifto fit Alex • Et roultis aUis • 

Confirmaco Cl^arg^ie de Vefcy de Lyllefcleue • 

285 Omnib^ fancte coatT Ecctie filiif ^fentib^ 't futurif rt)argeria de 
Vefci falute • Nouit vniufitaf lira me conceflifle '^ hac mea carta con- 
f\nafle diuine pietatis intuitu • "t pro fahite mea • 1 oium antecefToT^ 
meoT/i t fucceflb"!^ meoT^ • Deo t Ecctie fancte OQarie de C^elrof t 
Cl)onachif ibidem deo feruientib^ • illam donacionerre 1 pafture quam 
fecit illif PatVius de Ridale in tritorio de Lillefcliue • ficut carta 
ipfiuf Pafcii 1 Conrmacio Walteri fihi ei^ • 1 heredif teftantur • p 
eafdem diuifaf que continentvir in carta ^fati • P • T; Conf macione 
^noiati • W • filii ei^ • Et uolo • 1 concedo ut ^dicti ft)onachi pdictam 
rram • 1 pafturam habeant t teneant • in hbam puram • t ppetuam 
elemofinam cu oib^ aifiamentif fuif t libtatibj ita hbe • t qVte plene • 
t honorifice abfq^ oi confuetudine t exactione feculari f ficut ahqua 


elemofinatn libiuf q^etiuf pleniuf "t honorificcnciuf in regno fcotie 

tenent T: poflident • Saluo irf "t hedib^ ad ipam rram 

ptinente de pfato PatY'io de Ilidale t hedib^ fuis • Et ego 1 hedes 
mei foanutenebim? t vvarantizabim? ^dicta oia ^dictif coonachif ut ea 
habeant • "t teneant • t pofTideant t utantur modif oib, quib^ eis meliS' 
"t vtiHuf uifu fuerit italibe-ficut fJdictoTf donatoT^ carte teftantur- 
Hiif Teftib^ • Bernardo de Hauden • Wifto de Vefci • PhiHppo de 
Stichel . Robto de brockefmuthe • COagro • W • de edenha . Nich 
capHano • Walro de Ridale • Rad de Ridale • Et multis aHis • 

Confmatio • W • de Vefci de LillefcHue • 

ilSG Omnibus fce Cl)at^s ecctie filiis pfentibus t futuris Witim^ de Vefci 
faltm . Nouit imiufitas ura me conceffiffe t hac mea carta conf ^maffe • 
diuine pletatis intuitu 't p falute mea T; ^ falute oium antecefforu 't 
fucceflbru meoru deo • t ecciie fce OOarie de CC)eh-os t monachis 
ibidem deo feruientibus • illas duas carucatas terre • quarum unam 
dedit eis Paf cius de Ridale t aliam Walterus filius eius • In territorio 
de Lillefcliue • cum pafturis t ptinentiis fais • p eafdem diuifas que 
continentur • In cartis pdcoru pat^cii • t Walti filii eius . Et uolo 't 
concedo ut pdci monachi ■ ^dcas tras . t pafturas habeant t teneant • 
In Hbam puram.t ppetuam elemofinam • cum omnibus aifiamentis 
fuis t libertatib, • ita Hbe • quiete • plene "t honorifice f ficut aliqua ele- 
mofinam • libius • quietius • plenius 't honorificentius In regno fcotie 
tenent "t paffident • Saluo m^ t hedibus meis feruicio ad ipas terras 
ptinente de pfatis pafcio 1 Walto t eorum hedibus • Ego t t hedes 
mei coanutenebimus "t warantizabimus ^dicta omnia ^dcis monachis • 
vt ea habeant • t teneant t utantur modis oibus quibus eis melius 
1 utilius uifum f3it«ficut ^dcorum donatoT^ carte 1 conrmatioes 

354 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

COargerie mat^s mee quas inde habent ^dci monachi teftantur • Hiis 
Teftibus • Dno J • de ft)ackufwel • Rob de Ros • Waldeuo COarfcallo • 
Witto Latim • Rad Bardolf • Simone de horfley • Rob de heuurtft • 
•^ foultis aliis • 

Carta Wal?i de Ridal • 

287 Omnib^ fce matrif ecrfie filiif et fidelib^ prefentib^ et futurif litteras 
iftaf uifuris uel audituris Walter^ de Ridat filiuf PatVii de Ridat fatm 
in dno • No3it vni9fitaf iira me dediffe conceffiffe et h"^c mea prefenti 
carta pfirmaffe deo et ecciie beate cnarie de melros \ monachif ibidem 
deo feruientib^ in liberam • pura • t ppetua elemofinam q^^ndam par- 
tem terre mee in territorio de lillifcliue cum Toftif et Croftif que 
funt inr rram Rogeri de Neubott et terra q^^m dedi Alexandro de 
Aflvirke • fcitt tota terram q^^m matild chorbeth tenuit in duariu In 
lintedikef et benelandes et brunerig? in duob^ locif • et in kaueref • 
et chngifflat • Et pratu qd df ftobimedue • et quinq^ acras et ima 
pcatam de dominico meo fubt^ harekamb ex auftrali parte • fcitt de 
terra q"^m alexand' fili^' thoc de me tenuit ad firma • Terraf iftaf et 
qVquid in eif ptinetur dedi predcif monachif- Et iiolo ut eaf cum 
^dco p"to et cu ouiib^ ^munib^ aifiamentif ei^dem uille habeant 
teneant et poffideant in ppetuu ita libere quiete plene t honorifice i 
ficut aliquam elemofina liberi^ quieci^ pleniufethonorificenci^tenent 
uel poffident • Et ego et heredef mei manutenebim" 't warantizabim? 
predcaf terraf cum predco prato et adquietabim^ ab omni rreno fer- 
uicio et confuetudine et exaccione feculari et demanda erga dfim 
Regem et onif aliof in ppetuu • Hiif teftib^ • Dno meo Wifto de Vefci 
Ricardo gernun • Roberto de Euurth • Ricardo de Nichot • Hugone 
de reuedene • Gileberto de Wittune • Wifio filio alexandri de lillif- 
cliue et multif aliif • 


Confinnaco a)argie Vefci de lillifkleue • 

^88 Oiuib3 Sce a)atT Ecclie filiis ^fentib^ l fut^is a)argeria de Vefci Salt . 
Nouit vniufitaf vra me ^ceflifle 't hac mea Carta confirmafle Deo 't 
EccHe Sce Cl)arie de ft)e]ros T: Ct)onach ibidem clo f-uientib3 j? Salute 
mea t oiiiium anceflb^^ 't succefloT^t meoi; vnam carrucatam tre In rri- 
torio de Lillifcliue illam Sclt q'^!! WalPuf de Ridale filiuf Paf cii dedit 
eif cum ofiiib^ aeifiamentis '^ libtatib^ • t p eafdem diuifaf q cotinent^ 
in carta pdci WalVi • Q^^re volo t concedo vt jJdci fl)onachi pdcani 
rram habeant et teneant In Libam • puram t ppetuam elemofinam • 
cum omib^ aeifiamcntif 1 libtatib^ • ad eandem ptinentib^ • Ita Libe • 
quiete • plene t honorifice • abfq^ omi ^fuetudine t exaccone fctari • 
ficut aliq^^m elemofinam Libius quieti? t honorificenci'^ in regnofcotie 
tenent t poflident • Saluo m^ t hedib^ meis f\xicio ad ipam rram 
ptinente de |)dco WalPo de Ridale t: hedib^ fuis • Et ego t hedef 
mei cDanutenebim? T; warantizabim^ ^dca omia ^fatif coonach ut e • • 
liabeant Teneant poflideant t vtant^ modif oinib^ quib^ eif niieliuf 
1: utiliuf uifum fuerit Inppetuum • Hiis Tefl;^ • Rogo de Ct)erley - 
Adam de poulwrthe • Alexandro de Setun • B^nardo de Hauden • 
Wifio de Vefci • a)agro "Wiii de Edenliam • Rad^ de Ridale • Robto 
de bnohiebi • cum coultis aliis • 

Cofirmaco • W • de Vefci de • xi • bouatif i LilHfcliue • 

289 Omib^ Sce cnfis ecciie filiis prefentib^ "i futuris hoc fcriptu uifuris 
ul auditvn-is Wifis de Vefcy fahn • Nouit vniufitas lira me concefl!ifl"e 
1; h^^c mea carta confirmafl!e diuine pietatis intuitu t p falute oiniu 
ariceflb'!; t fuccefloT^ meoT^ deo '^ eccfie Sce Ct)arie de Ct)e]ros 1: cnona- 
chis ibidem deo feruientib, illas vndecim bouatas 1 vna acram tre • 


qT Waltus de Ridat filius paf cii de ridat contulit eis in ?ritorio de 
lillifcliue ficut carta pdci Walti fiip hoc confecta pleni^ teftatur • 
Et volo 1 concedo ut pdci monachi ^dcas rras heant 1 teneant in 
liberam • pura • t ppetuam elemofina cum omib^ aifiamentis fuis • 
1 lib-tatib^ • ita libere • quiete • plene t honorifice • ficut ahq^^m ele- 
mofinam liberi^ • quieti^ • pleni^ '^ honorificenci-^ in regno Scotie te- 
nent t p^fident • volo eliam ut dci monachi dcas tras heant T: teneant 
1: utantur modis oiiiib; quib^ eis melius t utilius uifum fuerit • In 
cui^ rei tefl;imoniu prefenti fcripto figillu meu appofui • hiis teftibj • 
Witto de Vefci f re meo • Robto de Ver • Johe de Lexintun • Ricardo 
Gernun • Robto de Ewrth • Ricardo de Nichot • t multis aliis • 

Caf Ade de Dunehno de tra de Lillifct • 

290 Oiiiib^ xpi fidelib, pfens sc^^ptum uifurif ut audit^is Adam filius 
Ade de Dunehno fahit in dno • Nouit uniufltaf ura me p neceflitate 
mea • uxorif mee 'i hboi^ meoT^ uendidifl"e monachif de (X)e\f totam 
tram meam q^^m habui in Thodholefid 1 Standeftanerig • q^^m quid 
tenui de diio WiHo de Ridal 1 hedib^ fuis in WefiUlHfcHue • fitam 
int tram eoT^de monachoT^ que uocat^ Clerkifland t tram WiHi fihi 
Alexandri • p viginti folid ftlingoT^ fup qviib^ nobif eft plenaf fatif- 
fcm • Dci u° monachi tenebut "t pofl[idebfit Tppetuii totam dcam rram 
adeo hbe 1 quiete fic ahq%i rram in regno Scocie hbius 1 quieti^ 
tenent aut poflident • cQ comunib^ afiamentis dce uille f ad tantam 
tram ptinentib^ • Et ipi monachi hberi erunt "^ iiiiunef ab oiiii suicio 
p\iato 1, forenfi • ab oiiii confuetudie • exaccoe 1 dem.anda q euenire 
potunt in tra • Et ego 't hedef mei dcam rram cu oiiiibj fuis pti- 
nenciif T: cum oinib3 que ^miflTa funt dcif monachif conf^ oiiif Ippe- 
tuu warantizabim-^ ac defendem? • Ita qd nec ego n" hedef mei 


alienabim^ refiduu Pre nre q^^m hem? in Weftlillifchi ut p eam poffim? 
dcam rram dcif monacliif si cas*^ contigit warentizare • In cui? rei tef- 
timoniil ego 41 me 't hcdib^ mcif luiic sc'pto figillum meu apponi 
feci . Teftib^ . Witto filio Alex • Alano fpens . Alex de Hirmannift- . 
Symone b^^ciatore • Witio filio Hugoii 1; mttif aliis . 

Carta Witti de Ridal de Lillifct • 

5291 Sciant oiiif prefentes 1 fut4 qd ego WiHs de Ridatt miles conceffi 't 
hac mea carta ^firmaui deo ^ ecctie bate roarie de roelr^ 1 monachis 
ibide deo suientib^ tota Pra p fuaf rectaf diuifas . q^^m Ada fili^ Ade 
de Dunehiio uendidit eifde monachis in tritorio de Weftlillifchue ■ 
tenenda t habenda in hbam t ppetua elemofma cii omib3 hbtatib^ t 
comunib^ afiamentif dce uille de Wefthti . adeo hbe • ^''ete • plene 1; 
pacifice fic carta q^^m habent de dco Ada teftat^ ■ Ego 9o t feedes mei 
tota dcam rra cu omib^ fuif ptinencijs dcif monachis conf^oms in ppe- 
tuu Warentizabim" ac defendemus • In cui'' rei teftimoniu ego p me '^ 
ftedib3 meif ^fenti stfpto figillu meu apponi feci • Teftib^ • Wiho filio 
alex de ■\VefthH' • Robto de Langet • Wiho de Bernardeby 1 ahjs • 

Carta Ade de hetufi de q^^da Pra de molle • 

292 Omnib^ Sce matrif Ecctie filiis prefentib^ t futurif htraf iftas uifuris 
uel audituris Adam de Hetune et Helena uxor ei^ Mm in diio • 
Nouit vniufitas iara nof de mera uoluntate rira uendidifle domui de 
Ct^elrof p dece hb^s efVhngoi^ Pra Jiram de Hu.ngerig q^^m tenuim^ in 
tritorio de coolle de Robto de pollehoc 1 yfabet uxore ei^ • et qdda 
p^^tu fb hedredifiete qd uocat^ holemede qd tenuim^ de Dna Efchina 
t fcedibj fuis t oine Juf qct I eifde habuim^ ut habere potuim^. Has 

2 K 


^dcas Pras cu oib^ lititatib^ 'b aifiamentis ad eafde tras ptiiieiitib? 
uendidim^ ^dce domui de Q)e]r p dece libT eftlingoT/ ficut pnotatu 
eft • tenendaf fibi t p^fidendas in ppetuu libere • q^ete • plene t 
pacifice • Reddendo inde annuatl dece folidof yfabet filie Robti Croc 
ut beredibj fuif fcitt rfnq^ folidof ad pentecoftri t q^nq^, fot ad feftu 
Sci Cl)artini • Nof u" t hedes liri eafdem rraf cu oinibj ad eafdem traf 
ptinentib^ pdce domui de Ct)elf pf^ oins hoes WarantizabimS' • Si u° aliq" 
cafu ptingente uel nof ut tiedes nri eafdem traf ^dce domui de Cl)elf 
Warantizare non potim'' pecunia in integru q^^ab eadem domo recepim" 
eide domui aljf i^ omni ^'^diccoe reftitviem^ • Et eande domu indepne 
confuabim^ab oinib^ qvie ui eifde trif copetere potant uel ab eifdem trif 
exigi poPant vifq^ ad diem illu q" eade domuf de ^dcif trif plenariam 
fayfinam recepit- Et ad maiore hui? rei fecvmtate ego Ada ^fenti fciipto 
figillii meum appofui • Hiis teftib^ • Cl)agro Hugone Archidiacano Glaf- 
guenfi • Cpagro Wal?oDecano de Teuidat. Dno Ada de bagath • Gilebto 
de Wittuii 1 WalPo • coichaele • Johe de hetuii • fribus • 1: multis ahif • 

Quieta clamaco ade de hetu de tra de molle • p fide 1 iurametu • 

293 Omnib^ sce Ct)atris Ecciie filiis ^fentib^ t futuris htPas iftas uifuris 
ut audituris Ada de Hetun "'c Helena uxor ei^ faim in dtio • NoSit 
vniSfitas vira qd nof coram CV)agro Hugone Archidiac Glafguenfi 't 
Ct)agro Wal?o decano de Teuidat 1; Diio Ada de bagath t multis 
aliis uiris difcretis cticis "i laicis affidauim^ "t tactis facrofcis iurauim? 
qd nof nunq^^m p"^ domu de coelros de Pris q^^s eidem domui uendidim^ 
in Pritorio de Cpolle querelam mouebim^ • Nec alicui p"" eande domu de 
pdcis tris querela mouere uoleti confenciem" • Ad maiorem u° hui^ rei 
fecuritate hoc fcriptu appoficione figillo-^ |5dci Archidiaconi • T; pdci 
decani 1 dni Ade de bagath vna cum appoficoe figilU nri roborauim? ' 


Carta Ric de Hetu de q^^dam tra de Cl)ol • 

29-1 Omnibj hoc fcriptum uifurif uel audituris • Ilicardus de Hetori filius 
quondam Ct)agri Ade de Hetoii • salutem • I diio • Noueritis vniufi me 
p falute anime mee • '+ animarum patris mei et matris mce • et om- 
nium anteceflbrum • \ fiicceflbT/ meoi/ dedifle • conccflifle • t hac pre- 
fenti carta mea confirmafle • deo t ecce beate Cl)arie de COelros t 
Cl)onacliis ibidem deo feruientibus • vendicionem illam quam Ct)ag-ift;er 
Adam de Hetori quondam par meus • 1 Elena fponfa fua quondam 
ma? mea fecerunt domui de Cl)elros • de terra de Hungerigs quam 
tenuerunt in territorio de Cl)olle de Roberto de PoUehoc • 1 Yfabella 
vxore eius • t de quodam prato fub edriddiflTcth • ([c1 uocatur Holle- 
medu qd tenuerunt de domina Efchina de Cl)oIle • quequide terra • 
uua cum prato fupradco ad me iure hereditario ^^tinere debuit ex 
])aite dce Elene quondam matris mee • que dce tre t dci prati heres 
e:;titit • Q^^re uolo 't concedo pro me l: heredib^ meis • qd uca dom^ 
de Cl)eIros dcam terram una cum p^^to fupradco f (eneat • "i poflideat 
tenore ppetuo • libere • quiete • plene • t honoiificc • t ipis rra "t prato 
gaudeat cum omnibj fuis ptinencijs • ficut hacteuus cfc gpuifa eifdem • 
abfq, inquietacione mei ut heredum meo'^ • Renunciando exprefle pro 
me t heredib^ meis • omni Juri t clamio • que habui ul ftre potui ali- 
quo tempoi-e in pdcis terva T; prato racione alicui" fuccefliionis herede- 
tarje • Ita qd nec ego nec heredes mci aliquam calupniam contra 
domum de Cl)elros racione dce terre '^ prati fupradci f mouebim? in 
ppetuum . Et fi ego aut heredes mei • pvefenti donacioni • conceflloni • 
"t confirmacioni prefuplerimus _ptraire f obligo me et heredes meos 
t fubicio Jurifdictioni domini Epi Glafguens • T; ei'' officialis • Ac 
Archidiaconi Teuidalie qui pro tempe fuevint • ut ipi oes fimul • uel 
eo:/ alter^ q^cumq^ p Abbem et Conuentum dce domus de CX)elleros 

260 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

fuit requifit^ f poffint • fiue poffit • in nos fine ammonicione t caufe 
cognicione • fentenciam excomunicacionis pmulgare • 1 nichilominus 
a me t heredib^ meis tociens quadraginta folidos fterlingOT; noie 
pene exigere foluendos fabrice ecce GlafguenS • quociens prefenti dona- 
cioni • conceffioni • t confirmacioni attemptauerim^' obuiare • Et ego 
1 heredes mei dcam teram • vna cum prato fup^^dco prefate domui de 
COelleros • ptra. omncs hoies Waratizabim^' • manutenebim? • l in ppe- 
tuum defendem? • In cuius rei tefl;imonium ^fenti fcripto figillum 
meum appofui • Teftib^ • drio Hugone de Periftjy tunc vicecomite 
de Rokifljurg • diio Radulpho de Hauden • dno Nicholao de Ruther- 
ford Cpilitib^ • Roberto de Cokeburne • tunc Conftabulario de Rokef- 
burg • Alexandro de Chattehou • Ricardo de Rule • WiHo de Neu- 
to5 tunc balliuo de sprouifton • et alijs • Quot^ • fcilicet • diii • Hugonis 
de Perifljy • 1 diii Nicholai . de Rutherford • figilla jJfenti fcripto in 
teftimonium funt appenfa • 

Carta yfabel de molle fca "^ data Simoni de Lindefay • 

293 Sciant oiTif qui hoc fc'ptu vidint i audierlt q ego ifabel fpofa robti • 
de • polloc In pp^a uolutate ^pftituta • de pfenfu ei^dem • R • uiri • • • • 

*; 1 pfilio patT mei Robti croc • dedi 1 pceffi fimoni de Lindefey ad 
ppetua firmil maritagiu meu q habeo in Pritorio de • coolle • fcilicet 
• • ' erig cu omibuf ptineciif fuif^ \ libtatib^ t aifiafhtif ficut eadem 
rra data fuit pat^ meo a diia chine de molle • tenedu fibi T; here • • • 
fuif ut • q'b3 eam aflignare uoluerit • de me t hedib^ meif Hbe 't 
q^ete • ab oini feruicio t exactione Reddedo inde annuatl decem • • • 

q^nqs fcilicet ad pntecoftii t q^nq, ad feftu fci martini t dfie 

chine t hredib^ fuif • p me t hredib^ meif unu nifu for annuatl • • • 
't ad hac ^uecione firmi? 1; fideli? teneda j> me t 


hredib^ meif ego ifabel coram virif difcretif tactif fac"fcif iuraui (4 
fi . . t hredef mei • aliq° tepe pt"' fc^ta ^uecione ire uolurim^ • noie 
pene cetu folidof • dicto • f • i ei^ atorniatif pfoluem'^ • pfc^pta puecioe 

in fua manete • 't quia figillu meu pp^um no habui ad 

roboracom hui^ fc^^pti figitl uiri mei 1 figitt prif mei huic fc^pto ap- 

pofui tibj Jofae decano de Walle cluid • ph • d pthec • 

alano de nef • Withno fii • thoraldi • hug lurgt • ada iuuene 1 aUif • 

ConPmaco W • de Vefci de roolle • 

296 Omnib^ hoc fcriptu uifurif uel auditurif WiHius de Vefci faim iu 
dno • Noueritif me conceffiffe "t h^^c pfenti carta mea confirmaffe donu 
quod Walter? filiuf Alani fecit deo t beate coarie de coelrof t mona- 
chifibide deo feruientib^ fcitt de tota terra q^^m idem- W • de me 
tenuit in coolle cum ouiib^ ptinenciif fuis ficut carta ipfius • W • 
quam inde habent pleni^ pteftatur f habendam t tenendam ipif mo- 
nachif in perpetuu • in Uberam • pura • et ppetuam elemofina adeo 
hbere t quiete ficut aliq'^ elemofina hberiuf uel quieci^ infra regionem 
fcocie dari potit • In cui^ rei teftimoniu prefenf fcriptu figilH mei 
appoficione roboraui • Hiis teftibus • Witimo de Vefcy ffe meo • Johe 
de lexinturi •Reynero theutonico • coilitib^ • Symone de Horfeleye • 
Robto de Ewrth • Roberto de valle • 

Quieta clamaco de cool a coonachis de Kalch • 

297 Vniuerfif prefentef litteraf vifurif vel Audit^is • H • abbas de Kelcou 't 
eiufdem locj conuentuf etnam in diio Saltm • Nouerint vniuerfi • Qu 
Quicquid Jurif habebam^ in terrif t pafturis de cooUe infra pteni 

% , dni Walter • filij Alan • Senefcail • Scoc . t eciam communa q^^m ha- 

26g MUNI31ENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

bebam^ in mora de Inuerwic eidem Waltef • "^ hereclib^ fuif feu fuis 
actornatis f rcfignauim?» 't in ppetuu quieta clamauimuf • nichil iurif 
in eifdem decero reclamaturj • p quadam pte dce more de Innerwic 
ab eodcm • W • nobis in excambium collata • In Hui^ uo rei tefti- 
moniu f figillum capitli nrj pfentj fc^pto fecim? apponi • Hiif teftib, • 
Diio W . Epo • Glafyuens • fcoc • Cancellar • Diio • W • abbe de Pafle- 
leth • Cpagro • W • de Lyndefeia • decano Glafg • Ct)agro • 11 • Archi- 
diacoii • Glafg • Cl)agro • W • de Grenlau 1. multif aliif • Act • apud 
kelkoii • Anti Gfe • CX)itt • Ducentes Tricefimo fexto • 

De qiiieta claraacione de mol a mo^^ch de kalchou • teste epo • 

298 Vniufis pntcs tras vifuris vel audit^is • W • diuina mifacoe glafgueil 
eps fcoc • canceftar eternam in diio faltm^Nouint vniufi q abbas 1 
conuent^ de kelkou coram nobis quicquid iuris habebant in rris et 
pafturis de mol infra partem drii Walteri filii Alani fenefcali fcoc • et 
eciam comvmam quam hebant in mora de innerwic eid Walro et 
heredibus fuis • feu fuis atornatis refignauerunt et imppetuum quieta 
clamauerunt nichl iuris in eifd de cetero reclamaturi pro c[uadam 
parte dce more inriwic ab eodem Wi'do eis in efcambium collata per 
has diuifas • videl^ a botkyl afcendendo per riuulum qui cadit a 
fcoxdande vfq., ad fcoulandheued vbi fulcus trahitur • t fic per illum 
fulcum vfc}^ ad via que teiidit de Rifebrigg verfus innwik^l: fic ab 
illa via afcendendo per fulcu verfus orientem • vfq^ quandam foffam • 
et fic ab illa foffa defcendendo per fulcu vfq, ad meklrefdoeflieued • et 
fic per riuulum de meldrefdoeflieued femp defcendendo vfq, in mani- 
nettl • et fic femper defcendendo per manineth vfq^ per buttam de 
eftftdhope • et fic afcoidendo per eftfulhope verfus occidentem iuxta 
diuifas de eftn et de rifibrigg • vfq, in AVeftfuIhope [et inde] A^fq^ in 


Witlieddre • 1: de Witlieddie v% in botlikil • et fic femper afcen- 
dendo per Ijothkil vfij,, ad predictum riuulum qui cadit de fcouland • 
In cuius rei teftimo" • figillum nim pnti fc^^pto fecimus apponi • Hiis 
teflibus • diio . W • afebe de paffeleth • magro • W • de lindesei decano 
glafgaien • magro • h • archidiacono glafguen • mngro • W • dc grenelau^ 
et multis aliis • Act apud kalchou anno gre • ]M° • CC° • xxx" sexto • 

De moUe q. fit forefl^ • 

299 Alex • dei gra Rex Scott • Omnib'^ pbif hominib'' toci^ tre fue faltm • 
Sciatis qd conceffim^ Monachif de Melros • vt tram fua de Moii in 
ppetuum habeant in liberum foreflu • Quarc firmit jihiliemuf- ne 
quif in dicta rra fua fecet aut uenet^ finc eoi^ licencia fup riram 
plenariam foriffactura decem Librarum • Teft^ • Walter • Olifard • 
Juflic" • Laodon • Ilogero Auenel • Dauid marfcallo • apud Edin- 
burc-= • vicefimo octauo die Maij • Anu • Regii • Diii regif vicefimo 

Carta P • de Ridale de Raueneffen • 

300 OiTiib^ fce mat^s Ecclie filiis ^fentib^ t futurif • Pafci^ de Ridale 
Salt • Sciatif me dedifle '1: f)ceffifle 'i hac mea Carta confirmafle deo 
"t Ecctie Sce foarie de mehof "t coonach ibidem deo feruientib^ • In 
libam • puram • t ppetuam elemofinam • pro falute diii liii Regif Alex- 
and* t p falute mea • t p animab^ anceflToT^ meoT^ t fucceflb-!/ viginti 
acraf tre quc Rauenneffen apptat*' p haf diuifas sctt a capite fupiori 
de harehowedene totam illam leche furfum ufq, ad tram q^m WiWm^ 
de Ridale dedit rt)atildi Coi-b uxori fue in dotem • "i Inde furfum 
2fuf Withtun ficut fulcus fhit^ inr ^dcam tram t Raueneffen ufq, 


ad foueam q^^m monachi fecunt 1 iii inf^nfmum ufuf harehowe ufq, 
ad parua fpina 't iii ficut fouee fce fut inr tram dvii paf cii • '± Ra- 
ueneffen • ufq^ ad harecarre • t iii ficut uet^ foflatum defcendit in hare- 
howedene • Totam hanc tram q infra ^dcas diuifaf ptinet^ cu omib^ 
ptinenciif fuis dedi ^dcis roonacti p uiginti atfis tre • Libam • solutam 
t quietam ab oini treno fuicio t _pfuetudine t exactione fctari • 
tenend t poffidend • 1 utend fic eif meU^ uifum f uit • Ita libe • Quiete 
plene t honorifice • fic ahq^^m elemofmam Hbi? • Quieci^ • pleni? • 1 
honorificenci? tenet t p^^lident • Et ego t hedef mei manutenebim^ t 
Warantizabim? eifdem coonach totam |5dcam rram conf^ oiTief ho- 
minef de oiiiib^ Reb^ q pro rra exigi poffut • Hiis teft • Walto Epo 
Glafg • Ric decan de Teuidale • Witto fit Johif • Thoiil de CoUeuitt • 
Ric nano • Siiii de Grubheueth • Walr de Ridale fit meo • Rad de 
Ridat • Adam de Chatov • Rob de bnoldebi • Adam de Withtfi • 
Hug de Neubottt • WiHo nepote meo 1 nuiltis aliis • 

^firmaco Rob de Londori de rra de leckelave • 

;501 Omnib^ hoc fcriptum vifuris uel audituris Robtus filius Alexandri 
de Lundr sattm in diio • Nouitis me conceffiffe t hac pfenti carta mea 
confirmafre deo 1 ecctie beate Cl)arie de COelros t monachis ibidem 
deo suientibj • in hbera puram t ppetuam elemofmam i illam dona- 
c6m quam par meuf eif fecit de tra fua fita in Lekehalu que ei data 
fuit a 'Waltero de Burdun et (\)abilla uxore eiuf in efchambiu • prout 
carta ])atTmei teftatur • Ego uero et heredef mei tota pdcam rram 
cu oinib^ libertatib^ "t afiamentif fuis dcif roonachis conf^ omnef 
homies ac feminas warentizabim^ ac defendemuf • In cui^ rei tefti- 
moniQ pfenti fcripto figillum meu appofui Tellib^ dno Nicholao 
Corbeth • drio Robt de Nefbithe' diio Nicholaode Ruthirforde t aliis • 


Carta nef de waletn de • x • acris • 

302 Ofiiib^ fce matris ecctic tiliis tam pritib^ q"' futvn-is • Nef • filius nef 
de walent • liilutem • Sciatis me dedifTe t hac mea carta contirmafre 
deo t ecctie fancte marie de Melros 1: mo^^chis ibidem deo feruien- 
tib3 p aia diii mei comitis Patricii • t aia comitiffe Ade t p aiab^ 
oTm anteceffo':^ 1; fucceffo-;; • T; p aia mea ^ aia vxoris mee • 1 p aiab^ 
oim anteceffoT/i t fucceffoi; T; parentu t amicoi/ meoi^ in libam pura 
1 ppetuam elemofma decem acras tre arabilis de cultura Nes • in 
tritorio de Lyueringham p diuifas eis a me affignatas t pambulatas 
cora pbis hominib^ fcilicet iftis • Witto de crennefcawe Walleuo fiho 
patricii • t Robto f fe ei? • Hanc uero ?ram dedi monachis • t coceffi 
libam folutam 1: quietam ab ouii rreno feruicio confuetudine 't exac- 
cione fctari • ut eam feeant i; poflideat inppetuu ita libe q^ete plene t 
honorifice ficut aliqua elemofina libius \ quiecius plenius • T; honori- 
ficencius teneri potefl; uel poffideri • Et ego 1; heredes mei manvitene- 
bim^ \ warantizabim? eis tram prefatam cotra oines homines 1 ad- 
quietabim^ de forenfi 't oiTii treno feruico erga comitem t alios dnos 
inppetuu • Et fciendu q hanc tram eis dedi ad inueniendum c5uen- 
tui album pane in die pafche • Hiis teftibus • Bernardo frafer • Andrea 
decano de tinigham . Jordano capflo • Oliu de lintun • Alano filio 
pat^cii . Robto ffe eius • Patricio pfona de lintun • Nes de lundoii • 
Adam filio fabri • Aldredo fiUo pae • AValtero fiUo patricii • Ste- 
phano de q^nkerftaii • Helia de Kelchow • 

Carta Walteri de Kilnum de octo acris terre • 

303 Omnibus fancte mris ecctie fihis tam pntibus q*m futuris Walter^ 
de Kilnum fili^ robti de fcottun fattm Sciatis me dediffe "t hac mea 

2 L 

266 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

carta confirmafle deo et ecctie fancte marie de melros 1 monachis 
ibidem do feruientibus octo ac^^s rre arabilis in Vritorio de Kilnum • 
ficut carta pris mei teft;atur • in liberam 1 puram t ppetuam elemofi- 
nam • pro anima Walteri efpec • 1 oim anteceflbi^ ei^ T: pro falute 
doniini mei Rotjti de Ros "t pris mei 1 mea • t pro anima amabilie 
iiiris mee T; oim pentum nrorum • p has diuifas fcilicet • fuper Wite- 
laweftele • t habebunt duodecim animalia in eadem terra 1; quat 
uiginti ones 1 duos eq°s • Hec oinia dedi eis in liberam 1 puram "i 
ppetuam elemofinam cum focalibus 1 ceteris omnibus aifiamentis 
eiufd uille ad eandem terram ptinentibus ad poffidend t vtendum 
ficut melius 1; vtihus eis vifum fuit ■ et ficut ullam elemofinam 
libius et quiecius • honorificencius 'i tenent 1: poffident • Et ego 1: 
heredes mei warantizabimus eis eandem terram contra omnes homi- 
nes \ acquietabim? de forenfi t omni rreno feruicio t confuetudine 
t exaccione imppetuum • His teftibus • Gaufrido Ridel • Ric le 
neim • Thoma de ild^tun • Rob de heidene • Rob de b^nuluebf • Adam 
de Dunu • Wift de paleweftu • 

Carta Thome de Kilnum de terra de fcottune • 

304 Omnibus fancte iiiris eccKe fihis pntibus 'i futuris Thomas de Kil- 
num fiUus Walteri de Kihuma fattm • Sciatis me conceffifte dediflTe 
"t tradidiflTe • 't hac mea carta confirmafle monachis de meh-os in 
puram t hberam 1 ppetuam elemofinam octo ac^^s terre arabihs in 
territorio de fcott" quas ego pambulaui eis coram bonis 't probis 
hominibus per has diuifas • fcitt auftralem partem terre arabihs de 
hamaldunflath inter duas uias per quas defcenditur a mora ufus 
aquilonem ufq^ ad lapides q"s pofuimus qii terram illam perambu- 
lauimus Totam vero terram inter has diuifas contenta dedi deo et 


prefatis de melros habendam ^ tenendam 't vtcndam pro voluntate 
fua inppetuum cum omnibus aifiamentis in territorio de fcottun ad 
tanta terrani ptinentibus • pafturani fcitt ad duos eq°s 1; duodecim 
alia 't quar uiginti oues • Hanc terram dedi prefatis monachis tenen- 
dam inppetuum de me t heredibus meis Ubam T; quietam ab omni 
terreno feruicio 't exaccione 't confuetudine t demanda • de me t 
heredibus meis • Ego eciam 't heredes mei warantizabim^ l defen- 
demus dictis monachis terram prenoiatam contra oiiis homines in- 
ppetuum • Et ad hoc faciendum me et heredes meos per pns fc^ptum 
t fidei mee interpoficionem firmiter obligaui quia tram illam dedi 
eis in efcambium t recompenfacionem octo ac"^i-um tre qvias Robtus 
auus meus eis ded"at per cartam fuam • 't Walterus pr meus confir- 
mauat • vt ve° donaco ifta ppetua fit 't firma ego Thomas pns fc^tum 
figilli mei appoficoe roboraui • His teft.ibus • diio Walro de Rydale • 
Walt de Heddun • Walt cfico de Werhc • Johanne de plaustun • 
Hugo de cornaft 't multis aliis • 

Carta Roberti de mufcampo de troolhope • 

305 Omnibus sancte inris eccfie filiis pntibus 't futuris • Robtus de muf- 
camp filius Robti de mufcamp fatt • Sciatis me dedifle 1 conceflifle "t 
hac mea carta confirmafle deo t ecciie sancte marie de ]\IeIros • t 
monachis ibidem deo seruientibus pro animabus dominorum meorum • 
Henf • Ric • "t Joliannis • Regum anglie • t pi'o animab^ pris "t iiiris mee • 
t ouii anteceflbrum meorum • t pro falute domini mei Regis Henf • t 
pro fatte mea t vxoris mee t oTm fuccefl!brum meorum in liberam 
puram t ppetuam elemofinam totam illam ptem terre mee t pasture 
in rritorio de Hethpol • que continet^ infra has diuifas • fcitt • ab 
orientali parte de ailduneffot furfum vfq^ ad Hethoufwyre per ficura 

268 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xin. 

verfus auflrum vfq^ ad trolhopeburne per vallem ufq^ ad fwirle de 
narufvvinefete • "^ inde ficut bofcus T; mora diuidunt usq^ ad twifel- 
hopeflieued • T; inde furfum inter bofcum t moram ufq, ad colegge • 
"t fic uerfus aquilone per diuifas inter terram meam • T; rram de 
clifton • t inde per viam de blakftafrigge ■ inter terram meam t terram 
Radulfi Nani uerfus orientem • l pofl, inter rram meam et tram de 
heddun per trolhopeburne ufq, dum veniat ad uallem que vadit 
furfum a trolhopeburne • vfq^, ad Witftafriggend • 1; inde per puum 
ficum ab aquilonali pte de cheft^ ufq^ ad raxedeburne • T; inde uerfus 
aquilonem p femitam que vadit uerfus heddun usq, ad quemd ficu • 
1 fic p eundem ficum uerfus orientem usq, in hedduneftjurne • "t fic p 
heddunefljurne deorfum vfq., in ailduneffot • Totam hanc rram "t pas- 
tura t quicquid continetur infra |)nominatas diuifas dedi T; conceffi 
^dictis monachis T; eccfie de melros in puram 1 ppetuam elemofinam 
vt eam heant teneant et poffideant inppetuum ita Hbere • quiete • 
plene t honorifice • 1; solute ab omni rreno feruicio t confuetudine 
•t exaccione seculari ficut aUqua elemofina libius • quiecius plenius T; 
honorificencius teneri pt vel poffideri • Concedo eciam eis qd fi forte 
animaha iporum per incuriam vel errorem euaferint in foreftam 
meam foreftarii mei non capient inde occafionem malignandi • fet fine 
moleftia et ahqua demanda ea reducet Et volo ut prefati monachi in 
foresta mea per vifum forestarioru meorum materiem ad edificia 
infra predictas diuifas facienda vbi melius et vtilius eis vifum fuerit ; 
fine omni contradictione capiant Et ego t heredes mei manutene- 
bimus T; warantizabimus hec omnia predictis monachis contra omnes 
homines de omni calumpnia t adquietabimus erga dnm Regem de 
omni forenfi et treno seruicio • Hiis teftibus Archiadiac 1 decano 1: 
capto de Northymbria • P • coiii de dunbar • 't P • fiho eius • Rog de 
ralai • Rog Bertram • Odenello de Ford«Rob de akild-Rob de hameld • 


Roberto de JMan • Hug de Morvvic • Rog de Hameld • Sampfone de 
Coiipland . WiHmo de akild fit Roberti de akild . ciim multis aliis • 

Carta Rob de Mufcampo de teftib^ fc^ptis in carta de tlhope • 

306 Cariffimis dnis et amicis • magro alano archidiac • t decano t caplo 
de northumbria • domino meo • coin • patricio • t patricio filio eius . 
roggero de nilay • roggero bertram • Odenello de forde • Hug de 
morwick 1 omnibus aliis teftibus qui continentur in carta mea quam 
feci monachis de meh-os fuper terra de t°lhope • Rob de mufcampo • 
filius Robti de mufcamp • falt • Notum vobis facio qd volui vos efle 
confcios t testes elemofine mee quam feci monachis de melros • vnde 
precor ut ficut in carta mea predicta continetur eiufd donaconis 
mee • teftes fitis • Quod q volo in aliorum puenire noticiam • pnti 
fc^pto figillum meum appofui • 

De non moleftandis monachis in terra de Trolhope • 

307 Omnibus hoc scriptum vifuris vel audit^is • Robtus de mufcamp 
fihus Robti de mufcamp • satt . No9it vniSfitas vra me fide inter- 
pofita in domino firmiter promififle pro me \ heredibus meis qd 
monachis de melros vel conuerfis feruientibus fiue aueriis in ele- 
mofina mea de flhop commorantibus nuUum g^^uamen vel moleftia 
inferemus nec ab aliquo inferri pmittemus • Set cartam eorum in 
omnibus • t per omnia a nobis t ab omnibus nris inuiolatam irre- 
fragabiliter obferuari faciemus • Hoc vero fcriptum contra exactiones 
t moleftias que coniisis 1 eorum feruientibus in eadam terra com- 
morantibus fieri folent quia volo ut fecura pace gaudeant figilli mei 
appoficione predictis monachis tradidi roboratum • Et ad maiorem 

270 INIUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

fecuritatem confirmacionem dni Regis fepe dictis monachis faciam 
hre pro poffe meo • Concedo eciam eis ut paftores eorum habeant 
canes maftiuos ad cuftodiam auiorum fuorum infra fuas diuifas T: 
cornua ad fe inuicem coortandos • Si quis autem hoim meoT^ eis forif- 
fecerit faciam eis rectum fcdm legem terre in curia mea • Et fi quis 
feruiens monachorum michi foriffecerit de forefta mea uel beftijs ipi 
monachi facient michi rectum fcdm aflifam fuam in q^^ntum mces 
dimidii anni ipius mcennarii poterit attingere • et vilterius eum non 
retinebunt ftne licencia mea • Hiis teftibus • archidiac • t decano • 1 
caplo deNorthvmbria^P. com • de Dunbar • 't • ?• filio eius • Odenello 
de foi'de • Rob • de Akild • et multis aliis • 

Compo" de decimis de t°lhope • 

308 Uniuerfis fancte mris ecclie filiis pns fcriptum vifuris • Afebs noui 
monafterii ciftercien ordinis • Prior de brinkeburne • arcliidiac north- 
umbr dunelm dioc • falutem in domino • JNIandatum dili p^^pe fufcepi- 
mus in hec verba • Honorius • epus feruus feruorum dei • Dilectis 
filijs • abbi noui monafterii ordinis ciftercien • Priori de brinkeburne 
T: archidiac northumbf dunehn dioc" faltm 't aplicam bfid • Dilecti 
filii prior "t conuentus de kirkehame fua nobis peticione monftrauit • 
Quod cum ipfi contra a^Bbem t conuentum de melros ciftercieri ordi- 
nis • glafguen dioc • fuper teriis • decimis • pafcuis et rebus alijs ad 
priorem fancte trinitatis Ebof et eius collegas quafd a nobis litteras 
impetrafTent • Quia prefati Abbas t conuentus vltra duas dietas extra 
fuam dioc" • ad iudicium trahebantur contra ftatuta concilii generalis • 
de quo in litteris mecio non fiebat • Predicti iudices in caufa ipfa 
minime procefTerunt • Quare prior et conuentus predicti caufam 
ipfam pecierunt ahis delegari • Ideoq^ difcrecioni vre per aptica fcripta 


mandamus quatinus fi eft ita • partibus conuocatis • audiatis caufam 't 
appttone remota • fine debito terminetis • facientes qd decreueritis per 
cenfuram ecciiafticam firmiter obferuari • Teftes autem qui f uint no- 
minati • fi fe gfa • odio uel amore fubtraxerint • per cenfuram eandem 
ceffante appHone cogatis veritati teftimonium perhibere • Quod fi non 
omnes his exequendis potSitis intereffe • duo vfm ea nichilominus 
exequantur • Dat • alatri • xij Kat • Junij • pontificatus nri anno fexto • 
Huius igitur aucte madati partibus in nra pncia pluries conftitutis • 
""t queftione canonichorum cora nobis iudiciahter propofita • tandem 
poft varias altercaciones hinc inde habitas • de affenfu parcium hac 
fine quieuit • Quod prior T: canonici de kirkeham pro bono pacis pci- 
pient aniniatim ab al5be t monachis de meh-os quiquaginta folidos et 
viginti denarios ad feftum fancti Jacobi in ecciia fancti gregorii de 
newtoii in glendale • Et per hanc fohicionem Hberi erunt monachi 
de melros ab omni exaccione et peticione decimarum t omnium 
aharum obvencionum prochiahum te terris omnibus contentis inter 
diuifas expreffas in carta Robti de mufcamp q^^m dicti monachi ha- 
bent de t°lhop • Que diuife tales funt • fcil^ ab orientaU parte de 
aildunefot furfum ufq^ ad hethoufwire per ficum verfus auftrum vfq^ 
ad tihopeburne per vallem ufq, ad fwirle de naruefwinefete t inde 
ficut bofcus 1; mora diuidunt vfq, ad twifelefliopeflieued • Et inde 
furfum inter bofcum ^ moram ufq^ ad collegge • t fic uerfus aquilo- 
nem per diuifas inter terram robti de mufcamp 1 terram de chftun • 
1 inde per viam de blakftauerige inter terram Rob dicti T; terram 
Radulfi nani verfus orientem 1; poft inter terram fepedicti Rob "i 
terram de heddune per tihopburn vifq, dum veniat ad vallem que 
vadit furfum a tihopburne vfq, ad witeftauerigend • 't inde per 
paruum ficuni ab aquilonaU parte de cheft • vfq, ad raxedeburne t 
inde uerfus aquilonem per femitam que vadit verfus heddune ufq, ad 


quendam ficum 1 fic per eundem ficum uerfus orientem vfq^ in hed- 
duneburne • 1 fic per hedduneburne deorfum vfq^ in ailduneffot • 
Item fi contigerit qd conuentus de melros terram aliquam infra 
limites prochie dicte ecctie de neuton poft compoficionis huius con- 
fectionem adquirat idem conuentus de omnibus terris cultis fohiet 
decimas garbarum exceptis nouahbus fi que f2int adquifita • Et 
iftam folucionem garbaru facient monachi de melros quociens 
dicte fuerint exculte • non obftante priuilegio ahquo impetrato vel 
impetrando de cetero • Ita vt per hanc fohicionem immunes erunt 
monachi t hberi ab omni querela t confuetudine competentibus 
prefate ecctiede neuton iure pochiah • Nos igitur qui fihi pacis fumus 
totam formam ^fcriptam perpetuo inter monaftia de mehos "i kirk- 
ham vahturam de aflenfu 1 peticione vt\ifq^ partis vohintaria appro- 
bamus • ratam habemus • aucte aptica qua fungim^ confirmamus ean- 
dem • Et ad ipfius perpetuam ftabihtatem figiha nra prefencia vna 
cum figilhs parcium pnti pagine fecimus apponi • Actum anno 
gfe M° • cc" • xxiij" • In ecciia fancti nicholai apud nouum caftel- 
hmi • t c- • MUNIMENTA DE MELTIOS. 273 

De pafTagijs • 

309 Alex di gra • llex Scot • omnibus pbis hominibiis tocius tre fue • 
salut • Sciatis qd cum temporibus Anteceflbrum iiroT/ • Regum Scoc 
illuftrium T; Sris hactenus ex antiq'^ confuetudine approbata l: Jure 
comuni p Regnum nfm Scoc • Ita fuit vfitatimi • qd tam viri religiofi 
q^^m alie pfone p pafam f^nfeimtes cum cariagiis fuis in quemcumq, 
feodum venint p vnam noctem nioram conf^here licite poffint in 
eodem Animalia fua ibidem exf^ fegetes t prata pafcendo fcdm qd 
p inftrumenta • t fc^pta dco:/ anteceffb-»; mo-q^ fatis euident intellexi- 
m'' i Nos eandem confuetudinem • t Jus comune firmit obferuari 
volentes i firmit inhibemus ne quis cont^ hanc confuetudine \ Jus 
comune rnonachis de melros uel aliis viris rehgiofis p q^^scumq^ par- 
tes ipos t^nfire contigerit malum inferat • iniuriam aut impedimen- 
tum • quo minus cum aueriis fuis 1 cariagiis ext'^ fegetes 't p^^ta 
pafcendo Hbere poflint t^nfire fup nram plenariam foriffacturam • 
Teft-" • Hugone de Abirnithin • Wifto Comin de Kellebride • Johe • 
de Lambirton'^^ apd 0:)eh-o3 • xxj • die Julij • Ann regni nri sexto- 
decimo • 

CarReg • A • Juniorif de Confiniiacoe oum hbertatu • vna cu Clausula 
ifta • Cu int ceta rengni nri T; c" • 

310 Alex Dei gfa Rex Scott • Omnibus probis hominib^ toci^ tre fue 
saltm • Cum int ceVa monafria regni iiri monaftium de roelros spe^ 
cialius dihgamus patris iiri femi veftigiis inherentes f concefllmus t 
liac pfenti carta confirmauim" Afebi t conuentui eiufdem monafPii f 
omnes cartas confirmaciones • libertates T; iura pdecefTorum iiro^ 
Regum Scoc illuft\im eifdem conceffa • Tenend 't habend eifdem 

2 M 

274 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Afebi T; Conuentui 'i eoTj. fuccefToribus in ppetuu fcdm tenorem dcoT^ 
cartaT; confirmaconu t iuriu ac libtatum f Adeo libe quiete plenaf • 't 
honorifice f ficut carte t confirmaciones dcoi^ libtatum "i iuriu ^dcoT^ 
l^decefiroT; nroii eifdem confecte i plenius iufte tefl;antur • Tell^ Hug 
de Berkeley Jufl^ Laod" • Eymo de roaxweit Juft^ Galwach • Nichot 
Corbeith • Guydone de Balliot • "t Johanne de Lambertoii • Apud Sele- 
kirk Nono die Decembf Anno Regni iiri sextodecimo • 

^tecct» Alex reg^ • 

311 Alex dei gra Rex Scott Jufticiariis /vicecomitibus ; prepoitis 1: eoT? 
balUuis ad quos pfentes litt^ puenint saltm • coandamus vobis t ^ci- 
pimus / quatinus roonachos de roekos tras fuas homines fuos / ac 
vniufas eoi/dem poffeffiones ; iura 1: bona fua omia roobilia 1; imo- 
biha ecctiaftica 1 mundana in vris balliis et burgis / iufte roanutene- 
atis 1 defendatis Non pmittentes ipos contra cartaT/ et rotmimento-!/ 
fuoi; ac ptecconis iire tenores quos habent fup predcis ab ahquibus 
indebite moleftari • Et fi quid eis foriffcm fuit • id eis iufte et fine 
dilacone emendari faciatis misicordiam nos contingentem de iiuriato- 
ribus ipis de pace t pteccone rira fracta ad opus nrm capientes • Et hoc 
SUatenus omittatis p qd ad vos de negligencia vra grauit cape debeam^- 
Teft" . P • Cofn de Dumbaf • ^^^alPo de a^orauia • et Wal?o de Lyndes 
Apud kelchou septimo die Januarij anno Regni iiri vicefimo • 

Carta de duob^ tenemetis int Rubeu Solariu 1 tra dauid Cifforis • 

312 Vniuerfis xpi fidehb^ prefcns Sc^^ptum uifuris ut audituris Nichola^^ 
textor burgenfis de Eerwic falut in dno i Nouit uniuerfitas lira qd 
cum abbi T; conuentui de Cl)elros medietate tre mee de Briggath in 


puram '^ ppctua clemofina contuliflem • 1 alifi medietate p cent marc" 
legalium fterlingo:; eis vendidiflem fic figilla que fup eafde ti'as de 
me habent • tefl;ant^ • Dci abbas t conuent>' ad icrementu prefate 
pecunie miclij • • Hilde uxori roee ut alVi nfm qui diucius vixerit in 
tota uita nra dedenmt 't conceflerunt dece bollas pacablis f"menti 
t una cheldra pacablis ordei 1; dimidiam marca argenti fmgiis annis 
ad feftu Sci COichaeHs ap barwic pcipiend • p'mo tmino incipiente ad 
feftu Sci OOichaet anno gre • t1)iH: • Ducent" • Q^^nquagefimo fcdo • Vri 
ego p hanc carta mea obligo me t ouiia bona mea moblia 1: imobtia 
dictis abbi t conuentui • qd si forte p defcu Warencie fup rris pmif- 
fis uexati fuint • ut eas in pte ut in toto pdiderint • ftati a pacacone 
ifti'' incrementi • • flabunt Et ^''cq^d de hoc Icremento ego ut Hilda 
uxor mea pcepim? • itid cum cent it)arc liq/dcis • t cii oiuib^ fupti- 
bus • T; dampnis que exinde inc^rerint fine cont"^diccune plenarie t 
integre eifdem reftituemus • In cui^ rei teftimoniu ego p me 1 he- 
dib^ meis huic fc^pto figillu meu apponi feci • Teftib^ • Diio Witto 
tilio comitis • Diio Nicholao filio ei" • Johe de Letham T: aUis • Actu 
anno gre • foitt • Ducent • Q^nq^^geficoo • vndecimo kat coarcij • 

Carta nicholai textoris de domib^ in briggate • 

313 Sciant omnes tam pntes q^ fut^i q ego nicholaus textor burgeri • de 
few" in magna nccitate mea vendidi inppetuum afebi et ^uentui de 
melros totam medietatem terre mee in briggate • fite inr terra eoT^d 
mo^^choT/ de melros • t terram arnaldi hanin • S • medietate • que fe 
extendit uerfus aquam Et % omnia iura • t accoes cpie m^ 't heredibus 
meis roe illi^ terre opetut vel competere porunt • cum edificiis Hbta- 
tibus ptinenciis T: omnib^ aifiament^ ad ipam terram infra uillam et 
ex*^ fpectantibus uel exfp^^tare debentib^ pro centCi mc^ legalium 

276 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

flerlingOT/ • de quib3 m} plenaiie fatiffactum e • Tenend •!; hnd dictis 
aK)i et ^uentui inppetuum libe quiete plenarie honorifice • t folute 
ab oi feruicio exactione et ^fuetudine auxilio et demanda • nicliil 
inde alicui faci'*° nifi qd dcti abbas et ^uentus dno de vpfetlingtori 
roe firme • vndecim denarios tm foluent annuatl • § • quiq, denar et 
obolum ad pentecoft • 1 quTq^ denar • et ol3 • ad feftum fancti mtini • 
Ego aute et heredes mei dcam terram dcis abbi et ^uentui de melros 
cum oib^ pmiff" contra omnes inppetuu Warantizabim" • acquieta- 
bim^ ac defendem" • In cui'' rei teftiom • ego pro me et heredib^ meis 
pnti fc^pto figillum meum apponi feci • Teft • 

Nich textor de quieta folucoe debiti 

;3H Oiiiib^ has litras uifuris ut audituris Nichola^ textor Burgenfis de 
Berwic fahit in diio • Nouit vni9fitas iira qd cu Diis Ct^aths abbs de 
tt)elros t conuent>' tenerent^ m'' in cent 0:)arc legaUu fterlingoi^ p 
q^^dam pte tre in Briggath q^m eis uendidi • dcs abbs 't conuentus de 

totaU dce pecunie sQma p manu diii • G • cellerarii de (X) 

runt • vii ego p me 1 hedib^ meis de tota dca pecunia pteftor me bii 
ee pacatum • In cui? rei teftimoniu prefenti sc^pto figillu coeu appoui 
feci • Teftib^ • Dno Robto de Dunehno tunc maiore • Rob ftater • 
Arnaldo Hanin • Johe de Dunbar • Johe Wlraii • Johe fairbarii • 
Thofn Wlrari 't nittis aliis • Actu • anno gre coiti ducent q^^nq^^g • 
p^mo i In fefto Sci mathie apti • 

Carta radulphi de echelyne • 

313 Omnibus h" fc'ptum vifur uel audituf • Radulph'^ de echelyne • 
b^geii de haddington faitm • in do° • Noiiit vniufitas vra • me pro faite 


ale niee • "t oim aiitecefTo-!/ t lacceflbriim ineo:/ • dedifle ^ceflifle • 't 
liac pnti carta mea confirmaiTe deo et eccie fce marie de melros • "t 
mo^^chis ibidem deo reruien • tfuj^'^ meis aflignat" in i/am t ppetua 
elemofinam totu ius t clamiu qd habui uel hre potui in terra et 
edificiis que quond fuert nicholai textoris in villa de berwic in vico 
de briggate que iacent inter terram et edificia dcoT/ monachoT^ • et 
terram et edificia que quond fuerunt arnaldi hanyn que tempe hui'^ 
raee donacois fuerunt dauid cifforis qd quid emi a ricardo barbatore • 
"t anabilla fponfa fua filia quond nicholai textoris in plena curia de 
berwic m^ et afllgnatis meis quibufcumq, qui me t aflignatos meos 
quietos clamauerimt inppetuu et eid iuri renunciauerunt pro le et 
heredib^ fuis prout in carta vendicionis • t renunciacionis pleni? 
^tinet^ quam quid cartam dictis monachis afllgnatis meis tradidi in 
ppetuu poflldend • Tenend et habend dictum ius in dcis terra et edi- 
ficiis inppetuum dictis monacti afljgnatis meis in p^am et ppetuam 
elemofinam • Hbe • qviiete ])lenarie et lionorifice • ficut idem ius habui 
uel aliq" tpe hre potui in terra et edificiis fupradict • In cuius rei 
tefl;iom pnti fc^to figillu meum appofui • Teft • 

de Kai-rik • p • 

316 Vni2fis xpi fideUb, ad quos pfentes litPe pue^int • Ilobt^ de Brus 
Comes de Carryck t cl)''rgiria vx eius eiufdm loci Comitifla i satm In 
dSo sempirnam • Quia Abbas "t Conuent? de Cl)euros de fupdictu 
suientum nroT^ eiidm "t hominib^ fuis de ppMs tris fuis de Carryck 
legem anglicanam s' vendicantib^ • fco • t eciam de catalhs et excaetis 
hominu eo:/dm in Cur iira p homicidio t latrocinio dampnatOT; • ad 
op^ nfm • t ^deceflbT^ riro-!; • ab eifdm hucufq^ occupatis non minimfi 
ut p querelam eoi^dm didifcim^" agg^^uant^ • Nos caritatis Intuitu t ^> 

278 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

falute anima'!^ nraT/ • ^decefloT^ 1; fuccefTo-!; nroT^ ad eo^i/dm neleuamen 
't quietem ppetuam • dcm fupdcm suientu iiroT/ • ac catalla t excaetas 
dco-y hominu fuoi/ in Curia iira dampnatoT^ caritatiue de ceto re- 
laxam" eifdm • In Cui? rei teftini j^fentib^ f sigilla lira appofuim^ • 
Dat apd Torneber ^■'mo die Junij • Anno gre • Cl)° • cc° • Ixxx" • q^nto • 

De decimis de Brunfcayt • 

317 VniSfif xpi fidelibuf ad quof ^fenf scriptum puenit^ OQagr • Adam 
ppetuuf vicari^' de Dunfres qui habit^ eft p rectore • tam a diio papa 
q^^m Epo Glafguens etnam in dno • Satm • Nouit vniufitaf ura qd cum 
littas aplicas conf^ • ABbem t ^uent de COelros fup decimis de brun- 
fcayt ad Abbem de facro nemore t archidiaconu teuidahe • q^^s quidem 
decimaf ad ecctiam de Dunfres ptine de iure coi dicebam • inpef^ffem • 
1; eadem avictoritate pfat^ abbem T; ^uentu cora ^dcis iudicibj fup 
p^dcis decimis apudDunfres •in cam uocaffem^Ego de iure ^'"dce ecctie 
de Dunfres diffidens ppr p^^rogatiua p\iilegioTf ordini ciftciens eifdem 
de decimis no foluend • a • fede aplica concefforu f ^dcis littis 1 comodo 
earunde nomine ecctie de Dunfres renunciaui • Infup fpecialit renun- 
ciaui • p me t fuccefforibj meis • noTe ecctie de Dunfres oni actioni t oni 
iurif beneficio quod habebam uel habere potam • noie |]dce ecdie • in 
pdictif decimif • n^non 't aliis littif a fede aplica fiue a quocunq, iudice 
ordinario fiue delegato in g^^uame ^dcoT/ rehgiofoi/ in pof tum inpe- 
f^ndif • Veru fca ^dca renunciacioe de pfiho prudentu uiroT^ 'H; iurif- 
pitoT/ ita int pfatof Abbem t puent de Ct)eh-os ex una pte T; me ex 
alta noTe fjdcaT^ ecctiaT^ de COeli^ 1; de Dunfres fup p^dcif decimif • de 
brunefcayt p bono pacif amicabihV couenit videhcet quod ^fiderato 
q^^ndo dcus abbas t ^uentS" l: eoTj anteceffores dederunt dcam uillam 
de bninefcayt ad firmam nunq^^m rece^Qt ex eade uilla qn pkif ha- 


buerunt ulf^ ualore vigiuti coarcliaru • fet multocienf multo min'' • 
Q^re cu tenipe ifliuf ^punis decime dicte uille no ualuerunt ult^ 
decem folidos • penfata utilitate ecdie de Dunfres • Afebs 't puent^ 
de Ct)elr p oimodif decimis garbaru cum ipi ^dcas rraf in manu fua 
tenuerint • uel Tt • cu eafde traf aliis tenendaf f^diderint i j> oimod 
decimif ta garbaru q^^m nufmentoT; animaliu t'f marchaf tm annuatl 
in fefto aplo-^ pef t pauli ap Ct)elf ^dco (X)agiftro • A • 1: eius fuccef- 
forib^ noie ecciie de Dunfref in ppetuu pfoluent • Et mediante 
ifta amicabili ^uecoe ego vicaf fiue rector noie ecciie de Dunfref 
* quicquid de iure fiue de facto que in oimodif decimif dicte uille de 
brunefcayt • quocunq^ cafu ptingente eadem ecclia de Dunfref habuit 
habet uel habere potit f eifdem abbi t ^pvientui f quietu clamaui • In 
cui'' rei teft-" • sigillu meu unacum figillis dcoT; Judicum ^fenti 

fcripto Act Anno G'' • cr)° • cc" • P . Hiis T • tt^agro W • 

de Jarn. Thom Decano de Defnes^ Rob filio helye de 

Q^eta clamaco AValH de Welham de brunfcait • 

31S Oiuib^ xpi fidelib3 hoc fcriptu vifuris vel audituris Walter" de 
Welha faltm • Nouitis vniufi qd cu aliqn orta eet contenco ab ancef- 
forib^ meis 1: poftea a me cont" monachos de roelr fup quada par- 
ticula rre ^tenta inr diuifas rre mee de Garfalauch • l tre eoi^de 
monacho-!/ de Brunfcayt • ego renunciaui p me "t heredib^ meis ouii 
Juri t clamio • qd ego ui anteceflbres mei in dca rra habiiim'' • ut hre 
potuim? p quada fuma pecunie q^^m dci monachi m'' pre manib^ paca- 
uerunt • Ita q, n" ego • n' hedes mei n' aliq^s ex pte iira • aliq de 
iure potim!' exige de dca rra • ut p dca rra • aut in ea aliqd Jus feu 
clamiu • I perpetuu vendicare . Et si ^tingat q ego ut hedes mei pf^ 
ifta renunconem 1 ^ceffionem nfam venire atteptaSim^ • fubicim'^ 


nos oiiis t finglos 't ouiia bona nra iurifdiconi 1 poteftati cui^libet 
|)Iati t p^ncipis • vt ipi p q^^mcuq., cohereonem potuint ut volQint acl 
inftancia dcoT; monachoT/ notj inofultis n" reqTitis • nos opllant ad fol- 
uendu fabrice ecctie de Glafg dece libf fterlingoT^ 1 q''draginta folid 
portario de Ct)elr ad op? pauperu noie pene • renunciando p oinib^ nob 
"t fingiis oini cauillacoi • oini appttaconi • cui^libet iuris remedio ptpe^ 
tenti nob ut opetit^o • 1: oiiiib^ q dcis monachis noce • 1 nob poterunt 
valere • volo ecia t ^cedo p me "t hedib^ meis • ut fi aliqd inftrumentu 
aliqn nobcum ut alicubi porit inueniri • qd de dca pticta \re fecit 
menconem • T: p qd inft^mentu dci monachi moleftari ut g^^uari pote- 
runt ntim i p^^teru valore heat • aut robur Tmitatis • Ego uero 1. 
faedes mei tmios 1 marchias predcoT^ monachoi; • q^s t q^^s ipi eo die 
tenuerunt q"d fcriptu ifl^d fuit ^fectii • p poffe firo integs ^suabim? T: 
imutatos • Et ad oinia premifla fidelir obsuanda • Ego p me 't tiedib^ 
meis prefenti fc^pto figillu meu apponi feci • Teftib^ Diio Johe Crolc 
r"tore ecctie de Joniftvin • Robto gmano ei^dem • Hugone Wallenfi t 
aliis dat • ap Dunfcor • anno gfe • roilleS • Ducentes • Sexagefimo • die 
Sabbi pxiiii • an feftum sci roichaelis . 

Carta iohif cumyn de tranfitu p mediam tram fuam de dalfintun • 

319 TJniufif x^ fidelib, ^fenf fc^^ptu uifurif • }• audit^s Johs cumyn milef 
falt in diio • Nouit uniufitaf lira me dedifie ^ceffifle T: hac mea carta 
pfirmaffe inppetuu abbi t puentui de melrof t hoib^ eorunde libum 
f^nfitum p mediam tram mea de daUwintun t De duncof cum 
aueriif fuif 't cariagiif ufuf traf fuaf q^^s hnt in Nithifdale tani eundo 
q^^m redeundo p uiam fcitt quam eif dedi t aflignaui in pp^a pfona 
mea • anno gf e • rn" • cc° • 1" • cnenfe octob^ • Conceffi eciam eifde abbi t 
(juentui t hoibi eo^^ • ut pafcant • paufent • t pnoctent infra pdcaf traf 


ineaf cu necefTe huint cfi aueriif t cariagiif fuif abfii^ dampno 
p^^toT; t fegetum • volo infup qd fi uadum illud de nyth q nunc fre- 
tjucntant • pfunditate deVioratum f9it ut omnino defecit dci afebs 't 
^uent? ficut predcm e • alibi p riuum de nitft ex mea pte fine dampno 
p^^torum t fegetum uadum tieant ubi meliuf T: ^modiuf inuenire po- 
tuint • fi aute uia fup'^dca p inundacom aq^^rum • uel p longum ufum 
cariagioT^ peiorata fuit licitum fit eif t hoib^ fuif ipam uiam p foffaf 
1 calceaf t q^m^cumq^ alir emendare • Ego u" t ftedef mei prefatif 
abbi t ^uentui prefatam uiam cu oib^ premifilf cont"^ onif inppetuu 
warantizabim*^ ac defendem? • In c^ rei teftimonium ego |,) me t 
bedib3 meif prefenti fcripto figillum meum apponi feci • tefl;^ • t c" • 

Compo" de decimis de dunfcor • 

320 Omnib^ x'' fidelib^ pntes tras infp^^turis • WiHs miferacioe diuina 
eccie glafg • minifl;er eVnam in diio faltm • Nouit vniufitas vra • q cum 
inter abbem et conuentu de melros ex pte una 1 abbem et con- 
uentu de dercongal iire dioc" • ex alta fuper ecctia de Dnnfcor • coram 
nob aucte ordinaria mota eet cont"uerfia • vtraq^ ps pacem et quietem 
defid^ans • totum ius qd feebat in dca ecctia hinc inde^fe nre ordi- 
nacoi fubiciendo manib^ nris totatr refig^^uit • Nos vtilitatem ufufq^ 
partis confid-antes • n^non de ciu-a eiufd ecctie pcaiiere cupientes • 
dcam ecctiam in pprios ufus abbis et conuentus de d^congal ordi- 
nauim^ ^utendam • Ita vidett q in ufus abbis 1 conuentus de melros 
omes decime fue pprie tam maiores q^^m minores racone tenementi q 
tuc tpis in dca prochia poflidebant • ced"ent et uerterent^ • In cui'' 
rei teftiom figillum nrm apponi fecim? huic fc^to • Dat apd kirke- 
malio • iij • non Junij • anno diii • M° • cc° ■ quinq^^gefimo feptimo • 

2 N 


^poco ir nos 1; abbiam facri nemoris de dec^ Dufcof • 

321 Sciant ^fentes 't futuri qd cu int Afebem t puetu de Ct)elros ex vna 
parte • 't Abbem t puent de facro nemore ex Alta fup iure patronat" 
"i pp^^etate ecce de Dunfcor queftio Vteret^ • t pfati Abbas ac ^uent^* 
de Ct)eh'os pdcos Abbem l puentu de fac" nemore • cor3 venabli patre 
Diio Jobe Epo Glafguenfi • 'i difcreto viro rt)agro Nicholao Archi- 
diacono TeuidaUe • Judicib^ a diio papa delegatis p Httam fedis ap- 
plice f^xiffent in iudiciu • tande ex voluntate dcoT/ iudicum • 1 de 
pfenfu parciu int pfatos Abbes 1 ^uent^ • amicabit ppoficio intuenit 
fb hac forma • A^idelicet qd roemorati Abbas 1: ^vient^ de CX>lros pro 
fe t fucceflbrib^ fuis • renuciauut • t quietii clamauut • |>dcis Abbi t 
^uetui de fac" nemore • oilie iuf 1 clamiu qd habuerut • vi habere 
porunt in ppetuu in ecca de Dunfcor • cu iure patronat? tu aliq" 
modo alio • Ita fcilicet • qd dci Abbas t ^uent^ de fl)elros t ofiies eoi} 
homines infra parochiam dce ecce de dunfcor comorantes • ab omiodis 
decimis ta maiorib3 q"^m minorib^ n" no t ofiiib^ aliis demandis • fta- 
tutis • t ^pfuetudinib^ • q ab eis vt eo'y: aliq" in poftvma exigi potunt • 
fone aliq'^ pfonat" • fiue vicarie lib-i erut t immunes • in ppetuu • 
Excepto q roortuaria t fpofalia cu argento cere • t debitis ac ^muni- 
b3 obtonib^ que piiictim fequnt^ curam animaru f ad loci vicariu 
reuertent^ • que tm p dcm vicariu exigi potunt ab illis qui pfatoT; 
Abbis t puenf de"Cl)elros infra dcam parochiam funt Tmarii • ut 
certa fent domiciha • q^^ omnib^ t figtis vicari*^ ecce de Dunfcor • 
q^ pro tempe f3it • oia eccaftica iura t fac^^menta • benigne t fine ali- 
cui'' difficultatif obice aut ref bucionis exigicione in vita parit t in 
morte largiet^ • qd t faciet Ide vicari^ nicenariis Abbis 1 ^uent" de 
Cl)elros • q"inuis cta domiilia infra fuam parochiam no habuint 
Qve oinia t fingla ccemor ti Abbas t ^uent^ de fac° nemore • §fatis 


Abbi "t puentui de Cl)elros ac cot/ hominib^ plenarie exhibebiit • vt 
facient p luu vicariu exhib"i • fiue lepenominati Abbas \ puet^ de 
«^)eb-os ipam tra de Dunlcor in manu tiia tenuerint fiue quib^hbet 
aliis pfonis • ipam vt aUq^^m pte ipi" ad firmam t^diderint • Totam aut 
pfata amicabilem pponem • pfati Abbes T; ^uent" p fe 1 fucceflbribj 
fuis omni tpe hinc inde fidelir obferuabut • Et fi cf pcium tenori 
huius ppoficionis in toto vt in pte ^pf^ire aliq° tpe volSit i pars repug- 
nans Ecce Romane mille marcas pfoluet • l ad hoc pfenti fc^to fe "t 
fuam eccam pfate Romane ecce obligauit • t nichilominS' abbas "t 
puent? de Cl)elros ad fua libere p^ma tranfibut accone • Ad maiore 
aute hui^ amicabilis opoficionis fecuritate • parti huius inftrumenti • 
penes Abbem t puentu de rt)elros remanenti pfati Judices delegati 
"1 Abbes de fede animaT^ "t de facro nemore figilla fua appofuerut • 
parti aute penef Abbem "t ^uentu de fac° nemore remanenti • vna cu 
figift jjfatoi/ Judicu • figna Abbatu de Riualle 't de Cpelros fut ap- 
penfa • Acta apd Rokitburg • Anno gre coiUefimo • ducentefimo • 
fexagefimo • q^^rto In craftino animarii • 

Carta Alex^ fenefcalli Scocie de kyle t libertatib^ eiufd rre • 

32^ Sciant prefentes t futuri quod ego Alexander Senefcallus Scocie 
dedi • concefli t hac mea carta confirmaui deo t Eccfie Sce Ct^arie de 
t1)elros t monachis ibidem deo suientib^ t in pofterum suituris p 
falute mea • t uxoris mee t oinium ancefloTji t fucceflb:^ meoT^ 
oiiiimodum jus t clamium quod ego t heredes mei habuim? uel 
habere poterim^ in tris t pafturis de Cl)auchelin t karintabel t 
eoT^ ptinencijs ab ailceflbrib^ iiris eifdem datis t conceflls ex utraq^ 
parte fluminis de Are fine aliquo retinemento ad unam pitanciam 
annua in die Sci Jacobi conuentui faciendam • Et concedo p me 


1 heredib^ meis ut abbs 1 conuent^ ei^^dem monafterij de Cl)elf 
oins dcas Vras T; pafturas teneant t poflideant cfi omib^ iurib3 • 
libertatib^ • t ptinencijs fuis • in liberam • puram 'l perpetuam elemo- 
finam in bofco 1 plano • pratis T^ pafcuis • vijs t femitis • moris "^ 
marifijs • aquis ^ ftagnis "l molendinis tam aq^^rijs q^^m uentorijs • 
cu feris • auib^ • pifcib^ T: ofiiibj alijs que infra dcas tras 1 paf- 
turas inuenta funt uel inueniri poterunt i ad me % hedes meos 
fpectancia uel fpectare debencia tam fubt? rram q'^m fupra integre • 
quiete • plenaiie • honorifice t folute ab omi fectari suicio exaccone t 
demanda T; ab oini uexacone T; ipedimento mei T: heredum meoT/ • 
BalHuoT^ • 'Suientum 1 hominu nroT^ • Ita qd nec ego nec ftedes mei 
nec aliq^s alius aliquid p dcis tris "t pafturis ab eifdem afebe T: con- 
uentu exigere poterim" • pre? oraconum fuiFragia • Et ego 't heredes 
mei oms dcas Pras 't pafturas cum omib^ ptineneij'! fuis t libertatibi 
cont* omnes i perpetuu Warentizabim" ac defendem^ • In cui' rei 
teftimonium ego p me t heredib^ meis prefenti carte figillum meum 
apponi feci • Teftib^ • a)agro Gamelino ctico dni regis figillum ei^ 
tunc portante • Diio Thoma de Normauift tunc Jufticiario Laodonie 
Diio Nicholao de Sulis • Dno Gydone de Normauift • Dno Euerardo 
de Ct)onte acuto • • • • o Alex ctico capelle drii regis • domino 
Nicholao de Camera • Diio Wifto capellano meo • Gilberto ctico meo 
•^ multis alijs • 

Confif Reg Alex Junioris • de libertatibj de kule • 

323 Alex . dei gfa Rex Scott • Omnibs pbis hominib^ tocius tre fue 
saltm • Sciant presentes 1 futuri nos conceffifle • t hac Carta nra con- 
firmafle donacom illam • q^m Alex • senefcaft Scoc • fecit deo et ecctie 
Sce raarie de coelros • "t monachis ibidm [deo] Suientib^ et inposVum 


suituris j? falute fua • vxoris fue • '± omiiium AntecefTov 1; SucceflbTf 
i\\o~>4 De omimodo jure 1 clamo qd Idm Alex vt heredes fui huerunt • 
vt hafee potunt in Pris t pasturis de Ct)auhelyn \ de Carnetabett 'i 
ptinenciis fuis ab anteceflbribus eius eifdm monachis datis t conceffis 
ex vt^q^ pte fluminis de Ar fme Aliquo retenemeto Ad vnam 
pitanciam annuam Conuentuj de meh-os inppetufi faciendam die Sci 
Jacobi Apti • Concedim'' etiam 't confirmam^ concefTione illam • q^^m 
Idm Alex fecit eifdm monachis de eifdm rris 't pasturis tenendis t 
poflidendis cum omib^ jurib^ • libtatib^ t ptinenc" fuis In libam 
puram '^ ppetuam Elemofinam in bofco t plano • in p^^tis 'i pafcuis 
in viis 1 semitis in moris T; coarefiis Aquis flagnis 't molendinis • 
tam aquariis • ^"'m ventoriis • cum feris • auibi • pifcib^ • t omnib3 ahis 
que infra dcas tras t pafluras inuenta fut • vel poterunt inueniri • 
tam fub? rram • q^^m fup" • ad ipm Alex t heredes fuos fpectancia • ut 
fpectare debentia • Ita libe • quiete • plenarie t honorifice • Sicut Carta 
eiufdm Alex • q^^m dci monachi de eifdm tris t pafturis habent pleni? 
iufle teftat^ • Sahio §uic6 nro • Tefl- • P • Coin • de Dunbarr • Hug de 
Berkeley Juflic Laodori • Walto de morauia • Johe de I^ambirtun • 
Simone frafer • et Bernardo de monte alto • Apud Traquayr Duode- 
cimo die Decembr • Anno regni noflri Sextodecimo 

Conf- Ileg Alex de Libera forefla tre de Kule^ 

.324 Alex dei gra Rex Scott • Omnibus pbis hominibj Tocius tre fue 
sattm • Sciatis • qd conceffimus Atebi t Conuentuj de OQehos • vt 
heant t teneant ofiies Pras fuas t pafluras de Ct)achelyn • t Carne- 
tabett ex vt^q^ pte fluminis de Af cum fuis ptinenc in libam foreftam 
Q'^re firmit phibemus • ne quis in dictis tris • uel pafluris fine licencia 
dcorum Abbatis t Conuent? fecet • aut venet^ • Sup iiram plenariam 

286 IMUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xlii. 

forisfcuram Decem libra-!/ . Teft' • P • Coni de Dunbarr . Hug de 
Berkeley Juftic Laodoii • Waltero de OOorauia . Johanne de Lam- 
birtuii t Simone frasef • Apud Traquayf • Duodecimo die Decembf • 
Anii regni noftri sextodecimo • 

Curta de Libertatib^ de Kile • 

325 Vniufif xpi fidelib^' ^fenf fc^ptu uifuf ut audituf • Alexand' fenefcalluf 
fcocie fili>' uualteri fenefcalli fattm • Nouit vniufitaf vra me con- 
ceffifle • t hac carta mea cofirmafle deo t eccfie f ce marie de meh"of • 
t monach ibide deo feruientib^ tota tram illa q^^m tenent de ricardo 
de Waleyf • fciUcet barmor t godenech p ipaf diuifas que continentur 
in carta ipius ricardi q^^m hnt de eade Vra • Ita q°d q^cq^d infra eafdem 
diuifas cotinet^ habeant t poflideant inppetuu • ita q^ete • Hbe • ple- 
naiie • t honorifice • fic ahq'^ elemofina hbiuf • qVti^ • pleni^ • t hono- 
rificenci^ i i regno fcocie tenet^ t poffidet^ • Et ecciam cu oib^ hbtatib3 
cu q^b^ mora de carentabel t tram de mauchlyn tenent t poffident • 
Concedo ecciam t q^etu clamo p me t ftedib^ meif eifdem abbi t 
conuentui t hoib, eorude totu iuf t clamiu t of cofuetudinef • t rec- 
titudinef • t fequelam curie mee-t libtate uendendi t emendi in 
q°cumq^ foro ut loco uoluint fine moleftia t contradiccone mei ut 
tiedu aut balhuoru meo:/ t ut q^eti fint a theloneo tam in burgo meo 
q^^m ext^f Concedo infup p me t hedib3 meif pdcif abbi t monach 
hbtate tenendi placita fua ubicumq, uoluint in tenemento de caren- 
tabel • t de mauchlyn • t de barmor q^^ndocumq^ fibi uid"int expedire 
cu oib^ Ubtatib^ q^b^ ego t hedef mei curiam hram de preftwich 
tenem" uel tenere debemuf • Et capiendi oia foriffacta t efcaetaf t 
amerciamenta in eifdem placitif obueniencia • Et fi in dcif placitis de 
furto ut ahif chninib^ uifnetum cape uokiint J uolo t concedo p_me 


t hedib^ meif q"d balliiii nri de dundouenauld i cui^cumq^ manu 
fSit faciant hoief iirof q"t liabSint neceffe ad eade placita uenire ad 
curiam roborandam t ad uifnetum faciendu cu hoib^ dcoT; afebif 't 
couent>' • du m" iidem balliui nri p una nocte antea fuerint p^muniti • 
Et fi in curia dcoi/ abbif "i conuent? aliqT ^puict'' fSit de furto ut alio 
c^mine p q° mortem pati debeat poft iudiciu redditum in eadem curia 
corp^ tantumm" balliuif meif libetur fcdm iudicium redditum puni- 
endu •faluif • p^^fatif abbi \ monach catallis dampnati • Et fi in eade 
curia duellu adiudicatu f9it intraliq"fpoft ide iudicium idem duel- 
lum fiet in tra iira T: catalla T; efcaete occifi erunt abbis T: couenf • 
Et fi baUiui mei ut hedu meoi^ p^fentef no fuint • cii hoibj meif ad 
uifnetum faciendum feu corpa dampnatoT; recipienda • uolo t ^cedo 
p me t hedib, meif q"d liceat balliuis abbif t conuent^ uifiietum 
cape p baroniaf q^^f uoluint • t dampnatof p fe ut p balliuof dni regif 
punire • fcdm q"d in curia dcoi^ abbif t conuent'' fuit iudicatu • Et fi 
hoief eoT^dem abbis t conuent^ in rra mea foriffecerint ut hoief mei 
in Pra ipoT^ exceflerint • definquentef fiue areftati fuint ut attagchiati 
fiue no f in cui^cumq, iirm rra f ad cviriam diii fui reutent^ iufticiam 
facturi conquerentib^ • ita tn q^d diif curie pcipiat foriffacta • Ego 
aute alexand^ t hedef mei manutenebim" \ warantizabim^ p^nomi- 
natif monach dcam rram de barmor 't de godenech cu oib^ articul' 
prefc'ptif cont* omf hoief t in ppetuu defendem^' • In cui" rei tefti- 
moniu huic fc^to figiUu meu apponi feci • Dat apd melf in fefto an- 
nunciac6nif diiice in ^fencia dtii Alexand^ i-eg fiUi reg Alexandri • 
Anno gre • 00" • cc° • fexagefimo fexto • Hiif teft- • Drio iohe venera- 
biU pre epo glafg • Cl)agro Witto Wyfliard canceUaf diii reg t archi- 
diacoii fci andree • Diiif hugqii de berkeley iuftiaf Laodoii • thom fit 
thom fit ranulphi • Symone frafir • Walro de Undefey • Witio de fco 
daro . iohe de haya • Witto de WaUib^ • t aUif • 

288 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xni. 

Confirmaco libertatif de Kile • 

326 Alex Dei Gra Rex Scott Omnibus probis liominib^ toci" rre fue 
Sattra • Sciatis nos eonceffiffe et hac carta nra confirmafle conceffi- 
onem et confirmaconem illam quam Alex Senefcallus Scocie fecit 
Deo et Ecclie Sce Marie de Melros- et Monachis ibidem deo suien- 
tib^ sup donacone illa quam Ricardus le Waleys Tenens ipius Alex- 
andri fecit eifdem monacliis de tra fua de Barmor et de Godenech p 
rectas diuifas fuas • vna cum conceffione et quieta clamactme • quas 
idem Alexander fecit eifdem monachis et hominibus eoi^dem de 
sequela curie eiufdem Alex • et de libtate emendi uendendi et tholo- 
neij ac curias et placita fua tenendi in tenemento ipoT^ de Carentabel • 
et de mauchlyn et de Barmor • et foriffca amerciamenta et eschaetas 
eoT/dem placitoT? capiendi adeo libere quiete plenarie et lionorifice in 
oinibus ficut Scriptum ipius Alexandri eifdem monachis inde confec- 
tum pleni'' iufte teftatur Sahio suico liro • Teft" Alexandf Cumyii 
Comite de Buchaii Jufticiar Scoc • Patrico Comite de Dumbar et 
Robto de Brus apud Scoii Quarto decimo die aprihs anno Regni iiri 
Septimo decimo^ 

De How^hylt" • 

327 Cum confuerfia mota fuifiet et multis ret° tempib'' agitata fup Jure 
pafnat^ Ecctie de Howiltre glafg dioc inr virof religiofof magfm et 
fi^ef dom" liofpitat Jertm de Torphehl ex pte vna • Et dnm Regi- 
naldu dcm le Cheyn milite et Euftachiam dci militif vxorem noie 
dce Euftachie ex altera • Tande p bono pacif tam dci religiofi p ff em 
Jotiem de Luda pcuratore pdce dom? ad hoc legittime conftitutu 
q^^m dci Reg et Euftachia ei*' vxor fup toto Jure qd vt^q^ parf in dca 
EccHa fe habere dicebat fponte et cum con^enfu legittimo omium eoi/ 


quo-v in h^^c parte confenfus fuerat requircnd>' • Ordinacoi venabit 
patT • R . di gf a Epi glafg fe fubpofuerut • Qui de cofenfu vnanimi 
et exp^fTo toci'' capituli ecctie glafg • Ita ordinauit • quod dci magr et 
fref et eoi^ fucceflbref habeant inppetuu in puram et ppetuam elemo- 
fuiam q^^tuordecim libraf fterelingOT^ annuaf abfq^ omi onere noTe 
fimplicif beneficii in ecctia |5dca de Hovviltre p Jure qd iidem magr 
et fref in iure pat"nat^ dce Ecctie liabuerut • quas quide q^tuordecim 
libras recipicnt et pcipient dci magr et fref fingulis annif p man^' 
rectorif p tempore miniftrantif in eadem ad duof anni rminof • fcilicet 
feptem libraf ad natiuitate fci Johis bapthifte et aliaf feptem libraf 
ad feftum fci Andree apii Et quod Jus patronat^ dce Ecctie penef 
dcam dnam Euftachia et ei'' hedes in ppetuu remaneat • Et ne dci 
magr et fref dco annuo beneficio aliquo cafu ut machinacone feu 
fraude poflint defraudari • null? cleric? p dcam dnam Euftachiam aut 
hedef fuof feu aflignatof ad EccHam fupMcam pfentaf^ feu p tpe 
pfentanduf inftituet^ in eadem anteq^^m vocato ad hoc fpalir magro 
dce dom? de Torphelii ut ei^de pcuratore corporale p^ftiterit facra- 
mentu qd dcaf q^^tuordecim libraf Pdcif magro et f rib, fingut annif 
ad terminof fup^^dcof fidetr fine fraude et cont^diccone ahqua pfoluet • 
Et nichilomin" Inftrumentu • fuo et dni Epi glafg qui p tpe fuerit 
figillif fignatu ^dcis magro et ffib? confecerit • In quo • manifefte 
recognofcat fe jpdcm p^^ftitifle facramentu • Liceat eciam dno Epo 
glafg qui p tpe fuerit rectorem miniftrante in eadem qui p tpe fuerit 
ad obferuanciam omniu ^dco^^ p cenfuram ecctiafticam fine ftrepitu 
iudiciali compellere • Et fi contingat qd aliqua pciu ^dcai^ qd abfit 
contra ^dcam ordinacone veniat in aliquo i parf cont^ipam ordinacone 
venienf • centu libraf fterelingoi; p Epm glafg qui p tpe fuerit fine 
ftrepitu Judiciali p fentenciaf excoicacoif in pfonaf t interdci in terraf 
n' no fequeftracoif bono-^ mobiliu exigendaf fabrice Ecctie glafg 

2 O 

mm MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec.xiii. 

pfoluet • ordinacone fup^^dca nichilomin^ rata pmanente • Ad hec fi 
dcam ordinacone p machinacone feu pcuracone alteruf uf ptis aliquo 
cafu infirmari contigerit feu in irritu reuocari pti hoc pcuranti poffeflio 
ut quafi ^fentandi ad dcam eccliam p dcam ordinacone adepta f et 
lapfus tporif nuUaten? pficient • Et nichilomin? parf hoc pcuranf 
centu libras fl^erehngoT^ fabrice dce Ecctie glafg fup^^dco modo exi- 
gendas pfoluet Ad oinia aute et fingula fup^^dca fideliter et fine fraude 
obferuanda tam pcurator |5dcuf ^dco-y; magri et fratru q^^m dci Reg 
et Euftachia ei^* vxor fponte et de confenfu dci Reg mariti fui p fe 
et feedib? fuif p^ftito fup hoc corpali fac%iento fe obligauerut • fubi- 
cientef nichilomin^ fe Jurifdicconi et cohercfti Epi Glafg qui p tempe 
fuerit qd poflit vtramq^ pte ad obferuacone omiu ^dcoi; p fenteciaf 
excoicaconif et interdicti tam in pfonaf q"^m in terraf et diftracconem 
bonoT; mobiliu de die in diem fine ftrepitu Judiciali compellere . 
Renficiando fpeciatr reftitucoi in integrii p accone fiue p officiQ 
iudicif petende feu implorande et condiconi ex lege et fine caufa ut 
iniufta caufa • acconi eciam in factu et excepcoi doli et met^ et oib^ 
litterif et indulgenciif a fede aptica impef^tif et impetrandif litterif 
regiif et omni accoi et excepcoi confuetudini et cauillacoi fibi ut 
fucceflbrib^" fuif feu hedib? quocuq^ Jure feu titulo conf^ fup^^dcam 
ordinac6ng ut ^fenf fc^tu ^petentib^ ut ppetere valentib^ • Renu- 
ciauit eciam ^dca dnaEuftachia p fe et hedib^ fuif de confefu exp^^ffo 
mariti fui ^dci • beneficio fenat*' confulti velleyani • et eciam legif 
JuUe fundi dotalif et omni Jurif remedio canonici et ciuiUf fibi et 
fuif ftedibuf conf^ fidcam ordinacone feu pfenf fc^ptu q°cuq, Jure ut 
titulo ppetentib? ut ^petere valentib^ • In cui^ rei teftimoiu parti hui^ 
inftrumeti i modu cyrog^^phi confecti penef dcof magrm et ffef refi- 
denti f appenfa fut figiUa venabit prif. R- di gra Epi Glafg et ei^de 
loci capituU n"' no figiUa dci dni Reg et Euftachie e\9 vxorif • parti v° 


dco:/ Reg et Euftachie appenfa funt figilla |)cla venabit prif.R. 
di gra Epi glalg et ei^de loci capituli n"" no figiUu capituli de 
Torphehi • 

Confirmaco V • Comit • de dubar fup vendicoem equicii pafs fui . de 
Lawed^ • 

328 V niuerfis xpi fideUb^ prefens fcriptum uifuris ut audituris Patrici^ 
Comes de Dubaf falut in dno • Nouit uniuerfitas ura me pceflilTe T; hac 
mea carta confirmaffe vendicionem illam q^i Dns Pafcius Comes de 
Dubar par me? fecit Atebi \ conuentui de Ct)elros de toto eq^^cio fuo 
qd habuit in feodo de Lawedir • Anno gfe • Q)iH: • Ducent • Q^^drag 
feptimo In decoUacone Sci Johis Bapthe • Concefli infup \ hac mea 
carta confirmaui conceffione "t quietam clamanciam q^^m ide • P • 
Comes pr me^ fecit eifdem abbi T; conuentui de Comuna fua q^^m 
huit ad equiciu fuu ut ad aliq"' alia animaUa nut^enda ui pafcenda 
infra tras "t pafl;uras q^^s dci abbs "t conuent^ in feodo de Lawedif dco 
die tenuerut t poflederut • Ita fcitt qd nec ego nec hedes mei nec 
aliquif alius noie iiro comuna aliqm ui calumpuia aliquo jure aut 
confuetudine • quib^ in eifdem tris "t pafturis hacten? vifi fum^ i de 
cetero habebim? aut exigemus • Set ego t heredes mei dcam equicii 
uendiconem dcam pafture concefllone 1: quiete clamanciam t omia 
que fup p^miflis in carta dni • P • Comitis patris mei continent^ f dcis 
abbi 1; conuentui de melros conf^ omnes ippetuum warentizabim? ac 
defendemus • Teftib^ • Dilo Adam de Gordun miUte • dno Euerardo 
de coonte acuto • Dno Johe capellano meo 1; multis aliis • Actu anno 
gfe roUles • Ducentes • Q^nq^^geS • p'mo f quinto Id^ Decembris In cui? 
rei teftimonium ego p me "% heredib^ meis prefenti Sc^pto figillum 
meum apponi feci • 

292 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Carta de fogo • 

329 Omnib^ fce mris eccie pntib^ et fut^is pns fc^ptum vifur uel audit^is 
patVius corbet-fili^ diii Witti .filii quond drii • pat^cij comit^ de dunbar 
fattm in dno • No8it uniuerfitas vra q. cum predcs do? Wiits pr meus 
quamd terram in rrito" de fogo que vocat^ hardlau 1: hunggerig iacente 
j»pe uillulam de harcar monachis fce ma^ de melros in puram 1 ppe- 
tuam elemofinam dediffet ^ceffiflet et p cartam fua ^firmaffet ad vnam 
pitancia in fello natiuitat bte marie ^''gTs annuatim inppetuu facienda • 
Et dci abbas t^uentus predcam tram p aliq°t anos pacifice tenuiffent • 
Deinde aute bone memorie dns [ Adam] de maxton tc abbas de melros 
irreqYito puentu dcam rram diio nicholaio fri meo re^ceffiffet ac fur- 
fum reddidiffet • 1 id dtis nichola? eand tram capelle de fogo ptulifTet • 
at tand elapfis aliq"t anis p^t mortem ^fati drii ade de maxtoii • abbas 
1; puentP de melros diim ricardu de fogo • rectore eccie de lyntoii in 
laudonia tuc ecia rectorem pit capelle de fogo • auct^te ap*^^ • p dca terra 
^pueniffent • in fpali iuris forma cora iudicis delegati pmiffario • Et ex 
fentencia iudicis • decretu effet reflitucoem fieri predcis atebi et ^uen- 
tui de mekos de tra prenoiata • Ego p me et heredib^ meis predcam 
terram cum oib^ fuis ptinenciis libtatib^ et aifiament" eccie fce ma' de 
melros t mo^chis ibidem deo feruieri • do • reconcedo et reconfigno ac 
pnt^ carte tenore pfirmo in pura et ppetua elemofina per eafdem 
diuifas per quas dcam terram quond tenueft • vi^ a fico qui e ab aq^lo- 
nali pte de hardlau ficut foffa ducit^ p hardlau flrothir • et p eund 
ficum verfus occidentem et fiebat pro diuifis ufq,, ad fulcu qui ducit^ 
ab eodem fico vltra hunggerig ufus ufq^, in ficu qui e tmin^ int fogou 
et rifelau et fic p eund ficum ufus oriente vfq^ ad riiu inr campii de 
rifelau t capum de harcaf et fic ufus aqlonem p fulcum de hardlau 
Vifq^ in ficu qui e ab aq"lonali pte de hardlau • Item p^^tu q^dd ptinens 


ad dcam terram ficut iududit^ p fofHim fubt? hunggerig in? terra de 
fogou et Vm"i de rifelau • Tenend et hnd totam terra prenSiatam cum 
prefatis diuifis et lifco int°itu et egreflu -p ?rara de fogou et oibi aifiamt^ 
ei?d ville abbi et ^uentui prenoiat"" tenore ppetuo in lifeam puram et 
ppetuam elemofina ad vna pitancia annua puetui in festo vndecim 
milliu u^ginu inuenienda • adeo libe quiete plenarie et lionorifice ficut 
aliqua elemofina in reg° fcoc • libius qVci^ pleni^ et lionorificenci? 
tenetur uel poffidet^ • Ego vero et hedes mei predcam ?ram cu prefat^ 
diuifis et aifiament^ dcis abbi et /)uentui _p'"' oes hoies et feias Waran- 
tizabim^ acquietabimi' et inppetuu defendem^ • In c^ rei teftiom pro 
me et heredibus meis pnti fc^to figillu meum apponi feci • Teft • 

Car W • de Ahvint de tota Pra q^^m huit in villa de Halfint • 

330 Omnib^ hoc fc^ptu vifur uel auditur Witts de Alwentu satm in dfio - 
Nouit vniufitas vra me dediffe • conceffifTe . t hac mea carta confir- 
maffe deo l beate warie de cnelros • 1: monachis ibidem deo §uientib, 
1: inppetuu suitur f totam tram mea q^^m ftui in tritorio de Halfingtu 
ex dono dni Robti de roufcampo • cu omib^ ptinenciis • libtatib, • 
afyamentis • iurib^ • Limitib^ t diuifis i put plenl" in carta q^^m dcs 
Dris • R . de cnufcampo m^ T; heredib^ meif dedit f continetur • Q^^m 
quidem cartam p me t hedib^ meif f ego in manib^ dco-!;; Abbis t 
^puent!^ ad plenam hui^ donacois mee _pfirmac6nem refignaui Totam 
autem ^fatam tram cu omibs ^nominatis ptinenciif ad ipam inf* 
villam de Halfingtu 1 ext^ fp^^tantib^ • uel sp'tare debentibi i dedi . 
concefil \ ^firmaui eifdem roonachis • Tenendam t habend de me t 
hedib^ meif • In libam . pura t ppetua elemofinam . libe . quiete • 
plene • honorifice • T: solute ab omi §uicio • confuetudine . exaccbne • 
demanda • t oinib^ reb^ aliis que exigi uel euenire poPunt in tra • 

^94 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xill. 

Nichil aliud m'' uel alicui alij (> ipa tra reddendo i nifi tantu ofonum 
sufF^^gia • excepto q dci monachi facient ^ ipa tra dno feodi i vicefima 
parte suicij vni^ militis f qrl comune suiciu exigetur p totu regnu 
Scoc • sicut carta Dni • R • de Cl)ufcapo q^^m tradidi dcis coona- 
chis i euidenci^ teflatur t pportat • Ego uero t hedes mei totam 
^dcam rram ^fatif coonachis • ^pf^ omnef inppetuu warantizabim^ • 
coanutenebim^ ac defendem^ • In cui^ Rei teftimoniu i huic fc^pto 
figillu meu appofui • Teftib^ • Domino • H • Afebe de Kalkou • Diio • 

. Abbe de Driburc • DiiO • P • comite de Dunbar • Drio ■ N • Cor- 
beth . Dilo • W • de fPindrith tuc tpris pftabulaf de Rokefburc - 
cDagro Symone de Bygir^etTh ffe eiuf • Andf CV)aunfel 't ftepho 
de Cellaf Burgenfib^ de Rokefburc • 't coultis ahjs • Act Anno gfe • 
coilles • Duc • Sexag • Scdo • Die Beati Nicholay Epi • 

Carta W • fiUi W • de Alwint de donacioe paf s fui de tota rra q^^m 
huef t in villo de Halfintu • 

831 Omnib^ hoc ^'"ptum uifuf ut audituf Wittms De alvventun filius 1: 
hes Wittmi De Alwentun faltm in drio • Nouit uniufitas ura me con- 
ceffifTe T; hac mea carta confirmafTe deo 1; ecctie fce marie de melrof • 

1 monach ibidem deo suientib^ • 't inppetuum suituf in libam • puram • 
t ppetuam elemofinam donacom illam q^^m Wittms pat mevif fecit 
dcif monach- fcitt de tota tra q^^m dnf Robt? De mufcampo tradidit 
pri meo 1 hedib^ fuis in Pritorio De halfingtun cu omib^ ptineciif 't 
aifiamentif ad ipam ?ram fp^tantib^ ut fp^^tare debentib^ • tenend 1 
hnd • de me "l hedib^ meif i ita libe • q^ete • plene % lionorifice • t 
folute ab omni suico • ^fuetudie • exacc6e • demanda • T: omib^ aliis 
reb^ que exigi uel euenire in ?ra potunt ficut carta Wiftmi patTmei 
teftat^ 'i pportat • Nichil m'' uel hedib^ meif de predca tra reddendo i 


n^ tm oracionum fuffragia i Ego v° 1 hedef mei dcam patT mei 
donacom dcif monach conf^oiiif inppetuum Warantizabim? • manu- 
tenebim'' • ac defendemus • In cui'' rei teftimoniu prefenti fc^pto 
figillum meum apponi feci • Teftibi • Diio nicholao Corbeth • Drio 
nicholao De rothirford • militibuf • Robto de lambcdene . waltb de 
letham • Robto de hateley • t mitis aliis • Act • Anno gfe • Cl)" • cc° • 
Ixx" . coenfe decembri • 

Compofico de Decimif de Peththov q^ ad cooniales de Eccts ptinent • 

.'332 Orta maPia queftionis inP roagfm Prioriffam T; Conuentu de Eccies 
actores ex vna pte • Et abbem t Conuentu de coeh-os reos ex alta • 
Sup Deciiii feni ?re de Pithhfliouh q^^m Ct)agr Witis de Grenelav 
eifdem abbi 'i Conuentui contulit • Et de Nut^mentis aialium in 
eodem loco pafcentiu • Et de Deciiii feni ?re q^^m Witts de Ahven- 
ton infra ?itoriu de Halflngton dcis Abbi 't Conuentui contulit- 
Quas q^dem Deciiii dci coagr t moniales flbi reftitui in iudico 
poftulabant • Tandem dca queftio in? ^dcas ptes Amicabilit' in 
Craftino Sci OQarcj eu^^nglifte • Anri dni O)" • cc° • Sexag • ticio • apud 
Eccles fub hac forma conq'euit • videl^ qd Dci Abbas ^ Conuent^ 
de melros obligarut se pfatis magro 't monialib^ in Dimid coarc 
Argenti Die sce marci eu^^ngUfte apd Eccles eifde Annuatim noie 
Dca:/ Decifn Soluenda • Sub pena Q'nq, Sot • quolibet die eifdem 
Ibluend • quam diu ultra Octauum diem dci fefti in solucoe dce 
pecunie cefla3int • Et licebit ^fatis cnagro "t monialib^ aueria dcoT/^ 
ABbis "t Conuent^ ubicumc}^ poVunt inueniri sine conf^dcoe cape • T: ea 
licite fuie aliq'^ libacone feu replegiacoe retinere • don" eifd tam de 
^■'ncipali debito q^^m de pena fl fSit comiflli fit totalr fatiffcm • Et 
fl contingat qd pfata tra ad firmam ponat^ f firmarij ei^dem tam 

296 MUNIMENTA DE MELllOS. sec. xiii. 

de Decim maiorib^ quam minorib3 T: aliis ecce iurib^ durante 
firma ecce de Eccles plenarie refpondebunt • Et dci Abbas T: 
Conuent^ a solucoe dce dimid cnarc tempe firme ceflabut • Et fi 
contingat dcos Abbem 1; Conuentu aliquas tras uel pofTeffiones 
infra pochiam de Eccles de nouo adquirere f ecce de Eccles de 
oinimodis Decim eai^dem plene fatiffacient • Et ad oiTiia pmifla 
firmi? T: fidelir hinc inde obsuanda • ^fate ptes iurifdiccoi t co- 
hercoi Abbis de Kelchou qui p tempe fSit fe in hac pte obligarut • 
Renuciantes p^uilegio fori t oibj p^uilegiis feu httis impet"^tis ut 
impet^ndis • ftatuto feu confuetudini t oini accoi reali ut pfonali t 
omi excepcoi \ defenfioni t ofiii qd potit obici conf^ iftud fcm ut 
pfens inftrumentu t omi tam iur ciuil q^^m Canonici remedio • In 
cui^ rei teftiraoniu vni pti ifti^ Cyrographi penes dcos Atebem 1 
Couent de roelros refidenti • SigHm Capti de Eccles eft appenfu « Alti 
11° pti penes memoratos ft)agrm Prioriffam t Conuentu refidenti 
Sigtim Abbis de roelros eft appenfum • Et ad inftancia dcoi^ Abbis 1; 
Couent? de melros • Diis • H • di gfa Abbas de Kelchou ut^q^ ifti'' 
Cyrographi Sigttm suu appofuit • 

De tra de Horneden iac^ int cartaf de Halfington • 

333 uris ut audituris WiHs de Hornerden miles faltm in drio • 

No8it uniSfitas ura me p anima T; p falute drii mei 

regif Alexandri filij eiuf t p fahite anime mee t p animab^ antecef- 

foT; fliffe t hac mea carta confirmaffe deo 1 ecctie sce 

aiarie de roelros t roonachis ibide deo feruiturif in libera 

pura t perpetua elemofina tota tram que uocatur roilnecroft in tri- 

torio agno molendini mei • t pcedendo uerfuf oriente int 

ductu aque dicti molendini t tra de vpfetlington t a 


fine eiufde riuuli ufq^ ad riuulu qui defcendit de NorthweH: • t fic p 

eunde riuulu afcendendo pro diuifa inr Vram inel 

t ti-am dictoru monaclio^ • T; fic ab illo lapide in t"iifuerfu uerfuf 

Hornerden • saluif michi t heredibj meif stagno t 

ductu aque "t fitu eiufde molendini cu hbero tib^ meis cu 

afiamtif ptinentib^ ad idem molendinu • Si aute cotingat qd ego ut 

iieredef mei que in ea cofl;ruxint in parte ut in toto fjfatif 

monachif AYarantizare no potimuf f eifde mona pinquiuf 

aque de Tvvede adiacente efcambiu ad equiualenciam memorate tre 

't omnium faciemuf • Habebunt ecia ^fati roonachi 

hberu introitu "t exitu cu cariagiis • 1 reb^ fuif rden 

int domu Cuthberti T; croftum ineu ppriu • t Sic pcedendo uerfuf 

aquilone ufq, ad c"l)erfl;an • t T; Si cotingat qd dci 

cnonachi ut hominef fui bouef fuof ut equof infra tram raeam de 

Hor ad pafcendu dabunt p quoUbet plaufl,ro 

unu denariu t p biga vnu obulu ad parchagiu 

quinq, carratof petaru annuatim i perpetuu in petaria mea de Hor- 

nerden • 't non habebunt nec braciare facient 

nifi ad ppriof ufuf • Tenebut ecifi dci roonachi cq^d infra 

eande f cfi pfatif afiaiiitif de me "t lieredib^ meif adeo hbere - 

quiete • plenarie auxilio • cofuetudine • 'i demanda • 

sicut aliq*^ elemofina i regno scotie hberiuf^ quietiuf- pleniuf 

Ego uo T: heredef mei pfatif coonacliif tota ^fata tram cu 

omib^ ^mifllf cotra omnef in defendem^ • In cuiuf rei 

tefl;imoniu ego p me 1: heredib^ meis ^fenti stfpto figillu meii feci 

apponi f holao de Kalchowe 1 de Jeddewrd Abbatib^ • 

Diio Walto • t diio Symone roagrif rooniahum de 

tuc vicecomite de Berwich • Dno Nicholao Corbeth • Diio Robto de 

Nef Patricio fiho eiuf 1 herede • Robto de Lambeden • Robto 

2 P 

298 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

filio Robti de Edenliam • Waltero de Alexandro filio meo • 

T; multif alijs • Actfi Anno gre • (X)° • cc" • L° • sexto • in craftino ex- 
altac6if fce crucif • 

Carta Pef de Haga de dimidia pet^ Cere • 

334 Omnib^ hoc stfptum vifuris uel audituf • Petrus de Haga dns de 
Bemerfide • salutem in dilo • Noueritis vniufi • qdcum oHm conuenif- 
fem cum viris refigiofis Abbe • 1 Conuentu de Cl)elros • pro quib^dam 
t^nfgreflionib^ eifdem p me • t meos illatis • qd eifde fingulis annis 
ego '^ heredes mei decem falmones quinq^ videlicet recentes • "t quinq, 
veteres in ppetuum foluerem? f Tandem ijde religiofi pietate ducti 
ppenderunt hoc effe in exheredacione mei 't heredum meoT; • median- 
tib^ viris bonis confenciente t concedente Johe filio "t herede meo 
cum dcis Abbe t Conuentvi talir conueni • fcilicet qd ego et heredes 
mei tenem^ • t pfenti fcripto in ppetuu obligam^ ipis Abbi t Con- 
uentui foluere fingfis annis dimidia pet%i Cere bone t pacabilis ad 
Capellam sci Cuthberti • de veteri Cl)elro5 • die bi Cuthberti • in quad- 
ragesima • vel t^ginta denarios • fub pena t^ginta denar • fingtis menfi- 
bus foluendoT/ ad luminare dce Capelle • quibus in folucione dce Cere 
aut fginta denar' pdcoi^ fuerit ceflatum poft diem t rminu memora- 
tof • Subiciendo me t heredes meos Jurifdicconi t poteftati diii Epi 
sci Andree • qui p tempe fnit • ut me t heredes meos p cenfuram 
eccafticam q^emcumq, poflit compellere ad folucione dce Cere • aut 
tVinta denar' pdco^v. vna cum pena fi comittatur • Renunciando p me 
t heredib^ meis in hoc fco omni accuni defenfioni t excepcioni • t 
oini legum auxifo- cano lici • t ciuilis • brificio reftitucionis in inte- 
grum • t omnib^ aliis que michi t heredib^ meis prcdefle potunt in 
hoc fco t dcis Abbi t Ccnuentui obefle ■ quo min'' folucio fieri MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. 299 

valeat dce ccre • aut fginta deiiar pdcoi/ • vna cu pena fi comittatur • 
In cuius rei tefiimoniuui [jfenti sc^pto figillu meum • vna cfi figillo 
dni Oliueri tuc Abbis de Driburg efl appenfum • Teftib^ dno Oli- 
uero • Abbe • de Driburg • diio • WiHo de Burudim • milite • Hugofi 
de Perifbi tuc vicecom de Rokitburg • Witto de Hatteley ■ Thoin • 
Rimor • de Ercildun • t aliis • 

Carta prati de farningduii B^nardi • 

335 Oinib} hoc scriptu vifuris ut audit^is Ricard" Burnard diis de far- 
ningdufi falut in dtio • Nouit vniufitas lira me p mea magna neceffi- 
tate vendidiffe imppetuu abbi 't conuentui de Cl)elros p"^tum meu de 
farningdun qd uocat^ Eftmedou continens octo acras plene menfu- 
ratas T; contentas infra foffatum qd Idem abbs 1: conuent^ circa eafde 
octo acras fieri fecerunt i p fginta T; qhiq^ marcif q^^s m^ pre manib3 
plenarie pfoluerunt • Tenend 1; habend dcis abbi t conuentui lib"e t 
q^ete • plene t honorifice 't abfolute ab ouii suicio • exaccone t de- 
manda q exigi potunt ut euenire in rra^ V^olo ecia 1 concedo ut jdem 
abbs t conuent? habeant lib'um int°itu t exitum p tram mea ad 
vtendu eode p^^to modis omnib5 put s^ meli? t vtili^ vid^int expedire • 
Et fciend qd ego dcm p^^tum ab ingreffu quoT^cuqi, auioT^ ad pprium 
comodum dcoT^ afcbis t conuent" oini tepe cenfari faciam 1 defenfari • 
Ego uo t tiedes mei totum p^^tum |]nomtum fepedcis afebi t conuen- 
tui cu oinibs ^miffis cont^ oms imppetuu warantizabimus ac defende- 
mus • Ita qd si p defectu iirm jdem p^^tum fuit defioratum • volum^ ut 
de p^^to iiro meliori t ppinq^ori p vifum pbo'!/ hominu eifdem aBbi t 
conuentui fine aliq'^ conf^diccone plenaria fiat reftitucio • In cui>' rei 
teftimonium ego p me t hedib^ meis huic fcripto figillu meum ap- 
poni feci • Teftibus • diio Thoma de Normauit • Ricardo de Rotliir- 

300 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

ford • Gilbto de Thirneby • Hugone de Rothirford • Johe de alne- 
crumb • T: aliis • actum • Anno gre • roilles ■ DucenteS • Quinq"ges fcdo . 
In octauis fce Trinitatis • 

Confirmaco prati de farningdun • 

336 Alex Dei gra Rex Scott • Omibus probis hominibus Tocius terre fue 
saltm . Sciatis nos ConceffifiTe "t liac Carta Kra Confirmafle vendicom 
illam q^^m Ricardus Burnard de farningdun roiles • fecit abbi 1 Con- 
uentui de COelros de prato de Farnlgdun qd vocat^ Efl;medu • Tenend 
■T; habend dcis abbi t Conuentui de Ct)elros • adeo libe • quiete • ple- 
narie • 1; honorifice i ficut carta predci Ricardi Burnard eisdm abbi '^ 
eonuentui exinde confecta plenius i iufi;e teftatur • Saluo §uic6 nro 

Tefir^ cumyn Com de O^enetft • Alex Cumyn Cofn de Buchan • 

W . Comite de a)ar Camef • Robto de RoS • t Eymero de rt)acc^wett 
Apud Neubotil octauo die Junij • Anno regni nofl;'' terco • 

Pifcaria de Cl)alkariftun • 

337 Omnib^ hoc fcriptu vifur uel audituf Nicholauf corbet milef faltm 
in dKo Nouit uniufitaf lira me p aTa drii mei alexad^ regif fcott • t p 
aimab^ patT mei 't matY mee • t oniu anteceflb^.^ t fuccefloT/ meoT/ t 
p falute mea 1; fponfe mee margarete t oium amicoT/ meoi/ dedifl"e • 
^pceffifle • t hac ^fenti carta mea confirmaflTe deo t beate marie de 
melros • t monachif ibide deo suientib^ t in ppetuum suiturif fpe- 
cialir t ppV ad augmentu t emendaciim fuftentacoif recreaconif 
eorude omf pifcariaf meaf quaf habui in flumine de tweda adiacentef 
Pre mee de malcaruiftune i vedelicet a marchia de dalcoue continue 
ufq^ ad marchiam de brockifmuthe fine aliq" retineir.eto t aliq° iure 


uel potellate q"uirm" pifcandi in eilcle i in pura 't ppetua elemolina • 
adeo libe • q^ete • plene • honorifice 't folute ab oi suico rreno^^rue- 
tudie • exaccfte t demada • ficut ego t anteceflbres mei ealdem ali- 
q'ndo tenuim" • ut tenere ptuim^ t ficut aliq" elemofina in regno 
fcotie libiuf tenet^ ut poffidet^ • Do aute t cocedo dcif monach i q°d 
couerfi t hoTef ipo-j/ q"cienf uoluint fine aliq° impedimeto cu cobellif 
T: reb^ fuif oni tempe ubicuq,, uol3int fup tram mea ualeant applicare- 
't ibi omnia facere q" ipof iuuare potunt ad pifcadu- cu libo infitu 1 
exitu p tota tram mea ad ipaf pifcariaf • Concedo eciam eifde monach 
ut pft"ant s' domiciliu fup tram mea ficut ego t anteceffores mei 
here folebam^' • t cocedim" eif t hominib, fuis licencia ^morandi in 
eode q^^ndo uolSint • Ad maiorem auti! \\m'^ donacoif mee fecuritate f 
ego p me T: hedib^ meif one iuf t clamiu q°d huim^* ut hre potuim? 
in dcif pifcariif f prefatif monach plenarie _ptuli t oino refignaui • 
Ita q neq,, ego neq, hedef mei aut affignati iiri p ipif pifcariif aliq''^ 
exige poVim? • rf tin oraconu fuffragia • excepto q°d violo ut oiiif 
jpuet*' dca-!^ pifcariaT; i pp^if ufibuf ^uet^ totalir t fidelir p fubceller- 
arium adminifl;rent^ fine aliq*^ diminucone eo^i^ q'' ante pfente dona- 
com here ^fueuant • Ego v" t hedef mei feu affignati nri oinf p^fataf 
pifcariaf • cu oib^ libtatib^ iurib^ ptineciif • t aifiametif ad ipaf pti- 
nentib^ ut ptinere ualetib^ prefatif monach de melrof cont^ oiiif in 
ppetuii warantizabim^ manutenebim? ac defendem? • In cui? rei tef- 
timoniu ego p me t hedib^ meis pTenti fc^pto figillu meu appofui • 
Tefl:ib3 • Diiif Herico • t Oliuero abbib^ de kelchou t de drib^c • 
Diio Witio de fetherich tuc ^fl;abut de rokitfc • Dtiif Ricardo t 
nicholao de Rothirford militib^ • Andrea maunfel b^genfe de rokib^c • 
t mttif aliif . act • Anno gfe milefimo • ducetefimo fexagefimo fcdo 
die beate lucie ^''ginif • 

302 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. si-c.xiii. 

Carta Johannis de normanuiii sup terra de maxtun • 

338 Sciant pntes et futuri q^ ego iohes de normanuift dedi et conceffi ■ et 
hac pnti carta mea confirmaui • Wah-ano de normanuift fri meo et 
heredib^ fuis ad feodofirmam vnam carrucatam tre in trito° de max- 
tun cum omnib^ ptinencijs fuis p fuas rectas diuifas que nominata 
eil carrucata terre inter les denes • et quond ptinebat ad dominium 
ville de maxtun • cum tofto et crofto que fuerunt gamelli filij Wal- 
leui in uilla de maxtun • Tenend et hnd (ibi et heredibus fuis de me 
et heredibus meis inppetuum cum pafturis comunib^ et omib^ aliis 
ailiamentis tam ad uillam de neutun quam ad dcam villam de max- 
tun ptinentib3 libe qVte et honorifice ab omni ferui" confuetudine 
exaccoe et demanda • reddendo inde ni* et heredibus meis • ille et 
heredes fui aniiatim • unum tercellium ancipitris ad feftum fancti 
iacobi • uel tres folidos • nicbl inde aliud faciendo • Ego u° et heredes 
mei dtam terram cum tofto et crofto dto Walrano et heredibus fuis 
conf^ oines hoies warantizabim^ et defendem^ • Teft • lc"° • 

Carta Walrani de normanuiii super terra de maxtun • 

339 Sciant omnes tam pntes q^^m futuri q^ ego Walranus de normanuiH 
dedi et conceffi et hac pnti carta mea confirmaui Wydoni de nor- 
manuitt ffi meo et heredib^ fuis de corpe fuo legittime giiatis totani 
terram meam de maxtvm p fuas rectas diuifas q in carta mea quam 
heo de domino iohe fre meo continent^ • cum omnib^ libtatibus et 
aifiamentis ad ipam terram ptinentibus • tenend 1; hnd s^ et heredib^ 
fuis • de me et heredibus meis • ita Hbe integre et quiete • ficut ego 
libius integrius et quieci^ eam tcneo uel tenere debeo • reddendo 
michi inde annuatim et heredib^ meis ille et heredes fui pro omni 


lerui' • confuetudine • exaccione et demanda • vnu par calcarium de- 
auratorum ad nundinas de rokburgh nichl aliud inde faciendo • il q,, 
ipe et heredes fui lingulis annis ad prefatas nundinas de rokburgh 
fupiori drio feodi vnum tercellum ancipitris • uel tres folidos plol- 
uent • Et fciendum q,, fi ipe Wido de normanuitt abfq,, herede de 
corpe fuo legittime gnato in fata decelferit • dicta terra cum fuis libta- 
tibus • Hbe et integre fme omni contradiccione ad me et heredes 
meos reuertetur • Ego vero et heredes mei dictam terram dicto 
Widoni et heredibus fuis contra omnes ho" f warantizabim? • Teft • 
dSo A • abbte de meh-os • 1; c^ • 

Carta Wydonis de normanuiH: fup terra de maxtuii • 

3W Sciant omncs tam piites c^ futuri q,, ego guido de normanuitt dedi 
et coceffi et hac carta mea confirmaui diio thome de normanuiti ffi 
meo et bedib^ fuis uel fuis affignatis totani terram meam qua teneo 
in uilla de maxtuii de drio Walrano ffe meo • fctt carrucatam terre 
inter les denes cum meffiiagio tofto et crofto t omnibus ptinenciis • 
libtatib^ et aifiament ad dcam terram fp^^tantib, uel fpectare deben- 
tibus in efcambium rre fue quam ht ex dono diie matildis comitifie 
de angufe • tenend et hnd s'' et heredibus fuis • uel fuis affignatf in- 
tegre quiete libe et honorifice • reddendo inde annuatim ipe et here- 
des fui uel fui affignati m^ et heredibus meis pro omni feruicio con- 
fuetudine exaccoe et demanda ad nundinas de rokburgh vnum par 
calcarium deauratorum et capitali domino feodi ad eund terminum 
vnum tercelhim • uel tres folidos frlingorum • Et ego et heredes mei 
totam dictam terram cum omnib^ pmiffis dicto diio thome de nor- 
manuitt ffi meo et heredibus fuis uel fuis affignatis contra omnes 
lioies imppetuum warantizabim'' manutenebim^ et defendem^ • lu 
cuius rei telliom figiUum meum apponi feci • teft-' • 

304 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiir. 

Carta thome de normanuift fup terra de maxtun . 

341 Sciant omnes tam pntes q^"^ futuri q^ ego thomas de normanuift dedi 
et conceffi 1 hac mea carta confirmaui deo et ecciie fancte marie de 
melros • et monachis ibid deo feruientib^ pro falute anime mee et oim 
anceflbrum et fuccefTorum meoru in liberam et ppetuam elemofinam 
totam terram meam de maxtun cum melTuagio tofto et crofto et 
omnibus ptinenciis libtatibus et afiamentis ad ipam terram fp^^tanti- 
bus uel fp^^tare debentibus • Quam quid terram dns guido de nor- 
manuiii • frater ms dedit m^ in escambium terre mee de angus prout 
carta eiufd dni guidonis ffis mei fup eodem efcambio tefl,atur tenend 
et hnd eifd monachis de melros integre quiete libe honorifice red- 
dendo animatim m'' et heredibus meis pro oi confuetudine • ferui" 
exaccione et demanda ad nundinas de rofeburgh • vnum par calca- 
rium deauratorum et capitti dno feodi ad eundem terminu vnum 
tercellum vel tres folidos fl;erlingorum • Et ego et heredes mei totam 
dcam terram cum omnib^ premifl^s • pdictis monachis de melros con- 
tra omnes imppetuum warantizabim'' manutenebim^ et defendem'' • 
In cuius rei tefl,imo" pnti fc^pto figiUum meum apponi feci • Teft 
do° Witio . fit • p • comitis de dunbar • 

Gidonif de Noruilla fup tra de mclcefl,o. 

342 Sciant omf tam prefentes q^^m futuri qd ego Wydo de Normanuiii 
pceffi 't li^^c mea carta confirmaui Abbi l: ouentui de COel? donaconem 
illa q^^m dnf Thomaf de Normanuiti f r ttieuf fecit eifd caritatiue fup 
Pra de ClOaclcifl;ufi • Q^^m q^d ?ram dcs dKf Thomaf de Normaunuiii fr 
meP de me tenet in efcambiu rre fue de anegus • vii uolo 1 _pcedo qd dci 
atts 1 puent^ de Cl}elr dcam trii de C[)ackifl;uii cum mefuagio • tofto • 


croflo • libtatibi 1 afiamcntif • jmt in carta q^^m dci afebs "t _puentus 
tlnt de dco diio Thoma de Normanuift ffe meo ^tinet^ i iteg" • q^ete 
t honorifice Tppetuu teneat 1 poffideat • In c? rei teftimoniu ^fenti 
sc'pto fioiilu meu apponi feci • Tcftib^ • Ddpno Radulfo afebe de Bal- 
morinaucli • dKo WiHo fit • P • comit de Dunbar • Diio Nichot Cor- 
beth fit eiM • W • dho WiWo de Normanuitt r'tore ecctie de CDackift 
fre meo • diio Leone nepote meo t multif aliif • Actu anno gre • (o° • 
cc° • quinq'gefimo • roenfe Julio • 

Confirraaco • G • de Normanwill "t W • ff is ei^ • fcda t efficax • Ctjaxt • 

343 VniSfif xpi fideUb^ ad quof pfentef litte puen^int • Gvydo de Nor- 
manuiti • coiles f etnam in dilo falute • No8it uniSfitaf ura • qd cu 
ego Diio Thome ffi meo dediflem in excambiu ?re fue de Aneguf • 
q^^m huit ex dono Dne OOatild • comitifle de Aneg^ • totam ?ram mea 
de cV)achuftu • fitam inr le • Denef • cu mefuagio • tofto • 't crofto • cu 
oinib^ ptinentiif • aifiaiiitif T: libtatibj ad eande fpectantib^ . ut fpec- 
tare debentib^ • q tenui de diio Waleranno ffe iiio • 1 eidem Th • 
corporale eiufdem tre dediflem poflTeflione f ide Th • fra? inf eande 
tram de cDachuf t cu oranib^ ^miffif dco Waleranii • f fe raeo • t me 
^fentib^ t confentientib^ • ecce fce marie de melf • t coonachif ibide 
do suientibj • in elemofina contulit ppetua f put in carta fua pleni"^ 
ptinet^ • Necno t in eadem tra pfonali? exiftes i eofde monacof in 
eiufde tre induxit p^fTefllone^ Et tam ego q^^ra hedes mei omnia 
^miflli eifde aionach irappetuu • uuaratizabira" l defendemuf ^t* omf • 
Ita qd nec uir nec raulier eof occone t\nn foHdoi^ • ut uni? ?celli diio 
feodi tempibs t^nfactif no folutoi/ • n"^ t fup ^mifllif fiue fone ^mifToT^ 
in parte ut in toto noTe dotis fiue alio modo q^^cumq^ occbne uexare 
po?it uf inqVtare • Et tam ego q^^m gfat^ Waleranil . fra? ins dcam 



donatione rata habentef T: g^tam appbam? eande • 1 oiiiia ^mifla 
eifdem monach hac ^fenti carta ^firmam^' . In cui? rei teftimoh • "t 
munimen i ^fenti ftfpto figilla nra appofuimJ* • Hiif tefl:ib3 • Dno 
Witto • de haud • pfl;abut • de Rokeb . ad hoc uocato • Dno Ricard • 
burnard • Ricard • dilo de Rotherford • Walro de Wodeford • Symone 
de fard • fenefcat • de faringd • Walt fit • hug • senefcat • de iieti 
Roxb^g • Petro ppoito de bouild • Huthred • todde f T: cottis ahis • 
Dat anno gre • n-)" ■ cc" • q^nq^^gef lo f In uigit fci cnatbi Apfi • 

Confirma" Walrani de normauift de terra de maxtuii 

Sii Sciant omnes tam putes q"^ futuri qd ego Walranus de normauiii 
miles cocefli et hac mea carta confirmaui deo et ecctie fancte marie de 
melros et monachis ibidem deo feruientibus in Ubam et ppetuam 
elemofinam donacoem illam quam diis Thomas de normauiit frater 
ms ex bona volun'" et confenfu domini guidonis fris mei fecit eifd 
fup carrucata rre de maxtun • int^ le denes cQ meflTuagio tofto et 
crofto • et omnibus ptinenciis Hbtatibus et afiamentis ad ipam terram 
fp°tantibus uel sp^tare debentibus • vnde volo et concedo q dci mo- 
nachi de melros dcam carrucatam terre de maxtuii cum omnib^ 
^miflis habeant teneant et poflideant • adeo libe integre quiete et 
honorifice ficut carta quam hnt de dco domino Thoma de normauiit 
ffe meo fup eadem terra pleni? tefl:atur • In cuius rei tefl^imo"" pnti 
fc^^to figillum meum apponi feci • tefi 1: c^ • 


Carta iohannis cle AVelcy de noua terra de nioUe • id efl de Altun- 
burne • 

:34.5 Omnibus xpi fidelibus h" scriptum uifuris ut audituris • Johes de 
vefcy saltm in diio • NoSitis me dedifTe conceflifle et piiti carta mea 
confirmafle • Wiflmo de fprovefl:oil capeflo pro homagio et feruicio 
fuo totam terram que fuit amicie de captta in villa de Mol cum 
capitali mefuagio ibidem fit cum natiuis eoij. fequelis 1; catatt cum 
bofcis et aliis fuis ptinenciis quibufcumq^ cum feruiciis liberorum • 
habend "t tenend dco Wittmo et heredibus fuis vel fuis afiignatis • 
exceptis viris religiofis • libe quiete • pacifice et integre cum omnibus 
libtatibus et aifiamentis ad dcam terram ptinentibus • in bofcis moris 
molendinis • aquis pascuis et pafl;uris • et in omnib^ aliis locis con- 
gruis ad dcam terram ptinentib^ • faciendo inde dcs Wittms in tota 
vita fua fectam ad curiam meam de fproveftoH ter p annu ad placita 
capitalia cum feruicio forinfeco • Et p^^t decefliim ipius Witti heredes 
fui • ut fui aflignati • facient pro predicto tenemento • et p tenemeto 
qd fuit • henr de molle • vnam fectam plenariam ad curiam predcam 
de fproveftoii • fii et alia feruicia forinfeca que de eifd tenementis 
debentur • Et ego iofaes et heredes mei predicto Wiiimo t heredibus 
fuis ul fuis aflSg^^tf predcam terram cum fuis ptinenciis omnib^ • ex- 
ceptis viris religiofis Warantizabi^ acquietabi^ • et defendemus inp- 
petuu • Hijs teft • Witto de ridale • Ada de Witturi • Alex" de Chathou • 
Alex° de molle • et multis aliis • 

Carta dni iohis de Wescy de Cl^olle qd fit forefta • 

3i6 Omnibus h" fc^tum uifuris uel audituris Johannes de Wescy fattm 
in domino • Sciatis me dedifle conceflifle • l: hac carta mea confir- 


mafle • Wiftmo de fprowifton capellano et heredibus fiiis uel fuis 
affignatis totam terram fuam quam de me tenent in villa de moUe 
in foreflam • Quare firmiter proliibeo ne quis in eadem terra fine 
eorum licencia fecet aut venetur super meam plenariam foriffacturam 
decem librarum • In cuius rei teftionium • pntibus tris sigillum meum 
e appenfum • Datum apd fprowiftunam die iouis ante feftum fci 
iacobi apli • Anno gfe • Cl)' • cc° • feptuagefimo nono • 

Conf ''maco drii • J • de Vefcy fup nouam Pra de Ct)olle 

347 Omnibj xpi fidelib^ pfens sc^ptum vifur ul audituf f Johes de Vefcy 
Saim in dtio • Sciant ^fentef T; futuri nof p falute Drii Alexandri Regif 
Scotie illuftris • "l p animabus omniu anteceffoT^ t fucceffoT^ suot^ • 't 
p falute noftra • t p animab^ omniu anteceffoT/^ T; fucceffo-y noftroi^ • 
conceffiffe • l hac ^fenti carta nra conf ''maffe Deo T; Ecciie Sce Cl)af 
de ft)elros • 1 roonachis ibidem deo suientib^ • Donacionem illam • 
quam Wifts de Sproweftori Capiis quondam vicari^ de Cl)olle fol- 
lempnit fecit in Cuf noftra de Sprowefton • Afebati T; Conuentui de 
Cl)elross tanq."^ fuis affignat • de tota tra fua in Territorio de Cl)olle • 
quam eidem Wifto dedim? • sibi 1; fuis affignat iure ppetuo poffiden- 
dam • De qua q^dem tra Idem Wifts Captis se diffeifiuit f 't ipos • 
Abbem t Conuentu follempnir infeifiuit • Tenendam t habendam 
dcis A6bi 1: conuentui in libam • puram • 1 ppetuam Elemofinam p illas 
diuifas • p quas dcus Witis Capiis eam tenuit ut tene potuit cii omib^ 
ptinenciis • libtatib^ t ayfiament • ad dcam rram spectantib^ / ut 
spectare valentib^ • t cu relaxacione cui^lib^ suitutif • "t pcipue i[\i9 

dena ddit? • que nob dcs Wiiis T; fui affignati ad feftum 

Sci Jaeobi p ofiii suicio soluere tenebant^ ? ad recogniciom • adeo libe • 
integre • quiete • plenaf T: honorifice f ab oilii suicio sctai-i exactione • 


cofuetiuiie 1 demanda / ficut aliqua Elemofina in Regno fcotie 
libius ■ integrius • quieti*' pleni? 't lionorificenci^ tenet^ • aut poffidet' • 
ut potit poflideri • Concefllm? infup T; confmauim? deis Afebi "t 
Conuetui Bondof cum natiuis • fequelis t catallis eoi^dem • cu suiciis • 
fectis 't homagiis / litie tenentiu t rraT; eoT/dem in dco tenemento 
feoffato-!^ vnacu wardis • Releuiis roaritagiis fectif Cur • t Efcaet 
eo:!/dem • videlic3 cu integro suicio rt-e Thome Pahnef • t tre q^ndam 
Henr de CX)olle • quam idem Henric^ habuit ex dono ^dci Wifti 
CapWi . t cu medietate sViicii ti-e que fuit Henrici de Cl)olle in 
Swynefden • de qua qMem tra / Abbas t couent^' memorati Vedal- 
tum de Gedeworth nepotem dci Witti feofFauunt • et cfi roedietate 
suicii Vre Symonif de Blakeden • t cu roedietate suicii Vre Thome 
filii Auicie • Qui ofiis t hedef sui fing-ti • homagia t suicia sua 
debita t cofueta • vna cu rmis debitif / de tris ipis / pdcis Afebi t 
Conuetvii p porcione roedietatis ut fup'Mcm eft; / facient t pfoluent 
Inppetuu • p oinia f sicuti nob face confueuunt • t ^dco VViHo fac^e 
debuunt • Refiduum vero dimidietatif suicii rraT; sup^^dcaT; quod 
ptinet ad Ranulfum Wyflard • t Johannam sponfam suam / 1 hedes 
fuof^ t nob t hedib, riris competebat • t a pdcis Ranulfo t Johanna 

fponfa sua t hedib^ suis p ^fatif Atebi / 1 Couentui de coelros 

p nob t hedib^ iiris contulim? t cocefllm? • Vt Ipi Abbas t Couenf 
dcam medietatem suicii svip"^dci a dcis Ranulfo t Johanna fponfa 

sua t tsedib^ suis libe integre pcipiant Inppetuu f nichil de 

pdcis rris • libtatib^ • t oiiiib^' supradcis / petendo / p nob t hedib, 
nris / nifi tmm° ofonum fufFragia deuotai; • Saluo Jure comunitatif 
quam libe tenetef habuerunt in comuni pafl:ura dce t^re • ante confcco- 
nem hui" Infl;rumenti • Saluis t nob t hedib^ liris placitif t Efcaetif 
de corona entgentib^ • Et ne dci Afebs t Couent? de Cl^elros sup 
eifdem Vris t tenetib^ valeant futurif tempib^ ab aliquib^ moleftari i 

310 MUNIMENTA DE MELROS. sec. xiii. 

Nos ^ hedes iiri p faliite aiaT; nrai/ easdem tl-as T; tenetef p dcas 
diuifas suaf cum omib3 pmiffis ipis A6bi t Couentui p"^ oins holes 
InppetuuWarantizabim^-coanutenebim?- acq^etabim^ • 't defendem^ • 
In cui? Rei teftimoniu i ^fenti sc^^pto / sigillum nrm eft appefum • Hiis 
Teftib^ • Dno Wifto de Sulef tuc Jufticiaf Laudonie • Symone ffi-afer • 
Hugoe de Periftjy tuc vicecoiil de Rokeft)urg • Nicho de Rotherford • 
coilitib^ . Wifto de Ridaft • Alex de Cpolle • Robto RideW • Et mttif 
Aliis • 


Carta dni Johis Seiiefoatt • de duab^ Uys cere ad tumbam sci Waldeui 

^^ Omnib^ hoc fc^ptvim vifur vt auditur • Jotses fen fr Dni Jacobi 
fen fcoc • fatm in dfio • Nouit vniufitaf vra me p falute aie mee '^ oim 
antecefloT/ meoT; t fuccefToT/ nec no t p falute (X)argaf fponfe mee t 
liboT; nroT/ dediffe • ^ceffiffe t hoc ^fenti ftfpto meo ^rmafle deo t 
ecctie fce roarie de Cllelros T: pcipue lumini fci Walleui Abbis ad 
inueniendu vnu cereum ad tumba ipi^ fci duas libraf cere ad nudinas 
de Rokyfburg in honore fci ^dci foluendaf de tris meis aut pciu cere 
pdce ficut tc 1 pafa porit emi pmunir^Et ne hui!' foluconis annue 
tam deuote p aliq^m heredu meoi^ fiat pt^bacio obligo me t hedes 
meof p pfens fc^ptum dcas duaf libras cere vt eaT/ ^cium fic ^dcm eft 
infra domu de melros tmino ^dco annuatim ee foluturos • In cui? rei 
teftimoniu pfenti fc^to figillum meu appofui • Teftib^ • Diiis Jac feii 
fcoc • fre meo • WalVo de Lindifay • Reginald de Crofiji • Witio de 
Abyrnythyn • T: Jacobo de Lindefay cDilitib^ . Dnis Walt • 1 bnard • 
A^ib^ de pafielay • t de kihvenyii • t mviltis aliis apd Nigram aulam 
die natai dvii • Anno gfe • co" • cc° • Nonag fexto • 

q sum^' lib''i a pacac6e decia-!/ • t ^ illi q^ tras nras ctt^s vt icultas • 

•3i9 V niuerfis pfentes littas infpectvif / WiHs miferacione diuina ; fancti 
Andf / 1 Robtus Glafg Epi • falut • in dfio • Nouitis nos die Joviis 
pxima poft feftu omniu fcoi^ Anno gfe • co" • ccc" q^nto / apud roelros 
quoddam p^uilegiu / dni Pape Bonifacij octaui cu ferico inbuUatu no 
abolitu no cancellatvnn / nec in aliq* fui pte viciatu ; cu delibacione 
diligent infpexifle in hee vba • Bonifacius Epc feruus '^uoi]. dei / dilcis 
filiis / vniufis abbib^ / abbatiffis / 1: puentib^ / ordinis CifPciens ta |)fen- 


tib:; q^ fiit^is ; falut t apticam bfidiccoem • In ecctie f^mamento vr 
ordo nitore claro corrufcans / vniufale ^''gis dnici aulam illuiat / "^ 
c^rentib:; in fladio rectu iter infmuat / quo ad falutis brauiu facilius 
puenit^ • Nos quide ob hoc t jjpt magne deuocionis affectfi quem ad 
nos t apticam fedem habetis / ordine ipm ac vos "=1 alios eiufde ordinis 
pfeffores ; intima caritate pfeq''^^ ; ac finceris affectib^ excitam^ ad vra 
t illoT/ comoda in ^''bj honefte poffum'' pmouenda • Ideoq, pmiffoTf 
intuitu / 1 obtentu dilci filii nofl;^ • Robti • ft • sce Pudenciane • pbri 
cardinalis / qui taq* pfati ordinis que pfeffus exifl;it pmotor affiduus / 
neceffitates vras 't dci ordinis nob reuenr expofuit T: fup illis noll^ 
puifionis auxiliu implorauit f vob auctoritate ^fenciu indulgem'' / vt 
de tris vris cultis t incultis ad ordine vrm fp^tantib^ quas aliis con- 
ceflifl;is vel concedetis impofmm excolendas / De quib^ tamen aliquis 
decimas feu ^''micias no pcepit / nullus a vobis feu cultorib^ trai^ 
ipaTf ant ^''b^cuq^ aliis decimas feu p^micias exig^e vel extorquere 
|)fumat • Nos enim nichiloinus irritu decnim^ t inane q^^cq^d cont"^ 
tenore hui^modi indulgencie fuit atteptatu • NuUi • g° • omino hominu 
Uceat hanc pagina noflre conceffionis t conflitucois inPng^e / vel ei 
aufu temario conf^ire • Si quis aut hoc atteptare pfupferit i indigna- 
cione omipotentis Dei t boy. i Pet^ \ Pauli • aploT^ ei^ fe nouit in- 
c^furu • Dat • Laterati • xv • kt • Januaf • Pontificat" nofl^ anno Octauo • 
In cui" rei teftimoniu figilla nofl'^ prefentibj appofuim'' • Dat die 
. anno t loco Supradictis • 

Sohicio . 1: C" . 

350 Omnib^ fce mris eccie filiis . tam pntib^ c^ fut4s pntes Iras uifuris 
ut audituris • Thomas de Someruiti . miles • dns de lynton • faltm in 
dno fempiternam • NoSit vniuerfitas vra • q cum reUgiofi uiri • abbas 


\ mo*chi de melros nob annuatim tenent^ in fex folidis 1 octo denaf • 
fterling • et vna liba pipis pro quoct tofto infra villam de berAvic fup 
twedam • nos eofd fex folidos • l octo denar • prefat^ religiofis intuitu 
caritat- • t Jira mera elemofma oino relaxauim? • 't inppetuu quietos 
clamam" • referuantes tamen nob • et heredib^ iiris dictam libram pipis • 
qua volum" nobis et heredibus riris folui annuatim infra nundinas de 
roxburgh/ Nos ve" dictus thomas et heredes riri • hanc relaxacoem et 
quietam clamacoem predictorum fex folidoT^ et octo denarioT; ptra 
omnes hoies et feminas waratizabim? • et inppetuum defendemus • In 
cuius rei teftiom • pns fc^^ptum figilli riri appoicione • roborauim^^Teft • 

De rris de Largs fp^tantibi ad g^^ng de ft)aybotil • 

-551 Ofiiibus xpi fidelibus ^fentes litras vifuf vt audituf Robs de Bruys / 
Comes de Carryk / salt in diio • Cum viri religiofi Abbas 1 Conuen- 
tus de Ct)elros sint p cartas 1: cnunimenta progenitoi/: moTj. de tris 
spectantibus ad Grangiam de O^aybothyl • t de ?ris de Largys in 
Comitatu iiro de Carryk ita libe sint feodati i q ad nuUum s^uiciu 
forinfecum teneant^ f excepto comuni exccitu contingente p defen- 
fione Regni T; ex toto Regno congregando i Et quia nos hoies dco-^ 
ReligiofoT^ p'^ dcas libtates eis ab anteceflbribus nris conceflas / ut 
sup^^dcm eft frequenci^^ vexauim^ indebite ipos in exPcitu nro de 
Carryfe in diufis Locis ducendo t trahendo i comuni exPcitu Regni - 
foinime citato uel fumonito i Nos ^fcienciam iiram ex hoc in 
parte Lefam habentes i dcis Abbi t Conuentui tenore ^fenciu con. 
cedim" • ut a die dnica prox"^ ante feftum sci Gregorij • pp • que qui- 
dem dnica fuit p'ma diiica Jeiunij / Anno q° hee LitPe fuut pfecte f 
nullu forinfecum §uiciu fiue exc'citu in multis hominib^ vt in paucis 
de dcis tris Elemofinatis in pof tum capiem^ feu capi faciem^' / nili 

2 R 


quando pmunis exccit^ tocius Regni leuatur ppr ipius Regni defen- 
lione f ad quod suiciu faciend / oins Regnicole ex debito tenent^ • "t 
Ideo pcipimus firmit 't inhibem? ne aliquis noftru lioTes dcoi; mona- 
clioT^ ad aliq^m exccitu veniendi n'' ad puem exccit toci>* Regni i 
decero ^pellat • In cui? rei teftimoniu has tras nras dcis viris religio- 
fis fieri fecimus patntes • Dat in Grangia de ft)ayboth Dnica prox'^ 
an feftu sci Gregorij • pp • Anno • gre • ro" • ccc° • p^mo • 

Teftimoii ^ponis de decis de Efkedal • 

352 Anno Drii COiW Trefcentes • Quinto • die Jou pxi'^ ante feftum An- 
nuciacois • Be rt)arie virginis in eccia de Lagneuton'^ ita conuenit inr 
Religiofos viros • A^bbem t conuentu Cl)6aftij de Ct)elros ex pte vna 't 
dnm Adam dcm Blithman Rectore eccie de Wathftirkir ex alra sup 
omnimodis decimis seculariu inhitanciu rras dcoi^ RehgiofoT/ de 
Efkedat lite sup eifdm inr dcas ptes p\is mota p Epm Glafguenfem 
sentenciatr 1 diffinitiue tminata- videl^ q omes decias maiores t minores 
§uientu t feculariu dcas rras inhitanciu dci Religiofi libe t quiete p 
se 't fuccefforib^ suis pcipient in futuru • dcus vero Adam T; ^''ceflbres 
sui CQortuaria • oblacoes '^ ceras obuencoes dcoT; suientii 1: seculariu 
tVas eafdm inhitancium vna cu viginti solid srlingo-!; annuis a dcis 
vif Religios ad duos anni tmios • Pentecoft" 1 Sci a)artini in hyeme 
Racione cure dcoi/ seculariii dcas Iras inhitancium eifdm incumbentis 
ppetuo apud wathkerrok" pcipient T; hebunt sicut in sentencia dci 
dni Epi sup eifdm decimis lata f pleni*^ 't expffuis continet^ • T^mino 
p^ne sohicois incipiente • ad Pent" Anni gre Cl)itt trefcent^ sexti • Et 
si dci Religiofi defec^int in solucoe dce peciiie ad tminos jifatos f 
Licebit dcis Rectoribj t pcuratorib^ eoT^d bona dcoT^ ReligiofoT/ ap* 
Wathkerrok" vel vbicumq, vol9int inf"^ vallem de E(k-° inuenta { dif- 


tringe 1 detiSe quoufq^ eilllm cle pdca peciiia plenai' f8it fatiffactu • 
Et si contingat aliquem pochianu dcoT^ Rectoi/ eccie pdce de Wath- 
ftirk" tram • hitacom • vel pafturam ex ?to titulo infra Pras dco-^ 
RehgiofoT^ no hntem in fraudem eccie ^dce audia paffancia seu 
cubancia hrc f dci Rectores declas dco-i;: animahum sine flrepitu vel 
impedimento pcipient • Et vice verfa si inhitantes fras dcoT; ReligiofoTi^ 
in fraudem eoi^d exi'^ Pras eafdm infra pochiam dcoi/ Recto-^ vbi 
tram hitacum vel pafturam ex c^to titulo no hnt amlia pafllincia sen 
cubancia hSint i pdci ReHgiofi declas eoi/d eod modo pcipient • In 
Cui^ Rei Teftimoniu • • • hui" fcripti cirographati penes dcm Rec- 
tore Remanenti Sigillum comune dcoT^ RehgiofoT/ f eft appenfum • 

pti vero penes dcos Rehgiofos denti sigillum dci Rectoris • 

vna cu sigift Archidiaconat? offialitatis Teuidalie apponitur • Nos 
vero • Hugo de Chirnefid officialis • • • • dalie • Witts de ffaufid • T; 
Ric vigrous • huic fcripto put concordatu fuit pdcis die t loco inP 

ipos dcos viros Rehgioibs t vos dne ce ac veraci? ordina- 

tum f firmir confentimus ■ vnanimi? vobis fide bona confulentes q^^tin? 

^fens fcriptum cirographatum sine aUq"^ conf^diccione e 

velitis • Scientes q si maiore sec^itatem a vob petiflent i pp facramentu 

vrm corpale t fidem vram pftitam de iure debetis eifdm fe 

signu vero hui^ Teftimonij a nob pftiti ^fentib^ tris vobis miflis sigilla 
nra appofuim^ • Dat apd Rok- die bi ambr Anno gre Cl)" • ccc" • fexto • 

Iftud infti^m publicu ^ptinet pacis reformacom in? dnm afebm T; con- 
uent de Ct)eIros 't • dilm • P • rectore eccte de Dunbarr" • 

353 In noie dni Ame • Anno eiM abin carnacoe • mifto • cc" • Nonag . ^''mo 
Indiccoe q^^rta • fcefima die roenP ap^ exeuntis in ^secia mei notar ^ 
alioT/i teftiu inf^^sc^^ptoT^ ad hoc spair vocatoT; 1 rogato-!;^ acta inf^^c^pta 


hita f uut sb tenor 1; for* inferi^ notat • acta in ecca Sci Jacobi de 
Rokysburg die lun px'^ p^ diiicam q"^ cantat^ Q^^fi modo geniti anno 
gre • co" • cc°- Nonag • p^mo • Cora nofe p^of oionaftii de Dryburg venabit 
viri T: difcti magri Wifti de Cl)offeth thefaur ecce abird vnici iudicis 
p^ncipat inr ptes inFsc^taf a fede aptica delegati pmiflario sm for^^m 
^miffionis nob in h^^c pte fce cognofcetib^ in ca appttois q Stit^ seu 2ti 
spat^ int religiofos viros dnm abbm 1: Conuent de Cl)elros ptem appel- 
late p ffem Ad de fFoghov monachu pc^atore suu fufficienr ^pente 
ex pte vna • ^ dnm pafciu de lemokton rectore ecce de Dunbar pte 
appellata psonatr ppente ex alra • pfiUo ^''um amicoT^ intueniete / ac 
p bono pacis dcs rector in iudicio cora nob pfonatr ^pftituf fponte 't 
palam in toto T: in pte renuciauit p se t p ecca sua oinibj pceffib^ 
cora roagro Wiito dco fref archid laudon t cora q^bjCuq, ut q°cuqi 
vices fuas gentib^ ut gente q^q" modo t q^^trcuq, hitis fup q^bjdam 
decimis q^^s dcs rector aff^uit ad eccam sua de iuf ptine debef / fup 
inpcacoe septies vigiti hoggaftroi^ in paft^a de panefchet captoT^ 1: 
inpcatoT; ff deftruccoe q^Tfd domoTf q'^s id rector aff^uit ad eccam sua 
jPdcam fone capelle de pannefchelys ptinere debef 't sup oinib^ aliis 
p eud rectore cora dco archid t coram q^bjCuq^ ut q°cuq^ vices fuas 
qlrcuq^ gentib^ ut g^ente a dcis afebe ^puentu petitif 1 p" eosd abbm t 
conuent in reb^ '^ psonis occone ^miffoT; p eud q^^trcuq^ pc^atis • Ita q 
dci pceff^ n" in toto n" in pte dco rectori de ceto aliq^^lit valeat pdefTe / 
n'' dcis abbi 1 eonuentui seu aliq''^^ ut alicui eis adherentib^ ut ad- 
henti aliquatr obefTe • p^uilegiis dcoi; abbis 't conuent^ in ftatu q° 
fuut aii h{9 lites seu gt°ufias cora dco dno Archid T; cora q^b^cuq, ut 
q^cuq, vices fuas gentib^ ut g^ente hitas abfq^ piudicio quolib^ rema- 
netib^ • Deinde abbas t ^uent^ pfate cae appttois t ei^d pfecucoi ac 
pcefTui in ipa ca appftSis hito / q^^ten? psona dci dni rectoris ^tingit 
n^^no t tris a fede aptica impef^tis p'^ pfonas inferi^' sc^ptas vid^ Wittm 


de horneby psbitin • Johm rectore ecce de Cl)orli'^m • Wiftni dcm 
arblaft • Robm de harcaf • Robm de Congiltuil • yonem fuiente dci diii 
patVii • Gilbtum de Emildun 't Walleuum de Cporthyl • n''no '± omi 
liti seu ptroufie hucufq,, mote occone dcai^ irai/ p'^ pfonas memorataf 
l> bono pacis p pc^atore suu f)dcm in iudicio coram nob sponte 1 
pahim renuciarut • Sahia dco rectori cora iudice copetenti pfecucone 
iuf sui fup |)miffis in p^ncipali si sibi viderit expedir" Et ti omnib3 T: 
fingut q":; inteft p psenf inftfm puWicum dujihcatu cui^ vna ps penes 
|)dcos Abbem T; Conuent^ / 1 aUa ps penes dcm rectorem refidet pdce 
ptes voluerut effe nota • Dat T; act in ecca Sci Jacobi de Rokysburg 
die \ anno fup^^dcis hiis ^sentib:; dno Abbe de Neubotyl • cnagro Wilio 
de Routhford • oiagro Thom de bonkyl • magro WiWo de Gofeford • 
(oagiftro AValto de gliigu t aliis ad hec vocatis fpeciaUt teftibus • 

Et ego Nicliolauf dcus Campion auc"te ImpiaU notarius pubUcus f 
Sup^dcis omnib^ T; singut inrfui • vidi • audiui \ diUgenP afcultaui t 
^dca oiSia t singula de mandato t volutate dci Judicis n^no t ptium 
pdca?; in h^^nc for^^m pubUcam redegi • feci • ~t ^sc^pfi . t ad maiorem 
euidenciam t fidem pleniore oim pdcoi/^ hic inferi? signu meu ^fue- 
tum appofui rogatus • 

ObUg do^ WiUi de Durem de xiiij • m^^c p warancia burgagii de PebUs • 

354 VniSfis xpi fideUb^ prefentes Ut?as vifuris vt audituf WiHs de 
Durem miles faltm in drio • No9itis me recepifle t fauifle a ReUgiofis 
viris • Abbe t conuentu de Cl)elros q^^tuordecim marcas bonoT/ fter- 
Ungoi; de quib, teneo me bri . t plene ppacatu p quodam burgagio in 
viUa de Peblis dcif reUgiofis p me ^puenconato t vendito / quod quid 
burgagiu fuit q"nd Thofn LiHoc" de Peblys quod t burgagiu f^dcis 


religiofis fateor me teneri t p ^fentes obligari warantizancli / 1 fecuru 
fufficienr faciendi p pecunia pdca • Et fi contingat qd abfit me fuffi- 
ciente Warantia • t oimodam fecuritate de j^dco burgagio ^fatis 
religiofis ut pmiflTu e minime face l obligo me p Pfentes / 1 omnia 
bona mea mobilia / 'i imobilia vbicuq^ fuint iuenta p volutate ipoT^ 
religiofoT/ fiue balliuo dfii • Regf • vt aliq° alio fore dift^^ngenda ad 
folucom q^^tuordecl marcaT^ ^dcaT^ ad fefl;u fci Cl)artini in hyeme pxlo 
feques • ac ^ ad refl:ituc6m oium danipnoT/ 1 expenfa'!;^ fi que fuint • 
occafione f^dca fine aliq'^ ^f^diccone cauillacbne / vt fraude • In cui? 
rei tefl;imoiu figillu meu ^fentib^ appofui • Dat ap Ct)elros in vigta 
AfTupcois be CV)arie v^gTs • Anno gracie coilles TrecenteS ; Q^nto • 

Carta de kingildorC t hopcartan • 

355 Omnibus fce iiiris eccie filiis pntibus et fut^s pns fc^ptum vifuris ui 
audit^is • fymon frafer • miles fili^ et heres quond dni fymonis frafer fait 
in domi° • Nouitis vniuerfi me pro fatte aie mee • "t p faite aiaTf oim 
anteceflTorum et fucceflbrum meo'^ conceffifle t hac pnti carta mea^fir- 
mafle deo et eccie fancte ma" de melros T; mo^^chis ibid deo fei-uientib^ 
t inppetuum feruit^is totam illam donacoem • quam pdcs dris fymon 
frafer quond pr meus • fecit prefatis monachis-de tota tra de foutliking- 
dorf vna cum capella fci cuthbti de kingildoi-f ex pte auftrali riuuli 
de kingildorf • Et fimiir de tota terra de hopcarthane • cum omnib^ pti- 
nenciis iurib^ libtatib^ • et aifiamentf ad dictas terras et capellam fpec- 
tantib^ uel fp^^tare valentib^ fine aliquo retinemento^Tenendas et hndas 
predcas terras «. t capellam • in libam qVtam puram et ppetuam elemofi- 
nam • ita libe • i q^ete plene et honorifice • ficut carta pdicti dni fymois 
frafer quond pris mei exinde pfecta teftat^ pleni? et pportat • pretea 
adiciendo donacoi pdce • de nouo ego fymon frafer predictus do et 


concedo pro me et hedibi meis prefatis mo'^chis libum introitum • 't 
exitum cum oibj animalib3 fuis et hominib^ dca animaha infequetib^ 
ead aialia pafcendo int helilyard et haldeyhardfled • ficut rre dictoi; 
mo^choT; fe ^donant • Tenend et habend dictis monach adeo libe 
quiete bn et in pace • ficut in carta mea qua inde habeo de dno 
laurencio frafer quond dno de dumeUiare pleni^ ^tinet^ • Ego vero 
prefatus fymon • et heredes mei pdictas tras de kingildourf t hop- 
cartan et capellam fancti cuthbti supradcam • vna cum hbo int"itu 
et exitu fupradicto dictis monach Warantizabim? acquietabim? ma- 
nutenebim^ ac ptra omnes hoies et feminas defendemus • In cuius 
rei tefliom • figillum meum pnti fc^pto appofui • Teft 1c^^ • dno andrea 
frafer miUte • Wittmo perer quod vicecoite de twedal • ftephano de 
glenqwhim • Robto haflinges • pat^cio de JNlaleuile • Michaele de 
Wyttetoii cu di8l> aliis • 

De libero tranfitu p terram de Hoprew • 

356 Oinib^ fce mris ecctie filiis pntib^ 't futuris pns fcriptu uifuris ut 
audituris / Symon fras fihus '^ heres quondam dili Symonis fras' falu- 
tem in dno • Nouitt vniusi me p falute aie mee 1 p fahite anima:/ oim 
ancelToT^ 't fucceffo-^ meoT; dedifl"e concefTifie l: pnti carta mea cofir- 
maffe deo "^ ecciie fancte marie de melros t monachis ibidem deo 
feruientibj "t inppetuu feruituris libum tranfitum ad cariagia fua 
ducenda p terram meam de hoprew cQ plaufl;ris T; carectis fuis • 
Quare uolo t concedo p me T; heredib^ meis ut iUam uia heant que 
fe extendit ultra mora de hoprew uidelicet a Riuulo q" dicitur 
raburii ufq^ ad viia regalem infra terram de Edwylftoii • In cuius rei 
teftimoniu pnti fc^to figillu meu appofui • Teftib^ diio Andrea fras 
milite • Witio perer • Robto Hafting • '=t Stepho de Glenwym • 


Carta Robti de Wodford de Wodfordhowr • 

3o7 Vniiifis Sce roatris Eccleiie filiis 1; fidelibiis hanc Cartam vifuris vei 
audituris Robertus de Wodforde DKs de Wodfordehous falutem 
in dno fempiternam • Nouerit vniufitas vra me diuine caritatis intuitu 
T- p falute anime mee / antecefloT; 1: succeffoT/ meoT; dediffe / concef- 
Affe T; hac pfenti carta mea confirmaffe deo t beate roarie ac monaf- 
terio de melros / roonacliisq^ ibidem deo feruientibus 1 inppetuu ser- 
uituris in liberam puram et ppetuam elemolinam totam terram 
meam de AVodfordhous in teritorio de Leffydewyne fine aliquo reti- 
nemento / cu fuis rectis diuifis / ptinenciis / libertatib^ 1: aiziamentis 
ad dcam terram sp^tantib^ seu qu"q° iure sp^tare valentib^ ; tenendam 
T: habendam dco monafl;erio de cnelros / ac monachis ^dcis "t eoii suc- 
cefforib^ inppetuu / ita libere / quiete / pacifice "^ honorifice sicud 
ahqua aliam elemofinam eifdem donatam seu conceffam a quocuq, 
Uberius / quiecius / seu honorificencius tenet seu poflident / Ita q ego 
vel heredes mei in pofterii de dca terra seu de dcis monachis racione 
terre pdce nichil pter folas oraciones exigere valeam^ / Ego vero t 
heredes mei |)dcam terram cu fuis ptinenciis dco monafterio de roelros 
pfatis monachis t eoT; fuccefforib^ contra oines hoies et feminas 
warantizabim" / acquietabim" 1; inppetuu defendem^ / Et vt hec mea 
caritatiua donaco robur ppetue firmitatis optineat pfentem cartam 
meam sigilli mei munimine Roboraui / Hiis teftib^ Diiis Wifio 1; 
Andrea de Kelcou 1; de Driburgft Abbatib^ ; Witto de Rothyrforde / 
Johe Eurnard / Johe de Hefwel / Waltero Tornbul / Rogero de 
Altoun"^ \ multis aliis • 


Conventio de particula dcciine de CC)o\ • 

358 tl/emorand qd cum Abbas 1 Couent^ de Kelkou tempib^ pacis ce- 
piflent ab Abbe 1 Couentu de Cl)elros decem libf t octo solid j? quad 
pticta decime fp'tantis ad eccam de Cl)o\ racone cui°d coponis dudu 
inite fup hoc inl eofd • efletq,, in folucoe fumc pecunie andce p aliq" 
fpa ceflatu pp gucrra . demu hita cofideracoe ad deuafl.ac6m pat^e 
n^nd ad veheiiitem detioracom ftat? coonaf tij de coelros p bono pacis 
T- vtilitate coi ijdm Abbas / "t Couent? de Kelkou / pdcis Afebl / 
t Couentui de Cl^elros / a fefto Pent / anni gfe / Cl)'' • ccc' fcdi anuatl 
vfq, ad fine fex anoi/ plene copletoT^ noue coarc / 1 octo folid • de 
suma aiidca vnanimit remiferut • sahia eif peticone arreragioi; ^dce 
anue |)ftaajis fi que de iure debeant eis copete • de tpib^ rctroactis • 
p tpe / 1 loco cu ipi Abbas / 't Couent^ de Kelkou s^ vid-int expedire 
defenfione simitr legitla qualib^ eifd Abbi "t Couentui de ft)elros 
cont^ hoc ref^uata • sub hac forma • vidtt q ijdm Abbas 1 Couent? de 
O:)elros foluent anuatl eifdm Abbi 1 Coucntui de Kelkou in roonaf- 
t^io eoT^d a dco fefto Pent vfq^ ad fine tmini aiidci sex coarcas p dca 
pticla decTe ad duos ani tminos / vidtt medietate ad feftu sci Ct)artini 
I hyeme / t alia medietate ad pent pxio fequete • p^mo rmino folucois 
incipiete ad feftu sci coartini ani sup^^dci t s" de rio ad Pminii 'H; de 
ano 1 annu don'' nuiSus fex anoT; f 8it coplet^ • Dci v" Abbas / 't 
Couent^ de Ct)elros dcam formii acceptantes finito tio sex anoT; phneua 
copoficom t p^ncipale agnofcent in suo robore remanfurfi q^^ten^ de 
iure / 1 fone tenebut^ agnof^e • Et fciend q paftores \ feruientes eoT/ 
q^ tenet diniu Abbis 't Couent" de Ct)elros inf'" pochia de Ct)ol / red- 
dent minutas declas mrici ecce aiidce • In cui? rei teftimoium huic 
sc'pto cyrog^ffato sigilla vfufq^ Afebis alPnatim funt appenfa • 

2 S 




Ada uxor Henrici filii Regis, 4. 
Aedgarus. V. Edgarus. 
Anglicus, Ricardus, 4, 666. 
Ardene, Ofbertus de 4, 666. 
Afcelinus archidiaconus, 4, 666- 

Brus mefchin, Robertus 4, 666. 
Britone, Hugo 4, 5, 666. 

Edgarus, (Aedgarus) frater Regis, 3, 4, 

Ediue, Ofolfus filius, 4, 666. 
Edufus filius Norm, 4, 666. 
Eilaf filius Gofpatric, 4, 666. 

Orni filius, 4, 666. 

Elfftan, Ofolfus filius 4, 666. 
Eftmundus elemofinariiis, 4, 666- 
Etheftan, Vlfchillus filius, 4, 666. 

Gernun, Ricardus, 4, 666. 
Gofpatric, Comes, 4, 666. 

Eilaf filius, 4, 666. 

— Huctredus filius 4, 666. 

Henricus, filius Regis, 3, 4, 666. 

Swani, 4, 666. 

Huctredus, filius Gospatric, 4, 666. 

Sioth, 4, 666. 

Hugo Britone, 4, 5, 666. 
Humframuilla. V. Umphravilla. 

.lohannes epifcopus, 4, 5, 666. 
Jordane clericus, 4, 666. 

Lindefai, Willielmus de, 4, 666. 

Maccus filius Vnwain, 4, 666. 
Maddach,;Comes, 4, 666. 
Matilda uxor Regis, 3, 665. 
Melros, Ricardus abbas de 4, 5, 666. 
Moreuilla, Hugo de, 4, 5, 666. 

Norm, Edufus filius, 4, 666. 

Orm filius Eilaf, 4, 666. 
Ofolfus filius Ediue, 4, 666. 

Elfftan, 4, 666. 

Huctred, 4, 666. 

Radulfus filius Turftani, 4, 666. 
Ricardus Anglicus, 4, 666. 
Ridel, Geruafius, 4, 5, 666. 
Rogerus nepos Epifcopi, 4, 666. 

Sioth, Huctredus filius, 4, 666. 
Stephanus Rex Anglie, 4, 5. 
Sumeruille, Willielmus de 4, 666. 
Swani, Henricus filius, 4, 666. 

Turftani, Radulfus filius 4. 

Umphravilla, (Humframuilla) Robertus 
de, 4, 666. 

Vlfchillus fib'us Etheftan, 4, 666. 
Vnwain, Maccus fihus 4, 666. 

Walterus filius Alani, 4, 5, 666. 
Willelmus nepos Regis, 4, 5, 666. 
____ cancellarius, 4, 666. 



Alani, Horm filius, 8. 

Walterus filius, 7- 

Afcelinus archidiaconus, 8. 
Auenel, Robertus, 7, 9- 

Berkelai, Robertus de 32. 

Walterus de 32. 

Bernardus filius Brien, 32. 

Chedewurthe. V. Jedwurthe. 
Chelchou. V. Kelcho. 
Cofpatricius (Gofpatricius) comes, 8, 9. 
Cumin Ricardus, 32. 

Diieburh, Adam de 8. 
Dunecanus comes, 32. 
Dimierralin, Gaufridus abbas de 32, 
Dunkeld, Gregorius epifcopus de 32. 

Edenburgh, Willielmus abbas de 8. 
Edwardus frater Cofpatricii comitis, 9- 
Ercedun, Cofpatricius de 1 1. 
— — Swanus de 11. 

Foliot, Robertus Q. 
Ferted comes, 32. 

Gamellus dapifer, 8. 

Glafguenfis epifcopus, Engelramus 7. 

— — — ' Herbertus 7- 

Haldanus dapifer, 8. 
Haraldi, Robertus filius 8, 
Hedenburh. V. Edenburgh. 
Hingelran. V. Ingelran. 
Horm filius Alani, 8. 

Ingelran, (Hingelran) cancellarius, 8. 

Jedwurthe, Oftertus abbas de 8. 

Kelcho, Arnaldus abbas de 8. 
— — Johannes abbas de 32. 

Lindefeia, (Lindefli) W. de II. 
Lundoun, Tom de Q. 

Malcolmus comes, 32. 
Marafcal, Herueius 8. 
Matheus archidiaconus, 32. 
Moreuilla, Hugo de })• 

Ricardus de 6, 9, 32. 

Murauia, Willielmus epifcopus de 8. 

Namus, Radulphus 9- 
Nicholaus cancellarius, 32. 

clericus, 8, g. 

Nigellus facerdos, 8. 

Neubotila, Anfridus abbas de 11. 

Olifard, Dauid, 8, 9, 32. 
Ofulfus filius Uctredi, 9, 10. 

Perci, Gaufridus de 8. 
Henricus de 9. 

Quinci, Robertus de 32. 

Ricardus clericus, 32. 
Rieuall, monachi de 6. 
Rochisburch, Adam capellanus de 8. 

Sancti Andree epifcopus, Ricardus 32. 
Striuelin, Aluredus abbas de 32. 

Waherus de 8. 

.Sumeruille, Willielmus de 9- 
Swanus fihus Thori, 11. 

Thori, Swanus filius, 11. 

Waldeuus, filius Cofpatricii comitis S. 

Walleuus comes, 32. 

Walterus filius Alani dapifer Regis 7, 3- 

cancellarius, 9- 

I — capellanus, 8. 

-^— — clericus, 32. 
Willelmus, fiater Regis, 6. 

Lindefeia, Ai-ofine de 11. 

Uctredus filius Ofulfi, 9, 10. 



Abel, magifter 133. 
Abernethi, Laurentius de 40. 
Accoueltan, Gilledoueng 25. 

Gillenem 25. 

Acholltluf, 26". 

Acontius, magiller 125. 

Adam filius Alden, (Aldn) 53, 67. 

Arkilli 57. 

Gilberti, C5, 71, 84. 

Ilerberti, 107- 

Nicholai, 130, 131, 

Ade, Patricius filius 40, 6S. 
Aelina comitiffa, C7- 
Alanus clericus, 128. 

filius Elri 95. 

— ^ filius Hugonis fenefcillus comitis 

Dauidis, 32, 82. 
. filius Rolandi, (Scotie conftabu- 

larius) 69, 72, 74, IO7. 
filius Walteri dapiferi Regis 13, 

37, 44, 4C, 5C, 58, 5g, 60, 77, 

84, 85, 103, 157. 

fenefcallus Regis, 32. 

Albinus, Alexander (capellanus epifcopi 

Saneti Andree) 42. 
Albus, Aldn 53. 

Radulphus 153. 

Willielmus 20. 

Alden fenefcaldus, C7. 
Aldri, Williehnus de 32. 
Alexander filius Regis, J)l, 92, Oi. 

capellanus, 3". 

clericus, 150, 151, 152, 151.* 

dapifer, 110, 111. 

Alicia fponfa Walteri Corbet, 105. 
Alina fponfa Hugonis de Normanneuilla, 

Alinton, magifter Petrus de 133. 
Alnecrum, Ricardus perfona de 81, 1 05, 

118, 145, 147. 
Anglie, IlEXRicrs Rex 14, 84. 


Anilhie, (Aniflie ?) Robertus de OS- 

Anke, Ricardus filius 17- 
Anfelh, Ricardus filius 129- 
Aphndene, Radulfus de C8. 
Arbelellarius, Moyles I9. 
Arclies, Herebertus de 32. 
Arkilli, Adam filius 57. 

Dauid et Henricus fihi SI. 

Afting, Reginaldus de 57. 
Auenel, Gerualius 30, 33, 35, 47, 84, 
91, 93, 94, 109, 122, 123, 128. 

Gilbertus 130, 131. 

Robertus 30, 1 3, 1 5, 33, 35, 39, 43, 

50, 51, 109, 1 19, 120, 120, 128. 

. Rogerus, 38, 50, 52, 6i. * 

Vincencius 51, 52. ^ 

Wilhelmus 128, 131. 

Auicia uxor R. de Moreuilla, 82, 96, 98, 

Baldewini, Waldeuus filius SC, 82. 

Balhol, Ingeramus de 9I, gS, 94. 

Benedictus capellanus, 37. 

Berchelaie, (Berkelai) Joannes 85. 

Kobertus de 77, 78, 79, «0, 

85, 8C, 157. 

Rogerus de 143. 

Walterus de (Camerarius Rc- 

gis) 13, 39, 40, 43, 79, 85, SC, IO9, 
llC, 130, 141, 157. 

Bernake, Kicardus 17. 

Bernaldebi, (Bernolfbi, Bernokiebi, Ber- 
nardebi) Robertus de 110, 111, 122, 
128, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 14C, 
147, 149, 150, 151,* 153, 154. 

Bernardus fihus Breani, 3, 43, 141. 

Bernham, Willielmus de 1 7. 

Bertinus, 54. 

Bertulfi, Sjmon fihus 132, 134. 

Berwic, prepositus et burgenses de 1 9. 

Vicecomes de 17. 

Beumunt, Simon de 74. 

Bidun, Walterus (Cancellarius) 13. 


Rifet, Henricus 107, 123. 

Blais, (Bleis) inagifter Willielmus de 

(archidiaconus de Buckingham) 35, 

105, 107- 
Boiv', Dauid de 119. 
Bonule, Dauid de 17. 
Bofco, Williehnus de (Cancellarius Regis) 

.SH, .52, 91, 9'5, 9i, 113, 118. 
Bofeuile, Robertus de 110, 111. 
liradfbth, Henricus 1 57- 
Brafert, Winiehnus de IO9. 
Brand, Walterus 17- 
Breani, Bernardus fiHus 43, 111. 
Brechinenfis epifcopus, R. 135. 
Bretnach, Gillcrifl; 22. 
Bridelhale, Ricardus de 151. 
Britone, Witeclinus 41. 
l?run, Willielmus (magiiter monialium de 

Suberewic) 131. 
Brus, mr.giiler Hugo de 156. 

Robertus de 30, 34, 6I, 64, * 155. 

Willielmus de 64, * 158. 

Buckingham, magifier Williehnus archi- 

diaconus de 60, 63, 66. V. Blais. 
Buloth, Willielmus 152, 151*. 
Burnard, Gaufridus 75. 

Radulfus 75. 

Ricardus 75. 

Rogerus 75, 76, 81, 114. 

Walterus 75. 

Burgulun, (Burgunun) Walterus le 41, 

Burneuill, Robertus de 47. 
Butilher, Thomas le 86. 

Cameis, Ricardus de 77- 
Camera, Herbertus de 79, HC. 
Canis, Patricius de 4^. 
Capetb, Reinaldus deT54. 
Carric, Duncanus comes de 13, 22, 24, 
25, 26, 86, 103, 109. 
filius Gilberti de 20, 22, 

2.5, 27, 28, 29. 
Cecilia (filia Liulfi) fponfa Roberti de 

Berkeley 77, 79, 80. 
Celeftimis, Papa HI. 116. 
Cellario, Randulphits de 20. 
Ceftre fyire, R. de 1'50.; 
Cliathou, (Chattun) Adam de 109, 1*2, 
143, 147, 150, 153. 

.lohannes de 149. 

Chausi, WilHelmus clericus de 77- 
Chen un, Willielmus 144, 145. 

Clalpeham, Alanus de 83. 

Clemens, (medicus) capellanus 83, 96. 

Cler, Radulfus de 43. 

Cliftun, Radulfus de (clericus) 69, 153. 

Clipanuile, Robertus de 129. 

Cludefdail, Petrus decanus de 113, 111. 

Coldingham, Ernaldus prior de Qi. 

Helya monachus de 125, 

prior de 124. 

Willielmus monachus de 125. 

Cole, Hugo de 140. 

Coleuill, Philippus de 91, 93, 94, 111. 

Thomas de 64,* 76, 107, 110, 

111, 123, 125, 144, 145, 15.3. 

Willielmus de 93. 

Conftentin, Nicholaus de 48. 

Robertus de 56, 141. 

Walterus de 56, 57. 

Corbet, Matildis (uxorWillielmi de Ridale) 

Robertus, 104, IO6, 122. 

Walterus 28, 35, 39, 43, 105, 

106, 107, 122, 129, 141. 

Willielmus 105, 107- 

Cornewal, Ricardus de 81. 
Cofpatricius, (Gofpatricius) coraes 42. • 
Cracin, W. de 128. 
Cracri, WilHelmus de 47- 
Crag, Henricus capellanus de CO, 60. 
Crauford, Reginaldus de (vicecomes de 
Ar) 64,« 65, 66, 71. 

Robertus de 65, 71. 

Thomas 132, 134. 

Creifeuill, Wilhelmus de 47, 128. 
Crectoun, magifter Alanus de 125. 

magifter A. rector ecclefie de 

Criftiana, fponfa Raderic MacGillefcop, 

Criftina, u.vor Patricii comitis de Dunbar 

Croc, Robertus le (miles Regis) 32, 85. 

Thomas, 132, 134. 

Cukewald, Ricardus de 144, 145. 
Cumin, Ricardus (Jufticiarius) 13, 1.5, 

Willielmus 16, 46, 79, 84, 123. 

Cupro, A. abbas de 59- 

Radulpus abbas de 54, 102, 152.^^ 

Curri, Petnis de 60, 66. 

Daltune, Henricus de 81. 

Danielis, Ehiina vidua filia Ricardi filii 18. 


Dauid, frater Regis, 32, 33, 36, 77, 82, 
8 j, 86, .01, 92, 9i, 102, 103, 109, 

113, 114, 11(5, ny, i.i7. 

filius Arkiili, 81. 

Defn' Jacobus decanus de 113, lli. 
Dolfiiius capellanus Regis, 58. 
Douenaldus filius Ewin, 6'2, 6-t. 
Driburjf, G. abbas de 105, 106, 124. 

Ricardus abbas de 59, 60. 

— Rogerus abbas de 42. 

— Walterus canonicus de 125. 

Duniar, Ingelramnus de 129. 

Dunbar, Ada de 42, 140. 

Patricius comes de l6, 39, 45, 


66,67, 87,91,93,123. 

filius Ade de 40, 68. 

comitis 40, 60, 

63, 64, 64,* 66, 68, 

91.93, 91- 

frater comitis 67- 

Waldeuus (VValtheiuis, Wal- 

leuus) comes de 13, 44, 67, 
103, 120. 

— Willielmus de 140. 

Dunblain, J. epifcopus de 135. 

Symeon epifcopus de 33, 35. 

Duncanus comes, 13, 22, 25, 26. 
Duncanus filiusGilbertifiliiFergus, 20,25. 
Dundreinan, Willielmus abbas de 103. 
Dunenfis epifcopus, Radulfus 37, 40, 54, 

60, 66, 91, 92, 93, 9i- 
Dunfennelin, Erchembaldus (Erkenbal- 
dus) abbas de 33, 35, 59, 

Gaufridus abbas de 42. 

P. abbas de 124. 

R. abbas de 11 6. 

Walterus monachus del25. 

Dundouenald, \ichoIaus perfona de 64.* 

Willielnius frater ejus 64.* 

Dunkeldenfis archidiaconus, magifter 

Henricus 125. 
— ^— — — epifcopus, Johannes 85, 86, 
113, 114. 

Radulfus 37, 63, 

Duns, Hugo de 67- 
I>unft', Ricardus de 20. 
Duueglas, Erkembaldus de 37. 

Edenham, (Ednahim) Domina Emma de 


Magifter Willielmus de 70. 

Edintun, Adam de 67. 
Edgari, Alanus frater 68. 

Walterus filius 40, 68. 

Edgarus canierarius Duncani filii Gille- 

berti filii Fergus 22, 24. 
Edmundus avunculus Uctredl 140. 
Eggari, Adam filius 67. 
Eilif filius Huctredi, 57. 
Eincurt, Geruafius de 32. 
Elri, Alanus filius 95. 
Eluina vidua (filia Ricardi filii Danielis) 

Ercheldune, Walterus clericus de 140. 

Magifier Willielmus de 51. 

Eschyna, Domina (filia Symonis de Lin- 

defay) 130. 
Efkedale, Ricardus decanus de 113, 114. 
Eth fiHus comitis de Leuenax, 22, 24. 
Eua uxor Roberti de Quincy 40. 
Ewin, Donaldus filius. V. Douenaldus. 
Exart', Hugo de 77- 

Fachener, Patricius de 112. V. Haf- 

Farburne, Simon de 75. 
Faringdun, Alanus capellanus de 75. 
Fergus, Duncanus filius Gilleberti filii, 

20, 25, 27. 
——^— filius Huctredi 86. 

frater RoIIandi 107. 

Fif, Dunecanus comes de 85. 
Fifle, Alexander de I7. 

Patricius filius Willielmi de 17- 

Willielmus de 17. 

Flandrie et Viromandie comes, Philippus 

13, 14. 
Foghou, Adam de 67- 
Foreftarius Edwinus 44, 53, 
Franc, Willielmus 20. 
Franceis, Willielmus le 81. 
Fraler, (Frefel) Bernardus 65, 112. 

Gilbertus 67. 

. Thomas 40, 60, 63, 66, 6S, 9I, 

93, 94. 
Frebern, Robertus 141. 
Fulberti, Robertus filius 56. 

Ean, frater Achoftduf, 26. 

Eccles, magilier Adara de, 20, 32, 98. 

Galwethia, (Galwythia) 
Rolandi de 69, 72, 74. 

.'\Ianus filius 


Gamellus, clericus de .... 140. 
GautVidus, cocus 150, 151, 152, 153, 151. 

faber 17. 

. filius N . . . ra, 53. 

Gedwrde. V. Jeddewrth. 
Cjernun, 127- 

Ricardus 154. 

Geruafius, clericus de capella Regis 113. 

nepos Roberti Auenel, 35. 

GifFard, Hugo 58, 119. 

Wiliielmus 69, 79- 

Gillebertus, comes 22, 24,26, 86, 103,109. 

filius Richeri 55, 56, 59, 64, 


Gaufridi, 58. 

Walteri 67- 

Gillebride, 65, 64. 
Girardus clericus de Neuton, 81. 
Glai, (Glei) nepos domini Roberti Auenel 
32, 33, 35. 

Ro^a;erus filius 49, 51, 52, 64, 65, 71. 

Glafguenfis archidiaconus Magifter H. 

Robertus 105, 

145, 146,147. 

Simon 22, 24, 

25, 28, 32, 33, 35, 37, 
lOS, 110, 113, 114, 120, 
122, 125, 142, 143. 

canonicus, Beda 37, 113, 

114, 118. 

Engelranus 37- 

Helia 37, 113, 

114, 118. 

— Herbertus 37. 

Johannes 37, 118. 

Philippus 37- 


114, 121. 

capellanus, Benedictus 1 1 7- 

Hugo 118. 

dec.inus, Herbertus 25, 82, 

88, 55, 96, 98, 113, 


■ electus, Florentius 37, 117. 

epilcopus, Engelramus (In- 

geramnus) 39, 

43,58, 119,141. 

Dominus Joceli- 

98, 102, 103, 110, 112, 
114, ll6, 117, 120, 122, 
123, 130, 142, 143, 152,* 
156, 157- 

Glafguenfis epifcopus, Walterus 37, 125. 

Willielmus 81 

(.Scotie cancellarius,) 133. 

officialis, Johannes 117, 118. 

Godardus capellanus, 111. 

Gofpatricius filius Aldani, 140. 

Gouuill, Willielmus de 81. 

Graham, Henricus de 86. 

Gregorii, Robertus filius 53. 

Grenlau, (Grenelaw) Rolandus de 91» 

93, 94. 

magifter Willielmus de 38, 133 

Grim filius Guidonis, caretarii de Rox- 

burgh 20. 
Grubbeheued, Adam de 111. 

Huctredus de 109, HO, 

110, 111, 119, 129- 
Simon de 105, 107, 109, 

111, 122, 130, 131, 142, 153. 
Guidonis, Robertus filius 43, 141. 
Cuthered, Willielmus 17- 

Hadintune, Ranulfus de 36, 37, 38. 
Hafkerreftun, (Haucceftertun, Haueker- 
iftun) Ricardus de 50,51. 

Wilhelmus de 50, 132, 134. 

Hage, Petrus de la 49, 81, 82, 85, 86, 

98, 123. 
Haia, (Haie) Dauid de 47- 
Willielmus de la 13, 35, 39, 43, 6g, 

77, 79, 84, 141. 
Haneflei, Willielmus de 38. 
Hanyn, Aernaldiis 17- 
Haflechirke, Willielmus de 118. 
Haftenefden, Ricardus decanus de 35. 
Haftingis, Johannes de 47, 123. 
Hathervic, Alexander de 53. 
Haweden, Bernardus de 76, 105, 106,154. 
Hawic, Rogerus filius .Tohannis de 129. 
Hedeham, magifter Willielmus de 38. 
Heem, Willielmns 20. 
Helena, filia Syraotiis de Lindefie 131. 
Helias, frater epifcopi Glafguenfis 60. 



nus 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 
32, 33, 35, S6, 60, 78, 
83, 84, 85, 86, 95, 97, 

Hellehec, Willielmus de 86. 
Helleie, Hugo de 80. 
Henricus Rex Anglie, 14, 84. 

clericus Regine 117. 

■ filius Arkilli, 87- 



Henricu filius Turfiani, 2(), 

Uliciiil 131. 

Hereffi, masifter A'!am de 35. 
Herbertus filius Rdierti, 83. 

— — decanus 113. 

Heriz, Henricus de liQ, 150, 151, 152, 

■ Nigellus de 65, 71' 

Willielmus de 38, 52, 123. 

Herle, W. de . . . . 152.* 
Heryt, Willielmus de 50. . 

Hetun, Ricardus de 153, 154. 
Hilton, Bertolfus de 17- 
Hirdraaneftun, Alexander de 81. 
Hob, Thomas de t<)- 
Hodolme, Robertus de 156. 
Holmcultr-in, Euerardus abbas de 82, 98. 

W. abbas tle 54. 

Hom, Gillebertus de 112. 
Homekh. 1, Ro^erus de 109. 

Thomas de IO9. 

Honth, Johannes de 123. 
Horm. V. Orm. 
Hofe, Johannes 60, 63, 66. 
Houeden, Rogerus de 113, 114. 
Hoyland, R^inald de 20. 
Huctredi, Eilif filius 57. 
Huctredus, 139. 

Hugo cancellarius Regis 13, 15, 46, 69, 
79, 79, 84, 113, 116. 

capellanus Regis 59 

clericus Cancellarius 13. 

Regis 13, 35, 58, 81, 1 19, 

Huntedun, Johannes de94, 113, 144, 145. 

Williehnus de 58, 

Hunter, Johannes de (clericus) 81. 

Hunteley, Adam de 150, 152. 

Hunum, Williehnus dominus de 105,107. 

— — — fihus Johannis de 

106, 122, 124, 151. 

de (miles) 124. 

perfona de 120, 122, 

12(;, 143, 144, 150, 151. 
Hwitheton, Anxelus de lOg. V. Whit- 

Hwittona, Adam de IO9. V. Whittun. 
ArkiUus de IO9. 

Imerus clericus, 39, 43, 141. 
Ireuude, Willielraus de 140. 
Ifabella, fponfa Willielmi de Ridale 149, 

Jeddewrth, (Jeddewurde) Ofiiertus abbas 
de 39, 4.'!, 58, 103, 140, 141. 

Radulfus abbas de 113. 

. Ricardus abbas de 33, 35, 1 13. 


Johannes, capellanus 67. 

— clericus Epifcopi Glaiguenfis 
24, 86. 

— thefaurarius, niagifter 78. 
fihus Horra, (Orm) 109, 118, 


Vdardi, 29. 

Willielmi 26, 149, 154. 

Jordani, Henricus filius 77- 

Robertus filius 77- 

Jordanus, perfona de Simundiflon 64.* 

Kelcho (Kelcou, Kalchou) abbas et con- 

ventus de 133, 134. 
— — Henricus abbas de 94, 125. 

■ Hugo monachus de 44, 125. 

Johannesabbasde39, 43, 103,141. 

monachi de 48, 49, 50, 51, 138. 

• Ofbertus abbas de 33, 35, 36, 39, 

81, 113. 

R. abbas de 137- 

—^— Walterus rnonachus de 125. 

■ Wido prior de 35. 
Kelebeuhoc, ( Kilbeuhoc) Adam de 60, 63. 

Gilbertus perfona de 64 *. 

Kent Radulfus de 48, 56, 57. 

— — Robertus de 48. 

Thomas de (clericus) 69. 

Kingorn, Adam de 9I, 92, 93, 94. 
Kinlos, R. abbas de 37, 54, 59, 82, 98. 
Kiphau, Robertus de (miles) 132, 134. 
Kukewald, Ricardus de 125. 
Kylv', Oliuerus filius 112. 

Laceles, Dunecanus de 69. 

Lancas . . Gillebertus de 95. 

Landeles, Robertus de IO9. 

Laudonie archidiaconus, Ancbeas 41, 42. 

' magifter Johan- 

nes 125. 
Laweder, Adam perfona de 83, 96. 

Aldridus perfona de 42. 

Lefranceis, Wilhelmus 51. 
Lemalla, Warinus 67- 
Letaillur, Ricnrdus 51. 
Letham, Ketellus de 112. 
Leuenax, Eth filius comitis de 22, 24. 


Leycefter, Johannes de (monachiis de 

Melros) 132, 134. 
Lillefcliue, Alexander de 149, 150. 

filius Walleui de 1 43. 

Gaufridus de 145, 

146", 148, 154. 

magifter Johannes de 105, 106. 

perfona de 35. 

— Idelus capellanus de 81. 
.Simon perfona de 118. 

Lincolnia, Ricardus de 127, 130, 131. 

Lindefiiie, (Lyndefaie) David de 38, 52, 
91, 93, 116. 

Helena, 131. 

de LufFenac, Willielmus de 103. 

Symon de 130, 131. 

Walterus de 16, 60, 63, 66. 

Williehnus de (Jufticiarius) 

15, 57, 60, 62, 63, 66, 79, 
84, 85, 103, 109, 116, 123. 

magifter Willielmus de (de- 

canus Glafguenfis) 133. 

Line, Robertus filius 86. 

Lintune, Edwardus perfona de 129. 

Liflun, Ricardus filius 82. 

Liulfus fihus Maccus 57, 141. 

RufTus 140. 

Loccard, Malcolmus 64. * 

Logan, Robertus 64, 65, 66, 71. 

Londoniis,(Lundin) Johannesde 109,157- 

Philippus de 123. 

Ricardus de 77. 

Robertus de 76, 77, 79, S4, 

91, 92, 93, 94, 107, 134. 

Williehnus de 126. 

Longcartre, (Loncaftria) Domina Auicia 
de 83, 96. V. Avicia. 

Lucius, Papa 13. 

Lunnoc, Jocelinus (GocelHnus) I6, 20. 

Williehnus 16, 17, 18. 

Luuedar, Ricardus 17- 

Luuel, Hugo 37- 

Mabile, (Mabilie) Williehnus fihus 150, 

Macalewin, (Mac Alewi) Ewine 26, 29. 
Maccus, (Maias) Liulfus filius 56, 57, 

■ Robertus filius 56, 57- 

Maccuftun, Adam perfona de 8 1, 1 1 1 , 1 1 8. 

Philippus de 81. 

Mac Coleman, Gillenem 22, 24, 29. 
Mac Gilleandres, Gilleafald 22, 24. 

Mac Gilleandres, Gillemernoch 25. 
Mac Gillemartin, Murdac 25. 
Mac Gillefcop, Raderic, 28. 
Mac Makin, Gillecrift 25. 
Mackefwel, Aihnerus de 75. 

Johannes de (Vicecomes de 

Theuidalia) 47, 75, 93, 153. 

Dominus Johannes de 65. 

Macmehin, Achoftduf 26. 

Ean, 26. 

Gillebride 26. 

Macmurchan, Edgarus 26. 

Mac Kenedi, Gillebertus 29. 

Machus prepofitus, 77. 

Makerel, Radulfus 95. 

Malcohnus fihus Duncani coraitis 22, 24, 

26, 79, 84, 85, 86. 
Malefartli, Rogerus de IO9. 
Maleaerer, Hugo 38, 50, 52. 

Symon 131, 141. 

Maleuuile, Gaufridus de 119. 
Malevife, Ricai-dus 60. 
Malkarweftun, Michael de 68, 125, 145. 
Mahieifin, (Maleuicinus) Wilhelmus (ar- 

chidiaconus Laudonie) 36, 59, 81, 113. 
Manfellus, Wilhelmus, 83. 
M;u-efcal, Herueius le 36, 82. 

Ricardus le 36, 82. 

Marefcallus Regis, Dauid, 16. 

Herbertus, 84. 

Ricardus, 17, 47. 

Marfchaldus, Dauid 91, 93, 94, 154. 

Maccus 68. 

Mafculus, Radulfus, 82, 98. 

Ricardus, 82, 98. 

. Rogerus 82, 98. 

Matheus archidiaconus, 141. 

capellanus, IO9. 

Mecachin, Gillecrift 26. 
Mecmaccharil, Rccherus 26. 
Melros, Ernaldus abbas de 110. 

magifter Henricus de 105, IO7. 

Ricardus monachus de 132, 134. 

WilHehnus abbas de 92. 

Merebotle, (Merebothle) Gilbertus cog- 

natus Petri perfone de I29. 

Hyuonclericusde 10.5,107,1 09. 

Petrus perfona de 108, 110, 

111, 126, 127, 129. 

Rogerus de 58. 

Merlei, Henricus de 68, 

Rogerus de 40, 47, 68, 91, 93, 9-*. 

Miriild, Willielmus 17. 

Moerne, Phihppus clericus de 114. 



MoUa, Anfellus de 128. 

Henricus de 112, 143. 

M de 1,32. 

Moravienfis (Murevienfis) epifcopus, Bri- 
cius 87, .01, J)2, 93. 

Ricardus "8, 113, 

lU, 11(), 125. 

Moreuilla, Elena de 71. 

Ricardus de (Conftabul.irius 

Regis) 12, 1,3, 39, 43, 73, 
82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 95, 96, 
!)8, 100, 101, 103, 130, 141. 

— — — Robertus de 47- 

Willielmus de (Conftabularius 

Regis) 26, 46, 49, 71, 72, 
73, 74, 83, 85, 86, 87, 95, 
96, 98, 141. V. Avicia. 

Mortemer, (Mort Mer, Mortuo Mari,) 
Hugo de (prior de May) 

Rogerus de 91, 93, 94- 

Willielmus de 39, 43, 77, 103, 

141, 157- 

Moyfes, Arbeleftarius 19- 

Mubray, Philippus de 91, 93, 94, 107- 

Munfichet, Ricai-dus de 36, 82. 

Munford, Johannes de 131. 

Mungumeri, Alanus de 38, 62, 54, 60, 
63, 66. 

. Johannes filius Alani de 

50, 51. 

Robertus de 37, 56. 

Mufcamp, Thomas de 13, 152.* 

Muikilburgh, Ricardus de (monachus de 
Mebos) 132, 134. 

Namus, (Nanus, le Neim, le Neym) Hen- 

ricus 129- 

Hubertus le 129- 

Radulfus 38, 39, 43, 105, IO6, 

109, 129, 130, 131, 141. 
Ricardus 40, 60, 63, 66, 105, 

106, 109, 125, 142, 143, 144, 

145, 147, 153, 154. 

Walterus I29. 

Neeuille, Gaufridus de (cuftos caftelli de 

Berwic), 18. 
Nes, Adam del 64.* 

Alanus de 261. 

. Dunecanus (filius Ade) 64.* 

Nefus filius 40, 53. 

Neubotle, Adam abbas de 42, 54, 1 0.'^, IO6. 

Neubosle, Hugo abbas de 36, 37, 81, 
85, 102, 113, 153. 

. Gaufridus filius Henrici de 

150, 152, 153. 
Neuporth, magiller Rogerus de 33, 35, 

95, 121. 
Neufum, Thoma; canonicus dc 125, 
Neutun, (Neuetuna) Ada de 56, 57. 

Girardus clericus de 81. 

— — HerJiilhis de 57- 

Nicholaus, Cancellarius 39, 43, 77, 141. 

filius Ade 125. 

filius Rolandi 50, 51, 52. 

Niger, Johannes 20. 

Normanneuilla, Hugo de 79> 85, 91, 93, 
94, 1 1 6. 

Leonius de 132, 134. 

Novo Caftello fuper Are, Willielmus vice- 

comes de 29. 

Odardi, Willielmus filius 77- 
Oem, Willielmus filius 81. 
Ohfer, (OKfard) David II9, 120. 

Walterus (Julliciarius) 35, 76, 

130, 157, 
Oliverus filius Kylv', 112. 

- capellanus Regis 91, 93, 94. 
Orm, (Horm) Adam filius 129, 

Johannes filius IO9, 118, 120, 121, 

126, 129. 
■ Willielmus filius Johannis filii 121, 

Ofmundus famulus Roberti de Londoniis, 

Ofulfi, Uctredus filius 139. 
Ofulfus filius Uctredi, 141. 

Paduine, Hugo de 37. 

Papedi, Stephanus 67- 

Paris, Walterus de 37 

Parvus, Alanus 65. 

^— — Hugo (clericus Regis) 32. 

PalTelet, Rogerus prior de 114. 

- Dominus W. abbas de 133. 
Paflfelewe, Willielmus 60. 

Patric, Willielmus 40, 68. 
Patricius filius Ade, 40, 68. 

comes 16, 55, 47, 67- 

Paulewrthe, Adam de 47, 68. 
Pert, magiller Ada de 125. 

Robertus de (cancellarius epifcopi 

Sancti Andree) 42. 



Perthic, Helias de (canonicus de Glafgii) 

43, 53. 
Petcox, (Pethcox) Gamellus de 67- 

Philippus de 44, 53. 

Pinchebec, Nigellus filius Walteri de 44. 
Polioch, Robertus de 130, 131. 

■^ Yfabel uxor ejus 130. 

Popple, Aldredus de 44, 53. 
Portarius, Walterus, 64. 

Portman, 20. 

Prebenda,(Provende) Hugode 91, 92, 94. 
Ricardus de la 36, 69, 79, 82, 

Prendell, Johannes de 144, 145. 

Quinci, Eua quondamuxor Robertide40. 
Robertus de 36, 40, 82, 123, 130. 

Radulfus, capellanus Regis 67, 79, 113. 

filius Uctredi 140. 

RapercU, Urafridus de 81. 
Rapl' Robertus de 132. 
Reginaldus filius Antonie, 105, I07. 

homo perfone de Hunum, 

151,* 152. 
Ricardus filius Anke, 17- 

filius Anfelli I29. 

. capellanus 39, 43, 120, 141. 

clericus 17- 

clericus Regis 57, 58, II9, 132. 

— — — decanus 76. 

filius Danielis I9. 

Gaufridi 95, 

Gilleberti 83, 86, 95, 38. 

^— — Henrici Regis Anglie, 14. 

Johannis 105, 107. 

Liifun, 82. 

Sewar, 95. 

Richerii, Gillebertus filius 39, 43, 56. 

Ridale, Afketinus de 141. 

Gaufridus 119, 129, 138, 154. 

Hugo 36, 38, 50, 52, 82, 157. 

Ifabella fponfa Willielmi de 149, 

150, 151, 151*, 152. 

Nicholaus de 145, 147. 

Patricius de 142, 143, 144, 145, 

147, 149, 150, 151, 151*, 152, 
153, 156. 

, Eadulfus de 110, 111, 142, 143, 

145, 146, 147, 149, 151, 151,* 
153, 154. 

Ridale, Walterus de 13, 128, 142, 143, 
145, 146, 147, 149, 150, 151. 
151,* 153, 154. 

Willielmus de 142, 149, 150, 

151, 151,* 152, 153. 

Rieuall, Arnaldus (Ernaldus) abbas de 
84, 85, 113, 140, 142, 143. 

' Sihianus abbas de 102. 

■ Willielmus fuccentor de 109. 

^— ^— monachi de 12, 83. 

Rieuallin, Warin 54. 

Robertus, archidiaconus 78. 

capellanus 13, 79, 84, 121, 132, 


clericus 60. 

filius Fulberti 53, 56. 

Gregorii 53. 

Guidonis 43, 141. 

Jordani 77- 

~ Line 86. 

Maias, 56. 

Maccus, 76, 81. 

Radulfi 82, 98. 

Rogerus clericus, 77, 83, 96, 105, I07. 

filiusGlaii 38, 49, 51,52, 64,*7I. 

Henrici 17, 20. 


Rokeiburg, magifier Johannes (decanus) 
de 35, 105, IO6, II9, 120, 
122, 146, 147. 

Robertus tinctor de 81. 

Rolandi, Nicholaus filius 50, 51. 

Rolandus fihus Uctredi (Jufticiarius) 15, 
54, 82, 98, 103. 

— — — fenefcallus Comitis Patricii 44. 

Rolandus de 112. 

Ros, Godefridus de 95. 

Petrus de 1 03. 

Roienfis epifcopus, Reginaldus, 114. 

Ruffus, Liulfus 140. 

Rufus, Radulphus 13. 

Ruffel, Alanus 153. 

Rutherford, Gregorius de 75, 76. 

Ruthirglen, Nigellus perfona de 51. 

Salle, Willielmus de 17, 
Sancta Cruce, abbas de 89. 

— Johannes abbas de 42. 

Willielmus abbas de 22, 

Sancto Albano, Ricardus clericus de 11 9, 



Sancti Andree, maprifter Henricus 125. 

. ejiilcopus, Kicardus 32, 39y 

41, 43, 103, 
Willielmus de 

Sancto Clero archidiaconus, Matheus de 

Walterus de 


Henricus de 85. 

Sancto [Claro ?] Henricus de 49- 
Sancti Columbe, .... prior Inlulc 89. 
Scalebroc, CriiHana de 28. 
.. — Kogerus de 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 

Scona, Robertus abbas de 42. 
Scotus, Ricardus 132, 154. 
Seel, (Sigillo) Hugo del 36, 82, 93, 113, 

Seint Martin, (Sancto Martino) Alexan- 

der de 3(j, 58, 82, llf), 120. 
Seint Michel, (Sancto Michaele) Robertus 

de 3(), 58, 82. 
Senelchalkis, Willielmus 35. 
Sewar, Ricardus filius Qa. 
Sibbilla uxor Roberti Auenel, 30. 
Sigberith fponla Henrici Bradfoth, 157. 
Simon archidiaconus. V. Glafguenfis. 

filius Bertulf, 134. 

ferviens Rogeri Burnard 75. 

Simundeitun, Jordanus perfona de 64.* 
Sinton, (Sintun) Alexander de 76, 93, 
94, 107, 123. 

Andreas de 151,* 152. 

Sireis, Adam de 84. 
Sorules, Willielmus 90, 92, 94, 95. 
Staflei, Thomas de 68. 
Stanford, Adam de 36, 82, 84, 140. 
Steinton, (Staintun) Ifabel uxor Willielmi 
le Waleis filia et heres Ro- 
berti filii Fouberti de 53. 

Ricardus capellanus de 54. 

Robertus de 43, 52. 

Stephanus, camerai-ius 103. 

faber 57. 

filius Willielmi 129. 

Stobhou, Gregorius de 117- 
Strathniih, Radulfus decanus de 113,114. 
Strathem, Gillebertus comes de 85. 
Striuelin, Gilebertus de (clericus Regis) 

91, 92, 94. 
Sumeruilla, Willielmus de 13, 20, 109, 


Terri, magifter 37. 

Teuidalia, Johannes decanus de 113, 114, 

Ricardus decanus et officialis 

de 153. 
Theodericus, magifter (clericus epifcopi 

Glafguenfis) 38. 
Thirlllain, (Turleftan) Alanus de 49, 81, 

82, 83, 85, 86, 96, 98, 123. 
Thomas, clericus 82, 95, 98. 
Thome, Walterus filius 75. 
Thorp, Adam de IO9. 
Tiningham, Andreas decanus de 53, 54. 
Treihn, Nicholaus de 103. 
Turberuile, Willielmus de 154. 

Uctredi, Edmundus avunculus 140. 
— — — RoIIandus filius 54. 
Uctredus filius Ofulfi, 14, 41, 139. 

Justiciarius, 15. V. Hucti"ed. 

Umframuilla, Gilbertus de 104, 105. 

Odenel de 58. 

Ricardus de 122. 

Umfridus, decanus 64.* 

Vacca, Radulfus 155. 
Valle Annant, Thomas decanus de 1 13,1 1 4. 
Valenfis de Staintun, Willielmus 51. 
Valoniis, (Valuines, Wailons, Waloines,) 

Petrus de 132. 
— Philippus de (Camerarius) 36, 

39, 43, 46, 69, 82, 84, 103, 

105, 107, 109, 116, 123, 140, 


Rogerus de36, 82, 103, 109, 130. 

Willielmus de 9I, 93, 105, 

107, 154. 
Vefci, Euftachius de 91, 92, 94, 154. 

Willielraus de 132, 134. 

Vilers, Alexander de 121. 
Viromandie, Philippus comes 13. 
Vlchileftun, Sampfon filius Willielnii de 

Wadale, (Wedala) Gilis de 42. 
.— — — horaines de 103. 
Walays, (Wallenfis) Ada le 132, 134. 
— ^— Alanus 64. * 
I Henricus 62. 

.. Ricardus le 49, 56, 57, 59, 6(), 

62, 63, 63,* 64, 64,* 66. 



Walays, Stephanus 64.* 

Willielmus le 53. 

Walctun, (Walgthun, Walhtun,Waloutun) 
Neffus de ii, 47, 60, 63, 68, 91, 92, 
94, 112. 
Waldeuus filius Baldewin, 82. 
Walepol, magifter Adam de (clericus 

epifcopi Glafguensis) 38. 
Waleuhope, Dominus Ada de 132, 149. 
Walleuus, (Waldeuus) comes 44, 67, 120. 
Walterus clericus epifcopi 24. 

■ filius Alani dapifer Regis, 13, 

15, 16, 17, 38, 
39, 43, 49, 50, 
51, 53, 55, 56, 
58, 59, 6l, 63, 
64,* 65, 70, 85, 
132, 133, 134, 

Senefcalli Regis 17. 

capellanus Regis 67, 113. 

clericus epifcopi Glafguensis 

32, 35, 60, 121. 

I clericus Regis 29. 

filius Edgari 68. 

Gaufridi coci 151, 151,* 


Portarius 64. 

filius Thome 75. 

Warinus nepos Epifcopi Glafguenfis 38. 

Welpingtun, Ricardus de 105, 107- 

Whitton, (Wichetun, Witthune, Wittun, 
Withechun,) Ada de 132, 142, 
145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 153. 

Anfelmus de 125, 126, 127, 154. 

Archil de 119. 

— — — Gaufridus cocus de 148. 

Gilebertus filius Ade de 132. 

Whitton, Patricius de 47, 9I, 94. 
— — — Thomas clericus de 140. 

Willielmus de 145, 147, 148. 

Wildlelhoueres, (Windeflioure) Walterus 

de 107, 109, 157. 
Willelmi, Stephanus filius I29. 
Willelmus capellanus 13. 

Regis, 91, 92, 93, 

94, 109, 120. 

■ — Walteri Senefcalli 

132, 134. 

clericus 20, 77, 86. 

^— ^— dapifer epifcopi Glafguenfis 

95, 123, 152.* 

filius Johannis 123, 142, 143, 


Odardi 77. 

Oem 81. 

— — — Walterinepos dapiferi 57. 

fenefcallus epifcopi Glafguen- 

sis 32. 
Wiltune, Robertus de I29. 

— Rogerus de 126. 

Winceftre, Ricardus de S6. 
Windicheles, Aldredus de 44. 
Witingham, Edulfus faber de 44. 

Gilbertus de 53. 

— — Petrus clericus de 44, 53. 

de 112. 

Waldeuus perfona de 40. 
Walleuus frater GUberti per- 

fone de 44. 
Wittun. V. Whitton. 

Yetham, Ada de 130, 131. 

Yfabel, u.xor Roberti de Pollock 1 30. 

Yuus, diaconus 129. 



Abirnethy, (Abirnid) Henricus de IQi- 

Laurentius de 185, 229, 230. 

Abigenfis, magifter Johannes 190, 191. 
Ada comitiffa. V. Dunbar. 

iixor Willielnii de Colevill ITj- 

Adam filius fabri 265. 

Gilberti 167, 16S. 

Rogeri 177. 

Affrica(Aufrica)filiaEdgaril81,182, 183. 
Agnes filia Johannis, (uxor Laurentii de 

Ylififtun) 238. 
Akild, Robertus de 26S, 269, 270. 

Willielmus de 269. 

Alanus, Hoftiarius (Jufticiarius Scocie) 

filius Patricii 265. 

Rolandi 16O, (Conftabula- 

rius) 167, 202, 203. 

Walteri I6I. 

Aldredus, faber 193. 

filius Pae 265. 

Alenton, magifter Petrus de (archidiaco- 

nus de Teuidale) 243. 
Alewain, Iwanus filius 172. 
Alexander clericus de capella 2 1 4. 

fenefcallus Scotie 172. 

Alington, WilHelmus de 207, 209. 

Alnecrom, R. decanus de 229. 

Alnot, (Alneto, Aunoy) Tliomas de 186, 

Andreas, miles 215. 
Anghcus, Johannes 237. 
Annes fponfa Ade le Vihire 165. 
Are, Dominus Radulphus decanus de 

Aftvirke, Alexander de 254. 
Aftenefdene, Criftina filia Willielmi filiii 
Ade de 241. 

Hugo braciator de 241. 

Rogerus prepofitus de 242. 

Atholie, Thtmas comes 162, I90, I9I. 

Auenel, Gervafius 159, 175, 177, 185. 

Johannes 185, 239. 

Robertus 159, 175, 177- 

Rogerus I77, 235, 239, 263. 

Willielmus (jjerfona) 179. 

Auicia uxor Ricardi de Moreuill I60. 
— — fiHa Johannis fiHi Yhf de Ylifil- 

tun, 232. 
Aylbrith de Rokifburc, Johannes fiUus 

Baggat, Ada de 231, 232, 258. 
BaiUiol, (Baylloll) Ingelramus de l62, 
167, 168, 184, 246. 

Henricus de 181. (Camerarius 

Regis) 220, 246. 
Balinclog, A. rector ecclesie de 201. 
Balmurinach, dominus Alanus abbas 

Sancti Edwardi de 19I. 
Bardolf, Radulphus 254. 
Beletun, Henricus de 195. 
Bercelai, Laiirentius de 184. 
Berigdon, Henricus de 209. 
Bernam, Dauid de 163, 164. 

Robertus de 163, l64. 

Rogerus de 163. 

WiJHelmus de l65. 

Bernardeby, (Bernoldebi, Bernuhiebi) 

Robertus de 1 88, 250, 
255, 257, 264, 266. 

Williehnus de 257. 

Bertram, Rogerus 268, 26.'). 

Berwic, conftabularius de 166. 

Petrus prelbiter de 165. 

Biger, Magister Abel de (canonicus Glaf- 
guenfis) 248. 

- Ricardus de (monachus de Mauhe- 

lin) 171. 

Robertus de 174. 

Magister Symon de(canonicus(;laf- 

guenfis) 243. 



Blacethteii, Johannes de 207. 
Bolay, Williehnus 234. 
Bonekil, Johannes capellanus de 229- 
Radulphus de 209. 

WilHelmus de l62. 

Bondinton W. de. V. Glafguenfis epifc. 
Bofco, (Bofo) Gaufridus de igo, 19 1. 
Thomas de 210, 212, 214. 

I Willielmus de (cancellarius Re- 

gis) l6l, 163, 167, 227, 228. 
Bolteby, Winiehnus de 192. 
Braccheley, Laurencius de 187. 
Braciator, Symon 257- 
Breychin, Wilhelmus de l60, 188. 
Brinkeburne, prior de 270. 
Brockefmuthe, Robertus de 253. 
Bruis, Robertus de 173, 176. 

WilHehnus de l60, 173, 176. 

Buchan, Wilhelmus Cumin comes de 167- 
Buredon, (Burdun) Dauid de 209. 
Walterus de 264. 

Burnard, Rogerus 177, 179,216,222,226. 
Byfet, Walterus 188. 

Cancia,(Cantia)Thomas de 187, 190, 191- 
Candida Cafa, Dominus Walterus epifco- 

pusde 181, 182. 

Andreas 232, 234. 

Ricardus 232, 234. 

Walterus 233. 

Campania, Radulfus de (conftabularius de 

Rokifburg) 222, 250. 
Cardin, Patricius de 226. 
Carric, (Karric) Alanus de 170. 

Duncanus comes de I69, 170, 

171, 172, 173, 174. 
Carpentarius, Robertus 242. 
Cathkert, Alanus de (conftabularius de 

Are) 201. 
Champenais de Karrig, Walterus I7I. 
Chartre, (Chartris) dominus Thomas de 

184, 186. 
Chathou, (Chatton) Ada de 248, 264. 
Alexaiider de 245, 246, 247, 

Cheuelingham, .lohannes piftor de 209- 
Clapham, dominus Walterus de 239. 
Clericus, Willielmus 188. 
CHftun, Radulphus de (clericus) 203. 
Cokeburne, Robertus de ( conftabulai'ius 

de Rokesburg) 2 60. 

Colevilla, Thomas de (cognomento Scot) 
172, 173, 174, 226, 246. 

WilHelmus de 173, 232, 246. 

Comyn de Kilbride, dominus WiUielmus 

Corbet, Criftiana (fponfa WilHelmi filii 
Patricii comitis) 238, 239. 

Matildis 249, 254, (uxor Patricii 

de Ridale) 263. 

Nicholaus 210, 212, 214, 217, 

218, 264. 

Walterus 1 fiO 

Cornaft, Hugo de 267. 
CorneHus canonicus de Darcungal 181. 
Cofpatricius comes I60. V. Gofpatricius. 
Coupland, Sampfone de 269- 
Crauford, Hugo fiHus Reginaldi de 174. 

Reginaldus de 173, 174. 

Crennefcawe, WiUiehnus de 265. 

CrefTeuil, WilHehnus de 179- 

Criftina filia WiHielmi filii Ade de Aften- 

efdene, 241. 
Croc, Robertus 258, 26 1. 

Walterus 187. 

China. V. Efchin.i. 
Cumin, Dauid 184. 

Johannes Ifll, 212, 214. 

Jordanus ]6l. 

dominus Ricardus 184, 186. 

Walterus 184, 222. 

^—^ WiUielmus (comes de Buchan) 

comes de Meneteth, 

205, 216. 


Cuningham, W. de (decanus GlafguenCs) 

Cupro, A. abbas de 250. 
Curri, Robertus de 172. 

Dalgernoc, Dominus Enoc rector eccle- 

fie de 181, 183, 184. 
Darcungal, CorneHus canonicus de 181. 
Derman, Willielmus fiHus 186. 
Douenald, Edgarus fiHus 172, 173. 
Donancia uxor WiHiehni fiHi Johannis, 

Dufglas, dominus Archebaldus de 215. 

. A. de 215. 

Dumblain, C. epifcopus de 181. 
Dunbai-, Ada comitiffa de 265. 
— — — Hugo capeHanus de 194. 

AI.EX. n. 


Dunbar, Patriciiis comes de 1()1, 1R8, 
1()1, 192, i9-~>, l<}t), 197,201-, 
20,';, 207, 210, 211, 212, 219, 
2.'J0, 238, 231, 252, 256, 270. 

— — Patricius (filius comitis) 192, 
196', 197, 204, 205, 230, 238, 
251, 252, 270. 

Robertus (filius coraitis de) 207, 

210, 212, 214. 

Simon capellanus de 198. 

Doniinus Walleuus perfona de 


Willielmus (filius comitis) 192, 

204, 287, 210, 212, 214, 238. 

Duncanns filius Gilberti 167, 172. 

Dundas, Helya de 186. 

Dunelmo, Adam filius Ade de 256, 257- 

Dunfres, Martinus perfona de 184. 

Dunkeldenfis Magifter Willielmus archi- 
diaconus, 221. 

G. electus 185, 229, 230. 

Dunynian, Alexander de 171. 

Duuegal, Giladuenan 172, 173. 

Dunun, Adam de 266. 

Eboraci, prior .Sancte trinitatis, 270. 
Edenam, (Edenham) magifter WilHelnius 

de 249, 25.% 255. 
Edgari, Alanus filius Alani filii 192. 

Patricius filius Alani filii (clericus 

Patricii comitis) 192. 
Edgarus filius Douenaldi 172, 173. 

fenefcalUis 232. 

Eghetofft, Nicholaus de 206. 

Elena. V. Helena. 

Enoc, rector ecclefie de Dalgemoc, 181, 

183, 184. 
Ercheldun, (Hercheldun) magifter Wil- 

lielmus de 196, 197- 
Efchina de Molla, domina 257, 260. 
Efpec, Walterus 266. 
Euurth, Robertus de 254, 256, 26 1. 

Farburne, Simon de 216. 

Fentnn, . . . . de 226. 

Fergus filius Uctredi 172. 

Fife, Malcolmus comes de 16I, l63, l67, 

Flamaticus de Stanhus, dominus Williel- 

mus 215. 
Fleming, Thomas 250. 

Fontibus, dominus J. abbas de 175. 

Walterus de 223. 

Ford, doniinus Odenellus de 208, 26S, 

269, 270. 
Francus, Willielmus 223, 226. 
Frafer, Bernardus 185, 188, I92, 194, 

196, 197, 203, 222, 229, 230, 

246, 265. 

Gilbertus 226. 

Symon 245. 

Galbrath, dominus WiHiehnus de 201. 
Galewai, Alanus fiHus Rolandi de 172, 

GameHinus, magifter 212, 214. 
Gaufridus fiHus Gaufridi 237. 

clericus de Liberatione 181. 

Gernun, Ricardus 254, 256. 
Giladuenan filius Duuegal 172, 17-''. 
Gilbertus filius Andree 200. 
Gilelkop, Macihacain 172. 
Gillescopwyn Mackenedi (senescallus de 

Karric) 171- 
Gillecrifl; filius Kenedi 1 72. 

Machaued 174. 

Gillcriftus filius Gillcunil 182. 

Gilled, Judex 1 S2. 

Gillemartin, Gilleroth filius 172. 

Gillemor Magdunegal 173. 

Gillenbract filius Paderi 182. 

Gillenef Okeueltal 172. 

Gilleroth filius Gillemartin 172. 

Gillefakeneftii filius Gillin 172. 

Gilia, foror Roberti de Mufcarapo 206, 

207, 208, 209. 
Gillin, Gillefakenelhi filius 172. 
Glafguenfis, magifter Hugo archidiaco- 

nus, 221, 243, 258, 262, 

decanus 201. 

Willielmus electus (cancel- 

larius) 203, 204, 216, 222. 

epifcopus Willielraus (car.- 

cellarius) 1 69, 
170, 242, 262. 

229, 236, 240, 248, 254, 

Glay, Willielmus filius 185. 
Glencarn, Fergus de 173, 174. 
Gordun, Adam de 196, 197. 
Gospatricius 237. V. Cofpatricius. 




Graham, Dauicl de 207, 210, 212, 214-, 
216, 232. 

Henricus de 210, 212, 214. 

Grenlaw, majjifter Willielmus de 206, 
207, (filius Rolandi filii Willielmi) 209, 
211, 212, 213, 243, 262, 263. 

Grubbheued, Symon de 238, 264. 

Grundi, Benedictus 242. 

Robertus 242. 

Gurlay, Hugo (miles) 200. 

Gurle, Ingeramus 203. 

Honum, Williehiius filius Johannis de 209- 

Hopper, Adam 232, 233. 

Hormilion, Alanus de 245. 

Horlhroc, Symon de 215. 

Horiley, Symon de 254, 26l. 

Hofliarius,Alanus ( Jui^iciarius Scotie) 205. 

Howburn, dominus Jame de 209. 

Huieband, Johannes 233. 

Hugo, braciator de Aftenefden 241. 

(clericus) 170. 

Hadingtun, Radulphus Spendehine pre- 

positus de 1 88. 
Hage, Henricus de la 203. 
Hahburton, Wilhelmus de 207. 
Hamekhni, Robertus de 268. 

Rogerus de 269- 

Hauden, Bernardus de 177, 195, 220, 
226, 227, 229, 232, 238, 239, 
246, 247, 248, 249, 251, 252, 
253, 255. 

dominus Radulfus de 26O. 

Harang de Meinichoch, Petronilla filia 

Ade 236. 
Hai'ecarr, (Harecarres) Alanus de 207, 

Hatton, Robertus 226. 
Hauuill, Radulphus de (falconarius Re- 

gis) 163, 164. 
Haukerilon, Robertus de 200. 
Haulton, Elia de 241. 

Gilbertus de 242. 

Hawe, Petrus de 250. 

Hawhic, Ada fenefcallus de 232. 

Haya, Thomas de SS5. 

Heidene, (Heddun) Robertus de 266. 

Waherus de 267. 

Helena uxor Ade de Hetun 257, 258. 
Helleya, Hugo de 226, 227. 
Helia perfona de Veteri Roxburg 229- 
Henricus fiHu:? comitis 184. 
Hertelheueth, Williehnus de 203. 
Hetun, Adam de 257, 258, 259. 

Johannes de 258. 

Michael de 258. 

Ricardus de 227, 229, 259. 

Walterus de 258. 

Heuurth, Robertus de. V. Euurth. 
Hirmannifton, Alexander de 257. 
Home, Rogerus de 207. 
Honorius, Papa 169, 221, 240. 

Iklertun, Thomas de 266. 

Iliue de IHuefton, Johannes fiHus 231. 

Auicia fiha Johannis 

Ifabel (Yfabel) uxor Roberti de Pollehoc, 
257, 259, 260. 

filia Roberti Croc, 258. 

luuenis, Ada, 261. 
Iwanus fiHus Alewain 172. 

Jacobus fiHus WilHehni I90, 191, 
Jeddewurd, Philippus abbas de 236. 
Johannes filius Aylbrith de Rokftjurc 215. 

Dufthauc 1 84. 

Michaehs de Methkil 

189, 190, 193. 

Orm 159. 

Petri 215. 

Philippi 225. 

Ricardi 232. 

Simonis 209. 

Waheui 192. 

capellanus 204. 

perfona I96, 197- 

Jordanus capellanus 265. 

Kelco, (Kelchow) HeHa abbas de 201, 


Henricus abbas de 177, 21 9. 

Ricardus abbas de 179- 

Kenedi, Gillecreft fihus 172. 

Kent, Thomas de (clericus) 203. 

Ker, Ricardus 232. 

Killebride, J. de (decanus Glafguenfis) 1 6S. 

Kilnum, Thonias de 266. 

■ Walterus de 265, 266. 

Kippeh, Robertus de (miles) 200. 

Kirchemanen et de Stralun, Alanus per- 

fona de 170. 



Kirkebride, G. perfona de 184. 
Kirkchaiiie, prior de 270, 271. 

Lambeden, Johannes de 207, 20,0. 

Robertus filius Johannis de 

Lambremor, Alanus de 203. 
Langetun, Hobertus de 257. 
Lardenarius, Rigerus 238. 
Latimer, Williehnus Hoi. 
Laundeles, Aymerus de 247. 
Edgerus de 247- 

Johannes de 232, 244, 24(). 

Wiihelmus de 243, 244. 

Laylinge de Lefledwyn, Thomas filius 

Gilberti fihi 233. 
Lelhedwin, Gilbertus de 226. 
Letham, Johannes de 209, 232. 
Leuenaus, Malcolmus filius Comitis de 


Leuinton, Radulfus de (clericus) 170. 

Lexintun, Johannes de (miles) 256, 26l. 

Leya, dominus Philippus de la 237. 

VVillielmus de 188. 

Lillefclif, Ada de 242. 

Alexander de 188, 254. 

— — — Gaufridus de 188. 

Willielmus de 188. 

Lindefay, (Lyndefay) Dauid de 172, 
185, 205, 229, 230, — Juili- 
ciarius Laodonie 236. 

Simon de 260. 

Walterus de l67, 168, 188, 

(miles) 201, 246. 

WilHelmus de 185, 214, 220, 

229, 239, — decanus Glaf- 
guenCs 243, 246, 262, 263. 
Lintun, Ada fenefcallus de 232. 
. Oliuerus de 265. 

Patricius perfona de 265. 

Londoun, Ricardus de l6l. 

Lundin, (Lundon) Alexander 232, 264. 

Nes de 265. 

Robertus de 237, (filius Alexan- 

dri) '^64. 

Thomas de (hoftiarius Regis) 

l6l, 228. 

Lurgtun, Hugo 26l. 

Mabilla uxor Walteri de Burdun 264. 
Mac Cuning, Paderus 182. 

Maccufwell, (Makcfwele) Dominus Ay- 
mcrus (Eymerus de) 186, 
222, (vicecomes de Rokif- 
burg) 246, 251, 252, 

■ Johannes de (camerarius 

Regis) l6l, 162, l63, 167, 168, 177, 
179, 187, 195, 220, 222, 226, 228, 
238, 289- 

Macdufthi, Johannes 182. 

Macekgilduf, Nigellus 172. 

Mac haued, Gillecrill 174. 

Macihacain, Gilelkop 172. 

Magdunegal, Gillemor 173. 

Makeg filius Kyin 172. 

Mackenedi, Gillifcopewyn (Senefcallus 

de Karric) 171. 
Makeifone, Robertus 226. 
Makifpofil, Adam de 234. 
Makullun, (Makeftun) Magifter Adam de 

Johannes filius Philippi de 226. 

Malcolmusfilius Comitis de Leuenaux I9I. 

VValleui 205. 

Malewille, Robertus de 220. 
Malus, Symon (leporarius) 220. 
Man, Robertus de 269. 
Maneriis. V. Meiners. 
Mar, Douenaldus de l62. 

Williehnus comes de 214, 216. 

Marefcallus, (Marfcallus) Ada l63. 

Chrifiiana 163. 

i Dauid 161, 162, 181, 184, 

188, 228, 236, 263. 

■ Heruicius I6I, 228. 

■ \V'aldeuus 254. 

Margareta fponfa Nicholai Corbet, 217, 

Margeria filia Roberti de Mufcampo, 208. 
Martinus, perfona de Dunfres 184. 
Matheus, Magilter (Cancellaj-ius) 184, 

Matildis mater domini Roberti de Muf- 

campo) 209. 
Mauleuerer, dominus Hugo 186. 
Mauricius filius Roberti 193, I94. 
Mautalent, Ricardus 203. 

Thomas 187,247. 

Maybothel, G. perfona de I68. 
Meiners, (Maneriis) Robertus de 205, 

210, 212, 214. 
Melros, A. abbas de 175. 
— — Adam cellerarius de 19S. 


Melros, Dominus Willielmus abbas del72. 

Gaufridus portarius de 215. 

Meinichoch, Dominus Serlo perfona de 

Meneteth (Menethet,) W. Cumin comes 

de 181, 205, 2l6. 
Merbotle, Gilbertus de 237. 

Willielmus de 237. 

Merlay, Rogerus de 192, I96, 197, 198, 

255, 268. 
Mernes, Ricardus de 205. 
Methkil, Johannes de 189, 190> 192, 19.>- 
Michaehs de Methkil Johannes fihus 189> 

190, 191, 192, 193, 19,5. 
Michael, clericus epifcopi de Candida 

Cafa 181, 182. 
Mirihild, Wilhelmus 165. 
Molle, Domina Efchina de 259. 
Monipeiii, Ricardus IQi. 
Moreuia, A. epifcopus de 181. 
Moreuilla, Ricardus de I60. 

Willielmus de I60. 

Monte-alto, Willielnius de 219- 
Mortliingtoun, Willielmus de l6i. 
Mortuo Mari, Henricus de (canonicus 

Glafguenfis) 1 68. 
Morwick, Hugo de 269- 
Mubray, Philippus de I67, 22i. 
Mulinaws, Radulphus de 207. 
Mundeville, Johannes de 184, 187- 
Mufcarapo, (Mufchans) Robertus de 206, 
207, 209, 210, 211, 212, 
247, 251, 252, 267, 269, 
Williehnus de 207, 209. 

Nanus, (Neim, Naymin) Radulfus 239, 
268, 271. 

Ricardus le 177, 188, 264, 266. 

Nes, Alanus de 26 1. 

de Lundon 265. 

Nefebit, Dominus Uobertus de 264. 

Thomas de 196. 

Neffius, magifter (raedicus Domini Regis) 

190, 191. 
Neubotill, A. abbas de 250. 

Hugo de 264. 

R. abbas de 250. 

. Roaerus de 254. 

Neutun, Dauid de 226. 

Dominus Thoraas vicarius de 


Neutun, Matheus de (celleravius de Mel- 
ros) 171. 

Willielmus de (ballivus de 

Sprouifton) 260. 
Nichol, Ricardus de 254, 256. 
Nicholaus capellanus 253. 
Norberwic, Johannes de I94. 
Noriuanuilla, Henrieus de 225. 
Dominus Hugo de (perfona 

de Stanfordham) 221, 225, 

Johannes de (dominus de 

Makeilun) 219, 221, 222, 

223 224 225 227. 
— — — Dominus Thomas de l62, 

186, 188, 205, 210, 212, 

214, 223, 225. 

Matheus de 226. 

Robertus de 226. 

Waleramus de 225. 

Willielmus de ( rector eccle- 

fie de Machullon) 219, 221, 222, 223, 
224, 225 227. 
Northyrabria, ( Northurabria) magifter 

Alanus archidiaconus de 

268, 269, 270. 

capitulum de 268, 269, 270. 

decanus de 268, 269, 270. 

Nueres, Ada de 2O9. 

Okeueltal, Gillenef 172. 

Olifard, David, I6I. 

Walterus 16I, 167, 168, 177, 197, 

— (Jufiiciarius Laodonie) 181, 
184, 188, 192, — (Jufticiarius 
Regis) 220, 222, 226,235, 246, 

Willielraus 214. 

Oliverus filius Aldredi fabri 193. 

Orra, Johannes filius 159, 246. 

Willielnius 246. 

Ofulfus filius Uctredi I60. 

O.vonie Comes. V. Vere. 

Paleweftun, Willielraus de 266. 
Papedi, Johannes 209. 
Paruus Henricus 190, I91. 
Pafl^ieleth, Doniinus W. abbas de 262 

Patricius Coraes I6I, 167, 173. 
filius Comitis 184, iy2. 



Pauleworth, ( Powlworth ) Adam de 192, 

19+. l!)(i, 197, 2i9> -'•'"' J- 
Perelbi, Doininiis Hugo de (vicecomes de 

RokelLurg) 2^5, 260. 
Perthic, Philippus de 195, 196, 197, 198. 
Petronilla filia Ade Harang de Meini- 

chocli, 236. 
Pctrus, capellanus 20 1. 
Piftor de Clieuelingham, Johannes 209- 
Pethcox, 1'hilippusde 195, 19(), 197, 19«- 
Pile de Hou^ldene, Williehnus 231. 
Plauftun, Johannes de 267. 
Plefit, (Pleycis) Uadulfus de 209, 247. 
Pollehoc, Robertus de 257, 259, 26'0. 
Pottoun, magifter Hugo de (archidiaconus 

Glalguenfis) 248. 
Poydras, Robertus 1 86, 237- 
Prendir .... Johannes de 144. 
Prudtot, Elgi 227- 
Purueys de Molpennoc, Willielmus 214. 

Quapath, Rotheric 171. 
Quinci, .Seiher de I6I. 

Rogerus de 246. 

Quinkerftane, Stephanus de 265. 

Radulphus clericus 232. 

decanus de Are 201. 

Ramefay, raagifter P. de 194. 
Randulphi, (Ranulfi) Thomas filius 1S4, 

185, 186, 229, 230, 232. 
Reuedene, Hugo de 254. 
Rej-nerus theutonicus 26l. 
Ricavdus clericus Geruafii Auenel 177- 
Richemund, Alanus de 215. 
Ridale, Ciaufridus 266. 

Patricius de I60, 249, 250, 251, 

253, 254, 263. 

Radulfus de 250, 253, 255, 264. 

Walterus de 244, 246, 250, 251, 

253, 254, 255, 264, 267- 

Willielmus de 251, 256, 257, 263. 

Rieuall, Dominus W^. abbas 175. 
Rippeleye, (Ryppelei) Bernardus de 203, 

210, 212, 214, 236. 
Ritun, V\ ilHehiius de 252. 
Robertus capellanus Regis 161, l62. 

fihus comitis 207, 210, 212, 214. 

fiHus Helye 186. 

Patricii 265. 

Rokeftjurc, Henricus fihus Roberti de 1 88. 

Heha perfona de veteri 229. 

— — — Johannes filius Aylbrith de 

2 1 5. 
Radulpluis conftabularius de 

Rolandus filius Johannis 209. 

Williehni 209. 

Ros, Robertus de 205, 210, 212, 214^ 

216, 220, 222, 251, 252, 254, 266. 
Ruchelau, Berthin de I98. 
Rule, Ricardus de 237, 244, 245, 260. 

Thomas de 237, 244, 245, 26O. 

Ruftel, Wilhehnus 188. 

Rutherford, Gregorius de 177, 179, 227, 

229, 232. 
— dominus Nicholaus de 244, 

245, 260, 264. 

Sancti Andree epifcopus, Dauid 164. 

' Willielmus I67. 

Sancto Claro, Dominus VVillielmus de 
(vicecomes de Edinburgh) 200. 

Michaele, Johannes de 233. 

WilHehiius de 133. 

Scalebroc, Rogerus de I67. 
Scon, Robertus de 241. 
Scottun, Robertus de 265. 
Seint Cler, Alanus de 203. 
Selech, Hugo 237. 
Senefcallus, Alexander 214. 

Dominus Robertus 205. 

Serlo, perfona de Meinichoch 237. 
Seton, (Setun) Alexander de 199, 212, 
214, 249, 255. 

Doniinus Seyrus de I99. 

Sibilla uxor Gervafii Auenel 177. 

Siraon capellanus 181. 

Sintun, Alexander de 220, 232, 250. 

Andreas de I90, I9I, 232. 

Sorweles, VVilHelmns I61. 

Spendehuie, Radulfus (prepofitus de Ha- 

dingtun) 188. 
Spens, Alanus 257. 
Staintun, Ricardus capellanus de 198. 
Stichel, Philippus de 253. 
Strathern, Malyfius comes de 208. 
Stratun et de Kerchemanen, Alanus jier- 

fona de 1 70, 
StriveHn, Alexander vicecomes de 167^ 
168, 185, 203, 230, 232, 23.S, 




Strivelin, Thomas de (cancellarius) 220, 

Sules, Nicholaus de 214. 
Sumervile, Thomas de 177- 
— — Dorainus Willielmiis de 239, 

244, 245. 
Symon, braciator 257- 

Tevidale, archidiacoiius de 259- 

— .^^— — Dominus Ricardus decanus de 

226, 249, 264. 
— — ^— — magifler \^'alterus decanus de 

Theutonicus RejTierus (miles) 261. 
Tliirfi, Gilbertus de 203. 
Thweng, Marmeduc de 238. 
Thomas, Cancellarius Doraini Regis 220. 

— clericus de Liberacione 214. 
■ filius Gilleberti filii Layfinge de 

Lefledwyn 233. 
filius Randulphi 184, 185, — 

(vicecomes de Dunfres) 187, 195, 205, 

229, 232. 
Thoraldi, Willielmus filius 26l. 
Thurftanus filius Ofulphi 215. 
Tinigham, Andreas decanus de 265. 
Togkefden, Dominus Rogerus de 2O9. 
Trent, Magifler W. de 209. 
Treuequer, Thoraas de 184. 
Turribus, Euftachius de 21 9. 

Uctredi, Fergus filius 172. 
Uctredus filius Ofulfi I60. 
Uiuene, WiUielmus 237. 

Valle, Robertus de 261. 
\^alle Cluid, Johannes decanus de 26l. 
Valle Dei, J. abbas de 175. 
Vallibus, Johannes de 220. 
Valoniis, Philippus de (Camerarius Re- 
gis) 161, 228. 

Willielmus de 16I, l63, 228. 

Vere Comes Oxonie, Robertus de 228,256- 
Vefci, (Vefcy) Margeria de 252, 255. 
Willielmus de (miles) 253, 254, 

255, 256, 261. 
Veteri Ponte, Willielmus de (miles) 200, 


- Roxburgh, Helia perfona de 229- 
Vilure, Adam le l65. 

Walchope, Ada de, 232. 

Waldeuus perfona de Withinham 196, 

Walenfis, Ricardus 200. 

Wallentun, Nes filius Nes de 265. 

Walleui, Dominus Malcolmus filius 205. 

' Johannes filius 192. 

Walleuus filius Patricii 265. 

— — — perfona de Dunbar 200. 

Walterus filius Alani 159 — (fenefcallus 
Scotie) 170, 173, 181, 
184, 261, 262. 

Patricii 265. 

Walteri Senefcalli 210, 

212, 2i4, 

W. capellanus Regis I9I, 214. 

Wdforde, Walterus de 234. 

Werhc, Walterus clericus de 267- 

Willelmus filius Alexandri 249, 251, 252, 
— de Lillefcliue 254, 
256, 257- 

Comitis 210, 212, 214, 

237, 238. 

Derman, 186. 

Glay 185. 

Hugonis 257. 

— — Johannis I60, 177, 179, 

206, 207, 208, 238, 
242, 245, 246, 248, 
251, 252, 264. 

Thoraldi 26l. 

Thurftani 215. 

Walteri 233. 

Withinham, AValdeuus perfona de I96. 

Wittun, (Wichetun, Withtun) Adam de 

Anfelmus de I6I. 

Gillebertus de 247, 248, 254, 


Patricius filius Adara de I98. 

Robertus de 233. 

Thomas de 232. 

Wlecetun, Robertus de 207- 
Wotton, Dominus Walterus de 209. 

Yatheam, Dominus Adam de 239. 
yiififtun, Auicia filia Joliannis filii Ylif 
de 232. 

Johannes de 232. 

— Laurencius de 233. 




Abiniithin, Hiigo tle 273. 

Adam, magifter (perpetuus vicarius de 

Dunfres) 278. 
Alexander clericus capelle Domini Regis 

fenelcallus Scotie 283,284, 286, 

Alnecrumb, Johannes de 300. 
Alwentun, Willielmus de 2y3, 2.04, 295. 
Anabilla, fponia Ricardi Barbatoris 277- 
Angus, Domina Matilda ComitiiTa de 

303, 305. 

Balliol, Guydo de 274. 

Balmorinauch, Dompnus Radulfus abbas 

de 305. 
Barbator, Ricardus 277- 
Berkeley, Dominus Hugo de (Jufticiarius 

Laudonie) 274, 285, 286, 287. 
Blakeden, Symon de SOg. 
Bouilden, Petrus prepofitus de 306. 
Brus, Robertus de (Comes de Carryck) 

277, 288. 
Buchan, Alexander Cumyn Coraes de 

(Jufticiarius Scotie) 288. 
Eurnard, Ricardus (dominus de Farning- 

dun miles) 299, 300, 306. 
Burudim Dominus Willielraus de (railes) 

Bygir, magifter Sj-mon de 294. 
Thomas de 294. 

Cheyn, Dominus Reginaldus dictus le 

(miles) 288. 
Ciffor, Dauid 274, 277. 
Comin de Kellebride, Willielmus 273. 
Corbet, (Corbeiih) Dominus Nicholaus 
274, 292, 294, 295, 297, 300, 305. 

Patricius 292. 

Crok, Dominus Johannes (rector ecclefie 

deJoniftun) 280. 
Curayn, Alexander (Comes de Buchan 
Jufticiarius Scotie) 288, 300. 

Joliannes (miles) 280. 

.... (Comes de Menteth) 300. 

Defnes, Thoraas decanus de 289, 
Driburc, Dominus Oliuerus abbas de 

294, 299, 301. 
Dunbar, Johannes de 276. 

- Patricius Comes de 274, 285, 

286, 288, 291, 292, 294. 
Dunehno, Dominus Robertus de (tunc 

niaior) 276. 
Dunfres, Adam vicarius de 278. 

Eccles, priorifla de 295. 

Echelyne, Radulplius de (biu'genfis de 

Haddington) 276. 
Edenham, Robertus filius Roberti de 298. 
Euftachia uxor Doraini Reginaldi dicti le 

Cheyn militis 288, 289, 290. 

Caraera, Dominus Xicholaus de 284. 

Capella, Amicia de 307. 

Carryck, Margeria Comitiifa de 277- 

Robertus de Brus Comes de 277- 

Cellar', Stephanus de (burgenCs de 

Rokeftjurc) 294. 
Chathou, Ale.xander de 307. 

Fard, Symon de (fenefcallus de Faring- 

dun) 306. 
F.iirbarne, Johannes 276. 
Fetherich, (Ferindrith) Dominus W. de 

(conftabularius de RokeiLurc) 294, 301. 
Fogo, Dorainus Ricardus de (i-ector ec- 

clefie de Lynton iii Laudonia) 292. 


Frafer, Symon 285, 286, 287, 287, 310. 

Gamelinus, magifter (clericus Domini 

Regis) 28t. 
Gamellus filius Walleui 302. 
Gedeworth, Vedaftus de 30g. V. Jedde- 

Germanus, Robertus 280. 
Gilbertus clericus Alexandri fenefcalli 

Scotie 284. 
GlafguenCs, Dominus Johannes epifcopus 
282, 287- 

R. epifcopus 289, 290, 291. 

, Willielmus 281. 

Gordun, Dominus Adam de (miles) 291- 
Grenelaw, magifter VVilliehnus de 295. 

Haga, Petrus de (dominus de Bemerfule) 

Johannes de (filius Petri de) 298. 

Hanin, Arnakhis 275, 276, 277- 
Hateley, Robert\is de 295. 

WilliehTius de 299- 

Hauden, Dorainus Wilhehnus de (confta- 

bularius de Rokefturc) 306. 
Haya, Johannes de 287- 
Hihla (uxor Davidis Textoris burgenCs 

de Berwic) 275. 
Hornerden, Alexander de 298. 
WiUehnus de (miles) 296. 

Jarn, Magifter W. de 279- 
Jeddewrd, Nicholaus abbas de 297- 
.Tohanna fponfa Ranulphi Wyflard 309- 
Johannes cr.pellanus Patricii Comitis de 
Dunbar 291. 

Kalkou, (Kelchou) Dominus Henricus 
abbas de 294, 296, 301. 

Lamberton, Johannes de 273, 274, 285, 

Lambeden, Robertus de 295, 297- 
Leo nepos Wydonis de Normanuill 305. 
Letham, Johannes de 275. 

Walterus de 295. 

Luda, Johannes de 288. 
Lyndefay, Walterus de 274, 287. 

Mar, W. Comes de (camerarius) 300. 
Margareta Iponfa Nicholai Corbet 300. 
Margiria uxor Roberti de Brus Comi- 

tiffa de Carryck, 277- 
Maunfel, Andreas (burgenfis de Rokef- 

burc) 294, 301. 
Maxton, Adam de (abbas de Melros) 292. 
Maxwell, Eymerus de (Jufticiarius Gal- 

wachie) 274, 300. 
Melros, Dominus A. abbas de 303. 

Dominus Matheus abbas de 276. 

Portarius de 280. 

Menteth, Cumyn Comes de 306. 

Molle, Alexander de 307, 310. 

Henricus de 309. 

Monle acuto, Dorainus Euerardus de 284, 

Monte alto, Bernardus de 285, 291. 
Morauia, WaUerus de 274, 285, 286. 
MufcampojDominusRobertus de 293,294. 

Nes, Domiiius Robertus de 297. 

Patricius fihus ejus 297. 

Nicholaus filius Willielmi filii Comitis 275. 
Normanuille, Dominus Gydo (Guido, 

Wido, Wydo) de 284, 302, 

303, 304, 305, 306. 

Johannes de ,302. 

■ Dominus Thomas de (Jus- 

ticiarius Laodonie) 284, 

299, 303, 304, 305, 306. , 
Walranus de 302, 303, 305, 

Dorainus Willielmus de 

(rector ecclesie de Mackif- 

tun) 305. 

Palmer, Thomas 309- 
Periihi, Hugo de (vicecomes de Rokif- 
burg) 299, 310. 

Ranulphi, Thomas fihus Thome fihi 287. 
Ridall, (Ridell) Robertus 310. 

Wilhelmus de 307, 310. 

Rinior de Ercikhin, Thomas 299- 
Riualle, ahbates de 2S3. 
Robertus fihus Helye 279. 
Ros, Robertus de 300. 
Rothirford, Dominus Nicholaus de (miles) 
295, 301, 310. 


liothirford, Hufiro <le SOO. 
Ricartliis de i.'i)9, 301, 306. 

Torpliechin, magifter et fratres (lomus 
hoipitalis de 288, 28y. 

Sacro nemore, abbas de 278, 282, 28o. 
Sancti Andree, Doniinus Kpifcopus 298. 
Magiftcr Williehiius V\'yf- 

hard, archidiaconus 287. 
Sancto Claro, Willielmus de 287. 
Senefcallus Scotie, Ale.xander 283, 2S4, 

Sprouiftoun, Willielmus de (capellanus 

quondam vicarius de MoUe) 307, 308. 
Stater, Robertus 276. 
Sulis, Dominus Nicholaus de 284. 
Willielmus de (Jufticia- 

rius Laudonie) 310. 

Teuidalie, magifter Nicholaus archidia- 

conus 278, 282. 
Textor, Nicholaus (burgenfis de Berwic) 

274, 275, 276, 277- 
Thirneby, Gilbertus de 300. 
Thomas filius Avicie 30.<). 

Thome filii Ranulphi 287- 

Todde, Huthred 306". 

Upfetlington, Dominus de 276- 

Vefcy, (Wefcy) Johannes de .■S07, 308. 

Wallenfis, Hugo 280. 
Waleys, Ricardus de 286, 288. 
Wallibus, Willielmus de 287- 
Walterus filius Hugonis fenefcalli de 

veteri Roxburg 306. 
Welham, Walterus de 279- 
Willelmus filius Patricii Comitis de Duu- 

bar 192, 275, 304, 305. 
capellanus Alexandri Senef- 

calli Scotie 284. 
Wittun, Adam de 307- 
Wlran, Johannes 276. 

Thomas 276. 

Wodeford, Walterus de 306. 

Wyfhard, magifter Willielmus (cancel- 

larius Regis et archidiaconus Sancti- 

andree) 287- 
Wyflard, Johanna SOQ. 
Ranulfus 309. 

Abyrnythyn, Willielmus de 311. 
Altoun, Rogerus de 320. 
Arblaster, WiUiebnus dictus 317. 

Blithman, Dominus Adam (rector eccle- 

sie de Wathftirkir) 314. 
Bonifacius Octavus Papa 311. 
Bonkyl, magifter Thomas de 317. 
Brus, Robertus de (Comes de Carryk) 

Burnard, Johannes 320. 

Chirnefide, Hugo de (officialis Teuidalie) 

Congiltun, Robertus de 317, 
Crolbi, Reginaldus de 511. 

Driburgh, Dominus Andreas abbas de 

Durera, Willielmus de (miles) 317. 

Emildun, Gilbertus de 317. 

Campion, Nicholaus dictus (notarius pub- 

licils) 317, 
Carryk, Eobertiis de Brus Comes de 313. 

Faufid, Willielmus de 315. 
Foghou, Adam de (monachus) 316. 
Frafer, Dominus Andreas (miles) 319. 





Frafer, Dominus Symon, 318, 319. 

Synion, 318, 31.0. 

Frere, magifter Willielmus (archidiaconus 
Laudonie) 31 6. 

Glafgu, magifter Walterus de 317- 
Glafguenfis, epilcopus Robertus 311. 
Glenqwhim, (Glenwym) Stephanus de 

Gofeford, magifter Willielmus de 317- 

Harcar, Robertus de 317- 

Haftinges, Robertus 319- 

HelVel, Johannes de 320. 

Horneby, Willielmus de (preiLiter) 317- 

Kelcou, Dominiis Williehiius abbas de 

320, 321. 
Kilwenyn, Dominus Bernardus abbas de 


Lemonktoun, Dominus Patricius de (rec- 

tor ecclefie de Dunbar), 315, 316. 
Lilloc de Peblys, Thomas, 317. 
Lindefay, Jacobus de 311. 
Walterus de 311. 

Maleuile, Patricius de 319- 
Margareta fponfa Johannis Senefcalli, 3 1 1 . 
Melros, Walleuus abbas de 311. 
Moffeth, magifter Willielmus de (thefaur- 
;u-ius ecclefie Aberdonenfis) 316. 

Morham, Johannes rector ecclesiede 31". 
Morthyl, Wallevus de 317. 

Neubotyl, Dominus abbas de 317. 

Paffelay, Dominus Walterus abbas de 311. 
Perer, Willielmus (quondam viceconies de 
Tvvedal) 319. 

Routherford, Magister Williehnus de 317, 

Sancti Andree, Willielmus epifcopus 311. 
Senefcalkis, Johannes 311. 

Scotie, Dominus Jacobus 311. 

Somervill, Thomas de (Dominus de Lyn- 
ton, miles) 312. 

Tornbul, Walterus 320. 
Vigrous, Ricardus 315. 

Walleuus, abbas de Meh-os 311. 
Wodforde, Robertus de (Dominus de 

Wodfordehous) 320. 
Wytteton, Michael de 319- 

Yo, ferviens Patricii rectoris ecclelie de 
Dunbar, 317. 



Dernewic, terra de 3, 5, 665. 

Eldune, terra de 3, 5,665. 
Ercheldon, -l, 666. 

Galche, aqua de i, 666. 
Galtuneihalech, 4, 5, 666. 
Galtuneflide, terra et bofcum de 4, 5, 

Leder, aqua de 4, 666. 

Melros, terra de 3, 5, 665. 

Selefchirche, forefta de 3, 5, 663. 

Thveda, (Thweda), aqua de 4, 666. 
Trauequair (Treuequor), forefla de 



Aloent (Alewent), fluvius de, 6, 10. 

Berewicheftrera, 6, 10. 
Blachaburne, 10. 
Blachapol, 10. 
Bollinelhume, 10. 
Broc, 8. 
Brunemore, 10. 

Cumbefley, 6. 
Crumburche, 10. 

Dod, 10. 

Edmundefton, terre de 7, 9. 
Efchedale, decime de 7- 

Fauhope (Fauope), burna de 6. 
- terra de 11. 

Galtuneflide, 6. 
Galue, fluvius de 6. 

Hellefdene, S. 
Hertelheued, terre de 8, Q. 

Ledre, fluvius de 6, 11. 

Pennango, 10. 
Prefmunetburne, 8. 

Raburne, 6. 
Ringwude, 9, 10. 
Rochiiburc, 9- 

Selefchirche, forefta de, 6. 

pifcatura de 6, 10. 

Spot, terre de 8, 9- 
Steintun, 8. 

Teuiot, aqua de 10. 
Trequaer, forefta de, 6. 
Tweda, aqua de 6". 

Wedale, 6. 



Acchenebron, 55, 56, 62, 6-i. 

Akedene, 136. 

Akifide, 37. 

Akifidefneb, 47- 

Alefburc (Alefbiri), terra de 24, 26, 29. 

Alewentchawis, 6g. 

Alewentinieiide, 69. 

Aloent, (Alewent) fluvius de 12, 139, 1-iO. 

Altecreue, 23. 

Althefur, 26. 

Alwerdene, 78, 79, 80. 

Ar, fiuvius de 29, 57, 58, 61, 65. 

pifcatura in flumine de 62. 

Aftineffcauhe, 63 *. 

Auchnephur (Althefur), terra de 24, 26, 

27, 29. 
Auldeneftun, hofpitale de 70. 
villa de 70. 

Baldredeftan, 67- 

Baremor, 58, 59, 6S*. 

Bargouer, terre de 66. 

Berewicheftrem, 12. 

Berwic, callelkim de 18. 

toftum domus et terra in 16, 17, 

18, 19, 20. 
Berope, 126, 127- 
Bethoc, terra de 21, 22, 23, 24. 
Bireburna, 104. 
Birkenfide, paftura nemoris de 70, 71, S6, 

97. 99- 
Blachaburne, 140. 
Blachapol, 139, 140. 
Blakelauue, 136. 
Blaineflie ( Bleniflei), terra de 81, 82, 83, 

84, 87, 97, 99- 
BorcJewich, ttrra de 34. 
Botlikil, aqua de 48, 50, 51, 52, 67, 133. 
Bollinnesburne, 139, 140. 
Buulden, terre de 134, 136, 138. 
Brcc, aqua de 44, 45. 
Brockelaue, 23. 
Brunecnolh, 219, 121. 

Brunerig, 45, 46, 69- 
Brunemor fiiper Dod, 140. 
Buchelm, 84, 96, 101. 

Cadefley, 90, 92. 

Cakkewellelecche, 40. 

Caldebec, 47- 

Calne (Kahie), aqua de 151*, 152*, 

Carelgiburne 71. 
Carleiialech, (Karlehalech), 47. 
Carnetabel, 65. 
Chatthou, 122. 
Cliftun, terra de 104, 105, IO6, 107, 108, 

109, 119, 121. 
Clonfangan, 59- 
Cragan, 23. 
Croah, 21. 

Crubder (Crumder), 21, 22, 23. 
Cruc, 39, 128. 

Crukehou, 104, 105, IO6, 108. 
Crumbeftan, 39. 
Crumbirche, 140. 
Cuidenhop (Cuithenop), 122. 
Cuithbrithelhope, 122. 
Cukoueburna, 104, IO6, 108. 
Culelungford, 21, 22. 
Culteicowan, 55, 56, 59, 64. 
Cumbefleia, 12, 84, 101. 
Cumbeflie cnol, 101. 
Cuningham, 72, 74. 

Dalhengan, terre de 66. 

Derebley, 136. 

Derenechone, 62, 64. 

Dereliredt, 77, 78. 

Dernewich, terra de 12, 134, 13S. 

Dod, 140. 

Don, flumen de 21, 22. 

pifcatura de 27, 28. 

Doueglas 55, 57, 58, 60, 62, 63 *, (j.5. 
Drumbuhie, 62, 63 *. 


indp:x locorum. 

Drumeceiruiene (Drumeteifuiene), terra 

tle 2 1.. <2(i, 2'}. 
DulUh (Duuah), 21, 22. 
Dufpol, fluvius de sr,, 57, 62, 6-4. 
Dunbar, ecclefia de 41, 42. 
Dumhif, 24. 

Duueloch, 55, 56, 62, 64, C6. 
Dueenald, 55. 

Eckeforde, SO. 

Ederedefete ( Hederedefete), vocat' Hole- 

mede 1 30. 
Edmundellon (Edminideftun), terra de 

38, 3.1), 40, 41, 42. 
Edwardefcloch, 50, 52. 
Eldune, terra de, 12, 134. 
Elnecloch, 1 52 *. 
Elftanes, 152*. 

Ellianeihalche, terra de 111, 152 *, 155, 
Elwaldefcaleflonirgge, pailura que dici- 

tur, 52. 
Enahconecal, via que vocatur, 21. 
Erdeburefburne, 131.^ _^ ^^ ^ 
Efchedale (Elkedale),;terra de*3'0, 33, 36. 
Eflingcloh (Heflingcloh), 67. 
Eflfulhope, 133. 

Fairforde, 69. 

Faringdun, terra in territorio de 75, 80. 

petaria in territorio de 76. 

Farnileie, 24, 136. 

Fauhopeburne, 12, 90, 92, 100. 

Faulawe, 79. 

Fafleburne, rivulus de 103. 

Fawelaweleche, 89- 

Forfare, 79- 

Freretune, terra de 132. 

Fuleford, I9. 

Fuleleche. 55, 56, 62. 

Fulhope, 48. 

Fulewithenis, 69. 

Galche, fluvius de 12, 100, 101, 102. 
Gallan, 21. 
Galtunefide, 12. 
Galweia, 15, 58, 60. 
Garpol, 65. 
Garpollifmuthe, 63 *. 
Gillebeccokeflun, 73, 74. 
Gilliforde, 24. 

Glafcu (Glafgu), toftum in 36, 37, 38. 
Glafguenfis, ecelelia 22, 23. 
Glofungan, 30. 

Godenech (Godenei), 58, 59, 60, 63*. 
Glengeuel, .'iti, 57, 60, 62, 63 *. 
Grenan, cafteUum de 27. 

terra de 27, 28. 

Grenelawe, 39- 
Gretkerigge, 78. 

Grubbeheued, 104, 105, I06 108, lio, 
111, 118, 121, 151 *, 155. 

Hactnewetne, burna de 59, 60. 

Hactenedonan, 59- 

Halech, fuperior 151 *, 155. 

Halkahs, juxta aquam de Kelne 110. 

Hangceftre, 19. 

Harecarlecche, 136. 

Harecarres, 112, 142. 

Harehoch, 1 52 *. 

Harhou, fofla de 148, 149, 150. 

Harehopeden( Harehowedene), 14 i, 142 

144, 152 *, 155. 
Harewude, 34. 

Harhope, terra que dicitur, 71- 
Harlaw, 69. 
Haropeburne, 71, 73. 
Haftenefden, eccleCa de 112 113, 114, 

115, li6, 117, 118. 
Hauenegaitli, 24. 
Haufurlangdene, 1]9, 121. 
Hawich, terra de 34. 
Hederedefete, 131. 
Helle 119, 121. 
Hellefden, 44, 45. 
Helnclow, 155. 
Heldun (Holdene), 136, 138. 
—— rivulus de 136. 
Herdftrete, 126, 127. 
Hercheldune, villa de 92. 
Herteiheued, 30, 34, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 

46, 52. 
Heuiflde, terra de 146, 147, 151 *, 155. 
Holdeman, pifcaria de 16, I7. 
Holemede, terra vocata 130, 131. 
Horlawe (Hordlauue), 148, 149, 150, 

151, 152 
Hulkillcs croc, 11 9, 121. 
Hunedun, grangia de 110, 120, 126, 128, 

terra de 118, 119, 120, 121. 

Huneduneburne, 11 9. 


Hungerigge, terra de 130. 

Hunum, terra de 104, 106, 123, 126, 

127, 151 *, 155. 
ecclefia de 120. 

Innerwik, 45, 46, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 67- 

mora de 133. 

paftura de 50, 67- 

Kalne, aqua de 110, llf). 
Karleolo, villa de 15. 

managium in 157- 

Kelcho, ecclefia de 130. 

Kelffete (Keluefete), terra de 79. 

Kelfefeteliele, 80. 

Killebeccokeftun, terra in territorio de, 

Kippemoder, 128. 
Kyle, mora de 64. 

Lambermor, 47, 67, 68. 
Lanarc, 39, 43. 

toftura in burgo de 68. 

Largas, 24 

Laltalrik, 14. 

Lauuedir, terra in territorio de 69, 82, 

83, 91, 99- 
Lauedderdale, 69- 
Lemenelung, 22. 
Ledre, fluvius de 12, 82, 84, 85, 90, QS, 

94, 100, 102. 
Lefledwine, 76, 77, 136. 
Lefraagu (Lefmahagu), 56, 57, 60, 62, * 

63 *. 
Leuedeparc, 69. 

Liggardewude, paftura nemoris de 70, 71. 
Lilifyhates, 78. 
Lochanelhalech, 47- 
Loufdonetha, 6O. 
Loiitenenan, 59. 
Louueder, gO, 97, 101. 
Lugar, 55, 57, 62, 64. 
Luggild, 39. 

Mauchelin (Makelin) 

59, 61, 62^ 

ecclefia de 

Mackeftun 77, 78, 79, 
ecclefia de 78, 

•a de 55, 56, 58, 

Malchohnifrode, 90. 

Manyneth, 50, 51, 133. 

Meibothelbeg ( Moybothelbeg), terra de 

20, 21, 22, 23. 
Meibothelraor, 23. 
Meldrefcloefheued, 133. 
Meh-os, terra de 12. 
' ecclefia de 138. 

Merbotil, 152 *, 155. 
Mereburne, rivulus qui dicitur, 97, 99, 

104, 106. 
Milchefide, terra de 84, 86, 87, 97, 98. 
Milneburne, 6I , 64. 
Molla, terra de 104, IO6, 108, 121, 125, 

126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 

133, 134. 
Molope, 126, 127. 
Monecapel, 57, 59, 62, 63 *. 
Monefclachat, 50, 51, 52. 
Monimet, 48. 
Morclow, 69. 
Morhus, 77, 79- 
Moriceftun, 70. 
Morrig, 78. 

Mofiburnerig, 45, 46, 68. 
Mulneburne, 55, 62. 
Munekedie, 39. 

Nefefflat, 40. 
Nelkecokeri, 21. 

Parco, capella Sancte Marie de 96, 98. 

Pennango, 139, 140. 

Polcarn, burna de 60. 

Pollecornerburne, 65. 

Polraulin 55, 56, 59, 62. 

Polnecogri, (Polcogri), 21, 22. 

Polnecreihs, 59. 

Polnegarrah (Polgarroh), 21, 22. 

Polnefalaliari, 21, 24, 22. 

Polnetyberes, 21, 22. 

Prenwenfete, 104, 105, IO6, 108, 135, 

136, 137, 138, 139, 154. 
Prefraunetburne, 43, 44, 45, 47. 
Prefton, falina in 54. 

Raburne, 12. 

Ranpatrick, ecclefia de 157, 158. 

viila de 157, J5S. 


Rawefhauue (Rafchahe, Rafawe,) 122, 

la.S, 124. 
Raueneffen, 141, U2, 145, liS, 147, 

Redehoue, 63 *. 
Rederburne, 55, 56, 5,9, 62, 64. 
Ringwude, 139, l-iO, 141. 
Rifibrigg, 133. 

Rokefburc, 75, 104, 106, 108, 130. 
Ruderforde, terra de, 80. 

Sanctl Cuthberti fons 40. 

Saxnoc (Saxnou), 55, 56, 59, 6l, 62, 64, 

Scabbedraburch, 91, 92. 
Scouhinde, 133. 
.Scoulandedieued, 138. 
Selefchirche, forefta de, 12. 

15, 77, 91, 92, 9.", 137- 

pifcatura de 12. 

Seleftede, ade 131. 
.Schipwele, pifcavia de l6, 17. 
Sorouleffeld, 87, 90, 92, 93, 94. 
Spot, terra de 42, 44, 45, 46, 47- 
Sprouifdene, 236. 
Staincros, 69. 
Stancheftre, 43. 
Standaneftan, 100. 
Standchelefburne, 43, 5'.}. 
Standene, nemus de 100, 101. 
rivulus de 100. 

Steinton (Stainton), 43, 15, 52, 53. 
Subchefters, 131. 

Tacwith, 39. 

Teuiet, aqua de 139, HO. 

Thimei, forefta de 30. 

Threpwude, 69, 101. 

Tocheclielis, 148, 149, 150, 151. 

Treuequair, forella de 12. 

Tumlocher, (Thumerloch) 30, 3 1. 

Tunregaith, 23. 

Turnebiri (Tornebiri), fahne in territorio 

de 29. 
Tweda, aqua de 12, 16, 100, 136. 
■ pifcatura de 1 7- 

Standenburne, 69. 

Tympanelecche, 39. 

Wedale, 12, 69, 101, 103. 

ecclefia de 103. 

Weidkerroc (Weitkerroc), 30, 34. 

Weftfulhope, 133. 

Widhope, 71, 73. 

Widhopeburn, 7I, 73. 

Windeilaue, 82, 83, 97, 99- 

Withedre, 133. 

Witheleia (Wytley), 84, 95, 103. 

Witerig (Wytherig), 39, 135. 

Witfclad (Wytfclad), 50, 51, 52. 

Wettun (Wittun, Iwittun), 111, 118, 121, 
142, 143, 145, 146, 147, 148, 150, 
151, 151 *, 152, 153, 154. 155, 156. 



Aedmundeftim. X. Edmundillun. 
Alne, 250. 

Achencrefe ( Hauthyncref ), 186, 187. 
Aildunesfot, 267, 268, 271, 272. 
Aldroxburgh, 228. 
Alef burc, terra de l67. 
AUnelidun, 172, 173. 
Anaund, vallis de 219. 235. 

Ar, flumen de 159- 

Arewes, 224. 

Athenweran, ficus^ui dicitur, 183. 

Aftenefden. V. Haftanefden. 

Auchnephur, te^ de I67, 170. 

Balinclog, ^iella de 201, 202. 




Barmor (Bamiure), 200, 201, 202. 

Bele, 197, 199- 

Belefide, 196, 197- 

Belford (Belefurde), 184., 199- 

Benelandis, 254. 

Berwiek, caftrum de I66. 

pifcaria de l63, 164. 

terra in Snoco de I66. 

■ terra in Briggate de l64. 

toftum de 159. 

villa de 165, 210, 212, 214. 

Bethoc, terra de 167, 170. 
Bireburne, 237- / 

Blakftafrigge (Blakftauerige), 268, 271- 
Borthwic (Bordwlch), terra de 176, 178- 

villa de 237- 

Bothkil (Botkyl), 262, 263. 

Broc, 19S. 

Broekeflrem, 228. 

Brokifmuth, 217, 218. 

Brunerig, 254. 

Brunfehaith (Brunfceth), 186. 187- 

Brunecnolleflat, 243, 244, 245. 

Caldelawe, 249, 250, 251. 
Calneburne. 189, 194, 195. 
Cahie, 248. 
Carn, fluvius de 183. 

vadum de 183. 

Chelfefeteflele, 225. 

Chengisflat, 254. 

Chftun, territorium de I60, 237, 238, 

268, 271- 
Colegge, 268, 271. 
Copthrawerefclouch, 235. 
Crafwell, 241. 
Crokepolhou, 199- 
Crofgarriauch, 183. 
Crennefcawe, 265. 
Crukehou, 237, 238. 
Cuidenop (Cuithenhop), 246, 248. 
Cudhbrichtefhope, I60, 246. 
Cukoueburne, 237- 
Curlewdeburne, 249, 250, 251. 

Dalcoue, 217, 218. 

Darcungal (Dercongal), terra et rivulus 

de 181, 182, 183, 184. 
Dergaual, 186, 187- 
Derrengorran, 182, 183. 
Derftret, 219. 248. 

Don, aqua de 172, 173, 174. 
Drituede, 197- 

Drumteihfuiene, terra de l67. 
Dunfres, 186. 
Dunduf, terra de I7I. 
Dunfcor, 181, 182, 183, 184. 

lacus de 185. 

Durrefwen, 182, 183. 
Duueglas, terra de 159- 

Edenham, villa de 215. 
Eddirhame, 210, 212. 
Edinburc, 263. 
Edraundiftun, grangia de 199- 

molendinura de 19.9- 

terra de 159, I96, 197- 

Edriddefeth. Vide Hedrediffete. 

Ekeford, 225. 

EUen, 262. 

Elkedale, terra de 159, 175, 177, 180, 

Efli, blac, 178. 
Eflies, duo 176, 178. 
Ethric (Etryk, Ethyrich, Hettrich), Ah- 
vius de 234, 235. 

terra de 235. 

Eftfulhope, butta de 262. 
Euauchouegas, 171- 

Farningdun, 21 6, 219, 225. 
Faftinei, igs. 
Fawelaweleche, 225. 

Galwe, 229, 230. 

Glencarn, 183. 

Glendale, 271- 

Glenefclan, 182. 

Godeney, terra de 200. 

Graycragge, 199- 

Grenloueflath, 232. 

Grenrig, 219, 223. 

Grenfide, 232. 

Gretrig, foflatum de 224. 

Grubbelheued, terra de 237, 238. 

Hadingtun, 188. 

Halfmgton, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 21 1, 

Haraaldunflath, 266. 


Harecarrej 2CK 

Hareliowedene, 263. 

Harekamb, 251'. 

Harewde, 176", 178. if/s^ 

Haftanefdene, ccclefia de;23(), 240, 241. 

terra de 240, 241. 

Haururlangburne, 243. 

Hawic, terra de 176, 178. 

Heddun, terra de 2()S, 271. 

Heddunefburne, 268, 272. 

HedrediHete ( Edriddiffeth), 257, 25.9. 

Hertesfel, 176, 178. 

Hertelheued, I60, I6I, 195, I96. 

Hetlioufwyre, 267, 271. 

Hethpol, 267. 

Holemede, 257, 259. 

Hunedun (Hunum), ecclefia de 248, 249. 

territorium de 159, ^GO, 238, 

242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247- 
Hungerigs, terra de 257, 259. 

Iliueflun (Ylifiaun), 231, 232, 233. 
Inuerwic, 262. 

mora de 262. 

Jedewrht (Jedderwurd), 236, 242, 249- 
Jerbranderig, 224, 

Kaueres, 254. 

Kelkou, 229, 262, 263. 

Kelnemade, 193. 

Keluefete, 225. 

Keluefetefcloch, 219. 

Kehvelaue, 219- 

Kerefban, terra de 172, 173, 202, 203. 

Kilbewociflune, territorium de I60. 

Kilnum, 266. 

Kingifburn, 194, 195. 

Kingiflete, I89, 194, 195. 

Kirkham, monafterium de 272. 

Lambeden, rivulus de 206. 
Lambremor, vaftum de 202. 
Larghis, I68. 

Lauueder, 203, 204, 205, 231. 
Leeketave (Lekehalu), 264. 
Ledre (Ledyr), 161,229,230. 
LelTedewin, terre de I6I, 229, 230. 
Lillefcleue (Lillifcliue), terra de 249, 

250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 


Lillefethetburne, 224. 
Lintedikes, 254. 
Lifiun, 179. 
Lunkepetii, I98. 
Lj-ueringham, 265. 

Makeftoii (Makuflun, Rlaxtun), terra de 
219,220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 
225, 226, 227. 

ecclefia de 221. 

Malcaruiflon, terra de 217, 218. 

Malcohnifrod, 231. 

Manineth, 262. 

Mauhehn, terra de 159. 

Maybothel, ecclefia de I68, I69. 

Ma) bothelbcch, terra de I67, l6S. 

Meldrefdoclheued, 262. 

Milkenflkle, terra de I60. 

Molle, terra de I6I, 237, 257, 258, 25<), 

260, 261, 262, 263. 
Monekesflattes, 241. 
Morhus, 220, 221, 223, 224, 225, 227. 
Mofpennoc, terra de 2 1 4. 

Narufwinefete, 2^8, 271. 

Neuton in Glendal, ecclcfia Sancti Gre- 

gorii de 271, 272. 
Neutun, 271, 272. 
Novum Caftellum, 272. 
Nyth, vallis de 183, 184, 185. 

Panneflcelles, 189, 190, I91, 192, 193, 

Pethcox, terra in territorio de 195, 196, 

Pettillifhugh, 212. 
Pollelogan (PoIIogan), rivulus de 181, 

182, 183. 
Pollenefcunt, 172, 173. 
PoIIeneihan, 172, 173. 
PoIIechouftergan, rivulus de 183. 
Prenwenfrte, 237, 238. 
Preftmunethburne, I96, 198. 

Quindenhope, rivulus de I60. 

Rafchawe (Rafcau, Rafawe), I60, 242, 
243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248. 




Ilauenesfen, 263, 26-i. 
llaxedeburne, 26'8, 271. 
Keinpatric, ecclefia tle 1 60. 

villa de iGO. 

Ricnrdilrode, 19,3. 

Kigwude, (Ilingwude) terra de l60. 

Iiil'ebrigg, 262. 

Ilodanoch, 235. 

Rokifburc, Kingftrete in villa de 215. 

216, 2iy, 224, 231, 234, 237. 

pifcaria de veteri 228. 

Ruchelau, lyg. 
Rudedford, terra de 22o. 
Kutherford, mora de 224. 

Thornebiirht, IflS. 

Timei, (Tymey) forefla de 176, 178. 

rivuU:s de 235. 

Torthorald, terra in territorio de 185. 
Trauequair, 222. 
Trolhope, 267, 269, 270. 
Trolliopeburne, 268, 271. 
Tumlouher, 175, 176, 177, 178. 
Twede, pil'caria de 217, 218, 225, 236. 


Twedeflat, 228. 
Twifelhopelheued, 268, 271. 
Tymeymuth, 235. 

Sal%vildmuthe, 199. 

Scolceuefcluch, 248. 

Scottune, 266, 267- 

Scoulande, 262, 963. 

Scoulandlieued, 262. 

Selekirc (Selkirk), 204, 216, 219, 236, 

Seteburne, 248. 
Sorwelesfeld ultra Ledre, l6l. 
Spot, 160, I6l. 
Stele, 224. 
Sticyerefd, 18.9. 
Stobimedue, 254. 
Suineburne, 198. 
Suthfide, 224. 

Thedbrichtefliop, 248. 
Thu-lellan raajor, 235. 

\'allis Dei, eccleCa Sancte Marie 173, 

Vineyes 1 89- 

^Varnalium, inferius 243. 

— ^ fuperius 243. 

Watkerroc, 175, 176, 177, 178. 

Wauchop, pallura in 236. 

Weftfulhope, 262. 

WellHllifcliue 257. 

^\'lnttun (Withtun), territoriuni de I60, 

Windefl'ores, 189. 
Witelaweftele 2f)6. 
Witltafriggend, (VViteftauerigend) 268, 

\\'itedre (Withedre), 193, 194, 195, 263. 
Wulfhope, 265. 
Wvthhope, 235. 


Angus, comitetus de 304. 
Are, flumen de 283, 285. 

Barmor, terra de 286. 287, 288. 

Berwic, villa de 274, 275, 276, 
Brockifmuthe, 300. 
Brunfcayt, 278. 
villa de 279. 



Carentabel. V. Karentabel. 

Carryck, terre de 277- 

Cutliberti de veteri Melros, capella Sancti, 

Kile, (Kule) 284, 285. 
Kirkemaho, 281. 

Laweder, 291. 

Dalcoue, .300. 
DallVintun, terra de 280. 
Dercongal, conventus de 281. 
Duncof, terra de 280. 
Dunfres, ecclefia de 278. 
Dunfcore, 281. 

ecclefia de 281, 283. 

terra de 283. 

Eccles, conventus de 295. 

ecclefia de 296. 

parochia de 296. 

Eftmedou, pratum vocatum 299; 300. 

Farningdun, pratum de 299, 300. 

Fogo, capella de 292. 

terra in territorio de 292. 

Garfalauch, terre de 279- 
Glafguenfis ecclefia 288, 290. 
Godenech, terra de 286, 287, 288. 

Malcaruiftune (Malkerflun), pifcaria de 

Mauchehn (Mauhelyn), terre et pallura 

de 283, 285, 286, 288. 
Maxtun (Makifton, Machuftun, Macif- 

ton) villa et terra de 302, 303, 301., 

305, 306. 
Merftan, 297. 

Milnecroft, terra vocata 296. 
MoUe, villa de 307, 308. 

Neubotil, 300. 
Neutun, 302. 
Nithifdale, 280. 
NorthweU, 297. 

PitMifliouh, 295 
Preftwich, 286. 

Rokifburg, 283, 304. 

Halfingtun, terra in territorio de 293, 
294, 295. 

villa de 293. 

Harcaris, uillula de 292. 
Hardlau, terra vocata 292. 
Horneden, terra de 296, 297. 
Howiltre, ecclefia de 282»' 
Hunggerig, terra vocata 292, 293. 

Scone, .288. 
Selekirk, 274. 
Sprovefton, 307, 308. 

Torphehin, doraus de 288, 289, 29I 
Tornebere, 278. 
Traquayr, 285, 286. 

Karintabel, terre ct paftura de 283, 285 

286, 288. 
Kelchou, 274. 

Upfetlington, terra de 296. 


Berwic, villa de 313. 
Carryk, comitatus de 313- 

Edwylflon, terra de 319- 
Efk, vallis de 314. 
Eflvedale, 314. 

Haldeyhardfted, 319. 
Hefilyard, 319. 

Hopcartan (Hopcarthane), 318. 
Hoprew, terra de 319. 

Leflydewyne, territorium de 320. 

Maybothil, grangia de 313. 
Merburn, rivulus qui dicitur, 31 9- 
Mol, ecclefia de 321. 
parochia de 32 1 

Nigra aula 311. 

Pannefchelis, capella de 316. 

paflura de 316. 

Peblis, villade 317- 

Kingildoris, capella Sancti Cuthberti de 

-—— rivulus de 318. 

terra de South, 318. 

Rokifburg, 311, 315. 

ecclefia Sancti Jacobi de 3 1 7. 

Southkingildoris, 318. 

Langneuton, ecclesia de 314. 
Largys, terre de 313. 
Lateran, 512. 

Wathkerrok, 314. 

Wathftirkir, ecclesia de 314, 315. 

Wodfordhous, terra de 320.